Report: Soros-Backed Group Organizes Massive Blockade: ‘He Has A Master Plan To Take Over Natural Resources And Minerals’

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    As we have mentioned here throughout the beginning of this year, Ukraine has been (and continues to be) a major “flash point” that holds dire consequences for a Europe already in tatters.  Ukraine is also a major spot of contention between Russia and the United States.  To recap, presently we have a President intent on a new era of relations between Vladimir Putin and his government.  The problem lies in what the U.S. has done in the past five year under the Obama-directed State Department (courtesy of Victoria Nuland).  That State Department was aided and abetted by none other than Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

    As mentioned in other articles, the situation in the Eastern Ukrainian provinces is serious.  Although the Minsk accords provided for an official ceasefire between the Kiev government under President Petro Poroshenko and the separatist militias in the Donbass region, the former has been clearly guilty of violating it repeatedly.  These violations have taken the form of prohibited armored vehicles and artillery barrages in numerous cities.

    At the very beginning of the U.S.-sponsored coup d’état that ousted legally-elected President Viktor Yanukovych and sent him fleeing to Russia, the Maidan movement (comprised of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists) began protests and riots that led to fighting.  Maidan was (and is) being both encouraged and supported financially by none other than George Soros.  The intent for Ukraine with Soros is no different: to crush the opposition of separatists and enable the U.S.-installed government to rail Ukraine into NATO and the IMF.

    Once this has been accomplished, Soros has the “master plan” of taking over a large portion of the Eastern provinces because of the tremendous amounts of minerals and natural resources he wishes to buy for “pennies on the dollar” and then bleed the country white while taking the profits out of the country.  As of this writing, Maidan is at it again.


    Photo: RT News

    According to an article released by RT News, Maidan has organized a blockade of coal shipments.  This is not a small shutdown by any means.  The article, entitled Maidan 2.0: Ukrainian Nationalists Provoking Political Crisis with Coal Blockade, by Valentyn Ogirenko has reported that approximately 74,000 cargo cars have been prevented from crossing any lines between the separatists and the Poroshenko government. On average, an open railroad car holds 115 tons of coal.  This amounts to approximately 8,117,000 tons of coal.  That is a staggering amount.  So staggering, as a matter of fact, that Kiev has claimed it is an emergency.

    Here is an excerpt from that article:

    “The blockade organizers boasted over social media that they have stopped some 74,000 cargo cars from crossing the disengagement line between Kiev-controlled and rebel-held parts of Ukraine.  Thousands of wagons filled with coal cannot leave the Donbass area, Donetsk Region, as pro-Kiev activists block train lines leading to government-controlled territories. The nationalists argue that buying coal from mines controlled by the rebels in the East is equivalent to treason. However, without the necessary coal supplies Ukrainian power plants are threatened with closure.  Kiev has declared a state of emergency for the nation’s energy industry.”

    RT also conducted an interview with a former U.S. diplomat to Ukraine concerning the significance of it by the name of Jim Jatras.  His comments pertain to the Ukrainian nationalists (Maidan).  This next excerpt shows the delicate nature of the crisis and what it means overall, as explained by Mr. Jatras:

    “Frankly, I think they [Maidan and the Ultra-nationalists] are not sure what to do. They know that this is extremely damaging to the Ukrainian economy, as of February 15 they said they had 40 days reserve and we’re going to be coming up on the exhaustion of those reserves very quickly. The Prime Minister Mr. [Volodymyr] Groysman has said that 300,000 jobs are potentially going to be lost here if they are not able to maintain coal supplies – this is 12 percent of the country’s production. They cannot sustain this. You would think that this kind of illegal activity – there is no legal authority for this blockade – would be something that the government would step in. I can only imagine that they don’t do it because they feel too weak to do it. They are afraid of the kind of ultranationalists that are behind this, and that if they try to take forceful action against them, it will provoke a resort to violence that they may not be able to handle.”

    This is serious business, and even more in that Maidan wants to stop the flow of coal into the Donbass and Eastern Ukraine, yet it is hurting the interests of the entire country.  Keep in mind: we haven’t even mentioned the activities of outside influences, such as the U.S. and Russia.  The U.S. has an arms package (approved in both 2015 and 2016 by the Congress and prodded by Obama) that is expected to deliver weapons, munitions, and other military supplies to the Kiev government this year, in 2017.

    On the other side of the Ukrainian border, Russia is continuing to supply the separatists who (as mentioned in other articles) are Ukrainians of Russian ethnic derivation who feel a strong sense of allegiance to Russia and wish to separate (as Crimeans voted to do so prior to the Russian annexation of 2014).  In addition, Sputnik News just released a piece on 2/20/17 by Sergey Averin entitled Quarter of Russians back potential recognition of Donbass republics.  In a poll, over half of Russians think that the Russian government should help the separatists of Lugansk and Donetsk.

    In addition to this, Vladimir Putin ordered agencies in Russia last week to accept the documents and passports issued by these two separatist regions of Ukraine, along with visa-free travel to Russia if they possessed such documents.  Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister said this was necessary for the war-torn areas to provide relief to those residents who wished to flee to Russia.

    The U.S. is not yet officially weighing in on this, as before the elections the support was for the Kiev government.  Now we have an American President who is determined to reset the relations with Russia, and U.S. policy, while not in Tartarus as is was last year, is still in limbo.  Until the President clarifies the direction the State Department will travel and reigns in the rogue Congress such as Sen’s. McCain and Graham (who serve the MIC, or Military Industrial Complex first and then the United States, if it isn’t inconvenient).

    In the meantime, fighting is still occurring in the Eastern provinces and now we have Maidan (a Soros-backed destabilizing organization) coming to the forefront again.  It will take some shrewd diplomacy and perhaps some restructuring within the Ukrainian government (internally) to bring these troubles to a rest.  Make no mistake, though: It is far from over and is a powder keg that can escalate and involve other countries in Europe, as well as spark action between Russia and the United States.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Ukraine will not spark WWIII. Nothing to see here, move along. 🙂

        • I tend to agree, DK, but one never knows. Who would have thought the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand would have been the spark that lit not only WWI, but a continuation on into WWII and the Cold War. That’s the nature of black swans.

          But, you are probably right. This doesn’t seem this will be the hill that the elite want to stake their all on. They will take what they can get, when the oppty presents itself, of course but perhaps this one isn’t seen as strategic ground. Still, worth monitoring, IMHO.

          Amazing how almost 100 years ago, the war was between freedom, fascism and communism… and today it is still the same (where fascism is defined as the merger of the *socialist* state with co-opted, crony big business).

          Always appreciate your insightful posts.

          • DK

            Russia derives 53% of its GDP from energy sales. The Ukraine and Syria are both attempts to cut deeply into that market share if not remove it completely. That impact is a great motivator for Russia to react possibly in ways that can either snowball out of control or be misjudged thus facilitating more actions can can be misjudged.

            With the above in mind the Cuban Missile Crisis was one vote away on a Soviet Submarine from using a nuclear torpedo on a US battle group. Let this sink in, one vote aboard a Soviet warship, a nation not well known as accepting democracy, was all there was between civility and armageddon.

            Stating, “Ukraine will not spark WWIII. Nothing to see here, move along”, is foolish and historically invalid. The fact is this is a very dangerous game and no one can predict its outcome.

            • Kev, appropos of your post, you might enjoy the book Military Blunders, By Major Steven Eden, US Army (c. 1995). Might be able to get this via interlibrary loan if you don’t want to buy it. Goes all the way back to Troy. Then there is there opposite, such as Stanislav Lunev preventing WWIII in 1983 as just one of several “almost WWIII” episodes we have had.

              IMHO, the fascist elite (I don’t mean that as a slur, but rather as a descriptive), are more of the Fabian ilk, preferring the gradual rather than the precipitous, utilizing the lamestream media, the education system (see Mark Dice’s Youtubes!) and the entertainment system (Lady Kaka, Miley Cysleaze, Mahdoona “BJ for a vote for Hilary” – sorry for the crudity here, but those are her words, see – Ciccione, anyone?).

              But, there is always the law of unintended consequences. There is also an awakening population (witness the election of Trump, even if he isn’t perfect).

              Anyhow, the book is excellent reading.

              • -Arrest Soros. Paying criminals to Riot.
                -Arrest the Clintons. Pedophiles. National security breach.
                -Arrest Eric Holder for “Fast and Furious”. Police Officers and Border Patrol were MURDERED with weapons Eric Holder provided. Accessory to murder by providing weapons.
                -Arrest DHS heads for attempting to hack elections.
                Put ALL of these Fifth Column Commie Criminals in Orange Jumpsuits. Jail Them.

                • I agree with you 100%, Tom. Arrest that whole bunch, they’re traitors as well as murderers. Have the current AG, Jeff Sessions, prosecute them once charges are filed. Once convicted, they should all be locked up in a supermax Federal prison in Colorado, with the terrorists already imprisoned there, with no possibility of parole.
                  On a more positive note .. The Donbass separatists seized all the coal mines and other resources from Pol Pot Shenko’s regime in retaliation for the blockade; thus, breaking it. It goes to prove that the Donbass leaders are much smarter than Porky.

          • Swans? Is that what they are called now?

          • The mistake people make is to keep looking for World War Three like some elusive mermaid. World War Three is already here: we are fighting it right now. It is asymmetrical, multi-dimensioanl and fourth generation. This means stop looking for big set piece battles and invasions a la D-Day in WWII, and instead look at the power moves and geopolitical manoeuvring.

            Do not get hung up on the violence: there have been bloody battles in Ukraine for the past three years; Syria is a wreck with possibly a million dead. The bloodshed is not the ‘red line’: instead, what matters is to stoke tensions, to distract the public, and to make as much money as possible off these events.

            We are living in Hitler’s world: most people just do not know it.

        • Hey watch this explosion.
          Today Wed….
          DJIA 21,115.55

          When she blows she is gonna have sh!t skidmarks for miles. Get out of the way, Get out and far away..

          Ukraine is a Proxy war, most protestors are paid, just a dog and pony show. Throw Soros in prison and watch most of this chaos cease.

          • hang shwartzi by the neck until dead, take ALL his money assets, etc. use it to undo all of satans work soros has committed.

      2. What exactly are they blocking these trains with? If the trains were equipped with cattle guards like they used to be this shouldn’t really be much of a problem. Just run over the shitheads, most of them will get out of the way.

        • True, it’s like the tree huggers in Oregon. They chain themselves to trees, until a chain saw is cutting behind them. Needless to say, they get the heck out of dodge.

        • that’s ONE way to educate them.

          • rehabilitate….that’s the word i was searching for.

        • I would! Especially if hey were na ga’s

      3. Yeah, Russia is our friend, so the guy supposedly in charge now says. So as he smiles and shakes Russia’s hand he is also planning on starting a new arms race. And of course there’s nothing he can do to fix anything that has already been engineered by the US because it’s blame BO time, and this ritual is always the revered time to blame the last guy and do nothing.
        Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, is there nothing that this guy cannot be blamed for. He has produced more items ‘Made by Soros’ than items ‘Made in China’. Do you think that Soros is just the lightning rod for everything that’s going on in the world so you won’t open your eyes and realize who is really behind all of what’s going on out there and how widespread it is. It’s not being done by one guy, in one country. And if this evil could ever be done by just one guy, how long do you think that he could do it before decent people put a stop to it. It’s not being done by one guy without the total control his actions and the blessings coming from those at the top. And that includes the guy at the top of this sinking ship. And everyone needs to realize that our new guy didn’t magically appear at the top. And that fact won’t change no matter how much hopium you need to shoot up to believe it.

        • I don’t blame Soros for your ignorance or homosexuality. You were born that way.

          • I think that you are the guy that they have bent over, you just can’t see it, and you’re liking it. So why don’t you go out and vote again. I’m sure you got off on that too. Yeah, you should look down and slightly behind. Because that’s where your brain is. So go sit on your helmet and feel safer.

        • Ya right:

          Don’t want to discuss other aspects of your post, but what you said about Soros not being alone, but part of a large worldwide group of powerful and wealthy persons is spot on. Soros is a sacrificial lamb. The international cabal back him, and most likely funnel funds through him in a kind of money laundering scheme. Soros is like the handsome white guy on the news show who gets his lines from an unattractive wire haired short, plump Chew who is rich and anonymous.


          • Soros is in the news and hence the fall guy. Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller you never read about. The true pillars of power are unseen and largely unknown.

          • Must be the same chew-looking guy that’s been masquerading as a German white supremacist!

      4. Again something needs to be done about Soros, the Clintons, and Obama; if you know what I mean. Also the other traitors McCain and Graham need the same treatment.
        They’re all traitors and need to be treated as such. The damage that has been done, and continues to be done to the USA is an abomination. They don’t deserve to live in this country. These are evil people with hate in their black hearts for God and Freedom. They need to be…….. well just fill in the blank for yourself. Waiting.

        • Waiting, I agree. Their time is coming.

      5. Pull up the rails….

      6. Soros needs to have his funds frozen wherever they are. The man needs to be stopped from messing with people and countries. He doesn’t care a damn about any of them. He worked with Nazis in WW2 against his own people and whatever you think about his people that is treason in any country.

      7. Soros is the devil’s spawn.

        • The devil has more class.


        Just for argument sake, hear me out.

        I listened the congressional speech, and he made a lot of sense. Lets see if he can come through with those promises.

        I Have a serious problem with Russia and china, its obvious. What are Russian soldiers doing in my state, and my city up in my face threatening females friends of mine, within 20 mins of posting on facebook about the Russian occupation, then bursting into her tattoo shop demanding to see her computer, forcing me to take and aggressive stance against the russian, to run him out of the store. Who brought these Russians into America, and why has the president not mention a single thing about this occupation of Russians, 350,000 Chinese soldiers, burkas “Mongolians killer soldiers” the Chinese espionage of Chinese infiltration at a school providing location of white familes, gathering data about who lives in what part of the city, the Americans who live off the grid, location of our soldiers and bases, etc. I feel as if the president is either avoiding the topic or not talking to me and the people honestly, and I am not afraid to say what I fell about this. The UN equipment rolled in mass, IN MASS, ALL OVER THE FUCKING COUNTRY. Its still here, and citizens filmed Russians in those military vehicles. Why has the president not tell the American public that he will be deporting the Russians and chi-com soldiers, or is he trying to distract the public with all this hope and make good feel good bullshit porn.

        We are being lied to and I don’t trust anyone in government anymore, never did and no matter who is running this country, I don’t trust that they are being truthfull with the American people. The ban on muslims entering the US, the deportation of Hispanics, but keeping Russian and chi-com soldiers in the country and the fact that tons of military equipment rolled into Texas in Jade helm 15-16. I am not stupid and am no fool. Yet government trolls are so worried about silencing me and my post. You all have seen it many times, people coming on here telling me that I have mental issues. Trolls like Kevin2 in disguise telling us that Chinese cant be in mexico, as if its impossible to move in 10-20k over the last 6 years, when in fact cops I know who have been to the region who are in contact with military told me the same things. We are being set up for something bad. Flynn I believe got canned when his mouth slipped about Iran broke the UN resolution on nuclear proliferation. Say what? what did you just say general. The UN? so does this mean that Trump is answering to the UN, and this is why the military equipment has been rolling in. So the war is really against the citizens of the country. Like I said, I like Trump, voted for the man, but I feel based on what I know for certain is that we are being distracted because something bad has been planned for the people. Its my gut telling me this. I believe this is a delay tactic to allow the militaries to get ready to take out the American people when least expect it. Soldiers keep telling me that the equipment is here to fire on the people not to take about invading armies. This is very troubling. They have rebranded this tyranny under Trump, and we have been fooled again, and we are being laughed at, could this be possible?


        • With all pervasive video in every imaginable location, why doesn’t anyone ever show video. or even still images. of these Russian soldiers doing these things?

        • Hicksie babe, you do have mental health issues! “I’m not stupid and no fool” you say. Yes you are, on both counts.

          It wasn’t so long ago that you were having wet dreams about Trump! Savior of Murica! Now, less than a couple of months later, you don’t trust him?

          I still think that you’re a shill or 14 year old masturbating retard living in Mom’s basement.

          No, I’m not a troll (anyone who dares to criticize you is branded as such by you and you will “band” them from this sight. Do you pay the hosting fees?). Have you ever heard of reasoned, adult debate? Or do you always stamp your feet when someone says you’re wrong?

          I’m simply a guy who is frustrated by the idiotic bull people like you post, (people like you are the real trolls).

          You post, without a shred of evidence, weird, unverified You tube video links.

          I know there are people here who think that you’re the real deal. Let’s see, a psychotic cop, and a deranged Security guard on minimum wage who, like you, wants to kill people who have a different take on life. They’re hardly worthy of comment.

          Right, to the meat! Some readily verifiable facts. Perhaps you can elucidate for me, how the heck do you supply all those Chinese/Russian soldiers hidden in your home state? McDonald’s? Taco Bell?

          Do you have any concept of logistics? Please, tell me how they’re fed/housed/transported? Do you know how much rice/borscht that number of troops consume?

          You say “cops I know have told me”. What cops? If you know then you must, as a matter of national urgency, report them to the authorities for being un-American for colluding in sedition. Do you have you any evidence to support this claim?

          Nah…thought not…Get some life experience and stop masturbating.

          • Who cares what he posts? If you don’t like it keep scrolling. He posts it trying to put his info out to let others know. Im frustrated by your bull of always calling him “a 14 year old retard masturbating in his moms basement”. Is that a fantasy of yours? I think your the one that’s mental and needs help. I “band” you too.

        • I’m with ya hcks, I’ve seen enough fabricated stuff such as sandy “hoax”!with supposed police shooting into the building yet the glass was on the outside. And of course the two witnesses who were at columbine, sandy “hoax”, and Boston bombing hmmmmmmm…… false flag say anyone?

      9. Read a story the other day that 2 tactical nukes were used here.
        Ukraine is the Russian access to the sea hence naval ability.
        Soros/McCain/Lindsey/Z-Big are scum of the earth!

      10. HCKS, I believe you. Even on election night, my instincts told me to continue prepping, that something awful can still happen. My prepping has actually increased since election day. I always knew you were onto something important. Maybe you were just having some trouble expressing yourself but I could still understand your posts. I’m not so high on Trump anymore. I’m not sure what to expect from him anymore. I’ve got another trip scheduled for the BOL in April. I can feel something coming.

      11. Just democrats in new sheep’s clothing….

      12. Notice how all the Jewish owned MSM networks and the Jew commentators seem to the the only ones slamming Pres Putin or Russia. American has woken up to their BS propaganda. Russia is our friend. (((They))) just spread (((Their))) hate that does not fit their (((agenda.))) Which is trying to drag America into WW3. F-Em!!

      13. BTW/ Trump is also Boycotting the annual WH Press Correspondence Dinner in April. Yeah Baby!!! That’s what I’m talking about. F-em!!

        Trump Tweets –
        Donald J. Trump
        ✔ ‎@realDonaldTrump

        I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!

        4:53 PM – 25 Feb 2017

        Donald Trump has said he will miss the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on April 29.

        “I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!” the US president said on Twitter.

        His announcement comes amid escalating hostility between the US president and sections of the media whose coverage he doesn’t like and who he has branded as “enemies of the people”.

        You Go Trump!!! Put the Liars on Ignore!!

      14. Just like in Syria the US is backing the sub-human Nazis of Poroshenko’s illegal coup government. In Syria it is the US supporting terrorists like ISIS. I did hear the whore Victoria Nuland is gone from Trump’s administration but it seems the new administration is still under the evil thumb of Israel and Rothchild (same).

      15. Soon. Soros will be stopped soon. It will be the truth that does him in.

      16. Off Topic:

        I was watching an old video. There was a mistake in filming the studio did not bother to fix. Audiences were less critical then. It was an interview at a small table. The parties sat across from one another. However, after the first question, the camera picked up something else. The parties were not sitting across from each other. In actuality they were each facing a TelePrompTer. What looked like casual conversation was actually totally scripted.

        These round table discussions between what appear to be two highly intellectual people are just two guys in a well rehearsed charade.

        Remember the TV show called CHARADES ?? Probably, so named as an inside joke. What contempt they have for their slaves.


        • B from CA, if anyone starts looking into any event presented by TPTB, they will see that that event is also defined and explained by them too. From large planned wars to smaller bits of propaganda to ‘nudge’ people in the direction that they want public opinion to accept as the new normal. This nothing new. They have been using the same tactics since before the tactics were able to be dissected and written down. It was also the plan to make sure that the most recent generations of proles would never be taught what was learned about these tactics throughout history.
          I can’t help but see that nothing has changed with the recent election. No matter how much it is put out there that this time is different. And the new measures to identify those that aren’t going along with the programming and making sure that they can be tracked no matter where they go, just shows what is really on their minds and how they are moving forward with their plans. No matter whom they blame that the new tactics are against. Yeah, it is right out of 1984 while living in this Brave New World. It’s all for your own good of course.
          The disinfo agents here like to use certain words, while never saying or allowed to say that one word, or those other words which might offend ‘certain people’. Words have power. And with the programming of the last few generations in the indoctrination centers it’s now become almost impossible to say those words without being ostracized. Those words end open and truthful conversions. You can never point out the obvious no matter how many facts you have at you disposal. Brainwashing works. That’s why it continues daily to destroy one group and defend all the others. One group can never be right, while the other can never be wrong.

      17. Graham and McCain on CNN spreading Globalistic view of USA No Border Wall, Keep mexican moms and Kids, Let Islamics in etc… Russia interfered with the election, Ukraine war is on, Putin is devil for trying to undue the EU, Soros view for sure!!!!

        CNN, McCain, Graham the entire screw job is INSANITY!!!

        Overall we are screwed. But with DJT its slow and easy…. whereas Hillary would’ve already raped and pillaged!

      18. Fuck off anonymous. Your the one that jerking of to gay porn.. you want logistics motherfucker. I got some fo you.. 14 year old maturation in the basement my ass . Maybe your a pedofile who likes to rape children, you pizzagate pedofile…My days of jerking off are over.. My brunette stands 5’11, 135 lbs with prostate draning curves.. You ain’t got shit. Your breath stinks, and you don’t have a physique like me.. So eat shit and die. Think you can come on here talking shit without my boys backing me up. Think again..


        Fuck you.

        • You’re a funny little one. Real men don’t brag about shit, unlike your crazy ass nonsensical ramblings.

          And ALL your wacko talk about tens of thousands of so-called Russians and Chi-Comms being in Houston? SERIOUSLY. Take your god damned meds dude. These so-called Russians and Chi-Comms are all in your HEAD. All Houston has is a majority of mexicans, blacks and Vietnamese. And I STILL have yet to see one single Russian. I saw more Russians and Eastern Europeans in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana!

      19. Someone got the wrong end of the stick.
        The coal has been mined by Donbas and has already been paid for!
        It is sitting in the Donbas yards and not being allowed to go to Kiev.
        It is not really hurting the Novorussia just the Ukrainian industry.
        It seems like the neonazis are trying to force another street revolution against the very people they put in power.
        Forrest Gump moment. Stupid is as stupid does.

      20. Ukraine has finally lost the two “rebellious” provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk. Because of the Ukrainian coal blockade, as of March 1, the provinces have nationalized the (formerly) Ukrainian-owned industries within their provinces. As we speak, they are busy re-orienting those industries to doing business with Russia. Like it or not, this means that the Kremlin has taken the decision to integrate the Donetsk Peoples Republic and Luhansk Peoples Republic into the Russian economy. For updates see:

      21. Deep state,central bankers are afraid there losing power there are mop ups going on all over the world especially with the scum in black.
        Black ops and NGO doing raids traitor McCain overseeing operations.
        They need a distraction what better than a war to take civilians minds off of what’s happening and to there crimes on humanity.

      22. PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT ! Obammy will be defeated !

      23. Why the world puts up with this crap from the Soros gang I cannot figure out. Oh, I know, it is the Lawyer Politicians running things, they are a bunch of criminals that need to be in prison or worse. Politicians, Military Generals, Police Captains, Judges and the Media, all of them a bunch of criminals, if they were not, all of them, then we would see a bunch of them in the streets demonstrating against the ones who are. These people and their Banker Backer are the worst of killer’s, mass murderer’s, spreading lies and disease, lie we are all, a bunch of old world Indians, needing to get off their land. When will we get enough? After it is too late for life, all life, on Earth?

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