Report: “Russian Invasion Survival Manual” To Be Issued To Citizens In European Union

by | Jan 16, 2015 | Headline News | 238 comments

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    While most Americans discount the possibility of a major conflict with Russia, Europeans who have seen two great wars in the last century know better.

    The country of Lithuania, much like its neighbors, is preparing for a full-out invasion by Russian forces and their government is issuing a survival manual to its citizens. Though the complete details have yet to be released, the manual, among other things, advises citizens to “keep a sound mind, don’t panic and don’t lose clear thinking.

    Lithuanian Defense Minister Juozas Olekas unveiled the 100-page public information pamphlet last Tuesday at a press conference in Vilnius. The book, “How to act in extreme situations or instances of war” aims to educate the country’s citizens on what to do in the case of an invasion.

    The manual instructs Lithuanians how to “act during the organization of civil resistance, but also how to act under battlefield conditions,” in addition to containing information on governmental changes following a declaration of war and procedures for evacuating a building, according to Olekas.

    The book suggests demonstrations and strikes or “at least doing your job worse than usual” as means of resisting foreign occupation. It also advises citizens to use social media to organize resistance and promotes staging cyber-attacks against the enemy.

    In typical government fashion, the manual seems to discount the possibility that a Russian invasion will include the horrors often associated with war, advising citizens not to worry because “gunshots just outside your window are not the end of the world.”

    Of course, should gunshots erupt outside of your window as a result of a massive onslaught of tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry, it would be, by definition, the end of the world one has come to know.

    The ‘Survival Manual’ seems to focus more on peaceful demonstrations and cyber warfare, rather than the obvious, which would more than likely involve the exchange of automatic gunfire, artillery, and Russia’s famed World War II era Katyusha rocket launchers, each of which are capable of firing over one ton of ordnance in 7-10 seconds in what are dubbed saturation bombardment salvos.

    But don’t panic because this is not the end of the world if it’s happening in your neighborhood:

    Lithuania is not the only country concerned with an impending Russian invasion. In March of last year, shortly after the Ukrainian crisis began, Poland called up military reserve troops for the first time since World War II.

    According to a report from The Week Polish military reservists are being called up by the thousands, presumably to prepare for the possibility of not just spillover, but all out military confrontation with Russia.

    At least 7,000 reservists have been recalled to the colours for immediate exercises lasting between 10 and 30 days.

    They’re told by the Polish authorities that the call-ups are “routine”: but the men say they haven’t been asked before and they’re well aware of the growing alarm in Warsaw at President Putin’s aggression. Three weeks ago, their Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, called a press conference to warn that “the world stands on the brink of conflict, the consequences of which are not foreseen… Not everyone in Europe is aware of this situation.”

    A conflict is brewing and everyone knows it.On Wednesday Russia made two key strategic moves that show just how tense the situation has become. First, they began selling U.S. dollar reserves, effectively divorcing themselves from dollar hegemony in the region. Second, in a show of force directly aimed at E.U. leaders they cut off 60% of their gas supplies to Europe in the middle of winter.

    Observing the actions of Russia, the Europeans, and the United States over the last year should make it obvious what is happening.

    The world’s super powers are preparing for a global confrontation.

    If this is really the case – and all indicators suggest it is – then it would behoove the governments of Lithuania, Poland and other European nations that border Russia to expand their survival manuals to include some additional suggestions.

    • Prepare to bug out and have a plan to do so when the time comes. Yes, we realize the government says that military confrontations and bullets flying outside of your front window are no cause for concern, but just in case that terrifies you, consider creating a plan to evacuate your immediate area. Have a secondary location – a retreat or pre-planned meeting spot owned by friends or family.
    • You’ll need food and be sure some of it is hidden. There is a reason for the Third Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and it’s because during times of war soldiers will pillage everything they can. Your food and drink will be first on their list. And while they might not outright execute you or cause direct harm, they will take the very items you’ll need to survive. This means that in addition to the reserve supplies in your home, consider hiding some food, even if that means burying it on public lands deep in the wilderness (where you might in fact be bugging out to if it hits the fan). Be sure to stock the 11 emergency foods that last a lifetime and consider building a longer-term food supply.
    • You’ll also need medicine. The fact is that life saving medicines are one of the first things to disappear when real crisis strikes. When Greece experienced their monetary event and credit dried up several years ago, access to critical medicines was non existent. Consider that this was during peacetime and Greece was a member of the European Union which had plenty of supplies on hand, yet they still couldn’t get what they needed. Now think about what happens to supply lines and patient prioritization in the middle of an invasion. There are numerous medical supplies that might be of interest during a war, including antibioticsbattlefield blood clotting bandages, tourniquets, emergency splints, and a basic suturing and surgical kit. If bullets and bombs are flying you should plan on injuries to friends and loved ones.
    • Guns, Ammunition, Body Armor. Surprisingly, this should have been one of the top strategies mentioned in the Russian Invasion Survival Manual, yet we understand that such a suggestion might make anti-gun advocates a bit nervous. We’re sure the government has it all under control, but because what they are suggesting might happen is nothing short of World War III, we urge you to consider some self defense armaments. They might be useful if you are trying to escape a particular war-torn region or to defend yourself against looters and bandits who failed to set aside food, water and other supplies.

    If war is coming then there is not much we can do but prepare to deal with it. And though stockpiling supplies and developing strategies to deal with the fallout may not guarantee your safety, it will certainly increase your odds.


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      1. Also, the gun policy in Europe is practically made to make invader’s lives easier!

        • The easiest targets can’t shoot back. Invasion 101.

          • …this is the most pussified reaction manual written to suggest that arm resistance is a bad option. Are the Russians the “Borg” and that resistance is futile. The Lithuanian’s are being preconditioned to capitulate to the aggressor by its own President…who is really painting himself as a coward. Really…”do you job worse than you otherwise would”…laughable. I think that would get you shot without hesitation. I wonder if this President ever lived in the Soviet era of secret police and outright brutality to non compliance when Lithuania was under the boot. Has this President ever study the Finn’s in their response to aggressors?
            All I can conclude is that if the Lithuanian’s want to roll over and die by following the advice of a Coward..then they get what they deserve…

            Live Free or Die…a Patriot never surrenders

            • History Channel will present
              “Sons of Liberty”
              Jan.25 – 27

              Live Free or Die..time to refresh our hearts and minds on what it means

              • Lithuania and Poland are both western puppet states. They are not speaking to their own fear, as much as the fear of the west. Reality is, the west has gotten little traction and no world sympathy for their meddling in Ukraine, mainly because the U.S. is nowhere near there, and it should be none of our business.

                So the answer is simple — to get some people who actually live in the neighborhood to do it for them, hence, the puppet panic…

                Somehow, it sounds more credible that way, but no more truthful. The Russian Federation has not molested those countries, and they all know it. Let’s not get the current Federation confused with the old USSR communist regime that died out years ago.

                But it does serve to stir up some more anti-Russian propaganda, after other attempts failed miserably.

                At least you can say it is a good thing that their govts are at least looking out for their people’s interest, just like our own govt here…that was sarcasm for those of you who didn’t catch it…

                • Poland did nothing during WWII but put their asses up in the air, why would they do anything different in WWIII?

                  • Scottie–I suggest you read up on Poo’land prior to 1937. Polocks were terrorising the local German population on once German lands given to Poland by Versailles agreement after WWI. Here is the kicker–Polish government killed thousands of Jews and tried to blame the Germans. France England declared war on Germany 1938 and started massive aerial fire bombing of german cities. Hitler was sucked in by Uncle USA Scam–relocate Polish Jews to Palestine. Look at what’s happening today in Poop Land–NATO is sending troops arms into Poland. :^(

                    • Thanks – I will do some more reading up on this Nojojo.

              • Got news for you. The History Channel is a piece of garbage. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of history usually finds huge flaws in the HC shows. Like the Gettysburg show that showed Robert E Lee holding his map of Pennsylvania down with a beer tankard. I hope this is different but, not likely.

                • Not a good sign that the Stones’ Paint It Black is used as Sons of Libertys theme song in the ads

            • Talon1776, spot on comments. Braveheart never surrenders. Excellent post.

        • Obambi has an executive order allowing the fedpigs to seize all of your assets in a time of national emergency.

          The third amendment says you cant do this in peacetime and in war only do this by passing a law. Executive orders aren’t laws.

        • Atlas, that’s why Rome won all three of the Punic Wars and you have never heard of the Carthagean Empire. Carthage disarmed its hedgemonic client states, Rome didn’t.

        • Here we go again the Russian Boogyman. How many countries has the US Invaded in the last 35 years? In this survival manual I would replace the word Russia with the United States. The IS has invaded, Panama, Haiti, Granada, Bosnia, Iraq twice, Afghanistan twice, Libya, Ukraine, Still occuplies Germany, South Korea, Falklands, 1000 occupying USForeign Military Bases, still occupies Japan, just invaded Austrailia, occupied Beruit until the US was bombed out of there, and a host of many other countries the US occuplies with military forces. We usually don’t hear about theses US occupations until rape charges or other crimes are published against US forces or soldiers in that country. Oh but Russia is the New boogyman this week.

          • I would guess US Troops invade the US cities under Obama NDAA Martial lae before Russia would invade any Eastern country. Russia took control of Crimea because they have a 40 year leas on the Black sea navel port base. When the ZOG and the West infiltrated the Ukraine fully elected government and collapsed the government because it was more pro Russian, Russia came in with out firing a single shot to protect their Military base in Crimea.

            • People hate facts, wwti, especially when it interferes with their hatred.

              USA, USA, USA!

              • …or their profit!

                In fact, I would argue that the “hatred” is really a mechanism of control and the the control a tool for profit.

                The coffers of the ZOG bankers MUST BE FILLED!

                The USFCoA (United States Federal Corporation occupying America) is nothing if not a bankster tool. The evidence is everywhere. As long as we permit it to usurp our lawful government, nothing will change. They used the massive economic engine that basic common law and freedom produced to create an army to be the worlds gestapo.

                You have to admire these people and their processes. I mean, they even get us to believe the conflicts we get into are honorable and legitimate. Even the guys doing the shooting are personally and professionally honorable in the vast majority of their dealings. If they knew the truth behind why they were shooting and bombing, they would turn their rifles on their commanders and ditch their aircraft.

                I think this is what is happening. The word is out. People are waking up. It is slow, very slow. But it appears that the curtain has a tear in it and some people have dared to look beyond. They’ve seen a glint of bullshit and they don’t like it.

                Through massive series of false flags, we get the propaganda that gives the incentive for such things are martial law in Europe. I mean they’ve got those Europeans terrified of the followers of The Religion of Hate and Murder internally and then The Russians externally. The Russians are turning off the gas. Can you blame them? I mean, if you start sanctions on me, you think I’ll continue to sell you stuff?

                Terrified of TRHM on the one hand, The Russian Federation on the other hand and now short energy, I mean, these people in Europe have no where to turn. Their hope index has to be through the floor. With no private arms to protect themselves and a really crappy economy, they’ve become easy to control.

                I have to admit, I’ve finally got my 3 dimensional vision of whats up. There are no accidents. Everything is planned. It may deviate a bit from what TPTB want but, mostly, there is an architect and none of it is to benefit you and I.

          • Here’s only a partial tally of “annexations” between The U.S. and Russia

            UNITED STATES “Annexations”
            Puerto Rico
            American Samoa
            Panama Canal Zone
            Wake Island
            Caroline Island
            Kingman Reef
            Marshall Islands
            Midway Islands
            Virgin Islands
            Northern Mariana Islands
            Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
            De Facto Occupation and control of Haiti

            RUSSIAN “Annexations”
            Crimea…only after Crimeans VOTED overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia.

            • …and let’s not forget Diego Garcia, the little island where some believe the first malaysian flight disappeared, because it flew too close to another secret military installation.

              • Get this North Miami Beach police Dept criticized for using black people’s Mugshots for target practice. I see nothing wrong with this since Blacks which represent only 17% of the US population commit 75% of the crimes. FBI statistics reflect.

                • The DHS uses targets with photos of pregnant women, edlerly men, and even children for practice. No one bitched about that!
                  Google DHS targets and you’ll see.

                  • Renee, imagine the outrage if someone made some targets of DHS agents or some from one of the other alphabet soup agencies.

                    • Yeah, they would be whisked away in the middle of the night to geronimo bay. Never to be heard from again…

                    • Use a watermelon wearing Ray-Bans, shoot right at the nose bridge.

                  • As patriots, should we use targets that are pictures of DHS vehicles, swat teams, and officers?

                    In fact, what about creating targets of all that stuff and see what sells the best?

                    Pregnant women protecting their children.

                    Old people protecting themselves.

                    Crippled people in wheelchairs with a guard dog, bearing its teeth.

                    Children protecting their injured siblings and parents.

                    Police officers about to gun down unsuspecting, toy gun toting children.

                    SWAT teams breaking into houses for fun and profit.

                    Sheriff’s deputies using playpens for FlashBang test bays.

                    Riot Police using pepper spray on crowds like firemen hosing down a raging inferno.

                    Black thugs walking down the middle of the road blocking traffic.

                    Black thugs beating an old woman and stealing her purse.

                    A Mexican gang running a hit on a business that won’t pay for protection.

                    A mob dragging a truck driver from the cab of his rig, beating him to death with a brick.

                    Police pulling a “civil forfeiture” on a guy with a wad of cash, no criminal record that has broken nothing more than a (supposed) traffic statute?

                    You tell me? Which would be your favorite target?

                    Click into my site above and click your favorite link to vote. The idea just came to me so it wont be completely set up yet.

              • @Sixpack,

                Exactly. The first plane landed in the Maldives then, when no one was looking, they moved it piece by piece (tiny gyroscopes and all minus the dead engineers) to Diego Garcia.

                Right on man.

            • What about them thar Youropeeon countries them Ruskies took over after WW2? They suffered big time.

              A lot of those there Americun annexations were nothing spots, or did quite well after the fact.

              Not saying the current U.S. gubment is all that nice anymore. All are a bunch of rattlesnakes. China, Russia, America,

            • I can not believe the arrogant ignorance of many who post on these sites. While some have some legitimate and reasonable things to say, posts like this demonstrate a total lack of understanding and ignorance.

              Right off the bat, Alaska was NOT ‘annexed’ due to some form of force or coercion, it was PURCHASED from the Russians. Good grief, when I purchase something from someone, it does not become ‘annexed’ by me, it becomes my property through a legitimate financial transaction.

              Ignorance of issues — like this – totally discredit anything legitimate you might have to say. At least get the facts straight. The rest of your post is automatically discounted and easy to disregard as well.


              Son of Liberty

        • not that it matters, since this just sounds more like fear mongering and a furthering attempt at making russia look like the bad guys…it could however turn messy if it actually works…but i don’t see russia/putin being the 1st to initiate this mess. if anything, i believe he’d be the type who would want to clean it up. and i also believe, with everything that’s happened so far, that he’s sick of the UN’s world policing and their messy NWO agenda.

          the annexation of crimea was the people’s choice…putin only made it happen…and it shows he doesn’t care what UN thinks…so it’s my honest opinion, russia and putin’s actions shouldn’t be taken lightly, but i definitely think he isn’t the enemy everyone’s making him out to be.

          • I’d rather have the strong Putin running my country (UK) Than these candy assed leftist traitors who are screwing us plebeians for every penny we have. Viva Vladimir.

            • I would rather have the US Constitution running the US; and similar constitutions running other countries around the world

          • The UN is dominated by the West and their allies. It only serves their purpose. NATO is nothing more than an American attack dog, an extension of western armies, funded primarily by the west.

            They both need to be banned and dismantled by the world they try to dominate.

            • NATO is not controlled by America. It is controlled by those who control western nations and wage war to make money and gain power. American politicians who participate are criminals and by their actions not fit to hold their seats. They do not represent the American people.
              We have come to a place where there is the American people and a government that sits in the capital city but represents world criminals not America. America is the people now but now the government.

              • “It is controlled by those who control western nations and wage war to make money and gain power.”

                Yeah, that’s pretty much what I said, thanks.

        • Where the Russians are concerned, alcohol works just as well as armed resistance. Just ask the survivors of the armored division they completely lost in the first war with Chechnya.

      2. Sounds like more BS right out of the USSA playbook. Just create another bogeyman.

        • It’s my thought that this is not about any bogeyman. This is another example of being made aware of the realities of the situation. Whether a person takes alarm or not at what is written is her or his decision.

          However should whatever pertinent facts that a person may gleam out of this article is found no one can say they were not given the information to use as a decision making tool in the future.

          Just one mans thoughts.


          • @BB
            Sorta what being prepared is all about eh!
            Taking whatever info is available to you and registering it for reference, even if it gets sent to the back of your mind, you got it and cant say nobody warned ya!
            What do they call that, due dilligence?

            • Yes it is, but the western media highjacking serves no useful purpose but propaganda. Another decent idea, usurped by the govt and their lapdogs.

          • BigB Your comment could have came right out of the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 33-Vs 1-thru-6 “Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying, Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman: if when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he bloweth the trumpet, and warn the people; then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul. But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand”. This is not taken out of context and this chapter does go on, and the point being, if I inform you of the importance of knowing the Lord as your savior it’s up to you, my hands are clean. Trekker Out. Jesus Christ is Lord!

            • Well said Trekker, well said.

            • Amen

            • While on the subject of the Bible, anyone want to venture their thoughts on who Gog and Magog are and what happens to them when they join forces against Gods’ people?

      3. As folks in Europe disarmed for most part from firearms suggest they get creative,also,sites like USCrow has,hmmmm….,good information on the use of off the shelf products to show your patriotism!

        • Warchild,
          YUP they want to disarm us so we can be sitting ducks just like people in this article! we will see

          • Patriots should concentrate on a response to those in Command & Control. While a snake will still wiggle if you cut off its head, and its head is still dangerous until dead, it eventually bleeds to death and ceases to function.

            Crush the head and the brain is dead. 🙂

            • A machette is a good tool for decapitating a snakes head. I have several and use them frequently for those black slithering snakes crawling around on my property.

              • Snakes eat rats that get into the corn. We usually left them alone unless they got up into the yard or after the chickens.

            • the durango kidd says:

              “Patriots should concentrate on a response to those in Command & Control.”

              Does that include targeting “Command & Control” structures like Central Banking???


              Somehow I think not!

            • the durango kidd says:

              “Crush the head and the brain is dead.”

              Q: Who or what is the head DK?

        • Europe is a lot less disarmed than most think. Two major conflicts left millions of guns everywhere; more than a few were kept.

          • Yep, and the majority of ’em are in the hands of street gangs… Flippin’ marvellous!

            • I guess we all know where we can find some “replacement parts” when we need them…voluntary or not.

          • shhhhhhh. That’s a secret. I don’t have any relatives there to say otherwise either.

      4. Lithuania will be like an Oreo cookie,people on east and west with nowhere to go.

        • Hi Jim in VA, WAR is the one thing that would make me bug out instead of sheltering in place. Even though history has not been kind to refugees.

          • The trick to bugging out, is not to become a refugee in the process.

            Just because you have fled a dangerous situation, you don’t need to be lost or headed for a camp. Refugees don’t take much DECISIVE ACTION, they simply try to survive their situation if that’s in the cards.

            Bugging out means you’re fleeing both the situation AND the govt forces bearing down on you.


        • Jim, once I make it to the BOL in north GA, I’ll be making my stand with the family. No retreat or withdrawal for us.

          • RG. I will be homeless in about 30 days. Just sold my city property and will be looking at very remote FL acreage for pretty much off the grid living. Found one area hidey hole land that is surrounded by water on 3 sides and canals and thousands of acres of State and wilderness lands. Very defensable and many escape routes into the wild via kayak or airboat. Google maps is a great tool for checking out the entire area. No army would ever come from the swamps. Will set up a ham radio tower. Several remote canals flow into this huge long remote fresh water river. Go to YTube and look up the Withlacoochee river airboating. Just amazing beauty fishing trapping hunting areas, gators in the mote will repell most intruders. I’m excited to go look at it. So I may be at my new remote BOL soon and permanent before all hell breaks loose this year.

            • You you only need to make three changes:

              1. Never leave an unattended steak on the barbie
              2. Having a dog is not an option
              3. Early morning swims might not be a good idea.


            • That sounds like a great BOL or permanent residence. I am truly envious. Hard to find that good of location here on the West coast.


            • Nobody around to share the good stuff. Nobody around to hear your calls for help… Enjoy!

            • Wwti, congratulations on the sale. Being a lone wolf has it’s advantages. Can we try to not attack each other?

              • Eppe:

                Are you extending a hand that is ready to get bit again? If so, if it is not your scrolling finger that gets damaged, try using it through WWTI’s snarky attacks on you.

                Like most of us here WTTI’s opinions are just that, his opinions. Why let his remarks sway you in any way, including the ones about your jokes.

                • P.O.G., yes I guess I’m an idiot, just would like to see this site work together for the common good. I just would like to see the comments section (which most come here to see) be more civilized and nicer to each other…
                  Yes, I scroll well…
                  Since you and I see things the same way, would you not try to reach out, again, and come to an agreement?
                  I feel that this site has gone in a different direction from what was started. I feel that things have changed for the worst….

                  • Eppe, I’m also saddened by what the site has become, but I won’t give up on it. Everyone here knows I do my best to be civil to everyone that sees things my way and that always works. Only when trolls come on here, and some of them do show themselves, do I get “out of hand” to any degree. I don’t like to be like that, don’t even want to be that way, but sometimes people force me into that. To me, dealing with WWTI is a dilemma. On one hand, he does offer some damn good prepper tips and I give him credit for that. That’s what the site is supposed to be about. On the other hand, I don’t understand or even condone his attacks on you. I, for one, always appreciate yours and SmokinOkie’s humor which helps all of us get through some tough days. Even Mac has chastised WWTI for him showing his ass to certain people here. I appreciate his prepper info, but just wish he would stop his BS.

                    • I agree with Braveheart. WWTI has offered some really good prepper tips. As for the rest of his posts, I try to ignore. I give him thumbs up of a positive reply for the good ones and don’t even bother to acknowledge the rest. Sometimes I think he is just looking for attention and I have learn even negative attention IS attention. So the more attention he receives for the positive posts and the less he receives for the negative posts will train him to post the positive kind. Psychology 101.

            • WWTI, sounds like a winner. Just make sure you have something to “ventilate” the gators and/or crocodiles in case they start looking at you to be their next meal. On airboats, I’ve been on a few of them when I lived in FL. Those bitches really move. I would take the airboat over the kayak gators and crocs are concerned.

      5. A former CIA director was on CAvuto on faux news. Guy shocked the host pretty much putting it out there that America has her pants down. He said for all communities to start policing areas where people gathered, and not wait for fed gov, because ISIS will strike back at us. At least someone knows wtf is going on.

        In other news….I’ve had this stinking freaking cold since day two after my surgery in November. I’ve used everything and as soon as I feel better I relapse. Which reminds me to tell you all….Do what you can to stay healthy. I’ve been blessed to work in an excellent healthcare facility, but over the last 3 years, the quality of new docs, RNs, APRNs, and PAs is on a downhill slide. They’ve gotten lazy, and won’t make a decision. Just keep ordering tests and passing the buck. Do what ever you can to stay healthy, for your own sakes. If you must go to the hospital, ask WHY a procedure is necessary and what are the risks if you refuse. Lots of shit happening just for BS reasons so insurance can be billed. I’ve no direct knowledge of that, but I hear seasoned docs talking aboutthe changing culture.

        • Have you tried Vitamin C? If you use a lot, it might help.

          • that, lots of fluids (I like cabernet sauvignon or merlot), and sambucol (elderberry extract) will help as much as anything.

            • Rebel in Idaho,
              quick question for you, do you guys have the “Black Elderberry” growing wild there? where we live it does and we make a tincture each winter and use it to keep the colds and flu away and seems to have worked for the last 7-8 years, reason am asking is been looking at Idaho as a possible move to state, at some point in the near future

        • NO
          This is what I did. I hope it will work for you.
          Vit.-B,C,D, Airborne three times a day. Lots and lots of fluid. What ever you want, more water and Gator aid that the other. If you can take Advil take it helps, and Alka-Seltzer Plus. Sleep. Sleep, Sleep!

          • hey sgt. dale
            airborne has fake sugar substitutes, I wouldn’t give that shit to my dog. again, not trying to be a dick, just facts.

            • Lots and lots of vitamin C. I take 2,000 mg three times a day. You can take more. Fit as a fiddle. Build your body up. Take one multivitamin / mineral supplement twice a day. Take extra zinc it builds testosterone.

              Take other antioxidants like oregano, turmeric, ginger, pomegranate, astaxanthin, and vitamin D3. Your immune system IS the most powerful weapon you have against disease but you must give it more nutrients than it needs to overcome what ails you.

              Good luck!!! 🙂

              • Ibuprofen is the best pain killer that is actually good for you as it lengthens your telomeres; lengthening cell life.

                Broccoli, chicken soup, and NATURAL, ORGANIC fruit. Grapes for example should be washed thoroughly. Be well. 🙂

                • Actually, unless you have some confirmed medical reason not to, aspirin is the best. All of the NSAID’s (non-steroidal, anti inflammatory drugs) are attempts to make something as effective as aspirin without the side effects. Ibuprofen is almost as good as aspirin for some things, and doesn’t have the side effects for some that aspirin can.
                  Aspirin wasn’t called the miracle drug for nothing, and I’m too drunk to elaborate. Do your own homework.

                  • and its kinda organic ,its made from the bark of the willow tree

                    • Yes, a baby aspirin is good for your heart once a day (80 mg) but Ibuprofen lengthens your telomeres lengthening your life. 🙂

            • DB
              I didn’t know that. all I know is that is what I took and the Flu/cold was gone in 4 days.
              Thanks for the Info.

        • NPPH, once you make a full recovery, get some Vitamin D3. I take 2 every day and don’t get sick at all. Also try Alka-Seltzer cold plus, both day and night formulas.

        • No pity party here just thought hed share about his cold to everyone.

          • Actually, mark, it made me think to pass on what’s going on in the hospitals now. When you have to go, go, but be proactive in your care. But on a side note, stress when shtf, will screw your immune system eventually, so maybe someone who has not prepared in that area…vitamins, herbs, etc may get something out of the conversation.

        • NOPITTYPARTY APPLE CIDER VINAGER!!!!! tough to get down but works, 2 or 3 tbls a day

          • Agreed!!! 🙂

          • A few good vitamin LD’s (lap dances) will perk up most men.. as the say in those commercials consult your doctor if you have an erection more than 4 to 5 hours long.

          • Try the vinegar with water, and honey, two tablespoons of vinegar, 6 oz. of water, warm but not hot as you would kill the enzymes in the ninegar, a spoonful of honey, and wala! Apple cider vinegar that is palletable, i call it “vinny”
            Try it! ‘s good!


          • Diluted in 6 oz of water( filtered) makes it much more palatable. Also useful in that strength for ridding body of kidney stones. It dissolves them.

        • NPPH, I just had a stand-off with my “primary care” physician. It was about my blood pressure. She did every scare tactic she could think of to keep me swallowing those pills. I had intentionally been manipulating my BP readings during office visits for over a year. They couldn’t understand how I knew of my BP was going to be up or down, before they took the readings. Her favorite thing was to quote stats or studies to me to justify her position, and schedule appts with “specialists”.

          Finally, I told her how I knew. It only takes about 48 hours to radically alter your blood pressure before a BP reading. I figured out a couple of years ago, that HBP is most often just a case of “sticky blood.” Thick blood can’t circulate your system, no more than that black oil sludge circulates in your car engine. Clogged push rods have the same exact effect as thick blood in veins and capillaries.

          So what I started doing was I super-hydrated myself for 48 hours before going in to the Dr. MY BP WAS ALWAYS WITHIN ACCEPTABLE TOLERANCES.

          To play the Devil’s advocate and find out if it was just my blood, I intentionally withheld liquids for 48 hours, drinking far less than normal. MY BP WAS SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER during those visits.

          I didn’t need HBP medications, I NEEDED MORE WATER. I needed to thin my blood down so it could circulate properly.

          I am no longer on any HBP meds, but I’m keeping my spares in case SHTF. They might be useful to help someone come off their BP meds without suffering a stroke or death…maybe even save a life.

          After I proved her wrong, I gave her an ultimatum. I told her the medical profession does not more need chart readers, statistical analysts or scheduling clerks. It needs knowledgeable doctors who can THINK. HBP meds, IMO, should only be used until you can get proper hydration and restore balance.

          Here’s a NaturalNews link that I found comfort in today. I knew I was right. Now my doctor had to admit it too.

        • I take vit d, b, folic acid daily. I’ve been taking vit c and zinc since sick. Hydrating, herbal teas with honey, and I ge rally eat things spicy, so that’s covered. This is all a result of immune suppression from STRESS. Getting lots of rest when not at work. thanks for all the tips.

      6. They’d best be more concerned with the money changers and the devaluation of their economy….


      7. In Soviet Russia, porn watch you. There, I don’t see any direct military conflict within the US borders however, so should be set there.

      8. EU Citizens…. Don’t listen to this war propaganda and the language of violence. We in the USA came up with a better solution against any invasion. Following this instructions and teaching it to your kids will destroy not only the Russians but it creates so much fear that no other enemy will even think about invading you or your kids.

        Good luck and Listen to your Government officials as we do it in our side of the Atlantic.

        They do care about us and truly love us.,d.eXYs as e did solve any invasion

        • 🙂

      9. Since when did the European union consist of Lithuania and Poland? This is just more fear porn and a total tool article.

        • Speaking of articles; there is always ARTICLE 5. 🙂

      10. Time is running out folks. Something big is coming.
        I posted this on the last article 10 minutes before Mac released this article. So I’m reposting here.

        This Swiss franc thing is really strange. Apparently some of the big players had inside knowledge the Swiss bank was going to pull the plug.
        I will post the link below but this excerpt caught my eye. Kind of reminded me of when gold took a dive.

        A number of spread betters, including, CMC Markets and ETX Capital, issued statements saying that Thursday’s extreme currency movements had not materially affected their companies’ financial positions. However Adam Myers, European head of FX research at Credit Agricole, said that some market participants appeared to have been aware that the SNB’s decision was coming before the official announcement. “It definitely looks like to us,” he said on Friday. “There was a movement in the market well ahead of the headlines (from the SNB).” He also said there was a “huge flow” of Swiss francs — around 34.2 billion — into Switzerland during December, according to the SNB, which is around 10 times the monthly average. “You wonder why the Swiss had to break the peg – they were brought to bear by the enormous strain of money flowing into the country during December.”- By CNBC’s Katrina Bishop and David Faber. Reuters contributed to this report.

        • This did not happen in a vacuum……

        • @ed
          swiss went to a neg. interest rate.

      11. I strongly recommend everyone read Dave Hodges’ well-reasoned, carefully thought out latest post, “The Grand Chessboard of World War III.

        Ladies and Gentlemen, time is sort.

        Let us pray, everyone, because hundreds of millions of lives are at stake.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      12. What I find is interesting is Europeans prepare for war that may/may not be coming, Americans sit glued to Dancing With The Stars because they believe multicultureism will save them. The left and their POSPOTUS told them so. When I’m not I’m crying.

        • Multiculturalism is going to destroy America and result in its “Balkanization”. There is nothing wrong with saying that I like Western Christian culture and I think it is superior to other cultures.

          Hold on for a min. their is a knock at the door…

          • I don’t have Tv, but I thought it was “dancing with the bachelor?”

            And since I’m drunk I must ask: why are the Kardashians famous? I don’t watch shows and am mildly curious why people care about them (I see the covers at checkout stands). Were they in a movie or something I missed?

            Also, our 15yo daughter seems to be overly impressed with Chris Evans (Captain America I and II), should I be concerned?

            • Concerned about your daughter about Captain America? Naw, Capt. America’s character is wholesome, honest and patriotic—worry more if she gets the hots for some freak like marilyn manson, miley cyrus or justin beiber.

              The kartrashians? famous for their huge asses and black lovers. NWO shills all.

            • It’s a mystery why some people seem to be parading around in the celebrity gossip magazines. Here in Belgium there is a woman who calls herself Astrid Bryan as she was married to an American for some time, and was living in LA. The whole time you found her in the papers, and on TV in that sort of reality TV shows, with her brother, where you could see her doing things other people do, while commenting on them and on her brother who she was commandeering around like little girls sometimes love to do with their brother…. boring, and sad ! And even her husband appeared together with her in that sort of television, and always forcing himself to look as if he was having so much fun, and enjoying even the most trivial utterings of his soon-to-be ex-dearest…. poor man.

      13. What I find is interesting is Europeans prepare for war that may/may not be coming, Americans sit glued to Dancing With The Stars because they believe multicultureism will save them. The left and their POSPOTUS told them so. When I’m not I’m crying.

        • When Im not laughing I’m crying.

      14. It looks like they in the EU is getting ready for a fight. Lord I hope I am wrong. No one needs WW3. Just think if they all had guns Russia might just think twice about an invasion.
        Some of these smaller counties have been over ran so many times. The should all just use one Flag. White!
        There is no need for them to fight because they will be over run anyway. They don’t have the fire power, or the man power to stand up against the Russians. It would be better to use gorilla warfare after they invaded.

        • SGT.DALE gorilla warfare would be the only way

          • Speaking of Guerrilla Warfare, Hey Pissed off Granny, did you know that the Chimpanze Monkey has 90% of the same DNA as Mankind? Fascinating science nature show on the other day. Just more proof of Man’s Family Tree Roots. Monkeys eat meat and veggies. The Chimpanze will also hunt in organized packs, for other monkey species kill them and eat their meat. Similar to cannibalism. FYI…Its was all documented on film.

            • Who, maybe you come from monkey’s. I come from God !

              • Nam:

                Not ‘maybe’, WWTI is extremely proud of his ooze DNA. Next thing you know he will be out leading a ‘riot’ with his relatives.

            • Hey WWTI:

              Why should I answer any question you put to me in a post, when you NEVER answer my questions about some of your posts?

              You posted way back that “we should let God sort out what is left”. My question to you was what ‘God’ were you referring to? You do not believe in the Bible/Jesus Christ/Lord so what God were you referring to? I, to date, have had NO answer from you.

              Is it the god of ooze you keep talking about, the one that you and ‘Lucy’ have DNA in common? The DNA from that ‘terrific’ science show you have been watching? You might track down the producers of that “exceptional” show; probably will find, to your disgust, it was thought up by those same people you KNOW are destroying the world.

              Ever bothered to checked out Darwin and the other ‘nutz’ behind your ooze theory, WWTI? Do a little research, you will soon become disillusioned with your theories.

              Because you have stated in your youth you were subject to church going/religion, I am curious what pushed you away from any belief. Did you have parents/relatives who were steeped so deep in some religion that you rebelled?

              Eppe stepped up to the plate, like a man, and answered questions. You have been accused of not answering questions; now it is your turn to step up.

              Keep in mind, you started this conversation with your post directed at me… it is your turn to answer….

        • Looks more to me like they’re trying to scare their people into supporting a fight, not preparing them to survive one themselves.

          • Six
            Point well taken.

        • Sgt. Dale,
          They should take a lesson from the Fins in 1939 .

          Semper Fi

      15. The EU would fold like a taco against the Russian Bear.

        • France yes, the Germans not so easy, they don’t like the Russians.

          • We have many, many war memorials over here in the UK dedicated to those poor souls that were killed fighting for our Queen and country. Most of them are now neglected and some have even been vandalised with Islamic graffiti. Was it worth it? I say NO… Ever since our government have allowed an open border policy and the free movement of people within the EU our country has lost her identity. A person who now shows any form of patriotism is labelled a racist or as ignorant. It looks likely that immigrants will out breed the indigenous people within twenty or so years, the number one name for boys in Britain is now Muhammad… The heart and sole of my country has been deliberately destroyed by LEFTIST TRAITORS to the point that no right thinking person would even consider trying to take up arms in defence of what is now sadly a divided land… AMERICA TAKE HEED.

            • YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LOSE YOUR IDENTITY! That is the entire purpose of the NWO open borders policy. NO SOVEREIGNTY for anyone. No national identity or pride. Divide and conquer is right.

              We’re undergoing the same thing. ONLY RUSSIA REFUSES TO HAND OVER IT’S SOVEREIGNTY.

              “If minorities prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination”.”
              —Vladimir Putin

              “The unipolar world model has failed. People everywhere have shown their desire to choose their own destiny, preserve their own cultural identity, and oppose the West’s attempts at military, financial, political and ideological domination.”
              —Vladimir Putin

              Even Russia haters can’t argue with that.

              • Well said sixpack… It breaks my heart to witness the dismantling of all that I was brought up to cherish. All that my forefathers fought and died to defend. And for what? Maaaaaaaan… Screw these elitist politicians. Screw the lot of ’em… Viva Russia… Viva Vladimir Putin

              • Wanna know why Russia never has any False Flags, Terrorist attacks or riots? Russia has no speakable black population, like 1-10th of 1%, and the Jews have no power what so ever in Russia. Putin castrated the Jews ability to have any meaninful position in the Russian Government. And the main reason why Russia is a target by the NWO Nato alliance. Putin would not allow such scum to pollute his country, unlike our shoeshine boy boot licker.

                • EXACTLY !

                • Russia does not tolerate kidnapping and torture either…

                  On September 30, 1985 four Soviet diplomats were kidnapped and Arkady Katkov was shot in the head by Hezbollah’s head of security, Imad Mughniyeh. The Soviets gave the kidnappers 48 hours to return the hostages and dispatched some guys they call Spetsgruppa A (Alfa Group). The kidnappers and their relatives were identified by supporting KGB operatives working with the Druze militia, and some of the relatives were taken hostage.

                  Following the standard policy of ‘no negotiation’, Alfa proceeded to sever some of their hostages’ body parts and sent them to the perpetrators with a warning that more would follow if the Russian hostages were not released immediately. The tactic worked and no other Russian national was taken hostage in the Middle East for the next 20 years, until the 2006 abduction of Russian diplomats in Iraq.

                  Among the body parts was a decapitated head and some testicles.

              • Sixpack, I’ll give Putin credit for saying NO to “diversity”. He’s not afraid to speak the truth.

            • Thanks, TGD. I am a dual US and Canadian citizen, so I follow events in the UK a lot as well. Really getting bad there! I had really hoped Cameron would have put a brake on the Orwellian state pushing forward there.

              The fact that the novel is set in a future (and fictional) Britain only heightens the irony of recent revelations in the U.K. The government of Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has been using surveillance powers designed for the “War on Terrorism” to ferret out Britons who have not paid their hated “TV License,” a £145.50 ($220) annual tax imposed on every home containing a set in the country. Her Majesty’s government clearly takes this odious little tax very seriously, so much so that the BBC is using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) — designed to catch terrorists and Internet criminals — to track down people who dodge the license fee.
              About 200,000 people were prosecuted for failing to buy a TV license between 2012 and 2013. More than 50 of those were sent to prison, and many others received penalties of up to £1,000 and a criminal record. We can assume that none of them were terrorists — just ordinary subjects who dislike stupid taxes.

              Oh yes…. “On the wall outside his former residence – flat number 27B – where Orwell lived until his death in 1950, an historical plaque commemorates the anti-authoritarian author. And within 200 yards of the flat, there are 32 CCTV cameras, scanning every move. Orwell’s view of the tree-filled gardens outside the flat is under 24-hour surveillance from two cameras perched on traffic lights. The flat’s rear windows are constantly viewed from two more security cameras outside a conference centre in Canonbury Place. In a lane, just off the square, close to Orwell’s favourite pub, the Compton Arms, a camera at the rear of a car dealership records every person entering or leaving the pub. Within a 200-yard radius of the flat, there are another 28 CCTV cameras, together with hundreds of private, remote-controlled security cameras used to scrutinise visitors to homes, shops and offices.”
              And who says the leftist/nanny state/national socialist types don’t have a sense of irony!! J

          • What’s the first thing you learn when you join the French army?

            How to say “I surrender!” in German.

        • Yeah like the False Flag Eboli scare last year. They are testing out all the threat categories to see how fearful the public reacts. How many of you sheep went out and bought the N95 Masks, rubber gloves and sanitizer and full hazmat suits just because of eboli threat?

          • @WWTI,

            I don’t think Ebola is a false flag. It is still going strong and they can’t get a handle on it. When the rainy season starts up and the humidity increases again in late march, get ready for round 2.

            But just to keep our conspiratorial suspicions alive and well, here is a tidbit.

            We sent over 4000 troops to build hospitals, care centers, etc. I can’t find any documentation that the “camps” have been built. All documentation says, “Not Complete”.

            p.s. I did buy the masks, etc. Good thing too. They work against flu…and I literally used them for three days.

      16. Our balless asswipe commander don’t have the kahuna’s to engage Russia but rest assured he’ll flip it or bend it around to come after us. That POS, common black bastud. I’d call him a bastud because he don’t measure up to even a real bastard.

        • It takes no “balls” to advocate for somebody else’s demise.

          The general shill talking point these days, seems to be “a lack of guts.” If we don’t want to go to war with Russia over nothing, we’re “gutless”, “scared” or “have no balls”.

          Lies didn’t work, so the idea must be to hit the men in their nuts—maybe they will respond with testosterone instead of BRAINS…and it seems to be working to some extent.

          I’m sorry, but any fool who thinks “pride” is a good enough reason to kill millions in a war, should be themselves on the front line for their turn as shell-catchers.

          PRIDE GOETH BEFORE THE FALL. Remember that.

          You wanna stretch your dick, do it in the line of fire yourself. I’ve noticed that those people who bleat the loudest to go to war, are themselves not eligible to go and die…why is that, d’ya think?

          Is it perhaps, with nothing to lose yourselves, why not? I’ve got family that could end up in the line of fire this time too. Pushing them to their deaths is not an option, especially for some damn bankster’s profit…or your pride.

          • Six;Here is a little quote about getting some balls i found funny but so true by Betty White,:”Why do people always say get some balls? balls are weak,they should say grow a vagina, now that can take a pounding”.
            I think woman could do a lot to stop the wars if they would truthfully love their children and their men.

            • I dONt LiKE ThEm gOwd DaM VaGinAs.

      17. I said the same thing about keeping healthy the docs all want to give meds and send you for tests they bill your insurance the hospital is not there to help people it’s a business if they wanted to help people they would say donate what you can. Just like casinos are built to make folks rich. Bottom line is it’s all about $ nobody works because they like to if they tell you they do they are lying. Just like retired people working because they want to stay busy . bullshit they need the $. I was talking to a guy who is the shipper at one of my stops he said the work orders are drying up and the company let go of the second shift and it’s not looking good for the business he said he’s been there for 15 years. I don’t think this lower gas prices are gonna make people spend the kind of $ to stimulate the economy I think this is a last ditch effort. business is slow people are tapped out of $ to buy things they really don’t need anyway. Potential war is a distraction for the fact that the economy is failing. I see company vehicles at the casino when I deliver there during the day why aren’t these people working are they trying to make payroll for employees or have work orders slowed and time available. Panhandlers on every street corner . I’m out in the community every day and what I see is not good. The CEO of my company cashed in his stocks and quit and moved on. This is what i was told by union agents. And a lot of people have jumped ship in the past 2 years. Basically it doesn’t look good to me I’ve been through this before. Who knows that’s why I put things back for tough times. The gov should track the money of the rich. I will bet it’s leaving this country for foreign banks in the gold form we are gonna be left holding the bag definetly think it’s coming soon . Gotta get a big bucket of powdered milk for the kids.

        • They do track the money of the rich. 🙁

          • They just can’t conveniently find it when its, misappropriated IE. Corzined.

        • Who is John Galt?

          • I am.

        • Ah Ah Ah Ahhh Ahhhhhhchooooooo! God bless you.

      18. I vote for Putin. At least Russia is not promoting the sickness of J ew Cultural Marxism.

      19. How idiotic. These pele have been tricked worse than anyone in history. You see, the problem is these European morons have been thoroughly duped. They’ve already been invaded AND conquered by the global fascist banksters who set up the European Union and are in the process of destroying Europe. Russia isn’t going to invade the EU, how stupid! Russia is trying not to be destroyed by the same powers that destroyed Europe already! Clowns!

        • The facts are Russia would rather keep Europe as a paying customer for energy, than go and invade it then have to care for it like an adopted red headed steo child. Exactly The EU was already crushed when it flipped to the one EU currency, Control their money supple you control their economies. Now it is just pillaging any other wealth out of the country before it falls.

      20. Would like to make a request. I’m thinking that a number of you have either back up or off grid generators. Gas?diesel? Propane? Air cooled? Water cooled? Tell us about them.

        • generators will get you killed in a shtf scenario.

          you are better off with passive energy – solar, water, wind, steam boiler generated power plants for a off grid setup.

          combine all these with a properly designed passive energy solar home , a proper battery bank/ converter , energy efficient home electrical appliances and a deep earth passive heating/ cooling system you wont need a glutinous noisy fuel driven power generator.

          * check out steam boiler mass burn wood stoves for home hvac, you can easily harness their energy to create a 12-18v steam powered electric plant for your home
          And never run out of burnable fuel in a shtf event.

          you can also build your own generator with any type small engine, truck alternator, fan belt, 12v to 120v 500 amp converter and add a dry cell marine battery bank to store the extra juice produced.

          i’d go with steam if given a choice for long term power.

          short term try the honda brands generators.

          they are the better made.

          Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator $999. on sale now. usually $1450.

            • bugsy

              Do the steam engines run condensing and the water reclaimed or does it exhaust above atmospheric pressure?

              • @kevin2 you can run it either way open exhaust or closed exhaust system loop.

                i’ll try to ensure your ?’s

                CLOSED LOOPED SYSTEM

                for the more efficient less maintenance closed exhaust system loop you need to incorporate a condenser then a 12 v high pressure return pump and one way high pressure flow stop valve in-between the engines steam exhaust port and the main boil tank. with an emergency high pressure release valve attached to the top of the tank.


                OPEN LOOP

                just have a positive pressure constant water source with high pressure PUMP AND ONE WAY STOP VALVE, feeding the main boil steam tank and have the exhaust passively draining into a cooling condenser then into your water source feed tank.

                @kev2 there are many other variations you can do also, it’s pretty versatile once you learn the basic concepts of the steam engine.

                you don’t have to just use water:

                on closed loop feed-back systems you can also use anti-freeze in cold arctic climates instead of water

                and even various grades of light oil in extremely hot climates instead of water

                check out the TESLA TURBINE – IT WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THIS APPLICATION it’s an incredible 100 year old invention by Nikola Tesla it works with pressurized air, water, oil positive in-flow and is very efficient then and now.

                just google closed loop hvac heating systems for the diagrams and specs of working systems.

                • What HP ratings can be purchased?

                  • it depends @kev2 on the component factors of your design and it’s level of efficiency ratio:

                    pressure mass + cylinder + transmission drive = torgue

                    then add in fly wheels, gears , drive train , generator etc

                    you can start by lookin at the 12KW to 15KW POWER GENERATORS for large steam pumps and 12-15v truck alternators for smaller

                  • @kev2 CONT…

                    or look at 12v-15v 1.2-2.5kw truck alternators for smaller steam engines.

                    just remember to use the proper rated continual use heavy duty alternators, wire connectors and wiring that can handle the electric loads or they will melt and burn.

                    good luck.

                    • Bugsy—-

                      Here’s the engine that going to revolutionize modest power-plants, for generators/motorcycles…and perhaps ultralite aircraft…Enjoy:

                      ht tps://

                  • bugsy

                    I’m a retired power plant guy. If I hit the lottery I would have a small one to tinker with.

                    No doubt about it: Tesla is the man.

                    • @kev2 … Respect.

                      really? too funny… ;0)

                      it me who should be asking you ?’s then @kev2

                      hey have you ever thought about the magnetic power generators tesla played with?

                      i know they work with access to power the keeps them moving past the magnetic resistance that exists between the n-pole and s-pole magnetic field of magnets , and i do believe i solved the standalone self power problem with the magnetic resistance between the north and south pole middle variance in the magnetic field of the magnets.

                      my solution works! i plan to test it further this summer once it’s warm to work outside.

                      have you ever put any thought into it @kev2?

                      just curious, as i’m seriously now into this stuff.

          • Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

            I have had many – many generators but the above one is by far the best of the best. I know it is expensive but it is worth every penny. I have over 2,000 hours on one I bought 10 years ago. The place where I had it serviced a couple of years ago said it is good to go for at least another 2,500 hours.


            • Skeptic,for a natural/short term event a genny tied into panel safely to run say a little heat/water fine,reall problems arise the noise/lights will attract a “bad element”.For quite longer term itemshit mother earth news and builditsolar,both sites have inexpensive/homemade stuff,do like the rocket stoves though have yet to build one.A poster Genius does solar inst all work and has been willing to answer ?’s,good luck with your research/projects.

            • Hondas are excellent. We restored a 1972 Onan 4.5kW generator and they last forever too. This one runs at 1800rpm and is real quiet. It weighs 350 pound though.

              Too bad there are no American made items like the old cast iron Onans being made anymore…

        • Bugsy is right – in a long term SHTF scenario, due to the noise. However, in other situations, I think they are advisable. I just have a Champion. You need to make sure it has surge capacity for when your fridge starts up. In a short term SHTF scenario, such as when the power went out in 2003 all over the east for a couple days. I was in suburban Toronto with my brother in law, and no one was even close to raping and pillaging the house because we had a generator running. Now, if it had been a WEEK, and people were starting to starve, different story. BUT, by that time, my gas would probably be starting to run out anyway. Of course, your milage will vary depending on the neighborhood, the situation, etc.

          In sum, I see it as useful for tornado, hurricane, short term outages, etc. Long term SHTF, no, and therefor Bugsy is right.

        • I have two 5000 watt generators (gas) wired into electrical system. I just plug them in the 240 volt plugs. They’re good for small, localized, short lasting SHTF scenarios. However, you’re always limited by fuel.

          However, the longer the scenario, the more susceptible you are to theft.

      21. No mention in the article that Russia warned Europe long ago that if Ukraine stole gas from the pipeline, gas transit through Ukraine would be shut down. Apparently, the EU forgot or didn’t think Ukraine would do such a thing, AGAIN.

        Dumping the dollar and buying gold is a smart thing to do. Is the EU worried that governments that put their own country first represent a threat to the EU?

        • I agree James. The gas hasn’t been turned off, yet, or we would have heard more crying. Just moans now. Its kind of like a horse I had that tried to step on your foot when trying to saddle her. She would search for your foot with hers, find it, then lean onto it. Putin is searching, not leaning, yet. Quickly needing a pipeline through Greece to pick up Russian gas in Turkey makes me wonder if the Keystone XL obstructionists have their work cut out for them or will it be that that pipeline is different. Pipeline politics who would have thought. Rubles for the gas, Kroners for the transit.

      22. russia at the moment is still mobilizing 5 new brigades and arming their forces. projected finished time line 2018-2020.

        the russians and chinese are taking a defensive stance and will only invade the countries on it’s borders where zog amerikan troops have boots on the ground or the zog cia puppets al-cia-duh isis or maiden nazi posers threaten russian sovereign interests or nationals.

        like in the ukraine where the masked russsian blank uniformed russian spetznaz/ paratroopers/ Armour, plus chechen and other pro-russian foreign mercs fight for the ukraine pro-russian partisan rebels and zog amerikan u.s. military special forces and black-water private military contractor mercs are going head to head right now as you read this in the south east donas, ukraine.


        zog amerika and the e.u. with the help of illuminati nwo zog nazi jew billionaire george soros THE FAMILY ROTHSCHILD EVIL MINION AND GLOBAL TERRORIST AGENT PROVOCATEUR have only themselves to blame as russia rightfully acts to defend it’s sovereign borders from zog amerikan cia aggression and zog cia false-flag created civil war.



        • Ополченцы показали ОБСЕ американское оружие, захваченное в аэропорту Донецка

          15.01.2015 – 14:57
          Ополченцы показали ОБСЕ американское оружие, захваченное в аэропорту Донецка | Русская весна

          Ополченцы Донецкой народной республики нашли в донецком аэропорту, где находились украинские силовики, оружие американского производства, заявил в четверг на пресс-конференции глава ДНР Александр Захарченко.

          «Мы нашли оружие американского производства… Ну как вы думаете, если вы в аэропорту находите винтовку М-16?» — сказал Захарченко.

          Американское оружие, обнаруженное в оставленном силовиками новом терминале донецкого аэропорта, продемонстрировано наблюдателям ОБСЕ, сообщил заместитель командира ополчения Донецкой народной республики Эдуард Басурин.

          «Там найдена американская винтовка М-16, пулемет — все по одному экземпляру. А также пистолеты, в частности браунинг.

          Больше всего настораживают патроны со стальными сердечниками и разрывные пули, которые запрещены всеми конвенциями. Мы продемонстрировали их наблюдателям ОБСЕ, которые также посетили аэропорт», — рассказал Басурин.

          Начиная с 9 января в Донецке, после недолгого перемирия, опять стали раздаваться взрывы, а в сводки полиции и МЧС вернулись данные о человеческих жертвах и разрушениях.

          Спикер парламента ДНР Андрей Пургин назвал происходящее «стремительной эскалацией конфликта»: если раньше стороны рапортовали о 10–20 столкновениях на линии соприкосновения, то теперь в день фиксируется около сотни обстрелов и перестрелок, сообщил он.

          translated by bugsy

          01/15/2015 – 14:57
          Militia showed OSCE American weapons seized at the airport in Donetsk | Russian Spring

          Militia Donetsk People’s Republic found in Donetsk airport, where the Ukrainian security forces, American-made weapons, said Thursday at a press conference, the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko.

          “We found the weapons of the American production … Well, what do you think, if you’re in the airport is M-16 rifle?” – Said Zakharchenko.

          American weapons discovered in an abandoned siloviki new terminal Donetsk airport, demonstrated OSCE observers, the deputy commander of the militia Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin.

          “There is found the American M-16 rifle, machine gun – all in one copy. As well as guns, in particular browning.

          Most alarming cartridges with steel cores and exploding bullets, which are banned by all conventions. We showed them the OSCE observers, who also visited the airport, “- said Basurin.

          Starting from January 9 in Donetsk, after a brief truce, again were heard explosions, and a summary of the police and Ministry of Emergency Situations return data on human casualties and destruction.

          Parliament Speaker Andrew DNR Purgin called the events “rapid escalation of the conflict”: if earlier reported about 10-20 side collisions on the contact line, now a day is fixed about a hundred attacks and shootings, he said.

          from Rusvesna

        • Bingo James and Bugsy. Nice to see some others here wide awake to the facts. Thx for sharing.

        • I am glad to see that you are well and as always in fine form Nina O.


          • “Who’s is Nina.O.?”

            lol ;0)

            ;0p pssszzt

            • 🙂


      23. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. But…..

        • But what… But what exactly?

      24. Russia ,nor China for that matter, have no interest in invading the European cabal…
        Lithuania is a member state of is nearly all of Europe and most of the former Soviet bloc nations…

        one exception is Switzerland..

        who definitely tipped over the currency baskets 2 days ago..

        Now that’s where the real skirmishes and wars are ensuing, and future wars will occur, as we speak…

        currency/trade wars..


        • If they invade the EU, does that mean they have to take over all their debt?

          I can see the conquerors now: “Who wants Greece, Portugal or Spain?”

          “Not me! Not me!”

      25. For all the US pussies who have never been up against an equal or superior foe, due to only EVER coming in to a fight when it is almost over…YOU CANNOT fight the Russians NEVER…They will kick anyone’s teeth in, in a fight.
        The Lithuanian army is non existent they have NO chance against millions of tough highly trained and armed to the teeth Russian soldiers.
        So please SHUT your pork holes up…Thank you

      26. Getting off the subject.

        I saw American Sniper last night.

        And I will say this I highly recommend that you DO NOT take your children to see this unless you want them TRAUMATIZED.

        It is a very good movie that CLINT EASTWOOD directed.

        If you want a tasted of what our troops had to go threw in IRAQ, and AFGHANISTAN this is it.

        You will see SAVAGERY, and EVIL at its best.

        I am a retired firefighter from a major city with almost 40 years of service 4 of them in IRAQ.

        I am pretty hardened.

        I am not ashamed to say that I teared up a few times watching this movie.

        I had to pull over to the side of the road a few times going home and weep.

        So when you see a VET particular the ones that were IN THE SHIT.


        Because seeing what they saw you can not walk away from this without being SCARED in some way.

        To CHRIS KYLE I know you are in a good place THANK YOU for your service.


        To you NAVY WHOOOYA !

        To you ARMY Ohhhhh!


        A Foot Note :

        The MIDDLE EAST IS ON FIRE………….




        WILL THE WEST BE ON FIRE ??????????????????


        Straight Shooter Out

        • Thanks for posting this!

      27. If only good folks would research WHY HITLER INVADED POLAND in 1937 and why did France England declare 1938 war on Germany and started massive aerial relentless bombing of German cities. History repeats itself. Russians were about to get suckered into invading Ukraine and the trap did not work. There will be WWIII and and the JoJos will make it happen again

        • It is all up to ROME that’s D.C.

        • First of all, try to get your facts straight, Germany invaded Poland in September, 1939. It was also in September 1939 that France AND England declared war on Germany. France England has never been a country. As far as massive aerial bombing, well, how the fuck ELSE do you drop bombs, from a fucking submarine? And the massive bombing didn’t begin until 1943 when the US 8th Air Force arrived in England. Jesus, I can’t tell who the bigger idiot is, you or the 4 dumb fucks that actually agree with you.

        • Fuck that. We are DONE. Got that? We have sunk so low that we don’t even know which way is up.

          The USA is DONE. Get a GRIP on REALITY…

      28. All these so called terrorist attacks, and terrorist cell arrests are no more than camouflage to pre-position martial law troops and get people used to seeing troops everywhere no more, no less. A gut feeling is TPTB are about to plug the plug on the world as we know it. The dressing up of our LE is nothing more but the same, get people used to seeing it all over the place. Something huge is coming! The NWO is stepping up the microphone right now and is preparing to speak. Like it or not it is about to happen, new world government and new world currency, oh there will be resistance to start, from some, but it will not last long, because we that resist are not organized (they know all too well) and are but a few, but OH THEY WILL KNOW WE WHERE HERE!!! All this is MHO.

        • While the tactics the black population use rioting and looting is wrong and illegal and the specific cases that fueled their violence may be questionable at best, one thing is for sure: They damn sure get attention.

          A lot more eyes are on deaths at the hands of law enforcement.

          The great question is why can’t the system in the USA, work as its supposed to? The concept of Equal Protection Under The Law is a cornerstone of American Jurist Prudence.

      29. That little Honda genny is too much$ that thing is super quiet though brother had one and sold it it was so worn the electric cord would fall out of socket but the thing is like a suitcase to carry it is kick ass. I have a Chinese clone that is the same as an older honda it’s nice starts 1 pull but hard to move around. I’m focusing on things that don’t need electric to work. Have manual hand tools like augers files hack saws bolt cutters tin snips. Figure I can reduce my need for electric oh got those solar walkway lights a small solar panel to charge my deep cycle battery. Plenty of fire wood in my area have a shed full of split dry wood would like to get a good crosscut saw for processing by hand got an electric chainsaw now it works great.

        • I like the way you roll, assman…

          I have been gathering all the antique hand tools I can for the collapse of the grid, too.

          Get rid of the electric saw if you use firewood and stock up on gas and a good chain saw. They are only good for kindling and not heating wood. I have a 254XP Husqvarna for 20+ years that has cut hundreds of cords without a burp.

          As far as getting a crosscut saw for firewood, I think that is a good idea…if you’re a young buck. I got an antique single man crosscut for hardwood that can be switched to two man by moving the upper handle, and I rue the day I have to use it to survive…brutal work.

          I think a poster (warchild?) on here has a newer version of one of these but for me, it’s just “saw porn” and I hope my gas never runs out.

      30. F*** the anti-gunners; they’re the walking dead, already.

      31. I am not trying to preach to anyone but I found this to be quite interesting.
        Please read it to the end and answer the question in the comments section. This could be interesting.
        2 Timothy 3 New International Version (NIV)

        3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

        6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9 But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.

        This was written over a thousand years ago.

        You don’t have to be religious to see that we are already at this point.
        Reread the last sentence. The internet is making it possible to see their folly. Could this be why the government is proposing new laws to censor the internet.?

        • good post

      32. Sorry folks. Europe has already been invaded. The commies have carried out their plan to destroy sovereign nations through multiculturalism and diversity. Same here. The plan was invented in the late 1920’s by Italian Antonio Gramsci. The modern plan is called the Rivkin Project. Google it. You are already done for.

        • If you think about it, basically all of Hitler’s objectives have been achieved. One continent, run by Germany; National *socialism* (read the planks adopted by the National Socialists, Feb. 1920 – just google it), and you will see the exact socialism ‘Dolf and his buddies prescribed. Book burnings? The radical homosexuals and their brownshirt speech and thought police are in charge there. Gestapo? Just use the anti-terror laws, such as the Brits prosecuting people in England who don’t pay their TV tax under **anti-terror** laws!

          Socialism has been murdering people since day one under Robespierre, always for “the common good” of course. Dr. RJ Rummel of U of Hawaii puts the number perhaps as high as 170 MILLION last century.

          • Test:

            Why do you call it socialism? Communist Russia, socialism? Communist China, socialism? Communist Cuba, socialism?

            170 million people killed because of socialism? Bolshevik jew COMMUNISTS in Russia butchered millions upon millions, and Dr. Rummel calls them socalists; and you repeat it?

            Must be easier to roll socialist off your tongue then call communism, communism. Dr. Rummel a history professor in Hawaii? No wonder our kids know nothing about truth.

            • Granny, I would rather that kids learn NOTHING about history rather the stupid, blind hatred you’re constantly frothing at the mouth about all the time along with your religious bullshit about THE END IS COMNG! REVELATIONS COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU! Your brand of poison is a little too creepy for kids to hear, NOW, cue the ” oh, I’m a poor little old lady who’s being STALKED by the joooooooooooooos for telling the truth crap”.

              • You are not a hillbilly, you are a shill. FUCK off and DIE you ASSHOLE…

            • I call it socialism the same reason the Soviet Union’s full name was the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. Bolsheviks were both Jews and non-Jews – fact you seem to miss. Was Stalin Jewish? Kruschev? Brezhnev? Andropov?

              And yes, various flavours of SOCIALISM – including your beloved National SOCIALISM – is responsible for the mass of deaths last century. As noted elsewhere, the war between the National Socialists and the Soviets was internecine – similar to the almost nuclear war between Russia and China in the late 1960.

              The late Dr. Rummel was indeed a professor at U of Hawaii. Your point is non-sequitur.

              I will no longer be responding to your comments, nor even reading them, as – I don’t mean to be rude here – but they are generally ill-informed, and not worth spending the time even reading, let alone responding to.

              Finally, as I have demonstrated numerous time, and you have never answered, your Nazis were in the same bed as the communists – both socialists. If you had the intellectual honesty, you would read the planks adopted by the Nazis at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920.

      33. Remember George C Scott in Patton?

        “Brad, give me three days and I’ll start a war with these sons of bitches and make it look like its their fault”.

      34. The Russians Are Coming. Movie.

        “Emergency, everybody to get from street”.

      35. Personally, I think we need a manual how to survive the leftist/Alinsky-Antonio Gramsci-Frankfurt School invasion of the formerly free republic of the U.S.

        Oh wait. We have Guess that will do

      36. Russia will not invade Europe. That is U.S. fear mongering. This isn’t about Ukraine or the annexation of Crimea either. It’s about global economic collapse. We’re seeing it accelerate right now. The elites in the U.S. that own 95% of the wealth are terrified a break down in social order and consequent civil war will result. Not only resulting in the loss of their wealth and power but a French style revolution removing them from their heads! This is also the case in most developed countries and developing countries globally. Switzerland and now France are decoupling from the World monetary system and whose next. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan? The dominoes are beginning to fall.
        This is also why the huge push for gun control has occurred since a Communist was put in the White house.
        As a side note please read “Savage Continent” by Keith Lowe. A history of Europe after WW2, from 1946 to 1949.
        Happy Trails.

      37. The US is more commie than Russia. Russia is not where I would want to live, but this place is really screwed up now. And no end in sight for the Marxist nonsense coming out of Washington.

        • I had an older student from Russia a few years ago, who mentioned that they have a flat tax, and overall taxes were h was MUCH less than the US (I was in the US at this point, not Canada).

          Who again is more communist???




        • I just this very moment realized the answer to my question! The reason Russia desires to invade EU is that the Russian’s desire to assume the EU’s and the West’s MASSIVE CRIPPLING EVER-INCREASING DEBT.

          Just kidding?

          • Alberto, did you just have a gay moment as well?

            • Hey renee, you sound like a guy trying to use a female alias. I think YOU must b a GAY Nazi! LOL!

              • Good one there! I’m giving ya a thumbs up:)

      39. Lithuanians are generally a pretty smart people. Their education system still requires critical thinking skills along the lines of the Trivium. This means the general population won’t swallow the same concentration of BS that Westerners do.

        The Poles are too much like the Brits in personality and temperment to be much use to anyone in a battle against the NWO.

        Several of the countries such as Romania that have had their gas supply cut off have populations that have mostly already switched to the wood supplies they’ve been storing in anticipation of such an event for a while now. Remember they are much closer to the ground as regards events the last couple of years in Ukraine. Also joining the EU has not brought them the milk and honey promised. They understand Communism gut deep in a way that people who never yearned to shed the Soviet yoke cannot. The iron fell within our own lifetimes & those in their prime (30’s & 40’s) won’t willingly subjugate the ideal of freedom in return for empty promises again.

        The loot of the lower level dictators and puppets beholden to the NWO is now up for grabs. The parasites at the top of the pyramid are currently cleaning house and swooping up yet more wealth with the advent of the Swiss banking crisis. The loss of the Swiss elite protected status as a safe haven, is the true threat to us all right now. What remains of the Euro states will be trampled on in the next few months.

        Read between the lines of this report & your conclusions are unlikely to be pretty.

      40. Europe is in serious trouble – a currency plus an energy crisis have hit smack bang in the middle of winter.

        I’m grateful at the moment to be in the UK rather than the European mainland, but cannot pretend that residing here earns me anything more from a brief reprieve from the juggernaught that’s hurtling towards us.

      41. Racial pride is not racism I don’t buy into the melting pot crap my wife has a friend who has kids with a black man and mom is white the kids look like black children they are teenagers now they have no racial identity I don’t know what to make of it her friend is a hard worker and barely makes it I have respect for her . Her kids are lazy and she does all the work they back talk her all the time .they grew up in the hood as they call it .they treat my wife and me with respect but not there mom . I honestly don’t know how she does it her oldest son looks white someone tried to kill him he was shot and had to piss in a bag for a while is it because he looks white. I don’t know there is this culture of who is the baddest in the streets. I don’t get involved. But it seems to me if these kids had work to do they wouldn’t have time for trouble.

      42. OH, give me a break!

        It’s a Dog and Pony Show for the “pesants.”

        When gthe U.S. Feds vs. Russia (Putin), and THEN the next day, sells rockets to the Russians, you KNOW it’s a joke!

        They are laughing at We, THE People!

        The easiest – the greatest Survival Manual, given to their people, both sides, ALL sides, is NOT to have a war. It the leader even cared a shit about us. BUt you can bet your a@#*%* that the politicians have underground bunkers for themselves, and have stocked them well…thus the shortage of fresh water and nourishment.

        They’re rotfltaf!

      43. Definetly in the end times it’s crazy all the things going on its hard to get kids to behave even if you do everything right they are too empowered to stand up and get their way and they want it all now. Rome wasn’t built in a day seems instant satisfaction is more important than taking the time for better rewards. I’ve tried to show my son how to do some things and he says that’s boring and simple. I say yes just the way god intends it to be. They are teaching him in school something called coding on his computer they said he is very good at it . I said really how is this gonna help him take care of his family and property they couldn’t really tell me just that it’s the new thing for the future. They don’t teach them how to hand write they said it isn’t readable anyway. Printing is good enough. I think his education is shit but I can’t afford private school for him. The school dept has an agenda to raise the kids for future jobs that are sure to make them dependent on a system with no learning real life useful skills to help them save $ too just another user making code language for computers these kids will throw away their freedom in a second .me I hate technology stuff I’m not looking forward to cars that drive you and you don’t control them. That sucks this is where they want to take us. This is not exciting to me I like a simple life. Who knows if we will make it that far I hope not. Don’t care for progress like this. There is no jobs now and this coding will help develop robots to do the work for the rich people. Teaching kids to work themselves out of a job.

        • Superb coders will be needed to hack the control towers for the drones that will come for us some day.Your kid has a skill that if developed properly may someday save lives.

          No point moaning about the schools unless you are prepared to make the lifestyle changes needed to home educate. This is now easier than it has ever been thanks to the advent of remote & home methods of working and online resources.

          FREE materials to get you started.
 For literacy and critical thinking.
          khan academy for maths and science
          Most areas have a local home ed group where parents swap skills for things like modern foreign languages and motor mechanics.

          You’ll probably have to lose the company car & figure out a whole new way to make a living, but how much pollution do you think one developing mind can take before it’s fooked forever? On a serious prepping note home schooling means you never have to worry about going to collect your child from school only to find they’ve already been put on a bus to some NWO camp. It also keeps your family whole and intact, and means you’ll avoid the whole bad attitude phase when they hit puberty.

          I have a kid with a few disabilities and sadly had to put him in a big city school for a few years to access certain therapies he needed. Boy did I make him work hard at those therapies to get things done in as short a time as possible! Once that was done, I pulled him out, and relocated to somewhere sensible.

          • Just imagine if your kid was 13 years old girl and up in a city school over 60% black males.

      44. Change we can believe in is the trashing of American’s Constitutional rights. Our present rapidly expanding police state installed to keep us safe from terrorists. Total annihilation of personal privacy with every aspect of private communication open to scrutiny. All this with negligible pushback from the populace. There can be no joining of opposition to concentrate those with like minds because of the spying. The opposition must hit the streets by the millions for any chance to limit and reverse the tyranny. Will they kill us all? I wouldn’t put it past them, but there really is no other choice. We’re all going to exit this life eventually, so why not leave fighting for something that means a livable future without all the usury and bloodshed.

      45. Sister in law lives in New Hampshire and home schools her kids they live out in the sticks. Brother in law seems to think he’s gonna shelter the kids from the world he’s a good guy but I don’t see this happening they are moving to Vegas I said to her are you nuts she says she is sick of the mountain I said I think your making a big mistake by going out there to the desert. But she is thick headed like my wife. He wants to stay in nh but she said that is where she is going so he has to transfer to the desert. But home school is a good idea but my wife doesn’t want to do it. At the beginning of the last school year one day I went to the bus stop to get my son there was only one other parent that day it seemed odd. Well we waited 35 mins and no bus so I said to her maybe we should make a call to school she agreed but before we could another parent drove up saying the school is on lockdown and the kids were locked inside and she was going over there. So I called the school and they said that someone sent something in the mail with a powdery substance and that everything turned out to be fine nothing to worry about. And the bus would bring em home now. I said how come you didn’t call me they said they didn’t want all these parents to come to the school and cause hysteria. it was on the news and everything. That is a terrible feeling hearing all this and the school not notifying me. They get all the mail now at the school dept now first then bring it to school. I’m still not happy about this and the front doors to the school are unlocked all some sicko has to do is walk through the front door take a right turn and there is a cafeteria full of unarmed kids to attack . I tried to talk to the superintendent but he was never there and would not return my phone calls. They teach the kids to hide under their desks if there is an intruder a lot good that will do they refuse to arm anyone in the faculty . I would love to have another way to school my kids. But I work 60 hours a week and I’m too tired to do much more after that. Home school is a good thing . I told my son if any thing goes wrong at school to and he sees an oppertunity to escape to take it don’t worry about getting in trouble . He is a smart kid and he understands what I mean.

        • When my youngest son was in 4th grade, I was picking him up from school everyday. One day As I was coming up the street I noticed yellow tape around the school property. There was a police officer at the corner. He must have read the look on my face, he just said, “everyone is fine, there was a bomb threat and the students are all at the firehouse. You will need an ID to pick up your student”. It was frigid that day and my concern at that time was those little kids (K-4) had to run to the firehouse, about 1/2 mile away in the freezing cold. When I picked up my son, he had his coat and book bag. The school adman. had the children get their things before they walked them over to the firehouse. Then I was upset that they took the time to allow them to get their things. A bomb threat?, get the kids out of there NOW.

      46. The title to this article is misleading, only Lithuania has issued the survival manuals. The manuals are not issued to all EU citizens, unless you consider wrongly that Lithuanian citizens constitute the whole makeup of the EU.

      47. The bank down the street has a security guard standing out front with a bullet proof vest and a gun on his hip to protect the banks $. But the school don’t have a guard to protect children which are not replaceable like $ is. That is the sentiment around here that $ and property needs to protected by gun but self preservation is secondary. This is how stupid things are. If someone was robbing my truck in my driveway I’m not gonna shoot them. I’m gonna let the police get em only if they force their way into my house will I let em have it. I hear people talk about protecting their possessions by the muzzle at the gun range. I think they are stupid. They can go to jail . I’m only gonna attack if the threat is trying to enter my house. At this point my family’s safety is in jeopardy. These are the younger people at the range that say this stuff. They are the gun snobs to me. I like the older folks there they have the right attitude . I would go to another range but there isn’t many close by . It was good for a while but now the snobs have taken it over it seems even the older folks don’t go there as much. I’d like to find out where they are going. I’m so sick of the ar15 and glock fanboys really. Was gonna go over there today and blast but last couple of times there got an attitude by the staff and I was looking at pistols for sale and couldn’t get any help. So I bought it somewhere else. They lost the sale I dropped $550 on one. I don’t recommend the place unless your a gun snob then you will love it. I think they forgot about it being a business it’s become a hangout for the snobs.

      48. I would like to get a nice chainsaw a good saw will run about $500 for a farm grade one sure would beat the electric one if i need to process a lot of wood .for me tools are where it’s at .wife says I’m like an old man with all these tools I said that’s fine honey. I have the tools every homeowner should have if they are smart and want to save $ doing things yourself. I’ve saved thousands doing the labor myself. Bought vacations guns saved $ because of it. I’ve paid for some things like my new roof this was a big job for just myself and decided to just have the pros do it. Got a good price on it. And they haul the debris away. A lot of people underestimate the tool aspect of preparing. They have a food water shelter mentality . How about a siphon for getting gas or bolt cutters to cut locks or tin snips and pop rivets to fabricate custom things from sheet metal . ya I know duct tape is the fix all right . I don’t think so

      49. And Russia would invade a NATO country why, exactly? Putin isn’t retarded, if there is ever a scenario in which Russian troops actually do roll into either Lithuania or Poland the entire world will be engulfed in a shit storm of pretty epic proportions. And if things ever really do get that bad, I’m not so sure that those Russian troops might not be welcomed rather than fought.

      50. For that cold, I didn’t see cannibis offered.
        It is used for cancer patients. I take it every day to boost my immune system.
        Should knock that cold or whatever on it’s butt. Then take it every day.
        Two tablespoons every two hours for that flu/cold.

      51. OOps! That’s HEMP OIL. Buy it in bulk, like a gallon.

      52. These booklets will be good for toilet paper when the collapse comes.

        And besides, Europe will merge with the former Soviet Union soon enough, so these booklets will be totally useless otherwise. The Eurps’ will be happy to merge with Russia to continue their survival. If Russia does march on Europe, think of the American Army liberating Paris in WWII.

      53. Jesus crept and wept, what is this, 1982?

        About half a dozen tourists can completely fuck up a country these days if they really want to. Use your imagination.

        Better think long and hard before you start invading people all willy-nilly.

      54. The Russians “cut off 60% of their gas supplies to Europe in the middle of winter.”

        No they didn’t.
        That was an erroneous story published in the Daily Mail, and rehashed by ZeroHedge and GlobalResearch without checking. Now you’ve done it too.

      55. Neocon warmonger bullshit to justify whatever “pre-emptive” measures the US/NATO aggressors want to take against Russia.

        Do you want to see a manual for how the “we are always the white hats” and “Russia is always the black hat” is done? Since 1983 the USG has used the same sort of propaganda against the US people that it uses abroad.

        Check out Robert Parry, The Victory of ‘Perception Management,’ at

        This warmonger black hatting of russia forgets a few things. Russia has much more land than it has population to manage it. It is enormously rich in mineral wealth. Its technology is at least as good as Europe’s. What do the Euro-Peons have that Russia needs? Napoleon and Hitler attacked Russia first. How did that end for them?

      56. This article is neocon warmonger propaganda bullshit.

        Its purpose is to secure the target audience’s agreement and support with whatever pre-emptive measures the bankster lackey US and NATO deploy against Russia.

        Do you want to see a manual for who, what, where and how it is done? Check out Robert Parry’s article, The Victory of “Perception Management,” in the consortium news of December 28, 2014.

        The propaganda bullshit overlooks a few facts. Of course, it presumes we are too ignorant to know these facts. By area, Russia is the largest nation. Across 1,000 years it has always had too few people to manage its landmass. It is enormously rich in minerals, oil, gas and timber. Its technology is at least as good as the West’s. (When the Space Station had a glitch, the astronauts sought refuge in the Russian part) Russians have seen war up close and personal, at least as badly as any European population. Finally, Napoleon and Hitler invaded Russia–how did that end for them?

        Who has been the planet’s most egregious warmonger for the last 65 years? Hint: their head of government sits in the White House, not the Kremlin.

      57. The USA with all its military bases over Europe does not want the EU building up trade links with Russia and this is why they are now doing all they can to start a war over here in the Ukraine so we get to buy over priced crap like the F-35 from Zionist owned corporations that are based in the USA.

        Time to remove the occupation force, time for Yanks to go home and to leave Europe alone because they are more trouble than they are worth.

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