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Russian Forces Mount On Ukraine Border

Mac Slavo
April 20th, 2021
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Russian troops are massing on the Ukraine border as the build-up to conflict and tensions continue to mount. As of right now, few analysts believe that Moscow intends to invade, but Russia’s military buildup continues nonetheless.

Even though the mainstream media says that Russia does not intend to invade, they sure are looking as if they want to. Moscow is signaling more bluntly than ever before that it is prepared to openly enter the conflict, according to a report by The New York Times.

“These ships are, concretely, a threat from the Russian state,” Captain Levytskyi said over the whir of his speedboat’s engines as it plied the Azov Sea, after pointing out a Russian patrol boat stationed six miles offshore. “It is a much more serious threat.”

Russia, for its part, has done little to hide its massive troop buildup, insisting that it has been placing troops in response to heightened military activity in the region by NATO and Ukraine.

 In the town of Avdiivka, the commander, Dmytro Kotsyubaylo says what happens next is a worst-case scenario. When asked point blank what he expects to happen next, Mr. Kotsyubaylo responded: “full-scale war.

Satellite images also show Russia’s troop buildup, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Russia has moved warplanes to Crimea and bases near Ukraine to an extent greater than has previously been disclosed, adding to its capability for political intimidation or military intervention, according to commercial satellite photos of areas being used for the military buildup.

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Other Russian military units on the Crimean peninsula include airborne troops, motorized rifle and armored units, attack helicopters, smoke generators, reconnaissance drones, jamming equipment, and a military hospital, the photos indicate.

Even though the “experts” and “analysts” and mainstream media talking heads are telling us conflict is unlikely, there sure appears to be a buildup for some reason. Why amass troops if the goal is to not use them? Please stay alert and prepared for anything. This may still blow over, but it could also result in what the Ukrainian commander dubbed “full-scale war.” And we know the Biden Administration is set to be neck-deep in any violent conflict in this region.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: April 20th, 2021

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    1. Well, I for one will sleep well Knowing the MSM tells us that no Russian invasion will take place!

      Are you kidding me – If the MSM says no – you can take itt to the bank that an invasion will take place

      The MSM IS the ENEMY of the people!!

    2. @jakartaman,you are so right. Now we know that an invasion is extremely likely.
      We must always believe the polar opposite of what the msm/liars tell us!!

    3. Jana says:

      Armageddon has begun.

    4. Frank Thoughts says:

      Russia won’t start it but they will finish it.

      Russians are not sissies in the battlefield. They also have very effective weapons systems.

    5. Bill says:

      Certainly don’t want to see any fighting (I hate the idea of Christian nation fighting Christian nation, this is how Europe finally wrecked itself), but if the eastern provinces of Ukraine are invaded it’s none of our business. In fact, if the US and its neo-cons stay out of it, it is far more likely the whole mess can be worked out peaceably between them.
      If Russia does send in troops it will because the highly US influenced Ukrainian gov’t leaves them with no options. The MSM story recently circulating that Russia may use nukes is absurd. It is all but unthinkable for Russians to use them against another Slavic nation, or use them literally on their own door step. This is propaganda meant to manipulate the gullible and ignorant American masses into supporting a war there.
      The tension there actually poses zero existential threat to Europe or the US. The reality is that the situation there has become the intended result of neo-cons. They planned, fomented, and helped lead the “color revolution” back in 2014, and have ensured the country has stayed in absolute turmoil ever since. Ukraine is not the object however, never was. Rather, it’s a means to try to hurt Russia, the real target.
      This same business was tried with Georgia back in 2008. Georgia was sent weapons and materials, promised all necessary support, and was induced to outrageously provoke a war with Russia. The “war” lasted a day and a half with Georgia being so humiliated that Russia even felt sorry for them. For all Georgia’s efforts all they got was to immediately and permanently lose almost a third of its territory.
      The neo-cons are virulently anti-Russian for a variety of reasons. A few are: it refuses to succumb to the neo-con’s goals for global hegemony, it can stymie Israeli hegemonic goals in the Mid-East, their national banking system is not incorporated into the world’s central banking systems, neo-cons want to alter the current gas pipeline paradigm in that region, and last but not least, they despise Russia because it is rapidly re-Christianizing. The neo-cons could not care less about Ukraine except how to manipulate the Ukrainians into provoking and threatening Russia.
      I’m certainly no expert, and could not possibly have any official information, but if history is a guide I can say with confidence this whole mess will not end well again for US goal planners.

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