Rush Limbaugh’s Prediction: GOP Will Keep The House & Make Gains In Senate

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    Well-known talk radio host Rush Limbaugh made a prediction about the midterm elections that is bound to cause a debate. Limbaugh predicts that Republicans will retain control of the House of Representatives and make gains to their majority in the Senate.

    In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Limbaugh boldly predicted Republicans will hold both houses of Congress next month in spite of Democrats “blue wave” attempts and Facebook’s obvious censorship of conservatives. “We hold the House and increase the Senate,” the conservative talk radio host predicted in an interview set to air Thursday night on Fox News‘ “Hannity” at 9 p.m. ET. “I think the Democrat Party deserves to lose in the biggest single electoral landslide defeat in my lifetime because of the actions they’ve taken just in the last month,” Limbaugh added.

    The party out of power in the White House historically picks up seats in the first post-presidential midterms. And polling has suggested 2018 will be no different. Those polls are showing an environment that still favors Democrats. Democrats hold an 11-point lead on Republicans on a generic congressional ballot, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll. According to that poll, fifty-three percent of registered voters would choose a Democratic candidate in their district, while only 42 percent of voters would choose to vote for a Republican.

    According to the Fox News Senate Power Rankings, Democrats have the edge for at least 45 seats (including seats not up for election, or ranked likely or lean Democrat in elections this cycle), while Republicans have the edge for at least 50 seats. Remaining are five states considered tossups: Florida, Indiana, Missouri, West Virginia, and Montana.

    But Limbaugh says he doesn’t put much stake in any of those polls. “I don’t trust it. It hasn’t been right consistently enough for me,” Limbaugh said of the polling. “People doing these surveys desperately want Trump gone. I don’t know how they can take that out of their work.”

    Democrats still seem more likely to win a majority in the House. According to the Fox News House Power Rankings, 207 House seats are likely or lean Democrat, while 197 seats are likely or lean Republican. There are 31 toss-up seats. It takes 218 seats to have the majority.

    However, Corry Bliss, the executive director of the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC working to elect Republicans to the House, agrees with Limbaugh. He wrote in a memo to donors Thursday that Democratic challengers continue to outraise Republican candidates “but the political environment continues to improve with new races coming on the map for Republicans and off the map for Democrats.”


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      1. Yeah, well. Rush can make all the predictions he wants. We will know what happened in 19-days (today being 10/18/2018).

        The Progressive Socialist Democrats and their Deep State still act like they are in power.

        They have the CDC pushing fake gun stats and more fake reasons to get rid of the 2ND Amendment. The fake MSM is eating it up.

        Another fully-funded and organized George Soros freaking caravan is at our border. This time all these young men are arriving under the flag of Argentina. A full-on invasion of the United States by a foreign country is underway, and our feckless government can’t even control a shithole country. Pathetic. 4,000 illegals all set to collect their free stuff forever. “The Largest Caravan in History!” [sarcasm].

        Liawatha is still in office. Hillary Clinton . . . is still alive.

        And on and on.

        • “collect their free stuff forever” is both the reason for the problem and the key to its solution.

          Ban the free stuff and the problem goes away on its own.

          • Limbaugh the Ju buttboy? HA HA HA HA HA….

        • Guatemala, but yeah.

      2. I stream Rush from mainland radio sites.
        I live in Hawaii where there are
        some of the most Rabid Democrats
        you can find.
        In my Opinion, America is lost
        as long as we allow Democrats to
        vote. I’m all prepped and “the country boy
        can survive”, but my grandson is facing
        a fight that he may be ready for, but he is in
        a society that is divided and weak.
        Democrats will die, but unfortunately drag
        down the rest of America with them. We are not
        strong enough to eliminate the problem, so America
        will die.

        • Rellik,
          Have faith, liberal polls are all lies. I live in a blue state. The polls have never been correct, they are a tool of the left. When they say a Liberal candidate will win by five, they mean the liberal will lose by five.

          The polls have gotten worse. The left has so terrorized conservatives, that none would answer a poll. I’ve had numerous left wing pollsters call my house, I give them no quarter, no information. They are part of the national MSM hate speech.

          They have no clue, no quality information. They are just stupefied.

          Pay no attention to any US poll.

          Please, US Conservatives, please vote.

          • Every time I read a poll I say I don’t believe that because no one has yet to call me. I think they make these polls up, do you really think they are going to say “Yes the Republicans are winning”, hell no! They hope to make people say well the Dems are going to win anyway so I either need to vote with them or not vote at all. These are mind games they play. Ignore them, it’s all lies. EG. 2016 presidential election, Trump according to the polls wasn’t suppose to win either. Their fix didn’t work either, and surely they won’t try that again, too many people on to that. Don’t know though, desperate people do desperate things.

          • Nevertheless, I plan on making yrt another order of more hi-cap AR and pistol Magazines before election day. I have done my best in prepping all year for this day, FoodPreps, MRE’s, more guns, 223/556 ammo, Water, batteries, magazines.

            My best guess is that there will be plenty of snowflakes, antifa and harpies rioting in cities, probably a good time to take week off work on vacation. From experience, My guess is that many leftists will be taking off that week to engage in their mayhem.

          • Plan twice, agree completely and been saying the polls are crap for a long time. All you have to do is realize who creates the polls ? PRAVDA/MSM of course !

            In the last few months I have been commenting that there is NO imperical evidence at all that there will be a blue wave ? As well the old idea that the party in power must lose seats ! We have never been in the same situation we are in now with the DEMs as extreme as they are because they are completely desperate for many reasons ! They are caught in many serious crimes and that sets up the current dynamics of the political events at hand. The only reason any of the blue wave thing existed is because PRAVDA/MSM simply kept repeating it ! That is what propagandist do. And many Americans are not smart enough to figure that simple dynamic out for themselves. Like a herd of Wildebeast they jump off the cliff into the crocodiles because the first guy did !

            There is no blue wave and never was. That was a creation like everything else the left touches. And I agree with Rush, or better said he agrees with me since I said it months ago and published it long before he did !

      3. The traditional telephone polls produce bogus results. Many people don’t answer phone calls unless they recognize the number of the caller on their caller id.

        • Another problem with those polls, they call between 9 and 5, when working people are not home, the ones they get are retirees and people who don’t work, skewing the results in favor of democrats.

          • Son of patriot, any and all statistics can be easily manipulated to achieve whatever outcome a person desires ! That is just a fact and well proven for decades now.

      4. Off topic but it’s here legal marijuana about time. I was here in Edmonton Alberta and I think 6 stores opened and everyone had an all day line up around the corner.
        Not a cop in site.
        How’s everyone been doing lately I haven’t been on much these past few months.

        • Angry Beaver, good to see you back. I’ll be headed back to the BOL 2 weekends from now and staying for a month. As you know our midterm elections are on Nov. 6 so I’ll be in the right place if/when our ‘beloved libturds’ [TONGUE IN CHEEK] start rioting in the cities. They will lose despite all the voter fraud they usually commit. Whatcha been up to?

        • AB,
          The only drug I do is cheap beer.
          I’ll probably have to stop doing that
          due to my age. It is senseless to put people in jail
          for “grass”, unless they hurt somebody.
          Canada has some really stupid laws,
          but at least they fixed this one.

        • Angry Beaver – Good for you, a step forward for Canada. But here in the States Jeff Sessions, our Attorney General, wants to keep weed under federal law so that even if recreational is legal in certain states the feds have the right to arrest those growing, selling and using.

          Sessions is totally against weed and wants to reclassify as he does not want marijuana legal in any US state. President Trump, (who promised during his campaign to leave it up to the individual states) is on board with Sessions plan, which is why he picked Sessions for AG in the first place.

          I don’t smoke the stuff myself, but do want it legalized. I also want the costly, inane War on Drugs to stop. But under the Trump Administration that isn’t going to happen.

        • Legal marijuana is still federally illegal. If anyone uses state legalized marijuana may lose all their gun rights. Sounds like a trap, well it is.

          Preppers, don’t get caught in this crap. It is a trap.

          Admit to nothing on line, even if it’s legal. Be the gray man or woman. Some of you may need medical marijuana, still, never admit anything, the constitution allows this.

          Just don’t talk about anything.

          • Far more people get in trouble for what they say than what they don’t say.

      5. I think Rush is right. The dems, even with all of their usual voter fraud, couldn’t get their hero Hillary elected 2 years ago. So I doubt they win anything at the national level this time either. Rellik, I’m also prepped and can survie with the country boy. Once I go to the BOL permanently, that’s the only area I’ll be concerned about. All of the urban areas will be toast but ‘flyover country’ will survive.

        • I hope Rush is right solely because it will cause Democrat and Leftards to come out en masse and act like they have been itching to do, violently. they will come straight out in naked violence and then they can be dealt with just like the violent brain dead ant-American zombies they are. Lets get it on and deal with this festering hate of theirs.

      6. The silent pissed off majority will rise again….

          • No they won’t! They are too stupid to know who their enemy really is!

      7. I think the R’s will pick up 4 seats in the Senate. I also believe they will maintain the House but not sure by how many seats.

      8. Don’t put too much stock in polls. Polls had Killary ahead, lest we forget.
        Vote early and often.

      9. I know quite a few Rush listeners who think the GOP will take major losses in the midterms. I’m not one of them. There are a lot of factors that make me think the “blue wave” hype is just B.S. and Rush’s predictions have spot on many more times than the MSM would have the public believe. On an unrelated note, that picture really makes me want a cigar.

      10. I’m a life long smoker of the herbs , however Trudeau is an idiot. He only legalized it because he’s heavily invested.
        It’s being sold differently in each province here in Albert its private brick and mortar stores.i stood in line about an hour to buy some I walked out with 6 grams of med grade marijuana 18%-20% THC for $64.92 incl taxes normally of the street I get 7 grams of high grade marijuana for $50.
        The government is trying to muscle its way into a business that’s been well established for 90 years. The prices are too high town mayor’s are doing everything thing they can to restrict its use and sale. Lol it’s a shit show for now.
        But yes you can now walk into a store and buy it over the counter just as easily as beer. Your allowed to grow 4 plants up to a meter (yard) and you can stock pile as much as you want. You can openly carry up to 1 oz on your person.
        You can smoke it anywhere you can smoke cigarettes.

      11. Rush is a smart guy.. I hope he’s right.

        • I find it more than a little bit incredible that anyone can still believe that Rush Limbaugh is a ‘smart guy’. And, this is coming from a hard core, alt-right committed, traditional conservative’s point of view.

          Same thing applies to the extraordinarily nauseating Sean Hannity, who I cannot stand to listen to. Let’s fact this pair of numbskulls, okay?

          Both were ardent and borderline maniacal cheerleaders for the loathsome George Wmd Bush administration – an administration filled with diabolically evil globalists and America Lasters. The Bush-Cheney White House of globalists and blood thirsty, Israel first neocon PNAC cockroaches were clearly complicit in the events of September 11, 2001 and as a result of that treasonous deed, lied the USA into the disastrous wars – quagmires – in the Middle East.

          These wars have been heavily criticized by Trump – as he did in his 2016 campaign – and many by others and have been deemed to be the biggest military disaster and catastrophe in American history. As a result of these insane and illegal wars, millions of third world aliens – Muslims included – have been stampeded up into Europe and now threaten the very survival of every historic White European nation. Both Limbaugh and Hannity and the entire gang over at Faux News were avid cheerleaders and defenders of those wars that the Bush-Cheney White House lied us into. They defended them. They were 100 percent on board with the biggest military disaster in American history and I have yet to hear either of them admit to being wrong and/or complicit.

          To further demonstrate how ‘smart’ Rush is – the Bush-Cheney White House of globalist, war mongering cockroaches tried no less than 5 times – conspiring with the thankfully dead pair of treasonous rats, Ted Kennedy and Juan McInsaneMcCain – to try to shove amnesty for the 30 or 40 million illegal aliens down the throats of an American population who were, according to most polls, staunchly opposed to it by percentages in the high 80 and low 90 percentiles.

          Had any of those amnesties ever passed and been signed by Bush – the demonrat party would now have a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, one party, totalitarian, Communist Socialist dictatorship and Donald Trump would have never been able to win the 2016 election.

          I repeat myself again. Both Rush and Hannity were ardent water carriers and excuse makers for everything the Bush-Cheney White House did. Along came Trump, who in 2016, ran on a platform that specifically singled out the Bush-Cheney Globalist, war mongering, open borders supporting faction of the GOP establish and he tore them a new A-hole and the much aligned, majority White conservative population of the electorate gleefully embraced their label of ‘Deplorables’ and turned out in mass to vote for Trump and he won.

          What did Rush and Hannity then do? Why, the speed with which both of these guys turned around 180 degrees and all of a sudden became ‘populists’ and ‘advocates for the Trump Wall’ and started criticizing endless and unnecessary foreign wars and interventions (except, of course, when the Israels snap their fingers) and decided that all of a sudden they ‘understand’ what the left and the RINOs are doing by trying to demographically displace the White majority and thereby establish a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, totalitarian, Communist Socialist dictatorship. These two guys demonstrated that neither one of them have any rock solid core principles. They are mouthpieces for the GOP, and nothing more.

          To this very day, Rush seldom goes a week without finding some pretext to bring up the loathsome and treasonous Bush Family and assure his gullible and embarrassingly un-bright audience of ditto heads that the ‘Bushes are good people’.

          Well, let me go out on a limb here and state that my definition who is deserving of a label like ‘good people’ are people who do not spend their entire political careers lying their country into wars all over the world that benefit only Israel and who do not spend their entire political careers refusing to secure our borders and who openly state that they love Mestizos more than native born Americans and announce that they want to turn America into Mexico El Norte, as Jeb Bush did on numerous occasions back in 2016. My definition of who deserves the label of being ‘good people’ does NOT include working to help the diabolically evil, totalitarian, mentally insane, increasingly unhinged, violent, virulently anti-White and dangerous Democrat party change the demographics of America in such a radical manner as to establish a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, Communist-Socialist-Marxist dictatorship.

          • Agreed.
            Rush is a numb cunt.

            • Yep, he is nothing more than planned opposition in the dog and pony show.

      12. Just like last time, the media lies… The media wants Democrats in the Gov majority. It does not matter if you raise a trillion dollars… If you do not get the votes you are not elected.. Just ask Hillary… And Beto is soon to follow Hillary… His so called 38 million he has raised in Texas will not get him to the Senate. Quit following the Media.. They are bought and paid for by Soros. They report what they want you to hear.

      13. One way or the other, we’ll know in just a few weeks.

        Rush is a very smart man and is rarely wrong when he predicts things, I hope this isn’t one of them. The country seems so evenly divided, I imagine it will depend far more on which side actually gets out to vote more than any other factor.

      14. I can’t wait for election day, Nov 6th. there is an overdue reckoning with the leftists and their recent bullshit violence and harassment and VIOLENT attacks of conservatives. These morons WILL continue and get worse with the violence and intimidation which is POLITICAL TERRORISM aimed at the right. The elections will push them over the edge. Lets get it on. their nonsense is overdue for a reciprocal violent response to put them in their place EVEN IF IT TURN INTO A CIVIL WAR.

      15. Rush tends to be right.
        That’s why he has been No.1 for over two decades now.

        • Ya because he uses neuro linguistic programming on the sheep. Works well just ask any zzzionissstt!

          • Ya because he uses neuro linguistic programming on the sheep. Works well just ask any NWO globalist!

      16. I’m not optimistic regarding the aftermath of Republican victories in House and Senate although I do believe they will occur. I do think one benefit will be increased securing of the Second Amendment; With some luck, reciprocity.

        • Take heart K2; going unnoticed is Trump’s populating the Federal judiciary with constitution revering judges. The judiciary will be Trump’s lasting gift to liberty.

        • … and you were wrong about Justice Kennedy. He stated – for the record – that we should abolish the 2nd Amendment.
          Good riddance… now if Ginsberg would have the class to drop dead….

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