Ruling Class Propaganda Outlets Quit Twitter

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Headline News

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    Two propaganda outlets of the ruling class have quit Twitter after being accurately labeled as “state-funded” media. National Public Radio (NPR) left Twitter after being declared “government-funded media,”  even though it says it right there in the company’s title.

    National and Public mean government-funded propaganda. But now another public company that doesn’t like being called out for what it is that has decided to follow suit.  Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has followed National Public Radio in bailing from the Twitter platform after the social media network labeled both organizations as government-funded media.


    PBS stopped tweeting from our account when we learned of the change and we have no plans to resume at this time,” PBS spokesman Jason Phelps said in an email. “We are continuing to monitor the ever-changing situation closely.”

    The spat began after Twitter tagged NPR as “state-affiliated media,” a description it also uses for propaganda accounts from Russia, China and the UK. Twitter later changed the wording to “government-funded media,” but the organization has called the description inaccurate and misleading because it’s a nonprofit group with “editorial independence”. -ZeroHedge

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    As for PBS dropping Twitter for being called out for what even its Wikipedia entry says is a “publicly funded nonprofit organization”, we are confident it will more than makeup for it by making Sesame Street super extra woke and urging its 5-year-old viewers to get a 5th booster shot. -ZeroHedge

    NPR‘s CEO John Lansing called the move “unacceptable.” and denies it produces state propaganda for the ruling class.

    The British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) main Twitter account had a “publicly-funded media” tag as of Wednesday afternoon. In an interview with a BBC reporter at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, Twitter owner Elon Musk acknowledged that the British organization was “not thrilled” about the initial “government-funded” label.

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