Why Smallpox Will Make A Comeback: Canadian Researchers Spend Only $100,000 To Reconstitute Extinct Virus

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    The Eradication of smallpox was arguably one of the greatest medical achievements of the modern era. A disease which killed at least 300 million people in the 20th century alone, was snuffed out after decades of hard work by scientists and doctors, and after over a billion dollars (adjusted for inflation) was spent on vaccination campaigns.

    Unfortunately, this achievement could be easily undone with modern technology, and at a tiny fraction of what it initially cost to eradicate smallpox. Last week it was revealed that a team of Canadian researchers managed to synthesize an extinct strain of smallpox, by piecing together several mail order samples.

    The horsepox virus the Canadian team created is not a threat to human health — or even the health of horses — should it ever escape from a lab. And it’s not the first virus created by putting pieces of DNA together in the right sequence.

    Still, the news that a team headed by David Evans, a professor of medical microbiology and immunology, had accomplished this feat — at a relatively low cost of about $100,000 plus labor — was a bit of a wakeup call. The news was first reported Thursday in Science Magazine.

    “This is an example of what modern technologies can do,” noted Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

    This is a harbinger for how dangerous our future will be. These scientists have just demonstrated how easy it now is to reconstitute long dead viruses, including smallpox. As one virologist put it, “No question. If it’s possible with horsepox, it’s possible with smallpox.”

    The reason why smallpox could be brought back to life in this same way that horsepox was revived, is because there are still small pox samples in existence that can be bought from private companies.

    Producing the variola virus in the same fashion would be prohibited under WHO regulations and rules in place in many nations. Labs are not allowed to make more than 20% of the variola genome, and the companies that make and sell DNA fragments have voluntary checks in place to prevent their customers from ordering ingredients for certain pathogens unless they have a valid reason. But controlling every company in the world that produces nucleic acids is impossible, Keim says. “We’ve recognized for quite a few years that regulating this type of activity is essentially impossible,“ he says.

    And if you think there’s plenty of oversight for this practice, you’d be wrong. Back in 2006, The Guardian managed to order several smallpox samples over the internet, and they were delivered, no questions asked.

    Advanced Tactical Gas Mask – Are You Ready for a Biological, Nuclear or Chemical Attack?

    The DNA sequence of smallpox, as well as other potentially dangerous pathogens such as poliovirus and 1918 flu are freely available in online public databases. So to build a virus from scratch, a terrorist would simply order consecutive lengths of DNA along the sequence and glue them together in the correct order. This is beyond the skills and equipment of the kitchen chemist, but could be achieved by a well-funded terrorist with access to a basic lab and PhD-level personnel…

    …The DNA sample we ordered had, at our request, three small modifications to render it harmless before it was sent by post to a residential address in London. The company has since conceded that it was not aware it was sending out a sequence of modified smallpox DNA

    …Of the four main companies operating in the UK, none currently screens all their DNA orders. There are 39 companies operating in North America and not all screen their orders.

    Is it any wonder why globalist insiders like Bill Gates are warning that bio weapons could kill hundreds of millions of people in the near future? What used to be the realm of advanced government labs and mother nature is now accessible to just about anyone, as technology makes it ridiculously easy for terrorists to create and rebuild viruses that could grind civilization to a halt. At this point it’s no longer a matter of if, but when someone decides to unleash one of these pathogens.

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      1. I have my pock-mark to prove I was vaccinated! It did save lives!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • laeagle:

          Lol. Vaccines are no guarantee. For one thing, they have an expiration date. For another, you don’t know what the quality of the vaccine is.

          The best defense against disease is a strong immune system.

          I am much less concerned about lab created disease than I am about Somali refugees with AIDS and 70 IQs and a rape culture.

          Did you know that the blue eyed blond woman who was shot by a police officer in Canada, was shot by a Somali refugee christened Police Officer. The victim was in pajamas after calling police for assistance.

          __ There are hundreds of labs doing germ warfare experiments. Overkill is an understatement.
          __ If someone comes up with a bio weapon that is gene specific; let’s hope it’s targeting the stupid gene.


          • B, I NEVER take ANY vaccine for ANYTHING. Google Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. She has done a lot of research on vaccines you’ll find interesting.

            • Is she related to Moneypenny?

            • I was in the military and vaccinated for everything due to possible deployment to anywhere in the world 24/7.
              I received some of the last Smallpox Vaccinations ever given out
              (1978). Other than a twitch when Democrat politicians talk I’m OK!

          • B from CA,

            What medical training have you had? Are you a practicing physician? I completely agree with the statement, “The best defense against disease is a strong immune system.” That is the whole idea behind vaccinations, to give your immune system a ‘heads up’ and the specific tools to combat the coming invasion. It is not enough to give the uninitiated a gun and send them into combat without any training or even worse to send them into the battle without any weapons or shields or protection. That is what you are proposing my friend. I know there are a lot who are opposed to vaccines but it works! I, like rellik, have been vaccinated for just about everything since childhood, and I thank God, I have not experienced the harmful effects being touted by so many here. I am not denying that there can be harmful side-effects but all medicine can have side-effects beyond its intended purpose. People react to certain foods all the time and it can be life threatening! For goodness sakes, you can get a gout flair from eating figs and apricots, or die from hyperkalemia from eating potatoes! People routinely develop severe reactions from eating shell fish, shrimp, etc. The potential for unexpected side-effects and adverse reactions is exponential. I knew a guy who was allergic to cold water! The whole idea behind mass vaccinations is the concept that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and vaccines are effective and they work! I have seen patients suffering from tetanus and it is painful and can be deadly. Rabies, measles, flu, cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, encephalitis, etc., are diseases we have vaccines for that have saved lives. I have seen patients infected with some of these diseases close up and it is not pretty. I am a believer in the efficacy and importance of vaccines. Your immune system may be your last line of defense, do not ignore it!

            Louisiana Eagle

          • Don’t forget sloppy lab procedures.

            Just a petri dish dropped away from global pandemic.

          • She was shot in Minnesota, not Canada.

          • All of the “Invaders” coming from the Mid East and Africa, etc – many have very serious diseases – major concerns folks! And they are running wild on the streets on England, the US, Most of Europe for that matter. Wonderful idea letting all of these 1/2 witted savage apes into civil society.

        • My mother was vaxxed about 6 times against it. Never scarred . Doctor listed her as immune.

          She lived on a farm as a kid. Cookieboy was her cow. She may have contacted cow pox which would have immunized her against the lethal strains. She never noticed any markings on her hands from contracting pox from the udders…..

          If I recall, late 19 the century, vinegar was used successfully as a prophylactic against small pox for doctors and nurses in the wards. Will look up and post if found.

          The old vaccines were vaccines, not heavy metal, msg, aborted fetal cell, ovine and bovine skin cell, nagalase delivery devices.

        • I use a product that kills virus, bacteria, yeast and some parasites! Do you want to learn about it.

        • Vaccines are far from the hero you were taught, buy the time they arrived sanitation and nutrition practically wiped out small pox. Vaccines have no safety test and are ridden with contaminants. Our immune system is compromised by them.

        • In its final years of use the vaccine killed more than Smallpox did. It also killed people. Personal hygiene has saved more lives than all the vaccines combined.

      2. Who cares…….If this don’t kill ya, someone or something else will.

      3. “the companies that make and sell DNA fragments have voluntary checks in place to prevent their customers from ordering ingredients for certain pathogens”

        Thats very comforting, sleep well.

        Pose on it, control of this is as porous as a screen. Its a perfect opportunity for government, yours, theirs or anyones to employ and blame it on anyone or any entity they desire. It can also occur by mistake, mishandling or intentional by someone with an agenda or an “ax to grind”. No civilian arms nor preparations are an adequate defense, no property or infrastructure is destroyed.

        Its actually a rather short list regarding it not eventually happening.

        • Few people in the modern era understand the horrors of smallpox. Certainly anyone under the age of 30 is clueless. They think all of the vaccines they received have made them invulnerable.

          They have no idea that the single vaccine not given to them may result in their dying a horrible death.

          How would anyone prove who loosed a smallpox virus? The MSM is full of lies as it is.

          • “How would anyone prove who loosed a smallpox virus? The MSM is full of lies as it is.”

            Absolute plausible deniability.

            • K: yep. People could holler all they wanted. MSM doesn’t give us news, or answers, The only thing they give us is propaganda. The narrative, or story, they want us to believe.

              I don’t believe anything I see on the MSM.

              • George Carlin was right.

      4. Hmmm,,, the solution to gun control? I would not put it past them since it appears the US citizenry is a big thorn in the globalist mindset.

      5. What is the one vaccine that children do not receive in the US? You guessed it, smallpox.

        I was vaccinated while I was active duty and prior to being shipped to the former West Germany.

        It has been a long time. No boosters. At least I have a little more immunity built up than kids from the modern era. They are nothing but Petri dishes waiting to be infected.

        Scary that this is the one vaccination you can’t get in the US. There is a reason.

      6. PD, I wouldn’t even trust that vaccine. I never get vaccinated for anything. I’m 60 and still in very good health. I worry more about two-legged predators than any disease.

        • Too late to do anything about it now. But at least I was vaccinated. Anyone under 30 years old is vulnerable. Small pox is a horrible way to die. People don’t even remember what it did or what it was like.

          The only historical comparison that comes to mind is when the Spaniards landed in the Americas. They had cannons and blankets full of small pox. the indigenous population had no immunity and was wiped out. if you think our modern day snowflakes are any different, you are kidding yourself.

          I no longer get vaccinated for anything unless it is the single-dose tetanus. Getting lock-jaw is not my idea of a good time.

          You may be fine. What about your children? Grandchildren? Nieces, nephews, great neices, great nephews? Those kids have been thrown under the bus by the CDC and our government.

      7. Yesif there was some parasite taker specific disease to perform the needed culling. Maybe one that targets obese fat lazy types? I would be all for it! And Where is the uproar about the cop murdering a white woman? Also there has been a uptic of earthquakes since that CME arrived .

      8. Ewwww. Measles. Ah, yes. The weekly dose of “Pandemica.” I am so afraid.

        • People die from measles! The sequelae can be lifelong and severely debilitation if it infects your organs, like your heart. Not something to poo poo, although severe diarrhea is a common symptom. Most do recover and then build up an immunity that protects them when they are exposed again.

          Louisiana Eagle

      9. You don’t have to spend $100K to resurect Smallpox. Do a little research and you can find graveyards where those that died from it were buried. Dig them up and take a few samples. You could grow enough in a few months to sell to a terrorrist group and retire. But if you do I pray they hunt you down and hang you.

      10. I thought EBOLA was supposed to do the job? The fact is lots of things happen that kill lots of people. We will all eventually succumb to something and take the dirt nap. So why worry & give free rent in your head things that you cant do anything about?

        • No, it was west nile that was going to get us a few years ago…wait…last year it was Zika virus. About 5 years ago it was Hunta virus….I nneeedddd moar Fear…please, lets have another virus to stock up on gloves and nb masks.. I got my shit in a faraday can for fat kim’s emp. I got my chinese vocabulary down pat for when hick’s chinks invade texas…My fema camp coffin is waiting for me.. Im greatful Ive lived 17 years since reading my first big (Y2K) fear and doom porn article.

      11. I can believe that smallpox will make a comeback through pure human cussedness. What seems more likely is some mutation of influenza that crosses species such as bird flu or swine flu. If you could limit it to one population of people without everyone being vulnerable, it would have happened by now. If antibiotics are really losing their effectiveness, the coming killers will have the same names following the words “antibiotic-resistant”.

      12. Smallpox? In Texas they get bigpox. Ain’t nothin’ small about Texas!

      13. Never calll 911 period to the woman who was shot by police are not your friends looking to kill you screw you steal you stuff work for goverment

        • 11:28 Damon calls to report a woman screaming.

          11:29 Dispatch alerts cars, Noor and partner already on scene in the alley. Report no suspects located.

          11:30 Noor shoots Damon for seemingly no reason.

          Why were Noor and his partner already on scene? Easy: They were the “suspects”. Noor killed the only witness

          • That woman should of stayed in her damn house. If something is going on, stay the hell away and out of it. That Muslim terrorist that shot that innocent white woman deserves to HANG in public for all to see!! Making these black muslim scum cops is a great idea!!

      14. So what? If TPTB want it to happen, it will happen and there aint shit anyone here can do about it. just enjoy everyday as if it were your last- because one day it will be!

      15. We are missing the point if we only focus on the health effects, positive or negative, of vaccines. Because that is not what THEY are focusing on.

        The UN, the banks, big corporations, the Vatican and more of that ilk call vaccines their ‘Entry Point’ for the ID2020 project: everyone is to receive their digital financial identity at the point of vaccination. It’s in their own documents:

        Biometric ID on the Blockchain with Microsoft

        Entry Point (A UN document explaining a lot)

        The Race is on: A New Digital Financial Identity For Every Global Citizen

        • A new vaccine will provide a reason (and opportunity) to have everyone get their “chip”.

      16. Smallpox is stored in several labs around the world. There’s no need to “reconstitute it”.

        There was debate on whether it should be intentionally driven to extinction, about 20 years ago in the 1990s. It wasn’t. During the debate it was pointed out that everything is known about the virus, including it’s entire genome sequencing. It can be reconstituted artificially at this point.

        So, what I’m really saying is, this article is crap.

        • The Russians have it and even more! I am sure the Chinese have specimens too!

          Louisiana Eagle

      17. Vaccines have been hijacked to do harm to many and death to others.

        If you go to www dot boydgraves dot com, you will read the proof that AIDs was a germ warfare experiment.

        Avoid vaccines– government issued or not.

      18. “Give me a fever and I can cure any illness.” (Attributed to Hippocrates) “Fire cleanseth all things” (Unknown author)

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