Ruling Class: Monkeypox Should “Concern” Everybody

by | May 23, 2022 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Joe Biden said that the monkeypox should “concern” everybody because it’s “baffling” experts around the world. So far, the United States has only reported two cases of monkeypox.

    According to a report by Fox News, while there are at least 80 confirmed cases of the disease worldwide and another 50 suspected cases, the U.S. has only confirmed a pair of cases after a man in Massachusetts was diagnosed with the disease. Another man in New York City also tested positive for monkeypox.

    “I’m stunned by this. Every day I wake up and there are more countries infected,” said Oyewale Tomori, a virologist and World Health Organization advisory board member. “This is not the kind of spread we’ve seen in West Africa, so there may be something new happening in the West,” he added.

    U.S. Rulers Orders $119 Million Worth of Monkeypox Vaccine

    Cases have been reported in Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United States, Sweden, and Canada, all by individuals who reportedly had no travel history with Africa. France, Germany, Belgium, and Australia also reported confirmed cases this week. According to WHO estimates, monkeypox could be fatal for up to one-in-ten people, though its similarity to the smallpox virus allows smallpox vaccinations to provide some protection.

    Scientists Freak Out Over Pandemic Potential Of Genetically Engineered Smallpox

    Historically, cases of monkeypox outside of Africa have been linked to international travel or animal imports, according to the CDC. (African rodents and non-human primates can carry the virus.) However, the source of the six non-travel-related infections in the U.K. remains a mystery, and it’s unknown whether the newfound cases in Spain and Portugal are related to the U.K. infections, according to STAT. -Live Science

    Symptoms appear one to two weeks after infection and initially include mostly flu-like symptoms like fever, headaches, and shortness of breath. After about five days, a skin eruption phase begins where a rash appears and often spreads to different areas of the body. According to the CDC, monkeypox will cause the lymph nodes to swell, unlike smallpox.

    Back in 2017, SHTFPlan warned of smallpox making a comeback, and Canada’s involvement in it:

    Why Smallpox Will Make A Comeback: Canadian Researchers Spend Only $100,000 To Reconstitute Extinct Virus

    Make note of certain names and who is involved:

     Last week it was revealed that a team of Canadian researchers managed to synthesize an extinct strain of smallpox, by piecing together several mail-order samples.

    The horsepox virus the Canadian team created is not a threat to human health — or even the health of horses — should it ever escape from a lab. And it’s not the first virus created by putting pieces of DNA together in the right sequence.

    Still, the news that a team headed by David Evans, a professor of medical microbiology and immunology, had accomplished this feat — at a relatively low cost of about $100,000 plus labor — was a bit of a wakeup call. The news was first reported Thursday in Science Magazine.

    “This is an example of what modern technologies can do,” noted Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

    This is a harbinger of how dangerous our future will be. These scientists have just demonstrated how easy it now is to reconstitute long-dead viruses, including smallpox. As one virologist put it, “No question. If it’s possible with horsepox, it’s possible with smallpox.” –SHTFPlan, July 18th, 2017

    How interesting that Fauci was involved in this smallpox creation back in 2017. Not even five years later, we are “coincidentally” having an issue with a smallpox-like virus, in which a smallpox vaccine is allegedly effective.


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      1. We need to take Monkeypox seriously, the elections are rapidly approaching.

      2. How interesting that Fauci was involved in this smallpox creation back in 2017.

        Well, whenever some disease
        pops up somewhere – you
        can be damn sure the evil
        satanic leprechaun is most
        likely involved somehow.

      3. Monkeypox ?
        Being the attention whore
        it is, Covid is not going to
        like this – not at all.

      4. The exercise Event 201 took place just a few months before the Covid plandemic. Now with the monkeypox you also had a tabletop exercise before it was detected in the population. Coincidence?  

        In March 2021, a tabletop exercise was held at the Munich Security Conference in partnership with the Nuclear Threat Initiative or NTI with support from, you guessed it, Open Philanthropy, one of the funders of Event 201.  The report from this exercise was just released in November 2021.

        It’s pretty hard not to see the connections between the Event 201 pandemic scenario and the COVID-19 pandemic and, in looking back, it seems more than a bit coincidental that the March 2021 Munich Security Conference/NTI exercise involved a monkeypox outbreak and the current threat of a monkeypox epidemic/pandemic.

      5. How long before all the
        late nite tv idiots announce
        they have Monkey Pox ?

      6. Yawn!

      7. We are concerned more about the fact that the same arrogant clowns who were in charge of the Covid Catass-trophy are in charge now.

      8. Lock us down harder big Daddy gubermint!
        People get sick; people die of diseases everyday as it is the the nature of life! Cheese and Ride this is getting old!

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