Ron Paul Warns: Medical IDs Are The Enemy Of Privacy, Liberty, & Health

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ron Paul at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

    Last week, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill amendment to repeal the prohibition on the use of federal funds to create a “unique patient identifier.” Unless this prohibition, which I originally sponsored in 1998, is reinstated, the federal government will have the authority to assign every American a medical ID.

    This ID will be used to store and track every American’s medical history.

    A unique patient identifier would allow federal bureaucrats and government-favored special interests to access health information simply by entering an individual’s unique patient ID into a database. This system would also facilitate the collection of health information without a warrant by surveillance state operatives.

    The health records database could easily be linked to other similar databases, such as those containing gun purchase records or education records. If mandatory E-Verify becomes law, the health records database could even be linked to it, allowing employers to examine a potential employee’s medical history.

    The possibility that the unique patient identifier system may be linked to a database containing information regarding gun ownership is especially disturbing given the bipartisan support for “red flag” laws. These laws allow the government to deny respect for someone’s Second Amendment rights without due process and based solely on an allegation that the individual is mentally unstable and likely to commit an act of gun violence. Combining red flag laws with the unique patient identifier system would leave a gun owner who ever sought psychiatric help for any reason at risk of losing his ability to legally possess a gun.

    Unscrupulous government officials could use medical information to harass those whose political activities challenge the status quo. Anyone who doubts this should ask themselves what a future J. Edgar Hoover or Lois Lerner would do with access to the medical information of those involved in political movements he wishes to silence.

    The unique patient identifier undermines one of the foundations of quality health care: the doctor-patient relationship. Accurate diagnosis requires that patients share intimate details about their lives — ranging from details about their diet and exercise habits to their sexual history and alcohol and drug use — with their physicians. If patients legitimately fear information shared will be compromised, they will be unwilling to be completely honest with their physicians, making it impossible for physicians to effectively treat their patients.

    Proponents of the unique patient identifier claim it will improve efficiency. But, in a free society, the government should never endanger privacy or liberty for efficiency. Besides, when has any government intervention in health care ever improved efficiency or increased patients’ or health care providers’ satisfaction with the system?

    The unique patient identifier system puts the desires of government bureaucrats and politically powerful special interests ahead of the needs of individual patients and health care providers. Instead of further intervening in health care and further destroying our privacy and our liberties, Congress should give patients control over their health care by giving them control over health care dollars through expanding access to Health Savings Accounts and health care tax credits. In a free market, patients and doctors can and will work tighter to ensure patients’ records are maintained in a manner that provides maximum efficiency without endangering privacy or liberty.


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      1. American’s already have a unique medical ID number, it’s your Social Security number. Under the current system put in place by Obama Care there is no privacy from the government or LE.

        Why would they need another healthcare ID system? Only if they want to back door free healthcare for Illegal Aliens and protect them from ICE and LE.

        I show up for a medical procedure and it rings bells in the system. If police want to find me, under the current system, the police could be notified and be cuffing me to the bed in recovery.

        Illegals would have access through a protected back door. I don’t see this as a threat to my privacy, but I do see it as a threat to my nations sovereignty.

      2. and the very ad in the middle of this article for CBD alone, it one were to take it for whatever reason…. is enough by law to contradict your 2A right. Each time I see such, I think that fact thought.

      3. I’m enrolled in the VA medical system. There are no VA medical centers where I live so all my care is done through civilian medical services. It is all tied together with my SSN, a unique patient identifier.
        So I’m all ready in a system that Ron Paul warns about.
        Unless our Government suddenly becomes competent,
        I would not worry about it.

      4. There will be a time – coming soon – when citizens will be forced to take the Mark of the Beast in whatever form it may take. I believe they will use the medical system, including imprisonment and the denial of treatment to get what they want (ultimately, your soul). Exercise fitness in all areas of life – physical, mental, and spiritual.

      5. health record tracing by the gov will be used to crush gun rights. doctors opinions and scientific findings are not wrong according to the rulers. they gotta get universal medical to be able to develop a system of tracking everyones business. why wouldnt a totalitarian state seek to use personal medical info against the proles for the means of control. end game is take all the guns then genocide of any groups that wont do the devils bidding. we are going down the same road as before. the day they come for the guns you will need to stand your ground if you dont want to live on your knees. people have no idea what is coming to america. revolution is on the horizon. it dont take a genius to see the socialists want a revolution by any means.

      6. On a ship headed to the USA, Sigmund Freud was quoted as saying, “I BRING THE PLAGUE”.

        It becomes clear just what he was revealing to his associates.

        These things don’t happen by happenstance. They are happening as part of a masterplan. Master and slaves, if they get what they want.

        What will people do as their rights are being swept away? Will they fight this removal of Ron Paul’s prohibition?


      7. Regarding health: go to YouTube and watch this video made in 2009.



        • Cane juice was an ancient panacea, so rich in minerals that it has been used against anemia.

          In labor camps, blacks were mainly fed bread and molasses.

          However, the anti-clumping agent, in and of itself, has been show to cause diabetes in medical tests.

      8. I can imagine you obese American slobs wouldn’t want your medical records available to anyone

      9. Control freaks right down to our last heartbeat. I feel like a number. No wonder Ron Paul was denied entry to the GOP convention when it was in Tampa years back. Truth Not Allowed!

      10. In many States if you have a medical marijuana card (and there is a record of that because recipients have to register for an MMC) you cannot purchase a gun even if you are using the mj to control and manage pain or for cancer or chronic anxiety and insomnia. Its okay for raging alcoholics to own a gun it seems but not people who need medical marijuana and use it responsibly.

      11. I am a North american, please provide evidence that I am “obese”.

      12. I have a reaction to a brandname OTC med. I show them the box. I sweat a huge puddle, all over the floor, under the air conditioning. I get prescribed a generic of the same med.

        In one case, I had lost over 50lbs fast, and ribs were showing. I had shortness of breath, vertigo, and pain, related to nameable, palpable organ systems. The third world “doctor”, , only so high as my elbow, whose country we have been at war against, said this was a good thing.

        I have national honors, in medical related study. Even though the labs say this is only for “real” doctors (from Cuba), these labs take anyone’s money. You can read your own test results. (Unless you’re a fraudulent quota case doctor. Then, no.)

        There is writing on the side of the machines, akin to the warnings on the side of the bucket from Home Depot. Chronically-ill relative tells mechanically-inept jungle nurses how
        to use the machines and apply for Obamacare.

        Make your own medical choices. You can do it.This is akin to the difference between public and private transportation.

      13. The only ones whose medical history should be known in its entirety are those of your leaders or anyone who wants to run for civil office of any type including government.

        Notice how these phuckers always want you to be servile, you to be double-checked, you to be ID, you to be scrutinized and stripped searched and followed everywhere.

        Why you goaddamn phuckers! This should be done to YOU!

      14. people think veterans are getting good care — we are not. we are at ‘war’ with the turd-world countries from which the VA ‘doctors’ and ‘nurses’ come. do you really think they have a veterans best interest in mind — no!!! only the death of veterans that were sent to destroy their ‘home’. think about it.
        even the medical practices are becoming barbaric and the ignorant amerikan public accepts it like it is aok, not understanding it is to destroy our health.

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