Retired Green Beret Warns: “North Korea Can Deliver A Warhead Containing An EMP Weapon Dead Center Over The Continental United States”

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    Most are aware by now that North Korea has tested (successfully) another ICBM missile, and its nuclear ambitions are more concrete by the day.  The mainstream media and the Obama administration are the creators of the public’s skepticism and denial regarding North Korea’s capabilities.  The Obama administration consistently and deliberately downplayed the true strengths and capabilities of North Korea over an eight-year period.  Such a downplay was further enabled by key press conferences in which members of the U.S. military’s command structure (specifically those serving in the Pentagon) were made to parrot the administration’s denial.

    By “pulling Pentagon officials out” and having them categorically deny North Korea’s capabilities, it set the tempo to create a false narrative that Obama and his minions would champion throughout the eight years.  Pentagon officials (Admirals and Four-star Generals) were periodically “rotated” into these press pools to downplay the abilities of North Korea to launch a nuclear missile against the United States.

    This obfuscation, orchestrated by Obama and parroted by those general officers who were about to retire in a couple of years was a precise and deliberate weakening of the United States’ defensive stance against a nation that declared its intentions to strike her.

    All the experts on the subject were marginalized and labeled either as “crackpots,” or just scoffed at with their opinions relegated to page A-14, just above a coupon for “Captain Crunch” and at the bottom of the page of the newspaper.  The public bought it.  They swallowed the pill offered by the government-media complex, and in their own narcissistic hubris, discounted the efforts of a “backwards” country such as North Korea to send a nuke to the U.S.

    Not anymore.

    Now the media is grudgingly, painfully admitting what cannot be hidden: North Korea has more than enough capability to hit the United States.  All of it.  The North Korean ICBM test on Friday, July 29 proves they can strike the U.S. anywhere.  Here you go:

    “Looks like it pretty much can get to New York, Boston, and probably falls just short of Washington [DC].  If those numbers are correct, the missile flown on a standard trajectory, the missile would have a range of 10,400 km (6,500 miles), not taking into account the Earth’s rotation.  However, the rotation of the Earth increases the range of missiles fired eastward, depending on their direction.  It is important to keep in mind that we do not know the mass of the payload the missile carried on this test.”

    David Wright, Senior Scientist, Global Security Program, Union of Concerned Scientists to CNBC

    Keep this sentence in mind from the excerpt: “However, the rotation of the Earth increases the range of missiles fired eastward, depending on their direction.” 

    Such proves they have at least enough “juice” to deliver a warhead containing an EMP weapon dead center over the continental United States, and can strike the U.S. anywhere.

    Dr. Peter V. Pry, formerly an analyst with the CIA, and now the head of the Committee to Assess EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Threats against the U.S., is the foremost expert on such threats and briefs Congress on them annually.  Dr. Pry has assured Congress countless times that North Korea not only has miniaturization capabilities regarding nuclear warheads, but also has that capability regarding the deployment of an EMP weapon.  I strongly urge you to read his writings and articles.

    Now-retired Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R, MD) practically hopped up and down during both the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations to try and initiate action by the government to protect the grid and infrastructure from an EMP attack.  To no avail, all his pleadings… substantiated by piles of research documents and assessments – pure evidence – fell on deaf ears, and he has since retired and withdrawn from mainstream society.  Several general officers over the past years (such as General Curtis Scapparotti, for example) went “against the grain” during the Obama years and declared that North Korea did indeed possess EMP weapons, miniaturization capabilities, and ICBM’s.  Their declarations also went unheeded.

    Now, just as Obama planned it, we are “behind the power curve,” and vulnerable: North Korea has had years to prepare, in the face of mere “sanctions” or other “paper-tiger” rumblings.  Through our complacency, they have been enabled to strike the U.S.  Along with the mothballing of TARS (Tethered Aerostat Radar System), the string of radar-equipped balloons along the Gulf Coast to add about ten minutes early warning time to our missile tracking capabilities. As SHTF Plan reportedTARS was taken out in 2013, at Obama’s direction.  North Korea has two satellites in orbit that each cross over the U.S. several times daily at 300 km, the optimal height for an EMP strike.

    Just as Obama planned it.

    The United States, South Korea, and Japan all equally assessed the North Korean launch on July 29th with the same capabilities.  President Trump said that he would take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the U.S. and its allies.  The nations (the U.S. included) have all declared the intention of more sanctions against North Korea.  More nonsense.  These two excerpts came from a article by Cheyenne Roundtree and Gareth Davis for Mailonline that are interesting, if not “amusing” (from a cynical perspective).  Here’s the first, with the main point underlined:

    “[President] Donald Trump released a statement yesterday after the missile launch, saying: ‘North Korea’s test launch yesterday of another intercontinental ballistic missile – the second such test in less than a month – is only the latest reckless and dangerous action by the North Korean regime.”

    Yes, there you have it from the mouth of the President of the United States, confirming it was indeed and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and was indeed the second one that is confirmed.  Here is the second excerpt:

    “Washington and its allies have watched with growing concern as Pyongyang has made significant progress toward its goal of having all of the US within range of its missiles to counter what it labels as US aggression.  While there are hurdles, including building nuclear warheads to fit on those missiles and ensuring reliability, many analysts have been surprised by how quickly Kim Jong-Un has developed North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

    Well, along with interesting and amusing, let’s add infuriating to the list to describe these words from the excerpt:

    “Many analysts have been surprised.”

    “Significant progress toward its goal”

    Do you think those analysts will be surprised when, suddenly, all the lights and air conditioning in their offices go out and they’re in the dark on the 30th floor?  Or if not that, perhaps they’ll be surprised when they look out of their windows and see a nice blinding flash of light and a mushroom cloud?  Do you think either an EMP and/or a mushroom cloud over what was once an American city will prove that North Korea has made significant progress toward its goal?

    Sometimes valuable information comes from sources that might normally never see the light of day.  I found this comment on Steve Quayle’s website that may place things into perspective from a “grass roots” level.  Obviously, it is written by a mother of someone in the service, probably the U.S. Army.  Here it is, along with its citation:

    “Angel says:  Comment ID: 3722746    August 1, 2017 at 1:22 am

    “Wanted to give a heads up that the upcoming fight with North Korea is very real.  My child is a Combat Engineer stationed at the DMZ currently and they are readying for a fight.  They are doing things in that area that haven’t been done in 50 years.  Such as clearing mine fields.  They are awaiting orders to attack.  Get prepared now if you’re not already.  I have someone on the front line and I can tell you it’s getting bad.”

    Sometimes information from the average person will give you insights on things you will not hear in the mainstream media.  This woman’s comment is both simplistic and unsolicited, and anyone with more information who is in the area?  Your comments would be greatly appreciated.  Such comments can reveal (at least in part) what is taking place over there and is valuable, because there is no such thing as “grass roots” journalism anymore.  There are no more reporters to interview the “man on the street” or to cover things happening in foreign countries.  We must rely on what information we bring to one another and our wits to be able to recognize the valuable parts…pieces to the overall puzzle that present the big picture.

    Let’s once more examine the “flip” side of things.  We have a President who has not been able to accomplish much, and thus far has been railroaded by Congress and members of his own political party every day since being sworn in.  His popularity ratings are falling, and the midterm election campaigning is right around the corner.  What is the solution?  Why, the same as it was for Bush Jr. back in 2003.  War.  War is the solution, either false flagged/orchestrated by the U.S., or allowed to be initiated by North Korea.  War is the vehicle to create a cohesive bond and gain the support of the populace: nothing new here with this method.

    The cost, however, will be sustained by the population and not by those who initiated the conflict, whether North Koreans, Americans, or others.  The ones who initiate the hostilities will be safe in underground bunkers with food, water, medical supplies, and armed guards…funded by their “host” populations, who will be busily engaged in being vaporized and incinerated on the surface.  I close with the point that I have stood by all along, and exhort you to make the best possible choices and take actions for you and your family, while there’s still time to do so, in whatever way you can.  Now is the time to act, and not “one second after,” so to speak:

    The next world war will be initiated by an EMP weapon detonated over the United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and a war between conventional forces.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Thank you Hillary Clinton for that important message.

        • Both obamanation and hillary’s happy asses should be strapped to the first ICBM we must send back at them.

          • Yep.

          • “Now the media is grudgingly, painfully admitting ”

            Of course, that article he’s citing also places serious doubt on where their missiles can reach because the payload wasn’t there.

            If y’all remember, their nuke test was doubted that it was actually a full critical mass nuclear explosion too.

            They sure as hell don’t have MIRV tech, and they’re definitely on Gen 1 nuke tech – that even WE couldn’t deliver via missile, so despite how much this guy is typically right, he’s likely very wrong here.

            • I believe that North Korea’s “land based” missile site will (soon) be destroyed. After that, they will focus on their submarines. I think North Korea’s submarines pose a threat to inflict damage.

              North Korea carries out ‘unprecedented’ test of submarine missile system
              “The US military is monitoring “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of activity by North Korea’s submarine force, with reports of a series of successful “ejection tests” of submarine-launched ballistic missiles described by analysts as a “critical step forward”.

              “Ejection tests from submarines usually gauge the ability to “cold launch” missiles, when high pressure steam is used to propel missiles out of launch canisters.”

              The 10 Largest Submarine Fleets in the World
              From the list, here are the top five.
              Iran – 31 Submarines

              Russia – 63 Submarines

              China – 69 Submarines

              United States – 72 Submarines

              North Korea – 78 Submarines
              “All of North Korea’s submarines are diesel-electric and none of them displace more than 1800 tons. The potential danger of this force was demonstrated in 2010 when a small 130 ton sub of the Yono class sank the South Korean corvette Cheonan.

              Nonetheless, it is largely considered to be a second-rate force made up of aging Soviet-era and smaller home-built coastal submarines.

              The smaller North Korean submarines reportedly have very good shallow water abilities and would, in times of war, be used to lay mines, provide intelligence reports on enemy harbors and transport special-forces to enemy shores.

              If the KPANF continues to expand its fleet of small submarines, don’t expect them to be bumped off the top of this list any time soon.”

              • (above comment is still moderating since 5:21 p.m.)

                I believe that North Korea’s “land based” missile site will (soon) be destroyed. After that, they will focus on their submarines. Older submarines can still fire missiles.

                North Korea carries out ‘unprecedented’ test of submarine missile system
                “The US military is monitoring “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of activity by North Korea’s submarine force, with reports of a series of successful “ejection tests” of submarine-launched ballistic missiles described by analysts as a “critical step forward”.

                “Ejection tests from submarines usually gauge the ability to “cold launch” missiles, when high pressure steam is used to propel missiles out of launch canisters.”
                ht tp://

                The 10 Largest Submarine Fleets in the World
                From the list, here are the top five:
                Iran – 31 Submarines

                Russia – 63 Submarines

                China – 69 Submarines

                United States – 72 Submarines

                North Korea – 78 Submarines
                “All of North Korea’s submarines are diesel-electric and none of them displace more than 1800 tons. The potential danger of this force was demonstrated in 2010 when a small 130 ton sub of the Yono class sank the South Korean corvette Cheonan.

                Nonetheless, it is largely considered to be a second-rate force made up of aging Soviet-era and smaller home-built coastal submarines.

                The smaller North Korean submarines reportedly have very good shallow water abilities and would, in times of war, be used to lay mines, provide intelligence reports on enemy harbors and transport special-forces to enemy shores.”
                ht tp://

                • i wonder what happens if china drives one of their EMP nukes into korea, sends it up over america, and OOPS, we are back to the 17th century, like north korea is NOW. got a buddy that’s a real estate salesman over there in north korea at a place called century-four. i asked him the other day, “how’s it going?”……”can’t complain!”, he answered.

            • enter North Korea EMP in the search box and you’ll see OLD articles about this subject. This clown is recycling old information, and , sad to say, some of it was written by him. But he’ll probably deny ever writing one article on this subject like previous denials.
              I know an operator who deals with nuke issues. But you don’t hear him talking about it because he knows how to keep his mouth shut. Quite a contrast to old wanna be important, Jerry. Note to Jerry, shut up.

              • The Iranians (missile tech) and the N.Koreans (nukes) have been working together for more than a few years now. I’m quite sure they have helped each others programs.
                And remember the 1988 Caspian Sea tests by Iran?
                They launched a missile from a cargo container, it takes about 5 min. to reach n altitude of 200 miles, and that was a Scud.
                Quite sufficient for an EMP to take out the grid on any coast. The country with two or three.

                • Dr. Peter Pry Warns About EMP Threats to American Electrical Grid

                  “The higher up you go, the bigger the field gets, and at an altitude of 300 kilometers with a single nuclear weapon you can cover the entire continental United States … most of Canada and a good chunk of Mexico with an EMP field.

                  And this field is so powerful, in effect what it is, it’s a super energetic radio wave. It’s a radio wave that’s got so much energy in it that it will damage and destroy electronic systems—all electronic systems, including the electric grid, the personal computer on your desk, SCADA systems—that is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems which are little computers that run everything: The water supply, gas pipelines, gas coming out of electric engines, industrial processes and all kinds of things…”

                  “Because the weapon would be detonated high above the earth, people would not hear the blast and they may not even see anything if the sky is cloudy.”

                  *”Solutions to protect the electrical grid against these ominous threats already exist, but they have not been widely implemented. Dr. Pry believes that the grid should be hardened against these threats, adding that people should take action to prepare.”

                  (Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is the Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.)

                  ht tp://

            • Don’t forget, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were first generation nuclear weapons as well. Hmmmm

              • That had to be delivered via aircraft from close range….

                • “that even WE couldn’t deliver via missile” Helloooo.

                  • I guess we couldn’t fit them into those fancy ICBM’s we had in…1945. Go back to sleep Nunya

            • Nunya, Wrong. You need to do more research. What the “experts” were arguing was if the North detonated a “hydrogen” bomb as they claimed. This is precisely the type of misinformation JJ was talking about in this article. Bad information makes us weaker.

          • Retired Green Beret has NO Credibility unless he starts using his real name. Like Who the F uses some Ex Military title to somehow bring credibility to his phony stories along side his phony name. How’s your water meter doing on the water well JJ?? You got caught stealing water from the Indians, then try top blame it in Agenda 21 for your theft. Loser!!

            • Ex Paramedic says JJ is Psycho, and will lose it any day now being couped up in a Mt Cabin with 3 cats. 3 cats just sounds really Gay for an ex GB. Kind of like bragging like you own 3 Gerbils and a gold fish. lol You need a dog, a big dog, like a real pet.

              • I got a Plott hound. Big black dog. the plot family developed the breed to hunt bears. mine is still a pup but can already fight and kill a full grown raccoon.

          • Greenspan: Bond bubble about to break because of ‘abnormally low’ interest rates

            “Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan issued a bold warning Friday that the bond market is on the cusp of a collapse that also will threaten stock prices.”

            ht tps://





        • I’m off to climb the highest mountains in Canada.

          Eisenkreutz in the blind.

          I’ll be back.

          • Stay safe. Godspeed.

          • no please stay the -uck there

            • better yet, take a bath with yer TOASTER!

        • For those of you that want to do some further reading on this very important topic:

          1.) This article is a very well done point-counterpoint give and take between the two sides of the debate. VERY worthwhile: Rebuttal at

          2.) Washington Times article at

          3.) The wonderful Canada Free Press:

          4.) From The Hill:

          5.) EMP Task Force:

          6.) Family Security Matters:

          7.) Dr. Pry at Newsmax:

          • I just read that the meager funding that Dr. PRY has for the awareness project was chopped out of the upcoming budget. Better to pay for tranny treatment than to figure out to harden our power grids to this great dang

      2. This guy should really shut-up.

      3. Thankfully, places like Detroit, Chicago, etc. are not on the list for Mentally Il Kim Jong Un to attack, because socialism has already destroyed these cities. Also, thankfully, Obungler will be safe if Dennis Rodman’s BFF attacks, as they will be on yet another zillion dollar vacation somewhere safe. How do I know? They are ALWAYS on some uber-luxe vacation, that’s how.

      4. Moga hochee for GI watchee!

        • 3 dolla no holla soul-cha boi.

      5. If NK hits US territory with an ICBM, then Trump should immediately have the Clintons, Obamas, and all the traitors that enabled them indicted, convicted, and executed for treason. The lower level “enablers” also convicted, and sent to Leavenworth or Gitmo.!!!!!!!

        • in the middle of a nuclear missile exchange how do you expect trump to do that besides those traitors will have already left the country fool

        • Thankfully, the most recent U.S. missile defense test using the THADD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) system was successful. However, North Korea recently launched an ICBM, a long range missile.

          US conducts ‘successful’ THAAD missile test after latest North Korea missile launch – July 30, 2017

          “THAAD is used to intercept short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles. It does NOT target intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).”
          ht tp://

      6. I have said it 100+ times: That sneaky no good filthy Barry Hussein, the black bastard MUSLIM NoBoma is a crook and hates the USA with all of his muslim heart and wants nothing but utter failure and destruction of America and its citizens. That no good black muslim bastard deserves to HANG!!! Wake the hell up America. Your asses are now square in the cross hairs.

        • You have it all wrong.
          It is the white people
          that voted for Obama,
          that are the problem.
          Kill them off.

          • Rellic:


            Never turn against your own race !!!

            Being duped is regretful. If you must kill, go for the people who duped you naive white people into voting against yourself.

            Never let the (((3ews))) pit brother against brother, again. The (((3ews))) are deceivers and liars.


            • those filthy globalist in office need to go. One way or another, doesn’t matter to me!!

            • Race has nothing to do with it.
              Most my culture is a pretty mixed
              batch of people. White liberals
              need to be eliminated, not
              so much due to their race,
              but due to their culture.

              • Rellic:
                “not so much due to their race”

                When you feel it is OK to come on a public board and advocate killing white people, without any fear that DHS will be at your door, you prove that white people are discriminated against in America.

                I’m not a pure Aryan. But I know right from wrong. What is happening to white people is wrong.

                _ it has everything to do with race. I can live with a white democrat. I might reject and fight his politics but first and foremost, if he is white he is mine and I will protect my brother.

                • What about a Polish 3ew/Scotsman mix
                  complaining about white Liberals
                  confuses you? Physically I’m
                  about as white as you can get.
                  The enemy is white liberals.
                  Ever met a Asian Liberal?
                  Ever met a African Liberal?

                  • Hmm,,
                    I would just generalize and say liberals are the problem, not necessarily white, but liberals, i know lots of japs localy who are aligned with libtard nation and that i wouldnt miss any of them, i have seen em in all colors that i dont like

              • Rellik, truer words were never spoken. I’ve never hated libturds as much as I do now.

            • “Never turn against your own race.” Which race would that be, since almost every single “white” American is mixed blood? Please fill me in.

              There is one race, the human race. Western culture is a separate issue. It should be protected at all costs.

              Note to “white guys:” western culture does not include NASCAR, professional sports, Netflix, Amazon/IMDB, HBO and other bread and circuses.

              Build your bomb shelters all day long. The racists that slink down into it will be just as racist when/if they climb back out. Nothing changes.

              • if race doesnt matter send your kids to live in suriname you fucking idiot baby boomer

                the world doesnt work like a fucking woodstock video you fucking cuck

                • stfu

            • b you are correct

          • Lived in the Bay Area for the last 5 years. The liberal whites are your greatest threat. The blacks will fall in line once their source of income is gone.

          • I say kill everybody and let God sort it out

            • I don’t care what color they are
              My sites know no race

              You tread on me , violate my freedom
              That would make you enemy #1
              Step to me to fulfill that threat ,and drop like the rest

              Yes my life is worth taking someone else’s that was planing on doing me in

              Draw beotches

              • Sounds good to me

        • If Trump is taken out. I’m Obama will be happy to step right in and take control of things.

          • That ape NoBoma deserves to HANG, that is what he deserves, nothing more, nothing less period!!

            • true

      7. What. Ever. Two weeks ago they were two years from developing this. Four years ago they were two years ago they were two years from developing this. TEN years ago, they were two years…you get the picture. Sadly, most people believe this crap. I’m not saying a nuke couldn’t land in the middle of the united states. But if it does, it won’t be from the chubby munchkin. Not that he shouldn’t be taken out. Those poor people have suffered enough. But it’s never truly about human rights, is it? No, it’s not. Follow the money.

        • Cabingirl, GI Jane has been preaching this NK emp shit for several years. It ain’t gonna happen, and he ain’t really a retired green beret.
          Stay quiet Be smart

      8. As of September 1st. US passports will be invalid for travel to N. Korea. We can expect something to happen shortly after that. If we attack N. Korea you can be almost sure that that crazy nut bag will launch an EMP at the United States. An EMP will do much more damage than one nuclear bomb and he will have nothing to lose at that point and this will enable him to do maximum damage to the US before he goes down. There will be no winners in this conflict.

        • you got that right

      9. It sounds like I will get to use my Preps. Just think what N.K. will look like after the EMP goes off. ONE BIG ASS ASH TRAY!

        My father who when he was younger would tell me that we would fight with N.K. again. He told me if it comes to a fight with them to kill as many as you can, because they killed three of the best men he ever knew, and wounded him badly. He said that the N.K and China are the scum of the earth. He also had also said not to spear any bullets on the Chinese. Take out as many as you can, because when the war comes with them it will last for 50 years. Show them no mercy, because they will show you NONE!

        Another reason to prep!!!


        • Sarge, this weekend I will get my masks out and run drills with practice cartridges.

          The best tutorial I’ve seen on making sure your mask fits is the first part of the YouTube video.

          “M17 Gas Mask Fitting and Drill 1961 US Army Training Film 10min”

          • You won’t need it. This is going to come down to who is ready and who can last the longest without going to a government camp. With the grid down that implodes multiple systems that we depend on for daily living. Crash the grid and you crash the financial system and the media. How long do you think most people will last with out their electronic entertainment device in hand? Some folks will be freaking out within hours. Then try telling them there is no electricity, their credit / debit card doesn’t work, oh, and the MSM is offline and how do you think people are going to react? This is about your psychological mindset as much as anything else!

            The people that visit this forum have developed critical psychological skills. What do I mean by that statement? People here already have the frame of mind that things can happen, on a mass scale, to cause huge disruptions to our system. Civilization is fragile. Many people here will not wait for the government to help them. That is huge! Too many of our neighbor’s will wait around for the government to show up! We will be the leaders in our communities. We will be able to calm people down and get them to work together. We will be the ones that have communications gear that works to get them news. We will be the ones that know how to build a small earthen oven or rocket stove to boil water.

            I have watched a lot of prepper and survival shows. I am guessing most of the people here have as well. Like “Alone.” Great show. But what is the critical element when it comes to making it to the end or until you are rescued? Attitude! You have to cultivate that mentality, or attitude, that you will never quit. That you will do whatever it takes to make it through. I don’t know about some of you, but I like being alive! I LOVE LIFE and I don’t plan on quitting and giving up and saying “oh, it’s too hard.” Jeezus that attitude is for pussies.

            I say bring it on. Let this shit go down so we can rebuild and fix this country. It sure as hell isn’t working well for me. The only people happy in the US are the freeloaders and gimmigrants at the bottom and the politicians and wealthy at the top. Bring on an EMP and let’s reset this place. I have been waiting all my life. Thank God I am educated white trash that grew up poor as dirt in the country. I know how to be poor, how to work hard, how to get shit done. More than most people. One tip for folks trying to help others? You don’t work, you don’t eat. You don’t work, you don’t stay warm. You don’t work, you don’t get shelter. Hard lessons for some. I grew up being taught that way so it doesn’t bother me. Gonna be a shock for some of the young ‘uns though. Get ready! This is going to be as much about educating people as surviving.

            Oh, one last thing. The cities are just going to burn up, be looted, and destroyed. Nothing we can do about that. Hope everyone is out of the city and ready to lead their neighbor’s.

            Hey, Mac, do you have a SW channel you plan on using? You know, so you can stay in touch with everyone? Good idea to give everyone that information in advance. Just in case. It would be nice to know how we can all stay in contact!

            • PD, you sound like me and all my family.

              • Grew up splitting wood for the wood stove because it was cheaper than propane. I hated it at the time, but my family taught me how to survive.

                • PD, all my relatives grew up the same way. They were born and raised in the mountains of N. GA. They’ve known how to shoot, fish, hunt, forage, raise crops, etc. from the earliest possible age. They all have their own homesteads very close to my BOL. They live, eat, drink, think, and sleep SURVIVAL. They were preppers before the word was even invented.

                  • One side of my family, the poor side, were Mainers. Aroostoock County, Maine. Way up north.

                    Those were my people. Tough as nails. Maine doens’t raise wimps. Those types end up froze or eaten by the end of winter.

                    I did some training in Georgia. Hot as hell. Not my cuppa tea, but if it suits you, that is what will get you by. Local knowledge is everything!

                    As for Mainers? If you weren’t prepared you froze. Pretty simple concept.

                    Cheers, as I said above, it is all about your mental attitude. How do you deal with situations? Shit happens. Shit always happens. The difference is whether you are ready for that shit. Or not.

            • Most people cant even sit down and eat dinner without their damn phone in one hand

            • Philosopher Deplorabilis, now I regret making Winnie the Pooh’s Eeyore my prepper mascot.

              • Why? I love Eeyore! I know some people that are real-life Eeyores. The type that complain about everything! “There are thorns in my hay!” “My bent ear hurts!” “My tail fell off and I can’t find it.” Yep. We all know those types. I have a family member that can’t have one second of gratitude for anything. Never one smile, never one word of “congratulations, you did a great job!”

                There is a reason that old children’s book has survived so long. Cheers! By the way, long time fan of A.A Milne.

              • It’s true….everywhere i go i watch people and over 90 percent are on their phones. Last yr i had a fender bender cuz i was not paying attention….no real damage…the young girl who came out of her car – the first words she said were…” Were you on your phone?” Automatically expecting me to be on phone cuz everyone else is. Mine was shut off and thrown in a shopping bag at the time! We settled it. She was level headed., got a few scratches and we drove off. -Marie B

            • Pd: I agree with you man. I think the majority of people will straight up flip the hell out and just loose their shit. So many are way too dependent on the gov’t and “others”, thank God not me, I have been doing most of my own thing for a good while now. I will die before I go into any “camps” or any of that bullshit nonsense. Get ready folks, it is a very, very trying and dangerous time we are a living in…

              • Exactly, there is no way in hell would I go to a camp! When the government does show up I will be keeping a low profile or running the opposite direction. I would rather eat weeds and live by eating squirrels and racoons than go to some government camp “for my safety!”

                OT: just got an alert from Suspicious Observer’s Disaster Prediciton app: “E. Canada: Major Bell/Telus cell and landline outage at peak magnetic perturbation from current solar storm. 911 service affected.” August 4, 2017, 2:20 EST

            • to be tough physically you must first be tough mentally

        • Oh yeah Sgt. The first thing they teach you in the military is to Hate. After that, killing everything and destroying Nations comes easy. Our leadership in this Country are all psychopaths that love to hate. In fact they get really rich by hate. And there is a lot more profit by hating than loving. If fact the more you hate the richer you get. And they will really be happy when everybody hates everything and everybody. So bring on WW3. That will be a great serving to hate.

          • CSS, that comment coming from you is just too rich. You are the most hate filled person in this forum.

        • your father was/is a smart man

      10. I was surprised last night when someone brought up the issue of an EMP attack by North Korea being a real problem (FOX news). I agree. We will sit and wait until we are attacked and then go all out. I am surprised this hasn’t kicked off already! When the MSM starts talking about ideas that are usually only discussed in places like this they are doing what is called predictive programming.

        I live near a joint base and the heavy lifters have been busier than usual. Same for choppers the past week. Today is eerily silent. No artillery practice, either. (I can hear the shells from 20+ miles away).



        • The problem is that once we are hit with an EMP we are toast and cannot shoot anything to N Korea! I think we oughta do him in first cuz for SURE he’s gonna get us sooner or later., and i think sooner. Marie B

      11. “At 7p.m. the old cook came on deck sayin’ fella’s its too rough to feed ya.” “At 11p.m. the main hatchway caved in he said, “fellas its been good to know ya!”- Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

        • I hate that monotonous song. It’s about 10 minutes too long.

          • Yeah somewhat. Rather listen to “Carefree Highway”, “Sundown”, and “If you could read my mind”. His voice is pretty much done now due to age. Same as Steve Perry.

            • He’s an old hippie Canuck. Give him credit. He had some good tunes.

      12. This guy is a fear monger. Gets off on doom prophecy

      13. It would take 6 or more to blanket the mainland US because of the cone effect of detonation.

      14. A lot of activity going on at bases around the country and overseas. National guard units getting ready….sumpthin is up.

        • I agree. Same observation about my area.

          • Any of you live in the country with a well and electric pump for it? I suggest getting a hand pump pronto. My well is shallow so i was able to get away with a cheap one for under a hundred bucks…metal pipe one and a quarter inch cost $97 for two ten ft ones, but will last longer than pvc. Of course if you live in warmer climate you can get away with pvc piping cheap! So i actually paid abt $300….paid the handy man a hundred, hundred for the pump and the $97 or so for the pipe. It works great. Leave handle up so water can drain out so it doesn’t freeze in winter.

        • Our little place in the world has been under a C130 training “range” for decades. Same 3 routes….I could tell you where every turn point was until a few weeks ago. They now fly a route which takes them over every village one by one rather than between them. Two weeks ago Chinooks started flying the route….that’s a new activity as well. But, the really breathtaking thing for me was seeing a Globemaster run the route a week ago. What does it mean ? I have no idea but it bothers me.

        • Activities around military bases. Something is up? Yep sure is. Its more “WAR FRAUD FOR PROFIT.” Everytime there are troop movements the military industrial complex makes a bundle. The more troop movement the more money they make. Thus perpetual war on as many feonts is their goal the more war whoreprofit they make. And whats War good for? Absolutely nothing. You can say that again.

      15. I wonder, does anyone have a powerful enough “EMP” weapon to disrupt or “fiddle” with the Earth’s own magnetic field? Cause the Earth to slow down a little bit. Maybe pin everything to the ground and set of a few volcanos? Some kind of unintended consequences anyway, I guess.

      16. Jim, you say National Guard units being called up? Yep, when THEY get called up, it’s something BIG.

      17. Is there not something in our arsenal that can take out the 2 NK satellites?

        • China has been working on laser weapons that can take out satellites.
          Hope we have something like that. If we don’t, thank Obama.

      18. I would bet we have directed energy weapons that could fry the receiver capacity on the Nork satellites. The enemy’s ability to signal the sats could be gone in one burst.


      19. Everything is pointing to September. Debt ceiling, Russia sanctions and trade war, Chinese trade war, three weeks for naval forces to return to Korean waters, the list is endless, South China Sea, NATO’s push up against Russia, sanctions gone wild, rogue undeclared wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and a desperately wanted Iranian conflict. Looking inward, a bankrupt government, record banker wealth, record consumer debt, paid insurrection, manipulated stock markets and of course a rogue military declaring and prosecuting what was formerly the duty of of a now dysfunctional Congress. We all know it will not last and many come here to vent but also to get a sense for when it may kick off. Don’t shoot the messenger, Johnson’s finger may be off the trigger for now, but its on the pulse. Unsolicited, unedited and uncensored comments are very important. They will not last and are another place I watch for a sense of timing. Any useful intel is a bonus and should be noted, so thanks JJ, may you fare well.

        • GrandpaSpeaks, I agree that this fall or before 2018 begins the Sh*t will start hitting the fan. I hope things hold of until my brother retires. He’s a prepper also and we are a force together.

          I always wanted to go out like Butch and Sundance.

          • Damned Pinkertons, only the names change.

        • I agree about the debt ceiling. That is going to turn into a fiasco. About time!

          I second your support of JJ, too. I like him. Honest and tells it like it is. Most people can’t handle the truth. Not my problem!

      20. Meanwhile, a war on people’s health continues. 100 million in the U.S. have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Wonder how much the health and pharmaceutical industry are raking in with this disease. Diabetes doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Start putting WARNING labels on garbage fast food and garbage processed food. Like they do alcohol and cigarettes.

      21. I’m not sure I really understand the game here with North Korea.

        It is 100% unacceptable the N.K.’s are allowed to continue advancing their missile and nuclear technology.

        Only the US is being targeted by them. No one else is in any real danger. China and Russia are doubled over with laughter. China feeds N.K. and provides them with whatever they need.

        The very thought that we are wasting our time with so called ‘sanctions’ and bluster is absolute nonsense.

        This is how you handle N.K.

        Tell S.K. to prepare for the peninsula to be reunited.
        Move the population out of N.K. artillery range. Empty Seoul.

        S.K. military goes into full mobilization. We move an additional 25k troops to S.K.

        Bring in a total of 6 aircraft carrier battle groups.

        On day one and two:
        1. Hit all N.K. nuke sites and suspected nuke sites with B61-12 gravity nukes dialed down to 0.3k using B-2 bombers.
        2. Use tomahawk missiles by the thousand to destroy all government buildings and as many military targets as possible.
        3. US navy engages and destroys all N.K. ships and ports
        4. All N.K. subs are located, hunted down and destroyed
        5. S.K. and US artillery begin hammering every single military asset across the border. Waste them as they return fire.
        6. US fighters annihilate any MIGS N.K. can get airborne.
        7. B-52 bombers and B1 bombers begin carpet bombing Pyongyang and N.K. military installations

        Cut a deal with China and Russia agreeing to allow them to create a 50 mile buffer zone south of the N.K. border as a buffer against the reunified peninsula.

        This fight will be ugly and brutal, however I’m convinced this will be a very small price to pay vs. N.K. getting fully up to nuclear speed.

        It’s not just the short term that is an issue.

        Long term, N.K. has every intention of sharing all their technology and weapons with anyone who wants it. For a price of course.

        • and you think china will just sit back and watch

          • Of course not, I covered that.

            “Cut a deal with China and Russia agreeing to allow them to create a 50 mile buffer zone south of the N.K. border as a buffer against the reunified peninsula.”

      22. While I believe the threats and progress were underplayed, on purpose. I don’t believe that the strike will be preemptive, think it would be a last resort retaliatory attempt.

        All the negative talk and doom porn is good for business, and with mainstream news catching on, business is probably getting good.

        The thing that gets me most upset about these articles, they’re written as if they’re fact, it’s 100% speculation and assumptions of possibilities.

        Once again, insert Joe Friday’s best line………..HERE.

        • Glad that finally got published, seems if you’re in any disagreement with the article’s topic or theory, your opinion and reply gets pushed to the side for a while long enough to get buried.

          24 +hrs to show up, that’s excessive comrade.

        • Justice, who cares what that POS Graham says about anything.

          • Braveheart, I hate Lindsey Fudge-Packer as much as any sane man but what he says IS important. That the US is willing to fight a regional war, rather than have Porkey be able to threaten the US mainland.

            • Little Whimsey Graham. What a maroon!

          • Lindsay Gram is a traitor to American and partners with the other POS Traitor John McCain. Both need to be shot for treason.

            Trump was right. He likes soldiers who don’t get captured.

            • CSS, agreed about both Graham and McCain, who is the WORST of the two. We’ll never know how many of our POWs were lost in North Vietnam due to McCain’s treachery. Plus McCain’s dad was the admiral in charge of the coverup over the USS Liberty affair.

      23. Friday, July 29?

      24. You have to say one thing about an EMP weapon and that is that the people who live in squalor under the most primitive conditions will notice it the least! If your transportation is a mule, you heat with wood, your air consitioning is a hand fan, you use kerosene lamps, you’ll suffer the least. Some time would have to pass before such people will realize that something has happened.

      25. I was stationed in Hawaii. Went to Korea for exercises, Key Resolve, as well as other exercises in PACOM. Quick questions, what are we doing in South Korea to begin with? Why have we been there for over 50 years? Is it any of our business? Would they consider us a threat if we had left 20-30 years ago?

        The answer is we’re all a bunch of proles that the elite use. The fact that you’ve been conditioned to be complacent with our foreign empire building, and I was dumb enough to want to ‘serve’, shows how gullible we all are. WE, all of us, are responsible for this. It’s getting to late to pack it up and go home. Our bs hubris is starting to catch up.

        • You ask this and not why we have military forces in these countries??

          As of September 2011, the US had military forces in around 150 countries.

          The U.S. military “is in 130 countries. We have 900 bases around the world.” — Ron Paul on Monday, September 12th, 2011

          My personal belief? Economy; it has nothing to do with defense…it promotes jobs and keeps millions off welfare.

      26. Do we think it’s reasonable to believe that the U.S. has missile defense systems in place than can intercept anything NK could launch? I’m no expert but just wondering…

      27. That sucks. Good thing I have a back-up Gen inside a Faraday cage…

        • Do you have a link for that Faraday cage design? I have a trash can cage, but that won’t fit a generator.

          • Its called a cargo trailer w/ aluminum siding. Makes the bugout a lot easier too. 🙂

          • Get a big Knaak box jobsite storage box and foil tape, the thick one

        • Look people, Electronics are only destroyedby and EMP if there is electricity running through them or have capacitor’s holding a charge. A dead electronic device will not blow up unless it is being used at the time of the EMP. Your Generator will not be harmed if it is not running during an EMP. Duh!! Like you think your vacuum cleaner is going to run off all by itself? Oh yeah, Why I even tie the end of the electrical cord around a chair just in case it does try to run off. LMFAO!!! I have never had an escapee yet.

          • CrackSummSkulls, I sure do hope your right. If that’s true (and I’ve heard that elsewhere) then I have a fighting chance at survival.

          • You are incorrect. A nuclear EMP will fry electronics, even if they’re off at the time, and even if they aren’t plugged in. There are videos online of that being demonstrated.

            A solar EMP is different, in that it only induces a voltage in long wires, such as electric wires, telephone wires, and cables. In that case, electronics that don’t happen to be plugged up at the time will be safe. If they’re plugged in, they will fry, even if they’re turned off, because the voltage will be high enough to jump the gaps in most switches.

            • You wont need to worry in a nuke EMP. You will disappear along with your electronic devices and all turned into molten glass. And then thousand of years later someone will come along and make a stained glass window catcher out of you. So there is still some hope. lol

              • Negative- the type of EMP we’re talking about is a high altitude detonation which has no blast effect on the ground. You would most likely survive, but wish you hadn’t.

                • NK does not have bombs that can generate a significant EMP at high altitude. Only Russia and China have this capability. Also, one bomb will NOT take out the entire grid if it takes out any of the grid at all. Ever since the early 80’s every distribution transformer built has had protection devices built in. Totally immune to solar flares, EMP, lightning strikes, etc. Do not fall for this dumbass EMP fear porn! Dirty bombs are NK’s best threat to us. Sneak it in via ship and blow it in a USA harbor.

              • A nuclear blast for EMP purposes won’t do that, as it will be hundreds of miles up in the air. You need to educate yourself on EMP.

          • Negative. EMP will fry unprotected circuits. It doesn’t matter if the power is on, or not, because the Pulse IS the electricity. Your vacuum cleaner is likely to fry, even if it is unplugged, as the pulse hits the circuitry and lets the smoke out of the sensitive components. I imagine that 20 foot power cable works like a nice, big antenna, too.
            Future Weapons did an experiment with an EMP antenna and filmed it killing a car. It was fascinating.

        • Sooner or later we are gonna run out of gasoline for the genny’s . I like low tech best.

      28. The US is the aggressor flat out. Who else is attacking other nations and murdering civilians by the millions? NOBODY! The Rothschilds call the shots as they have for a few hundred years. World Wars 1 and 2 all of their making. Did anyone read the article: Who Brought the Black Slaves to America, at the a day or two ago? Or Who Planned and Prolonged World War 1 at yesterday. Very revealing.

        • Alijamo:

          I just read the article at the Westerner.

          Thank you.


        • we all know the christ killers are behind everything

      29. Bring it!
        Sooner the better!

      30. Sounds like I need to stock up on condoms again.

      31. GTFOOH

        How does a retied Green Beret have access to this info?

        I’m a retied power plant operations supervisor and I say that we have a Vulcan / Tesla Death Ray to stop it.

      32. retired not retied

        • I was retied once because I got untied the first time.

      33. The real question I want answered is; “How many deep state rogue factions in us government control nuclear weapons”!

        • a green beret warns ya well mickey mouse says your full of shit

      34. If it gonna happen…it gonna happen.

      35. If NK does it…one thing for certain is they will be working in concert with another or with other nations. They won’t go it alone, someone will have their back.

        • you’re getting the idea

      36. Drivel…

        From the SAME ANALYST quoted above:

        Analysis: Despite test, North Korean ICBM likely years away

        As I said, they can maybe hit Alaska, and MAYBE Hawaii – if they can guide the missile, which they can’t at the moment. They CANNOT hit the rest of the continental US, despite what Wright says quoted above (probably out of context.)

      37. See the book by William R.Forstchen, “One Second After”.

      38. The comment in the article was mine. Whether North Korea can put a nuke in the US or not I assure you things are getting bad in Korea and war is on the horizon. I pray for my son’s safe return.

        • we all need to pray

      39. I wonder if the new EMP weapons are fine tuned to fry silicon chips? Put your blow dryer in the microwave for one second , no problem . Put your cell phone or car CPU in the microwave for one second , problem?

        • You don’t understand the difference between nuclear EMP and solar EMP, or what happens in a microwave oven. In other words, your microwave comments are irrelevant. Do some research.

          • I wonder if the new cutting edge technology can’t be researched? Some say we know of things ten years after they are developed? Solar EMP is more less the same ? Man made EMP might be a lot different? Didn’t Tesla say. That if you could find the right wave length? you could make an object separate into its atoms? Or something like that?

      40. I wouldn’t worry about ICBMs as you can see them coming a long way off. The submarine lanched ballistic missles can pop up anywhere without surfacing and launch Nukes anywhere they want. Soon it will be game over……..

      41. Retard check? “However, the rotation of the Earth increases the range of missiles fired eastward, depending on their direction.” There is no rotation the Earth is flat and stationary. This article is war and fear propaganda to control weak minded sheeple.

        • Yes, you are one.

          There is proof that the earth is not flat. If it were, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now.

      42. Blah, blah, blah – doomsday is here! Stock market crashing by October! Sept 23rd, it’s all over! Meteor is gonna wipe us all out! Yellowstone’s gonna blow!

        Sorry, but I’ve had enough… Can’t take the BS anymore. When it comes it will come. I have no doubt it will – eventually. Nothing I can do about it.

        Tuning out from now on… but still prepping.

      43. Well,old news in that many countries could in theory emp us,just perhaps now another on the list.This country has known for a long time and nationwide as far as I know done little or nothing to harden the grids against a attack,be it a country or solar.

        As I and none of us as far as I know personally know JJ really do not know who is really is,am just glad one of many writing what ifs and at times writing articles about how to get thru/survive a what if,need more of those articles!So,thanks JJ and all the other writers here and other sites.

      44. I suspect, I suspect, hanky panky! Peter Sellers.

      45. Baloney.

        Try thinking outside the box for a minute.

        Is Kim Jong Un a psychotic, murderous fat boy incapable of reason bent on killing all Americans because reasons
        Is there any possibility that he is trying to do what he thinks is best for him, his family, his ruling party, and his nation?
        If he was trying to do what was best for his nation, what would that look like?
        Assuming his primary goals as president include remaining president and remaining alive, how would he behave?

        I don’t trust North Korea, nor do I like them, but I don’t believe much of the hype we get from the media. They’ve been scaring us with North Korea for decades. They were scaring us about NORK Nukes in the 80s and 90s, too. And they were always just 6 months away from having them. For decades. And all we ever hear is about how insane their leaders are.

        If their leaders are all insane, what would that look like? I tend to think North Korea would be a totally failed state, like Somalia, if they were all truly insane.

        I think we need to get away from the “They’re all raving lunatics!” idea and start considering the North Koreans in a serious, mature manner. They’re a shitty, backwards, poor, Stalinist dictatorship, yes, but that doesn’t make them all insane. If you try to look at the world from their frame of reference, perhaps their actions make more sense.

        If you were the dictator of a poor, backwards nation full of people who’ve been told their entire lives that you and your family are Gods on Earth, people who your party repressed, murdered, beat, and starved in your name for 70 years, how would you lead them? How much would you fear them? Would you loosen the regime up and if so, how would you remain in power and alive? And if you feared the people, do you think allowing corrosive Western influences and access to media and the internet would help you remain in power? I think cutting off your people from the outside world and terrifying them about the evil predator nations surrounding you might be a survival strategy, a Dictator’s Best Practice.

        Extractive economies, like North Korea, don’t tend to liberalize, even if it would make sense, because liberalizing would destroy the leadership, which isn’t in their best interests.

        I don’t think actual war would benefit Un, especially since he could end up dead or powerless, but pretending he’s ready for war worked for his dad and granddad for decades. His only miscalculation is the ROK seems ready to rumble and Trump isn’t the type to back down from a threat.

        • kim is no more insane than the deep state and their co-horts

      46. It is much more likely that our own government will do the nuke/emp thing to us as an excuse to go to war.

      47. Flint knappers will be demand if we return to the stone age.

      48. “Retired” Green Beret just sprouting more nonsense.
        Nth Korea doesn’t have the technology.
        It seems the Green beret is smoking to much Green stuff.

      49. Im proud to be racist. Nothing wrong with being racist. In fact we have a god given right to be Racist. The KKK could run a candidate for president. Wait! They Did remember George Wallace? A group of Racist ran a Mullatto for president and he won? Twice? There isn’t anything wrong with preferring you own kind. That’s why My stomping grounds are the Boone Newton and Searcy county area of Arkansas. The population is less thaan 30 people per square mile & one half of one percent a race other than white. I think that one person claims to be Cherokee? Boone county is the headquarters of the KKK. The KKK wouldn’t approve of me because I am not a Christian. However having stated all of the above. I really believe a good person is a good person and a persons soul doesn’t have any color. Yep we don’t like folks who are different from us. We also don’t care for know it all Yankees. I bet we would welcome any hard working white Russians. There aint many lowlife folks here. The vigilantie secret society is still active. Bad folks are not tolerated.

      50. Have faith in human ingenuity when it comes to doing harm. North Korea has had over sixty years since the end of the Korean War to think of some way of getting to use. Whatever help they have needed the Chinese and the Soviet Union has provided. I don’t know if they can pull off an EMP but it will be something. If you have an alternative way of generating electricity in an EMP, try not to let anyone know and don’t lend it out. Some unit of government is the most likely to try to steal it based on “higher public good”.

      51. Right up there with Iraq tossing Kuwait babies out of incubators and Saddam having WMD’s and Qaddafi rape parties and Syrian chemical gas attacks. And Iran, which was going to nuke Kansas with an EMP about 10 years ago!

        Go back to Israel where you can be crazy full time and not stick out.

        BTW, I’m a retired NAVY SEAL who trained with the Green Berets.

        • WW2 was the same?

        • Hey, I’m an electrical engineer.

          This fucker is full of shit. He’s a total fucking fraud.

          You know what the BEST EMP could do? Take out the electrical grid for a few days, that’s it. The TSAR Bomba, remember that, largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, wouldn’t be able to damage typical electric equipment, unless it was very close.

          This guy, is full of shit. He’s probably some women writing fear porn.

          • What about starfish EMP? Or a carrington event? Who knows what super tuned EMPs they could have developed since starfish?

      52. lets expose some facts. the rockets they may have that can reach the USA may get here. the next problem is guidance. to shoot a rocket in a general direction is one thing, to guide it to a specific target is another. now they claim to have a device that is small enough to sit atop this rocket. the problem with reentry looms large a problem that even the US finds problematic on occasion. it seems funny that no one says what computer power it would take to bring it to a specific location over America and at a specific altitude and blow it to cause the EMT damage. I suggest looking at the effective range of a weapon in kilotons and its effectiveness at given distances. find out what size it would take to cover the US and the size of the rocket it would take to place it over the US from N Korea. these are facts that have been in existence for decades. having me tell you doesnt make it true. find the data for yourself and prove for yourself who tells the truth. should we worry? any threat can be acted upon. China could give them a warhead but it doesnt say they could deliver it. America is one of China’s largest customers. could they afford to loose us because of a pimple with a large Ego? find the data for yourself and then you will know. knowledge weighs nothing but ignorance is a burden unbearable.

      53. This guy is so full of shit.

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