Running of the Sheep 2013: Watch the Annual Migrations, Stampedes, Arrests *Videos*

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Headline News | 299 comments

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    Macy's 2013 Black Friday
    (Pictured: A sea of sheeple prepare to raid Macy’s Flagship store in New York on Black Friday 2013)

    If there’s a single day that encompasses what America has become in the 21st century, it’s the annual Black Friday stampedes taking place across the country.

    Tapped out consumers, many struggling to make ends meet, always find a way to join their Sheeple brethren in spending money they don’t have on cheap products manufactured in slave labor camps around the world.

    Watch the annual migrations as shoppers fight it out, stab, stun and shoot each other for deep discounts on BluRay players, flat screen TV’s, five dollar toasters and other essential consumer products they can’t live without.

    Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars notes, “If Americans behave like this over electronic slave goods, imagine how they will react when the food runs out.”

    Run, Sheep, Run!

    Black Friday Stun gun fight at the mall:

    Over 15,000 Rush the Doors at Macy’s:

    Chaos at BrawlMart: Watch the man in the orange/gray jacket do whatever it takes to get a Door Buster, including pushing and shoving children to get a piece of the action. The man who posted the video claims he was kicked out of the store for recording the incident. (No word on whether or not the adult assaulting other shoppers was allowed to stay):

    Woman Struggles with cops… she wants that TV bad!

    Barricades? What Barricades!?

    Fight over clothing…

    This guy doesn’t like to be recorded…

    Eyewitness: Cops shoot shoplifters

    Mark Dice: “Thank you for ruining the tradition of Thanksgiving… You are Parasites”


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      1. Spend it while ya got it……….because you ain’t gonna have it for much longer.

        • I didn’t get near any of these flu infested characters, I fixed things and did something productive today. The one issue that makes me think that all of this is totally controlled about terrorism is not once since 9/11 have any of these groups even attempted an attack on a black Friday. For al qaeda or other terrorist group to attack during this time would destroy the economy for the U.S. holiday season, even a couple of locations. Why haven’t they? Makes me think this whole terrorist sh$% is all planned out. It doesn’t take too much brains or planning for a bunch of arabs to go out into a crowd and spray it with even semi-automatic fire.

          Each black Friday I worry about this, a bunch of muslims going out and killing thousands in these wall to wall hoardes of people. I know now with some degree of certainty that we are safe until someone higher orders this. I don’t like conspiracy therioes, but it doesn’t make sense at all that something like this has not happened. Years ago such thoughts I would not have believed that some secret higher control is dictating this with terrorism. After the attack in Kenya, I said these idiots could easily do this over here. Has not happened, thankfully. That is until the next convenient false flag is needed.

          That means this whole terrorism garbage is all staged. There is true evil that uses terrorism like this. True wicked evil that not only destroys innocent lives, but warps the truth about whom is the enemy.

          • BI, I don’t recall any muslims ever terrorizing us on home soil. I see that you have picked up on the fact that it’s US that they portay as the bad guys with theyre false flag, mind control ops. Muslims are a convienient patsy group to use while they put the boot down on the throat of the amerikan people. Ever notice when they want to pass some draconian shit bingo a crisis magically appears! Keep looking into it there is no limit to the evil these assholes will do!

            • @ Genius. That is exactly what is most frightening that evil has no boundaries to what they are capable of. I think of Stephen King’s novel and movie “The Stand” when I think of what true evil would use to thin the population in the quickest and most efficient means available. Viruses are something tat scares me the most. At least after a nuclear war you know what is coming and you can build devices to detect radiation. With some Andromeda type of virus, the thing could be waiting on a door knob, on an aniaml, anywhere. Did you see that MERS has been traced back to camels?

              I could see the elitists letting a super virus loose because there are too few of them to control too many of everyone else. To control a 1 to 100000 ratio is too much, but 1 to 100 or 1 to 200 would be far easier. That is what is most terrifying, deadly germs and psychopathic control freaks with the access to them.

              • When this all comes to a head; 1/3 of all people alive today will be dead in the flesh. War, famine, disasters(man-made or otherwise), and yes disease(man-made and otherwise). This is and was all designed for one thing alone. To bring the world to it’s knees so it will be looking for its saviour like never before. They want us to forget who we really are and where we really come from so we accept their saviour. None of this really matters when you have the one and only true saviour. We know how this is going down and we have always known in our souls. Jesus is the only way. Jesus is the only person and his word the only thing that truly matter in this chance at THE choice. This whole existence in flesh is for one purpose alone. To make the choice for ourselves; will you follow God(the one and only true God manifest in flesh as Jesus)or will you follow the world.

                • Is it just me

                  Or is it that the reason none of these dipshit are being shot is because concealed carry gun holders are smart enough to stay away from the bullshit.

                  I would of thought from all the years of thes somewhere a CCW holder would of blown away some of these trash while defend themselves.

                  • There is no saving this country. We are doomed.

                  • You got that right bro! Best to avoid these situations when carrying or not! Watson was spot on with his statement about when the food runs out. Days like these are just reminders of how insane the general public is. WOW.. just gets worse every year. I’m staying far away from these morons!!!
                    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

                  • Defending themselves from what? Being elbowed and shoved? Cut in line ahead of you? Losing out on a $300 flat screen TV?

                    Other than being trampled, I’ve not seen a single reason to unholster a pistol on these videos.

                  • Be honest

                    How Many SHIF Reader joined this mayhem?

                    How many SHIF Commenters Joined this Mayhem?

                    How Many CCW Joined this Mayhem and thought it would make a difference if they were challenged?

                  • @Facebook, “…concealed carry gun holders are smart enough to stay away from the bullshit.” Excelent point!! LMAO!!

                  • Local news had footage of black Friday shoppers that were probably CCW holders. Everyone inside Cabelas seemed calm, content, and uncrowded.

                • US Centurion: That is the statement of a pure loser. Some “centurion” you are! LMAO! 🙂

              • Outstanding! And thank you. I have wondered that myself as to why there have not been “terrorist attacks” on Black Friday? Seems to me that it would make 9/11 pale in comparison.

                • Maybe it’s because murdering a bunch of working people, in their offices, has a bigger psychological impact than eradicating a herd of sheep as they fight over a big screen TV.

                  I know who I’d feel more sorry for…

                  • I think it is a TV show for the elite to watch every year like the hunger games and make bets on who will win.

              • BI & Genius – Very wise deduction ! I avoid these sneeze zones & excess insanity malls like a CDC petri dish.

                The second lesson I take from these fools fighting over mostly “trinkety, chicken shit items”, is this:

                What will it be like when it is THE panic grab for essentials …. FOOD !

                Have a peaceful evening all !

                • Just an idea

                  I wonder if the Snaper and like would sit around until it was to late. The are so use to food and the basic being supplied that they would just “Wait” fot the Gov to come and bring it to them.

                  Remember this Black Friday is where they have to spend cash that in some way or another they had to “Earn”

                  Think about it. Katrina and Sandy the first rush and danger came from looting of “Stuff”. I know many went for food but the volience for food didn’t start until about 72 hour mark and by then it was all gone for the most part.

                  Just a thought from being in bed for the last month and not being able to eat any Thanksgiving Turkey. Still on mostly liquids and I hate this crap.

                  • Get well.

                  • Hope you are feeling better soon! I know what that’s like and it’s no fun at all.

                  • FBP – Do hope you get better. Being down with any ailment for longer than a few days drains and depletes the body. Get your strength back as soon as you can.

                  • Thank you Feeling better. But must rest (tired of springing leaks)and may not be able to eat real food for maybe up to 2 more months. But I may have truly added 20 years to my life. That is scary.
                    The cost of having your inners bacon wrapped. I feel my ass is becoming a ham. And I don’t like the smell of bacon anymore. It would be like truly eating long pork. Dam I use to love BACON.

                • Black Friday USED to be a fun search for bargains . As a mom
                  And housewife, I enjoyed getting together with my peers and “power shop” then have mimosas and a big breakfast . .
                  Not any more . The last time I went , seven years ago ( during an influx of people moving here in droves from wherever ) , was horrific . Even in my area. The pushing shoving and fighting was just terrible . Bunch of animals these days , if you ask me. Fat , dirty , mouth breathers in pajamas . No thank you. The kids prefer cash these days . Works for me .

            • Hey Genius, I guess you forgot about 9-11 and the Boston Bombing. Muslims are portrayed as the bad guys BECAUSE they’re the bad guys. They’re the ones raping, torturing, and murdering Christians in Egypt and Syria. Besides robbing them and selling them into slavery.

              The Iranian government has said that the 12th imam can’t return until Israel and the US are destroyed. Now Obama has aided the world’s largest supporter of global terrorism to develop nuclear weapons. Expect that to end badly.

              • As usual, BarnCat, you are upside down.

                Mostly (but not entirely) Muslims are patsies for the false flags of those who “Wage war by deception.”

                Do you seriously think that a bunch of hashhish-smoking, dirt-scratching farmers who have to improvise their explosives are as dangerous to world peace as a nation (the USA) with thousands of nuclear and other sophisticated weapons that is at already at war in almost 100 nations?

                Get real.

                It is the Master Race Zionist maniacs and their occupied colonies on the Thames, Potomac, and Hudson Rivers who are the “world’s largest supporter of global terrorism.”

                  • Amusing how the New York Times occasionally slips up and allows a nugget of truth to be published.

                • J.Q. You have obviously been smoking some of that hashish yourself to make such utterly ignorant remarks as you have made. Do you not realize what an ignoramus you are?

                  • Really? Are you getting paid to seed disinformation?

                    Watch the recently released documentary, Dirty Wars.

                    Right this minute, the USA has active Special Ops troops fighting in nearly 100 countries.

                • I’m going to have to call bull on that. There is almost zero hash or cannabis in Iran. India would be correct. Iran has some opium users, mostly very old men. Iran does have an alcohol problem though. Follow where this thought train leads.
                  Standing ready in Daytona

                  • @ Daytona Matt

                    Do you think all the Muslims are in Iran?

                    Are we at war in Afghanistan? Pakistan? Syria? Is there hashish in those nations?

                    But get real. Most US casualties are from “IEDs.” (IMPROVISED explosive devices).

                    So, whatever the distribution and use of hashhish, the Muslim “terrorists” are so weak that they are IMPROVISING their most successful weapon. ZOG, on the other hand, has thousands of sophisticated nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and delivery systems and ZOG is at war in almost 100 nations right now.

                    It is the synagogue of Satan that is exactly as the WORD OF GOD says: “Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and PLEASE NOT GOD, AND ARE ADVERSARIES TO ALL MEN….” 1 Thessalonians 2:15

                    Nuremberg 2 !!!

              • Yes they are the “bad guys” and they are funded by the elitists too (Including amrrican government) to advance their agenda in a terrifying and “controlled” way.
                We, the self-appointed “defenders of democracy in the world”, have created and funded BOTH sides. That is the m.o. of the zionist elitists throughout history…they have always played both sides…hedging their bets if u will. Creating power and wealth from either side of the fight. Nothing new under the sun….

                • Back in the 6th century A.D., the rabbis thought they could assist Islam and turn it into a virtual golem against Christianity, but one of Satan’s favorite tricks is to trick his own.

                  While the synagogue does have their “Islamic” terrorist bogeymen wholly-owned-and-operated-by Zionism, the rabbis largely lost control of their golem.

          • Now, if we could just train them to rush
            the White House with pitchforks that way …..

            Revoke their free Obama phones, maybe

            • Yo OutWest! I think maybe take away their phones and their free food cards. That would piss them off. Oh. And provide free pitchforks maybe.

              • Nah – they’re too busy.

                Meanwhile, I’m gazing out over the beautiful Pacific NW countryside – the in-laws have an incredibly stunning view (and, as preppers themselves, it means less stuff that I have to drag along when I visit… it’s a 6-hour drive if you take the backcountry routes, but well worth it.)

                It’s a cold gray day today, with a slight bracing wind. The fireplace is merrily crackling, and we’re all loafing about after spending all morning talking our heads off. Earlier this morning I watched as a trio of black-tailed deer meandered through the yard, doing their bit to keep the small grassy lawn in check (I don’t think they have ever had to mow the thing…) they really didn’t care if I were standing there or not. I discovered why later on – they don’t hunt on their own property, at least not until it will count – they hunt elsewhere during season. This keeps the game close-by.

                I did a bit of sniffing around for Christmas presents online, but that’s about as close to shopping on Black Friday that you’ll ever get me. 😉

                Given that even a small examination of all those “deals” show that they’re no deal at all (and in many cases, many stores wring even more money out of you should you be dumb enough…)? Well, screw ’em.

                I prefer the dozing company of my in-laws today than any throng of crazed idiots thinking that spending $150 on camping gear and wasting 2 days of their life in a line (even at minimum wage, that’s at least $140 or so for 16 hours’ labor, not counting the wasted off-duty time) just to save what – around $150 or so, if they’re extremely lucky?

                …now picture these folks discovering to their horror that their home’s food supplies just ran out and there’s no hope of more forthcoming from any aid or commercial source…

                • My parents are the same way. But, they are in Iowa. Never hunt or fish on the land and never allow anybody else to do it. We keep pigs, cows, and chickens though. When push comes to shove my family and I are all set. We’ve got enough canned goods that we made stored up and plenty of blankets and we know the woods behind out house, and we have a path that leads to our shelter in case stuff really hits the fan. Lead lined walls and cameras placed around the area hidden so well you wouldn’t even know they were there. We’ve also got enough fire power to arm a small army. Then we’ve got plenty of money saved up and hidden just in case. We’re ready for the collapse of America and we say bring it. Hell, we’ve even managed to piggyback a ride on a satellite in orbit so we can make calls that can’t be traced. We’ve been clearing out some of the timber and cutting it all summer so we have fire wood.

                  • Dude – it’s not much to worry about.

                    Seriously, weather turns most of it into sediment at the bottom of the Pacific. The rest is so fine-grained, that it’ll circle the globe at least twice before it settles down, which means we all have to worry about it – that is, if concentrations ever get large enough.

                    Let me explain a bit – the front cover of that book I give away? It bears a photograph of a piece of floppy disk that washed up on the Oregon Coast, along with quite a few other bits and bobs, most of it bearing Kanji or Canna (both Japanese) – style writing. A quick swipe with a borrowed geiger counter showed not much above background radiation (though to be fair most of it consisted of odd plastic bits and the occasional glass bottle.)

                    Now I’m not discounting the possibility of something rather unholy washing up, bearing enough radiation to almost liquefy one’s insides. But, IMHO there’s a far greater risk of Mt. St. Helens blowing its top with the wind blowing wrong and wrecking my lungs with ash shards…

              • These people don’t have any idea what to use a pitch fork for, certainly not to work…

            • Just tell them about the great deals on TV’s only at the WHite House. I had to work today, anything to stay far clear of that madness. I love your opening line Mac, it is so true. My day was productive. Besides working, I moved a hen and her 7 new babies into my heated rabbit shed. I don’t know what the heck she was thinking, going broody in the winter. Silly chicken

              • possee says:
                Comment ID: 2859119
                November 28, 2013 at 6:51 am

                On a side note..

                I just wonder how many videos Mac will have this weekend over Black Friday cattle herding themselves in a panicked frenzy over useless items…?

                For the rest of us..enjoy the day..

                Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


                • He doesn’t have enough space to show us all that are out there.

              • I have a turkey hen who made a nest a few weeks ago here in the cold…I had to go out a few days ago after about 3ft of heavy snow fell and dig her out of the hole and lock her in a coop…goofy! 🙂

            • No they would just riot and loot and burn down the areas they live in.

              • As soon as that happens is when “we” would have to start needing to up our defence game.

                Because these worthless POS will first destroy there own area. Then they would think they deserve OURS. Luckily we should be ready and they will have kill off each other first.

                This is why out where I am I do not have a huge concern about any golden horde.

              • Just a side note. Saw a commercial for a do it yourself
                DNA test kit that you send in and they log it and send you the results. What a great way to get DNA samples from the general population, and you pay for it yourself.

                Boy the hits just keep coming. And I bet hundreds of people said “what a great Christmas gift”

                A man up in the mountains catches a fairy in one of his live traps.

                Fairy “I can grant you one wish”

                Man “I want to live forever”

                Fairy “Sorry I’m not allowed to grant that wish”

                Man “Then I want to live until congress pulls their heads out of their asses”

                Fairy “You crafty bastard”

            • O Dubya. Like the way you think. My wife and daughter along with two sister-in-laws herded together and headed 45 minutes away to a Mall. My wife described to me the actions of the impatient, the self centered and the ignorant that she saw during the day. My question to her when I finally got the chance to speak was this: When their bellies are “pinched” from hunger and there’s nothing around to eat, what would you expect to see then? Having been around me long enough to know what I do she replied, ” We’re in trouble”.

          • I have to agree with your assessment on the terrorism bit BI. As for me, you could not PAY me to approach that madness. The people we see each year in these videos have to be the most moronic, dumb ass people in the world. Me and the wife still have a running joke each year. The year we met, we watched one of these vids together where people actually got into a fist fight over a $10 coffee maker. We cannot pass a coffe maker in a store anymore without rolling over in laughter.

            • @ Outlaw. Fist fights over a $10 coffee maker? Has the decay of society actually reached that point of pathetic rot? To me it is like we are all living in some bad episode of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. How can people be degrading to such stupidity is beyond me. These are the same individuals that are picked to serve as jurors deciding someone’s fate. Or the same lunatics that are driving around in 1 or 2 ton cars or trucks sharing the road with you. Scary thought isn’t it?

              @ Outwest. Don’t forget the tar and feathers, no good mob is complete without a bubbling cauldron of tar and a few bag of chicken and turkey feathers.

              • It is certainly pathetic. You come up with some very good analogies BI. The examples you present could go on and on. Scary thought indeed. It definitely gives one something to ponder.

              • Disgusting, feral, inhuman, greedy, pathetic.
                Jesus must be pleased.
                Boycott it all!

                • You just know these people aren’t really shopping for Gifts. Nothing says I love you like a stampede over a cheap TV.

              • BI I am not even a bit surprised. As I have share with you before. I have seen what a mother is willing to use her baby for just to get to a bag of UN rice.

                Fistfight for a coffee maker. Think about it People being killed for a $10 crack hit. Hell a fist fight doesn,t even count.

                I waiting for some one to show up with a automatic weapon so they can get to the front of the line. Just like a lawn mower.

          • You’re just NOW coming to the realization that “terrorism” is a bullshit set-up for setting up a police state??? Come on man, that’s been obvious since 9-11-01. What did you think, “They hate us for our freedom” bullshit??!!?? I can’t believe you were still caught up in that old, right wing programming. Throw off your mental chains!!

            • @ sd mule. I have to have things proven to me. Just like I have tested and tested over again the ways this method of predicting earthquakes to make sure it actually works. I am not from Missouri, but I should have been because I have to have something shown to me. I guess I analayze everything to death, but when I come to a final conclusion I know it is right.

              You will have those in the media tell you that no terrorists have attacked because of excellent intelligence and the ocean that separates Africa, Asia, and Europe from the U.S. This is utter pure horse sh%^. Israel has the best intelligence in the world and the most careful watch for terrorism, yet they got hit again and again because it can;t be stopped. Hasn’t happened here because it is not planned to. It is not some magical crap. The country is massive and IF some true muslim terrorist group actually wanted to attack some soft target like a mall, it would be only driving to the location and getting out of their cars. This is how deceptive all this garbage we are being fed.

              There are of course crazies that go people hunting, they flip out on their very own. These maniacs are able to go in and commit a mass killing, yet a terrorist group with millions or billions of dollars and hundreds or thousands of members behind it can’t do this. That is pure BS.

              My over thinking something is mental chains. I think 4 moves down the line in Chess while it might only take one to box your opponent into a future checkmate. Freedom is the word, and something that anyone that wants to control others hates. I agree with you, now the question is what is next?

                • @ Genius. I have seen this video awhile back and I just looked at it under the important sections. Pentagon is question mark. The twin towers, no. I have seen what concentrated heat can do to titanium or any other metal. I have seen what velocity does to the shear power of force. The jet fuel was burning in a confined area for a long time, not seconds but dozens of minutes. The assumption that a stright on hit would bring down a building rather than a sharper angle is completely false. Collapses of suspension bridges have shown this to be inaccurate. Any structure is more suspect of collapsing when a point of impact is done at an angle rather than a stright on hit. Car accidents show this to be the case with metal. An impact straight on a car is more likely to cause less catastrophic damage and less deaths than something hit at a sharp angle.

                  It is not either that metal has to completely melt, it only has to weaken enough to allow the upper floors to come down. The construction was horrible in comparison to the Empire State Building. It did not take into account vertical compression, only horizontal tension such as hurricane force winds. A vertical thrust earthquake similar in size to Northridge would have trashed the World Trade Centers and brought them down quicker than the fires. The twin towers were built like crackerjack boxes with emphansis on renting space.

                  IF that had been the Empire State Building I would have said, explosives brought it down. The show called exlosives on the lower levels, I again have seen before with earthquakes and even with the collapse of the bridge in Minnesota. Whenever a structure collapses, there are distant releases of tension. You can see this simple example of a windshield that gets hits and there are sometimes tiny fractures that develop far away from the impact.

                  Another issue to consider is the velocity of the jet in comparison to the biplane that hit the Empire State Building in the 1940’s. Those arabs had that plane going more than 600 mph at full throttle. The one that hit in the 1940’s I think was going less than half that speed. The jet was also larger. Like a .22 long rifle and a .223 velocity means everything with something at the same size.

                  The construction of the towers was what caused this to collapse. The momentum of a moveable object will increase as more weight is added to it on the way down. 10 seconds is about right. Explosives were not needed if it was indeed an inside job like what it looks like it could have been. Just raw physics was enough to bring this piece of crap down, that cutting the corners was done at every turn.

                  Thank you for linking this as I enjoyed looking through it again.

                  • BI- It sounds to me you are agreeing with the official lies of the guilty parties responsible for the false flag inside job takedown on 9-11. Arabs? What proof exists that the Arabs had anything to do that day’s events? Also, the assumption that the towers were shoddily constructed falls apart from many expert opinions. This event was a no brainer planned and executed attack on the American people by our rogue government. Any other explanation does’nt hold water.

                  • And Building 7 fell by “sympathetic collapse”…

                  • @ BI.I dont even know where to start with the dis info you just pulled out of your ass. You know nothing about structural steel, passenger planes, explosives and History. The rags detonated a truck bomb years before in the basement.

                  • @ gone under. First of all I know a lot about physics and structural construction in regards to earthquakes. I have seen buildings that are supposed to withstand earthquakes come apart like it wasn’t even a finished building. The towers were built for horizontal stress. Just like the buiildings in downtown LA are built to withstand the San Andreas side to side motion. The Elysian park fault is a hidden blind thrust fault that runs under the city that is capable of a 7.5 to maybe a 7.7. This would annihilate those buildings that are not built for vertical movement. The trade towers could not take vertical stress. To construct building to withstand vertical movement is very expensive. Throughout the Japan there are these building for good reason. Norad is constructed to withstand all directional movements for example.

                    Pancaking is something that occurs with buildings that are faced with this type of vertical strain. Many examples of past thrust fault earthquakes show this all over the world. Metal melts and warps with heat, even the most tempered annoys do. Some of the best constructed tanks in the world shows this when exposed to enough heat. Building 7, IF it was brought down by the collapses, I would look for to the foundation being weakened then the upper portions of the building itself. I use the word IF, because this I am not sure of. The towers were built like crackerjack boxes for cheapness and maximum office space. A strike slip 8 pointer would have likely left them intact, a thrust fault quake of mid to high 6 likely would have brought them down.

                  • @ BI … Bullshit. The estimated temp of the fuel fire with optimum oxygen ratio is less than 750 degrees. That would cause a 20-25% loss of strength of the columns. Did you know there were 236 exterior BOX columns. And 47 Interior columns constitute the structural core and have 6.7 times the strength of the exterior columns. That is not cracker box construction. A box column is a long beam with four sides submerged arc welded to form a “square pipe”. As for your reference to a fuel fire melting steel like a cutting torch. Thats bull too. Oxy acet. torch flame burns at 6300 degrees, Carbon steel melts at 26-2700 degrees. the fuel fire was estimated at alot less (500-750d depending on which ref.) without taking account of loss of hot gases to the atmosphere. The building Research Establishment did a study/expierment on a 8 story building bringing the structural beams to 1700 degress with NO collapse. The building was NOT constructed the way you are led to believe. My prior emp years ago was Stockton Steel, Guy F Atkinson and Western States steel. Go on the net and look at pics around the world of sky rise fires.. Now try to find ONE that collapsed.

                  • @ Gone Under. How come then my friend’s nephew’s house constructed of steel melted from a regular house fire? Steel will melt, any metal will. From my experience with earthquakes both towers resembled the same results of energy focused from thrust faults right up the side of the building to the top. Even these so called explosions at lower levels occurs when a structure is collapsing or getting ready to collapse. I do admit it that perhaps it could have been the impact along with the fires that did this. The one plane was going over 600 mph. Again the structure was built for horizontal stress and a collapse of a couple of floors would cause this domino effect.

                    Now comes the logic part of it. Why IF it was some controlled explosions, why the timing. Why not just take down the two towers together, why wait? Why the one with a diagional impact first and then the straight on shot. Why wait to take down tower 7 until much later in the day? Why not soon after? What if one of those jets never made it there? If someone planted these explosives what would happen if the jet hit a different part of the building? Why did one jet hit higher up?

                    Keep it simple stupid. This is something that comes into play with false flags and life. When you have to have numberous things go right to pull something off, like some fictional mission impossible TV show, the plausibility of something loses it strength a lot. First you have to assume that the two jets will be hijacked. That means the arabs have to get into the cockpit and then be able to fight off the passengers. You have to assume that the arabs will even get to the target and then hit it and not run into something, that is both of the hijacked planes. Then after a dramatic burning of the buildings you let off explosives on one building, assuming that the explosives have not been taken out by the planes hitting the wrong part of the buildings. Why were the arabs only armed with box cutters, why not make sure it was pulled off with perfection and make sure they all had firearms.

                    You see where I am coming from. Sometimes the simplest of explanations is the correct one. Arabs, working for someone, hijacked those planes rammed them into two buildings. The impact and or the fires caused the buildings to come down after about a hour of burning. These assumptions I think gives way too much credit for the government to pull off something so perfect. To me this government are f$%^ ups. Sure it is possible that these arabs were part of some government conspiracy. To have all the sequences go off perfectly as many think it did, is just giving too much credit for a government that is just not too bright.

                  • Be Informed: That plane that struck the Empire State building in 1945 was a B-25, not a biplane. I remember hearing it on the news and then reading the story in the newspaper the next day, complete with pictures.

                  • BI, I have great respect for inquisitiveness. And I too am not much on conspiracy theories. I too have been on the fence for a long time with regards to the twin towers. I would like to believe that it was the jets hitting the buildings, but there is something that has bothered me every since that day when I watched it live on TV.

                    Back in my ‘outlaw’ biker days, I had friend who worked for a building demolition company. One of the functions of his job was to film the demolition in high speed. The purpose being was that if something went wrong they could go back and see what happened. In order for a building to implode properly, all the charges have to go of at a precise time in precise order. If something is out of sync, then a building could go sideways as opposed to straight down.

                    There were many nights after being out carousing, we would grab some beers and go back to his place and watch some of these movies. It was cool because he could do it frame by frame and freeze it and do a bunch of stuff to see how the building went down step by step and describe it to us.

                    The thing that always bothered me about 9/11 was I remember watching it on TV in a hotel lobby, (I was at a conference with a co-worker)When the first tower went down. My co-worker said ‘what just happened?’ and I remember instinctively saying, ‘the building just imploded’ (not collapsed). Then I asked him, if he ever saw a building implode? Thats what it looks like.

                    So lets say the buildings came down because of the jets hitting them. How was it possible that they imploded (went straight down, both of them) as opposed to collapsing sideways, when in order to come straight down, you have to have a perfect sequence of events happen at the base of the building?

                    This is what has always bothered me about 9/11.

                • @ Gone under. One other thing. You asked me to find one sky rise that has collapsed from a high rise fire. I would like to ask you this one. How many examples do you have of a 767 or 737 fully full of fuel ramming any of these at full speed. Answer 2, the twin towers. None other than this. NO examples to go by at all.

                  • To Goneunder – I agree with you, Thanks for trying.
                    To BEINFORMED – OUCH! Sorry guy, YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR HOMEWORK. Please consider the purchase of a DVD called 9/11 Mysteries/Demolitions by Sofia Smallstorm. This DVD goes piece by piece over the “Official story” and shows that the story is IMPOSSIBLE. It deals ONLY with physics & science. The ONLY way to bring a building down THAT FAST is C.D. A pancake collapse would have taken 60-90 seconds MINIMUM, period. The DVD is on Amazon.

                    Also please look up “Mandarin Hotel” China. This was a brand new building, construction just completed, not occupied yet. Yup, there was a celebration and a fire was started because of the fireworks used. This building BURNED all night long. Come morning all combustibles were burnt, BUT the steel supports were standing…just like they are designed to do.

                    I have lent this DVD out to people. About 80% of people changed their minds after watching this DVD, it is that GOOD.

                    This subject is of the greatest import. Once you realize the TRUTH about 9/11, then you will start to understand the agenda. The transfer of wealth (from little people) to the Military Industrial Complex. (Eisenhower warned us about the MIC in his farewell speech).

                    I came late to the party, I purchased this DVD in 2008, many others had figured this out much sooner. But at least I got on board. I know what I speak of, I spent at least 1500 hours studing the 9/11 issue to make sure I got it right. The Pentagon attack part was brillant, they had me convinced for many years. On 9/10/01 at a news conference, a reporter asked Rumsfeld if it was true that 1 Trillion could not be accounted for by the Pentagon. Rumy said “YES”. The only people who died at the Pentagon were a bunch of Navy auditors who had been sent there to track down the $$$. Lucky break for the Pentagon. Needless to say…no one was eager to take their places. Besides the Pentagon is the MOST protected building on the planet!! Guys who could barely fly a Cessnda, could not handle a 767 plane. There was a web site called Pilots for 9/11 Truth. These WERE pilots of 747s, 757s, & 767s who said that a novice CANNOT handle a huge airplane like the official story claims. PLEASE look in this matter further.

                  • I forgot to mention The Burning of Rome was one of the earliest “False Flags”. Nero blamed the Christians. Remember that from your history lessons? 9/11/01 same thing. This time it was the Muslims that got the blame, not the Christians.

                  • @ Spirit of 1776. I know about false flags, and they are part of the lies that go back to when people were hunters and gathering. This is not the issue with me. I am just keeping an open mind to the physics of what exactly happened. I have a scientific mind and I want the truth about whatever. There are many issues that don’t add up in my mind minus any outside theory. I admit that I am not as sure about my own opinions as I am about the utter trash going on about the Canary Islands myth.

                    It bothers me that people automatically accept a theory without taking into account the other possibilites. There is an awful lot of energy with something that large with that much weight hitting with that much velocity. The other end of the equation is the vastly over estimated amount of energy that is released with avalanches into the sea. People see this 1700 foot wave in Alaksa from an avalanche into a narrow channel that completely dispersed into a ripple upon reaching open water. You don’t hear about this because people want to overblow a story and make it look scary because it garners readers.

                    This is what I have a problem with, exactness and the real true facts not being stated. Skewed are averages and numbers to fit a theory. I NEVER skew facts about earthquakes because it throws off the accuracy of prediction. This is why I simply say, look at the other possibilites and the numbers as I have done with any article. Science and psychics don’t lie, people lie and will warp facts to fit. Not just with manmade disasters, but with natural calamities such as the pure garbage of the Canary Islands causing a 2012 movie size tsunami.

                  • Your nephews house frames were made from 18g roll galv steel. the box columns are at least 6 inches min thick. steel will disapate the heat. SIZE Matters. Im done trying to convince you with Facts. And I will not throw insults at you as your arguement is bases on YOUR Theory.

                  • @ gone under. It was my friend’s nephew. Anyway to me it is very enjoyable discussion about something that many people did not know about. I personally still feel that there is a lot more to 9/11 than any of us know. The possibilities are wide and what seems like fact may not be. The fires might have had little to do with this, it may have been the impact itself. Like I mentioned there are no other examples to go by with that much mass hitting a building with that much velocity. Unlike past avalanches into open water and the absurdity of the Canary Islands myth, we have no other examples of an accidental commerical aircraft hitting anything like this. Facts about physics don’t lie, but what are the real facts? We are witnessing something in video without all the facts on what exactly went on inside after the aircraft hit.

                    You could be absolutely correct about the fire, granted. When you have 100 tons of jet fuel and the weight of the aircraft hitting an object at about 630 to 650 mph, can’t remember the exact speed or the exact weight of the aircraft, this is magnitudes bigger than anything before hitting a building like this. This is an awful lot of explosive power contained within a closed up area. How much can a structure actually take? No past examples is one of the problems. Tower 7 could have been taken down by the feds, sure.

                    You don’t have to become angry, let’s have fun discussing a suject. I use to throughly enjoy the long debates on what caused mass extinction in the Earth’s distant geological past outside the classroom in college. We all learn from each other, and a think tank is highly productive.

                    Look at it this way. The government HATES mental simulation such as conversations about this or other subjects. Hates it because the real truth eventually comes out when people figure out what really happens with what they are trying to deceive and hide. Don’t you think this is positive when you can irritate BO’s boys a bit and the others that throughly monitor this site?

              • Be informed

                Tar and feathers would only be camo
                for our Steerless Leader

                I wanted to ask you, what do you make
                of 16 EQs in 3 wks in Texas

                Originating from where, and possibly
                ending in what?
                If posted earlier, please disregard

                • @ OutWest. Earthquakes in Texas are tied to the Scotia plate going off. If you encircle the planet on a three dimensional plane and the directions of the plates, the recent movements down on the Scotia plate go right through Texas. Last time Scotia plate had a 7 pointer Texas ad a couple of low 4’s. Just like the connection of Atka, Alaska with Yellowstone, you can take the direction of plate movement and use a tape measurer around any standard globe and see how these points intersect each other. Like the way a peeble that hits your windshield the break will follow a certain path, the weakest section of the windshield and the point and direction of the peeble.

              • B.I.-

       analyze everything to death, meaning down to the last detail(I assume). Ditto here also.
                Kudos to you!

                Just out of curiosity, what is your final analysis of the 9-11 event?
                Btw, feel free to delve deeply into physics, metallurgy, chemistry, global politics and TPTB..

                Please be specific!

                -Thank you-

                • @ Hunter. First I don;t have a clue about the terrorists, whether they were agents of whatever, or just bin ladens’ losers. The World Trade Center is another story. I have seen shoody construction, basically get up a building as fast as possible and sell it as fast as possible and leave town. During the early 1970’s mass office space was needed in New York. Since there is so little horizontal space the answer was to towers vertically as high as possible. Not to say that something 1300, 1400 feet tall could not have been made to last, but the cost was an issue.

                  New York is famous for wind during the winter. Part of this was taken into consideration also, something that could sway slightly, but not too much. The building was constructed vastly different than the Empire State Building. A cheaper method of almost like the way bridges are put up, story by story went up. This allowed for the gentle swaying and also allowed for more office space. A well constructed building concentrates on safety and means less office room to rent per sqaure foot.

                  I have watched over and over again the plane hit the second building, and the first at a distance also. A well constructed building would have absorped more of the shock of the plane hitting it, less or much less debris out the opposite end. Again, the building was built to be as airy as possible with the most square footage to rent out for the maximum amount of money possible. The heat from the jet fuel is known to burn much hotter than anything you can buy at the camping store, even those pocket rockets that hit water in a couple of minutes.

                  Anyone that has ever used a welding torch knows that when hot enough you can melt or burn through just about any metal. Other than something like platinum that fuses at over 3200 degrees F, most metals just can’t take such heat. The temperatures of this jet fuel was way over 2000 degrees F. Gold and copper fuse at about 1975 degress F. What you saw was the collapse of several stories of the World Trade Centers’ floors when this heat melted the supports above and at where the jets hit. When these floors collapsed the weight and velocity of these coming down on the bottom floors caused a pancake domion effect that collapsed the whole building. IF the building had been constructed differently this might not have happen and the floors would have burned themslves out and the top section of the WTC’s would have been wrecked but the bottom portions remained intact.

                  With kinetic energy it is not just the weight, but the speed at which an object is going that magnifies the power. Those floors were going at a fairly decent speed and picked up speed downward. Demolition people will use explosives planted at strategic spots to create similar results with old buildings of the silimar construction. The building around them had to endure both vertical and horizontal shear from that much mass coming down. Planted explosives at nearby buildings, I guess it is possible. No need for the trade center buildings. The first WTC building to come down was the one hit with the sharpest angle as I would expect. You can see fractures in rock masses in the mountains that follow the same weakness.

                  If those planes had hit in much lower levels thousands more would have died. The towers acted the same as the way chimneys and pellet stoves act in regards to heat, everything rises that acts to heat on the upper floors above where the jets hits to further weaken more floors to come down, which they did. From a point of science, with all assumptions of anything else ruled out, everything behaved quite within what should have happened on the two towers.

                  Metal is not that strong as people think. Railroad tracks that take much weight of trains succumb all the time heat changes and the weather. Warping of tracks is extremely pronounced in tundra regions where temperatures can vary from -100 below F to 100 degrees F in the summer. The higher a structure is the more reinforced it must be. The twin towers were not.

                  Again, I don’t know about the adjacent structures below. I would think though the foundations around them would suffer much stress after both towers collapsed being so close. I would have to study an engineering blueprint to know one way or the other for sure. We did much more study on earthquake damage to buildings than the sudden localized impact of something that brought the two towers down. I have seen on videos on faulty demolition in which nearby buildings have come down from the force of the building that was supposed to be brought down. I think recently in Georgia or one of those southern states this occurred.

                  To why this happened and whom was actually responsible, the specualtion is wide and almost anything could be true. The science of what happened though is fairly straight forward and followed what should have happened.

                  • 100 degrees F,… in the Arctic?

                    And, you think spilled jet fuel acts just like a welding torch? ??


                    There’s no point in saying more.

                  • @ Average Guy. Fairbanks, Alaska record high 99 degrees several times. Many places in Siberia get this high and a little above. Weather Underground and many other places show these records. Railroad tracks is not as strong but takes massive weight and strain, yet the weather warps this like licorice sticks. Jet fuels are not your typical gasoline, they burn much hotter to propel the airplane. Think of liquid rocket fuel as opposed to other propellents. The amount of calories burned is in to proportion to the amount of energy released. Jet fuel propels high efficient engines as opposed to regular gasoline for a prop plane. It burns very hot.

                    Even these gasoline fires have been known to easily melt steel. A friend of mine told me of one of his relatives that had a steel framed house that literally melted under a regular house fire, no gas or anything else other than regular household items fueling it, before the fire department eventually put it out. Metal melts and warps a lot more than people realize under heat. Metal loses strength under heat and collapses with enough weight.

                  • Sitting on the sidelines for a long time and an admirer of your knowledge of plate teutonics but not in agreement on the towers etc. Here we must part ways.

                  • B.I.-

                    Actually, I think you’ve merely regurgitated the old ‘Popular Mechanics’ magazine theory, posited by Micheal Chertoff’s brother, who authored said ludicrous drivel. Remember his pancake synopsis?

                    Remember Mike, the former DHS skull-faced looking dude?
                    He was an understudy to Marcus Wolf(former head honcho of the now defunct east German STASI). Imported hither, per a modern day version of Operation Paperclip.
                    Thanks to Bill Clinton’s former regime.

                    He was a participant/player too!


                    Your explanation per kinetic energy is fairly accurate and is based upon a very simple equation related to F = M x A (Force = mass x acceleration), granted, you can insert ‘velocity’ if necessary, to simplify things in a hurry, to get around some higher delta variables later on.
                    But if you want the actual equation per 9-11 impacts:

                    Ek = 1/2mv(squared) or E{k} = 1/2 mv^2


                    Per the structure’s I-beams being designed to absorb ‘x’ megaJoules of lateral momentum/acceleration..that necessitated an alloy composition very similar to ASTM-1074/1075 or 9255, basically steel w/ healthy dose of silicon (see spring-steel), old timers reference ASTM-572.
                    Its compression and tensile strengths are impressive.
                    By the way, its austenizing point is near 2100’F and turns liquid at temps above 2450’F.

                    Said alloy was mandated per the I-beams manufacturing


                    That said:

                    JP-6(commercial jet fuel) burns at a much, much lower temperature, typically +550’F(open air rating) and has an auto-ignition point slightly above 400’F.

                    ..and yes you’re correct, temps produced via burning said fuel, can be significantly higher.

                    But only under controlled circumstances, such as an engineered/purposely designed ‘combustion chamber’ (see turbojet/turbofan/diesel/gasoline engine design for details).

                    The fires/smoke boiling from both towers on that infamous September day were in essence, free air/open air fires.
                    Thus: per the laws of (statistical) thermodynamics, temps reached a mere 600-700’F max!

                    Well below the thermal yield point of structural grade steel.


                    A careful analysis of said steel’s YIELD point, both from a thermal and compressive loading(KE) standpoint vs. PM magazine’s tripe, results in an utter debunking of the laws of physics as science understands/defines them, per Popular Mechanic’s theory.

                    ..and what about the disintegration of BUILDING #7 collapsing, at near precisely the acceleration of gravity and sans an impacting aircraft?

                    **-(cue crickets chirping/frogs croaking at night)-**


                    Btw, there is a difference between the fracturing and disintegrating process of natural rock strata vs. contemporary reinforced concrete.

                    ..ask a geologist and/or a civil engineer.


                    Per the science being fairly straight forward concerning the towers collapsing in the manner we witnessed?

                    ..I personally know quite a few mechanical engineers/civil engineers/architects and one (old, but very wise)college physics professor, who’ve emphatically stated..

                    ..its BULLSHIT!


                    Am not looking for a fight, B.I.
                    ..nor an intellectual game of conspiracy chess.

                    You are a very competent writer and structure your arguments/data extremely well. Presenting them in a manner any layman can grasp. Kudos to you!

                    But, stick to the earthquake predicting business.
                    Because you’re better at that, than covering for lame stream propagated events by TPTB.

                    -Good night to you-

                  • @ Hunter. Never read Popular Mechanic. To tell the truth I try to analyze something on my own terms and use what I know to help figure out any puzzle or question. Logic plays into this a lot. If it is not the fires, then I would say the shear impact of the jets weaken the buildings enough to cause the collapse. I am not looking for a conspiracy chess game either. All the sequences working so perfectly, no way. This government is not that good. There are too many questions that a devil’s advocate could play all day long that just don’t add up with what you are saying and what I am saying.

                    Velocity squared is really the key here. I would have to do some exact calculations on this but the impact of the one jet had something in the range of about 300-500 tons of TNT. The little explosion several years before was only 3 tons or so if I remember correctly. This would be more than enough to severely damage several floors enough to cause them to collapse. I used the pancake word as just a term I heard a long time ago.

                    It makes sense though if someone can bring it down with placed explosives, so can be the same with a very large explosion. It would also make sense that the one tower hit a sharp angle would be the first to go as more stress would be focused on one area rather than over a broader area. As I said when you start squaring anything the energy released becomes exponential.

                    Anyway I am too tired to discuss anything else further, it is too late.

                  • You are over analyzing it. Look at it this way. How many supports were taken out by the actual plane crash? On how many floors were supports compromised? How much weight was added to the compromised structure by the aircraft? Next the heat from the fire(400-500f) will soften metal/steel. Were there other combustibles present in the tower that combined with jet fuel made the fire burn at a higher temp? Even with out the fire the physical impact from the jet may have been enough to compromise the tower and bring it down. We know the end result. Tall buildings do not stand up very well to modern day commercial jet aircraft impacts. By the way a B-25 is about half the size of a 737 and could fly at less than 1/2 the speed. Figure out the ft/lbs of energy difference and get back to me.

                  • @ Wink. This is actually very positive when people talk about a theory and give their opinions. It gets everyone thinking, including me. No name calling, discussion about any ideas only improves all of our analytical abilities. We can all disagree on something, but all agree to finding the correct solution and answers. Brain exercise benefits all.

              • Well said BI. A lot of people say the sheeple are stupid for believing what the msm feeds them. I works the same way if someone says the government is using false flags it needs to be vetted then make your own decision on the proof you find…..

                • @ shootit…400-500 degrees F will not soften metal. My oven would have collapsed from the turkey cooking in it. Also the B-25 carried av gas which burns hotter than jet fuel. Wouldnt make much of a difference temp wise in a open air fire. the Towers did not FALL OVER side ways from impact. Watch the vid. they dropped from the bottom up in its own footprint…just like when they demo a building.

                • Yes BI and all of you well said, thought out and argued. I’m new to prepping and am thankful for the education I am receiving daily from ya’ll. keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

          • I agree with your assumption about if there was a real Terrorist threat during the “Black Friday” celebration it would be a tremendous impact on the Money flow and fear of personal safety that would destroy the Christmas financial economy.

            Wonder why some PTB hasn’t used this season for a “False Flag” incident.

            Been working around home adding some extra lighting and such. Always something seems to need repair when you own your own place. never have Rented, except for a year after I married my wife, we have owned our place ever since.

          • You’re worrying too much. Muslims don’t hate americans. You are also brainwashed like those sheep too. The government purposely brainwashes americans through the media into hating Muslims so americans can fight more wars. You are one of those brainwashed people.

            If you go to the Middle East and talk to the people, which you have not, you will see they don’t hate americans. You will see they are normal people. But you love to group 1.5 billion Muslims together as radicals.

            You should be more open minded. Go talk to Muslims, learn from them, see for yourselves. They want peace too.

            • @ moe. This is why they go in and shoot little girls holding Bibles that are Coptic Christians. Also behead the fathers and mothers and burn down their places of worship. Beat the women and children in submission in their own religion. Torture innocent animals to take out their own frustrations. I don’t dislike arabs, I don’t like muslims. I have seen firsthand the way many of them, NOT ALL, treat their families. I have seen firsthand the way they treat good women like dirt. I have seen firsthand animals beaten senseless. This is very commonplace as shown in the way they treat anything not associated with the koran and sharia law.

              I have known black people, spanish, asian, islanders, American Indians, etc., every religion and belief. The groups I have least amount of respect for are muslims and new agers that are both completely by no coincidence completely pro BO. New age people get into your face about everything and will almost attack you if you squash a fly or moth or don’t recycle an aluminum can. Muslims have a very difficult time being friends to anyone not part of their cult. Middle Eastern people not muslims I have actually had very good relationships with, not muslims.

              I just cannot have anything to say good about a belief that preaches death to infidels that are not fixed on sharia law, and go around massacring people. I don’t see these muslim groups condemning these acts of barbarism all over Africa and the Middle East. Prophet muhammad was hardly a preacher of peace and fairness. The whole koran is about control and turning everything into islam. I mean these suckers are eating people in Syria. Not a belief I want anything to do with.

              • *** This is why they go in and shoot little girls holding Bibles that are Coptic Christians***

                Likewise are we being judged worldwide by the actions of the blacks abusing whites in ‘knockout’??
                That IS NOT us…that is not how we feel and conduct ourselves.
                But you are judging all muslims like we are being judged for those stupid, evil blacks’ actions.

              • Where do you get this nonsense. It is honestly sad. You are willfully ignorant. They don’t preach death on anyone. You don’t even have any proof and people thumbs you up for nothing because they are willfully ignorant.

                First thing. Burn down churches and kill girls holding bibles? Where do you get this stuff from? So I suppose it’s okay for the u.s. to invade Iraq based on a lie and kill 1 millions Iraqis for oil. Bomb Mosques of both Sunni and shi’ite sects to make a civil war. And use depleted uranium as ammunition which are now affecting the whole population of Iraq.

                Does this represent all americans? Absolutely not. So I expect you to not group billions of Muslims together for the acts of an extremely few radicals. The reason you only have negative views of Muslims is because the media doesn’t show Muslims in positive light. They don’t show Muslims denouncing terror even though they are. It is not in the governments interest. But you fall for it.

                Muslims have difficult time being friends? You are truly in ignorant person. You probably never had a Muslim friend. All the Muslims I know are friends with people of different colors and culture. In my college, there are tons of Muslims and they participate and are friends with many different people and groups. How dare you speak as if you know what you’re talking about.

                Prophet Muhammad never preached death to anyone that is innocent, including innocent jews and christians. Even during war, Muslims never killed innocent jews and christians. If they did, than there would not have been millions of christians in Egypt and in other parts of the Middle East. There would not have been jews living in many parts of the Middle East before israel was established. There would not be 30 thousand jews living in Iran.

                During the times of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, when Caesar of Rome wanted to massacre the jews, the Ottoman Empire, an Islamic Sharia based Empire, welcomed the jews and protected them. jews in the Ottoman empire were considered dhimmi which means protected people. jews were even allowed in the Ottoman Army in 1909.

                The reason why people think Muslims like to kill christians is because that’s the only thing the media reports. They only report the bad things that the radicals do. While they leave all the good things. Than when they show Muslims doing good things, many americans (not all) accuse Muslims of propaganda. How is there supposed to be peace and understanding if only negative views come out of even the good deeds?

                You don’t read the Qur’an. If you read it in true form, and not it being english translated you would have a better understanding. You can’t read an english Qur’an. Because many and I mean many people who are not qualified to translate Arabic into english do just that. In Arabic a word can have 7 different meaning. The Qur’an is written in Original Arabic which is not an easy language to translate.

                Such as kafir, which means non-Muslim. But kaffir, can mean to forgive. Also, many non-Muslims with Arabic names translated it and willfully put false translations to promote misunderstanding. This is all propaganda by the government and you are falling for it.

                You have to talk to Muslims. They truly want peace. They are not the violent people that you make them out to be. They are not the people who hate everyone and want to kill everyone. I wish that many people including you would be willing to, at the very least, go to a local Mosque, and talk to them. At least get to know them. They won’t bite. It won’t hurt you.

              • Be Informed wrote, @ moe. This is why they go in and shoot little girls holding Bibles that are Coptic Christians.

                Isn’t that the C.I.A.?

                I think you are sooo falling for propaganda,… or are part of it? Who knows which? Either way, it’s not good.

              • @ BI.. gas open air temp is 900 degrees C. Jet A is 350 degrees C.. you know. the same fuel used in steel wall heaters at homes throughout the country. The WTC steel tested @ 2000 degrees C. and retained spec.

                • @ gone under. This is rather interesting. Is the WTC steel tested to 2000 degrees C with or without the protective fire resistant coatings? 3700 degrees F seems awful high for steel to not melt. Perhaps the explosion of the plane hitting knock off the protective coatings and exposed the raw steel to the fire. Perhaps it was a combination of the impact and the fire that caused enough floors to collapse. This has really got me to thinking about this.

                  • Be informed — you are being sucked in

                    Are we back to the idea of airliners
                    dropping tall buildings, while they implode
                    from the ground up, including building #7?

                    Give me a break!

                    Somebody here has been drinking way too much
                    government kool-ade again. Maybe they think
                    JFK choked to death on a ham sandwich, too.

                    I mean, these people may as well be talking
                    about the tensile strength of a male erection
                    on Viagra as far as irrelevance is concerned.

                    They said Thermite, not Termite…..

                  • @ OutWest. Hunter above talks about kinetic energy. Back around 2002 I could not believe that 200 or so tons of TNT with each airplane hit as many publications stated. I did some plugging in of numbers. It was under-estimated. It was more like 300-500 tons of TNT with the impact. Those 767’s carry 24000 gallons of fuel, that in itself is 100 tons on top of the weight of the plane. Increase the velocity and that amount of energy released goes up. Could I see 300-500 tons of TNT take down a building, I think so.

                    I CANNOT accept anything at face value when numbers don’t add up with what the MSM states or people saying there was a conspiracy theory state. I am a non conformist which means that I make up my own mind, not letting others state outlandish facts on either side of an argument.

                    CASE IN POINT the utter f’en horseshit about the Canary Islands collapsing and causing a 160 foot tsunami on the Atlantic coast. This is my field of study and I will argue with anyone on this about this utter crap. There are constantly stories of massive tsunamis from the Canary Islands going into the ocean on Before Its News and other sites that also have “facts” about 9/11. ANYONE that believes in mega tsunamis about the Canary Islands has been completely mislead by this MTYH. This is what is called kool aid industrial strength intervenously. It would take an asteroid the dinosaur killer size at least to produce a tsunami of this size at 3500 miles away.

                    I fully admit I took little metallurgy in college, my focus was on Earth Science. I am ONLY saying that I don’t accept WHY the buildings collapsed from either side of the agrument. I was more interested why they collapsed than whom is responsible, which is likely this government behind it. This I agree with everyone on.

                  • The steel was not brought up to 2000c. that was the flame temp. (study test procedures) You seem to forget, the building was dropped from the bottom up. And was designed to hold the whole weight of the building, so your pancake theory sucks.

                • Wood will burn at 451 degrees, but forest fires produce temperatures of 1200-1750 degrees as a routine matter. I’ve seen intense ground fires literally melt stranded motor vehicles, and fires crowning 75 feet over a railroad grade warp and twist the steel rails below.

                  When a fire is large enough to suck in oxygen from around it, it becomes akin to a forge and produces superheated air and flames. Enough to weaken a steel frame of a building filled with inflammables.

                  • Got to have enough fuel to produce the forest fire climate event. Look at vids of skyscapers that caught of fire. None collapsed world wide. Steel barns with hay fires collapse. They have lightweight I beams frames and z bar. WTC had over 47 inner box columns and 236 outer support box columns. fire wasnt a factor.

                  • Gone under, are you saying a multi-story office building filled with desks, paper, file cabinets, corpses, carpeting, and plastic, all covered with jet fuel, isn’t enough flammables?

                    Just your one-story wood frame house can burn at over 1000 degrees.

                  • @Smokey. yes, I am saying according to what I have read by credible sources(not conspiracy nuts)the inspection of the building columns had no indication of high heat stress. Im not going to do your research for you. We will just have to have a difference of opinions. I do have respect that you didnt pull some figure and comparison out of the air. But you have to realize there is a BIG difference in a large 100+ acre forest fire that creates a low pressure causing a “blacksmith bellows” type to suck in air and increasing the intensity and heat(fire storm), verses a sky scraper. You havent done very much comparison and looking at other vids of burning high rises… none that have collapsed through out the World and in countries with lower building codes.

            • Peace on THEIR terms. Which means sharia law and NO tolerance for any religion but their own. Sorry moe, you got it backwards. The gov’t and TPTB aren’t trying to brainwash us that muslims are bad, they are trying to brainwash us that they are good ole’ american loving people.

              When was the last time a Christian strapped a bomb to themselves and blew up a bus? When was the last time Christians destroyed a mosque and killed everyone inside? When was the last time a muslim was beheaded for not converting to Christianity. Look at Egypt, they can’t even get along with each other.

              I grew up with muslims and islam. When was the last time they denounced a muslim attack on Christians? NEVER. But when a pastor wants to burn a koran, all hell breaks loose, meanwhile the muslims have burned hundreds of thousands of bibles. Where I came from ‘moe’ was short for mohammed, right?

              • american military, who is mostly christian, bombed Mosques in Iraq on purpose to unleash a civil war. But I do not group all americans with this terror act.

                Did you even ask them for there opinion of what they think? Did you ask them, “do you denounced attacks on christians?” If so, what did they say? You can’t just judge someone if you didn’t ask for their opinion.

                You can’t expect them to come up to you and just blurt something out just like if you don’t go to black people faces and blurt out “do you denounce what your people of your own color are doing”?

                • The military represents the gov’t, not Christians. And yes I have discussed attacks on Christians with them, their response; either they don’t have one (silence)or ‘It’s their fault for trying to spread Christianity to muslims’.

                  Oddly nowhere in your response do YOU denounce these actions or their treatment of women or why you can’t bring a bible into an islamic country or why (the religion of peace)they kill each other because they belong to a different sect.

                  • It’s their damn country, arco. They can treat their women however they want, and control their religions all they want. What business is it of yours? Or of anyone who does not live there?

                    One thing seems to be clear though, the military does indeed represent most Christians. They are the one and the same. Only an ignorant or deceptive person could say otherwise.

                    Most of today’s Christians love to kill in the name of the state.
                    Most of today’s Christians love the idea their government owns everyone, and owns their children.

                    It’s a fact.

                  • it was christians in the military who killed innocent Muslims in Iraq. you can’t say that it’s okay to blame all Muslims for the acts of a few radicals but it is unacceptable for people to blame all americans or christians for the act of a few.

                    This is hypocrisy. Let me just say this. american ignorance and their hypocrisy will cause the collapse of the this nation. You can only blame yourselves.

                • They bombed mosques because thats where the fuck heads hide…and behind women, children, hospitals and schools.

              • @Average Guy

                People here who call themselves “awake” are really brainwashed when it comes to Islam and Muslims. They blame all Muslims for the act of few. But they expect people to blame only their government for the acts they do in the name of the american people. No matter how much proof you give americans, they never want to take responsibility. They will blame their government. But if a radical does something, they blame all 1.5 billion Muslims. How is that fair?

                They think they are awake. They don’t mind their own damn business, just like you said. americans should get the heck out of the Middle East. They killed millions upon millions of Muslims and installed dictators who oppressed Muslims. They have hundreds of bases in the Middle East. But when you say that they hate the u.s. because of the occupation, they are like “you are crazy, that just hate us because of our lifestyle”.

                In the view of americans, it’s okay when they go and bomb people. But if the Muslims defend themselves, they call them terrorists. I am for justice and the truth. Willful ignorance of the american people is the cause for their nation’s demise.

                americans think that they can understand the whole world through the screen of their computer or tv. This is the american mentality.

                • Also, I am not anti-american. I am anti-ignorance, which the american people severely suffer from. They never treat the world the way they want to be treated.

                  • We don’t have to. We still have the bigger stick.

                  • Instead, we treat the rest of the world the way it deserves.

                    Notice how we’re not at war with peaceful, tolerant, Christian Europe? Or Canada, or Japan, or India? That’s because they don’t ask for it like much of the rest of the world does.

            • Nooo, the rank and file Muslim doesn’t hate Americans.

              Why, almost 0.5% of Muslims worldwide didn’t cheer at the news of the WTC attacks.

              Islam is a classic regenerating mass insanity. Very low literacy, so very low education, and very low expectations. Perfect material for every demagogue that comes along, and there’s a dozen new ones every generation.

            • Moe;

              Not true. I was trained as an interpreter in the Marine Corps and spent over 3 years in the sandbox and they hate us.

              They are extremely uninformed, everything is Israel’s fault. I don’t care if they don’t want to be friends with the US.

              On their banners, the Romans had “Let Them Hate, So Long as They Fear”…….works for me.

          • @ BI,

            My main concern was for nothing to “happen” during the Macy’s Parade. There existed a prime opportunity with all those people exposed out in the open

            Then I got thinking……….”how do I know that nothing DID happen?”

            I hope nothing starts to show up in the next few weeks (incubation period).

            • @ California Resident. I have many times thought this, and it makes me wonder if it is going to happen. This is one reason I stay out of crowds during this time, because the natural and the not so natural pathogens that might be floating around.

              • Stay out of crowds at any time to stay healthier. When I retired I moved to a rural location where shopping in big box stores or malls means hours of driving. So now I do all of my shopping, except for groceries, online. I never go to theatrical events, or even bars or restaurants. I’m never in a crowd, and guess what? I haven’t had a cold or the flu since 2009. Used to get 2 or 3 colds a year just by working in an office with 50-60 other people.

          • If mall attacks started here. It would them anger every mother in this country. And then every politation would be forced to commit to the destruction of them. As long AZ they keep the mother just scared. Once mothers start seeing their children and friends dead in a food court. Watch out.

          • So sad….a culture in decline….rapid decline.

            We have become Rome.

          • If there was a terrorist attack at one of these events, gun control advocates would lose every argument for at least a decade.

          • Even if they just set off harmless M-80 firecrackers the ensuing panic would kill scores. I agree with you about why this has never happened since 9/11/ Hope it stays that way.

        • Typical comment from a California resident. Actually, if you **invest** wisely, you WILL have it much longer. For example, if you purchase gold and silver, you will have it as long as you live. Of course, if you are a leftie from CA., well, then yes, you WILL spend it while you got it – just like the rest of socialist, bankrupt state

          • @ ff

            “if you **invest** wisely, you WILL have it much longer.”
            Yeah, right up to the point where they create the legislation to steal it (401k’s, IRA’s….etc).

            Gold and Silver aren’t edible and you can’t shoot it, either. Someday, bullets will be worth more than gold or silver (per round), and definitely worth more than paper currency.

            A wise investment is an investment that can be used when immediately needed. While two people are transacting with gold and silver, I walk up with a gun and get the best deal between all 3 of us.

            Get out of the markets and turn those assets into something you can stand over with an AR or an AK.

            How’s that for a “typical California response”?

            • @ CALRes..My son was fueling up at charter way truck stop. there was a guy trying to smoke crack using a plastic soda bottle.

        • What hollow lives these people must live.

        • If you really don’t know why you prepare with food, water, gas, and supplies–watch ‘Contagion’ and you will find out.

        • The only thing I bought today was a survival scenario tool I saw Southernprepper1 talk about on you tube. I got it on sale too.

          I stay in when crazy people are fighting over Televisions.

        • New email. THE NSA the only part of government that actually listens. Trekker Out.

        • Parasites shepples zombies ect ect….when it’s going to crash i will be laughing at them. But there a positive thing to wait in lines the next time that they will wait in lines is for food. God bless america and long live the republic.

      2. Just think what will happen when people are out of Food. This is not good for all of us. This country has gone to the dogs…..

        • If it was teotwawki it would be even worse, maybe 3 times worse. I won’t be anywhere around these subhuman freaks when that happens!

        • The Crazies.

        • I am usually up early anyway so often go people watching at WalMart, but slept in this morning. Black Friday is a good indicator of what areas will be like during social unrest. If you were afraid to go out today you’re living in the wrong place. It’s not just inner cities that had problems, but a woman was trampled this morning at a rural WalMart near where I grew up which is now full of pillbillies and meth heads.

          My in-laws are visiting for Thanksgiving and the women went out around noon and bought some half price shoes for our toddler. A few hours later the men used their SUV to return a large area rug to the store for a friend. You can’t hide forever so may as well learn to survive in the jungle now.

          • “Pillbillies” is a new one on me. But perfect! happy Thanksgiving Pastor!

          • I moved out of the jungle and I’m never looking back. Hopefully long winters, single digit temps, and vast country will keep the zombies at bay. If they do come up here to our peaceful area, they won’t last.

      3. They are all useless eaters. This is not welfare money well spent.

        • Welfare money is NEVER well spent.

          • Well, not by Goobermint. If I contribute to a church for the welfare of congregation members who are down on their luck, I reckon it will be money well spent. Certainly was when my church in Orange County NY was feeding homeless men who’d been turned out of the nearby state home for the disabled.

      4. Wow! No other commenters on this “Black Friday” tradition.

        It is shamefull for full grown (maybe not mentally) fight over saving a few dollars on a TV, and wrestle each other to the ground.

        Mean while most of us who are sane, stay far, far away for this madness. And yes, this is the way it will appear when some SHTF in America, land of the free!

        Our Fearless leader and his family make their annual appearance to help out at a Food kitchen for the Poor and homeless that they have personally created! Shame! Shame on them.

        Happy Holidays to my friends (very few so far) that feel the way I do about the economic status of this country..

        peace and keep prepping!

        • Christian Man, “Happy Holidays to my friends (very few so far) that feel the way I do about the economic status of this country.” This is, to me, the most tragic situation that is living amongst us. I can deal with, when the time comes, the invading hoards, but my nightmare that I seem to face daily is the refusal of intimate family members acknowledging, or even giving “casual” acknowledgement to the real state of this dysfunctional union… Last night after our feast I was sitting on the couch with my son in law who works for large brokerage firm and asked him if he thought the fed would ever start to taper QE, all in an effort to broach the subject of the need to prep for his family. His take kind of surprised me when he said they would but that it would be a long transition period and all would be well… What the hell kind of response could I make to that. I have already gone one-on-one with him on the realities of unemployment, inflation and the death of the petrodollar so I knew any effort at opening his eyes would fall on sheeple’s ears…. Oh, Lord, I long for a friend to stand by me…. dj

      5. Annual migration of the sheep,apes and zebras is essential to the well being of their slave holder masters in China and the Wall street. Buy the junks as much as you can. Dig your own grave deeper.

        • Annual migration or the cusp of madness?

          You know Tac, sometimes I think the sheeple-types will devolve into the lemming behavior pattern..and run lockstep into the ‘fema camps’.


          • I was thinking the same thing.

          • Hunter, All of the brain washing campaign via corporate media, creation of GODLESS laws and regulations by the PTB, multinational Corporations, Satanic minds of the wall street investment bankers leads to the creation of such creatures performing the annual Cusp of Madness as you have stated.

            I care less about what will happen to these creatures. I care more about to be with intelligent and GOD fearing brothers and sisters such as yourself and many others with their intellectual minds and comments. We just need to be ready to deal with these creatures once they are hungry and realize the chinese made TV’s and other electronic junks don’t taste good.

            God Bless you and yours brother Hunter.

            • Tac-

              Agreed sir!

              Ditto blessings to you & yours.

      6. I like watching these black Friday videos, and seeing the pictures of all the sheeple.. it reminds me why I prep..
        I don’t want to be with these people, fighting over food that the government is handing out.
        and I want to be ready, when these same people come to my house.

        • I spent the day at the range with my wife getting her ready for SHTF.

          • hell i spent the last 2 days casting bullets

          • With the 30.06 at close range…take out 1/2 doz with a single round…
            That’s me just being frugal…

            • jerrytbg I have got to get me one of those! 🙂

        • Watching black friday videos from last year is actually what got my husband and I to start prepping. It opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t want to be in a mob of people fighting over a can of soup.

      7. All I’m getting for Christmas are more preps. The same thing I buy all year round.

        • Brave,I agree,but many of my preps are things I enjoy anyhow,be it firearms/camping and fishing gear/quality tools/ect.Excepting a bit of anti biotics which won’t use excepting a emergency and no longer available docs use the prep stuff for most part,so in a way x-mas year round if you think about it!

        • braveheart

          People say we are in a rut for doing that

          I prefer to think of it as a trench

          • OutWest-

            “I prefer to think of it as a trench”

            ..with an excellent ‘field of fire” –(grin)–

        • Kids asked me what I want for Christmas this year after yesterday’s dinner. From the “well off” kids I asked for a pair of Bushnell 12-60 PermaFocus binoculars; from the second a little less well off I asked for a Lifestraw, and from the kid who is struggling I asked for a pair of leather work gloves, any kind… From my bride, she lets me get what I want and just transfers the funds to me… I’d opt for a ton more ammo but as I’ve been getting supplies to reload I think I will get either a reloader or an electronic smelter for the lead… hell, I will have her get the reloader and i’ll get the smelter as a “you’re a great dad and grandpa” gift to myself…. dj

          • You want gifts from your children.

      8. No way am I going into that mess. there is nothing I need so bad that I have to go and compete for it,camp out for it or get beat up for it. If I want something bad enough I buy it sometime during the year or go online where its probably cheaper also.

        • I went last night and didn’t compete for anything. Sure it was chaotic and some people were screaming at each other. Plus it was a bitch to get from one side of the store to another, but I didn’t have any problem. I have the patience it takes to get through it.

          The deals really are great, you won’t find them any other time of the year.

          Got my son a vinyl record player, the wife a new laptop, the entire family a 60″ television and blu-ray player, and an electric furnace for myself.

          • You got great deals on shit that will be useless when the lights go out.

            Good job…

        • At the end of the video they even stated that the prices would be good all season. So what’s the rush? Who want’s to stand in line in the freezing cold when they can just wait a couple of days. Bunch of idiots buying stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have.

      9. stay home and order on line if ya just gotta have that stuff

        virtually all of the store “specials”
        could be ordered off the web

        • True ‘dat. Amazon is cheaper anyway. And free shipping. I don’t even have to burn gas to get the Wally World.

      10. I know of a millionaire who goes to these things… for real! but never heard of a welfare recipient.

        • I doubt many welfare people go to these things. Prices are marked down a hell of a lot, but really it is only for items that you will be paying over 150 dollars for that get the big drops.

          • If the welfare “clients” don’t go to these things, then how is it that so many of them have 6 foot flat screen TVs? They just pick ’em out of the dumpsters behind McDonalds?

            • My brother currently lives in the hood. He is on welfare. He didn’t have a HDTV until I bought him one for his birthday. From what I understand, his neighborhood neither have laptops or Tv’s, which is why they sit on their front porch all day long.

              When the crash happened, I was on welfare for a bit. I did not have nice things. I wanted them, but I did not receive enough money to buy them. Bread and bills were more important.

              So which studies can you provide showing that most welfare recipients have expensive gadgets?

              • AAJ.. Today is November 29th. It is not April 1. Make sure you pass the correct date to your brother as well.

              • My own. I worked and lived in rust-belt Michigan for almost 15 years. Any time you went to WalMart, you would see one or more SNAP and EBT users covered with bling and loading their carts with more.

                History now, I made it to retirement age and GTHOD.

        • Welfare recipients don’t go to sales… they just steal it …

          • Or they have the government steal the means to buy it, and hand it over to them so they can go shopping. Spreading the wealth around, don’cha know?

      11. I cannot imagine participating in this crap. I never have, even before it got crazy in the last few years. People are truly nuts.


      12. Let it burn. Says the man in the mountains ready for the collapse. If they come this way I can guarantee that they will not make it to the door.

      13. I don’t believe in Giftmas shopping. I give cash-in-a-card.

      14. Why does this website hate black Friday so much?

        I was one of these people. Does that make me a sheeple?

        You can’t beat the great deals. If you can handle the pushing, the shoving and the noise, go for it, you have nothing to lose.

        I got all of my families gifts and saved $1200 of money that I did have and luckily didn’t need to spend. No other time of the year would have been as fruitful with the deals.

        This is a world fueled by material possession. We like our electronics. We like our gadgets. We like things that make life easier. Don’t take them for granted, use them while you still can.

        I also picked up an electric furnace 40% off to melt my lead piles down for bullet making.

        • So AAJ, you think it’s worth it to jump into this crap to save $1200? There are some people, and I’m one of them, who wouldn’t jump into that mess to save $10,000.

          First, I wouldn’t waste my money on that crap, and second, I always buy or make survival-related gifts for my friends and family, as opposed to the latest fads and stupid gadgets.

          Sounds like you’ve been brainwashed to believe that there’s no other way to save $1,200 on gifts, except through this running of the herd.


          • Maybe I like shopping for my family and getting good discounts. I don’t buy refurbished shit. I want brand new with warranty.

            If you know any other way to get a 60″ Sony 1080p HDTV for less than $350, brand new, then please enlighten me.

            “First, I wouldn’t waste my money on that crap”

            Is it a waste of money if it brings you and your family joy? Why would anyone spend money to make things a little more interesting and fun? I don’t need to eat out in a nice restaurant with my wife. I don’t need nice clothes. I don’t need any prepper gear. I don’t need a variety of food to survive….Oh, that’s right, I want those things. Think about that the next time you blame someone for wasting money. You do it too and I’d bet you wouldn’t like someone saying otherwise.

            “So AAJ, you think it’s worth it to jump into this crap to save $1200? There are some people, and I’m one of them, who wouldn’t jump into that mess to save $10,000.”

            It really isn’t that bad. If you have ever been to Disney world, you can handle it. I am not rich, but I am not poor. So 1200 dollars is a nice chunk of change. Plus, now I can buy more gifts for my family. Or I was thinking we would rent a cabin in the Smokey’s for a week or two and get away from normal life for a bit.

            • “Is it a waste of money if it brings you and your family joy?”

              If, as you posted AAJ, material things bring your family (and you) joy, you’re not going to “get” anything I or anyone else like me, says.

              So to you, I’ll just say, Merry Christmas.


              • If I came to your house and looked around, what would I see? I doubt your Amish. I will see electronics. I will see a TV, even if it isn’t a good one.

                • Sorry, wrong house, AAJ. We have no TV, as we gave up TV and the brainwashing/programming that goes with it, years ago.

                  You’ll see a debt-free family with an old computer, yes. You’ll see an old car in the driveway. You’ll see decade-plus old clothes. And everything you’ll see has been paid for with cash. You’ll see fruit and nut trees, a summer or winter garden, depending on when you look, and a nice home.

                  At the dock you’ll see an old wooden boat, again paid for with cash.

                  You chose the wrong person to compare your materialistic shallowness with.


          • There is NOTHING on this earth to make me spend $1200 and that’s your savings??

            Wow–words just escape me!! 🙁

            • “There is NOTHING on this earth to make me spend $1200 and that’s your savings??”

              Understandable if you don’t have the money to begin with.

              I spent 800. I would have spent a total of 2000 on a different day. I already knew which items I was going to buy.

              The funny thing is the most expensive item, the HDTV(350$) will replace the current HDTV I own. In a couple of weeks, I’ll auction it off or sell it on craigslist for 350-400, making my money back or maybe a little more for what I spent on the newer, larger television.

            • @ JayJay. buy your husband a: Savage 111 long range hunter. 338 lapua magnum. nightforce scope.

              • Nightforce is way overrated. Go with Zeiss.

                • she’s on a budget.. but I agree.

        • There is nothing on the face of the earth that would get me to deal with a crowd, n o t h i n g
          Especially to miss out on the QT i have spent yesterday and today, that is priceless, i want nothing that bad, and could care less about a “deal”

          • How about 308 ammo at 10cents a round????

            • Don’t let bloodlust consume you.

        • If it has to be explained to you, then you will never get it. There is more to life than the amount of material things you have or how much of a “great deal” you got on it. You are being played for a fool and you don’t even know it. If it is that important to you, then you don’t own your things, they own you.

          Ok Mr AnAngryJew, if you are going to identify yourself as a Jew, then put service to your G-d first. Have you ever considered that all of this Black Friday madness is an abomination unto the Lord your G-d. Breaking of the first commandment and the 10th against coveting?

          • “If it has to be explained to you, then you will never get it.”
            Have you ever considered that it is you who doesn’t get it? You are so quick to point fingers.

            “There is more to life than the amount of material things you have or how much of a “great deal” you got on it.”

            I would hope so. Although, 5 hours in a store doesn’t really take up enough time to take away from my life. Today, I had a great deal. Tomorrow I’ll have a great day with my wife and son. Sunday I will watch football on the new TV and maybe toss a ball around with my boy. Monday, I will be back at work so that I can provide for my family. And then by Monday the week after, I will be on break able to do anything I want.

            Life is about doing things you want to do when you can do them. Limiting yourself sounds painfully boring to me.

            “You are being played for a fool and you don’t even know it. If it is that important to you, then you don’t own your things, they own you. ”

            If you are currently in the American workforce, you are already owned. You are forced to pay taxes. You are forced to work, if you want to survive. You can’t hunt without permits or authorization. You can’t farm without permits. You are a slave. And if you do any of these things without the proper permits, license and permission you will be thrown in jail and still be forced to labor.

            “Ok Mr AnAngryJew, if you are going to identify yourself as a Jew, then put service to your G-d first. Have you ever considered that all of this Black Friday madness is an abomination unto the Lord your G-d. Breaking of the first commandment and the 10th against coveting?”

            This is just plain insulting.

            • Apparently, Angryjew did not watch the above videos. We don’t have a problem with people simply “shopping”, we have a problem with people living their whole lives only seeking materialistic compensation, which is what these people are doing. We have a problem with people becoming vicious monsters over possession of a friggin’ deal on a TV. We recognize this behavior as a dangerous sign of our times, and are rightly concerned.

              You seem to be deliberately overlooking the underlying issue. Maybe you did have a perfectly wholesome time going shopping on black friday, but don’t come here and try to tell us that your superficial buying spree has some kind of deeper meaning, because it doesn’t. And don’t come here trying to convince us, after witnessing all the insanity that has occurred over vile greed on this day, that we should not find reason to be disgusted. Your desperate bid to make yourself appear “even handed” or moderate on the issue ultimately only reveals a high level of stupidity. There is nothing worse than an apologist.

              • Did you go to black friday shopping? No. So how do you know anything about it? Oh, you watched the news and saw rowdy people acting inhuman.

                While its true that this happens often on black friday, it is nothing like it appears on the television. You see, if the news covered what actually happened on black friday (mostly no fighting, just crowds and noise) it wouldn’t be worth doing a story on.

                You have been deceived by media propaganda once again. You see a bunch of people freaking out on TV and assume that it must be like this everywhere of every moment of the day. It simply isn’t. Crawl out from your cave and actually get out to see for yourself what is actually going on.

            • …Equally insulting is the superstitious and non-Biblical avoidance of uttering “God.”

          • “If it has to be explained to you, then you will never get it.”

            “If it is that important to you, then you don’t own your things, they own you.”

            Precisely, Jeff, on both points.


      15. It looks an absolute and complete breakdown of western civilization, not much different from what we saw in post-Katrina. It’s true what experts say that humans, as a race, are 72 hours away from all-out savagery if the lights go off and stay off. Scary stuff.

        • Right YH. What Black Friday really is – is how people act when they perceive scarcity. When that changes from sales prices of stupid gadgets to food, be ready!


          • GV,

            >>” is how people act when they perceive scarcity.”<<

            Excellent point. I look at the faces of these "shopper zombies" in the videos and I see the glazed over eyeballs, thousand yard stares, and haunched shoulders, and I think these people aren't going shopping, they're about to engage the enemy!

            This has become an embarrassing annual event here in the U.S. that overshadows and undermines the meaning and messages of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It speaks directly to the uncivilized and undisciplined rabble that Americans have unraveled into. I don't see any way to reverse this social death spiral trajectory. Folks have become un-American at a frightening rate.

            Just when it looks like it can't get any worse…it does.

      16. No thanks!! I don’t care if you saved 100% , I’m out. How can they get away with the fire code for that mass assembly?? What would happen if the store caught on fire? Black Friday store on fire = many dead mutants

      17. I ordered new sheets online, the sales were great for towels, sheets, and fabric. I also ordered hubby a new wool coat. Nice thick, warm wool jacket for nearly a quarter of it’s normal price.

        On-line is easier. But all the stuff we aren’t making for Christmas is now done.

        I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

      18. That reminds me of the days I went and saw the Who and The Rolling Stones. They wouldnt have crowds like that if they would just get back to selling those Gumby dolls.

        • @ Ugly. Front row seats at a rock concert with true classic entertainers is well worth the crowds. To get some tokin Chinese junk, I can’t see why people would do this. I would take Gumby dolls to what these poor kids have now like these Bratz dolls that look like cheap whores dresses up top walk the town.

          @ braveheart. There are so many fine preparation items that can be given as gifts for Christmas. Even a brand new water proof warm jacket will be much more appreciated by a son or daughter than some piece of crap that they will lose interest in the first month with. So many nice prepper/survivalist gifts that can be given without telling the person they are such. Tell me, what has ever happened to practicality and intelligence even at Christams? 🙁

        • Gumby dolls , LMAO , now thats the “way back machine sherman” ! hahaha
          I had to endure a big box home improvement store today to get a five dollar item so i could finish a job.
          it took TWO hours , incredible .
          But everyone was polite , so its all good.

      19. Ugly,went to 100’s of concerts still do including of course Jethro Tull(over a 100 shows) and all bands including the ones you mentioned.The only time saw real violence was started by security.For at times tens of thousands of rowdy and yes,a bit partied up fans actually always got a good vibe from the crowds.Excepting Zep and Skynard(missed both due to band deaths)saw every band you could say was big time in 70’s/went thru the metal years of 80’s ect.I also missed T-rex,yet another sad death,that said,for most part these folks though fucked up knew how to have a great time without being total assholes!

        • Warchild….

          TRex. Yeah, I had three albums. They died young–Marc, Brian, jimmi, Janis, buddy, bopper, etc

          • Ugly,though give em a good ear from friends older borthers and sisters during the 70’s never would have been old enuff to see any of em besides Marc,first show mid 70’s when I was 12(Tull,of course!).On the upside with my long hair and all the girls in high school thought I looked like Jim Morrison,that worked out well for the Warchild!

        • Ok. Everyone that mentioned Gumby got a thumbs down. This tells me that this blogger never got a Gumby for Christmas.

      20. I stood on a ladder at work and painted the big gable end wall. Cut in, move ladder. Cut in, move ladder……. I would rather paint naked in the snow with one hand tied behind my back than shop on the Friday after a nice Holiday! WTF could possibly be so important to do this kind of shit.

        Sorry AngryJew. I just don’t see it at all. If someone has to do it, I guess it might as well be you.

        • Please tell me you weren’t really naked. That’s just “wrong’

          • Fully clothed. 🙂

      21. Do the shoppers really need the garbage they are purchasing? Well yeah. They have been brainwashed to feel pleasure off a supposed deal they got. This thinking is sort of like the holiday of thanksgiving, a day to give thanks. This holiday comes from the false history that pilgrims together with the native population being together. What a crock of a lie! The native people were slaughtered by the tens of millions by white Europeans. This genocide is the same mindset of today’s elite.

        • Yep alj, it is all bullshit. Thanksgiving is a fraud, christmas is a fraud, easter is a fraud, 4th of july is a fraud, halloween is a fraud, etc. I stopped and asked myself why in the hell am I even aknowledging these bullshit holidays? Peer pressure? Because everyone else does? Marketing hype? I thought about all of them and did a little research and behold, they are all bullshit! So me and my wife said fook this we will never participate in lies and deciet no matter how many sheep don’t get it. Man I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to be free from all this crap! No stress, no participating in lies, no wasted federal reserve notes, no feeding the beast, FREE AT LAST, THANK GAWD ALLMIGHT WEZE FREE AT LAST!!!

          • I agree it is all a fraud and Bullshit.

          • It does feel good. And clean.

          • HERES AN IDEA FOR YOU ALL! Instead of participating in fraudulent bullshit holidays, MAKE YOUR OWN HOLIDAY! That would be a true holiday! Call it Smith’s family holiday or whatever you feel like celebrating. Have a reunion or a party, make your own cards, meet at a retreat, practice prepping, etc. Have a prepper party! Maybe a roundtable discussion with friends and relatives on what you all see coming and what to do about it. Food for thought!

      22. This day and what it has come to represent has been controlled and manipulated from the beginning by TPTB.

        This whole set-up is designed to violate human dignity, create sheep right down to the cattle chute.

        The state has claimed the right of shepherd and so can only view us as sheep. I say who gives them the right to see us and make us into sheep? Who allows themselves to so easily be robbed of their own dignity?

        I say give man dignity and he may better find his way, on his/her own way through this life, but sadly we now seem beyond redemption, we seem only held in place by a very thin line of responsible people.

      23. I’ll bet each one of these mindless sheep are supporters of O-baaa-baaaa-baaaa-ma!

      24. Here is my two cents. First, I have never partaken in any Black Friday. By choice. I do a little throughout the year. When prices are actually, for a large part better. Yes, there are some items that go for dirt cheap just to get people in the door. Being someone who understands marketing, part of it for 13 years. I have a little knowledge. At what cost is that $100 TV worth it? First, slave labor assembles this TV. Ergo, not made in the USA. Gee, I wonder how many people are wondering why there are no jobs? Hmmm. Better yet, why are the jobs here barely paying above minimum wage? Well, you want cheap. Which means, quite frankly. Don’t bitch. You wanted that. Now you get to pay the ultimate price. Now lets say that TV was normally $300. First, you risk your life. Is it worth being trampled over for? No. Broken arm, broken leg, can’t work. NO workers comp. No unemployment. Hospital bills pile up. No money for food, housing, utilities. Is it really worth it sheep? Oh wait, I forgot. Folks here know better. Prep hard folks. Things are about to get ugly. May we all who truly know what’s going on, be those who come out on top. Don’t Tread On Me!

        • America, sheeple do NOT take a tour of their homes and point out every item made in (fill in the blank)and then say, that’s why I can’t find a job!!
          You can’t fix stupid!!

        • If you pay 100.00 for a tv, that’s all you get a 100.00 tv.

          • Exactly! You Get What You Pay For! More shit for the landfill.

      25. The ugly American grappling for corporate crumbs. Nasty F’ers!

      26. Just wait until they start fighting over the last can of Beanie Weenies after the trucks stop running.

        The great thing for preppers about Black Friday mayhem is that it gives us a great example of why we’re the only sane ones for stocking up in large quantities while we still can.

        Keep your powder dry and your OPSEC high!

        • Please insist all your non-prepper friends and family members watch ‘Contagion’. All through the movie, I said, see??
          That’s why I store stuff!!! 😉

        • Yes, and the greatest joy I get out of all this madness is they call us the crazy ones…. ride ’em cowboy….dj

      27. Pure Entertainment.

      28. Just another way to suck the money out of the marrow of the stupid, let them struggle its natures way of letting the best scum float to the crosshairs.

        • Really SICK , sorry about the typo , phone screen too small

      29. I don’t think a few malls being blown up with terror bombs would affect this behavior. 4 planes being flown into buildings didn’t stop people from flying. Crazy man shooting up a cinema didn’t stop people from going to movies. I think to overcome this behavior you’d have to have a sustained mall bombing plan carried out over months to make a change.

      30. Black Friday…The day people go out and trample other people for things they don’t have…

        Exactly one day after giving thanks for what they do have.

        They are products of the “waste based” economy. In a year or two, the junk will be in the land fill.

        • How do we know that the crowd at Macy’s isn’t the friends and relatives of the last lottery winner?

      31. Troll.

      32. Best of the Holidays to all.

        My Black Friday:

        I picked up my girlfriend’s son at the airport.

        Took a nap.

        Continued work on my wood rack to hold a cord of firewood. It is 20 inches wide, 16 feet long, and 6.5 feet tall.

        Snaked a clogged drain.

        Ordered pizza.

        Ate pizza.

        Spending quiet evening with the family.


        • You sir..are not a true are truly a Bad American

          Had you been would have been in line with all the “faithful cattle” as pictured/videoed above..

          After all… free market capitalism must thrive..

 your part from now on..

          Join the herd(s)..

          How was that pizza?


          • @posse:

            I gave up my place in line on b. friday to someone more entitled.

            I am part of the “heard”, not the “herd”.

            ……your brother……BA.

      33. Are some of these people the same ones crying over SNAP being cut? They look well fed and ready to spend money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with people who have a genuine need for assistance, but I’m going to guess a lot of these zombies fighting at walmart are on SNAP.

        Also, it’s obvious that these stores are guilty of perpetuating these brawls and acts of violence. I’m absolutely sickened by it.

      34. Bread and Circuses.
        Loved the Asian guy nuking the phone of the annoying valley girl.
        Just wait till mobs like this are an everyday event.
        American exceptionalism indeed.

      35. the crowd in front of Macy’s looks like the crowd that will gather in my front yard if I keep telling people about my preps….

        • Uh….,perhaps stop telling people Ugly?!

      36. Ugly

        A real Macy’s parade..



      37. Really??? where on earth are these people at…not around here I know?…didn’t do much of anything today(besides the chores) except eat and loaf…thanksgiving is one of the few days out of the year I purposely don’t do much of anything…today was our Thanksgiving Day for the family…I never do observe anything on its proclaimed day…just to be ornery and spite the system :)…hate going to the store for anything…don’t enjoy crowds and I don’t like seeing all the stuff I cant afford to buy if I did want it…so I don’t do it and it spares me a lot of grief…no sir you aint getting me off this farm to go trapse around in a crowd of nice folks much less these kind of critters!

      38. Reminds me when I saw the Who in concert in 1965. They were second billed to Herman’s Hermits. Third was Blues Magoos. The Who were a new group. Good memories!

        • Wow! Herman’s Hermits! That was a flashback for me. Funny.
          Now I gonna have songs stuck in my head.

          I’m Henry The Eighth, I am! Henry The Eighth I am, I am! I got married to the widow next door She’s been married seven times before And every one was an …

      39. Be Informed, 4:05 PM…..excellent post!!!! Thank you.

      40. just wait until the full crash when those people realize there is NO food in the stores, and no gas or electricity , and they didnt prepare like we have been telling them to for years… they will kill each other in the streets…. the cities will be kill zones. We that were prudent, eyes opened and prepping will be able to watch the carnage . We will have to protect our communities that we have built, but that is why we prepped, trained and networked in the first place. Ok with that said… here is the selfish plug… last chance… like noah as the door was closing … Be safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant!

        Between natural disasters , rising fuel prices, food prices, inflation, crime, soon to be food shortages ( due to colder than normal weather , and
        transportation problems ) then the fuel and food riots… time is almost up
        to get even your basic supplies ready and a plan of action. Equally as
        important is finding other like minded people you trust as close as possible
        to you. There is strength and safety in numbers. So check the below links to
        find those close to you and network

        Prepare by making essential preparations for yourself and your family to not just survive, but to thrive, if and when things get very difficult:

        Prepare food, water, clothing (especially for growing children/grandchildren) & shoes, fuel, essential drugs & medicines/vitamins, toiletries, medical supplies, guns, ammunition (when you run out, your guns are useless, and if you don’t have enough, you can’t keep your skills honed, so buy plenty), (gold & silver), and other essentials. If you have the resources, acquire enough for friends, relatives, neighbors, and other peers.

        Get your house in order, if it isn’t already. Prepare temporally and spiritually. Ensure that you will be part of the reason that God will side with us, because we’ve chosen to side with Him!

      41. @ Moe. I have seen this on savage muslim aniamlism on news networks all the time, from Fox, CNN, BBC, and others like DailyMail, Daily Telegraph, and many Israeli news sites such as Ynet News. I get sick and tired of seeing the most peaceful people on Earth that harm absolutely no one being attacked over and over again by these muslims, especially in Egypt and Syria. Coptic Christians and other Christians are constantly beheaded in Nigeria and many other African countries. In Pakistan last month these muslim devils killed 89 Christians in the worst attack on Christians ever in Pakistan just for the hell of it. In these hellholes, Christians and other religions are constantly “legally” put to death for insulting the prophet or the koran.

        You release a battery of cartoons on flyers in muslim countries showing the prophet muhammad mounting a pig, have fag encounters with other muslims, and other insults and you will have hundreds of thousands of these idiots rioting and killing, maybe even millions if you get the cartoons to everyone. Peaceful religion? Talk about a fairy tale. They are so stupid, they would go and kill their own people like a rabid dog to get someone for the horrible cartoons. How do I know this? Because it has already happened, many times. How many died because that person in Florida burned a koran? About 15 or so. Talk about manure for brains.

        I am not saying that all muslims are dog manure, but the cult is whacked out and the prove is in what they do to their own people, MINUS any western influence. These are the same POS that whip an innocent rape victim 200 times in Saudi Arabia. You call that a wonderful religion? Practically all muslim countries are places that restrict freedom as bad or worse than North Korea or Cuba. The majority of the population goes along with these psychos that make women wear these veils from toe to head, with only their eye showing. That allow marriages of little innocent children, pedophile rape.

        I still remember that picture of this happy little girl that was 10 years old that was walking home from her place of worship and two muslim scum shot her in the chest because she was a Coptic Christian in Egypt. Since then 5 more children were murdered like this. I linked that story on this site with the pictures of that child from Fox News. That is what I see with muslims, murderous psychos that are seldom or ever denounced by other muslims. A moderate muslim to me is one that doesn’t go out and suicide bomb a ddance hall, that instead shelters the terrorist or looks the other way. Proof is in the pudding, happens all the time all over the muslim countries. It is not just the radicals, it is the majority of the muslim species that doesn’t stand up and try to stop this barbarism against totally innocent people. That is what makes the muslim cult so evil, that there is no sense between what is right or wrong.

        By the way, people thumb this up because they too become sick and tired of seeing these beautiful peaceful people murdered for no other reason than they are Christian. Sick and tired of the old blame to western powers for all the muslims suffering. Ask any Jewish person living in peace hundreds of years ago to now what islam is about. These islamic nut jobs have been killing and torturing anyone not muslim since the fecal droppings of the devil known as the prophet muhammad stained the desert 1400 years ago.

        • amen…..

        • Good post.

        • BI I can easily support your idea Islam is for barbaric POS. I have seen in person what they do to each other and their women.

          I have seen the hacked up remains of their victim. Because they chose a different way of life. What they do to a woman because her scarf blew off in the wind.

          I wittensee a beheading once because the women sleep with a lower class man. Right in the square of the local mall.

          And we need to stop arguing how those building fell and get to dealing with all that caused it.

          Our government and the Islam backer of the terror.

      42. I’d rather put my nads in a vise and tighten it slowly than swim in the sewers that these mouthbreathing, knuckle-dragging, trolgledytic, pathetic EXCUSES for “Human
        Beings”. Anyone who participates in this behavior is guilty in the assistance of the fall of civilization. Subhumans. I’d rather watch chimps throw shit.

        OTOH- If you could manage to organize it to where chimps got to throw shit at the apes in line- THAT I would actually be willing so do pay-per-view for!

        • You must not of ever seen someone with their nuts in a vise.

          • Damn…Facebook!

            What kind of bars do you hang-out at???

      43. For anyone that would like to see what islam is about:


        Sharia law, another example of islamic justice

        ABC News: Women stoned to death under sharia law.

        Woman to be hanged for insulting muhammad, from CNN

        10 year old Christian girl murdered in Egypt as shown on Fox News, the one I was talking about.

        There are thousands of more examples from real live footage of what islam is really about. Just enter evil and muslim together and lots of links with the truth comes up. Look at the eyes of some of these muslims. I have not even seen wildness like this in even angry psycho reptiles. Pure evil is in those eyes.

      44. To everyone that would like to see proof of what islam is about. I have linked 5 videos waiting for Mac to approve them in moderation, including on Fox News the innocent child that was murdered by muslims while holding her Bible in Egypt a few months ago.

      45. We had an awesome homegrown thanksgiving dinner and had no need to go anywhere in search of sustenance. Actually, we have thanksgiving dinner at our house every day but that is a different story. After polishing off several bottles of wine, and reading “Why Black Friday Starts A Week Before Thanksgiving, Ends Christmas Eve” (Forbes), and watching all these zombie movies, I had a really bizarre epiphany. Like, actually, the thundering herds of goyim zombies on Black Friday is a good thing depending on ones point of view. It is a really clever gauge to show our owners just how much money there is left to steal (an estimated $52 billion dollars will be spent over the weekend), and it is estimated by the National Retail Federation that over 602 billion dollars will be spent between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it now gives us the window from which to gauge when shit is going to really hit the fan. I’ve said before there is entirely too much money left in the pockets of the goyim so TPTB won’t instigate a black swan SHTF event until ALL of the money has been stolen. I’ve never been to a Black Friday event and will never go, but for all of those who do attend, it will someday be no laughing matter and it reminds me of the parable of how to catch a wild pig. Talk about “not seeing it coming”!! By now, the goyim sheeple zombies have become accustomed to playing the new traditional American sport of running with the sheeple on Black Friday through Christmas. Some day in a couple years, when large numbers of zombie sheeple run out of money and stop showing up to run amok during the Black Friday zombie fest, and the big retailers report a “significant” drop in profits they will be instructed to once more entice the zombie sheeple with really super duper savings, the degree of which has never been seen, along with lots of free stuff, then millions more zombies than ever before will gleefully swarm into all the shopping malls (already taken over by DHS and TSA, as the negotiations have been in the works for awhile, as they have with football stadiums and coliseums.) then, after the zombies have all swarmed in, they will be surreptitiously gassed with some horrible infectious disease and only TPTB will have the antidote (most of the zombies have compromised immune systems anyway from all the heavy metals, GMOs and prescription drugs they’ve been gobbling down all these years.) TPTB need antidotes because most of them have been doing the same thing so their immune systems are also compromised. The zombies will then leave and they will go home none the wiser, and die writhing and squirming in their sleep several days later. The few that survive will be so shocked they will simply submit or starve to death, all the while wondering what the hell just happened. What a great clever, albeit evil, way to get rid of a hundred million zombies all at once and no one would be the wiser. Most of those that don’t consume GMOs or prescription drugs have nothing to worry about from infection since their immune systems will be robust enough to handle it. Everyone else will then be systematically hunted down like dogs just like they are already doing to gun owners in California and New York. By this time, it will be obvious that the shooting has already started and those that are not willing to defend themselves will endure the same fate as those in the shopping malls, except with much more visible extreme prejudice, while the rest of us will then have the choice of either fight and live or possibly die or submit and die. Since the shooting will already have started and most of the zombies will have been eliminated, it will make target identification a lot easier. You will wake up one morning and realize that most of your acquaintances have either died or simply disappeared and you will realize that they too were zombies and you will soon come to know… when the bullet hits the bone. This should make for some very interesting times. Now, I’ll get back to listening to the twilight zone, a little Creedence, Joe Cocker, Santana and ZZ Top… and down my last bottle of Cabernet. Happy Thanksgiving.

        Still going strong.

      46. Watching the videos I am sure that when the shit hits the fan only those who prepped will survive. If these 1/2 humans will fight over coffee makers and clothing what will they do over food and water. (DUMB QUESTION, THEY WILL KILL.)

        These people are crazy. They are buying stuff that won’t mean a Damn thing if we have a EMP or just a complete break down. If they were getting preps I could see going to a store early to get preps to survive on. I would get up early to get a deal.

        This is off topic, but there was a comment on Coast to Coast AM last night stating that Jan. 15Th some thing big was coming. This INFO was from some one in FEMA. I know they have given out dates before , and were wrong, but just maybe they might be right this time.
        Dose anyone have any INFO on this? Thanks for the help.

        • I got a wonder mill Jr deluxe for 219$ delivered.

      47. Life used to not be this way.

      48. Sgt

        I’ve heard way too many “insider info” nonsense that “events” are to take place at such and such a time over these last few years that I just ignore them at this appears that everyone is now a prophet on false flags about to happen….and they never do.

        Just like all these coordinated drills simulating a terrorist scenario…nothing occurs..

        Yes, they do train for every possible scenario, and then some..just ask anyone in special forces or Marines…that’s all they do..train ..and train again..

        When another trigger event occurs..we will all be normalcy has to set in first..

        Meanwhile, the economy steadily erodes before our very eyes..

        Enjoy the day..


        • Posse:
          Thanks for the come back. You know we are fed a diet of crap all the time, and they do put some truth in it. You are more than likely right and there is nothing to it. My only concern is for all the great folks on this site if he is right. So I guess Thank God for today and prep for tomorrow.
          Again my friend thanks!
          P.S. How can someone give you a thumbs down on this??????

      49. These sheeple need to become cognizant of the fact that they are being played. This whole “black friday” BS is just that, BS, just a way to ratchet up sales at the expense of human dignity. One aspect about this shopping craze is that a lot of stores are now open on Thanksgiving day and that means some poor slobs have to work, or should I say struggle for their very survival on a day when they should be home with their loved ones. Point is that people now HAVE to work on a holiday that at one time was celebrated by all in the USA, from the Rockefellers all the way down to the manual laborer, and now even that is being manipulated away from those that need the day off the most, the working poor. Maybe it’s time to teach our progeny what Christmas really means, that we celebrate the greatest gift given to man, eternal salvation in the guise of none other that Jesus of Nazareth.

      50. New Age Gold Rush or 21st Century Pioneering?

        The Hardship and Danger these people had to face to get pieces of electronic pleasure.

        Too bad the stores did not issue clubs to those in line to beat your
        competitor down before they get, “Your Stuff”. The Taser Fight was a nice twist to Season’s Greetings.
        Take a look around you. These people are your neighbors. Shake your hand one week and cut your throat the next.

        Happy Holiday’s everyone. Till the Credit card is Maxed Out. Hahahahahaha!

      51. Theres nothing wrong with black friday junk shopping if you already have all your preps.

      52. Enough enriched uranium in Iran for 4 nuclear weapons. N-Bomb awaits Saudis in Pakistan

        DEBKAfile Special Report Nov 30, 2013, 11:38 AM (IDT)
        When the Geneva accord was signed on Nov. 24, Iran had already amassed enough enriched uranium for four nuclear bombs, and the Saudis stood ready to collect an atom bomb from a Pakistani shelf. In his phone call to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, President Barack Obama proposed tighter US intelligence oversight for verifying Iran’s compliance with its commitments and pass its findings to Israel for further analysis. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif threatened to boycott the technical discussions if Israelis were co-opted – even indirectly.

      53. After people gave thanks for what they have, here comes the big sale events every black Friday that let people shop for things they don’t really need.

      54. Now we really know that zombies move fast!

      55. Cayman Islands agrees to report US citizens’ offshore assets under controversial law
        Reuters / Kim Hong-Ji
        The Cayman Islands has signed an agreement with the United States to combat offshore tax evasion pursuant to a controversial 2010 law that has caused some notable US expatriates to revoke their US citizenship.
        The US Department of the Treasury announced Friday the US has signed an intergovernmental agreement with the Cayman Islands to enforce the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in what it bills as an effort to promote transparency.

        In the Cayman Islands – one of the world’s largest offshore financial centers – foreign financial institutions (FFIs) will be required to share tax information about US account holders with the IRS via the Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority.

        • And after that announcment from the Cayman Island bankers, three congressmen, ten senators,and 2 expresidents suicided! The jig is upnow we will no doubt find out about some politicans having vast fortunes hidden in the Cayman Islands!

      56. “Black Friday”, only thing that caught my eye was ammo that was on sale at one local retailer, so Yes I did shop on Black Friday, picked me up another 650 rounds of ammo !!!!
        Keep Prepping !

        • Southern:
          Good move. I just talked to my brothers, brother-in-law who has just got his FFL and he told me that he is still have one hell of a time getting 22LR. for a reasonable price. the best price he found was 75.00 for 500 rds. What a rip off. He did say that the AMMO is starting to come back on the market. Its going to coast more.

        • According to the people who replied to my post, buying material things makes you a despicable person especially if they bring you joy.

      57. Don’t know about other areas but around here ammo in large quantities is still difficult to come by and when you can find it the retailers limit the quantity you can purchase, glad I started putting some away quite awhile back, but still have my eyes open & snatch up any I can find !

        • It’s coming back here, too, and prices dropping somewhat, but .22LR is still hard to find.

      58. TO EVERYONE. Always weigh in yourselves to any story and theory on any subject. Don’t always believe what you here. A very widely accepted total ball of crap going on still is the pure asinine theory that the Canary Islands collapse into the Atlantic Ocean will cause a mass tsunami across the eastern seaboard of the United States. This is a doomsday story that won’t die everytime there are earthquakes in the Canary Islands region. This utter manure is something that people will argue is something that is being hidden from the public.

        This is absolutely no conspiracy with this garbage. The amount of kinetic energy from the entire Canary Island chain collapsing would be the same as a football field size asteroid splashing down in the Atlantic. It would produce a 2 foot to maximum 3 foot tsunami at 3500 miles away. It would take an asteroid of at least 6 miles and solid iron to produce a tsunami at this distance of 160 feet high. The Japanese earthquake that produced dynamic overshoot only produced a 6 foot tsunami in California. This was hundreds of miles of mass ocean displacement at speeds many times higher than what would happen with an island collapse.

        Case in point, discreation and careful analysis is required with any story or theory out there on all sides of the spectrum from one side to the other. The Atlantic tsunami MYTH is something widely accepted and is pure utter horseshit. Something that I will argue with anyone over because it is a lie and so false into scaring people that their home is going to be hit by a doomsday wave. The Caribbean plate is all to worry about because it is almost equal in size to the Japanese plate and the Cascadia fault zone. Last time it went off was about 1400 AD and the Canary Islands chain was to blame for the tsunami that hit the coastline. This is a lie and misconceptions that is still regarded as true.

        This is why without other influences I look at a puzzle myself and come up with my own conclusions about certain therories. Everyone should be very careful about what they read because there is a lot of falsehoods out there.

      59. Heres my prediction- soon were gonna have a reality tv show on store sales and a year end special show on Black Friday.
        Sure bet.

      60. Someone asked me if I were going to shop on Black Friday this year. I never have, and the only way I ever would is if someone in my family needed a kidney that very day and the only place I could get one was at Macys (ugh), and it would have to be a very good kidney. So many people standing in line for “bargains” that will be cheaper in January and were cheaper at Labor Day, mostly for stuff they don’t need, made in countries where people die in factory fires because the emergency exits are non-existent and are paid less in a 14 hour day than what a McDonald’s fry cook makes in an hour. All to feed the ravenous, never-satisfied appetite of the corporate big-shots. Fighting over a tv, so they can go home and sit on a couch, eat more junk food and reach critical-mass weight, watching “reality” shows that have less to do with reality than a Disney cartoon. What the hell is going to happen when people are fighting over the last can of spam? When food and water are scarcer than hens’ teeth? We’re at the edge of the cliff and I don’t think anything can pull us back. Misneach, fianna.

      61. 1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! 2 Timothy 3:1-5

      62. since we’re talking about government lies/secrets/coverups

        Japanese (And American) Governments Go to Extreme Lengths to Cover Up Fukushima and Other Disasters

        Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror

        there may indeed be instances where the government is truthful
        they lie so damn much you don’t know what to believe and when

      63. I worked with a guy that had 35 years seniority with our company. I explained to him one day that if he retired right then, he would be taking home the same amount of money as if he kept working. He told me he couldn’t afford to retire. Again, I explained to him that he would have the same amount of take home money as he was earning by coming to work everyday. Still, he says he can’t afford to retire. He worked for 8 more years, for nothing. He is a registered voter.

        • Maudy, I had to explain to more than one person over the years that the difference between pension and paycheck meant they were working for only $6 an hour, or less.

          Figure taxes and retirement contributions, they were losing money or nearly so, by working. Add in commuting, lunches, that kind of thing, they were definitely in the red.

      64. Our company offered our union a contract. The membership voted it down. The company came back with a worse offer and the membership voted it in. I asked some of the guys why they voted down the better of the two offers. They responded that they just wanted to show the company that they could vote no if they wanted to. They are registered voters. Any further questions why the country is doomed?

      65. There were an estimated 100 million Black Friday shoppers. The vast majority were law abiding. There’s a lot of hysteria in the alternative media besides a lot of unfounded attacks on Americans for shopping. All in all it’s pretty stupid. Yes, it’s easy to talk about a few incidents and pretend they’re indicative of American society as a whole. But it’s not accurate.

        • Barn:
          You make a good point.
          Barn don’t you think that this is just an example of whats to come if there is a total collapse. Yes this was only a small portion of the folks out shopping for non-prep items for the most part.
          Here is what the difference is. They will cut your throat for a bottle of water, or a loaf of bread. They will turn into Zombies.
          You also have to remember this is just black Friday thing is just a one day thing, a collapse is for a long time and they will get more and more desperate, and violent.
          Hope you had a good “Thanksgiving” day.

        • Barn Cat…. You do have a point but the main issue is STUPID LAW ABIDING CITIZENS will turn to be NON LAW ABIDING CITIZENS in a hear beat and when they get hungry and can’t find food. The main difference between the two types is CRIMINALS are posing present danger and STUPIDS will pose near future danger when they get desperate. I am more concerned with the stupid types btw.

      66. A short article but Mac shows beautifully how we are in big trouble as a country. I can never understand why anyone stays in lines like these for hours to buy something i can get from my computer or just wait a few days till the storm is over. These holidays sure brings out the worst in america today.

      67. The thought I keep having is in this day and age, when they have mandated everyone wear seat belts and bicycle helmets to keep us safe,And those of us who dont submit are maligned and threatened with cps and tickets… that dodge ball has been banned from most gym classes and tackle football is now seriously being looked at as being banned because it is to barbaric…the powers that be, the ones who have declared all those things are wrong and bad somehow allow this freak show to continue unabated. Standing and watching as a grown man throws elbows into woman and children to get a couple tv’s (limit one???) What am I missing here? That MF should be spending the weekend in the can an have a couple nice felonies on his ever increasing wrap sheet. Yet I am wrong because I dont wear a bike helmet? No there is something going on that they are allowing this to continue or my spidey sense is not working anymore.(and it is working fine)

      68. Poor people make poor choices. Most Black Friday deals are in fact easy to find other times of the year. You can also find the same crap on craigslist (albeit likely stolen) for half the price if not less. The bargain hunters have little pride, life skills, and non existent planning.
        Business preys on the stupid and takes advantage of the Psycology of consuming jackasses.
        We can all learn from watching this. Not that we act like morons. When a “shortage” of preps happens do not run out and grab the items. Wait until the price is completely driven up and then comes down. Then buy when you are thinking rather than reacting.
        Just as when the shtf, stay out of the muck, keep your head down and shut up. They will feed on each other thin out and weaken. Wait the out and there will be little threat. The remaining ones will pack up like dogs and start looking around. Then is the time to fight.

      69. What is wrong with you people? This is nothing more than capitalism and the free market in action. I thought you people were died in the wool capitalists. I guess you are really nothing more than closest socialists or communists. This is typical of you morons. You extoll the free market and capitalism until it does not go the way you think it should. Besides, you are free not to participate as others are free to participate. What would you do? Have the government ban Black Friday events? That is really in keeping with your professed ideology of getting government out of people’s lives. It seems you gov’t out of people’s lives unless people do not live according to your marrow mined and bigoted way of thinking.

        • Really good straw man argument there, Joe.

          What we don’t like is mindless, stampeding, materialism by folks who should know better.

          Let us know when you really believe in capitalism and free markets, you can begin by condemning Obamacare and it’s destruction of the private medical care system in the United States.

          But you won’t do that, will you?

        • ncjoe, who the f#$% are you calling commie, you sorry mf? We all believe in freedom, something you don’t know anything about, so go f#$% yourself!

        • Minus responsibility there can be no freedom…these people have no sense of responsibility so their claim to do so freely is void….think about it.

      70. Ahhh, good ole Americans showing us once again that they are the mirror image of the Romans in their hedonistic twilight years.

        Believing its more important to get a TV then it is to read, learn and realize that they are being distracted by what is really going on their country, like getting robbed by the powers that be.

        The majority of US citizenry is more concern getting an item for cheap from a distant country, that use to be made by their next door neighbor, then they are about what’s happening in their own neck of the woods. Their mantra is “entertain us, distract us,give us stamps we will obey”

        Where are the protests and marches of old? Oh right, they’re too distracted getting punched, kicked and tasered while purchasing a video game.

        And the founding fathers wept

        • While you may have a point somewhere in what you say you err in assuming that Americans act like this…these gooftards may be in America but that don’t make them Americans…these folks are not even a measurable percentage of our people and certainly theyre in no way representative of us…in no way a majority…you find these types in certain parts of any nation where certain types of people congregate…this is where they come from…and whilst they are a lesson for the rest of us to ponder again they are not we!

      71. I’ll just keep on packing silver.

        It’s all going down…

      72. Nothing there I want or need Ill just stay home with my Dillon 650 and keep busy.

      73. Nothing there I want or need Ill just stay home with my Dillon 650 and keep busy.

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