Russia And Ukraine Are On The Brink Of War – And Why That Could Lead To World War 3

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Headline News | 104 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    A respected foreign journalist living in Ukraine is warning that a war that most Americans cannot even imagine “teeters on the razor thin edge of becoming real”. When Russia opened fire on Ukrainian Navy vessels and captured three of their ships, it made headlines all over the globe. An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was hastily arranged for Monday at 11 AM, and hopefully there will be a positive outcome from that meeting. Because right now Moscow and Kiev are on the brink of war, and once a Russian invasion happens there will be no turning back. At that point the U.S. would have a major decision to make, and if we chose to defend Ukraine that could mean that we would suddenly find ourselves fighting World War 3.

    Most people don’t realize that this crisis has been simmering for over a week. The following is from a U.S. News & World Report article that was posted on November 19th

    A dispute over shipping lanes is threatening to reignite the 4-year-old simmering war between Ukraine and Russia following confrontations sparked by both sides in recent days.

    Russian border guards on Monday detained Ukrainian fishing vessels in the Sea of Azov, a strategically important body of water contained to the north by Ukraine, to the west by the Crimean Peninsula and to the east and south by Russia. Monday’s incident came days after Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed Kiev for detaining Russian commercial ships also in the Azov in what he described as “a totally illegal move” and which Kremlin officials have warned may prompt retaliation.

    When you realize what has already taken place, it puts the most recent events in an entirely different context.

    The Russians blocked the Kerch Strait in retaliation for having had their own commercial vessels detained by the Ukrainian government.

    And when the Ukrainians decided to test the Russians by sailing Ukrainian Navy vessels into the Kerch Strait, the Russians decided not to back down. The following comes from Sky News

    Russia has opened fire on Ukrainian ships and captured three vessels in a major escalation of tensions off the coast of Crimea.

    Three sailors have been wounded after the Ukrainian navy said two artillery boats were hit by the strikes in the Black Sea.

    Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko called an emergency session of his war cabinet and said he will propose that parliament declare martial law.

    So the truth is that neither side is exactly “innocent” in this situation.

    The Kerch Strait is absolutely critical, because it is the only way into and out of the Azov Sea

    The strait connects the Azov Sea with the Black Sea and runs between the Crimean Peninsula and Russia. It’s a shallow, narrow stretch of water just two to three miles (3.2 to 4.8 kilometers) wide at one point near the Chuska landspit.

    The strait is an important economic lifeline for Ukraine, as it allows ships leaving the port city of Mariupol to access the Black Sea.

    It’s also the the closest point of access for Russia to Crimea, a peninsula Moscow annexed in 2014. The international community has largely not recognized Russia’s annexation of Crimea, but that did not stop Russia from building a bridge over the Kerch Strait connecting Crimea to mainland Russia. The Kerch Strait bridge was opened in May.

    In addition to asking for a declaration of martial law, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has also been gathering with his top military leaders. Poroshenko is pledging that Ukraine will not take any “offensive” military actions, but he also says that they are ready to defend against any attacks from Russia.

    The Russians are accusing Poroshenko of manipulating this crisis in order to pump up his flagging approval ratings for the upcoming presidential elections. There is a very real possibility that Poroshenko could lose, and he is desperate to stay in office.

    Of course the Ukrainians are blaming Russia for everything, and Poroshenko says that what happened on Sunday “was an act of war”

    Finally, Ukraine has called for an urgent UN Security Council meeting over ‘Russian aggression’ while Ukraine’s secretary for national security, Oleksander Turchynov, accused Russia of engaging in an act of war: “We heard reports on incident and have concluded that it was an act of war by Russian Federation against Ukraine”.

    At this point, it is unclear what the Russians will do next.

    Hopefully they will see that a full-blown invasion of Ukraine would not be wise.

    But if they decide that such a war is inevitable, they will move with lightning speed as we have seen in other conflicts. For example, Russia had already annexed Crimea before the rest of the world even started talking about it.  And we all remember what happened in Georgia.

    If and when Russia finally pulls the trigger, their forces will be halfway to Kiev before the mainstream media in the western world even realizes what is happening.

    And if Russia does invade, the Trump administration will be under tremendous pressure from Republicans, Democrats and other NATO members to intervene. Already, there has been some very tough talk from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

    It’s yet unclear how far the U.S. is willing to go in support for Ukraine. In a joint statement after Klimkin’s meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week, both sides “condemned Russia’s aggressive actions against international shipping transiting the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait to Ukrainian ports” and agreed that “Russia’s aggressive activities in the Sea of Azov have brought new security, economic, social, and environmental threats to the entire Azov-Black Sea region.”

    But if we directly intervene in a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, that could very easily trigger World War 3.

    Most Americans are not concerned that a conflict between Russia and Ukraine could potentially affect the United States, but the threat is very real. In fact, according to foreign correspondent Nolan Peterson such a war “teeters on the razor thin edge of becoming real”…

    This is the most dangerous moment I’ve seen in Ukraine in years. Tonight, a war that many people in America can only imagine thanks to Hollywood movies, teeters on the razor thin edge of becoming real. Tonight in Ukraine we go to sleep not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

    Let us hope for peace, because right now the world is becoming a more chaotic place with each passing day…


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      1. This is America’s fault, and Donald Trump is leading it.

        • Anonymous – This is your fault and you are leading the trolls in disinformation!

          • No I’m not.

            I’m just predicting the general theme of this discussion.

            As most previous articles and posts have led me to expect.

            • You are a troll and the same one who spread all the crap on Prison planet and infowars comment sections. You accused America is at fault and Trump did this. HOW MUCH DOES ONE HAVE TO SHOW YOU ARE A NUT JOB TURD WORLD TROLL!

              • You seem to claim to know things only a government operative would know.

                You always slip and give yourselves away, don’t you?

                BTW, where is a forum for Prison Planet (which I’m not familiar with) to be found?

                • Look WE Americans are knowing of your Puppet globalists actions. Only a troll like you would put forth such a ludicrous presumption. We know you are a paid troll and a turd world Soros-Clinton operative. You are funny and the joke is you! You need to STFU and go back to your hell-hole. What I and others know are public knowledge of your attempted take over of America and the globe.

                  You just slipped on your banana peel Turd world PAID TROLL> And where is Prison Planet …. you know as you have been on there for years trolling on there before the comment platform was changed. TROLL!

                  • Sam Adams don’t bother responding to Anonymous, he is a twit.


          • In the article it shows the Aggressors are Ukraine. Ukraine did several things that sparked Russia to respond such as stopping Russia’s commercial vessels in the strait. Then Russia did it back to Ukraine. Then Ukraine sent in it’s Navy vessels to threaten Russia and provoked to be fired upon and Russia did just that! SO funny that the trolls on here are so desperately putting out the opposite of what the articles facts are based on. This is a Clinton-Soros interference with Ukraine that is trying to provoke the Russians and most of Ukrainians want to rejoin Russia and are pro-Russian. Give it a rest lefty trolls!

        • “Hopefully they will see that a full-blown invasion of Ukraine would not be wise.”

          Not so.

          For Russia there is NO BETTER TIME than now to invade Ukraine and take the entire country back; or at least create a puppet state out of it, and use it as the battleground for an eventual war with the West …. if the West decided to TRY to defend Ukraine.

          Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO yet. There is NO Article 5 requirement for the West (read USA) to defend Ukraine. TRUMP will not defend Ukraine and Germany, France, and Britain will not get involved without the USA.

          Even Poland will not come to the defense of Ukraine.

          The only question that remains is whether Putin is ready to make this move now, or does he need more time to mass produce his new armaments ??? If the latter is the case, then more provocations will develop over time.

          Eventually Putin will move on Ukraine. The question is “WHEN” not “IF”. 🙁

        • The cause is globalist expansion. The same people who run the Federal Reserve, world bank were thrown out of Russia when they tried loaning them $ in exchange for signing over OGM rights. The those same people went to America, and they were embraced leading us to the current state of the US dollar. They desperately need WAR now to prop up their agenda. American globalists NOT Trump are leading us to war. The problem is they are in BOTH parties and we have an internal struggle the American people aren’t even aware of. Globalists=Marxists, Liberals=Marxists , political correctness is the WEAPON used to disarm commonsense. This is why world history is purposely neglected in our education / indoctrination system. Making marxists for decades now…

      2. Let Kiev keep poking that Bear and see what really happens. Been major wars started over less.

        • And by the way I am glad to see the goats at the border wall getting doused with tear gas.

          • I think there is more to come so stay tune everyone.
            HAVE YOU PREPARED ?

        • Wrong, Ukraine and Russia are not at war. NATO is at WAR with Russia while Occupying Ukraine. NATO and the US Hijacked Ukraine’s Government, and Planted their own shill as the Prime Minister.

          Keep planting those NATO Nuke missiles in NATO Eastern block countries and Russia will take them out.

          The CIA and Israehell wants to try and demonize Russia any way they can. Russia Kicked NATO’s Ass and their buddies ISIS in Syria.

          Sorry JJ another failed Propaganda article.

          Who’s paying ya to write this propaganda

          • JJ didn’t write this article.

          • Haha.. Correct.. Both JJ and Snyder are on the same level. lol Hey Mac Question? Don’t you find it curious JJ seems to be a Master at all of these items in his resume, but never write on any of those subjects he claims to be an expert at? Why do you post articles from JJ on subjects, he is not an expert at? lol

            • you couldnt even get the author correct when trolling. seriously. you lost this one before Mac even replied.

              • NEC Wrang… Hey, recognize propaganda when you see it. I like Facts.. Both Snyder & JJ talk about things they have no idea what they are saying. I just like to call BS out when I see it. Global politics is the biggest lie out there. Every country needs a boogie man to keep their homies in check with fear, then suck their resources dry in more imaginary schemes and scandals. Collusion using confusion and illusion.

                I never have a problem being corrected, thanks for my misprint. I stand corrected. My First mistake in 5 years.. lol

          • TharSheBlows out his ass again.

            • His name should be TharHeBlows everyone again.

              • Stuart and John Adams sounds like 2 drunks in an pub. Neither knows where they are sleeping it off tonight.

          • So true about The NATO Globalists being the real culprits in this, as led by never-trumper Neocons. The whole reason for Russian interest in Ukrainian territory is millions of Russians trapped inside the Ukraine, they want to repatriate them.

            Russia should reincorporate the eastern third back to Russia, Krushchev took that area from Russia and gave it to Ukraine in the 1950’s.

            Trunp would be massively pressured to go to war and get involved in this mess, by his enemies. I doubt he makes the mistake of doing so.

            The best thing for Trump to do is pull completely out of Europes. At least pull the forces out of Turkey and Germany, citing costs. Granted there are token USA forces there, but he could tokenly belong to NATO while pulling our troops out of the Globalist Euro-Regimes, who are the chief Proponents of the NWO. Heard what Macron proposed the other week? That they need a Euro force to protect THEM from US? Call his bluff.

            IF Trump were not so under fire from the Left here by threat of impending impeachments, he would’ve done so already.

            • What makes you think Trump is in charge?

      3. SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition) Delivery by Parachutist/Swimmer


      4. Russia did not seize the Crimea, they voted 94% in a referendum to join Russia. Also, don’t forget that Hillary and gang staged the coup in the Ukraine which deposed the Russia friendly president of the Ukraine.

        The CIA fermented riots and then had snipers fire on both sides to cause even more chaos.

        The USSA empire has a lot of blood on their hands.

        Buckle up comrades…

        Harbard (grey beard)

        • The “referendum” in Crimea was a total sham. Russia invaded and is illegally occupying Crimea. The Russians are also being oppressive towards the remaining Ukrainians who are still there. The article fails to mention a 2003 treaty between Ukraine and Russia concerning sharing the Sea of Azov. I say Russia is the aggressor. They haven’t changed much since the Soviet era. Ukrainians have suffered for centuries at the hands of Russians, even before the Soviet era. Stalin and his butchers starved millions of Ukrainians to death in the Holodomor of 1932-1933. Russian holocaust against Ukraine. Ukraine is simply resisting Russian attempts to bring their country back under Russian influence. They’ve had their fill of Russian BS and want to be independent. The pro-Russian president overthrown in 2013 was an ETHNIC RUSSIAN who was trying to undermine Ukraine’s independence. The Russians who live in Ukrainian territory prefer to see Ukraine fall back under Russian rule. The native Ukrainians say HELL NO to that idea so who the hell can blame them for wanting their own country? After what they’ve been under the Czars and the Soviets, I don’t blame them one bit. Russians are one of the most treacherous groups of people in the world. I’ve known a few Ukrainians and there are much better quality people. I’ll take a Ukrainian over a scum Russian savage any day.

          • Haven’t you ever wondered why no one knows the date of the “invasion” of Crimea? Of course, no one knows because it never happened. We know the date of every invasion, but not this one. Why?

            • Because Renegade made this stuff up. That’s what disinformation paid trolls do that work outside for Soros-Clinton. Crimea is mostly Russians in it with some Ukrainians who are happy to be all back with Russia. There was no invasion. This person Anonymous and Deplorable Renegade are the same and uses several different names and did this same stuff on Info wars and Prison Planet and other Independent media sites. All to create propagandists lies and confusion. These Turd world trolls love to twist what was said and inject their BS to deceive.

          • The Russians have a 40 year lease to lease out their navel base in Crimea. Russia, only moved into Crimea to protect their base when NATO forced took the country over. Not a single shot was fired, nor was it an invasion, as the Russians were welcomed in from the locals.

            Dep Renagade forgot this info, because he was corrected on that fact before in this forum. You been dwinking agains red a gade deplorable brave hart?

            And BTW, Czech and Ukrainian Women are some of the Hottest sexiest felines in the world.

          • “The “referendum” in Crimea was a total sham.”

            Actually, it was not a sham. 95% of the population of Crimea is Russian ethnically, and speak Russian as their native tongue.

            It has been a de facto Russian Province for a very,very long time. 🙂

      5. I thought Ukraine was a part of Russia before the US stuck their nose where it does not belong as usual. There is nothing proud to be an American for when the true global military threat to our lives and futures resides right here in fascist America. The most evil government on the Earth by far along with its allies.

        • Aljamo, Ukraine became independent with the breakup of the USSR. Putin wants to bring them back under Russian control but the Ukrainians aren’t having it.

          • MEANING Ukraine was part of Russia Before as Aljamo said. DO you have a problem reading or with facts.

            • Sam Adams, yes Ukraine was part of Russia BEFORE the breakup of the Soviet Union but the Russians NEVER HAD ANY LEGITIMATE CLAIM TO UKRAINE EVEN DURING CZARIST TIMES. NO, I DON’T have a problem with reading or with facts. I’m simply adding some facts that have been left out. Did you know when Ukraine was under Russian occupation those people suffered terribly at the hands of the Russian occupiers? It still happens today in Russian-occupied Crimea and the Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine. I’ve personally known people from Ukraine, the Baltic States, Poland, and Czechoslovakia who suffered terribly during the Soviet occupation of their countries after WW2. I’ll take people from any of those countries over any scum Russian. Russians are one of the most treacherous groups of people in the whole world. Too many people falling for Russian propaganda.

              • renegade nails it.

                • NEC wrangler, thanks for that. Glad to see someone NOT falling for the Russian propaganda.

                  • my family’s Polish 😉
                    Its getting so one can smell it lol

              • Comrade “Deplorable Renegate”, why such harsh rhetoric? Have known any Russians personally to issue blanket statement and pejoratives such as yours? Don’t identify all Russians as Communists.

                Now, something tells me you are as myopic in your views as your poor knowledge of history, especially concerning Crimea where you have never been.

                History lesson #1:
                In September 1953, Nikita Khruschev (Soviet Union Gen Sec for those that don’t know) goes to the assembly of the Communist Party of Soviet Union. The main agenda of the assembly is the state of agriculture.
                The head of the Presidium of the Central Committee and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers at that time was G. M. Malenkov.

                It was at this meeting that the decision was reached to transfer the Crimean peninsula of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, since the economy of the Crimea was already sufficiently integrated into the Ukrainian one. After a month and a half, at the end of October 1953, the Crimean Regional Committee reacted to the decision of the Central Committee. It came up with the appropriate “initiative from the bottom.” Throughout the winter of 1953-1954. was carried out intensive ideological work. Since nothing was done in the USSR without laying down an ideological base, it was decided to coincide with the transfer of the peninsula from one fraternal republic to another on the anniversary of the reunification of the Ukrainian people with the Russian one.

                Foornote: Crimea had never been Ukrainian, it had had Ukrainians and Ethnic Tatars living there but the overwhelming majority of its populace had always been Russians.

                • Good job stating the FACTS Russian. Renegade has a problem with FACTS and twist words and is exposed as a Globalist Basement troll.

                • Russian, OK “COMRADE”. There has only been a Russian presence in Crimea since 1783 and it was forcibly seized by the czar of that time. You don’t mention the Crimean Tatars who are native to that land and have suffered oppression under the czars and the Soviets. You also don’t mention how Stalin forcibly evicted all of the Tartars from Crimea after it was liberated from the Nazis during WW2 and were only allowed to return to Crimea during the 80s. They were forcibly exiled to other parts of the USSR. Ever since the Russian army reoccupied Crimea in 2014, most of the Tatars have been forced out. There’s also been a certain number of Ukrainians who ‘disappeared’ at the hands of Russian internal security and have not been seen or heard from [sounds like your old KGB comrades]. Also, Crimea has been very heavily militarized over the last 4 years. Oh, and remember the old nuclear weapon storage facility near Feodosia? Well, Putin has ordered that facility to be re-opened and it’s being worked on right now. I’m not going to ignore the past or even present crimes of your comrades, COMRADE. The biggest reason Putin took Crimea is because of its STRATEGIC VALUE and of course the Black Sea Fleet HQ at Sevastopol. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, COMRADE.

              • Russia Soviet union broke up. And you still blame the new and pollute it with the old! Ha. What a joke. Everyone has an opinion they are like a##holes everyone has one. I don’t care you personally know some people who may very well be hard core Soros Clinton operatives and Nazis over there. You are NOT there so keep it to yourself. You are falling for Ukrainian Propaganda …. because you get your opinions from planted Ukrainian operatives.

                • adams, the people I know were VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM but you don’t seem to understand that since you seem to accept Russian propaganda at face value without questioning it. The Russians committed more crimes than you can imagine against those nations of Eastern Europe from the end of WW2 all the way up until the USSR collapsed. It’s got nothing to do with Clintons, Soros, Nazis or anything else. My problem is with false information coming Russian media or anywhere else.

                • “And you still blame the new and pollute it with the old! ”

                  Current Russian president is a former KGB hardliner. Talk about “polluting the new with the old”…

      6. As NATO moves military next to Russia, BRICS moves military next to the US.

        Mexicans and their decades-long enablers are just the vanguard.

        Most of us, reading here, have either seen dirty business or have a book knowledge of it. In times of war, people did not live on that kind of subject matter, full time, for the sake of morale.

        “…whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”
        — from Phil 4

        Don’t get caught up in the wild hunt. Stay thoughtful.

      7. The USA needs to stay out of Russias affairs. The USA needs to mind it own business. Of course if Russia gets access for a oil pipeline thru the Ukrane that could threaten the Petro Dollar. So the USA will stick its nose in where it don’t belong. You have to enforce the Use of the Petro Dollar.

        • Russia already has the pipeline through Ukraine, but the US does not. This is what is in motion for the west to build a pipeline through Ukraine and Syria.


          Breaking News- Khashoggi Case: A Massive PsyOp Concocted by CIA-MI6-Mossad

          General Pekin, an insider with a long career in Intelligence who has high-level contacts and sources within MI6, CIA and Mossad, made the following statements (Summary Translation) while risking severe backlash from the government here in Turkey:
          • There has been intense behind the scenes competition between the UK and US over ARAMCO and it’s coming IPO, scheduled for 2020, via either the London or New York Stock Exchange (Many billions of dollars’ worth)
          • Jamal Khashoggi was/is very close to certain ARAMCO Board Members, and has been a prize sought by both US and UK players due to his connections
          • UK (MI6) concocted the plans (or fakery) to kidnap Khashoggi
          • The CIA and Mossad got involved in this UK plot
          • The Fiancé was some sort of honeytrap most likely connected to MI6, or possibly the CIA, and is not who “they” claim she is- not genuine
          • They may have selected Turkey as a secondary target to damage its reputation- With the US aiming to set up a Kurdish State in Northern Syria and the possibility of ending its alliance with Turkey

          OH THERE IS MORE HERE: Link: ht tps://

          • The steaming feces you swallow whole is amazing.

            • Stuart, he and some others are swallowing Russian propaganda hook line and sinker. I guess they can’t help themselves.

              • Hey Left winged nut …. quite giving us your Soros-Clinton backed Propaganda you Nazi. We don’t buy your BS hook line and sinker but you troll sure spew it out like a good paid troll you are. You did not even write about this article. You spewed out BS from the get go. Ukraine violated the treaty cause of politics that Soros and Clinton put in when those globalists took over Ukraine. Renegade fits you perfect cause you are not anything better. You just can’t help yourself can you now. Ukraine started it first. And Russia did the same thing back. Then Ukraine sent in their Nave and provoked Russia and started to fire on them. C’mon get your FACTS STRAIGHT! LIAR and troll you are.

                • Stuart and Sam Adams are 2 paid trolls for George Soros. They come on here to troll and buddy up tag team slamming people, to try and convince you through confusion of the facts.

                  • TSB, that Sam Adams is a real piece of work. Go ahead, everyone can hammer me all they want but I know my information is correct. No one can ever convince me of anything different.

                  • Thar She Blows, They both are paid very well by George Soros. Among many others. Soros really needs to be tried for SEDITION and TREASON. long with many others.

              • Russians aren’t my enemies just because Soros and the globalists hate them, I don’t hate them. I don’t hate on orders of Progressives. Russia is not Communist, American Democrats are. Russia did not steal the election and cause me to vote for President Trump. The president didn’t collude with Russia.

                Russia has a standing arrest warrant for the American criminal George Soros. If we were friends with Russia we would honor their extradition request. Soros has paid 100’s of millions to villify Russia, to stay out of a Russian Prison. All of this to keep that evil man out of Jail.

                • Son of patriot, I wouldn’t have any problem handing over Soros to the Russians. My reservations about Russians go all the way back to the Cold War era. I agree with your post, except the part about Russia NOT being communist. That may be so OFFICIALLY, but UNOFFICIALLY there are still a lot of older people in Russia who still believe they were better off under the old Soviet system.

      8. Ukraine, even if they are the aggrieved party, would be very foolish to provoke Russia or force Russia’s hand. There’s no doubt it wouldn’t end well for them. It is likely the neo-con State Dept. is telling them we have their back, this may cause Ukraine to do something rash or foolish. The last time something like this happened is when John McCain & Company assured Georgia that the US would back them against Russia in 2008. This “war”, which was unpopular in Georgia, lasted 36 hours with Georgia losing nearly a third of their territory. (By the way, the “Georgians” call their country Sakartvelo, not Georgia.)
        Ukraine, like Russia, is Slavic, with shared history and culture. It shares a longer border with Russia by far, than with any other country. A large area of eastern Ukraine is actually openly pro-Russian. You will not hear the truth and facts about anything Russian in the American MSM, they are constantly vilified. The American people are being propagandized so that our opinions and beliefs will support TPTB policy and plans. The neo-con elements who control the State Dept. and American foreign policy are fomenting ill-will against Russia (and using proxies wherever they can) because Russia will not roll over and submit to their idea of a New World Order. They won’t abandon Syria-and not allowing Israel to have unchallenged hegemony there, they are forming a strategic and economic partnership with China, they supply Europe with most of their energy, and they want to move out of the dollar to name some reasons. But really, it’s chiefly because Russia is rapidly re-Christianizing, and they will not allow hordes of 3rd world immigrants to flood in (changing their culture and gene pool, and in the long-term diminish their national power).
        We are the worst hypocrites, we invade and undermine nations all the time, even against their will. But when another nation acts in their sovereign interest thats a problem if its not in line with neo-con policy, who also helps maintain the gigantic budget-busting Mil. Ind. Complex.
        I believe its hyperbole to say the latest incident could lead to WW III, there is nothing we can really do about it. We already have lots of sanctions against Russia, and posture with
        NATO troops on their borders, and try to control other nations relationships with Russia. For all the good that does. Now the US is trying to force Europe to buy their energy from the US or someone else, even if they have to pay more.
        If we really want more cooperation from Russia we should stop trying to bulldoze our way with them. I believe Pres. DT is being influenced by neo-cons to not cultivate a better relationship with Russia, just as they tried to prevent Reagan to improve relations. They are a Western nation, not Asian, but we are forcing them into China’s arms. They identify as European. However, they are a powerful country, and won’t let the US dictate to them.
        Of course we citizens would not know the facts, but Russia may do secret activity here in the US, just like the US probably does there. However, the attempt by some entities and their mouthpiece the MSM to say Russia controls the elections, or that the president is their stooge is pure silly tripe.

        • Bill, Ukraine IS the aggrieved party but did NOT provoke the Russians. This article fails to mention a 2003 treaty between Ukraine and Russia sharing the waters of the Sea of Azov and guaranteeing free transit between Azov and the Black Sea for BOTH nations. No one is walking over Russia. Too many people here falling for the propaganda from RT, Sputnik, etc. Russia is the aggressor and has clearly violated the treaty.

          • You fail to recognize the following in the article about how Ukraine Violated the 2003 agreement by seizing Russian Commercial ships in the Sea of Azov you MORON! Ukraine violated first. Then Russia you TROLL!

        • Good job Bill. Yes Ukraine is not the aggrieved party. They provoked, they started it first, they seized Russia ships, then brought their Navy in … so what does Ukraine have a death wish for? Cause the goablists are using Ukraine as a pivot point to get nations to war against each other with false flags and globalist propaganda. But the world as a whole is waking up to the globalists scheme of corruption.

          • How about provide a credible link to your BS Sam Adams. You speak like a Mossad operative.

      9. Cant happen soon enough. The Russians should run the hell over the Ukraine and get rid of those Nazi sympathizers once and for all.

      10. Gee… Enough Russian trolls hanging out here?

        • Not a troll, good question. It’s bad enough when American trolls come around.

          • SO Renegade you are a TURD WORLD TROLL. You say us Americans are trolls now? You are more than Deplorable you Jerk! It’s bad when Soros-Clinton paid troll operatives come around all the Independent media sites to provide twisted propaganda like you do foreign troll from hell.

            • Adams, Hillary was the one who claimed I’m deplorable so I wear that like a badge of honor.

              • Did you research the definition/etymology of your “new” monicker? RENEGADE is almost as ridiculous as BRAVEHEART!

                a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
                “an agent who later turns out to be a renegade”
                synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer; More
                having treacherously changed allegiance.
                “a renegade bodyguard”
                synonyms: treacherous, traitorous, disloyal, perfidious, treasonous, rebel, mutinous, rebellious
                “350 army mutineers led by a renegade colonel”
                become a renegade.
                “Johnson had renegaded from the Confederacy”

            • new guy with a short history of $hit-stirring calls an old timer with (literally) years of solid, sensible posting history a Troll.

              says volumes about “Sam Adams”.

              • NEC, that sam adams is a real piece of work. He’s one of the best sounding trolls I’ve ever heard. I’ll give him an E for effort.

      11. Good for Ukraine. They must never forgive the (((Bolsheviks))) for the genocide of 10 million Ukranians under Lenin and Stalin.

        (((Putin))) is a Neo-Bolshevik and should be ‘horizontalized’…..

        • M Edward, welcome and thank you for your pro-Ukraine statements. Too many people falling for Russian propaganda.

          • Quit writing to yourself using different names Turd world troll. Why don’t you just STFU! To many people do not fall for your BS of Globalist NWO stuff. GO back to North Korea you dip wad.

            • Why the incivility ? I am M Edward, not The Deplorable Renegade….

              But with what little respect is due to you, you’re rather clueless. Don’t tell me, you’re a Russian troll right ?

              If you don’t puke after looking at this link, you’re a piece of s**t.


              Nothing personal.

          • To Ukraine with LOVE !

            Glad to be one of the truly awake. I have great respect for any peoples who had to live through the Bolsheviks.

            I think Sam Adams is a Russian Neo-Bolshevik troll.

            Death to Bolsheviks !

            • M Edward, Sam Adams is a real joy, isn’t he? I’m glad to see someone else awake and aware of the true nature of Russians.

              • Russians aren’t enemies of true American Patriots. Putin opposes Soros and the NWO, that is why he is excoriated by the Left. He is the only one keeping Russia out of the NWO camp. This isn’t the 60’s, there’s no communist party in charge of Russia now. The real communists are in China and the Democrat Party here.

                The only people on the planet that oppose the New World Order is Trunp and Putin. That is why people villify Russia, to keep such an unstoppable alliance from happening.

                As for the Holomodor, that happened in the 30’s, why don’t we also villify Germany, because of the 1930’s to 40’s Nazis? Can we ever stop being the policeman shill for the NWO and doing it’s heavy lifting? If you wanted the NWO ya should’ve voted for Jeb. Maybe ya did.

                • Son of patriot, I know where the real communists are but I’m still wary and suspicious of Russians. I’m just as much opposed to the NWO and one-world socialist government as anyone else here. But how do we know there aren’t still people in Russia who still hate us and still want to see us destroyed? THAT is why I’m still wary and suspicious of Russia. And let’s not forget that Putin was a lieutenant-colonel of the KGB secret police when the USSR collapsed. And now their intelligence and counter-intelligence apparatus is much larger than it used to be. I’ve got good reason to question whether we can trust Russia on anything.

        • By implication, the US is backing Nazi’s, though.

      12. No foreign entanglements .

      13. The USSR invaded Czechoslovakia in August of 1968…and the USA did nothing.

        Why in the world is the USA meddling in the exSoviet sphere of influence?

        What if Russia elected to meddle in Mexico or Canada? How moronic it is to make agreements that we simply cannot or should not make.

        If the Russians encircled the USA with antiballistic missiles, would we tolerate it? It’s foolhearty.

        We cannot afford it anymore. This is not 1954. Frankly we should have become a purely isolationist nation the day the Berlin Wall fell.

        Given the belligerance of Canada, France, and Germany, what we should have done after the Armistice rememberance is remove all military bases and personnel from Europe.

        • I wholeheartly agree with Maranatha. We don’t need bases in other countries. We need to become isolationist.

        • George Washington warned us about “entangling treaties.”

      14. I’m not pro Russian, I’m Lithuanian. I know full well what the Stalinists did to a host of countries including my own.

        However, The Russian Federation is not Communist and quite pro Christian. The harping from some about Russian malfeasance does not change the truth. The Ukie’s regime is a CIA puppet…

        • Exactly Ukrainian fill in’s when the globalists overthrew Ukraine’s government are Puppets for the NWO and globalists. Russia is no longer Stalinists but the left commie rats and insane globalists are Stalinists and war mongers.

        • Harbard – For some reason there are a few persons, if you don’t agree with their post on this issue, label you a troll or a shill for Russia. Anyone who is informed in the slightest has to know Ukraine is a puppet regime of the US. This was totally a contrived incident, and the Russians knew it. As the neo-cons fail to further their agenda they will become more frustrated and foment things like this. As far as I’m concerned, the Ukrainians got off light, it could have been worse. The Russians took over the Ukrainian navy ships involved in the incident. The way you stop an action is to deprive their ability to do so. This dramatic action was meant to send a clear message. But the ships will be given back – intact. The fact Russian responded as they did probably shows they can prove it was a provocation. I’d like to talk to some senior Ukraine navy officers to see how much they were in favor of this political action to risk losing their ships, for which they knew they are heavily outgunned. The neo-con plan didn’t work, I’d bet the desired effect was to get the Russians to open fire.
          This was simply a calculated provocation; just like what Georgia did in 2008; we all know that didn’t work out well for the neo-con inspired Georgians either. Russia already has lots of big problems, why would they do that, that’s all they needed; an international incident, a possible local war, risk of souring relations with other countries, and more. How would the US Navy respond if a foreign navy steamed, for example, up the Chesapeake Bay without adhering to protocol.
          We will never be permitted to know the full unfolding facts of course; all we know is what the MSM reports. But all the good that does, the MSM is nothing more than the propaganda organ for the deep state/TPTB. Casey, who was Pres. Reagan’s chief intelligence officer, reportedly said his job was successful when everything Americans believed was false.
          Over the past 2-3 years NATO has rotated hundreds of thousands of troops on Russia’s borders, including armor and artillery, and probably missiles, even as there was no Russian military build-up on their side of the border, what is the motive for that. Is that not a provocation? What would we do if they did the same on our borders?
          I too, am not pro-Russian, but I agree with george’s post, NO foreign entanglements! As for the communists in Russia, I’d really bet we have more communists wannabes here in the US than they have there.

        • I believe that Russia has confused patriotism with religion, except Protestantism, which is not recognized, of which I am aware.

      15. h ttps://

        The US stages a coup, steals the Ukrainian Gold for the banisters and claims (like in Libya) an indigenous revolution. Russia pushes back, the original coup is dropped from media reporting and the narrative changes to a Russian coup.

      16. @Bill
        Well stated.
        At least a few of us here knows what is going on.
        Spot on bro’.

      17. I never did hate the Russians. They where our allies in WWII. They paid a hefty price. They lost a entire generation of young men. Those Russians are white folks. I much prefer them to shit skins. granted Putins a Hard ass. So what? He is doing what best for his country. And Trump is attempting to do whats best for the USA. We need to get out of NATO and the UN. So far the fact the Russians have enough Nukes to be a credible threat is a very good thing. The Threat of mutual annilation has worked to prevent Nuclear War. When one side thinks they could win a Nuclear war without too much damage is when it becomes a possibility. Russia hasn’t ever declared war on the USA ,England , France ect. The USA bombs the Bejabbers out of anyone who dares to attempt to trade oil or any tangible products for some currency other than the created out of thin air Digital Petro Dollar.

        • Old Guy

          Agree. Well said.

          • Ditto!

      18. It’s the responsibility of every nation to protect THEMSELVES. That should be self-evident from the 2nd Amendment.

        An armed to the teeth SWAT team cannot protect an entire city on their own. Neither can American soldiers protect the entire free world. Our so-called allies mock us while we allegedly protect them. Aren’t you sick of it? How many of your sons and daughters have to die in moronic foreign wars that gain us neither land nor resources nor honor and glory?

      19. Time to Fry… or Face the TRUTH:

        NeoCOn USSA —> THe Planet’s PREMIER TERRORIST Regime

      20. NeCON USSA –> THe Planet’s Kosha-Nostra Mafia State

      21. I stand by all of my comments about Russians so go ahead and hammer me all you want. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last, either. I don’t trust Russians any further than I could throw one and I’m sure they look at me the same way. You really think a Russian won’t put a knife in your back if he/she has just half a chance? Go ahead and take that chance. That’s on YOU, NOT ME.

        • I’d still rather be friends with them than the naggers, wetbacks, and chinks…

      22. The Russian Federation apparently offers genealogical records, for a nominal fee, except, they shut down my Email acct, when I asked.

        I know some basics, about their culture and industries. I am not under estimating them, per se.

        Except, they owe their wellwishers, here, no loyalty, whatsoever.

        Through no fault of your own, they just so happen to be at war, against this country, where you live and keep your stuff.

      23. No the Russians are not the worst enemy the USA has. Our worst enemys are within our own government. Those who promote the NWO ,Un and Agenda 21 are the biggest threat. Idiots who advocate free trade and open borders are worse that Castro ever was. Tax and spend politicians like slick willie are worse enemys. Obummer who spent more trillions than all the other presidents combined was worse than Putin. I think communism is a quite a bit better than the socialist serfdom that so many on the left want to embrace. My wifes Great Great grandfather was a Russian immigrant. Came and fought in the civil war wearing a Blue coat. During Reconstruction. He married the Grand daughter of a Gray coat officer. And they welcomed him into the family. He had political clout and they where banned from politics. Its the media who paint Russians as our enemys. And the USA craps on Russia every chance that they get. No wonder they don’t like us very much. One other thing. If those Russians are so Terrible why are they our partners in the Space Station? Our fraught with problems space shuttles are grounded. The Russian,s provide all the transport to and from the Space station.

        • Russia confirmed the claim that Ukranians were trying to take out that bridge but didn’t confirm the SADM. They moved a huge number of air assets (fighter jets and helos) to the border with an obvious overwhelming airstrike appearing likely.

          On the Ukranian side with martial law in effect, there is panic buying of salt, matches, and supplies.

      24. Who cares

      25. WW 2 in Europe started with Poland doing to the Germans what the Ukraine is doing now to the Russians. Oogy boogy Germany bad. Oogy boogy Russia bad. Remember the Maine, and the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, blah, blah,blah…
        Every man in history who was worth a damn died standing up to bankers, from Jesus to Kennedy. That is our history, end of story.

      26. George Washington warned about “entangling treaties.”

        • Amen, all of our founding fathers warned us aginst trusting Europeans. They are the earthly source of ALL “ism’s”.

          The main power of the NWO is Europe, the more we share with them, the more they affect/infect us with their disease of the mind.

          Shut off all immigration and hand all households that want them AR 15’s and pocket constitutions, and Bibles. Outlaw the Democrat Marxist Party and CNN.

          Secede all Red States from Blue. It’s the only hope for continued freedom. If freedom continues in America, it will only be because of secession.

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