Israel Invades Rafah Just Hours After Hamas Accepted A Ceasefire Agreement

by | May 7, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    Despite Hamas’ acceptance of a ceasefire agreement, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have invaded Rafah. Only hours after the agreement to temporarily end the fighting in Palestine, the IDF was seen engaging in a “limited scope” operation.

    Israel did say that it would invade Rafah regardless of a ceasefire agreement, and they have held to that.

    Earlier Monday, Israel’s War Cabinet decided to push ahead with a military operation in Rafah, after Hamas announced its acceptance of an Egyptian-Qatari proposal for a cease-fire deal. The Israeli military said it was conducting “targeted strikes” against Hamas in Rafah without providing details. -Associated Press News

    Netanyahu: Rafah Invasion Will Happen Regardless Of Hostage Deal

    An Egyptian official has said the operation in Rafah, in which Israeli tanks have entered the area, appeared to be limited in scope. He and Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV said Israeli officials informed the Egyptians that the troops would withdraw after completing the operation.

    The Israeli military declined to comment. On Sunday, Hamas fighters near the Rafah crossing fired mortars into southern Israel, killing four Israeli soldiers.

    The United States ruling class is also “concerned” about a major operation in Rafah, even though it is a fairly limited one at this point, according to a person familiar with Biden administration thinking who was not authorized to comment publicly.

    White House officials on Monday also were privately concerned about the latest strikes on Rafah. Although the strikes did not appear to be the widescale attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been threatening, that could still materialize in the near future.

    Israel Approves A “Plan” To Attack Rafah in Gaza

    Israel has been planning this attack in Rafah for some time, and it has not been a secret that the military was looking to invade.

    The ceasefire framework that Hamas has agreed to was brought forward by Qatar and Egypt and it aims to bring a halt to seven months of war in Gaza. However, it’s unclear if Israel will agree to the terms.

    The most recent military engagement in Rafah could deter some or all of this ceasefire agreement.


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