Russia Warns The EU Is About To Face “Reality” Over Sanctions

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Headline News

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    As winter approaches, Russia seems to have the upper hand. The country has been withholding and cutting of natural gas supplies to European Union countries in response to sanctions placed on it over the Ukraine “invasion.”

    Because of the EU’s inability to face “reality”, they face a cold and dark winter. Hungary’s State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Trade Tamas Menczer, says that the bloc may rethink restrictions on Moscow as soon as the autumn.

    The restrictions imposed on Russian trade to punish it for attacking Ukraine have failed to change Moscow’s behavior and actually rewarded it with increased revenues after they triggered a spike in energy prices, the MP said during an appearance on M1 TV on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the European countries that imposed the sanctions are facing energy shortages. -RT

    Russia “Weaponizes” Natural Gas Until “Sanctions Are LIfted”

    The Hungarian MP confirmed that his country, which criticized the EU’s drive to decouple the economy of the bloc from Russian energy, opposed the idea of introducing a price cap on gas bought from foreign nations. He called the proposal absurd and impractical, citing Moscow’s promises to cut supplies to customers that try to dictate the price.

    Last week, Hungarian Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kover claimed that the EU is the “loser” in the Ukraine conflict due to the economic damage caused by the sanctions and Russia’s response to them.

    The European Commission has reportedly backpedaled on the gas price cap and is currently working on a mechanism to tax the windfall profits of energy companies. Brussels is also urging EU nations to impose various energy-saving measures to better prepare for peak consumption during the winter. -RT

    Germany’s Energy Crisis: Power Grid Faces Collapse As Prices Soar And Solutions Offer More Problems

    “Reality knocks on the door of every country,” Menczer said, explaining why he believes the sanctions will be lifted sooner rather than later. Member states are set to review their sanctions policies later in the autumn. Failure to reevaluate the sanctions will destroy the EU’s economy and the slaves residing there. If the West removes the sanctions, they will be admitting defeat to Russia. So what will the West do?

    The West has limited options and none are good for it. They either admit defeat and walk back the sanctions on Russia, or they allow the slaves to starve and freeze this winter. I think we can guess which option they will choose considering they have proven time and time again that they don’t care even a little bit about the slaves.


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