Russian Diplomat’s Warning: ‘Apocalyptic Scenario’ Likely On Korean Peninsula

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 35 comments

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    The tense situation over North Korea’s nuclear program has one top Russian diplomat sounding the alarm. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said that the world can no longer turn a “blind eye” to alarming speed with which North Korea is advancing their weapons of mass destruction.

    North Korea’s nuclear program could evolve into an “apocalyptic” scenario, Morgulov said.  He was speaking at the opening of the eighth annual Asian Conference of the Valdai Discussion Club, which is being held in Seoul, South Korea, CNBC reports.  “I hope that a common sense, pragmatism, and an instinct of self-preservation would prevail among our partners,” Morgulov added.

    The Russian diplomat’s remarks come amid global concerns over North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s refusal to abandon his nuclear ambitions despite mounting international pressure. North Korea has conducted a record number of long-range missile tests this year, and in early September it carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.

    Tensions continue to heighten as Kim and President Donald Trump trade numerous threats and insults. Over the summer, Trump warned Pyongyang it would be met with “fire and fury” if it didn’t stop threatening the U.S. In late September while addressing the United Nations for the first time, he threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if it forced the U.S. to defend itself or its allies. In a speech to South Korea’s National Assembly, president Trump denounced Kim’s regime but also offered the erratic leader a path to peace if he agreed to cease long-range missile tests and move toward denuclearization. North Korea rejected his offer and said the president had “begged” for nuclear war during his Asia trip.

    Shortly after returning from his trip, Trump placed North Korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism on November 20. Kim has been far from quiet in the ongoing exchange of words as well. He has “sentenced Trump to death” and said that the U.S. president has “lit the wick of war.”

    China, which is North Korea’s top trading partner and most important ally, has tried to pressure Pyongyang to change its stance on the development of nuclear weapons. But a recent visit from a senior Chinese envoy to the North Korean capital appears to have been unsuccessful. Correspondingly, China recently shut down the main road connecting it with North Korea, and the state-owned airline Air China suspended flights from Beijing to the reclusive nation.

    Morgulov, whose nation, Russia, shares a border with North Korea, appears to be concerned about the rogue country’s handling of weapons of mass destruction.  “We have told North Korea many times that for us [its] nuclear status is unacceptable,” the diplomat said. “We continue this work with the North Korean counterparts presenting to them our position.”


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      1. This is going to be a serious problem and it appears that the North Korean Government is not going to back down. With the military hardware and fire power in the region it would seem that they would give an inch, but they still thumb their noses.

        Either they are just plain stupid or they have a powerful supporter able to intervene on their behalf just to keep their style of government in place.

        If one of their missiles is fitted with a nuclear warhead and its launched towards any U.S. Territory/Ally or the mainland and actually detonates, it was allowed in order to justify the devastation this regime would suffer.

        • BREAKING NEWS: North Korea launches new ballistic missile which flies for 50 minutes before it splashes down in Japanese waters

          Missile tracking radar was switched on at North Korean launch site on Monday 

          Comes as South Korean minister warned Kim Jong Un could achieve goal of developing a long-range nuclear weapon within a year 

          It is not yet clear how far it went or whether it flew over Japan as others did 

          News reported by South Korean military and confirmed by US military source  

          ht tp://

          (current link on Drudge Report)

        • Also here:

          ht tp://

          from article:

          “But most reporters missed a key threat that appeared at the bottom of Kim’s public statement, when he bragged that North Korea had harnessed “a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack according to strategic goals.”

          “So now we know. Launching an electromagnetic pulse attacks against its enemies is one of North Korea’s strategic goals. And for North Korea, the United States is the top enemy.”

          • Oh hell, if it’s an EMP we are done for. I don’t see how we can prepare for EMP. Even if we have food for a year we will eventually run out, food for the pets, dogs, cats, birds like chickens and geese and ducks need food. Most of us can’t grow enough to feed the animals. I am sure he is going to attack the U.S. and why hasn’t he been taken out already? Send in a sniper. I heard on Coast the other day that all they need is a piece of his DNA like hair, skin, blood, and they can send a harmful frequency to him with a satilite, but that he burns all his garbage.The frequency can give him a heart attack. The U.S. workers in Cuba were hit with a frequency. He needs to be hit first, but it’s a sticky situation…damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Getting worrysome.

        • Don’t worry. There are unseen forces keeping a close eye on the situation. A nuclear war will not transpire. The Reptilian Elite will not have the high ground this time. Namaste!

        • This is the main reason that the USA should NEVER, EVER, give up it’s nukes, not in some future “World Peace Event” or anything else. If even a penny ante regime like the Norks can bring on so much drama with the world’s super power, then you can never be without nukes. Yet that is exactly what the Globalists want.

          The Globalists are behind the international turmoil. They realize that when they band the world into a NWO they cannot afford to allow strong enemies that resist globalism. Therefore, through the warlike Neocons, they want to use the USA as it’s police arm, to subdue these dissident rogue regimes. The ones they want crushed are:

          1. North Korea
          2. Venezueala
          3. Iran
          4. Russia
          5. USA

          We are on their list, but last in line. When we have destroyed these other regimes, and folded them into the NWO friendly nations, then they will collapse us.

          They do no want any group of nations that could oppose them when they establish the NWO.

          Remember, the USA can fall to any combination of NWO forces, in a conventional war. Our Nukes is what will protect us, we must never give them up, and any call for that is strictly from the NWO Elites.

      2. I personally believe war is coming.

        There are four things that have happened to lead me to this conclusion.

        1) the recall of 1,000 retired military fighter pilots. Largest recall since the first gulf war.

        2) 3 air craft carrier groups in the area of Korea.

        3) Trump just did his 11 day Asian tour to get everybody on board.

        4) Trump is trying to provoke a confrontation so that North Korea will be the first to shoot. This would give him total justification. Like a Gulf of Tonkin Resolution for the Vietnam War.

        • I agree war is baked in the cake and the US is basically doing what any bar-room bully does: hurl insults, bow up and menace his opponent until the opponent throws the first punch.

          Now, there is a problem in the misreading of North Korea and North Koreans. It is an ethno-race-based state and ideology. That means it is not international communism/socialism or international Islamism, pan Arabism etc. North Korea believes it is superior and that it will need to fight to the death with its enemies. North Korea has been preparing for this war since the 1950s. It is all they think about. They have dug in very deep, stockpiled and war gamed every move and counter move. They have pre-positioned their counter attacks around the world. This makes any war with them very different to the other recent wars. In a sense, they are equivalent to Nazi Germany. They will fight by any means to the finish on any soil. They will not hold back on the weapons they use nor distinguish between civilians and military. This is why any strike against them has to follow the old adage “kill the king?, you better get it right the first time”.

        • Agreed JS – I can only hope it is swift, decisive and so overwhelming and sudden the world hasn’t a chance to blink or think of a reverse ‘reply’. If not, any of the above, we’re getting into one hell of a… already just said it – ‘hell’.

      3. You can’t blame North Korea, or any of these other countries, for wanting a nuclear deterrent. Having nuclear weapons keeps countries like the U.S. at bay, and in their place.

        As an American, I am sick to death of living one minute until midnight. F*ck this nonsense.

        The world has been on the knife edge of nuclear annihilation since before I was born. I am sick of it. As long as countries, like the U.S., consider nuclear war winnable and survivable the only thing to do is have a nuclear war. Let the cockroaches sort it all out.

        Bring it.

        • Despot dictators like Kim Jung Un rule by evil. We can’t let evil have nukes because they will use them.

          The difference between the US and Russia having nukes was the “mutually assured destruction”. Nobody used the nukes because it would kill both sides.

          North Korea, on the other hand, does not care about it’s citizens. Evil despots only care about maintaining grip on power. This is exampled by Kim Jung Un murdering his uncle and his half-brother after taking power.

          How evil are you to murder your uncle and your half-brother?

          Would you trust a tyrant like that with nukes?

          • USA is the only country that has used nukes in a war. If you want to tank nukes from tyrants start with USA and Israel

        • Perhaps you missed what N.K. has been saying out load???

          How can you say with a straight face they want nukes as a deterrent???

          Who else is actively flying ballistic missiles over neighboring countries???
          Japan for example???

        • North Korea sees how the U.S. attacks other small countries and so is preparing to defend itself against the U.S. We keep taking resources from smaller countries. I read there is one resource NK has that we want, but i can’t remember what it is.

      4. “China, which is North Korea’s top trading partner and most important ally, has tried to pressure Pyongyang to change its stance on the development of nuclear weapons.”

        If China truly wanted NK to change its stance, its stance would be changed tomorrow.

      5. Facebook Announces It Will Use A.I. To Scan Your Thoughts “To Enhance User Safety”

        “A mere few years ago the idea that artificial intelligence (AI) might be used to analyze and report to law enforcement aberrant human behavior on social media and other online platforms was merely the far out premise of dystopian movies such as Minority Report, but now Facebook proudly brags that it will use AI to “save lives” based on behavior and thought pattern recognition. 

        What could go wrong?”

        Zuckerberg: “AI will be able to understand more of the subtle nuances of language, and will be able to identify different issues beyond suicide as well…” [?]

        ht tp://

        • I’m glad i don’t do any of those social sites. A few yrs ago i joined facebook only to read my grand daughters page, but she never wrote back to me so i gave up. I used a fake name, but gave my email address. I tried to delete my account, but can’t remember the password and they won’t respond when i say i need the password, so account still there, but i have nothing on my “page” unless someone else put stuff on it. They keep sending me “notifications” every day and i am up to 32 and i can’t get on the site cuz of no password. I just want to close the account, but they won’t let me. Anyway, i never put ANY personal information on the page, nothing cept my name. I keep deleting their emails, but they keep sending them. I can’t respond with no password. I’m glad i never use any social sites.

      6. If war comes it comes there is nothing we can do about it. The only thing we can do is PREP, so keep on Prepping.


        • Prep is good, but i worry about EMP…we will eventually run out of preps.

      7. Trump is a War President. Plain and simple and plain as day. He wants war and if he wasn’t agreeable to it he wouldn’t have been selected for the presidency by TPTB.

        He has no problem imposing Marshall Law and creating unthinkable chaos, anarchy and bloodshed, plus War Presidents are also guaranteed a second term, which he will make look like he won the popular vote again, when the ‘war in progress’ will really be why he’ll be re-elected.

        He’s a power-monger just like the rest of the swamp… and that would be as it turns out, the swamp he didn’t drain.

        Yes, no doubt Hillary is worse, and we’d surely already be at war if she had ended up in the White House, a VERY frightening thought, but Trump isn’t much better, which is something we need to be aware of and come to terms with.

        Those of you here on shtf who continue putting your trust, faith and confidence in Trump are going to be sadly disappointed. He has now shown us who he really is; nine broken promises, adding to the swamp instead of draining it, and now inciting a self-serving, self-benefiting war.

        On another note here, a bit off topic but speaking of Hillary, my credible sources tell me that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for Congress.

        Make no mistake she will, perhaps not in the next few years, but she will become a member of Congress while her crooked, corrupt mother and father pull the strings behind the curtains. Her evil, corrupt parents will operate behind the scenes. They will be directing her all the way.

        So the Clintons’s will still have enough political power to cause more damage, all while appearing to be regular civilians, powerless, who have resigned from politics altogether. But that won’t be the case or the reality. At all. It will just be a perception, a false one at that. The Clinton’s will be operating from behind the scenes. Mark my words. Something to be aware of.

        • I agree with Anon. I did vote for Trump, but i think the Republicans are always Warmongers. Money is at the top and is controlling things.

      8. “South Korea’s unification minister said Tuesday that North Korea may announce the completion of its nuclear weapons programs next year as the North has been working on its nuclear arsenal at a faster pace.”

        ht tp://

      9. For many months now Trump has been provoking psychopath KimJU, and taunting a crazy man (who doesn’t even care about his own people) when taunting isn’t the answer, nor is it an effective approach or strategy.

        Of course tensions are mounting between him and Kim because he’s jabbing and taunting a psychopath, making him look less powerful in front of his army (who are oppressed and powerless to do anything to stop him) something Kim is going to react violently to. When he explodes and unleashes his violence we will all suffer, even those who are armed and well prepped.

        Not one positive thing will come of that approach because he’s dealing with an actual psychopath, not a normal person with a conscience but who has a nasty, stubborn streak. No, he’s deliberately provoking an actual psychopath… so he can be the War President that he wants to be.

        Trump is an entertainer, he’s not a leader. But then, we voted for an entertainer and we got an entertainer.

        On Another Note:

        TRUMP: “On day one I will label China a currency manipulator.”

        And then on day 30 or so… “China is not a currency manipulator.”

        Aside from broken promises, he keeps talking out of two sides of his mouth. Not a good sign. Big red flag right there. Yes, I am fed up with Trump.

        He’s also a bit hypocritical making these comments along with pleads for us to “Buy American” when he and Ivanka both have their lines of products manufactured there “Made in China”, which is padding their bank accounts by the tens of millions all while telling us the complete opposite. That tells us right there he’s not going to change the laws on imports.

        But by all means go ahead and continue to put your faith in him and trust him after all the lies and let-downs and in less than only a year. And now he’s heckling and provoking a known psychopath. Yes Hillary is, by far worse, but that doesn’t make Trump safe, honest and effective.

        And BTW, don’t think he and Ivanka aren’t laughing all the way to the Bank. Do you really think they want to change the laws on imports. Hell no.

      10. when the Russians start talking sense knowing that they have someone with nuclear abilities and little self control. it is clear they see America as the enemy for now and we need more technical skill to get to us. what if for some reason they get pissed at Russia or China. they dont need an ICBM to hit some vital parts. this could be solved without nucks. outfit the south with the equipment that they could make a swift tactical strike and secure the government for china’s inaction we would remove the long range missals and dismantle everything the north had. have an agreement set to secure the borders until a treaty could be signed. china would save face Russia would feel secure. the south would be able to help the north recover. China must look like it won!

        • Grampa…..well described. Contained with an by neighbors…resulting stability and unification of a country and people…Nicely!

      11. Look out Australia, danger to us will be a flood of displaced people. We are run by green fools who live in la-la land. We have the land that could feed many but lack power fuel good roads etc. But we have gay marriage and anti gun scum, they can wave a rainbow flag at the Muslims. Old Bob

      12. As I’ve pointed out many times, almost everything written or believed about North Korea is wrong – as usual.

        1) North Korea only wants nukes under the – mistaken – belief that having them will protect them from a US attack. While understandable, this belief is incorrect. Having nukes only protects you if 1) you have enough of them to be a credible threat, and 2) you had them before you made the US an enemy or you have a powerful ally (such as Israel which has the US an ally.) North Korea doesn’t qualify on either count.

        2) North Korea will not use nukes unless attacked. If attacked, they will probably not use their nukes until they absolutely have to. If they do use them, they won’t waste them against the continental US or Hawaii or Japan because that would be militarily pointless and invite all-out nuclear attack by the US.

        3) China WILL intervene in the war if the US attempts regime change in North Korea.

        4) There is zero evidence that North Korea has EMP technology either in development or in place, let alone able to affect the continental US.

        5) The statement today that the latest NK missile could hit “anywhere on earth” is blatant nonsense.

        6) The parameters for a negotiated settlement to the issue are well known to anyone who knows the history of this issue. The US needs to agree to cease war games with South Korea, to negotiate a binding non-aggression treaty, normalize relations with North Korea, and provide NK with fuel oil and two light water reactors in exchange for North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons program, rejoining the NPT and submitting to IAEA inspection.

        7) Any attempt at a “surgical strike” by the US or anyone else – nuclear or otherwise – will fail miserably. It will also start the war.

        8) There is no military solution to the issue. A war would kill millions of people on both sides of the border, including scores of thousands of US troops, would fail to overthrow the NK government, devastate the South Korean economy, would likely bring China into the war and risk WWIII, and even if conventionally “successful” would likely lead to an insurgency that would make the Iraq and Afghan insurgencies look like a tea party.

        9) The REAL reason for the US aggression against NK has nothing to do with nukes. It has to do with the fact that NK is a (latently) rich country with six to ten trillion dollars of unexploited mineral resources. In other words, like the Middle East conflicts, it’s all about the MONEY.

        • YES! I remember now…it’s the Minerals of NK that the U.S. wants. Glad you mentioned it. Yep!

      13. Oh, and as to Zuckerberg’s “AI”…Zuckerberg is an ignorant moron. Some developer has sold him a bill of goods and he has no clue what he’s talking about.

      14. Marshall law? It’s martial. Jeez!

      15. Richard, I couldn’t have put it any better; you nailed it perfectly. I won’t repeat what you just posted; you said it all. Yes, N. Korea doesn’t have the technology to knock out America’s electrical grid with a powerful EMP attack .. Kim Jong-Un’s braggadoccio on this doesn’t change the facts one iota. The evidence just isn’t there.
        You’re also right in stating that China will definitely intervene if the US attempts regime change in N. Korea; that’s a given.
        Also, the true reason for the US aggression against NK has absolutely nothing to do with nukes; it has to do with the fact that NK’s a letently rich nation with 6 to 10 trillion dollars of unexplored mineral resources .. In other words, like the ME conflicts, it’s all about money. You got that right, Richard; just follow the money.

      16. NK is protecting itself from the US aggressor. NK doesn’t want to be the next syria/libya/iraq/ukraine/nicaragua/balkan ex soviet/…..etc etc. It is plaain as day what the great satan is up to – it’s world domination and nuclear power is the only protection. More power and respect to NK I say. They are saving themselves from the tyrannical domination of the US and I doubt Russia or China will crumble either. So screw the US/EU plan! Save the world and say NO to the US and the EU.

        As an aside, why would anyone want a single world government? It’s clear that putting “all the eggs in one basket” is utterly foolish. There is safety in having many baskets for your eggs. IE if one government goes mad (the US for example), then other governments/countries can counterbalance/restrain the crazy one.

      17. Something to keep us on the edge of our seats.
        It is not nuclear weapons that make the armies hesitate, it is reality.
        North Korea has a humongous army, foot soldiers, ready to die for what they think is their king, Kim Jong Un. Then there are the other factors, China and South Korea, China might kick us if ever the army of North Korea gets us down and we cannot know how all this will effect South Korea. Reality.
        It is for sure there will be a big war, or, a big accident. A big war, a war wherein Bio and Chemical weapons can be used without the true enemies of humanity being exposed. A real world war, in that, the whole world of people, of living things, are brought into jeopardy. A cleansing, if you will, of all the junk life the filthy rich and their King, the Banker King in England, don’t want messing up their Earth.
        Oh yeah, the Suit’s in D.C., the Politicians and Judges, they are all in on it and itching to get it all started.
        Look, white people, none of us will escape. Color, religion, ethnicity, Jew or Gentile, the chosen are chosen by the amount of wealth they’re allowed to control, by the size of their bank account, and, of course, by their loyalty to the King, the eldest son of the Rothschild clan.
        We cannot control the Politicians, the Judges, the Military or the Police, our real enemies, but we can know that everything we think we know, the crap we have been “taught” – is all a lie.
        No gods, no devils, no “America”- (actually, America is a company, The United States Company 1871, we, the people, are, more or less, machines, in the company, able to pull the trigger, and, clean the house), -no globe Earth, no planets, no outer space, no moon landing, no, no, no. We are the birds the cats ate, and, they think it is funny.
        No weapons of mass destruction over there, nope, none over here, hmmm, he said, with a smirk on his face; our mission if we can decide to take it, our mission is to wipe that smirk off his face and their faces, and take our money, our country back.
        The beginning is here, under our feet, our Flat Earth. We wrestle not against principalities, against spirits or demons, our fight is with our own form, ie, flesh and blood, people, people who think they have a right to own the Earth and get us off of it.
        They have lied to us all along, it is their lies that will undo them, beginning with their lies about our Earth, a globe, no way, moon landings, in your dreams, our history, our beginnings, our lives, all a big lie, told to us, taught to us, to make us serve them, the scum of the Earth.
        We don’t have to fear Kim Jong Un or the nation he controls, we must fear the Professors and the Preachers, the faces on TV, the Hollywood bunch, all the elements of our deception, for, it is because we are blind, made blind, that we cannot see, and for no other reason.
        Our fight is not over there, our fight is right here, the first battle we should make our own is the battle for the Earth, not to possess the Earth but to know the shape of the Earth. Earth, is not a globe, when we win this war, when the Earth is flat again, as it really is, the lie sent down, the rest to follow, then, we will know a real victory, real freedom, our real history.
        When the head is cut off the body will fall, the head of our enemy is lies, mountains of lies, this is where we begin our fight, we war against lies. The truth is here:

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