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    COVID Cases Among The “Vaccinated” Surge

    Mac Slavo
    July 31st, 2021
    Comments (24)

    “Cases” of “COVID-19” among the “vaccinated” have surged in recent weeks, but “officials” and the ruling class are not concerned.  They absolutely do not care that anyone gets sick, they just need everyone to take the shot and that has become brutally obvious in the past 6 weeks or so.

    Remember, the CDC quietly admitted the COVID-19 is synonymous with the common cold. That means, for all intents and purposes, the two are the same. The PCR tests cannot differentiate. Coupled with the FDA’s admission that COVID-19 hasn’t been isolated (Page 43 of 80 2nd paragraph 2nd sentence. ” Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCOV were available for CDC…” (they used “characterized Stock”),  we now have more than enough evidence to show that this was a massive hoax on a massive scale in which every government of the planet was involved.  And it looks like it’s all about this shot.

    The Ruling Class’s Threat: Get Vaccinated, Or Else!

    Now as “cases” among those who took the falsely labeled “vaccine” continue to rise, the mainstream media and rulers are having a hard time making this look like the fault of those who chose to not take the shot. They keep trying though.  There are many subliminal suggestions that those who get a cold after getting the shot should blame those who chose to not get the shot.  Although this makes no sense logically, the brainwashed slaves seem to think that blaming anyone the TV tells them is the problem will somehow help convince people to get the shot.

    If The “Vaccines” “Work”, Why Are So Many Vaccinated Still Getting COVID?

    The fact that these people still get sick after taking the shot, then proceed to blame those who haven’t is even more reason for those who haven’t had it to remain un”vaccinated.”

    Even former president Donald Trump’s surgeon general, Jerome Adams said this surge in cases among the vaccinated is the fault of the unvaccinated, and if they lock us down again, blame the people who continue to refuse to take the jab.

    Head of Operation Warp Speed: The Goal Is To Immunize The U.S. Population By 2021

    For anyone who loves freedom and hates mask mandates or remote learning, Dr. Jerome Adams has a blunt message: Get vaccinated.

    “More mitigation is coming. Whether it’s masking, or whether it’s closures or whether it’s your kids having to return to virtual learning, that is coming,” the Trump administration official and WISH/TV Indianapolis Medical Expert told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.”And it’s coming because this pandemic is spiraling out of control yet again. And it’s spiraling out of control because we don’t have enough people vaccinated.” -CNN

    “It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, a Republican, said last week as her state grappled with having the lowest vaccination rate in the country. “These folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain,” she added according to NBC News. 

    Back when these vaccines rolled out, and we figured out quickly that the Delta variant hoax was perpetrated to try to panic people into taking the “vaccine,” we knew eventually, the mainstream media and the ruling class would blame those who don’t want the shot. The agenda is obvious. They need people to be injected with whatever is in those “vaccines.”

    Stay alert and prepared.  Do not put anything past the psychopaths that want total control and dominion over your life. They could be coming up with something incredible sinister right now that could include something horrific and devastating. Something we will be able to see with our own eyes. Keep using critical thinking and make sure you are prepared. This is intensely ramping up as more and more people figure out what a hoax this whole scamdemic has been.






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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: July 31st, 2021

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      1. Observation says:

        These psychos are just playing the “blame the unvaccinated” game now.
        Newsflash to anyone who took the “not a vaccine” – if the unvaxxed are making you
        deathly sick THEN WHY AREN’T THE UNVAXXED BECOMING SICK AND DROPPING DEAD THEMSELVES? I can think of two possible reasons
        #1) the “not a vaccine is what is really making you sick or #2) these assholes are making shit up and manipulating the data and numbers and the jabbed are not falling like flies ( not yet anyway) Now , when you think about the endless amount of lies that have been told to maintain this covid hoax continuing 4ever
        It’s a safe bet that scenario
        #2) is far more likely
        to be correct.

      2. Exactly!!! says:

        The lies from the “rulers” continue. I would just ask these satanic creatures
        Where exactly are all of these
        jabbed/unjabbed covid sufferers located? Where are these “overwhelmed” hospitals?
        Are they invisible?🙄

      3. Has any one asked Why??
        Maybe I can help – If Mac allows this to get posted
        A Canadian Dr. tells us the the vaccines cause blood clots and will cause millions of heart attacks within three years. If this guy is right we are headed for Agamemnon!

      4. Anonymous says:

        Just get your shots and do what you’re told and maybe they won’t hurt you.


      5. Reprint says:

        Mayor gets taste of
        own medicine

      6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Wisconsin’s organized crime ring and terrorist cult leader is now Jay Fernandez, president of Wisconsin InfraGard. Jay Fernandez is a Department of Transportation employee. He is the man in charge of the psychos in my hood of serial criminal psychopaths that have repeatedly broken into my home, stolen, vandalized, used vault7 hacking tools on everything that could be hacked including car, smart meter, sleep number bed, appliances, heating/cooling, thermostat, lighting, electronic devices, communication devices, and plumbing, gas-lit, stalked, spied on me, and terrorized, tortured, falsely imprisoned me in my own home and illegally enslaved me by round the clock surveillance and stealing my property, and have been blasting short wave radio signals at me non-stop since June of 2017 starting immediately after my phone was hacked.

        Andrea Iravani

      7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        I really have to laugh at this:
        IMA Webinar Broadcast: Supply Chain Compromise: How Threat Actors Leverage Trusted Relationships to Achieve Initial Access – InfraGard National Members Alliance › event › ima…
        Mar 26, 2021 · Jay Fernandez, President – InfraGard WI Member Alliance. As the recently appointed President of the Wisconsin Chapter, Jay will only take a …

        InfraGard is the largest threat actor that leverages trusted relationships! The FBI is covered in spooge! It just keeps going from bad to worse with their threat actors, even kidnapping a governor! After 9/11, seven false flag wars, heroin from Afghanistan and cocaine from Latin America, Epstein/Maxwell, $21 trillion in Pentagon “accounting errors” , the scamdemic, &1/6, the spy is the limit! New info pouring in over Whitmer kidnapping organized by the FBI! What ever would we do without them?!

        Andrea Iravani

      8. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        There are rumors circulating online that people have squatters rights if they are squatting on a property for thirty days in New York. That is a lie. It must be ten years, and there is other criteria that must be met in addition to that. So, to any squatters who thought after thirty-one days of illegally squatting who may have thought that they were victorious, it doesn’t work that way.

        Andrea Iravani

      9. The 2 people I knew who died from the covid were males and they both had heart attacks and the autopsies showed they had the heart attacks caused by blood clots. FACT

      10. Stupordave says:

        I will never be shot up with this shite. 2 weeks after the “public rollout” of this fake/phony/false pandemic (when the corpses laying about in the streets failed to materialize) it was evident. Everyday that passes now we are one day closer to corpses laying about on the streets for real. For the walking dead – you can’t help them. Don’t engage in dialogue with people going back to the face diapers. Kick them in the crotch – for refusing to wake/grow up. They refuse to open their eyes, kick them in the crotch just as fuggin hard as you can and offer to drive them on over to the nearest devil spawn injection location. Be gone with you (morons) that still think the “gubbmint folks are here to help”! People continuing to play along with this scam are perpetuating the lies, the evil. Eat some more shit, put your dicksuckerhole diapers on, AND HURRY THE FUGK UP AND DIE. Go away.

      11. Quick Learner says:

        I dated a woman a month or two when she said she wanted to change some of my ways, it turned out she meant it. When mass covid inoculation started she said if I didn’t get serious about covid and/or get a covid vaccination she doubted we could date any further until I did (her interpretation of a relationship is far different from mine). I responded I don’t do ultimatums and immediately turned it around on her and told her she won’t have to wait to find out, no one is going to dictate terms to me, I won’t be getting a covid shot for her or anyone else, and that it’s over right now.
        Women generally in their 20s to mid 30s think they are so special. She commented it is almost impossible for women in her age group to find a suitable man for marriage, especially to successful white guys. I mentioned I wasn’t interested in the topic of women can’t find husbands, she just gave me this puzzled look. That’s when I realized her goal was our marriage, (she didn’t know about my vasectomy yet). For some reason it also bothered her I never asked her about her family, her job, any political views, or anything personal, not even about any previous relationships, things like that.
        Whether it’s women or government, what either one wants or needs is not your problem, just keep them in their place. Don’t play by their rules, you’ll keep your freedom. Life is fun!

      12. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Both parties have violated the social contract, which is the constitution. There is some bogus myth perpetrated by PhDs that Hobbs social contract theory is a valid legal framework for America. Hobbs was a lunatic that believed that in order to enter society, people must sacrifice all of their rights. That would include the right to life, right to property, and right to liberty. Both parties are guilty of high crimes and treason and should be executed for it. That is the punishment for it.

        Andrea Iravani

      13. Between Three Centuries says:

        There is a reason that they are trying to kill 90% of the earths population. The people that have built elaborate deep underground bunkers around the world do not want millions of people trying to breach the sealed doors and get in. They also want a minimal population on earth panicking when everyone realizes what is going to happen. They are not going to be able to kill everyone with a euthanasia shot, so they will be using other methods to reduce the population such as a world wide grid down scenario that will kill 90% of industrialized nations such as ours. The last survivors they will try to kill with nuclear weapons if they have to. But here is the key. You will know when this Extinction Level Event is going to happen when they start to shut down all nuclear reactors world wide. Then it takes five years for the spent fuel rods in the cooling ponds to decay to the point that they can be at ambient temperature and not melt down. They may be in bone dry cooling ponds but they won’t catch fire and scatter their radiation world wide. If this is not done, all the worlds spent fuel rods would melt down and the elite would have to stay underground for 250,000 years. I don’t think that is their plan. They want to emerge and repopulate the world to 500 million people. If there are any survivors topside, and I think there will be, there plan is to enslave them just like it is now. I think that the survivors above grounds one single goal should be to exterminate these tyrants. I an only guess at what the extinction level event could be, but all signs point to our sun having a mini-nova eruption that will really do some damage to the earths ecosystems. This is not a single coronal mass ejection but a total coronal shell eruption due to galactic gravitational and magnetic fields that are even now pretty well documented and understood. The flipping of the suns polarity every eleven years is part of this phenomenon. This nova is something that happens every time the solar system oscillates through the galactic plane, which is what we just did in 2012.

        • JayJay says:

          Your post is odd. I watched a video last night the topic was …why??
          Why is it so crucial now that they destroy 90% of the population and why in next two years??
          The answer was that something has been known for years/it took a long time to create this disaster.
          That known event that is unknown to us is why the deep state/cabal/new world order associates need us gone.
          They have the underground cities that took decades to build.
          I’ve seen pictures–they are extensive and equipped and supplied for thousands.
          Phil Schneider was killed for exposing this.
          So, any ideas what the event is??

          Gene died December—I don’t have one friend and no family–I’m ready, just curious if it is Niburu.
          That talk stopped rather suddenly, didn’t it….and, yeah, I’m not paying the three hospital/medical bills for that blocked intestine last month.
          F them…send my portion of taxes supporting illegals to the hospitals….

      14. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        To the scumbags in InfraGard blasting shortwave radio signals at me that I am not trying to tune in to with a receiver, and the scumbags in my neighborhood in InfraGard that are spying on me, breaking into my house, stealing, vandalizing, stalking, using vault7 hacking tools on on my personal property, stalking, and gas lighting me:

        You are scum. How dare you think that you have a right to live in this world. You should literally be embarrassed to death by your sick, disgusting, evil, monstrous, parasitic behavior! Do everyone in your lives a favor and kill yourselves now! What you have been doing to me is not only completely illegal, but also completely evil and sick and disgusting as hell! You do not have one ioata of power, because if you did, you would not be doing this to me anonymously, through gas-lighting, or denying that you are doing it! 

        You are abusive, sadistic, corrupt, insane, mentally incompetent, immature, lazy, perverted, powerless, cowardly ego-maniacs with delusions of grandeur and you are not entitled to be treated with respect and your opinions are everybit as worthless as you are! You are losers! You do not have any self-worth at all! Somehow, against all odds, you managed to make congress look relatively decent by comparison, which is not a compliment, FYI! Who in the hell do you think you are?! 

        Your lifestyles are sick and disgusting crimes against humanity! You are a bunch of fucked up, sick and evil freaks that should have been aborted !  You may nit be in congress, but you sure as hell act like a congress of baboons! Baboons belong in the zoo behind bars in America, and so do you InfraTards! You are destructive liabilities that the country cannot afford! Kill yourselves, now! 

        Andrea Iravani

      15. The virus was weaponized in USA labs by the 3 big pharma

        Go to:

        Click on the article “the five + waves of Covid
        its a long detailed post but go to the bottom in the comment section
        The 4th commenter Jan Van Betsuni has a link
        This is a real bombshell and give reason for why they are pushing the poison

      16. Covid??? No such thing says:

        Please Mac get on board the reality train. Mike Adam’s, John Rappaport are on board. They know there is not one sample of “covid” on the planet. Please stop feeding the disinformation monster.

      17. Anonymous says:

        There was no covid. The shot is carrying a spike protein that is killing the takers.
        Not complicated to explain, but I’m tired.

        Look it up. The spike protein in the injection is the killer…fools will die in 2-3 years. No way to remove it from your cells.

      18. Brutus says:

        I followed the link to Page 43 of 80 2nd paragraph 2nd sentence. The quote is not there.

        Those of us who see through the scam are being made to look like a bunch of asses when we try to explain it to others because our “evidence” often does not have the facts and sources.

        I’m not even bothering to counter the report that 90+% of unjabbed people are getting sick. The reports that it is the jabbed would not pass a 10th grade book report standard.

        Not calling names here but you look to see if there is not a circular reference in many of the stories and none have a source.

        Reminds me of the Indian Chief who told his people to gather more wood every time he snuck into town to watch the nightly weather report where the prediction for the winter got worse each day.
        The weather reporter snuck out to the Indian village and the more wood they gartered the worse he told the pale face the winter was going to be.

        When questioned he said, “Man, the Indians are gathering wood like crazy.

        I think some of those who seem to be against the scam are capitalizing on it or are agent provocateurs.

        We will see what the situation is in a a few years.