Russia and Iran Hate Us for Our Freedoms

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    It’s easy to detect fake news. I don’t need a fact checker or a laboratory at a globalist think tank to clue me in. 

    Here’s the latest fake news. 

    Both Russia and Iran want to influence the midterm elections. 

    It’s lunacy to believe this would make a difference, even if it were true. 

    The story was posted at one of the more notorious fake news sites—The New York Times, the folks who sold you WMDs and the invasion of Iraq. 

    Facebook passed this info on to the Gray Lady of Propaganda. 

    Facebook said it had identified a new political influence campaign on its platform that appeared intended to disrupt the midterm elections. The social network found and took down 652 fake accounts and pages that were trying to sow discord around social issues… Some of the accounts in the new influence campaign originated in Iran and Russia, Facebook said.

    This latest threat by people who hate us for our freedoms—as George W. Bush so pointedly phrased it—follows a similar claim last month. 

    The campaign’s scale exceeded that of another influence operation that Facebook revealed last month, in which the company said it detected and removed 32 pages and fake accounts that had engaged in activity around divisive social issues ahead of the midterms.

    Elections always arouse heated discussion on divisive issues and have done so since the founding of the (former) republic. Establishment Republicans and Democrats use the media as an influence tool and it is accepted as normal behavior. Billions are spent every election cycle to influence voters one way or the other. 

    The revelations underscore how Facebook continues to be used as a weapon by others to try to influence the American electorate.

    Others. It’s not simply Russia and Iran trying to take down America. It’s unspecified others. It is more than obvious who these others are despite the vagueness of the above sentence. 

    Facebook has vowed to clamp down on such misuse; the social network said last month that it had detected and removed 32 pages and fake accounts that had engaged in activity around divisive social issues ahead of the midterms. One of those pages was joined by nearly 140,000 people, who believed they were fighting racism in the United States, while another set up dozens of events targeting left-wing activists.

    In other words, the purge is not partisan. It’s an effort to remove all thought that does not follow the narrative put out by the state and its propaganda media. 

    The political class wants to make sure another Donald Trump doesn’t make it to the White House. This is a concerted effort on the part of the establishment to take away a vital platform from its political enemies.  

    It has nothing to do with Russia.

    And certainly not Iran. 

    The connection to Russia was concocted by the Clinton campaign and the DNC following the election. This was subsequently adopted and greatly magnified by the liberal corporate media. 

    Since the election the DNC has formulated a two-prong attack: take down the elected president of the United States and concurrently destroy a thriving alternative media questioning the official narrative at every turn. 

    Trump cronies and arrangers now face prosecution and prison terms. Trump’s attorney said the pre-president arranged a buy a porn star’s silence during the presidential campaign.  

    Meanwhile, the chairman of that campaign was convicted of fraud. 

    The verdict was a victory for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, whose prosecutors introduced extensive evidence that Mr. Manafort hid millions of dollars in foreign accounts to evade taxes and lied to banks repeatedly to obtain millions of dollars in loans.

    Evaded taxes, just like Al Capone. This is a fallback position when they can’t get you on anything else. As for the shady loans, this is standard business practice in the upper echelons of the financial world. Swindles and malfeasance are common practices. Billion dollar fines have been levied. Hands slapped. 

    For instance, Goldman Sachs. Trump has a Goldman Sachs alumnus running the Treasury Department. Alexander Hamilton would be proud.  

    It is irrelevant for the political class and the corporate media that the Manafort conviction has nothing to do with Trump and the Mueller investigation. 

    This will continue well into the election.

    Talk about influence. 

    MSNBC, CNN, ABC, et al will push their highly biased influence out into the media sphere. Part of this push will be the absurdly fantastic presumption Trump colluded with Putin to rig the election through Facebook ads. Even Fox News is warming up to this charade. Many of the neocons at Fox loathe Trump with the same passion as Bill Kristol. 

    I’m not certain what will happen. 

    It’s all but a sure bet Democrats will take back the House. If they do, it’s also a sure bet there will be impeachment proceedings. At the same time there will be congressional hearings into Russian media influence. Senator Mark Warner promised as much. 

    Russian influence, of course, means alternative media influence. The crucifixion of Alex Jones—now in progress—is an opening salvo announcing a commitment by the state to restrict the right to speak, publish, and post. 

    For the moment the purge of dissenting voices remains strategically selective. It is aimed at Jones, popular alt-right figures on Twitter, libertarians at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (an ominous threat), and assorted others, including many on the left not following the narrative. 

    It’s not Left vs. Right. 

    It’s the state taking out the competition. 

    It’s the DNC viciously responding to a humiliating loss to a buffoonish outlier who is not part of the club, who didn’t come up through the ranks, and has not kissed the mandatory rings and asses. 

    They call this democracy. 


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      1. Liberals, Democrats, and progressives hate us for our freedoms. That is why they are trying so hard to take them away.

        • Spot on JS!

          • Don’t leave out the Neo-Cons.

        • “JS”
          Agree 100%. I just wonder how many will die when they start coming for our freedoms.

          • They are coming for our freedoms now.

            The question is how many are going to die when they start knocking on your front door?

            • I must be telling the truth to much, my posts are not getting posted. Just disappearing. lol

      2. If you want to see actual collusion and conspiracy in action to influence the elections, look at all the internet communication sites acting in unison to ban all conservatives, most conservative candidates, and the majority of conservative thoughts and statements just before the upcoming elections.

        • The Woodpile Report had an interesting comment about that.

          He said, “Those who only have a blog platform or social media get little sympathy from me when they complain about their masters treating them badly. Many went for the free ride because they’re too lazy to make and maintain their own website. Then they complain about being censored, shadow banned and so forth. Boo hoo. Didn’t they hear, there’s a war on. What did they think was going to happen?

          Yet some of the same people require a Google account to post something in their comment section. No no Sparky, you’ve revealed yourself as part of the problem. “

          • Amazingly, people capable of writing the programming and administrating these systems, have the same learned helplessness problem, in my experience.

            You can still legally purchase any of the relevant hardware for less than a house or car payment.

      3. Sadly both sides of that political coin , have their own preferred freedoms they’d like to control.

        • The problem is that the Democrats try to criminalize Conservative behavior. If they can;t arrest you, then they send Antifa thugs to beat the crap out of you and your supporters.

          • Conservatives used to consider it an arrestable offense, for a Communist subversive to be passing out literature, in the neighborhood, or would warn the neighbors.

            Or, right-leaning groups dealt with that, off-the-books.

            If they are saboteurs, aggressive, and want a South Africa (like, for the last 50yrs) sorry, not sorry.

            Praetors, their lookalikes, and their worshipers, should save the chickenshit for those who deserve and want it. We understand the concept of hired muscle. Use it right.

      4. The ONLY people convinced by this fake as Stormy Daniels tits narrative are those who drank the Kool Aid a long time ago. Everyone else is either going “BULLSHIT!” or “Huh?”

        • If paying off stormy daniels for something that happened in 2006 is a crime, then why is she not a co-conspirator in that crime?

          • She’s on the Left side of things, not the right.

            In reality, and IMO, she’s nothing but a prostitute that decided she didn’t charge enough and is now trying to collect more.

            If you ever think about using prostitutes, keep that in mind.

          • In exchange for $130,000 Stormy Daniels signed a non-disclosure agreement. What this really meant is Stormy Daniels traded sex for money which is solicitation. So, isn’t the crime on her?

            This only gets better. Well, worse mainly.

            Stormy Daniels got all bent out of shape after one of her tricks, Donald Trump, went from being just some rich white guy to President of the United States. Then, Stormy Daniel’s rates suddenly went up. Skyrocketed, actually. Stormy Daniels wanted more money, her 15-minutes, a prominent position on the White House cabinet, and to broadcast the fact that the “President Slept Here” to the whole world — and of course — more money.

            So, now add multiple violations of a non-disclosure agreement to solicitation, to black mail, and extortion. And the party doesn’t end here.

            Can you imagine if every hooker, whore, prostitute, escort service employee, one-night-stand, ex-girl friend decided they were going public with a private liaison, including telling your wife about it? The divorce goes from 50-percent to 100-percent. Higher for sure.

            And I’m still not sure what kind of crime is committed when some guy pays for a woman’s sexual favors? Is it a misdemeanor or a felony? Does it constitute “high crimes and misdemeanors?”

            Prostitution is legal in some countries. And didn’t Bill Clinton get flown off to private sex orgies with underage girls in places like Thailand or Asia?

            • Stormy Daniels traded sex for money which is solicitation.

              I think is was more of buyers remorse.

              • Whose remorse? According to Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump is a horrible lover and has a little one. Of course this is just a democrat talking.

            • Can you imagine if every hooker, whore, prostitute, escort service employee, one-night-stand, ex-girl friend decided they were going public with a private liaison, including telling your wife about it?

              I must be out of touch.

              I got married when I was 21 and my wife and I have been faithful and happily married for 25 years now.

              I always say, If you want to sleep with someone else, turn off the lights and imagine it while you do your wife.

              • Of every child born in the US 32-percent of them are from different fathers (DNA testing). And, actually, that figure is said to be conservative since the initial survey was done back in the 1980s. It should be noted “the results of [a] survey [cheating, done between 2008 and 2009] showed that the breakdown between Democrats and Republicans was almost equal.”

      5. “Many of the Neo-Cons loathe Trump with the same passion as Bill Kristol.”

        NWO-Cons are just Trotskyites. They are 3ew supremists.

        They will become democrats or republicans, capitalists or communists,
        But the one thing that doesn’t change is that they are first and foremost 3EWS.

        _And yes, just like gun control, mass immigration policy, feminism, abortion, and a host of other questionable activities; the 3ews lead the march to remove Trump.

        For that reason alone, Trump is deserving of our support.


        • This!

        • B, Bill Kristol is one of the WORST of the neocons. Check out a youtube video where he was speaking at the American Enterprise Institute and stated that the white working class should be replaced by foreigners. He wouldn’t want to meet me in a dark alley…..

      6. I’ve never seen the deep state and the MSM work so feverishly to overturn an election. It’s sickening to watch and I hope unsuccessful. It will set a very bad precedent for the future.

      7. We started out with a free constitutional Republic. It was subverted to a democracy. Now we are are a socialist country. Heading for communism. South Africa already has communism. Led by black racists. They are taking all White property. Killing those that don’t move fast enough. Coming here. Sooner than you may think. There are about 8 billion people on this planet. By 2100 there is projected to be 15 billion sub-Saharan Africans. Where do you think they are going? Many are here already, and more are on the way. Majority rule. You lose.

        • Let em come, Him…let em come.

          I don’t believe that South Africa has a 2nd amendment equivalent like we do. They might have a bit of lead poisoning if they try to take my “farm” ?

        • We are fascist, but it does not really matter as National Socialism and communism are pretty much the same thing for the serfs. This government is a corporation (28 US Code 3002 line 15). The selections do not matter. Your vote does not truly matter. As a matter of fact, voting is actually treason against our country as it was founded and giving consent to this illegitimate government to rule over you. Um, no thanks.

          Most Amerikans are dumber than fence posts. At least, fence posts do not utter or beg to get their freedoms revoked. My take on this whole story and the Trump collusion is designed so they can silence liberty minded people and get the masses to go along with it.

          PS-Trump is still not on our side for those who still believe in the fake left right dichotomy. He is one of the wealthy oppressing class members.

          • Kfilly, not sure about Trump. But I’ve never seen anything like the MSM and the Deep State are doing. There might just be something right about Trump. When your enemies go totally nuts like they are, something might really be going on.

          • It must also be recalled that it was the US in the early 21st century that officially legalized and actively used medieval torture. Its essence is simple: who is not with America, is not a democrat. New cheap edition of the notorious and deceased in Bose Pax Americana. Founding fathers warned Americans about the dangers that lie in the regular armies, in foreign wreckage and what John Quincy Adams called “foreign campaigns in search of monsters for destruction.” These wise people understood that imperialism abroad is incompatible with democracy and human rights within the country. It is time for the Americans to take their country away from this neo-imperialism, returning it to the path of ideals and democracy. We must allow the Arabs to manage their Arab lands, and devote their own energy to the great cause of national construction at home. We must start this process not with the invasion of Syria, but with the elimination of our pernicious addiction to oil, which has been distorting US foreign policy for half a century. “

      8. It is BS that Fakebook and all the other social media giants are weeding out the competition in a “nonpartisan” fashion. It is COMPLETELY one-sided against conservatives. That is beyond doubt. There is no much evidence out there to back up this claim as well (Project Veritas stings of Twitter, quotes from Suckerberg and the rest). They’ll do anything to remove Trump and get back to building the satanic NWO.

        FUCK EM! ??????

          • No social media where she is going. Weeping and gnashing of teeth.

          • So someone hates us for our freedoms. Where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah, Baby Bush said it in the aftermath of 9/11, that the terrorists hate us for our freedoms. He also said we’re either with him and his neocon buddies or we’re with the ‘terrorists’. I’m with the patriots including like-minded people on this blog to take back our country. That’s who I’m with. Fedgov, MSM, and the entire left are our biggest enemies.

      9. I must have missed something, who did 9-11? All indications point to Israel and Saudi Arabia with neo-con US backing PNAC under Bush 1 and Bush 2 aided by Clinton policy. The attack on the USS Liberty under LBJ, meant to be blamed on Egypt. The coup in Iran in 1953 to steal their oil under Eisenhower installing the Shah. The fake war on terror attack in Iraq to steal their oil, the fake war in Afghanistan after heroin production was nearly wiped out, now at record production while tens of thousands of Afghanis murdered in their homeland. This pattern of US aggression reflects and mirrors the current attack on US freedoms. This left vs right BS is the key to our nations downfall. The censorship is of truth tellers, no matter the party affiliation.

      10. How long will we the people allow this before we the people decide to take the Propaganda outlets off line and off sir ourselves ?
        I can hear the headlines hypothetically in my head even now “ Angry deplorable rams armored truck through CNN’s main broadcasting antennas, CNN reduced to using styrofoam cups and strings.”, and “ Internet totally disabled today as an unknown actor has sliced all underground cables into and out of AT&T hub in New York City, Internet to be down for weeks maybe months “.

        Now I’m not actually encouraging such behaviors and having no experience driving armored vehicles or with what cable is which I’m not going to carry out such civil disobedience myself, but how much longer until hero’s are born in this age ?

        For I can not speak for you, but peace and quiet and no news is infinitely preferable to Socialist propaganda without having any other voices or ideological news to read or listen to. Yes, peace and quiet should be mandatory if ever such culmuny occurs in America.

      11. The United States has given Russia and Iran good reason to hate us. If we could, we would overturn the government of Iran. As for Russia, we would love to undercut their gas and oil sales to Europe. Each country has their own agenda and they conflict with the agenda of the people who actually run America.

      12. Big lie(its for shure the Democrats will take back the house) that’s a Lie nothings for certain. The media and left where for certain shure Hellery would win? And look what happened. And why demonize Russians and Iranians? Russians and Iranians have never invaded the USA. Their oily chrime is selling oil for something other than the USA digital Petro Dollar. Yep the Iranians hate the USA. We kept the Shaw in power for decades. And Russians have reason too. They where our allies during WWII. They lost a entire Generation of young men. And if not for Russia the germans would have won. And how did the USA repay Russia. We stabbed them in the back and Rebuilt Germany & Japan. And waged cold war against Russia for Decades,

        • If the Germans would have won , we wouldn’t be ruled by the children of Satan. The Bolshevik communists would have been whipped out . Not marching in the streets. Who’s the bad guys? Or who’s been taken over by the bad guys? Germany fought the communists we helped the communists. And look where we are now.

          • My father who had to fight in the south pacfic because he was German and Swede. He often stated we would be better off if The Germans had won. I don’t have anything against the Russian citizens. They are White people. There is a world wide was being waged on the White race.

      13. The first time I heard a politician say “they hate us for our freedoms” I said to myself what a load of BS. They never said the USSR or Nazi Germany or Maoist China hated us for our freedoms. The term “hate us for our freedoms” is a recent propaganda invention. The only freedom we have that other countries hate is the freedom we take to invade their countries, to undermine their gov’t.s, and interfere in their internal affairs. It doesn’t matter if they like our freedoms or not, they pose no existential threat to us. Last year there was even hyped reports put out by the MSM (the propaganda arm of the gov’t) we were going to be nuked by NK.
        The posted article is not specifically about Russia, but since they are mentioned in the title, maybe their story should be expanded on (sorry, ended a sentence with a preposition). Sure, they aren’t nice guys, but who is? Truman was allies with Stalin, Nixon broke the ice with Red China, and Reagan negotiated with various Soviet leaders; all at a time when they were truly cruel and dangerous communist regimes. That was then, this is now. There is a new criteria to decide who our enemies are. Primarily, it’s what a handful of highly influential private cliques and organizations say it is. It was noted what Ariel Sharon, a previous Israeli PM said, to paraphrase – It didn’t matter what America thought or wanted as far as foreign policy was concerned, it is Israel that ultimately calls the shots.
        It is well known about the policies the neo-cons/TPTB/influential private cliques and organizations. There are innumerable articles that can be researched on-line. They see the US as nothing more than a resource and financial base to support their goals. These entities portray Russia as a bogeyman who must be broken or destroyed. I am not pro-Russia, but can probably guess some reasons why Russia is a target; they won’t fully submit to the international banking system, they want to trade and have commerce in other exchanges besides dollars, they conduct their own foreign policy that projects their own interests, they are too powerful to invade, they are a road block towards the US projecting unrivaled power around the globe and don’t accept a unipolar world, and Israel doesn’t like Russia helping Syria stabilize and thereby impede Israel’s drive for regional hegemony; these are but a few reasons. The politicos and insiders and the powerful who advocated peace and friendship and tolerance towards communist Russia in the past are now the very same advocating against modern non-communist Russia. But there is another reason why TPTB don’t like Russia, it is more visceral, it is because they are rapidly restoring their Christian Orthodox religion and culture.
        The “elites” despise the American people, and they are the ones who hate our freedoms. National economic and financial policy formulated in the last few decades has intentionally diminished our standard of living and quality of life; with wealth becoming hyper concentrated.
        I am reminded what Casey (Reagan’s intelligence director) once said, he considered his job a success when everything the American people believe is false. We are viewed as nothing more than managed disposable resources.

      14. Watched a video at Sgt. Report on youtube claiming that the nukes used in Japan were intended for Hiroshima and Nagasaki because those were the two largest populations of Christians in the far East with Nagasaki being the largest where ground zero was the largest Christian church in Japan. So the US or who controls it targeted specific locations of certain people by whose dictates? Truman was a 33rd degree freemason.

      15. For years now the Iranian muslims have been desperately trying to fulfil prophecy in Hadith in order for the 12 Imam or Mahdi to come. Now if you compare their stories of the Mahdi with the Biblical account of the Antichrist, they are remarkably identical. The difference is to them, the Mahdi is a heroic savior and superior to Jesus. To Christians, the Antichrist will pretend to be Jesus and do everything to harm and kill Christians.

        Remarkable, no?

        In Turkey, muslims are claiming the Mahdi is alive and within their nation. And that he will seize Jerusalem. This sounds remarkably like the fall of Jerusalem predicted by Jesus in Matthew and Luke.

        Things are accelerating. The way to prepare is to get saved by Jesus Christ and then do all of the sorts of practical prepping with supplies, weapons, and ancestral skills.

        For in Matthew 24, Jesus says that many who claim to be Christians will actually betray the real Christians, and this persecution is what we have been preparing for.

        We’re trying to last until after the Abomination of Desolation, for Jesus says in Matthew 24, that then the Rapture will come.

        You are trying to keep your family alive until Jesus comes to rescue us. And then Wrath shall pour upon those left behind.

        Russia is encouraging Russian Orthodox churches but persecuting evangelical Christians with fines, jail, and persecution just for witnessing.

        • I don’t know where you’re getting your news. I’ve been to Russia several times over the past 15 years, and have never seen persecution of evangelicals. I’ve even flown several times when there were many missionaries present on the plane. I actually met an American pastor and his family there, he said there were absolutely no issues. True, the Orthodox Church doesn’t like it much, and there have been issues where officials were involved, but it is not sanctioned by gov’t. Russia has freedom of religion but with only a few exceptions; they don’t allow Jehovah Witnesses because they consider them a cult. The Russian gov’t does not allow whom they deem cults to flourish there.

          Glenn Beck is a moron but he did have a great guest who compared the 12th Imam /Mahdi in Islam to the Antichrist in Christianity. There are shocking similarities. It’s worth ten minutes of your time to watch the video.

          It explains a lot and is a plausible theory.

        • No where in the Bible is the word “rapture” used.

        Read it. It’s illegal for evangelical Christians to witness outside of church. And if caught doing it, even on the Internet, then you can be fined or jailed or both.

        Back in history, the communists would have youth leagues and if you disavowed the “superstitions of your parents” ie Christianity, then you were given a red bandana to wear (Young Pioneers). It was a way to effectively use peer pressure to reduce Christianity. You had to hide your faith.


        In line with the Soviet doctrine of state atheism, the «Young Pioneer Leader’s Handbook» stated that “every Pioneer would set up an atheist’s corner at home with anti-religious pictures, poems, and sayings”, in contrast to the traditional Russian Christian icon corners. The Young Pioneers, “as representatives of atheism and political change, encountered massive resistance in rural areas”. In the same vein, some students refused to join the organization because of its promotion of Marxist-Leninist atheism.[6]

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