Germany’s Energy Crisis: Power Grid Faces Collapse As Prices Soar And Solutions Offer More Problems

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Headline News

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    Germany’s energy crisis keeps going from bad to worse.  The country, whose electric grid will be crippled for the foreseeable future after Russia’s decision to halt nat gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, is now facing another crisis: complete power grid collapse.

    ZeroHedge previously reported that Google searches for “firewood” exploded in Germany, which is ground zero of what is sure to be a very cold winter.

    Germany Implements Energy Rationing Program

    Germany Warns: There Will Be Draconian Energy Regulations

    According to Reuters, Germans could overload their power grid as they switch to inefficient electric heaters in an attempt to avoid gas shortages this winter, utilities warned in an article published on Sunday. Fearing the worst, German households have been stocking up on electric fan heaters, including portable devicessales figures show, amid fears that Russia could cut or further limit gas supplies in the wake of its war in Ukraine.

    The managing director of the German association of energy and water utilities, BDEW, told daily Handelsblatt that customers could be left with even heftier power bills if they do not use the devices sparingly. As Forbes reported, with natural gas prices over $100 more per megawatt hour than they were a year ago, the Western European economies are heading to the Middle Ages.

    “And they can overburden the power grids, for instance when many households switch on their fan heaters in one part of town at the same time on a cold winter’s night,” BDEW director Kerstin Andreae was quoted as saying. She said she understood people’s fears of cold homes, but some of the coping mechanisms could backfire.

    Germany, along with other European Union countries, is scrambling to support homes and industries burdened by a further surge in energy prices after Russia halted supplies through the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline. Alas, no matter what Europe does, it can’t print nat gas, or commodities, which is why Charif Souki, chairman of Tellurian told Bloomberg TV that European buyers will ultimately be paying the equivalent of $120 to $150 per barrel for energy regardless of source for a long time. -ZeroHedge

    Souki said that “In the short term, it’s going to be obscene but I think that if everybody does the right thing, then over time, I think you’re going to find all of the energy prices are going to equalize.” Germany is going to be very short on energy for the next few winters.

    the German government has said that industrial users would be the first to be rationed in case of a shortfall and that private households would be spared any cuts. However, if we’ve learned anything in the past decade or more, it’s that politicians can only be trusted to do one thing: make us suffer to cement their own power.  Just how far will those with political clout and money go to get preferential treatment over millions of regular everyday German people?

    The entire societal system the elites have set up to enslave the masses is crashing, again, by design. Then they will swoop in and try to save the day by offering people a completely totalitarian slave system in exchange for obedience.


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