Ruling Class: Get Vaccinated, Or Be Locked Down Again

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments


The message from the ruling class masters to the slaves is clear: get vaccinated. Comply. Submit, or be punished. They are all saying the same things right now. Take the shot, or get locked down again.

That doesn’t sound much like freedom. It’s like asking people to choose between getting punched in the face or kicked in the head. Or making them choose between two predetermined masters to rule over them.  Are we starting to figure this out yet? They issue us two threats disguised as a choice every single time.

And no matter what these tyrants say, we know they want more lockdowns, more draconian restrictions, and more chains around the necks of other human beings.

“We want to avoid lockdowns at all costs, but that means we’re going to have to do some other things that won’t necessarily be welcomed by people,” Dr. Francis Collins said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when asked how he saw the fall playing out. Collins adds that ritualistic shame muzzles need to be worn again and even children in school need to wear them.

“But if we want to avoid more severe outcomes that might lead to more extreme measures like lockdowns, we know what to do, we just need to do it,” he said. “And oh my goodness, it will be so good if we can have that conversation about the data and the evidence and the public health arguments and get politics out of it. Unfortunately, that’s not where we are at the present time in the United States of America.”

Collins adds that the vaccination rates are increasing, which he says is a good thing. “People are waking up to this,” he said. “That’s what desperately needs to happen if we are going to get this Delta variant put back in its place because right now it is having a pretty big party in the middle of the country.”

The US by Monday had vaccinated 70% of adults with at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, the White House’s Covid-19 data director, Cyrus Shahpar, said on Twitter.

This is the goal the Biden administration originally set for July 4, so it’s roughly a month behind that deadline.

“Today we hit 70% of adults w/ at least one dose! +468K doses reported administered, incl. 320K newly vaccinated (vs. 257K last Monday). 7-day average of newly vaccinated highest since July 4. Let’s continue working to get more eligible vaccinated!” Shahpar tweeted. –Mercury News

Head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the un”vaccinated” getting infected are the problem.  But the “breakthrough” infections of the vaccinated aren’t a problem at all.

“When you have unvaccinated people getting infected, you’re propagating the dynamics of the outbreak, which ultimately impacts everybody from the standpoint of having to wear masks, from the standpoint of the safety of kids in schools, from the standpoint of being able to open up everything the way we were when we were normal,” he said. What about the vaccinated who get infected? Or transmit the virus that hasn’t even been proven to exist?

This will not end until everyone has the shots and all of the boosters.

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

We need to realize that the two choices given to us by a system designed to enslave us are not “freedom.” Becoming aware of this reality is the first step. Once we have that figured out, preparing and finding solutions and working together as free people who refuse to be slaves will be the easy part.


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    1. Dark Humor

      These evil creatures will not stop. Now of course they are pushing the “you’ll need boosters” nonsense.
      On the other hand I wouldn’t mind being the one who “administers” the booster shots to these tyrants
      and I pretty much know exactly where I’d like to
      stick the syringe!!!!!?

    2. Anonymous

      The ruled class, the conservative part of it, will go along with it. They always like to gripe and complain but never actually do anything to stop it.

      • Anonymous

        Are you serious? Talk about projecting, huh? Yup, the conservatives like Ron DeSantos are really going along with the Democrats narrative and doing everything they say! You’re a moron.

        • Anonymous

          So tell what you’ve personally done.

          Like nothing but whine and gripe maybe?

    3. Sarcastic Tone

      Who’s left to lockdown?
      I mean hasn’t everyone succumbed to the indestructible force known
      as covid? I thought we were all dead and buried already
      after a year and a half of this deadly and completely out
      of control “pandemic”?

    4. hmm...

      Recently read this

    5. NO WAY!!

      The three little pigs have always been an inspiration.
      The government/wolves can huff and puff all they want
      but I still AM NOT getting
      the jab from hell?

    6. Cathbad

      They don’t want any stinky Walmart shopper types loafing around un”vaccinated” with not a vaccine.

    7. Truth

      noun: Covid
      a disease which
      does not exist

    8. Shootit

      Good luck with that one in my neighborhood. Haven’t locked down yet. Looking forward to Sturges.

    9. Anonymous

      Just don’t comply, there are not enough police, what are they going to do when you tell the komadant to pound sand I DO NOT COMPLY! When they say they will call the police, tell them that you said HI! Cause the coppers have far more problems and not enough time to deal with you.

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