Russia Warns Of “Nuclear War Danger”

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Russia says that a nuclear war would be “unacceptable” but is also warning that it is not impossible as tensions continue to rise. Moscow Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia was able to convince other nuclear superpowers, including the United States to agree.

    Moscow tried to persuade former President Donald Trump to recommit to the 1987 statement by US and Soviet leaders that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and that such a war should never be fought, Lavrov explained in an interview on Monday with ‘The Great Game’, a political talk show on Russia’s Channel One.

    Even though the Trump administration declined to do so, Joe Biden “quickly” agreed with Moscow, and the statement was made at the June 2021 summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, according to a report by RT. China, France, and the UK – the remaining three nuclear powers that are also permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – agreed as well, and made a joint statement.

    “This is our principled position. We start from it,” Lavrov said. However, the risks of nuclear war are now “very significant. I don’t want them artificially inflated. There are many who would wish for it. The danger is serious, real. It cannot be underestimated.”

    Discussions with the U.S. ruling class abruptly ended in February, after Russia was “forced to defend the Russians in Ukraine” that had been “bombed for eight years without any reaction from the West,” Lavrov noted.

    In place of the implicit rules of the Cuban missile crisis era, Lavrov said, today the rules are a buzzword the US and its allies use when they are required to behave ‘nicely.’”

    Actions speak louder than words, however, and the West is continually provoking a war while saying it is “unacceptable.” Right now, everyone is “casting spells” saying that a Third World War should not be allowed to break out, Lavrov added, while adding fuel to the fire by sending weapons to Ukraine and hoping to prolong the conflict in order to bleed out Russia.

    More Inflation Incoming: Biden To Announce Another $800 Million Aid Package To Ukraine

    Pentagon To Keep The War Going, Sends Weapons To Ukraine

    The U.S. appears to want to continue to keep the war machine going at all costs.



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      1. O.K.
        Let it rip and then we can watch the walking dead live.

      2. We should just stay out of this, just stay out of it.

        I hope our leaders will stop us from getting involved, pray for them.

        • Stay out. DEFINITELY. Sounds like a “foreign entanglement.”

          NATO sounds like a “permanent alliance.”

          Everyone was warned beforehand.

          OIC, so the MIC can make money?

          Avoid the “military, congressional, industrial complex.” Yes, I left it as the first draft of the speech, as it’s accurate.

          When will they ever learn.

      3. With the announcement of and the publication of the specifications of the latest Russian ‘Super-Weapons’, the autonomous “Poseidon torpedo” for one, the fundamental doctrine of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is no longer a valid operational premise should Nuclear War actually come to pass.
        The Poseidon is thought to be capable of completely autonomous guidance at depths potentially in excess of 5000 feet; beyond the operational envelope of any current operational countermeasure. As described by the Russian MoD, the unit can be fitted with a ‘Tsar Bomba’ class Thermo-Nuclear warhead, ie, on the order of 100 Megatons yield.
        The consequences of such a device detonated at depth off the continental shelf would not be dissimilar to the impact of a 250 yard diameter Asteroid impacting the ocean. The United States Navy has extensive experience with the effect of submarine nuclear explosion effects due to the various nuclear test cindycted up to the mid 1960’s. Try looking up a paper titled ” The Induction of Very High Sea States” for an in-depth, definitive, authoritative analysis of those effects.
        Bear in mind though that any such action has a potentially even more destructive effect than the paper would suggest since that is based on testing done far from the margins of any continent. Specifically, what would be the result if several hundred cubic miles of “point of repose” sediment lying on the often steeply inclined continental shelf suddenly was dislodged to slide to the Abyssal Plain several thousand feet deeper?
        Anyone who thought that El Hierro in the Canary Islands posed a dire threat would be stunned at the potential damage the secondary effects of such would produce both on our own shores and across the ocean basin(s) be it the Atlantic OR Pacific. Just a few such would eliminate due to primary and secondary effects virtually everything coastal up to an altitude of – Oh say – 3500 feet. (??!!!)
        Worse yet, if such produced such voluminous submarine slides off the coast of the Pacific Northwest it might – just might – serve as the trigger which finally allowed the Juan de Fuca plate to abruptly break free due to mass displacement.
        Say it with me now “10.0 Magnitude Earthquake”…
        Our “Leadership” class has clearly gone butt-fxxk INSANE and apparently wants to take us all along for the ride.

        “It’s a WONDERFUL day in the neighborhood, a WONDERFUL day for a neighbor…would you be mine…could you be mine?”


      4. Think of all the money you’ll save on haircuts! And the bubbly super beach tan you will have! Heck you only need 2 teeth to chew with anyway. Like free chemotherapy too! See, it’s not all bad! 😀

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