Report: President Trump looking To RELEASE The CIA JFK Assassination Files Despite Intelligence Community Fears

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    JFK Checks Out an M15

    Despite reported pleas from the intelligence community to delay their release, President Trump is set to declassify the tens of thousands of remaining CIA documents relating to the JFK assassination, according to a report by longtime Trump friend and adviser Roger Stone.

    Stone, who is also an Infowars correspondent, spoke to the president Thursday about the issue as well as the fears of some within the CIA over the files pending release.

    “Yesterday I had the opportunity to make the case directly to the President of the United States, by phone, as to why I believe it is essential that he release the balance of the current redacted and classifeid JFK assassination documents,” Stone detailed in an appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

    “He was all ears,” Stone continued. “The president believes in transparency, he believes in the public’s right to know.”

    Stone stressed that Trump didn’t specifically tell him that he had planned to release the files, but the way he took the information in and his past beliefs on the subject made it seem highly likely that he was leaning towards their release.

    During the interview Stone also detailed the fact that the CIA doesn’t want the files released and why this may be the case.

    “A very good White House source, not the president, told me that the Central Intelligence Agency, specifically the CIA director, have been lobbying the president furiously to not release these documents,” he noted.

    “Why? I believe they show that Oswald was trained, nurtured, and put in place by the CIA, it sheds very bad light on the deep state – the same characters trying to take down our president right now.”

    As it has gotten closer to their possible release, there haven’t just been ramblings in the intelligence community as mainstream authors of books that point to Oswald as the lone gunman have also publicly wrote about their worry that “experts” would not be able to dissect the documents before the public are able to read them.

    An article in the establishment Politico Magazine by two mainstream JFK authors, Philip Shenon and Larry J. Sabato, quotes Stone about the CIA’s worry while also adding worry of their own.

    As it stands now, the document release this month will be a logistical nightmare, with the public suddenly flooded with a huge online library of documents—tens of thousands in total—that will be, at first, mostly incomprehensible even to experienced students of the assassination. The National Archives, abandoning its plans to release the documents in batches over the course of several months, said this week that it will instead release everything at once—all on the same day—sometime between now and the deadline on October 26.


    With everything made public at once, pandemonium is all but guaranteed, since major news organizations around the world will want to know, almost instantly, what is in the documents that is new and potentially important. And there will simply be no way for historians and other researchers, even those with a special knowledge of the Kennedy assassination, to make any authoritative judgment as they try to page through tens of thousands of pages of files all at once.

    Sadly but understandably, the result will be that many journalists and others will either reach overly hasty, cherry-picked conclusions from individual documents or throw up their hands, assuming that the confusion over the documents is simply more proof of why it is impossible to know the full truth about JFK’s death—precisely the sort of cynical response the authors of the 1992 law had hoped to avoid. The 1992 law was itself a response in Congress to the furor created by the release the year before of Oliver Stone’s film “JFK,” which suggested that a vast government conspiracy was behind Kennedy’s death.

    Clearly a group within the deep state as well as the entire mainstream media machine do not want these documents released as they have the very real possibility of destroying the lone gunman narrative once and for all.

    We can only hope that Trump does the right thing and releases the files to the public.


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      1. Won’t happen. Everyone on this forum knows the government was behind that shooting. They are not going to let the biggest case in the 20th century be allowed to crack open. When you read about it, it was a cluster f, but they did a damn good job keeping it hush hush. I think mark lane was one of the first that started saying things are not adding up. Now though, we automatically know bs. Like the Vegas shooting.

        • Even if they did release the documents, they won’t give up everything. Back in the mid 1990’s, many documents were “accidentally” shredded…

          Ex-CIA man, E. Howard Hunt, on his death bed, told his son what he knew about the assassination, and it was’nt just Oswald, “the lone gunman”.

          The truth will remain hidden, because it is part of the big web of lies that ensnares us all.

          • My son and I went to see American Made. Tom Cruise played the role of pilot Barry Seal. After 10 minutes of watching that movie I knew something wasn’t right. After the movie was over, I knew something was about to happen concerning not just JFK, but a lot of other “stuff”. Barry Seale was connected to many government secret operations and he was also friends with Oswald. They were both members of a civil air patrol unit beginning in 1955. Follow Barry Seal and you’ll learn a hell of a lot including JFK and so much more. Seale was in Mexico City with Oswald. You’ll learn more about Presidents 41, 42 and 43. 42 when he was gov. of Arkansas, then becomes 42 from an agreement between TPTB. Why he is 41’s son and 43’s brother from another mother. The release of this info I believe is part of trumps plan in draining the swamp. I told the people in this community that DJT is very very smart and do not underestimate him, so don’t. IF these files get released, and there are people right now shaking in there boots because they are very afraid and those same people are working very hard to keep this info dark, it is gonna blow the lid off of some much that people will wanna dismantle the government. Oswald did not shoot Kennedy. He wasn’t even in that room. He did know, however, that it was gonna happen. He was part of that entire operation but what he didn’t realize is that he was set up and being used as the fall guy. What’s peculiar to me is that oswald was actually allowed to publicly answer questions from the press. I know quite a bit about reading body language yet I have never heard any body language experts weigh in on his interview. There is so much that people don’t know and the connections from before that hit to situations that have occurred recently. If these files are released you’ll need an ocean of water to clean up all the shit that’s gonna fly.
            Stay quiet Be smart

            • You make some great points. I just don’t see the ones that are powerful enough to murder a president to allow anything to expose them. I’m hoping you’re right though. I’ve seen Oswald during that press conference many times. That look on his face when a press member says “you’ve been charged with killing the president.” Something like that. Right after the look he’s escorted away. It’s that look on his face that always got me

        • If you get the chance, watch the documentary “The Smoking Gun”. Well done and presents evidence showing the second round that blew JFK’s head apart was from a rook Secret Service agent one car back who stood up holding an AR reacting to the first shot. When they began to speed up to the president’s motorcade, he fell backwards and cranked off a round. President was going to die from the first round anyway but the AR round was what showed his head blowing apart in the Zuprudo film. The absolute stain this would cause to the Secret Service is a big reason they won’t release much. It served the agency well that the Warren Commission came to the conclusion the murder was a “conspiracy”.

          • Silver Lodge.. the Warren Commission threw out and ignored any witness testimony that did not implicate Oswald in JFK’s death.

        • Read the book ‘Final Judgment’ by the late Michael Collins Piper and I am convinced that you will thereafter be convinced that this Roger Stone character is full of bovine excrement.

          The Israeli Mossad and their 5th column of treasonous moles inside the US Government, the CIA and the Meyer (((Lanski))) Mafia organization are who murdered JFK.

          Piper proves it in his book.

      2. Roger Stone runs his mouth too much to believe he is a long time friend of Trump.

      3. Other than an Executive Order to abolish, or at least un-fund the CIA and the FBI, Trump could appoint a Trump associate-approved Director for both that’s more interested in draining the Swamp of other Deep Statists.

        • The CIA is wall streets enforcement arm. The iron triangle will be difficult to penetrate without taking graft, being the unscrupulous use of a politician’s authority for personal gain, out of the equation. Lobby for any purpose is surreptitious at best and leads to acts as witnessed today such as the Clinton Foundation. I have told this to politicians and they responded by saying 99% of us would quit. I responded by saying it is that 1% that we need. What we also need is an Office of Constitutional Compliance with real powers of enforcement. As part of a Constitutional reaffirmation so to speak.

      4. I inherited a Carcano Model 91/38
        rifle that is the same kind kind
        of rifle used to kill Kennedy.that

        It is a POS! I do not believe
        that that without lots and lots
        of practice, Oswald could
        have pulled it off.
        It is not a matter of aim, once you get the mess
        they call a bolt closed it is an accurate rifle.
        The action of the Carcano is so
        “klutzy”, that it is a real pain.
        You could bang the shots out with a
        Mauser, P1917, or Mosin rifle,
        but the Carcano really is BAD!

        It will be interesting to see what
        has been hidden all these years.

        • Rellik, IF the documents are released I’ll bet they won’t be online for long. IF you find a link for them anywhere, click on that link and download them to your computer, USB stick, whatever. If they’re NOT redacted to any degree I’m sure they would make for some very interesting reading.

      5. Go ahead. Would just ratify what we all already know.

        Would not be a shock because we have heard, read, seen the investigative forensic reports over the years; The people who stood to lose the most in a continuation of his presidency. Most investigated murder in history, I think, by the people, in the history of the world.

        The surprise would be the people we never thought…considered…

        Doesn’t it seem like the Las Vegas shooting investigation is traveling a similar trail.

        I wonder if this is a distraction.

        Examine what occurred during and after the assassination in the government from the JFK era and perhaps something similar is occurring now or unfolding, like North Korea?

      6. If released the thousands of withheld pages will not reveal anything the aware and of age public did not already know, namely the truth. This will not touch the actual truth, so really a nothing distraction for other political means. As far as material for fake news, they have kept the truth hidden all along. The complete truth of the Lincoln assassination has not been revealed either.

        • Some say Lincoln wanted to send the blacks to Liberia ? But that wouldn’t desroy us for the British. Who we hated so bad we still drive on the other side of the road. To hit them head on?

          • It would have cost $50 per ex-slave to send them to Liberia. The plan was abandoned because the Lincoln decided it was too expensive.

      7. Many don’t know that three of the wives of the signers Of the Declaration of Independence . Died in British prisons . And you know what that means?

        • Which ones? This is news to me.

      8. Israel was involved in the JFK murder. The USS Liberty washed over by LBJ and the entire US government up to the present day. A tiny middle eastern speck of a nation responsible for Americas destruction. Treason to the ultimate degree. What other truth is hidden at all costs?

        • Aljamo, don’t forget that John McCain’s father was in charge of the coverup over the USS Liberty affair.

      9. rellik;
        I agree.

        I remember the whole thing. When JFK was shot the brain, blood, bone flew out over the trunk of the car. Jackie instantly climbed to the trunk to retrieve a chunk of his skull.
        Shoot a watermelon…. the insides explodes in opposite direction of the shot.
        He was shot from the low angle front right side.

        • that is my conclusion, lbj turned around and faced his buddy right when he blew his head apart.

      10. only one thing the intelligence community fears and thats for their own dirty smelly raunchy sorryasses.

      11. What PIGS! What no American piece of shits that do this and this kind of stuff! DEATH to them as they do death to others who are righteous!!!

      12. People will be surprised to know the elite will purposely reveal truths about events that have occured.
        The world will one day know the U.S. helped finance Adolf Hitler.
        We will one day know the truth about the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations.
        The facts about 9/11 and the fake War on Terror will also be revealed.
        All of the truth will be revealed at the time when the elite feel the world will be ready to turn against the West.
        The fake Khazarian Jews and her allies will
        need to be brought to justice.
        The NWO will come as a global solution for world peace and they will “save” the world from the perceived fake Jew elitist empire.
        Don’t trust Russia because they will have a very key role in bringing about the NWO.

        • P-51 Mustang… the info about the deaths of JFK, RFK and MLK is already out there, at least enough to reach a conclusion of near certainty. JFK it’s right there in blaring common sense. RFK plain as day also, multiple bullet holes in back kitchen walls, multiple witness testimony saying Sirhan was six feet in front of RFK when he was shot. The death shot was behind his head fired from a few inches away. RFK said he was going after the murderers of his brother when elected president which was a lock had he lived. MLK proven to be shot not by James Earl Ray but by government agents from a different direction. A non government court ruled the official story invalid. The government had no reply. Even JFK Jr.’s death was a inside intelligence murder. He wanted to run for president in 2000, his small plane was sabotaged to clear the way for George W. Bush.

          • Aljamo, BTW, JFK Jr. wanted to go after his father’s murderers. THAT was the reason he was killed and “Uncle Ted” arranged it all. Ted Kennedy rose to prominence only ATER his brother’s murder. Whatever Ted knew about the murder he took to the grave with him.

      13. trump also promised that he would reveal the 9/11 truth.

      14. My take: Rellik is correct. My dad bought the same POS rifle from the same sporting goods store in Chicago. I still have it. Elementary physics says K123 is also correct.. the head shot had to come from the front. Please remember Newton’s laws. I suggest the book “Best Evidence” which shows that there was a secret prior autopsy to remove incriminating bullet fragments from JFK’s brain. E. Howard Hunt was clearly involved. LBJ told his mistress the night before that JFK was to be killed. Both the Mafia and the CIA had very real reasons to do this. About two weeks before JFK said that “I will break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter to the wind.” JFK’s refusal to give air support to the Bay of Pigs invasion force earned him the total enmity of the CIA. Well known that at that time the Mafia and CIA worked hand in glove on the Castro “problem,” and RFK’s investigation of the Mafia (after Papa Joe got them to support JFK’s election bid via the labor unions) enraged the Mafia.

        RFK’s killing was necessary in the eyes of the Shadow Government, as if he ever got to the WH he would have sent the perps to prison. I do not have any clear evidence that Oswald was a CIA asset, tho I think it probable that he was, and was used as the fall guy.

        Many years ago my MD uncle was at a medical conference in TX, and had a conversation with the ER MD who was in the ER with JFK that day and clearly stated to my uncle that the neck wound in front WAS an entrance wound. This evidence was obliterated by a tracheotomy. He told my uncle that he routinely treated gunshot wounds in the ER at Parkland and that he knew what he was talking about. Never forget the “magic bullet” placed on JFK’s stretcher at Parkland. Not a scratch on it other than the rifling marks.

        • Read Dr. Mary’s Monkey for the facts and the Truth. It is an easy read and very well written.
          h ttp://

          Forensic investigators have praised author Edward Haslam’s book for the well established proof that he so meticulously lays out.

          This book is not just another theory about the Kennedy assassination, but answers the hardest questions with valuable and thoroughly documented information.

          The proof of the government coverups and the degree of evil that reigns in the highest levels of authority is disturbing beyond belief.

          Mr. Haslam deserves a day in court to present his well-researched evidence of multiple gvmnt coverups.

      15. Just like 9-11, the day after JFK’s murder the newspapers and television broadcast media had the entire story laid out in every detail. Those official stories still stand today.

      16. Their release would go a long way towards healing. If silver certificates for debt free money scared them that bad just wait to see what oil for gold will do.

      17. Trump needs to release the UFO files. THAT would be historic.

      18. Yeah just like the gold backed dinar that Gadaffi or however you spell his name in Libya wanted to back Africa with a gold currency. The killers said no and killed him and stole his oil and gold. Once the highest standard of living in Africa, Libya now a hell hole of fighting factions. What the private bankers excel at and elected criminal governments suck up to. We came, we saw, he died snorkel chuckling. Too bad I can’t say that about that evil witch or Obama who presided over that pure evil.

      19. 50 years ago on this day one hundred thousand people marched on the Pentagon to protest the Vietnam war. Look how far we have come in ending war. How does a large nation of people become this brainwashed and self serving?

        • It’s called loyalty to a “nation”, compliance with civilization. Free people don’t have such hangups. They govern themselves, and defend themselves from those who don’t.

      20. Just like all the moon landing footage a lost. Now NASA states the van allen radiation would damage computers ect and they have to overcome that hurdle. Nasa stated they had the technology in 69 but have lost it and will need to redevelope it? Then never went to the moon and Oswald didn’t kill kennedy.

      21. In other words the CIA will release a bunch of gibberish to further center on Oswald as the lone gunman. The media will fake hail the transparency ending doubts of conspiracy theorists being taken seriously.

      22. aljamo
        Great points that most Americans don’t believe and the U.S. government won’t officially admit.
        Sirhan Sirhan has all the traits of a MKUltra operative.
        And I read JFK juniors plane was rigged with a altitude activated bomb.
        Luggage from the plane was found far away from the crash site and eye witnesses reported seeing a explosion in the sky.
        None of this information has ever been released to the public.

      23. Non-violence (are you listening, brownshirt fascists at Antifa?) is the only way forward for all of us.

      24. A closer look at players in JFK’S murder? Little known connections surrounding 11-22-63 events. Read: Classic Who: GHW Bush and the JFK Assassination at Who.What.Why by Russ Baker. A 10 part piece that reveals some truths that never made the Warren Commission Report. It took me 2 hours to read. The release of CIA withheld papers on October 26 will never reveal these connections.

      25. The Leftist mainstream would “fact check” spin it to “support” their narrative, if it were to be released in its un-redacted entirety (if that ever did exist or even still exists). They’ll say, and their herd will agree with their soft-soaping, that it means nothing. Truth doesn’t matter to the communist Left–or to the “nationalist”-socialist Right wing Establishment either.

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