Revolution: ‘No Weapon, No Blood, Or Anything Like That’

by | Nov 30, 2010 | Headline News, Max Keiser | 15 comments

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    Actor and soccer superstar Eric Cantona says that we can change the way the entire system works, but we have to bring it down in order to rebuild.

    A manufactured collapse, if you will.

    Instead of protests and riots in the streets, the solution is much easier, according to Cantona:

    What is the system? The system revolves around the banks. It’s based on the power of the banks. So it must be destroyed starting with the banks.

    3 million, 10 million people and the banks collapse and there is no real threat, a real revolution. In this case there would be a real revolution. It’s not complicated. Instead of going on the streets and driving kilometers by car, you simply go to the bank in your country and withdraw your money. And if there are a lot of people withdrawing their money, the system collapses. No weapon, no blood or anything like that.

    (Video below)

    Cantona’s strategy, a concept that is spreading like wildfire across Europe, is one that can be quite effective in bringing down the corrupt banking system of the world. By eliminating the ability for banks to make loans (because they can’t fractionally create fake money out of nothing due to lack of deposits) the entire system comes to a halt.  And the dominoes will fall.

    It is similar in scope to Max Keiser‘s movement for bringing down JP Morgan Chase and others who try to manipulate the precious metals markets by keeping prices depressed through the use of paper derivatives and other machinations. Keiser’s idea is simple:

    All you need to do is buy one silver coin, maybe two silver coins. Demand physical delivery of that silver, thus forcing JP Morgan and these other financial terrorists to have to cover their negative bets and put a company like JP Morgan, basically forcing them into bankruptcy. Because, there is no way they can cover their liabilities if we all buy one silver coin and demand physical delivery.

    (Video below)

    These are just two ideas – two ways to effect real change in the system. It may not be pretty, because in Cantona’s case the entire banking system would collapse, and likely lead to governmental instability as well. But, the alternative is likely much, much worse.

    Of course, if you’re with the mainstream media, you might be opposed to such an idea, like Andrew Clark with The Guardian Observer, who writes:

    Cantona’s campaign will probably flop. Let’s hope so, because it’s not very wise. There are plenty of reasons to be angry at the way in which banks are run: they took reckless risks in the run-up to the financial crisis, developed ever more opaque derivatives, and senior executives paid themselves far too much. The people of Ireland went on the march yesterday to protest at an economic crisis sparked, to a large extent, by banks feasting on an unsustainable property binge.

    But destroying these institutions in one fell swoop would serve nobody. It’s impossible for everybody to withdraw their savings on the same day, because bank branches and cash machines would quickly run out of cash and close. Even if such a campaign were to succeed, it would simply prompt governments to spend billions more bailing out the banks, forcing them to implement even tighter austerity measures. If they didn’t, then anybody who hadn’t heeded Cantona’s call to withdraw their savings would lose all their money.

    Perhaps this would further the cause of anarchy. But it’s not very well thought through. There’s nothing evil about the concept of banks – they exist to look after our savings and to provide investment for businesses. Let’s tame them, not destroy them.

    What Mr. Clark doesn’t understand is that these very institutions – the world’s banks, and subsequently the governments funded by them – are leading us down the road of tyranny. No one (well, maybe some) is advocating pure anarchy as Mr. Clark suggests, but rather, a movement towards liberty. Sometimes this gets confused with anarchy, but this would suggest that we eliminate the rule of law, which is simply not the case. The banks cannot be tamed, because they do not fall under the general rule of law that the rest of us do. Thus, the solutions put forth by Keiser, Cantona and others advocate first collapsing those corrupt institutions and then building a new financial system from the ashes – one in which all parties, not just the proles in the streets, are subject to the rules of society.

    These ideas may not be perfect, but they may be a much better course of action than bloody revolution, or perhaps worse – global war.

    Eric Cantona – Kill The Banks:

    Max Keiser – Bring Down JP Morgan:


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        I do not keep any money in the bank, all my savings are in tangibles and I just bought four silver coins.

        The monk

      2. And What have the banks done for us lately?
        Not a dam thing in my eyes..
        Im fee’d to F-ing death by banks..fee for this fee for that..
        hell if i get a big check for my business they hold part of if the check is only 1/2 good..and that is bullshit!

        my personal accounts are ATM fee’d, check fee’d and the cost of banking is up, and i dont get anythig in return. Oh they hold on to my money..Big F’in deal.
        Money markets dont make interest why do we “need” them again? on a personal level? ok maybe companies “need” them..but does the average joe “really” NEED them?
        I hope they F themselfs just like the crying unions are.
        Just go ahead and screw yourself out of existance being so dam greedy..come on you can do it..
        stupid greedy bastards..i hope they choke on this

      3. The banks exploit the masses in many ways; the average person uses the banks for convenience for checking, money market accts, and lousy interest on CD’s.   Money sitting at home draws zero interest.  A true love/hate relationship.

      4. any interest you got was sucked up with all their fee’s..and then some..the bank isnt giving you are Not earning are not gaining any money..they are fee-ing it to end up with less after the so called “interest”

        money at home may not draw any interest..but you sure as hell wont have any fee’s to lower the original number you had me that “interest” isnt out running your fee’s, so in reality..there is absolutly no reason for the average person to keep money in a least not anymore.
        we were taught to do we think we need to..truth is, we dont, and the other truth is..the bank isnt out to help us at all.
        never were, and never will.
        they tease you with a crumb, while taking your cookie thinking you will never see it coming.., and a ton of people still havent woke up to that


        Yes, my money sitting at home draws no interest…but it’s there when I want it..and no bank can close their machines, their doors, or cancel my ATM card which could happen any day and keep MY money!!

        And at the low interest banks pay,  and then the taxes on interest earned you must pay as income…why fricking bother??

      7. I have an account for my business and I use it as little as possible but I still need it to do work.   We have a checking account at our locally owned bank but that’s it.  All our cash/assets are at home.  I wouldn’t give those idiots a cent more.  I wish we could all just do the cash/barter thing and let the banks go away.  Charge cards are a joke too.  Pay off everything and f*ck the banks.  

      8. I have had a bank account for years…I just dont keep any money in it they dont charge anything to keep the account open…when they do its gone!
        Never needed a bank to look after my money…thats silly to comtemplate.

      9. Bill I dont know what type of business you have but I understand what youre saying…cant cash a check anymore without one. Barter works as long as the two parties are in agreement (each feels they got the best end of the deal)
        I used to deal with certain customers with barter and trade always made out alot better than I did on cash deals,its definately worth exploring the option,just be cautious who you trust.
        I agree though the time is past time to forget the banks and get them out of our affairs as much as possible.

      10. Remember people, these banks are using YOUR money for THEIR interests nots yours! Why should we have had to bail out the banks already? Don’t we live in America where if a business fails, its time for that business to go?

        What happened to having paper money that was backed by silver or gold? Doesn’t the Supreme Court of the US decide that it had to be backed by silver or gold? We need to stand up to the PRIVATE federal reserve bank, because they are not FEDERAL, nor are they RESERVED.

      11. Silver pays no interest??? Let’s see.

        Silver ten years ago was about $5 an ounce. Today it is close to $30. That looks to me to be about 600% over ten years or 60% per year.

        Kindly explain how that money could have been better invested at a bank.

      12. Hey… if we can take down the vampiric JPMorgan/Chase and COMEX by buying up the physical silver… all the better!  I know that we’ll make money on the deal because silver should already be trading at $50 an ounce. The silver supply is only being replaced at the rate of 10% of consumption per year, and silver is actively consumed by a number of industrial applications. There is no downside. There will be a silver squeeze to say the least. Most of the gold ever mined is still in vaults.

        Cantona’s campaign is only half thought-out. The only way it will work is if people not only take their money out of the banks, but invest in metals as well, since the cash is losing value.
        I, for one, after paying bills, am purchasing storable food and metals for use when the currency crashes.

      13. This is called a run on the banks and no bailout can save it. It means a loss in confidence and if 3-5% of the people do this it will work as planned to shut them down. Your money is not making any interest anyways, putting it under your mattress is no difference. If we run on the banks, cash will become worth more because it is scarce, so actually the cash held at home will gain. if they print more, it might spark inflation and total non-confidence, this is the BAD that could happen. Buying Silver/gold gets you outside their system completely and is a complete vote of no confidence. I purchase coins every month, have taken my 401K and rolled it into a scottrade IRA where I have gold shares. I am thinking of cashing this in and buying land, food and more gold. the future is bleak, but growing your own food and having assets outside the system that can be carried away is the safest bet.
        Globalism depends on cheap oil, and the elites know this is coming to an end. It will all fail slowly very soon, in fact, this might be the start of the failure. Be Prepared.

      14. Attention! BankRun 2010:

        I thought as many others that the movement initiated by Eric Cantona was spontaneous and naive and thought that I could hang myself to it in order to establish La Nouvelle Économie. After a Skype discussion with Géraldine Feuillien I came to the conclusion that it was a movement whose brain manipulator is still unknown but whose purpose is to establish an economic system probably fascist that will emerge by terror rather than a movement that will foster the economic interests of each of us.

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