Rescued at the Point of A Gun: Second Video Confirms Militarized, Warrantless Boston Raids

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Headline News | 353 comments

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    Several days ago we posted a video depicting law enforcement officials forcing homeowners out of their residences at gun point as they searched for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

    Because the video was not an official, state-sponsored release through mainstream media channels, we were lambasted for publishing false information. Some readers via social media, our commenting forums and email suggested that nothing of the sort happened in Watertown, Massachusetts. They accused this web site, as well as (where we sourced the video), and other alternative media publishers of posting footage of an unrelated incident and summarily dismissed the shocking evidence.

    For many, the notion that police, armed like military personnel, would raid homes in suburban U.S. neighborhoods with brute force and without regard for fourth amendment Constitutional protections such as warrants or probable cause, was something they simply couldn’t wrap their heads around.

    Thus, alternative media was once again dismissed by many as peddling conspiracy theories.

    So, for those who require their daily directives and talking points from ‘trusted’ mainstream media sources, we offer up a second video as evidence that not only did police and military personnel roll armored vehicles down city streets in America in a de facto state of martial law, but they actively entered the homes of hundreds of residences without permission, warrant or regard for the most fundamental laws of our land.

    In traditional mainstream media style, note that the 7News reporter claims that as these dramatic events played out and the pattern was repeated “house after house”, the SWAT teams were actually “rescuing” residents who were hunkered down in their homes:

    Each time the SWAT team would rescue a family at the point of a gun, they would rush into the home in an armed line, guns ready in case the suspect was hiding inside.

    That’s what we’re calling it now… “being rescued.”

    Video via Information Liberation, Blacklisted News


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      1. Ba-a-a-a-a. The sheep have NO idea.

        • The great fleecing is coming. The sheep just keep their head down grazing and soon will wonder how they ended up in a different pasture with the butcher sharpening his knives.

          • Keep in mind these are Mike Bloomberg’s neighbors, the Ted Kennedy’s, Barney Franks and Susan Collins type. Seriously doubt if this shit would fly much farther South.

            • The govt. certainly ‘took control’ of Boston to find one terrorist. Yet, they know about and yet IGNORE the many KNOWN islamist terrorist training camps right in the U.S.

              These guys BOAST on their training video that they are teaching ‘how to kill Americans’.

              Check out the map and see all the training camps.

              35 terror training camps now operating inside U.S.
              “Gilani’s American headquarters is near Hancock, N.Y., where training is provided to recruits who are later sent to Pakistan for more jihadist paramilitary training, according to law enforcement authorities.”

              “Sheikh Mubarak Gilani in the recruitment video, explaining how to handle American “infidels.” …

              It provides instruction in how to kidnap Americans, kill them and how to conduct sabotage and subversive operations.”

              “Gilani is linked directly to Hamas and Hezbollah.”
              wnd dot com

              Youtube – Video Exposed Terror Training camp near Hancock, NY
              Youtube dot com

              (Direct links below)

                • Theyve been around for decades, conservatives only complain when a Dem is in the WH. Same thing happened when Clinton and Carter were in office. At least be consistent with what u agree with and disagree with when it comes to politics or for that matter life itself. REAL leftist/liberals speak up regardless of who is in office causing alot of infighting. FAKE leftist/liberals just move to the right, which Clinton and Obama having done.

                  • It was the Republican governor who ordered the “lockdown”, That’s why every resident in Watertown was in one’s house and had to be “escorted” out. Tweedledum Tweedlededee.

              • If you know where they are, let the rest of us in on the secret. I bet they are only in your deluded brain.

                • NCJOE DICKHEAD the camps are there so do the fema camps
                  stop being a smartass and look it up yourself

                  • @ swampratt,

                    Evening Friend…Please…”DNFTT”…

                    “Do Not Feed The Trolls”..just ‘Blot with red-thumbs ….and “Move Along..NOTHING to SEE here…”,, Eh?

                    Such as THESE are ‘known fully’ by thier very own words, what else need be said?


                  • The last I knew there are 66 camps. The largest located in Alaska?

              • @KYmom

                “The govt. certainly ‘took control’ of Boston to find one terrorist”

                They certainly did!
                But they didnt find him.
                He was found by a homeowner in an area supposedly cleared.
                Martial law didnt find much did it!

                On the other side of that, im not sure exactly what else they were supposed to do,
                Not saying this tactic was right but under the assumption that the guy was just in a shootout, i suppose the options were limited and the authorities were most likely worried about furter casualties.
                I know, here come the red thumbs, freedom of speach ya know, dont like it i got a nice new 45ACP compact im itching to try out in CQB

                • The CQB 45 thing wasnt for you KYMom was just bein punchy to the believe what i believe or shut up crowd.

                • Are you setting up a challenge?? Can’t wait to kill someone, eh??
                  Got any experience in this area??

                  • Yea right, 0 experience, most likely take a bullet in the first two seconds

                  • Honestly would rather never need to go there,
                    Nothing but wild game thanks

                • I’m not sure what they were supposed to do either, honestly.

                  Siege comes to mind… nothing gets out. But then, even if you close down all the major roads, you got leaks out the wazoo just through fields on foot.

                  What else? I don’t know. Door-to-door… I mean they’re lucky they DIDN’T find him. I suspect that would have turned out rather badly for some anonymous resident.

                  You know, I still don’t get why he’d be there. At the site. It makes no sense. It’s so… 19th century of him, you know? I mean what if he was in a totally different city entirely? Then what?

            • Ah, can you say Katrina?

              • This was nothing like Katrina…it that situation you had misguided panic on the part of LE at the city ,parish/county and state level. With many of these LEO’s abandoning their posts and leaving it to the NG. They certainly did disarm as many as they could…again misguided…big time, no excuse…and their sole purpose was to disarm…again misguided and certainly, wholly unconstitutional…
                Ultimately it didn’t fly and so called additional laws were put in place in LA to prevent it from happening again…most everybody accepted it was unconstitutional…let’s see what happens next storm there.
                Now, I’ll accept that event as a “test” …didn’t go over very well did it…

                This event in Watertown is taking it to a whole new level.
                Now they go into a relatively small area, some 20 square blocks, knowing that, unlike N.O., most everyone is not armed and force everyone out at gunpoint…
                Did you know that a “trained” observer can immediately recognize whether someone is just scared from what is happening or they are under duress…being held a captive…
                They totally and completely disregarded this protocol…you LEO’s out there KNOW EXACTLY what I’m talking about…. all they had to do is speak to the person who came to the door and ask, “is everybody ok”, or some similar question…again, and this is very important, a trained observer will know the difference.
                If these guys didn’t have that training …

                That, for me, is the biggest rub in this whole disgusting disregard for the Constitution…
                We are witnessing naked police state totalitarianism on display and it makes me sick…
                Any and everyone involved in this is a traitor to his fellow citizens and the oath they took …
                To defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

                The last I’ll speak on the topic.

                • By far one of the best comments I have read.

            • i say to the nay-sayers ,what my o’l papa used to say , go rub your knuckle’s in shit ,Mac you dont honestly think that a second or even a third video is going to change there mind do you

            • It happened during Hurricane Katrina…..check out the videos on you tube.

            • as far south as lets say Louisiana? you know like during katrina? is that south enough? It will happen where ever people are because no one will be the man in front of the tank.


              we need this man NOW!

            • Yes, that is why all this bullguano is going on in blue states. Too many sheeple there who love their slavery (Please massah! Take me back to the plantation! I don’t like all ths new-fangled freedom thing!”

              Unfortunately, I live in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, so it may come here -tho without corrupt, crony, vile, Chicago, IL would be a red state. You know what I am doing to do if this Boston sh1t happens to me?
              a.)I am going to make SURE I have neighbors filming. Ths is key, as otherwise this won’t work.
              b.) I will raise my hands high in the air, proving I am not a threat.
              c.) I will inform them that I do not consent to a search, cite my 4th Amendment rights, and ask for thir name, badge number, their leader, and let them know that this is possibly a war crime, a la My Lai
              d.) I will then – enunciated my words so people videotaping this can lip read, if necessary, turn around and tell them to “shoot me in the back” if they wish, but I do not consent to a search. I will also let them know they are in violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution, and by shooting me in the back, they may well be jailed under the Geneva Convention.
              e.) I may VOLUNTEER to let one of them in, just to out of courtesy, if I am so inclined.
              f.) I believe the generally disgusting ACLU has an app that uploads video as it is being taken, so they can’t mysteriously “lose” (see Jon Corzine for definition of the word “lost!) the video.

              Thus, I am being non-violent, co-operative (hey, I want bad guy caught too!), but also protecting my rights.

              So help me God, if this happens at my door, I am going to do this. It is non-violent, I am not resisting – but I am also KEEPING my Constitutional rights at the same time.

              • We have the same problem in Michigan. 2/3rds of the population live in Southeastern and Southwesterm Michigan. Thats why Michigan is Blue.

            • Hopefully not anymore but it was worse than that during Katrina and that is way south. I’m not sure people really learn anything from these events other than being conditioned to them. Sorta like the bird raised in the cage. What might seem abnormal to us will seem normal to everyone born after a 911.

          • The next shearing will be to rescue their gold.

          • Ok, now WE have some evidence that the search was in fact, door to door in a particular neighborhood. Illegal searches to be sure and residents have a right to sue. There would be no shortage of lawyers willing to take the case against a government entity on a “commission basis”.

            That said, I would expect no less from the government in “hot pursuit” of a genuine terror suspect in a specific neighborhood. Want to “starve the beast”? It is not possible when the GB’s have the power to print all of the money they want to print.

            But lets not loose focus here. Illegal searches are a SYMPTOM and not the disease. There appears to be a lot of evidence to suggest that Boston was a genuine False Flag as I stated early on, created by the NWO PTB to “justify” stripping Americans of their rights.

            WE need to concentrate on the “actors”, the para military private goons, and all the loose threads between the bombers and the FEDS that need to be pulled to unravel the curtain of ambiguity covering up what really happened.

            Engage your employees or be bamboozled by them.

            • you mean “contingency basis”.

          • Well Mr Slavo, way to go in insulting those that participate in your site by ridiculing their questioning of unconfirmed information posted on the internet.
            If I was drunk I would say blow me but I’m sober so I will just shake my head and wonder if you were drunk when you wrote this article.

            • RickinOregon needs a reality check. Put your pipe away for starters.

              • ponomo needs to quit bogarting and pass the pipe.

                • rick your right, about the questioning, we are supposed to question anything that is questionable no matter whose source it is. (other then Gods book, and then we should question what we do not understand so that we may learn and understand deeper the meaning of the book )

          • BFD, it took more than a thousand federal, state, and local cops four days to hunt down one unarmed injured kid. And they still couldn’t find him w/o a civilian calling it in. These clowns could catch a cold! This fiasco and the one in California show just how much of the cops performance doesn’t come near the hype. A bunch of over-paid, over-dressed, and over-equipped buffons. I’m not losing a minutes sleep even if martial law is ever declared because most of these jerks couldn’t find their asses with two hands and a flashlight.

            • You know, the point of the drill was never to find the injured boy. The point was to use finding the injured boy as pretext for convincing people to accept martial law and 4th amendment violations. If they wanted to find him sooner, they would have.

              Picture this exercise as, instead, a practice for a future invasion of homes with confiscation of weapons. Seen in this light, the cops were doing a ‘good’ job preparing.

              • Mikey: Nice hypothesis (assumption) friend, but without proof of any kind this ‘thought’ of yours doesn’t even meet the criteria for a theory (some varifiable facts). Here’s my hypotheses: the cops were so hungry they were on an all-out pastry raid since the city-wide shutdown closed all the “Dunkin Donut Shops”. As for your assumption on house-to-house searches in the future; that’s a laugh because if you could do math you’d know that it would take at least a decade on a nation-wide scale based on the total number of homes with gun owners (X) the number of cops/military available to conduct seraches (X) the time to conduct a comprehensive search = 10+ years. I’m not losing any sleep over this number friend. Nitey nite!!

          • Oh…well, as long as they APOLOGIZED…[sarcasm off]. There is no apology good enough, after pointing a high-powered rifle at me and my children in our own home…sorry, but no.

            This is a perfect example of what a steady supply of anti-depressants and enough fluoride to choke an elephant has gotten us. Stupid sheep.

        • This time, they were “rescued” to the next house.

          Next time, they will be put into cattle train car. Destination: Auschwitz, Treblinka, etc.

          When marched into gas chambers, they will praise their masters.


          This is NOT my and my loved ones’ destiny.

          Or at least, I won’t be alive to see it.

          Come here, the guy who watched a Boston resident through a rifle scope.
          Come here, baby…
          Two can play this game…

          • i would love and see them try that with me.

            i live by a simple rule when it comes to the law. if i am in the wrong i will cooperate with them, but if i have done nothing wrong i will give them hell.

            • i would love and see them try that with me.

              I would pay to see you shot full of holes when you try to act out your macho fantasies. I am sure you a legend in your own sick mind.

              • Shut up fucking feminazi!

              • Sad to say but
                I sorta agree with you,
                Gotta pick your battles, that wasnt the time, nor the place, nor the goal of the authorities to be going off all Rambo style,

                • those people chose not to demand a search warrant.what else would you expect from a bunch of yankees?

                  • Those people are not Yankees. They are Roman Catholic immigrants from Ireland, mainly, Sicilian Catholic the rest.

                    Lay off the noble Yankees that built America and invented the United States! They have not been a factor in “New England” politics and culture for at least 100 years.

                • When will it be?

              • NCJOE DICKHEAD i hope when battlefeild america starts
                ihope i run to you ill show you what a RANGER will do

              • ncjoe, since you are a idiot let me break it down for you. their are many ways of giving police hell that does not deal with violence. but in this situation the first thing i would have done was ask for a search warrant. second thing i would do since they were determined to come in is make them arrest me inside of my home without me fighting back or doing any harm to them. third thing i would do is simple, get a lawyer and sue their asses.

                if you know your rights you can give the government hell. legally and if you are good enough you can make it a pay day also.

                • Omega, becareful with the legal system. I trust the courts/judges less than DC. There are more judges bought and lib to boot than are in DC.
                  The most common thing the courts do is delay one’s case, unless you’re wealthy or there is alot of press coverage.

            • OmegaGrayKnight says:

              “i live by a simple rule when it comes to the law. if i am in the wrong i will cooperate with them, but if i have done nothing wrong i will give them hell.”

              And just whom are the arbitrators of “right” and “wrong” when it comes to “Law”?

              I will tell you this much…they are not men in government.

          • No way.

            10,000 police couldn’t even find 1 bad guy in Water Town.

            They are way too incompetent to even attempt anything more severe.

            • George,

              But, they were able to use this to ‘justify’ locking down Boston.

              • Absolutely, KY Mom. And they essentially called all these people liars and accused them of aiding and abetting the enemy as they chased them out of their own homes. This BS of us all being potential terrorists and that they can’t tell regular families from sketchy characters is a lie; it’s agressive, frightening and humiliating for decent people to be treated this way. People should tell the media how wrong this behavior is, didn’t make them feel safe, and how it caused Gramma’s stroke (even if she’s been sitting there catatonic for two years). This is so much more insanity inducing and deliberately disruptive than some remote possibility one bad guy is “gonna gitcha” while families are home eating dinner. Why do they treat us as we, the general population, would be harboring fugitives?!! (Rhetorical question; I know they have another agenda.) Makes me crazy! Gotta get out of the city…

                • I couldn’t agree more, it’s the “potential” terrorist.sympathizer issue that bothers me most. The IDEA that any and all citizens would hide someone everyone thinks did something like this.

                  The idea that we’re all criminals until proven otherwise is my biggest gripe with this kind of stuff…that and, like someone above said, they couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a flashlight—and a road map.

            • I would bet there is more to it than the media hype. A friend who has family in that area said the cops were real nice to them, yes they had guns but they were not rude, explained what was going on and asked to make a quick search to clear the house, said they didnt have a court order but could get one if needed. Most folks were ok with it and it was no big deal, remember, not everyone thinks the cops or FBI or whatever are the enemy,
              The people you saw getting roughed up were the ones who were unreasonably belligerent, and abusive, just sayin, this came from people who live there so will go with that assessment till proven otherwise. Some times ya gotta go along to get along ya know.
              Sorry folks, red thumb if you must, but…..

              • No red thumb here. Is anyone’s house so huge you don’t know someone entered??
                I know when my dh drives up in the drive; I can feel it, hear it, and just know he’s home.
                I can hear the child next door bouncing his basketball!!
                You think I wouldn’t notice one of the three doors of my home opening??
                An open window in April in Massachusetts??
                I don’t think so!!

                • So true, and same here, i know, you know,
                  Unfortunately for us though, the man doesn’t know and further more don’t know who is an accomplice.
                  If people are so fired up about this, as many are for many reasons, and believe me i get it, but if its such an issue i suggest getting the ACLU or a good attorney on it and file suit, unfortunately at the moment that is the only course for redress on this, write your reps, even though its useless, but until they are going door to door to confiscate your belongings, most likely to not start something with a herd of LEOs who are on edge as it is.

              • no you don’t have to go along to get should always demand your rights be don’t have to be belligerent but you should always make them produce a warrant.

                • I’ll bet THEIR idea of “belligerent” is nowhere near what mine is. I’ll bet they thought “belligerent” was not hitting your knees when commanded to do so, without question. Expecting them to believe you when you say there’s nobody here but you would be determined “belligerent” as well.

                  Challenging authority is belligerent.
                  Expecting them to honor your rights is belligerent.
                  Exercising your rights is belligerent.
                  Speaking out is belligerent.

                  FREEDOM is belligerence towards authoritarianism.

              • Shoving a rifle muzzle in your face as you stand in your own home would qualify as “rude”.

            • Agreed, K.Y. Mom. People keep saying this about the cops being incompetent and I think they’re distracting people from the real point, which is what you said.

              The illegal government just learned they can efficiently invade peoples homes with no warrant and no outcry. Some people even lick the boots and say thanks for getting to taste the boot as seen in the video above.

          • They did not show anyone mad as hell, I am sure there were many who were. At least i’d like to think so..

            • Those were the ones that got frisked, ya gotta be a whole nother kinda stupid to give lip to a bunch of “authorities” with M4s and tactical shotguns.

          • I love being rescued at the point of a gun.

            • Hey, you idiots are such fans of guns, what is the problem here?

            • Yeah, and they’ll find out how much I love it when my turn comes…

        • Told you. “If I’m not seeing this, then what exactly is it that I’m seeing” was what I said.

          I also said that this was tactically stupid on multiple levels. Which it was.

          If the perp happened to be across the street, how many could he have dropped as they were lining up all nice and neat for him? Body armor, sure, and panicked, and facing a ton of return fire within 5 seconds, but in those 5 seconds he could have probably dropped three.

          To say nothing of…


          What if he WAS in the house they were searching?

          Knock knock.


          “Back off or I shoot another one…”

          Um. So. How was this a good idea?

          Oh right. Fuck collateral damage, right?

        • Ya know, they really are sheep- there probably aren’t ten legally owned firearms in Boston. (But let’s not confuse those posessed by the LEO as being ‘legal’, since they’re gov’t issued, gov’t owned. And we all know that criminals don’t get their weapons legally, so that’s a no-brainer.)

        • It won’t fly in Flyover Country!

        • This was a well planned,well executed,and quite successful field test…

          Unfortunately there was the usual collateral damage and subsequent constant changing official narrative..

 expected ,majority of the flock bought into the overall story

          and now the call for police drones over the city of Boston is now the norm..



      2. It’s a rescue mission you’ll love it. There’s some juicy colonist daughters we have to rescue from their virginity!

        • @mclovin,
          I was wondering where you were, glad to see you’re back. At least rescuing virgins won’t cause it to burn when you pee.

        • Aliens quotes: acceptable in any conversation.

      3. you still have yet to answer my question. Are you a zionist? I’m sure many here would appreciate your answer.

        • @ NoZio

          Do you swallow?

          Do you report your earnings to the IRS?

        • NoZio

          What the hell kind of question is that?

          I’m sure many here couldn’t give a shit less about the

          answer to your loaded question. My answer to you is:

          Fuck you and the pig you rode into town on, troll

          • Nice language. You remind me of the libtards I had to battle when I was on campus. Lose and argument or can’t answer a question and turn to name calling and profanity. I have read this site for many years and see a trend of deflection of many aspects of what is going on which is akin to Alex Jones. 90% truth and 10% lies when it comes to who is really behind what is going on. Every time the obvious is pointed out it is attacked or dismissed by many here. After the comments here after the past week, I am 100% convinced this so called “mac” and many others here are noting but counter-intel agents.

            • I thought I was the only one that finally figured that out!!

            • NoZio,

              I am a zionist. Mac, Alex Jones, and I secretly rule your world. Earlier we met and decided that according to our protocols we will take away your precious male bodily fluids. You have one week to give up your ways or we will use our special jew powers to make you flaccid and useless.

              And there’s nothing you can do about it.

              • Don’t get it twisted. I do not have issues simply because someone is Jewish. Hell, I’m from Brooklyn, NY originally (left 4 years and never looked back)and have interacted plenty with even some in the Orthodox community and use to have a Jewish best friend. Some were completely anti-Zionist and did not believe Israel as in the country we know should have been created. I’m indifferent to that but would like that the fend for themselves and stop leaching us dry.

                • NoZio would be from midwood brooklyn or there abouts near ocean parkway. anywhere form ave c on down to CI that along with dyker park and dyker hights, of course the hights I remember are near ft hamilton. Better known places in the area would be Bensonhurst. SO NoZio where were you from? Left new york in 2000 ( talk about good timing 🙂 Also the jews in brooklyn do not interact much with ppl not of their faith unless your buying something from their shop. They have their own form of police dept. and ambulance services.
                  The ambulance service is based off of avenue M Between east 5th st and ocean parkway. They will not take a metro fdny ambulance only their own. I had jewish friends too but they were not orthodox OR hasidic, from those communities. I lived smack dab in the center of the community on E5th st. They barely talked to us let alone interacted with us. They wouldn’t even go into the greeks store on the corner.

                  A quick funny. I was standing at the bus stop on ave. N heading to kings plaza mall. This jewish kid, hasidic, on a friday night walked up to me with a tv dinner in his hand and asked me to put it into the oven for him because he was not allowed to operate the oven or close the oven door during friday night – sat morning when they could do no work. LOL the guy across teh street used to come by and ask us to plug in an extension cord for him, because it unplugged and he was not allowed to touch it LOL.

                  • Back in the day I went to Jamaica High School which we all called Jewmaica High as it was 93% Jewish at that time. My Jewish friends also called it that and we all used to pick on each other before all the PC BS. Great school sad to see it is now closed or set to be closed. It had been serving as some kind of third world student center. Sad what the country and New York have become. Give me those smart Jewish kids any day over what we have now.

            • NoZio—Explain further please

        • NoZio:
          “Are you a zionist”?

          Zionist: A person, Jewish or non-Jewish who by some action supports the State of Israel.

          YES NoZio; I AM A ZIONEST

          • By that reasoning, all Americans are Zionists….”by some action” could mean your tax dollars, going to support Israel and their continuing war efforts in the middle east. Now, there’s something to think about. 🙂

            • Half of Americans pay no taxes, so they may not be Zionists.

          • Point noted. I should have elaborated perhaps (lulz at the source as I have made funny entries). By Zionist I mean if one believes that Israel and the chosen few shall dominate and use us (goyim, cattle filth etc) until we are no longer useful and thus get rid of us. Bolshevik anyone???? AIPAC has our country leader in a stranglehold not to mention we have countless dual citizens (only Israeli dual allowed) in our government who allegiance is easily called into question. Let me know if you actually need sources because I’ll be more than happy but that’s easily confirmed or debunked..

      4. It grieves me, that America has come to this.

        Learn the arts of concealment, friends. This isn’t intended for just Boston, or for just such times as when terrorists are loose in our neighborhoods. This is practice, pure and simple. And it’s coming to us all sooner or later.

        • Bullshit. Similar claims have been made for years. Yet, I enjoy the same liberties I have always enjoyed. Quit drinking the kool aid, get you head out of your ass, get out and live!

          • Are you free to bare arms uninfringed? Try taking a walk downtown with an AR and see how free and uninfringed you are?
            Are you free to choose not to buy healthcare insurance ? Maybe for a little whyle longer eh?
            Are you free to demand due process should you be arrested? Dissapeared (NDAA)
            Are you free to roam the internet without someone watching everything you do? (CISPA)
            Are you free to use the rainwater that falls on your roof? see Washington State
            Are you free to grow as much food as you want on your own land? see Georgia
            Are you free to hand down a weapon to your offspring without govt taxing that gift?
            Are you free to put more than 7 rounds in a weapon? see NY and all the rest
            Are you really enjoying the freedoms you were born with?

          • nc were you born with your head up your ASS or did someone put it there

          • You must be ten years old or retarded not to have noticed the changes. I vote for retarded.

        • The sad reality is that every one of those interviewed expressed or used the word “terrified” or terrifying when talking about the police or govt agents–not the 19 y/o kid hiding in some boat.

          Who were the bigger terrorists in this incident? Who engendered and created the greatest fear, sequestering and limitations on the populaces freedoms and ability to live their lives normally?

          • I have a question,,,i watched it like most,,this kid is in a boat on his back ,,,looked like he was bleeding out,,so who in hell were the police having two or three shoot outs with?????


      5. Good god I hope I NEVER get “rescued”.

        • Me too. You deserve to drown. Would be Darwinism in action.

        • Well, we all have been getting “rescued” at the airports for years now. Humiliating pat downs and arms-in-the-air naked body scans. It started back then.

      6. You have to ask yourself “If I was in my Batman suit and my wife was tied up naked on the couch” What would happen?

        • EEEEK…Holy armed invasion Batman.

          To the batmobile, dear.

        • As usual you would probably awake from the dream you were having.

        • LMAO
          Or worse yet your bangin the guys wife who is knocking on your door!

      7. I also think it’s important to quote the reporter that this pattern repeated house after house. That lady at the end who said they apologized is nuts. That’s like someone raping you and saying sorry afterwards, I know that’s extreme but what if a gun went off and killed an innocent.

        I know someone already quoted this once but dammit it needs to be said again and again.

        Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

        – Ben Franklin

        • Yea, i agree with the historic statement but….
          Is it worth getting shoved around and possibly cause yourself unnecessay scrutiny to prove a point.
          Again,,, Pick your battles.

        • The Patriot act long ago took away many of our Constitutional liberties. The conduct of the Boston cops was unforgivable. It was just a miracle that one of those trigger happy cops/SWAT teams didn’t blow away some innocent citizen.

          But the idea of resisting, or that having a gun would somehow help you in that situation is laughable. Any resistance, or someone raising or holding a firearm with those heavily armed, and extremely nervous, cops coming in the door would have led to their instant death in a hail of gunfire. You have to realize that two cops had already been shot, and many others shot at, so the cops going door-to-door were worried they might be the next to get hit. They also were worried that the bomber might have a suicide jacket or another bomb. He and his brother had already thrown bombs at the pursuing cops. If I was a cop I would have been saying a final little prayer as I entered each new house.

          If you don’t like your loss of “liberties” in the USA then you have the right to move to another country. But under similar circumstances in other countries, I doubt you would have fared any better. If you can give me an example of that country, I would love to hear about it.

      8. I don’t even bother going to the MSM sites (just gov’t news– might as well call ’em Pravda 1,2,3)… much anymore– maybe once a week. Happened to go out to one this morning as my regular sites didn’t have many updates.. Useless, biased, barely news dribble… lots about a bunch of celebs I’ve never heard of and touchie feely stories… did like the one about truck drivers delivering homeless dogs to new families.

        Sad thing though as crappie as it (Pravda 1,2,3,…) is most American don’t even bother to read it— absolutely clueless as to anything going on no less actually possessing the ability to analyze and determine the impact on their lives….

      9. Since when has “Rescue” and “Intimidation”

        become a synonymous situation?

      10. Rescued??? Yea, that’s the ticket…
        What is worse that these blatantly unconstitutional actions, is the fact that these “people” needed to be “rescued” in the first place.

        At least the authorities were, as one lady put it…”Apologetic”???

        I hope the PTB don’t ever decide I need to be “Rescued”!

        Just more proof of where we are headed as a nation.

        The fun has begun!!!!!

      11. Personally, I would have probably ended up in a body bag.

        Hopefully, there would have been a few more next to mine.

        • Personally, I would have probably ended up in a body bag.

          The world would have a better place, too. One less idiot in it.

      12. There has to come a point of warrantless searches. Lets just be real, if there is a killer, killing gang etc on the loose you do what you have to do to protect the people. This is a fundamental part of American national security which unfortunately sometimes over-rides our freedoms/rights…. however it is necessary.

        • @Tony,
          My Red thumb is not working;
          Please accept written boot up your dumb ass.

          • “..fundamental part of American national security..” The 2nd Amendment is the Fundamental part of American National Security. Not warrantless breakins.

        • B.S. If the police see the “bad-guy” enter a home, then fine…hot pursuit and all…but house by house search at gun-point was in NO WAY JUSTIFIED HERE!!


          • Where?

        • Tony, it is NEVER necessary.

          I’d like to think I would have been completely polite with them in saying that “Officer, I understand the situation and I can tell you that the only people in my house are my family and we are safe. Without a warrant I do not recognize your authority to search my house. If you have a warrant then I will open the door and let you in.”

          But given what seemed to have happened (and I admit it’s hearsay as I wasn’t there), chances are my door would have been busted down, I would have been cuffed and hauled out for impeding an active investigation and they would have search the house anyway.

          This is what I have a huge problem with. In the name of safety, constitutional rights were suspended. And I am even more concerned that some people (in that video) are just fine with that because “they were doing their job” or “they apologized afterwards”. Really? Really!?!?

        • @ Tony I don’t need no protection from a killer or killer gangs. Nothing overides our freedom/rights. You are a man be prepared to protect your family period. I would be ashamed for my children to see me cower in a corner. It’s ok babies the police are going to save us . Your attitude makes me want to throw up. Grow a pair and get right with GOD & you’ll have nothing to fear..

        • @Tony

          Spoken like a true sheep.

          Throughout history, tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot have loved compliant little toadies like you.

          I’m sure they already have a seat on the cattle cars with your name on it. You deserve it. Anyone who is that compliant after what has happened the last 70 years, deserves whatever they get.

        • Hey, Tony–in Ky, we are ALL armed…don’t need no stinking swat teams that didn’t even get the bad guy to break and enter!!
          Any home with dogs will alert an intruder…then a warm welcome by Smith & Wesson.

        • wrong!

        • Yeah Tony, that whole freedom thing its a bitch isnt it? How about Cuba its only 90miles south of key west and you can enjoy all the warrantless searches you can stomach, no there is never ever a time in America for warrantless ANYTHING. Warrant -less ; does not warrant the approval of a judge, if thats ok with you then go for it, but its not ok and its not up for debate.

        • FIRST you disarm them so they can’t protect themselves —THEN you drag them out of their own homes at gunpoint to protect them from something going on somewhere else…got it.

        • Please place your belongings near the last car on the train.

      13. Would you rather wait for the police to go through the courts to get a search warrant and for your family to be over taken by murderers/rapists? The answer is NO.

        • i suppose one could argue that if the family owned a couple semi-automatic rifles it would serve as a strong deterrent to murderers and rapists or a terrorist on the run…

          • It is againt your oath to conspire with anyone by not defending your neighbors rights. Doing nothing violates your oath to God.

            • oath to God? So you God endorses murder now. Just like, oh wait, the muslims you so excoriate.

              • Defending the constitution by standing up to rogue servants that are violating your neighbors rights is fulfilling your oath. Foreign or domestic.

                • “But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest you fall under judgment.” James 5:12

                  “Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made.'”5:33 Matthew
                  But I say to you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne 5:34 Matthew

                  so you swear oaths to the one who told you NOT to swear ANY note the ANY part there Oath.

              • Not to point out the obvious to anyone who has read the bible, but there was the big flood, the plagues in Egypt, the crusades….that were directly created or influenced by God. So, by using logic, God condones murder. I don’t want to get into a religious debate, just pointing out a fact.

          • The sad part is I complained about what they were doing in Boston while it was happening and almost everyone I spoke with just said their just tring to get the bomber and was ok with being “order” to stay home and have armed thugs violate their rights and hold people at gun point. It’s a sad day

          • Mac…this is just a hunch, but I’d be willing to bet that Tony either does not possess a firearm, or if he does, he will be more than willing to give it up any time his lords and masters ask that he do it.

            • Hey Walt…

              I think Tony believes he does possess a firearm.

              He’s carrying concealed between his legs.

              “This is my rifle. This is my gun. One is for killing. One is for fun.”

              I’ll bet it’s a .17…at best.

        • You don’t get to pick and choose which of OUR freedoms YOU are willing to throw away. Exercise your rights or lose them. There is no “middle ground”.


        • Tony. It was ONE FUCKING TEENAGER GUY. Doing a “Welfare check” is fine. Holding a ar15 at a dad holding his 2 year old daughter is NOT. What is wrong with you? Plus, they didnt find him. A HOMEOWNER that wasnt flushed out of his house by federal thugs at gunpoint found him AFTER the cops searched the boat.

          • Funny stuff for sure.An old guy finds the culprit himself inside his boat while the kid eludes 10,000 donut eaters.

        • No, but a simple knock on the door and asking if everyone is OK, or did they see anything is just fine. Hell, they can even ask politely to have a look around but if the homeowner says no, THAT’S WHERE IT ENDS.

          Look at what their door to door 4th amendment violation got them – nothing. They only reason they found him was because the boat owner was allowed to come out of his house and checked on his boat.

        • ~~~police to go through the courts to get a search warrant~~~
          No, we wouldn’t Tony–that’s why we in Ky are armed.
          What part of this do you not get..libtard sheeple??

          • @ JayJay: As long as people like you keep falling for this idiotic “libtard” and “repubican” divide-and-conquer tactics, we won’t get anywhere.

            If you seriously think anything will go differently depending on if we have a Democrat or Republican president, you do need to wise up.

            It was the Republicans that championed the militarization of the police back in the 80’s, as part of Reagan’s war on drugs. As long as people thought it was just black crackheads on welfare that were getting to taste the boot and having their doors rammed down by wanna-be soldiers, it was fine, right? It was under a Republican president that we had the Twin Tower false flag attack that created the excuse for the TSA and all of the short-cuts around the Constitution that we’re seeing now. How many people that like to call “libtard” applauded people getting disappeared and tortured because they were Muslim rag- heads? And now, it’s a Democrat president who has further advanced the terrorist government’s grab for more power.

            Believe it or not, many if not most of my liberal friends voted for Obama hoping that he would reverse the move toward the police state. They were wrong. I never thought he would be any different. Just another puppet. My point is, not all liberals hate guns. I LOVE my guns. I’m a liberal because I think that means I have the right to do whatever the h*** I want without some nosey parker using the government to tell me I can’t do it.

            Wise up and keep your eye on the ball. There are liberals and conservatives alike that are sickened by what is happening. We need to join forces, not act like children.

            • Very good. I have been waiting for someone to speak out on division. I don’t believe that liberals or conservatives want their freedoms taken away from them. Division is as old as time itself. Governments have been using it throughout history. Divide and conquer.

        • tony
          that would be one hell of a fire fight,,send them thugs here,,i have enough elephant traps to hide tons of them,,anytime of day or night you come down my drive you are under a min of two scopes,,,


      14. And these are the same types of retards that will line up for their special “shower” in the FEMA camps too. They’ll say until the end, “This is for our own protection.”, and off they go to get the gas. Fucking MORONS!

      15. Is this kind of like when the Nazi’s “rescued” the German people from the Jews?

      16. What were they rescued from?
        When i hear someone is recued i figure they got into trouble and their lives were in danger. I guess these sheeple needed recue from their pathetic lives.
        What a bunch idiots.

      17. Why hasn’t someone brought a lawsuit? There should be a class action suit brought against the police. Even in these circumstances there does still exist a constitution.


          • Eisenkreuz says:


            Who needs to “amend” it when our criminal government can just ignore it!

        • I was wondering this myself.

            • iv ammendment.
              The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
              I do not see anything here about imminent danger,or exigent circumstances.
              When they declared shelter in place ?? do you really think they stated this was an option.of course not!!!I have learned so much this week,about what to expect in the future,and how i will respond. I LOOK AT THIS AS A LEARNING EXERCISE,KNOW YOUR ENEMY.AND THIER TACTICS.

              • An “Imminent danger” situation would have seen people EVACUATED, NOT “SHELTERED IN PLACE”. Think about that for a minute…There’s a fire, so stay where you are…just saying, it doesn’t add up.

            • Now you got me thinking…but there is nothing about “imminent danger” in the fourth amendment. Even though the courts have ruled that warrantless searches can be carried out under exigent circumstances, there still has to be probable cause. I am no lawyer but since you got me thinking about this, I looked up the court challenges to the fourth and it seems there is no “litmus” test but it seems they would need probable cause to think the suspect was in the house to conduct such a search. It’s a stretch to believe they thought he was in every house they searched but they will twist the Constitution to whatever they wish it to be… much as they have already perverted the meaning of the 2nd. I also found this tidbit…March 14,2003 the Bush admin. stated “…our office recently concluded that the fourth amendment had no application to domestic military operations.”

              • “exigent circumstances” in fourth amendment context means nothing more than they think the perpetrator might have time to DESTROY EVIDENCE OF A CRIME. Perhaps that is what the real issue was here…guilty until proven innocent.

                • “Compassionate Conservatism” at your service!

        • @ Norse Prepper, I guess since the Military was involved all they had to say was two very special words,the words that ALL ABC agency’s use to get their way in every situation……….NATIONAL SECURITY !! Those words will open ANY door for them and if need be ,used to cover-up any COLLATERAL DAMAGE that gets in their way!!~ mm

          • That and “I was in fear for my life”.

      18. I hate commies!





        • It’s somewhat humorous that the justification for this internet-wide tax is to “level the playing field” for brick and mortar businesses…. because a “tax cut” or repeal on those brick and mortar purchases is out of the question.

          It’s another government “rescue” Eisen!

          • Mac,

            The thumbs up/down buttons are not working for me. I posted yesterday Ok, but can’t rate posts.

            • Same here Mac….the thumbs ain’t cooperating.

              • We’re on it guys — hopefully will have resolution in the next 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

                • do you have any idea how hard it is to hold a bottle of beer without thumbs… 😉

                • Mac, Working now, Thanks.

            • BEEN DETHUMBED AS WELL!!!!

              • Switch from red thumb to middle-finger while you’re at it!

          • In my experience, shipping costs don’t seem to come up.
            Which raises the cost of most things purchased online.
            But alas, state gov’s have complained about this for years…

            This will throw a big sucker punch into small online retailers, having to keep up with thousands of state and county taxes…

            Now.. to those who bitterly complained that bitcoin had no ‘value’… this is the reason it was invented…
            (btw, bitcoin has made a strong come back since it was manipulated into a crash… similar to the gold ‘crash’.)
            I am not a proponent for bitcoin, but, I predict it has its place, and that place will grow as the taxman cometh.

            • “Free” shipping is built into the price. “Mom and Pop” have been gouging us all for decades. They want to regulate out of business those they cannot compete with. What about the advantage the bricks and mortar stores have in ease of returns?

          • To repeat a comment I read from another site, I wonder if they really wanted a level playing field they would prohibit brick and mortar stores from allowing their customers to leave with their products. Shouldn’t they force them to charge customers shipping and handling and wait a week for delivery like the online only stores do?
            My guess it the brick and mortar guys have a little more political pull, so that would never happen.

        • Our Selected officials dont give a shit what you want. They only vote the “agenda” or what the Lobbyest instructs them to. I am done with voting outside of my local officials. Where I live, they show up at town hall meetings, gun range, and local meetings at the fire department.

          • Yup, and millions of you stayed home this last voting season… that worked out real good for us didn’t it?

            Government goes to those who show up…

            • it’s all rigged and fixed, get a clue. voting is waste of time.

              • A right not exercised is a right lost.

                • Ruler,

                  If voting changed anything, they would “rescue” us from it and make it illegal.

                  The choices on the ballot are no choice at all because they represent the same thing: The Establishment.

                  At this point in our history, the system can not be changed from within(voting).

                  I’m afraid it’s gonna come down to 1776…again.

                  The Second American Revolution.

              • AS I have said before, millions of ‘the good guys’ did not vote this time, THIS is the reason the Black Caesar is on his second term. This is the national statistic, deal with it.
                Elections are not won or lost in a single county, they are lost in the Electoral college. The statistics are pretty clear, if, IF, ALL the good guys showed up, Romney would be president. But, only half the people even voted, so only 26% of us put Dear Leader back in office. The ‘let it burn ers’ got what they wanted, so they should quit complaining… they’ll get the pain they wanted.

                They, cannot rig every freaking county in the country… I KNOW some of the people on our election board, I’ve worked with them, they would have peoples asses in jail if they caught them.
                I am personal friends with the local district proctor, and I can tell you he would love to find somebody cheating him. I can bet you, ‘the democrat machine’ cannot ‘fix it’ everywhere.
                Those who believe this myth don’t understand that there is no ‘federal’ voting system… everything is done at the county level, 90% of which, would have a difficult time cheating because of their procedures and systems with everything being done by more than one person from each party. Our voting system is the best in the world, built over 200 years, but there have always been cheaters. That is why the cracks are always being fixed.

                I do think, and have always advocated, that any electronic voting machine must have their source code validated at the object code level before being ‘passed’ and isolated in storage. (But they won’t, and the law won’t do it, and that does concern me greatly as these electronic beasts spread. All counties however, do not use these systems, mine being one that still uses paper ballots for a reason.)

                But none of this matters, because people have lost faith in The System, and simply look for any excuse to give up, and go directly to the bullet box. This is a societal meme magnified by the internet and it only leads to faster decline… It is a symptom of my thesis of Systemic Irrationality, or an article recently title ‘Abnormalcy bias’. We go crazy as a society, slowly, until we break. When we do break, and the good guys go looking to blame someone, look in the mirror.

                • You can’t hand-cuff a computerized voting machine.

            • Wrong. Oboozo lost the election, it was rigged. How can democrat counties have 105% turnout? Government does not go for those who show up. It goes for those who PAY big $$$$$. Your vote doesnt mean shit at a state level and up. They are SELECTED Not elected.

              • Do you have a link in defense of your assertion of 105% ?
                If so, then the problem is the People, not the System. The people in those areas should be up in arms, did the ‘media’ report it?, or was it only shown on the internet?
                If the media did not report it, I would go visit their boss, and probably beat him with a baseball bat.
                You and I, are the hands of justice. Exercise that right properly, and it can change. But first you have to stand up for yourself and not hide while typing…

                  • Thanks Kula,
                    I don’t doubt it for an instant.
                    But, its not the issue, no matter how much certain good folks want to believe the bad guys ‘stole’ the election, the numbers don’t lie…
                    The bad guys didn’t WIN the election, the good guys FORFEITED by staying home…
                    There will always be cheaters, that, is why we HAVE AN ELECTORAL COLLEGE… never forget that… it is both a blessing and a curse, but it does what it was intended to do, prevent the large states from dominating the small states.
                    And it would work, IF, ALL The Good guys SHOWED UP at the polls… our brothers must realize, we represent greater than 60% or more of the population… all we have to do to WIN… is ACT TOGETHER. But, the PTB know we are divided and count on it… how big a monkey wrench could we throw into their plans if we could all simply decide to quit quibbling over stupid shit and act as one?

                    And yes, that includes holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils, then warning the SOB to do his job.
                    Unfortunately Kula, there is a large percentage of us, who simply want an excuse to go to war, even on this board.

                • Oh, come on county had every vote for the fraud.
                  What are the odds?? Huh?? Geeze a historical first, no doubt.

                  • The fraudsters, DID NOT WIN the election…
                    The Good guys LOST IT. PERIOD.
                    You cannot look to conspiracy theories to save you from your own apathy.
                    YES, you may be right in specific instances, in certain well known crooked counties…
                    End of story.
                    Look at the numbers.

            • Piper…get a life…””Govt goes to those that own the electronic voting machines.””

              • JJ be nice piper said a regular bad ass on this site
                hes army intel

                • Like I said before rat, I don’t know what I said that got under your skin so bad, but I do hate to have enemies, especially when they refuse to discuss their particular emotional defect or misinterpretation of my words…
                  I detect under the brash exterior, you are a good man, and want to be a warrior patriot. Fine, I’ve had my time in the sun, you’re welcome to have your fun. Just don’t get caught or hurt any innocents…
                  But, if you want to continue calling names. Fine.

                  Yes, rat, I was army intel. ASA. 72-75.
                  And your qualifications for being such an obnoxious little rat would be?
                  (your name fits btw.)

                  This is one reason why patriots cannot come together, individuals with strong opinions and little knowledge. Rat thinks he’s a general, with the mind of a private. If we all followed his tactics, we would all be dead. I think, he is an agent provocateur trying to stir up the community into action… don’t fall for it, keep your powder dry and remember Sun Tzu; The battle ALWAYS WON, is the battle NOT fought. IOW, pick your battles.

                  We have too few people to be arguing amongst ourselves, in this regard, he doesn’t get it. If you don’t agree with him, you’re a ‘traitor’.

              • I partially agree jayjay,
                However, the glitches in the software are designed on a percentage basis. They will not release the source code, but they cannot create votes… only switch them. YOU, US, WE, can overwhelm them by sheer weight of numbers.
                Unfortunately, too many of the good guys have given up on the system. I sympathize with them, but withdrawing from the voting process is enabling the evil ones.

                They even have a new name for themselves, they call themselves the Let It Burn ers.
                They are deliberately enabling evil, to spark off a conflict. They, want war… they better careful what they ask for, they will probably get it.

                Those who have seen the elephant know, once you see the elephant, it sees you too, and then sits on your soul.

                swamprat is so anxious for armed combat, that tells me, he’s never seen it. With all his bragging, he will be the first to run from the tank platoon when the M2 cuts loose on his ass after he tries to shoot it with a piss ant AR.

                • Whatever, Piper. But reports of entire counties/districts voting for the fraud and not ONE vote for Romney is just waaay too far fetched for me to believe.

                  • Whatever?
                    I guess you would RATHER believe in the fallacy that one or two crooked counties swung the election, as in Bush V. Gore? If so, it would have been front page news, for months, like… well, Bush V. Gore…

                    The numbers do not lie, this was a problem of MILLIONS of MISSING VOTERS… This was a NATIONAL DISGRACE, the Good guys STAYED HOME(many I talked to, they didn’t like Romney, and were done voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’)… and they will get what they asked for.

                    The greater of two evils.

                • piper your a fucking reject you went to NAM to defend that shit hole but wont defend your own country your a
                  prick youd be the first one i would take out

      20. I’m as mad as hell, and I am not going to take this anymore!

      21. Well Mac, when your at the top,you take a lot of flak.Just keep shootin back.thanks.

      22. When will we be rescued from Leftist Tyranny?

        • So you need recusing. Not willing to go get it back yourself.

        • Was that leftist tyranny when the Bush administration created the legal justifications for suspending the Constitution in cases of terrorism?

      23. At least they apologized to that dumbass, subservient woman. Sarcasm, anyone?

      24. Next, we’ll see big red crosses on the side of all those MRAPS and they’ll use there M4’s as stethoscopes 😉





        FUCK THE PIGS.

      26. This is why WILSON //the k9/// and I live on a sailboat/// A very well stock’d sailboat!! one might say it’s the bug out boat// don’t 4 get the pets>.>





        • Hey Ignoranus Eisencrap….

          There a whole bunch of idiots your age who are more than willing to be compliant with the government and give up their freedoms.

          In fact….it was people your age who helped get the Kenyan elected.

          As far as hell is concerned….little punk-ass pissants like you will be well represented.

          You’ve done nothing in your short miserable little life but whine, bitch and complain like a three-year old.


          • Walt. agreed. As long as they get “wheres my free stuff” ie: Obama phones, EBT, prescription pot etc, they will vote for the Rats and Rino’s.

        • Hey Eisen.
          I’m a Boomer and just what do you think of me? Don’t you understand that many of your opinions I agree with? Why would the both of us be at this site? Listen. What would happen if we both met in the trenches? From your indications you live close to me. So the possibility is there, and I can tell you friend that I have met people in the most unusual places. It’s my Karma so to speak. I do to a point understand your veiws but to fly off the handle is most abrasive. Do you think I agree with what most baby boomers have done? There are those who have refuted with the boomer mentality.
          It is what it is and we have to live with it, although there is change in the air.
          You do take a lot of abuse by your own means you know.




        • Eisen you’re an idiot. Eisenkruez means iron cross the symbol the nazis used to signify valor. The nazis were the worst humanity has ever seen. And somehow you think you have some claim to be a know it all. Instead you are a little terd in a septic tank.
          You know nothing about the military or those who serve.
          And no i do not respect your right to express your veiws. When a piece of shit expresses its veiw I flush it.



            “TURD”, NOT “TERD”


            FUCK OFF, GRANDPA.

            • @ eisen
              The Nazis were just about the worst in history. When my wives uncle was a boy the Nazis took over Holland. He would tell me stories of those times. On one occasion the Nazi soldiers grabbed a pregnant woman in the market. In order to prove some forgotten point the cowards beat her until she was on the ground while 2 of them held her feet and hands a third one jumped with both feet onto her stomach, they started laughing about how far the remains of the fetus went.This was told to me by a person who was there that day and was made to watch. I personally believe this is as bad as it gets. I could tell more but this one should suffice for now.
              The way you spell iron cross is the way it is spelled in German. If you want to hide that from others that’s ok, but remember you will be repeating history the more you rail against jews, old people , and those less fortunate than you.
              Now think about it, what parts of history will you be repeating?
              As far as terd or turd goes who cares it’s going down the toilet anyway, and please quit questioning peoples spelling it’s known as freedom of the expression. But I guess I can’t expect much from someone who wants to repeat that portion of German history.
              BTW from what I can tell,you know very little about the military other than what you can find on the internet or playstation.

              • I DO NOT OWN A PLAYSTATION.




              • Well said there ed….

                Eisencrap is a poser and a pathological liar.

                • “POSEUR” NOT “POSER”

                  • Here ya go dumbass.


                  • By the way Eisencrap….

                    The fact that you would use the word “poseur” in a lame attempt to correct me, just indicates what a POSER you really are. Because you’re trying to impress everyone with how smart you THINK you are.

                    But we all know what you are…….an “ignoranus”

                    Here’s the definition for that one too.



      29. The open attacks on anyone of any media who rebut the official story has began in earnest .
        We all need to come together and share some deep thinking .
        In times like these, we all need clear level heads .
        Hold counsel and plan .
        For the emperor has no clothes .
        Take some deep cleansing breaths .
        Plan three or four options .
        Hope for the best
        Prepare for the worst .
        We need to gather some intelligence of our own.
        God bless this site and the wisdom seekers .

      30. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help” Ronald Reagan

        • Wasn’t Ronald from the government? Wasn’t Ronald here to help?

          I recall that he got the ball rolling with militarizing the police with his “war on drugs”.

      31. NYC to release ‘tracer gases’ in subway system…

        “The New York Police Department is teaming up with a national laboratory to study how chemical weapons could be dispersed through the air into the subway system.”

        myfoxny dot com

        also on Drudge Report

        • Good Lord, a “subway drill”. New Yawkers better take a cab or they will be gassed by a terrist.

        • Looks like they are practicing.

      32. What is so frightening to me about the video of the people being “rescued” at gunpoint from their houses is that none of the ones on the video were “afraid” of the gov’t but were “afraid” of one lone bomber to the point of them running for their lives…

        Bostonians obviously believe the line—“I’m from the gov’t and I’m here to help” Suckers!!

        Nothing but propaganda for leftist media!

        I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… GOD help are nation…

        • bad typing– are needs to be our…

      33. One fact that you guys have to remember is that as far as lawsuits go is that none of these people have a case. They all left their home even tough they had a gun in their face. Not one person refused the order to leave their home. Not one stood their ground. If this was a test and I do believe it is, it was a waste of time. Nee England, Great Lakes Region (few exceptions) and the West Coast has been pussified as Carlin would have said. The real test is when they do this shit in Missouri, Nebraska Texas, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming etc.

        • Don’t include all of the Great Lakes states in that assessment. Here in Indiana we have the right to shoot anyone who bursts into our homes by surprise, including the police. We also don’t have anyone trying to take our guns. We also proudly rate high on the SPLC’s “domestic terrorist organizations” chart.

          Indiana has been a pleasant surprise to me.

          • I was thinking of many parts of Indiana and Michigan hence the included “exception” in parenthesis.

            • And I am simply doing my best to lure more preppers to a part of the heartland that welcomes them, hence my response.

              • No Zio Don’t include all Parts of Michigan, Detroit and Flint are already War Zones, the Rest of the State is nothing but Hunters and Gun owners and Shooters…We would not ever Allow the JBT to Run through our Towns, without Major Push Back…Those camera Shots from Windows in Water Town would be Seen with Cross Hairs!
                Fuk TNWO…NOMI CATMF

                Semper Fi

            • Don’t know why you would include Michigan. Michigan is a big gun state. anyone can get a CCW unless they are a felon. Thats a law. Anyone can open carry loaded unless he is a felon. Are you sure you are not from the East or West coast???

          • Don’t forget rural Ohio. Both northwest and southeast. I’d hate to be the force that tries to dominate all the German Catholic farm towns. The Amish are a different matter. They are pacifist, but know how to do so many useful things, including lost arts, that we all ought to adopt a family who can live under our protection. They will be the first hit after everything goes to shit.

        • I hope you’re right….When I’ve travelled through Utah and Montana airports I see all the cowboys and their families lining up for their pat downs and arms-in-the-air naked body scans just like everybody else.

          I think a key to the Boston thing were the elements of surprise, of emergency, and of a common enemy (Muslim terrorist). If people in Wyoming or Utah had advanced warning of a martial law or gun confiscation takeover and there was no “crisis”, then there would be time to organize a resistance. But, if there is some manufactured emergency on a giant scale, people go into panic mode and it’s easy to get them to go along.

          Probably we’ll all already be freaked out over a bird flu pandemic or Korean nuclear bomb or EMT attack. All good patriots will line up behind the government to help us move through the crisis. If you resist, get ready to be hated by the nation and most of your neighbors. It’s not you against some imaginary “libtard” in Boston– it’s you against the people in your community. You will be made to feel very alone. That’s what we’re up against.

      34. I say this again, when you point an automatic rifle at grandpa and grandma there is a chance that it could discharge accidentally. You stupid PIGS, you don’t point your weapon at some innocent person that is helpless EVER. This is not Cuba or North Korea, this is America with rights to guard against law enforcement ATTACKING citizens that are afraid and have done nothing. Freaken Gestapo storm troopers that do this.

        To those police officers that still abide by the Constitution and are fair to the citizens, thank you. To those that don’t and act like SS or KGB, it comes back one day in the form of sickness or other bad luck.

        Mac, just one question without pressuring you, I understand you are probably hammered with a lot of work. Do you plan to use that article I wrote and sent you, in the near future? I was reading it today and I think people would enjoy reading it. Might even offer them some fuel and sound agruments for all those preppers out there that are constantly condemned by totally ignorant people that don’t prepare for what is coming, or even minor emergencies.

        • BI– Do a google search. I think it has already happened (Shitcago, I think). A man was face down on the floor as ordered by the JBT, and was shot in the back as a JBT stepped over him. The JBT didn’t even know the it was his own rifle that had been discharged.

          • @ Bob. Exactly my point, you don’t point a firearm at someone or something that you don’t intend to possibly shoot. Aiming an automatic weapon at an elderly person or even a child is criminal. Hell, it is criminal for these thugs to aim it at anyone other than the bad guys. Accidents with any weapon happen, they are rare, but they do happen. Would the monster cops that did it get blamed for acting like Gestapo? Of course not, they would blame the gun manufacturer. That sucks.

        • At the end of the cold war, did the right country collapse first?

      35. I’m would not have let them in. I’m guessing they would have handcuffed me and entered anyway. Fuckers!

        • then planted ‘something’ and then you’d be up S**T creek for bucking them.. Really a no win situation..

          • Exactly! I pray I never have to make the choice. In reality, because of my wife and children I’d probably just step in line and say yes. Unless the poop has hit the fan and their coming for my weapons or food. I guess that’s my breaking point. If it were just me, that’s another story.

      36. Their guys: Storm Troopers
        Our guys: Rescue Rangers
        Any questions?

      37. In the Wall Street Journal:

        BUSINESS Updated April 24, 2013, 3:37 p.m. ET

        GE Capital Cuts Off Lending to Gun Shops

        Interesting. They are trying by every means possible to disarm Americans.

        • Now that the UN controls incoming arms and ammo, they WILL be shutting down gun shops and manufacturers in this country. Like I said before, gun control in two easy steps.

          • The cheap ammo was imported. Blocking imports will squeeze out most semi-auto owners.

            I drive by a pawn shop that advertises that they buy ammo.

      38. I can’t give a thumbs up or down anymore, nothing happens when I click on them?

        • apologies… we are working on the thumbing application now… it works, it just doesn’t show votes registering in real time… hopefully back to normal in 24 hours. thanks!

          • I had the same problem yesterday. I had to refresh the page for it to register in the count. Today, for me, is working.

      39. OK, here we go again. Tony, according to certain federal and state supreme court rulings, police have NO OBLIGATION TO PROTECT CITIZENS. IT’S NOT EVEN PART OF THEIR DESCRIPTION. THEY ‘PROTECT AND SERVE’ GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. THEY ARE ONLY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. Anyone who goes through a police academy gets brainwashed with the anti-public “us vs. them” mentality. They are trained to terrorize and be oppressive toward the public. There are no such things as “public safety” or a “public servant”. They are trained to have evil intentions toward the public 24/7. That’s what today’s breed of cops are like. i’ve had relatives in LE who were all “old school”. They were the exact opposite of what we have today. there’s no way you can trust today’s breed of cops and that is so sad. When you’re facing a home invasion, etc., you will be on your own; you will have to fend for yourself. anyone who comes to my home with a weapon, regardless of their reason, I will also have a weapon ready to use in my own self-defense and that is my natural, God-given right. NOBODY WILL FORCE THEIR WAY INTO MY HOME NOR WILL THEY TAKE ANYTHING FROM ME; IT WON’T END WELL FOR THEM. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • BH I have said this before and its worth saying again: It does not Matter the UNIFORM that comes to wrest your Freedom and I will Not Allow anyone to do this Period! We are Free Men and Women. When will we STOP this treason? On our Front Porch or our Neighbors? We are ALL involved with saving our Republic one Confrontation at a Time, until the JBT decide to go full bore, Prep Pray and Train its Coming!

          Senper Fi

        • The reply should have been; Yes, I am a CITIZEN, you are a public SERVANT, and your JOB is to LISTEN, NOT DICTATE!

        • Don’t count N.C out of the American system yet…they are introducing a law to drug test welfare recipients and it passed the house there.

          • yeah but the amendment to drug test politicians
            was thrown out !!!

            other states have tried the drug testing
            and it was a big waste of time and money

            NC still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country
            the 2012 election was supposed to be about “jobs,jobs,jobs”

            the Republicans took over the state
            and QUICKLY forgot about that promise

            • Satori-
              How goes the bird flu nonevent in China? It MUST be a figment of your imagination. CNN et al have said nothing about it. When it explodes to millions of cases over 1/2 the world, we’ll hear how it came from nowhere.

      40. They are all sheep in Mass. Here is the danger; I always have a gun on or nearby. What happens when an officer jacked on adrenaline sees my weapon??

        Answer: I will likely get shot by a police officer in my own home because they want to do an unconstitutional search and violate my rights.. They can come to my door and ask in a non-intimidating manner, but I have the right to say no. When I don’t have the right to say no, they have violated my rights. Its also Tyranny.

        Its time to sue just like the liberals when their rights are violated, and the liberals make a lot of money filing suits.

      41. The “male” pussy holding the little girl close to the end says “It’s a little stressful. It was a little stressful seeing these guys, uh pointing big guns and you’re holding your daughter in your arms, but, uhmm, they’re doing the right thing…..” THAT folks is a perfect example of what is so WRONG with this country. This milquetoast, panty waist thinks that the guys pointing “big” guns are doing the “RIGHT THING”. BULLSHIT! The guys pointing the guns are shitting on the constitution and these people think it is the right thing… OMG! we are so doomed!

        • Welcome to my world

          Live in Mass. and only 4% of the population are licensed gun owners..including FID, CLASS A & B Combined..

          This is the east coast version of California..surrounded by like minded Connecticut Rhode Island and New York..

          all bastions of limp wristed over educated sheep by the millions…

          Once home of patriots

          Now home to no word can describe..


          • Posse: I believe I read somewhere that NY had more than one million gun owners. That is enough to eliminate the NWO once and for all: overnight and at 1000 yards.

            The burden in the next Civil War will fall on the original 13 “Colonies” much like it did in 1860-64. Next year will be decisive as the time limit for turning in weapons ends then.

            Just a side note My peeps, Australia had 13 mass murders in 18 years before they decided to make guns illegal. Expect the NWO to ramp up the False Flag attacks. Its a given.


      42. Howdy, BI, and once again, you’re preaching to the choir here. My message above is meant for everyone including law enforcement. As far as i’m concerned, we the people have no obligations to anyone in law enforcement who have the mentality of those SWAT teams. The only ones I’ll even talk to are the “ols school” types, the good ones. If you’re not one of the good ones, then just avoid me, I won’t have anything to do with you; no better than any common criminal. This is coming to a city and small town near you. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

      43. Storing raw hides for use later .
        One question I get asked plenty is how to keep hides from rabbits and such . Growing and harvesting rabbits is definitely a growing movement among many .
        Skin rabbit by cutting into back of heel and continue in a straight line across base of tail over to the opposite heel . A box cutter can be used easily enough .
        Peel,the, hide off like a sock . Cut the feet off and leave them and the tail attached . Remove all fat and muscle fiber attached to the skin .Use a dull bladed butter knife .
        Now the final thing . Coat it on the skin side in coarse rock salt . Roll it up in a ball, nose tip first . Sprinkle with some more salt . Kosker canning salt works well for this.
        Pack it loosely in a plain brown paper sack . Cover that with a airtight plastic bag and deep freeze till tanning time .
        More on this another note .
        Calm minds are needed .
        Level heads .
        Take care

        • He was on the watch list. Who is the mysterious “Misha” who radicalized him to jihad? Probably a CIA/FBI Agent. All of the people around this guy had dubious backgrounds.

          The truth and the details will eventually come out.

          • Neither of these guys needed any help being “radicalized”. DK is right that there is MUCH more to this story than the official version.

      44. At one time I supported law enforcement,now I am nothing
        but suspicious.
        Question,is there a code enforcement official among
        these nazi’s

      45. what I want to know is, why were they patting down the people that left the houses? (I saw in another video) People were running FROM their houses! I can only imagine them running to a cattle truck or bus……..This was one guy on the loose, wounded,with maybe a handgun. All the firepower on the SWAT guys. And really the cops never found the guy, a civilian did.

      46. “I was so happy they were doing their job”.

        The very state that was once wrapped with the very foundation of our nation has now become the state by which others in our union will be forced to surrender to the the edits of tyranny. Sleep well in your bed you have made Massachuetts.
        Let History be Damn as you have forgotten your Birth Right. And you other states, like New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The crossing of the Deleware to Defeat the Huessins. New York where the Statue of Liberty Stands and Our first president was innauguated. Philadephia, where we proclaimed our Independence to the world.
        How little you embrace you freedom as you let politicians dictate your course of life.
        Alas I cast my eye to the Golden State of California. Who would have thought that gold would tarnish. A state with riches beyond imagination on the verge of bankruptcy. A state of Moral Defficency.
        To my mid west states, Guard yourself against the influx of stupidy that come with the masses, exiting the turmoil they created upon themselves. Your Freedom is at risk. I see it in our southern states.
        To my Southern Brothers, Be Steadfast in your Heritage. Let them not confuse you on the issue of Slavery as it was “States Rights” as it may become an issue now, as it was in the past.
        I see a great war. One that divides. As the Torreys were to England so it is to Obama. Brother against Brother, as our political veiws are engrained to our soul to produce a Civil War. A third to decide between good and evil.
        To those Patriots that reside in those states of oppression. You are Not Forgotten nor foresaked. All Patriots fell the indignaties together.
        Above all, let us not forget what priciples this nation was built upon.

        • Amen slingshot…

          “The South shall rise again…”

      47. the dirtbag president signed over the privacy.of the.internet.thats one. Then.used 10k of police for one which they supplied train ect. So that they can say we need drones to captured our own agents after we set em up. Ect all this is pure bs.wake up america.then.osama banned guns and everything from being import…i will not comply.fuck that.and fuck obama. I got an agenda for u. Its called my dick.u asshole make monstets out of innocent only become enemy of that monster you created.

      48. They do not like you. Better not grab your B.B. gun!

      49. To all you whiners out there, I hope after next bombing, the police maintain business as usual and your house gets blown up as a result. That is exactly what you deserve. And, if the police had been going about business as usual and another bombing occurred, you idiots would have been screaming to high heaven. You idiots exist only to complain. Actually doing something meaningful and using common sense is beyond you.

        • Most people here would be more than capable of protecting their OWN families.

        • NCJOE
          I doubt you have ever experience an explosion. I have from a 24vdc wet battery on heavy equipment low on water. Large Battery. Hydrogen gas. Sprayed remaining sufuric acid all over after the operator hit the ignition key. It’s surreal.
          Well NCJOE, what you wish on us can happen to you. Be careful what you wish for.

        • Ncjoe. You have at best a personality disorder. I am concerned about your mental health. You should have your issues addressed. You are a joke in nc and you are laughed at.

      50. Military Channel was airing a two hour series today about how Hitler deceived and mesmerized the German people.

        The parallels to today are chilling.

        We are headed down the same road as Nazi Germany.

          • Good girl! That is bravery. Notice that other REPUBLICANS are calling for her to apologize. Also, notice that she is from New Hampshire. I love that she said this: “What am I going to apologize for? For asking questions?”

            I just want to make the point over and over that true patriots are everywhere. This was a woman. She is from New Hampshire. I see a lot of comments on this thread mocking the Bostonians for not being true men or limp-wristed or the like. What does gender or geographical location have to do with anything? Is your male Republican representative of cowboys in Idaho and Wyoming speaking out like this woman from New Hampshire is?

        • It appears to me we are living in 1930’s Germany now. They have to hurry and disarm the people so they can finish their agenda.


      52. I feel they have truly fired the first shot now. Is enough an enough or are going to talk and keyboard some more and wait till our homes doors are kicked in. The choice is ours; to take it to them now or wait till it is too late to response! Time grows very short for us to decide what to do. They grow stronger every day we put off not marching to take back this country. I for one have had enough of giving them lip service, time to ruck up and kiss the love ones good-bye. Oh HELL they know it is ALL HOT AIR coming from us, because there has been no REAL ACTION from us other than HOT AIR or KEY BORAD BLISTERS. I’m just tired of all the BI-CH’n and no show. YES I’m PISSED OFF of OUR NONE ACTION.


        Keep the FAITH (Act Now or Lose It All)

        • @ watchman
          we aren’t done. It just won’t do any good to go marching on D.C. or shooting at the thugs.
          The name of the game is survival and taking back the country.
          So let’s talk survival, you know the part about living all the way through SHTF. In Iraq if you noticed the so called tribes that did the best were the ones who took neither side of the fighting. They didn’t commit to the u.s. and they didn’t commit to the others. The U.S. was kissing their asses and protected them from the bad guys. The bad guys didn’t attack because they had the same idea. The people in the middle so to speak, stayed out of the way.
          Here’s the part about taking back the country. Those people went about their business and taught their kids and grandchildren what was good and bad from both sides. Those kids are going to grow up and make the laws in the future.
          Trying to go head to head with the military is good for reading about in fiction books but is redonkulous.
          The S!@# has already started hitting the fan. So while there is still time start building your communities, so that when the dust settles you will be in a better position to lead in the way it should be done. With respect. I read on here all the time that people will turn their neighbors away if they ask for help (food) but remember a lot of them will survive and they will remember you. Prep to survive but also prep so that you can have a voice in how this country is rebuilt. And teach the young ones the way it should be, it may take their children to change it for the better. It’s not always what you do in your life, sometimes it’s what you leave behind that is most important.

          • Well said Ed.

      53. ncjoe, f#$% you! you’re the one who is deluded so go away and f#$% yourself from point A to point B.

        • braveheart…. breathe….
          It has now proven itself, that just red thumbing them and ignoring them, causes them to go away…

          (I hate the SOB myself, but will never respond to him or eisen… ever again. Getting under our skin is what they want.)

        • Nope. Ncjoe is a nut but right. You bitch no matter what.

      54. Nottanumbnut, welcome aboard, and I have to agree. If that SWAT team had come to my home like that, my response would’ve been the exact opposite. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      55. I think this was an excellent job by this website to kind of tell me what I did not believe at first. Not because I didn’t believe the original post but because I rarely rely on info wars for my alt news. Just because I am not on board with Alex jones and feel he isn’t a person that can be trusted. But that’s me, not you.
        It’s symbolic I suppose that this happened in Boston. If we think and absorb this. As Americans know Boston was the leader of us all at one time. Hard core men telling British soldiers “you won’t **** with me or my family!” And if they didnt like it they got a club to the head. That was Boston circa what? 1760s generation? Boston was that tough city that the British didnt want to be stationed in. Now ironically look at it. Look at the city that started the American Revolution. It’s symbolic in my opinion. “Yeah we just let them in and we were scared of them but we were so proud of them” mentality.
        It’s sad. It is. Because how can we grow up Americans and learn about the kick ass city of Boston saying F off to the largest empire in the world only to one day take it in the rear while being asked to bend over or else. For what? They didn’t even catch the guy by doing this. The dude smoking a cig did.
        And you can say this is the same country as it was back then? The same “**** off tyrany! Country? Nahhh. It’s a country that is far removed from reality, and it’s depressing.

        • very symbolic

          Boston is where it began

          Boston is where it ended

          • It ain’t over til the fat lady sings. Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.

      56. I’m going to jump over to the prepping side real quick.

        For readers living in Menards territory their 4/21 to 5/5 2013 add has N95 respirators, Pk. of 20 for $9.00. mail in rebate $9.00. Limit 2 rebates per address.Page 19. I’m kind of worried about the bird flue. If something happens they will be gone in a flash.
        Also Westinghouse solar path lights. Buy one $ 3.99, get one free.

        • Thanks for the heads up. Not a store normally on my radar. Could be a timely purchase!

        • @ High Noon. Also consider N-100 respirators as N-95 still lets in 5% of what pathogen is out there. In a highly concentrated area such as an elevator these might not work. Also if very tiny viruses such if one of the filo viruses ever became airborne, only N-100 may work. Also during a nightmare plague, consider some means of protecting your eyes. During past pandemics it has be suggested that some people have been infected through the germs getting into the eyes. Shi&&* times we live in need that much preparation to deal with it.

          • BI:
            Thank You: I’m trying to learn

      57. “Some readers via social media, our commenting forums and email suggested that nothing of the sort happened in Watertown, Massachusetts. They accused this web site, as well as (where we sourced the video), and other alternative media publishers of posting footage of an unrelated incident and summarily dismissed the shocking evidence.”

        REALLY??? when was the last time you saw an MRAP on any city street before this incident??

      58. “I’m so happy they’re doing their jobs, you have no idea”



      59. Come and try that BS at my house!!!!

      60. These thugs are living in some alternate steroid juiced bizarre world to act this way. No comprehension of Constitutional rights…or don’t care. When the economy tilts down far enough to axe their jobs (and it will), apologies may not be enough for the treatment of others they consider to be their “inferiors”. If they continue to make enemies of the common man they may find their post collapse lives to be brutal and short without backup “on the way”.

      61. Off topic Lead , relatively “cheap” 50 rnds 45 acp 23.95′ all handgun ammo in stock, 5.56, etc. sorry no 22 LR at Philadelphia gun and pawn, Philadelphia MS. They ‘reserve the right to limit” but no hard limits on anything except 5.56. Boxes of AK 30 Rnd mags. I don’t know if they ship.

        In other news, someone made remark about communicut’s new gun laws. I replied they weren’t taking my guns. Other person: awe don’t say that now. You don’t break the law”. I just replied. ‘out of my cold, dead, hands. I will NOT give them my guns”. If I’m not mistaken he was a retired WWII vet, and a good ole country boy. Shocked the shit out of me he would say that.

        • Peter carried a sword hours after Jesus commanded they do so. Struck off the high priests servants ear he did.

      62. I do not want to be rescued, I just want to be left the f*ck alone. Stay out of my life, stay out of my business. If I want help, I will ask. But self dependency is a cherished freedom, that should never be infringed upon.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
        Thanks, but no thanks to being “Rescued”…..!

      63. Eisen, why don’t you meet up with ncjoe and both of you trolls get away from this site forever. you might be just right for each other. Mac, too many dogs have peed on the carpet. Time to replace the carpet with ceramic tile; outlasts any carpet made. Braveheart

      64. Ok. We’ve finally found ourselves in the first true sense of martial law. They need not even declare it now. They just need a “good” reason to lock you in your house and then pound on your door to kick you out. I’m giving up on this country. I’m about to dig up my backyard, haul all the dirt out to the shallow part of the indian ocean and build my own island. This is sick and sad. People think they were being rescued? Ha! They’re just being groomed, this is just how pedophiles work. The similarity are shocking.

      65. Jesus or emp will be here before so called chat forum.

        – Jerk

        • Iowa — it’s so close I can taste it! We’re having to make modifications to the SHTFplan theme templates to accommodate the layout, so it’s taking me a bit longer than expected…

          Project Iowa v1.0 is coming — well before Jesus or an EMP! (unless that happens next month, at which point all bets are off!)

      66. Excuse me officer, but I know the terrorist is not in my house or he’d be dead on the floor. You want me to leave the security of my home and go out into the street where I’m in the open for a terrorist to shoot at. Kiss my ass.

      67. in the right area of america that would have started an american revolution

      68. Check out comments on articles lately and you’ll see the site has been compromised.

      69. :: floats another air-biscuit ::

        • I have read quite a bit about aerosol spraying.
          The experts/scientists say the black line adjacent to the line just sprayed(white line) is a shadow made by the sun…from the aluminum in the sprays.
          It’s that heavy sometimes and the sun actually makes a shadow.

      70. BI: What you say May 9 or June 8 for the strike on Iran and/or Syria. I feel any later may be too late for Syria with the threat of Chemical Weapons in the mix now.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. I saw that on Debka about the redlines being crossed. 5 days before to 5 days after the new moon is when Israel in the past has struck targets. I wish I knew which it was, May, June, or later. I say just prepare yourselves during this window, which next month would be May 4-14. I was looking up the moon today and saying to myself that this could be the last full moon, which is tomorrow along with a lunar eclipse, that we will see before mega SHTF with true force. Russia will not allow Syria to be lost and China will not allow Iran and 25% of their oil to be lost. WW3 is so close if this region explodes like it seems like it is ready to do.

          Good news the thumbs are working now.

          • Oh no, BI! I’m trying to sell my house; I need more time! AND I need the money from the sale of my house to buy some more essentials before the dollar is worth even less. Oh well, I guess TEOTWAWKI waits for no one. I’ll just keep moving forward, planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

      71. Please accept my appologies for doubting the accuracy of the initial report. Though a cynical ear is a useful tool in evaluating today’s media, I was wrong to claim that your report was anything other than precisely accurate. I am sorry for any distress this may have caused you personnally or the reputation of SHTF Plan. Please continue the hard hitting reporting, you are truely a needed news source. grossyi

      72. I took a shit today; I was watched….
        I took a walk today; I was watched….
        I called someone today; I was watched….
        I used cash today; I was watched….
        I shopped at WallyWorld today; I was watched….
        I paid my bills today; I was watched….
        I voted today; I was watched….

        Am I My Brothers Keeper?

        Glad I have someone watching me? Dont want to fall or fail or even make the wrong moves….

        Thankyou my Brothers Keeper. Thankyou Big Brother. If I do something wrong, please let me know. Send me in !!!!

        • But you were not watched while pooping, calling people, walking, using cash , paying bills unless you crapped in public. The other activities sound like maybe at a bank or mall. That is a private firm who can put a camera wherever the fuck they want. God bless private property. You used horrible examples for a stupid point. You are not important. Get over yourself.

          • Whizzers….as Croce sang, ‘I Got a Name’….

            Yes its Ugly.

            I could take a number. A number in a sea of numbers. A number that does not mean much, unless it is The Lottery!

            You can become a simpleton. Maybe you have that dream house in a dream land with your dream leader leading the way. Dont know? Simpletons have their ways.

            Martial Law?

            Be good. Buy the cookies that they say. Eat the GMO corn. Run a mile. Walk abit. Vote.

            • I did not say to follow anyone, eat cookies, or buy a dream house. I ” simply” said you were using bad examples for your silly point. I would use different examples. Such as I drove to to mall and my on star GPS or low jack gave constant updates on me. I then used a credit card and it was time and place stamped. I went to work and used a card key where my employer could follow me anywhere. I then took my dog for a walk with his gps chip. Etc.

      73. The first guy holding the kid ( white guy ) didn’t say at the point of a gun. Just said he saw swat with a gun. The second guy ( black guy) demonstrated a gun held at port and then said “down at me”. These are again not matching the attempt at hysteria. It certainly does not make the first video valid. The swat vehicle ( armor) has been in possession and in use by police for over 20 years. Swat uses the vehicle for high risk situations. I fail to see how the use of the vehicle demonstrates what is said to be “armed like a military” is also silly. These are common in most cities and major cities usually have one maybe up to 3 total. One black guy trying to act all scared does not a point make. This is again stupid and misrepresents the true story.

        • Please take another look at 25 seconds in the video — the reporter actually made the reference to being rescued at the point of a gun…

          • The reporter was hyping the story. You can tell b.s. when they play word games. At the point of a gun is different than gun point. It is a way of telling the truth while knowing people will imagine “at gun point”. You will see reporters do this with phrases such as ” committed a sex act” rather than “rape” is a good example. In this case they say at the point of a gun because all guns have points. Just not pointed at the person which would be ” at gun point” if true. It’s just an everyday game they play. Technical truth but misrepresents intentionally.

      74. Ed, AMEN to your rebuttal of Eisen. The Nazis were just as evil and ruthless as the Communists. My grandfather’s outfit took part in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. When I was 12 years old, he told me about that experience and some others he had in WW2, only with the greatest reluctance and difficulty. I won’t repeat on here what he told me, but suffice to say he personally drew his service 1911A1 and shot 5 of the camp’s SS guards that were captured; not Wehrmacht, HARD-CORE NAZI SS. It was his commanding officer and 3 other soldiers who prevented him from shooting any more of the bastards. When he finished the story, he was both emotionally drained and in a way glad to get it off his chest. he never told anyone else about it, not even Grandma. My wife was a refugee from Cuba. When she finally broke down and told me of her experience under Castro, i thought back to that day with Grandpa. To this day, Ed, I don’t trust anyone with a German name unless they’re from Austria. Those people are OK; they suffered themselves under Nazi rule. Eisen certainly has his own issues. braveheart

      75. @ braveheart. Read what ncjoker is writing, between the lines and you will see someone so filled with rage and utter frustration it is incredible. A troll tries to irritate people and get the whole site disrupted. ncjoker is wishing that each one of us would die, and get blown up like he said above when the police went about their own business. He said he would pay to see someone get shot full of holes. He wants to see someone drown. He said the world would be better off with one less idiot that was on this site. This is the rantings of a future murderer, maybe a mass murderer. Perhaps even one of those serial killers not yet caught.

        Someone does not talk like this unless they are having fantasies about doing it. This loser could be a troll, or something else. Ncjoker has said before he has guns. Let’s see now, someone well armed talking about killing people over the internet and how this nuts would pay to see someone get shot full of holes. Shall we introduce the next breaking news mass killer. Those whom want someone as their next “hero” for anti-gun radicals must have ncjoker as their top recuit.

        I watched “Full Medal Jacket” last night and ncjo(k)e(r) IS private pyle that sits on the toilet massaging the barrel of his rifle with that total psycho look on his face and chanting away gibberish right before he blew the drill sergeant away. Other people on this site talk about defending themselves, ncjoker talks about death with real joy and gets aroused by it. I just hope that this wacko does not act on this and murder and hurt a bunch of people that he has labeled with our names on them because in his warped mind we have ALL “bullied” him. Lunatics like this “think” like this. I like this site, and if that whack job does something postal, the feds will shut down this site as an excuse to “investigate” what happened.

        I guess what Norse Prepper said about red thumbing this idiot down whenever you see this idiot might work, it has with other trolls. I just think that ncjoker has become nuts with the comments all the time now and someone like this has acted on that in a mall or another crowded place. ncjoker could be a government troll, but I would ask to what end would this benefit them. Really ncjoker has one objective, to get at as many people as possible and to help collapse the 2nd Amendmnet. Anyone out there with an idea to prevent ncjoker from doing something that will add support to the anti-gun radicals’ positions.

      76. Howdy, PM, my blood pressure was up a little when I responded to both of those turds. I’ll take your advice and do the red thumb. “I regret that I only have one red thumb to give to Eisen, ncjoe, etc.” braveheart

      77. Good evening, BI, as I just said to PM, i’ll try the red-thumb deal on him, eisen, etc. I also noticed he posted more on this one particular article than on any others. I get the same feeling you do about his posts. I think we all better just red-thumb him and don’t respond to him, period. Braveheart signing off for the night.

      78. kinda funny we can see the heat image of a person 20 miles away from an APACHE helicopter but can’t see someone in a boat when flying overhead. Why weren’t uninhabited structures searched first(like a large boat)?

      79. Why would a terrorist focus on “Every Day” type of people.
        Why not “Attack, Bomb, Blow-Up” Gov’t Buildings with people
        in it, or Police Buildings with Officers in it?

        Answer: False Flag/s. They are not going to attack their
        own type of people.

      80. “Central Banks are loading up on equities as bond yields fall.”

        This just went across the Bloomberg Ticker. At first my reaction was WTF? But if you stop and think about it – the only players in the markets are the big banks – and the big banks own the Central Banks. Makes sense. Explains a lot. Like get out of fiat currency.

      81. @ braveheart. I know how difficult it is for everyone to avoid responding to such stupid comments by ncjoker, but if this psycho does a Full Metal Jacket on the world, this site and the people here are all going to be investigated, this is the way the “guv’ment” works. They are looking for excuses to shut down free sites like this, and if joker in NC does what he wants to do, no more SHTF for awhile. Just look at what they did to Kevin Curtis, someone that said he didn’t if know what ricin was. He told the government that he didn’t even eat rice. Besides that I don’t want to be partially responsible for ncjoker causing mass suffering when he starts to see everything around him as all those that have “wronged” him.

        I admit it, I myself have gone off on this psycho, felt good at times to insult the bananas for brains character. Then I read what Norse Prepper wrote and it made so much sense, that the better good of the site and we all need to prepare for what is coming rather than like a troll, or in the case of ncjoker being a lunatic, take the site down with them.

        I just hope everyone else just red thumbs him and doesn’t rattle the cage of the crazy person. There are some mighty good people with good consciences here, and if one of us is the one that says something that throws this nut over the edge and he goes ballistic, most of us are going to feel bad for the victims. I am only suggesting this to everyone out there just in case ncjo(k)e(r) is in the last planning stages of going “hunting”.

        • That deathless quote would be Rahm Emmanuel…

      82. ok
        after seeing this
        I think we can conclude that
        ONCE AGAIN the government of China
        cannot be trusted
        they LIED about SARS
        and it seems they are less than truthful about H7N9

        A Hospital Employee Broke The H7N9 Bird Flu News Over China’s Twitter

        The Big One?
        Is China covering up another flu pandemic — or getting it right this time?

      83. Hey mac….. if we all post here….can the gov. get our ip addresses?

        • Yes — EVERYTHING on the internet is tracked. They can follow your trail across the 20 servers you are routed through on your way from your ISP to this web site.

          I am not saying they have the capability yet to aggregate in real time, but that new Utah data center will probably give them the processing power to do it.

          You must assume that every packet of information you send over the internet is being cataloged.

          This includes emails, live chat, cell phone text messages, even phone conversations…

          It’s all data bits and bytes… all they need, really, is a big enough hard drive…

          • So the porn Walt sent me can be traced?

            • Naw…I got nothing you’d be interested in. You like that gay animal porno stuff. That’s just way too degenerate for my tastes.

      84. free on line book about the bird flu

        also has chapters on the 1918 pandemic
        and info on flu preparedness

        BIRD FLU
        A Virus of Our Own Hatching

      85. The lady at the end of the clip… “I’m so happy they’re doing their job!”

        Wow…. Cops going door to door, yanking men, women and CHILDREN out of their homes, at gun point, with no warrants. Doing their jobs?? Yep, well except for the part where they swore to uphold the Constitution.

        I realize this was a very serious situation, and this guy had to be caught… But the Constitution WAS NOT WRITTEN TO PROTECT US ONLY ON THE SUNNY, HAPPY DAYS…

        Our country died a little on April 15th, at the race… And then a whole lot more on Friday, April 19.

      86. Howdy again, BI, you’re right, I’ll just ignore him and the other trolls from now on. Like you said, we have a great community here with fantastic minds, plus this site is how Mac earns his dinner. It really would be something if he was really planning something insane, so I, for one, will not pour gas on the fire. Good night. Braveheart is really out this time.

      87. Or just ignore completely. Thumbs down are still attention.

      88. IMO. If these camps do exist, and I am by far not saying that they don’t. As I believe the dictator and chief looser is Muslim. Why don’t we get a well armed group of our own together and storm the gates of these camps. Capture those within and hold hostage and seize all weapons and ammo we find. Just a thought. Let the Jihad in this country begin with Us.

      89. That’s the tactics that they will use to get your guns one day. Who will stand up? for the freedom our fore father gave us. ?Who will be like sheep to the slaughter.? Who will resist. Who will shot back?

      90. Notice all this bullguano is going on in BLUE states. Too many sheeple there who love their slavery. Unfortunately, I live in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, so it may come here, next. . You know what I am doing to do if this Boston horse manure happens to me?

        a.)I am going to make SURE I have neighbors filming, or someone in the house with a cell camera that automatically uploads as it films. Ths is key, as otherwise this won’t work.

        b.) I will raise my hands high in the air, proving I am not a threat AND at the same time I will inform them that I do not consent to a search, cite my 4th Amendment rights, and ask for thir name, badge number, their leader, and let them know that this is possibly a war crime, a la My Lai

        d.) I will then – enunciating my words so people videotaping this can lip read, if necessary – turn around and tell them to “shoot me in the back” if they wish, but I do not consent to a search. I will also let them know they are in violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution, and by shooting me in the back, they may well be jailed under the Geneva Convention.

        e.) I may VOLUNTEER to let one of them in, just to out of courtesy, if I am so inclined, and they are concerned someone may be in there, but it will be MY choice.

        f.) I believe the usually disgusting ACLU has an app that uploads video as it is being taken (other sites do, too), so they can’t mysteriously “lose” (see Jon Corzine for definition of the word “lost!) the video if the camera is taken. And I WILL let them know that this is being done.

        Thus, I am being non-violent, co-operative (hey, I want bad guy caught too!), but also protecting my rights and the Constitution.

        So help me God, if this happens at my door, I am going to do this. It is non-violent, I am not resisting – but I am also KEEPING my Constitutional rights at the same time.

        Look, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, so I am only half “free and brave” – where are the rest of those who are full bloods, who blather “land of the free and home of the brave??”

      91. The post-after-the-fact conclusion on many websites about how “One 19 yr old kid shut down a city of 7 million” is a false premise.

        Can understand Constitutional issues, freedom issues but who wants to be out when city is under terror attack, bombs going off, cops being shot?

        And with scared trigger happy law enforcement who normally can’t hit what they are aiming at?

        In other words, the public supported police efforts.

        This wasn’t like a massive operation to investigate folks underwear drawers or confiscations. Reports of more possible bombs. What about WMD’s like gas? It was unknown how many suspects were involved, sure two bombers at marathon, then a report of another person fleeing on train to CT, report of several more trying to cross into Canada on NY border, report of roommates at 2 perps apt arrested, not to mention other possible cell members could unleash havoc as it’s obvious these two jocks didn’t do this alone, they were financed and pushed as sacrificial lambs to carry out this act. So a fluid dangerous situation that lasted several hours. Obviously the lock down couldn’t be maintained for long term. Nobody knew how many were really involved, period.

        Again in this situation best recourse in my opinion is for residents to sue after the fact, since such a tense situation, with obviously a panicked and NON MILITARY TRAINED police force. And if suspect is seen running into homes, police have authority to go inside and follow a fleeing perp so there’s a grey area for example if abandoned car left on one’s property or footprints leading around one’s house. Otherwise sue them as we need police officers themselves held to account for their actions; look at what happened in Cali with 2 gals shot up pick-up — the police weren’t even charged by prosecutor. L.A. just paying out over 4 million to them.


        Let’s be honest: The city is under terrorist threat, knowing the police ARE NOT MILITARY YET ARMED WITH MILITARY WEAPONS, What do you expect the law enforcement to do in that tense situation? I’m not in agreement with police actions removing people at gun point and searching homes at all. I’m saying let’s look at reality.

        The other claim in many blogs on this was a test run for government crackdown.. Not discounting test runs like what happened at an IL university a few years ago in Gilman or other places using certain techniques or sound cannons, etc. I believe the police have already been nationally militarized and were just frankly scared playing catch up to fluid events.

        Now we see the ineptness and clumsiness of the behemoth, anyone who heard the open comms from police scanner via internet in final standoff knows the FBI negotiator got lost in traffic, the one and only helicopter was running out of fuel, CNN reporter compromised scene and the press had to be cordoned off, all kinds of issues going on, hardly a tyrannical force bent on dominion. And after thousands of police the kid still gets away on foot, and is found hiding in a parked boat previously deemed secure.

        In addition, the firefight the previous night with full auto fire was lots of spraying, raising concerns if this were police, which most likely it was after seeing the 2 Cali vehicles turned to swiss cheese with Dorner on the loose. Still unclear what firearms 2 jihad boys used? Apparently there were individuals in apts ducking down as bullets pierced their walls according to what I heard from grapevine.

        And supposedly the jihadi boy nutjob hiding in the boat wasn’t armed, so reports he tried to kill himself or exchanged gunfire with police? In other words, the police are opening fire on people “for their safety”. This was done in Cali, it’s done in Chicago, now we see it here. So again folks, a tense situation with incompetent not properly trained police who are trigger happy and many of whom are scared.

        If anything a lesson for one’s city or town if terrorism occurs. There’s really no safety net in life, just be prepared and prepped as much as you can and adopt to the chaos, as more of these jihad cult members will be rampaging. But in regards to something more nefarious like possible future gun confiscations, the resulting videos would be similar to what was seen in Fallejuh.

      92. Oh.. how nice of every one of them to have apologized after performing an illegal search.. that makes my stomach turn.

      93. Is anyone going to sue for this infringement of our rights?

        It’s not like America called for martial law.

      94. You people scare me a hell of a lot more than any so-called Islamic terrorists. If you want to play Billy Badass, join the Marines.

      95. All I will say is this… I do not pretend to be a writer, a doctor, or a mechanic… I offer no opinion on topics that i feel i am not qualified or pretend to be qualified about when speaking. I will say… I am a cop with17 yrs experience. I have specialized training, and i Was present for both the Marathon and the shoot out in Watertown. We did our job.. So people can speak freely the way the want, but i strongly suggest if you have never had experience in the topic of discussion, or first hand knowledge… Then i would advise all the monday moring quarterbacks to keep their mouths shut and appreciate the fact that it was not them that was severely injured ir killed!!! Have a nice day

        • @ Beantown Brave.

          You have no problem in the way operations were conducted?

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