Rising Cases of Bird Flu in Mammals Sparks Concerns Of Human Transmission

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    The rapidly rising cases of mammals contracting and dying of bird flu have sparked concerns that the virus could mutate and infect human beings.  In a recent review published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseasesresearchers investigated the literature about mammalian avian influenza A (H5N1) infections over the last two decades.

    Last August, the United Nations warned that humans could become infected with bird flu if the virus mutates and can easily infect and transmit between us.

    United Nations Warns Of Human Bird Flu Risk

    In the recent literature, scientists found that while the primary source of viral transmission remains contact with infected birds, mammal-to-mammal transmissions are on the rise, which is problematic for humans. These alarming findings highlight recent mutations in H5N1 strains, underscoring the need for continuous surveillance to mitigate a potential global pandemic, according to a report by News Medical Life Sciences. 

    “Our review suggests that H5N1 virus is expanding its geographic range to new continents such as North and South America. This fact is of concern because when an emerging pathogen reaches naive populations, the consequences for biodiversity can be catastrophic, especially for threatened species,” the researchers stated.

    Netherlands Agriculture Ministers Warn Bird Flu Could Jump To Humans Via Pigs

    Investigations into the number of species affected reveal that while previous panzootics cumulatively infected nine predominantly terrestrial and semi-aquatic species, the current panzootic has already been detected in more than 48 mammalian species, including 13 species of marine mammals. Peru, Chile, and Argentina have reported thousands of dead individuals of seals and similar mammals (e.g., the American sea lion [Otaria flavescens]), almost resulting in localized extinction events. –News Medical Life Sciences

    Remember, “research” funded by sociopaths Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci revealed that bird flu could be the next plandemic.

    Research Funded By Fauci And Gates Could See Bird Flu Become The Next Deadly Pandemic

    The researchers did say: “So far, no evidence indicates human-to-human transmission and the risk for a pandemic event still seems low. However, one of the most severe influenza viruses to have affected humans (i.e., Spanish influenza [1918–1919]) developed from an avian influenza virus that adapted to humans, a fact that should be considered when assessing the spillover risk.”

    They then declare that the world’s ruling classes should be in charge of keeping humanity safe.

    “Governments must assume responsibility for protecting biodiversity and human health from diseases caused by human activities. If we hope to conserve biodiversity and protect human health, we must change the way we produce our food (poultry farming, in this specific case) and how we interact with and affect wildlife.”



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