Research Shows Google’s Search Manipulations Tried To Rig Election For Hillary

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 23 comments

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    New research shows just how much Google’s search manipulation affects voters when making decisions. During the 2016 election, it was obvious that Google manipulated searches to favor Hillary Clinton while showing disproportionately negative stories about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

    And now we know just how effective all that had been, and it almost left us with Hillary as president.

    Hillary Clinton may have lost by a substantially larger margin had Google not manipulated the search results in her favor. Even trending negative searches about the corrupt democrat were suppressed. According to an exclusive by Breitbart, the conclusions are based on 16 months of experiments conducted with a total of 1,800 people from all 50 U.S. states. Participants in the study came from diverse ideological backgrounds, including liberal, conservative, and moderate. In order to control prior biases, participants were asked to judge political candidates that they were unfamiliar with.

    The research showed that the manipulation of results pages in search engines can shift the voting preferences of undecideds by anywhere between 20 and 80 percent, depending on the demographic –meaning Google was attempting to rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton.

    The voting preferences of participants who saw no search suggestions shifted toward the favored candidate by 37.1%. The voting preferences of participants in the search suggestion groups who saw only positive search suggestions shifted similarly (35.6%). However, the voting preferences of participants who saw three positive search suggestions and one negative search suggestion barely shifted (1.8%); this occurred because the negative search suggestion attracted more than 40% of the clicks (negativity bias). In other words, a single negative search suggestion can impact opinions dramatically. Participants who were shown four negative suggestions (and no positives) shifted away from the candidate shown in the search bar (-43.4%). -Epstein, Mohr, & Martinez, The Search Suggestion Effect, 2018

    Led by Dr. Robert Epstein, the researchers concluded that by using this method of manipulation, search engines can shift a “50/50 split among people who are undecided on an issue to a 90/10 split without people’s awareness and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to follow.” Meaning the real collusion during the 2016 election was not between Trump and the Russians, but was between tech giants and their propaganda scheme and the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

    It is no longer a conspiracy theory that Google is manipulating people.  Just look at the heavy amount of manipulation in Google’s “suggested” searches in comparison to those of Bing and Yahoo. The researchers suggested that the search suggestion manipulation made against Google during the 2016 election when the tech giant appeared to be suppressing negative search suggestions for Hillary Clinton while allowing negative suggestions for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to remain.

    This is not a coincidence, especially when considering Google was the Clinton campaign’s largest corporate contributor. Google employees, including at least six high-ranking executives, donated more than $1.3 million to Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

    Call it censorship or manipulation, but the truth is…Google attempted to rig the election for Hillary Clinton by manipulating searches and suggestions, and therefore, voters minds.


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      1. New motto for Guggle: First, do ONLY evil. And Eric Schmidt, who ran Novell into the ground, is the leading unlight behind this technical witch’s cauldron

      2. This hag couldn’t get elected even with the deep state giving her a pass, using Russian collusion through that dossier and having Lib Google manipulate search results…

        That’s how bad she is…..

      3. Biggest Technology Evil Doers = Anything Google, Facebook, Windows-10, WiFi and GPS on your cell phone, Rand Corp, Stingray Cell Phone Hacking devices.

        All of these entities work with the Federal Government & Homeland Security Fusion Centers, in Tracking your every move and creating a database on you, to where you are on a daily basis 24/7 if they need to find you, who you communicate with, and your entre phone book lists, all emails, texts and photos they get copies of. Even that photo editing software “Picasa” steals your photos and shares them with Google data base and is part of the Facial recognition software.

        I searched last year for a Windows 7 laptop and found one left brand new and bought it. After Windows 7, its gloves off and Big Brother Microsoft tracks your every move on Windows 10, and merges all your past files that they now own, since you agreed to use their software and track every click and password you enter through their software. If you are running Windows 10, destroy the laptop and hard drive and files, and start over on something else like Lynux. Otherwise it will keep attaching itself to hacking software to get you loaded up again with Windows 10. And “NEVER” DO ANY UPDATES ON YOUR CELL PHONE. JUST CLICK DELETE. UPDATES ARE A PHISHING SCAM TO TRACK YOU.

        • My wife’s laptop uses win10, but all she does is Facebook with family and play stupid games. The camera is taped over. I have it set up so it doesn’t update as I’m data metered. There is that option. I can see any increase in data upload or down loads since I know how much data we typically use per day and I check it regularly.
          All my other computers are Linux and those are the ones I use for email, surfing( like for this site), banking or bill paying stuff.
          I use ghostery and adblocker. I turn off picture down loads and most Java scripts using about:config( Firefox, be very careful with about:config!!!)
          Cell phone has GPS and WIFI turned off and it is generally only used in emergencies.

          • And Btw/ for the record. ((Mark Zuckerberg))) Commie & Thief, stole the concept of Facebook from a Set of Twin College Classmate’s Class Project. Thats right!! ((Zuck the F@ck))) stole Facebook.

            The Twins finally settled a lawsuit for something like $70 Million last year, (((Zuck))) had to pay them. It was theft. (((Zuckerberg))) is No Genius, but is just a common 3ew Thief. Another reason to Boycott Commie F/B.

            In College, a chick classmate stole some of my photos I produced for a final project in photography class. I ended up getting an incomplete because of that theft. I was pissed. One thing out of this though, is that I took the theft as a compliment, that my work was that good, somebody wanted to steal it.

      4. Use
        They don’t track you.

        • I second that.

 is standard on all my machines.

          I also use private browsing as standard. If a web site rejects me because of this setting I delete them from favorites unless I absolutely need them. In that case allow cookies, then as soon as I’m done, I clear them and memory.

          Don’t let the creeps in.

      5. Google had to remove nude pictures of Hillary because they were striking some of the viewers blind. Others only wished they had been! Why hasn’t Bill Clinton been using a white cane or a seeing eye dog?

        • I’ve been sending the CIA/FBI pictures of my hairy naked fat butt for years, I figured I’d help them out and cut out the Google/FaceBook middle man! I’m still waiting for the thank you! Ungrateful wretches.

      6. Anything Google does that doesn’t reek of Commie propaganda would be surprising.

        All you had to do to know the election was being engineered in Hillary’s favor was to listen to all the endless MSM drivel coming from the likes of the “New York Times,” and the “Washington Post” to know something was being cooked up.

        MSM was engineering a Hillary Clinton landslide for two years prior to the election, and ever since Trump won.

        Democratic Party landslides seems to be the only thing the MSM knows. Hitler and Stalin would be so proud.

        So much for our vaunted free press (free, informed and impartial). [pathetic]

        • Blame-e the only FREE press we have is ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. I’ll take alternative media any day over the MSM.

        • I just have to file this article under, “is anyone surprised?”.

        • You got that right. Google celebrates more Communists by changing its stupid logo than it does America and American holidays.

      7. Truth is the CIA deep state helped build Google. Google is a deep state CIA tool.

        What they underestimated was Military Inteligence, who ran counter operations to digital ballot Hillary/ Soros ballot box stuffing.

        Trumps Election efforts may have had a guardian angel in some high placed military personnel.

        They also alerted Trump to the fact that Trump Tower was totally and Illegally bugged by Obama.

        Trump has the military behind him. The left has CNN, and Google, the leftist pedophile creeps are toast.

      8. Despite all the mainstream media propaganda, rigged Internet searches, blatantly slanted polls, illegal voting, and crooked inner city polling places that were in the Hillary Clinton camp…Donald J. Trump was STILL elected to the presidency.

        The guy must have had overwhelming legal American voter support for that to have happened.

      9. So why isn’t google being regulated as a PAC by the FEC?

      10. Facebook, Google, and You Tube are all public access entities. Under the Civil Rights Act aren’t they obligated to give access to “diverse opinions”? These entities are not allowed to discriminate under the law. Oh. Wait. That doesn’t apply to White people or Christians or pro American thought.

      11. “Did the DNC not rig the primaries in favor of Clinton? Was the FBI not ordered by Obama to stop investigating Clinton for mishandling state secrets? Was Clinton not handed debate questions prior to a debate? Did she not receive campaign contributions from shady foreign oligarchs? And did she not, technically speaking, win the election, sclerotic electoral college weirdness aside? It seems that “Russian meddling,” if real, would be pretty far down the list of things that are wrong with American democracy . . . .” — Dmitry Orlov

        And all we hear is how “the Russians did it.” I am so sick of this shit.

      12. Google? You mean people actually still use this socialist, communist, lying search engine? Incredible.

        Everybody switch to Duckduckgo. You’ll get better results and you’ll be thumbing your nose at the NWO.

      13. So, TREASON for the CEO of Google; what’s new? So, Trump has Russia manipulate the election? What, there’s been NO evidence of such since the investigation started. Hmmmm. No, the only collusion taking place with Russia was between the Clintons, Obama and Russia with the Uranium One deal; TREASON charges will come to them. And wait, the Clinton’s ALSO used Google to manipulate the elections??? I seem to be seeing some kind of “pattern” here and it isn’t Trump doing illicitly illegal things; it’s all Liberal, Obama, Clinton’s, Comey, McCabe, Strohk, Page, Clapper, Brennan, the list is almost endless. In the end, I see 100’s being charged; yes, it’s THAT bad, it’s that DEEP (State). Strap in girls and boys; this is going to be the worst ride (Constitutional crisis and economic collapse) any American has ever endured throughout the history of this country.

      14. Everything that is digital is manipulated, censored and siloed. This means what you see is not what others see. You are locked into a private world where AI serves you BS to keep you locked in and locked down.

        I travel a lot so I always run experiments on what you see via your computer and via some random computer I do a search on (Apple store etc.). The results are fascinating. By far the most censored place I found was Canada. Results there were the least accurate and the most censored. Many search results in Canada will just give a picture of somebody playing hockey etc. The Canadian media also has to be the worst for actually reporting not just Canadian events but also world events. Everything is delayed or buried. Basically, the more a country is peddling the Grand Myth of the New World Order, the more it has a censored web.

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