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Ruling Class: Get The Vax, Even Though There’s A Pill Now

Mac Slavo
October 6th, 2021
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The ruling class wants the masses to take the shots necessary to complete their totalitarian takeover of the world even though Merck has created a pill that helps “cut deaths.”  Dr. Anthony Fauci emphasized the need for the 70 million Americans who are eligible for a vaccine to get immunized during interviews on Sunday morning talk shows.

But there’s a pill now that helps, right? Sure. I guess. If you believe what the mainstream media and big pharma companies are telling you. But they still need you to take the shot, because whatever is in there is going to advance the cause of their New World Order, and that’s become utterly apparent.

“Many of those deaths were unavoidable but many, many are avoidable, were avoidable and will in the future be avoidable,” Dr. Fauci, who is also director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Dr. Fauci was enthusiastic about the development of the new Merck anti-viral pill, describing it as “extremely important.” In announcing the results of its clinical trial last Friday, Merck said the pill was able to cut the risk of hospitalization and death from the virus by half.

But he also warned that Americans should not wait to be vaccinated because they believe they can take the pill. While the new medicine may decrease a person’s risk, the best way to be protected is avoiding infection, he said. New York Times

If we continue to fall for this hoax, our bodies are going to be destroyed by all the chemical and gene concoctions they want to put in us.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Oh How Surprising: Big Pharma Company Says It New Pill Works On All The COVID Variants

Merck said it would seek emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for its drug, known as molnupiravir, as soon as possible. The pills could be available by late this year.

The real question is what the hell is in those pills? More gene therapy? Worse? Who even knows at this point. All we know is that we are being lied to so they can convince us to medicate ourselves into their New World Order,

Things continue to ramp up and shockingly, have not reached a breaking point. Once it does, we will begin to see why they are trying so hard to vaccinate the world against a disease that’s not even a common cold based on their own numbers.

Stay prepared and alert. The propaganda and lies continue. The illusion of freedom is crumbling.  Many won’t take it well when the SHTF. Make sure you are ready.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: October 6th, 2021

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    1. word games says:

      Vaccine pill
      It is

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      911 911 911 911911 911 911 911911 911 911 911 911 911 911

      The Surveillance State Has Proven to Exist for the Purpose of Committing and Concealing its Own Crimes. All that Anyone Needs to do is Take a Look at this Country for Total Proof.

      Everyone in the government, and Trump have Munchausen Syndrome and are pretending that people have diseases that they do not have and that there is a medical emergency when the medical emergency actually is that everyone in the Medical Community has Munchausen Syndrome and are cold-blooded, mass murderers falsely diagnosing people and treating people on false grounds. These monsters are murderers. No sane person would prefer a Republican Murderer to a Democratic Murderer! Everyone in government has turned into Ted Bundy, and everyone in the medical community has turned into Joseph Mengele, and everyone in the media has turned into Josef Goebbells.

      People should stop pretending that they are not murderers with Munchausen Syndrome!  It only encourages them! Whoever wrote  or broadcasted pro government pro-politican, or official covid narrative articles over covid19 are an accessory to murder! 

      Society cannot function when the government, medical community, media, and tech sector, and Wall Street have conspired in extrajudicial murder or mass murder and that is exactly what has happened!

      You belong in a federal pennitentiaries! You are a threat to society! 

      If we let them get away with the cold-blooded, pre-meditated mass murder through Munchausen Syndrome of covid-19, the mythological virus, then they will still be able to continue mass murdering through Munchausen Syndrome in the future. Just because they are not shooting, stabbing, or strangling people does not mean that they are not serial killers, and they are serial killers that control the water supply, prescription drugs, and are moving into controlling the food supply! 

      They all belong in federal pennitentiaries for life! Nobody is safe while they are on the loose! This is not an over-reaction! Wake up retards! 

      All positive covid-19 tests are categorically false for the following reasons:

      1.) Covid-19 has not been isolated. The CDC has confessed that it does not have the genetic sequence to covid-19, or even SARS, for that matter.

      2.) All RT-PCR tests have been contiminated with N1, N2, and N3. N represents the highly prevalent enzyme known as neuraminidaise Neuraminidase is referrenced in influenzas, such as H1N1, H1N2, H1N3, etc. The test makers claim that these are primers, but they are contaminants. You could test distilled water and it could reveal a positive test result.

      3.) RT-PCR tests reverse transcribe RNA into DNA. All corona viruses are RNA viruses and do not contain any DNA what so ever. You cannot claim that you have identified something for what it is by turning it into something that it is not!

      Obviously, there is a diffference between an opinion and a fact, although most people are no longer willing to acknowledge the distinction between the two, because if someone gets the facts wrong, and it is pointed out to them, their feelings are hurt, which is now apparently the worst crime against humanity that anyone can commit.

      The fact that everyone involved has ignored these basic indisputable scientific facts reveals that they are guilty of fraud, racketeering, willful misconduct, and/or functional illiteracy.

      It is not enough or the equivalent to say that the CDC admits that the test results are not reliable. That implies that it was unforseeable and was learned in hind sight through discovery, but they are scientifically incapable of producing accurate results for the reasons that I stated, and that constitutes willful misconduct, fraud, mal practice, and/or functional illiteracy. 

      Andrea Iravani

      That goes for Hillary too, who has been pushing and probably racketeering and profiteering from the scamdemic through the Clinton Foundation.

    3. TharSheBlows says:

      Guess what? Anthony Fauci and CDC’s Tom Friedan (sp) was behind the 2016 Zika Virus, claimed to be born from Mosquitoes. He had Bilked the US Government and Tax Payers out of $1.5 Billion in funding to create a Zika Virus Vaccine. Fauci and Frieden went on a national tour peddling their fear to rip off Tax Payers. And collected this money for research to create an emergency Vaccine. That scam was also a planned FAKE FEAR to get people vaccinated. You don’t hear much about this but this info was stated in a Mike Adams – Health Ranger interview.
      Fauci is a scammer, genocidal freak.

      I remember in 2016 there was some 4 square block in Miami where this claimed Zika Virus was claimed to be discovered and they then sprayed the crap out of all of Florida in some BS Scam. Probably killing half or more of Florida’s pollinating insects to kill the food supply chain production.

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      There is no statute of limitations on murder, attempted murder, or accessory to murder!

      Andrea Iravani

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      They are control freaks that cannot control their own criminal behavior, and there is a very specific term for that, known as control fraud.

      Andrea Iravani

    6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Every elected person in government has been disqualified from running in the 2022 election and future elections, and Trump and Hillary are also disqualified because they are in legal terms, insurrectionists, since they have revolted against the civil authority of the United States constitution and violated every constitutional right in existence, which they have done openly. The 14th amendment disqualifies all of them from running for office.

      They do not get to make the rules, because the rules have already been made, and the rules are the United States Constitution. They are not a government. They are insurrectionists. They are serial criminal psychopaths that belong in prison. They are guilty of high crimes and treason. 

      Andrea Iravani.

    7. CA Rebel says:

      Does this have nano particles in it like the jabs do?

    8. TharSheBlows says:


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