Rothschild Warns “Biggest Financial Experiment in History” About to Unleash Consequences Unknown

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 45 comments

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    These are truly unprecedented times.

    Central bankers have never had more power; monetary policy has never been stranger. Stock markets are at record highs, but the real economy is stagnate and suffering. The individuals in it are finding it difficult to makes ends meet, and are drowning in debt.

    All the quantative easing went straight to the top; investment had literally no incentive to flow into the larger body. The system is top heavy, topsy turvy and weak in the knees. Collapse appears inevitable, yet could be a long way off.

    Whatever happens next, no one can say, but we are approaching the limits.

    Even Lord Jacob Rothschild, from perhaps the foremost financial dynasty in history, seems aghast at the possibilities.

    Of course, everyone pays attention when the elite of the elite speak up about financial matters.

    via RT:

    Low interest rates, negative yields on government debt and quantitative easing are part of the biggest financial experiment in world history, and the consequences are yet unknown, says RIT Capital Partners Chairman Lord Rothschild.
    “The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30 percent of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale,” Rothschild writes in the company’s semi-annual financial report.

    The banker notes this policy has led to a rapid growth of stock markets… However, the real sector of economy didn’t enjoy such a profit, as “growth remains anemic, with weak demand and deflation in many parts of the developed world,” according to Rothschild.

    Lord Rothschild is openly admitting that the system is collapsing on the ordinary workers and average people in society.

    The American people are reaping none of the benefits and paying all of the costs for an unprecedented banking experiment that is fundamentally leaving the branches of middle class and working society to wither on the vine.

    The banking class have reached out a hand to extent debt, dilute the currency and to entrap people in the circumstances of serfdom once again.

    Consider the trends (the list is hardly exhaustive):

    • Wages are not going up, good jobs are not being created and people are underemployed, underutilized and mismatched with their education and training. The value of human labor – easily offshored, outsourced or replaced by robotics and computing – is in sharp decline.
    • Student loans, credit card debt, auto loans and more have saddled the individuals and society in general in crisis after crisis with no end in sight. A wave of defaults could trigger a new era of economic crisis.
    • Independent businesses have the hardest time attracting investment, especially in an atmosphere where investment, savings and insurance are punished by low or no interest rates and the declining purchasing power of the dollar.
    • On the individual level, the cost of living is squeezing the life out of everyone. The energy must come from somewhere, and they are taking it from everybody. Rising costs in both buying a home and renting, skyrocketing (mandatory) health care costs, and increases in food, labor and especially utilities and municipal services are all draining the net income of a household or individual to spent on what is needed. The lack of disposable income means that extra spending is cut, and all the potential venues of commerce are passed up, and less goes around.
    • The pumping up of the stock market allows insiders to cash in on premium prices (and overvaluations) while enticing suckers into a market that is unsustainable. The Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program is picking winners and losers, and the losers are mostly on main street and bumming around for a handout.
    • The federal government throughout the entire Obama Administration has been advertising SNAP food stamps programs and welfare, with niche targeting for inner city, immigrant and rural poor recipients. Nearly 50 million Americans rely upon government services to eat. The massive cost of the programs further strains an already broke and mismanaged government; some say the whole point is to overwhelm the system and force new investment into the crony partners who hold the contracts. Either way, the working poor are encouraged to take handouts rather than finding work and regaining mobility.
    • The longer term future – filled with robots, artificial intelligence and an enormous wealth gap – is one which has no particular need for humans. Average people are being pushed back down into serfdom – feudal arrangements put you in a circle of perpetual debt from which escape is futile – working to pay off rent, taxes, food and digital appliances without a thing to pass on to the next generation or claim as your own. There is so little need for human labor, that technocratic governments grant a living allowance. The gesture, even perhaps well-intended, is ultimately quite demeaning.

    The power of the dollar rests on the arrangement of the petrodollar, and the strength of the American empire. These things are fading from power, and the future is indeed uncertain and unprecedented.

    Perhaps Lord Rothschild is remarking upon the engineered collapse of society not because he is truly surprised, but rather due to an anxiousness to see a new form of financial destruction, more specific than past events.

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      1. You can keep blaming the money lenders/Rothschilds or you can assume some of the responsibility by Not borrowing. Live within your means. When disaster strikes, learn to help one another without compensation. Give freely and it will be returned to you 7 fold one day when you are in need.

        • MZA
          As I agree with you on this there is those who will prey on those that have no control over themselves when it comes to trying to keep up with the Jone’s.

          I agree 100% with you that there is responsibility of every person to live with in their means. Where the problem lies is when we figure it out TPTB change the rules.

          I try to do good deeds for folks, but I have found that KARMA generally runs the other way. I use an old saying. No good deed goes unpunished. Quick story. Car in a ditch. Help pushed it out, next day father called and told me that he was suing because of a dent in the trunk someone had pushed and dented the trunk. Never happened because he couldn’t prove who did it. This still doesn’t stop me from helping people.

          This runs in circles. You have them on the top and when the people on the have had enough it all collapse and we start over. I believe at this time it is about to collapse.


          • Amen to that. All I can expect of myself or anyone else. Keep on keeping on. Keep doing good in spite of an often ungrateful world. Every little bit helps or every little bit hurts.

          • SGT. Dale

            I do not help others anymore. I would have left them in the ditch. Let them call a tow truck.

            • Putin Flies Into Crimea As Ukraine “Prepares For An Invasion”

              “Vladimir Putin flew into Crimea on Friday a day after staging war games there, and said he hoped Ukraine would see “common sense” when it came to resolving a diplomatic crisis over the peninsula. The visit comes a day after Ukraine president warned he was “prepares for an Russian invasion.”

              ht tp://

              • Borrow ALL of the free money you can afford to repay. Use GB money, keep yours under the mattress. I got two more 15 month ZERO INTEREST cards in the mail last week and another one is coming in September. Those terms are set.

                Plus I get 3% + cash back for my purchases. The Banks are paying me !!! 🙂

              • You missed the part where Ukrainian intelligence “allegedly” tried to crash the Crimean border to commit sabotage and terrorist bombings, killed a couple of border guards…



          • its a tough deal… the cards were dealt in 1913 … we were not around then… maybe they TPTB just did not understand the consequences … I do not KNOW … here is the real deal… our system is gone now… total mathematical collapse by 2020…

            big econ shocks before … but total $$$ collapse in 2020

            get ready … build your team …train your team… do what you can for your rural community… do not think any city will survive… maybe 80% loss or more…(only1% have silver today)

            I think it will be a bi metal economy at my level… silver or lead… get ready – get stacking

            see this might sound bad … I hate to say it… see debt is using your future now … this system has used it all up… there is no future in this system now just slow grinding collapse… till reset.

            soo do your best… improve yourself- prepare your family …help your local community… always try to do the right thing… no force / no fraud …good luck … oh yeah get out of the north… winter is coming not heat… it might be 1,000 years of ice …

        • No Way, it can’t be possible. Why it says right on the Money. “In GOD We Trust” If anybody knows it’s God right? LMFAO!!!

          One of the most Brilliant Duping Marketing Frauds, ever perpetrated out there. One Fraud Hoax Propping up the other Fraud Monetary System Hoax. The US Dollar worth about .03 Cents from its original value.

          Here is the other Hoax. The losers will be throwing their Gold and Silver in the Streets,….

          Sounds like the Gypsy saying she can release all the demons in you, if you bring her back, $10,000 in cash wrapped in News paper.

          ~WWTI… Caveat Emptor~ The Good News is: Preppers and the Meek shall inherit the world. So Rock On!!

          • WWTI,
            The gold and silver gig is true as it will get thrown in the streets. This only happens when the tribulation is raging. Gold and silver will be irrelevant as the goats lose their footing and fall into the abyss. The “clinging sheep” escape again. And again. And again.

          • Meek = power under control ( think of a large horse with a bridle ) NOT wimpy.

            Gold is a sapling, silver is an acorn, bury some.

      2. Yeah, like they don’t know the result of the collapse. Maybe they don’t know the details but they know it will be a mess. …at least for us.

        Simple Presidential Poll. Click on “Simple Poll” above.

      3. In other words its over out of the ashes he will return.

      4. Michael, I find your comment refreshing!
        I have been teaching and telling everyone I know that when the collapse occurs, we will only have each other…and that is all the founders had.
        we need to be ready to help those that need it ( ei; the elderly) if for no other reason but for the knowledge they have.
        As to money, the bible directs us to be solvent on our own and to neither borrow nor lend. No one can hold it over you.
        so charity is the theme.

      5. Unchecked power destroys itself. In the early years, our leaders (hopefully) worked for us.
        They certainly seem to be against us now.
        Giving away money to terrorist countries and benefits to illegals & ragheads here with No apologies to the tax paying citizens of this land. Lie after lie with no remorse.

      6. Rothschild… You only need to worry about the ovens that would be build to house you and his your family and the rest of children’s of satan.

        • AHMEN to that. There’s going to be a lot of new lampshades and plenty of soap to go around too. We little people may not have a lot, but we will be rich in lampshades and soap.

          • Die fahne hoch!

      7. Archangel… not in this neighborhood. They are begging with signs at the road intersections despite it being against the law. If they make eye contact walking by the stopped cars and you don’t give they likely will make a rude comment towards you. These beggars are all over the place. I guess you have to have an address to get EBT. I have given a buck before but there are too many begging. It was far worse before it was outlawed, I’m not so much against people asking for help, but not in the road. Driving around I see these homeless sitting in the shade with their few belongings every time out. This will get much worse, illegal to be homeless in these united states.

        • Not counting the one’s that have been disappeared. Deinstitutionalization didn’t work so well. But who would have seen that coming. Very sad kids go hungry in the US. If I find out about a hungry kid or animal I guarantee they won’t be hungry for long as I have and will feed them.

      8. I worked for big bankers as an IT manager and heard them talk about this subject at Lunch. They have been quietly talking about these warnings among themselves since the late 1990s. So the question of the day is “… why has the system held together so long if what they are saying is true?…”

        The answer has three parts. The first part of the answer is the rest of the world is in worse shape than the U.S. because they have been choking on socialism far longer than we have. Based on the first part of the answer there is no country strong enough that can take over the U.S. role as reserve currency of the world. The last part is our political elite have come to believe that they can print all the money they need forever because there is no competition for the reserve currency of the world.

        You can have all the negative trends you want but the net effect of money printing is your assets and mine are being devalued behind our backs by the political elite as we write. They are right when it comes to unleashing consequences unknown but the date is also unknown. We could have a “black swan” event at any time from financial events precipitated from these mis-steps by the political elite. Or the system may plod along for several more years without a “black swan” event.

        What is in agreement is that when the system finally does implode the excesses created by the Keynesian economic missteps will be enormous. The U.S. government debt overload will come front and center as not payable. The government will be faced with “real cuts” when revenue’s dry up. The list is too long of consequences to post here…

        • “…because there is no competition for the reserve currency of the world.”

          Respectfully, have you ever heard of SDRs? Do you know what metal AU stands for?

          Otherwise, you are spot on.

        • LOL

          “there is no country strong enough that can take over the U.S. role as reserve currency of the world.

          Theft of commodities ie: (oil, gold) via pseudo humanitarianism and foreign policy invasion.

          The U.S. currency is the most in debt on earth 3 times the GDP, if not more. 50 million on welfare and foodstamps, the dollars true value is about a nickel. Almost everything is imported or made in China’s cheap labor market.

          No one can handle the debt of the U.S. currency, that’s the truth.

          • Is that the nine cents it costs to make the nickel, or the five cents you get for it in trade?

            • That was clever Messianic.

      9. He’s just reading a page from the playbook. And it further says that those who don’t get what is being said get what they deserve.

      10. What I’m going to enjoy is watching the hollyweird elite lose everything,FEMA camp! Rosie O picking pea,s lol
        What did Castro do? Used them and abused them!Remember,the political elite and the”elite”. rude awakening!
        I’m lucky I don’t have far to fall!
        Maniac –out

        • LA,
          You don’t know how right you are. This is not just about the poor, the ordinary, the average worker. The gated community, resource pigs just won’t see it coming.
          But you will hear them because they whine if they lose 50 cents. Some underestimate the poor as I have seen poor individuals make something out of practically nothing.

      11. OK. Some of you need to think for yourselves. The Bible was infultrated by the Cabal a long time ago. Don’t make money your God. Money was created to enslave us. When you think of terms of “oh those beggars don’t want to work” you are just confirming your brainwashed mentally. How can those “lazy beggars” work if there are no jobs???? You call the victims lazy only because you haven’t lost your job yet. Quit thinking you are high and mighty or better than anyone. Learn to live in love and light.

        • this all appears intentional as i see most county servants relabeled to county public officials, then all farms crashed, then most people moved to city for what job was available, jobs left country, people had go on welfare to eat, now only service job and people be replaced by robots. country don’t need people as no jobs, all hard work finished.
          i certain things going get vary nasty for all.

      12. The words “LORD” and Rothschild in one name; what irony.


        • Self proclaimed, Lord.

        • He must be referring to being the Lord of darkness.

        • Rothschild’s ‘tribe’ is demonic. His title should be “His Satanic Majesty Rothschild” instead.

      13. Rothschild, Rothschild……..where do I know that name from? Oh, I remember, they’re the people that have been running finance for about 400 years or so. After a while your bound to get it right.

      14. How about this, we just lay it to the bankers.

      15. The Rothschild family has enough money. They can stop now and never have to worry. They continue to control the game. We continue to play.

      16. It’s easy to predict financial out-comes, when you set it all up to fail!

        When you have trillions, you can direct finance anyway you want to!!

        The masses don’t know the real enemy!!

        When Rothschild comes out of his hole declaring a thing, then watch out!!

      17. The Jesuits and the Kabbalah Jews run the world (70% 30% respectively). Power HAS NOTHING to do with money, it has to do with the truth and who anoints those in power – for that there is only one authority, and that is the Vatican. Money is a control device, truth is absolute power.

      18. There was tv series by Carl Sagan,called one episode he talked about
        Alexandria in upper Egypt.this was over. 2,000 years past.there were scribes that copied manuscript of ships,that came into their ports.euclean geometry,was found space ship fall in parabola orbit and not straight line.Mr. Sagan,technology was not used for advancement of common man.only for amusement of kings.Slavery,the cancer of ancient world destroy their civilization and brought into dark ages,and it several hundred. For Galieo,Newton,to rediscover those technology and cultural advancement.are. We condemn,again to follow in their footsteps or we advance mankind and to travel to stars.

      19. Eight years of emergency QE to save he world economy, and the world economy is still on the verge of collapse.


      20. We know who most of these greedy pukes are. We know how to hunt. They bleed, just like we do. So, when do we get down to taking care of business?

      21. My belief is that Mr. Rothschild is scared because all of his or others’ financial experiments have failed.

        Otherwise he would not be trying to instill fear in the citizens of the world with this comment.

        If I am incorrect, then he might merely be feeling “puffed up” by the suffering in Venezuela and elsewhere.

        Put your trust in God and pray with Holy Boldness. Yes, holy boldness! That type of prayer can unleash the Power of God and such forces of good that the dark side will continue to lose its steam.

        Yes, in the next weeks and months we in this country let alone the world are headed for much suffering.

        But God is bigger than Satan and those who have fallen for his lies. As Dr. Peck wrote, Satan can not do a thing without the cooperation of a human body– the type of people he fills with false promises and illusory power.

        Satan is but a grain of sand compared to the Almighty and His Power.

        Get right with God now.

        Prep and pray.

        And above all, pray with holy boldness and watch what happens.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      22. QE is just giving money to the casino and none of it is making it’s way to main street so they will carry on with the party untill the water gets cut off or the lights go out.

        I must buy more gold if trouble is coming but wait a second whats this i’ve been reading

        “*Breaking: US Mint Halts Silver Eagle Coin Production Due to Lack of Demand”

        $12oz silver anyone 🙂

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