Revealed: The Mystery Man Behind Bitcoin: “Not Even His Family Knew”

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    It’s taken the world by storm, rising thousands of percentage points in just a few years and making multi-millionaires out of early investors. Just $1000 invested a couple of years ago would be worth nearly a million today.

    Bitcoin and the crypto-currencies that followed in its footsteps have become widely popular with those looking to keep their transactions private, while at the same time driving governments all over the world nuts because there exists no paper trail.

    For years no one really knew who created Bitcoin. It just kind of popped up out of nowhere. There were rumors, based on investigations into the code that it was probably a single developer.

    But now, after an extensive investigation by Newsweek’s Leah McGrath Goodman, we finally (think we) know who started it all.

    His name is Satoshi Nakamoto, though that was originally thought to be just a pseudonym, and he’s a highly secretive individual with ties to even more secretive government programs. According to Goodman, he’s worked on a host of highly classified projects for the U.S. military including the development warship and aircraft technology, but details about his career are sparse.

    Though Nakamoto has some $400 million worth of Bitcoins, he has reportedly never touched them. Apparently, once the initial development of the crypto-currency was completed he retreated to the foothills outside of Los Angeles, CA, where he now lives locked away from the rest of the world.

    When Goodman showed up at his front door Nakamoto first called the police, and once they arrived, he then answered the door.

    It seems that classified government work and his involvement with Bitcoin has made him a bit paranoid.

    He’s not looking for fame and that is quite evident considering that not even his closest family members knew he was the man behind one of the largest anti-establishment movements in recent years.

    Standing before me, eyes downcast, appeared to be the father of Bitcoin.

    Not even his family knew.

    A libertarian, Nakamoto encouraged his daughter to be independent, start her own business and “not be under the government’s thumb,” she says. “He was very wary of the government, taxes and people in charge.”

    She also describes her father as a man who worked all hours, from before the family rose in the morning to late into the night. “He would keep his office locked and we would get into trouble if we touched his computer,” she recalls. “He was always expounding on politics and current events. He loved new and old technology. He built his own computers and was very proud of them.”

    Ever since Bitcoin rose to prominence there has been a hunt for the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Did he act alone or was he working for the government? Bitcoin has been linked to everything from the National Security Agency to the International Monetary Fund.

    Yet, in a world where almost every big Silicon Valley innovation seems to erupt in lawsuits over who thought of it first, in the case of Bitcoin the founder has remained conspicuously silent for the past five years.

    “I could see my dad doing something brilliant and not accepting the greater effect of it,” says Ilene Mitchell, who works for Partnerships for Student Achievement in Beaverton, Ore. “But I honestly don’t see him being straight about it. Any normal person would be all over it. But he’s not totally a normal person.”

    Nakamoto’s middle brother, Tokuo Nakamoto, who lives near his brother and mother, in Duarte, Calif., agrees. “He is very meticulous in what he does, but he is very afraid to take himself out into the media, so you will have to excuse him,” he says.

    You want to know about my amazing physicist brother?” says Arthur Nakamoto, Satoshi Nakamoto’s youngest sibling, who works as director of quality assurance at Wavestream Corp., a maker of radio frequency amplifiers in San Dimas, Calif.

    “He’s a brilliant man. I’m just a humble engineer. He’s very focused and eclectic in his way of thinking. Smart, intelligent, mathematics, engineering, computers. You name it, he can do it.”

    But he also had a warning.

    “My brother is an asshole. What you don’t know about him is that he’s worked on classified stuff. His life was a complete blank for a while. You’re not going to be able to get to him. He’ll deny everything. He’ll never admit to starting Bitcoin.”

    And with that, Nakamoto’s brother hung up.

    Read more at Newsweek

    If one thing is for certain, it’s that Nakamoto changed the world. And as far as we can tell he wants none of the recognition that others might have tried to garner had they done the same.

    Being a Libertarian in his political leanings, it seems Nakamoto may have gotten fed up with the world of government intrusion and central banking, so he took it upon himself to make a change for the better.

    Of course, his background suggests, at least on some level, that the entire Bitcoin operation may have well been a high level classified government project. The conspiracy theories surrounding Bitcoin have been circulating since the very beginning, with many pointing to the NSA or some non-official government agency as being the original developer. The Newsweek report will no doubt re-ignite those theories.

    Nakamoto isn’t talking and chances are he probably never will.

    Whatever the case, if this is the man behind Bitcoin, then he can honestly say that he, almost single handedly, transformed how the internet does and will do business in the future.


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      1. Stay away from the paper/electronic games. You need real wealth that you can hold in your hands to get through the coming crisis.

        • Oh ok. Now I get why this article is here. For a minute there, I thought I was at abovetopsecret.

          • That sucker sure looks like Eisen to me.

            • The U.S. and Japan want to gain more control over bitcoin transactions.

              Japan may tax bitcoin deals, stop banks, brokerages from handling

              “Japan will this week set out rules on how to handle bitcoins, the first sign that the government is taking action on regulating the virtual currency after the collapse last week of Tokyo-based Mt. Gox, once the world’s dominant bitcoin exchange.”

              “U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has said Congress should look into legal options for regulating virtual currencies such as bitcoin.”


              • Just a modern technology twist on an old scam.

              • Maybe it collapsed for a reason. Now the powers to be will regulate and buy into bitcoin at the low price and manipulate it like they do to stock market.

            • If Cuz had a son he would look like Eisen. Outlaw your right I believe thats Eisen.


                • Brother Braveheart,
                  Why so angry about Eisen???

            • Outwest, I’ve somehoe always pictured Eisen as one ugly mofo. Almost anyone would look better than Eisen. I know I do.

              • The whole bitcoin paradigm sounds like the old Laurel Canyon COINTELPRO psyops from the 60s.

                Things are never as they appear.

                NEVER trust your transactions online and never trust the ones who say they are there to “protect” you…yes, this includes LEO and any .gov agents.

              • This Eisencharacter really gets you people going. Eisen is probably some 15 year old black chick sitting around in her jammies laughing her ass off.

            • Well…..his own brother described Nakamoto as an a**hole.

              That certainly is how we can describe eisencrap. So… may very well be him.

        • Exactly. Concentrate on your precious metals and food stores folks. The bitcoin will face the same fate as the dollar.

          • Precious metal = lead to feed the boomsticks. If you can’t shoot it or eat it, it is NOT a precious anything.

        • I have lots of bitcoin and never touched them either. Bitcoin was designed for an interstellar species.

      2. You can’t eat a bitcoin.

        • But you can eat or feed lead, old technology too.

        • Cops will do a body cavity search if they find any bitcoins on you.

          • Using their toung.

      3. I can’t believe you actually posted this, and LINKED to the idiotic article on Newsweek…

        The bimbo who wrote this story was looking for the “big bad wolf.” Instead, she found a guy who is NOT living the high life, is NOT a crook, is NOT the big bad wolf… So what did she do? She outed him anyway, going so far as to give all the details for someone to quickly track him down and kill him.
        Stupid, and utterly IRRESPONSIBLE.
        My disgust for this article, defies description.

        • I agree breathial 1000 thumbs up!

          seems someone didn’t get the memo on Tesla.

      4. AMERICA, Still the greatest country on earth! Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

        • A true patriotic song here Steppenwolf the monster. John Kay had it right even back then, we are fighting a monster! Do you care about your sons and daughters? Give it a listen again and wake up!

          • I’d rather take a magic carpet ride.

      5. “Of course, his background suggests, at least on some level, that the entire Bitcoin operation may have well been a high level classified government project. The conspiracy theories surrounding Bitcoin have been circulating since the very beginning, with many pointing to the NSA or some non-official government agency as being the original developer. The Newsweek report will no doubt re-ignite those theories.”

        Ya think???

        • MAY have been a gov op? Come now are you really that naive? This is the dry run for a total cashless society where no one can buy or sell with out the mark.

          • Agreed. Just a beta test for the cashless society.

            • Except that THEIR cashless society will be ANY THING BUT without a paper trail and unable to track transactions. It will not be without regulation and it won’t be free either—in any sense of the word.

          • Chaos,,,
            We will find a way.

      6. I think the problem was he didn’t give the NWO a cut so they took him down. The Bitcoin was also used on silkroad to pay for drug transactions. When it was exposed the public and big wigs finally took notice.

        • I don’t think the drug transactions was what got tptb’s notice, it was the sheer volume of it, that they didn’t have a finger on and their tentacles into.

      7. It appears quite a few money people are dropping like fly’s.

        Autumn Radtke, the CEO of an upstart online currency exchange, died last week under mysterious circumstances at her home in Singapore.

        Radtke, the U.S.-born head of First Meta, was found dead by local police Feb. 28, with the cause of death yet to be determined. In a statement on its website, First Meta said the company “was shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our friend and CEO Autumn Radtke.”
        In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the company’s director and nonexecutive chairman, Douglas Abrams, said the exact cause of Radtke’s death was “still under investigation.”

        • i agree 99, the death of Autumn Radtke after the theft at mt gox smells too much of what is happening to other banking pers. there is something stirring in the background.

      8. Satoshi Nakamoto. Wouldn’t you know it, another Jew. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Thats funny,,,will chuckle over that a few times today,,

          • I will as well…and who do you suppose made all of that money on the front end of it?

            …and who lost it.

            “the lure of easy money has a very strong appeal”

      9. No, he didn’t change the world. Governments shut it down because they don’t want it to compete with fiat currencies. Besides, of course, that it was for drug dealing and prostitution.

        • …so is fiat currencies, or haven’t you heard?

          • along with murder……

      10. At this point, OTHER than precious metals and real tangible supplies, it seems like ALL forms of other money are destined to fail. With the way the world is going on right now, unless you can hold it in your hand, it is ONLY air.

      11. Good for him. I guess that fact he hasn’t cashed says he thinks it will go higher. hmmm.

      12. As usual:………

        “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

      13. Can’t eat bitcoin, can’t hold it in your hand remarks are beyond laughable . One can only wonder how these cavemen made it onto the web. Does somebody peck at the keyboard for them while they dictate?

        • Voice to text software,,,
          Its a brave new world!

          • I wonder if it works better now. The only time I tried it was back in Windows 3.1. You had to train the software, and only 64 words would fit in memory at one time. It was fun for a few hours.

            • It works much better now.

              • I have it on my phone. It’s awesome!

        • Hey man! They mine it…really!


      14. Didn’t I see were this guy or some guy that was the head of Bitcoin found dead. (Rdatke) Suicide?
        another banker bites the dust.
        TPTB suicide is 3 shots to the back of the head and no gun at the site. Ask Hillary and her friend the found in the park. Shot yourself in the head and no brain matter or puddle of blood, found at the scene? But they closed up Hellery’s office for a weeks. (I know I spelled it with an “E”, because if she is the next prez that is what we will have!!!!!)

      15. The early bird gets the worm.

        • You focus entirely on the good fortune of the bird and not the torture inflicted on the worm. we need to de-emphasize winning.

          • Winners get to park with the prom queen in the back seat.

        • Whats the early worm get? Thats why I sleep in! Trekker Out.

          • Are you saying that you are a worm?

            • Pretty Much! Trekker Out.

      16. Sorry, I just don’t care about Bitcoin, or cryptocurrencies. I don’t see a way cashing notihng, into paper nothing equates to wealth in the near future.

      17. The guy is in hiding because he worked on the government program to create Bitcoin and he wasn’t supposed to profit from it. Now he’ll have to give it back. Right.

      18. Also, I’ll repost an update on the story about a cut off of Russian ammo to the US from yesterday. I went to Cabellas in Hoffman Estates, Il. this AM. They had plenty of 7.62x39mm ammo. And no increase in the price. Good news. Any cut off of that ammo may take a while to get thru the pipeline. Cabellas sells Herters brand Russian ammo. Herters, to my knowledge, doesn’t make ammo. They buy Russian ammo and package it under their name. FYI.

      19. Bitcoin exchanges divert dollars away from the precious metals markets. Metal markets are rigged and over leveraged. If that’s not a hallmark of controlled opposition I don’t know what is.

      20. Interesting, not sure how bitcoin will fair if govts decide to shut the internet down…

        • The same way it will fair if we have a CME or EMP attack.

          Lose the power grid, you lose the Internet. Lose the Internet and you don’t even have digital assets anymore. They are gone. Poof!

          I see bitcoin as being even more unreliable than fiat paper currency.

          And that’s saying a lot.

      21. Its a damn shame that this stupid cunt was cajoled into exposing him by the deep state in order to cast more doubt on a non-state sanctioned cryptocurrency so that the sheeple buy into the paradigm but get led away by the nose to be fleeced by TPTB!


      22. Look up j orlin grabbe deceased

      23. How the hell can you call yourself a libertarian and have that much involvement with govt programs??

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