Report: Is China Preparing For a Land Of Invasion Of the West Coast Of the United States?

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).

    china-invasion-th china-invasion

    When we read the papers or turn on the television (for those of us who have television), hardly a day or two passes by without the mention of new (or ongoing) actions by the Chinese government in a military capacity.  Within the past year alone, China has extended her reach steadily beyond her own territorial waters and nearby sea-lanes.  She has participated in numerous exercises, some of them jointly with foreign nations.  Anyone can clearly witness her aggressive, outwardly expanding policies regarding territory and flexing her muscle.

    The most recent maneuver comes on the heels of the Russian actions in Syria.  China (if you recall) just sent a carrier through the Suez Canal to support Russia’s actions, “against ISIL/ISIS”…whatever the boogeyman/Emmanuel Goldstein is currently labeled.  In reality, China is forming a partnership in a power play that may hold dire ramifications for Western society.  These ramifications are likely to be economic as well as military.

    Joint exercises with Russia began on August 21, 2015, labeled as the “Sea Cooperation: 2015 (II) exercise.  Russia was in charge of the operation that was held in the Sea of Japan just off the coast of Vladivostok, Russia.  The Chinese sent five aircraft, six helicopters, and approximately 500 soldiers to participate in the exercises.  The exercises lasted until August 28 and were the longest cooperative military exercises between China and Russia to date.  The basic objective was to foster coordination and partnership in landing operations and seagoing/naval defenses.

    In this exercise, five Chinese fighter planes were permitted to cross the Russian border for the first time.  Truly this represents a tremendous change between two countries that were in an undeclared state of war for more than half a century.  The frightening thing is this silent objective lodged within the exercises:

    “…the Chinese-Russian exercises [are] mostly pointed toward organization and tactics of military maneuvers in landing operations…”            

    The People’s Daily

    Landing operations.  If the Chinese are not preparing for an invasion of the West Coast of the United States as (or during the) kickoff to WWIII-hostilities, then every military analyst and observer must be wrong.  Superficially it can be to prepare China for the Senkaku Island campaign, which is definitely in the works versus Japan.  The scale and complexity of the maneuvers, however, lends to reason that a much bigger target must be in China’s sights.  We are already aware of Russia’s aggressive stance and unwillingness to back down even with the potential of a conflict with NATO and other allied Western Powers.

    These exercises are much more than merely “force projection,” a term basically to connotate that one side is brandishing its claws and baring its fangs to the other side in a show of capabilities.  These exercises are to develop key command and control networks with Chinese allies for both potential small-scale (Senkaku, Syria, for example) joint operations, as well as long-term plans to eventually invade and conquer a larger nation, such as the United States.

    The operations between China and Russia were the first of their kind with a concentrated focus on both the Sea of Japan and the Mediterranean, focusing on readiness to protect naval straits in close proximity to and far away from the borders of the two countries.  The Chinese just “plopped down” a carrier outside of Syria in which its fighter aircraft will be supporting Russia in the “great war against ISIL/ISIS” that apparently has commenced.

    The Chinese have been developing land-to-ship and ship-to-ship cruise missiles that can effectively outrun all of the U.S. naval defense systems’ capabilities.  The missile is a “carrier-destroyer” that can render an entire naval fleet or carrier group inoperable with a small nuclear warhead (1/4 megaton or even smaller).  The Chinese have been upgrading their submarine fleet’s capabilities in terms of stealth technology, weapons technology, weapons capacity, and range.

    The Chinese (for years, now) have been escalating their cyber attacks, their data theft of military and defense information (most of it classified), and their “probes” of various facets of critical U.S. infrastructure.  To see how this came about, an excellent read is “The Year of the Rat,” characterizing the years of the Clinton administration and how its namesake and cronies enabled the selling of classified defense secrets to Chinese operatives.

    The PRC has been modernizing and expanding all of their military capabilities and their presence in all parts of the world.  They have also partnered with Russia in providing both technological and military assistance to Iran, as well as strengthening that country’s position in dumping the Petrodollar as the unit of exchange.  It is just a matter of time before Iran permits both Russia and China to keep large troop presences and bases inside of her borders, a deterrent to U.S. attack as well as a first-response capability when that eventuality does indeed occur.

    Another key thing to watch is the slumping Chinese economy coupled with the enormous debt owed to China by the U.S.  Does anyone really believe that when and if the Chinese economy is on the brink of collapse/collapses that they’re going to extend to the U.S. one of those hokey “debt forgiveness” ads to write off the money owed by America?  Look at what has been happening in the northwestern states, such as Idaho and Montana.  The governors and the progressive (that’s communist) state legislatures have been turning over huge amounts of land and natural resources to the Chinese.

    The federal and state governments of the U.S. have been using taxpayer funds to allocate the natural resources and land belonging to U.S. citizens as a payment to the Chinese.

    The Chinese are ever growing, ever expanding, and constantly striving to overtake the U.S. in all areas.  As we watch daily, we can see their slow but steady forward progress in successful undertakings toward their goals.  At this rate, it will not be long until those goals are realized.  The only question is when will they take military action against us?  Will it be with economic collapse or will it be swift and sudden in the form of ICBM’s?  One thing is for certain: when WWIII kicks off, the Chinese will play a major role, and not on the side of the United States.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. A World War is inevitable.

        We will see a nuclear exchange in our lifetimes.

        • The Chinese will go after Japan before they ever waste time coming after the US.

          • Agreed. Or Taiwan. The approximate distance from mainland China to California is over 6,500 miles. If they were truly preparing to invade CONUS, how could they possibly get here undetected?

            As an aside, the carrier China sent to support Russia against ISIS their ONLY carrier. They have one, just one. The U.S. by comparison has 19 in service, one in reserve and three under construction. Who would send tens of thousands of troops and materials halfway around the world to invade another super power with next to zero air support?

            • I agree, as far as a conventional war goes, even including Chinas anti-carrier cruise missles, the losses would be too great.
              given the pace of technology, I strongly suspect the new “air power” will be (or currently is..) satellite-based weapons. Picking off 19 large, slow moving surface targets with an orbital weapon should be no big deal for a modern military.

              • “The Chinese are ever growing, ever expanding, and constantly striving to overtake the U.S. in all areas.”

                This is true but the most populated country in the world requires a first tier military to defend its interests. This exercise is most likely designed to overwhelm Taiwan. It is unlikely that they could successfully invade Hawaii.

                And why would they when they can buy it with our own money? 🙁

            • I believe they’ll hit Taiwan first since they’ve been chomping at the bit for decades to crush them, then possibly Japan second. I’d love to think China will never attack us, but I know better. They could be saving us for last for all anyone knows. I don’t doubt they have a tough army that can fight really well but I still question the quality and capability of Chinese military hardware. Is it up to the task? One day we’ll find out the hard way.

              • There is NO advantage for China in a war with US. None. The future of China is North to minerals and water; West to oil & gas; and South to the RICE BOWL of SE Asia.

                Some major markets ie USA and Europe are necessary to keep their citizens employed. A little common sense goes a long way, but it doesn’t catch eyeballs.

                No story here, move along. 🙂

                • I’m afraid I have to go along with DK here. Allow me to defend my position.

                  Something you forgot, JJ, is that the United States JUST SHOWED IT’S ASS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD, IN THE MIDDLE EAST! We just showed EVERY LEADER IN EVERY COUNTRY what we’re capable of.

                  REGIME CHANGES — Nobody wants us to pull one on them. They all have to wonder “AM I NEXT?” And for good reason, they just might be.

                  No JJ, I’m afraid now that the CIA illegal/covert regime changes and other color revolutions we’ve been pulling is out of the bag, the entire world will look at us a lot differently.

                  They all know that we believe we should RULE THE WORLD AND IT SHOULD BE FASHIONED IN OUR OWN IMAGE.

                  So now I ask you JJ — what should they do, if they don’t WANT to be shaped in our image? What if they LIKE the way it is on their sovereign soil?

                  Or better question —WHY SHOULD THEY TRUST US TO LEAVE THEM ALONE? We haven’t left anyone else alone.


                  I’ll forego the long list of regime changes committed by the United States, let’s just agree that the list is too long to be appropriate for a “democratic govt”.

                  Other countries KNOW that we’ve been spying on them, our allies included. Do you think they still feel like our “allies” now?

                  We’ve even been caught spying on UN and NATO private talks. We’ve been caught spying on everybody.


                  Was it just coincidence that France had the Charley Hebdo attack just days after Hollande rebuffed the sanctions against Russia? Maybe not.

                  Venezuela, Argentina and Guatemala all suffered similar attacks on their countries, right after refusing the west their corporate desires.

                  Russia has had a front row seat to our leverages. There are other “coincidences”, I’m sure you all know of one or two.

                  The world knows we were responsible for recent, devastating cyber attacks against other countries, along with Israel.

                  All of our dirty, covert little CIA-instigated and executed tricks are out of the bag for all to see. We’ve even openly ADMITTED to some of them.

                  Our banking system and corporate domination in other countries is out of the bag. They know we’ve been using both as leverage to gain compliance and access to their resources that we think is ours for the taking.

                  THEY KNOW WHAT A DOMINANT BULLY STATE WE ARE, AND EACH LEADER NOW KNOWS IT WAS NOT ONLY THEM WHO WAS VICTIMIZED…they can see the other victims coming out, a few at a time. They are no longer alone, and I believe they’ve been talking amongst themselves about it.

                  They now realize the extent and sheer reach of our treachery.

                  So I ask everyone here —WHAT WOULD YOU, AS A LEADER OF A SOVEREIGN NATION, DO?

                  You’d prepare to defend yourselves. You’d PREP and prep some more, just in case.

                  What China and many other countries are doing is no surprise. They are preparing to survive against a heavily armed, aggressive bully that believes it’s destined to rule the world.

                  Think about THAT. The way the world sees us is changing fast…and we brought it all on ourselves.

                  • Im still waiting for the Kalispell Walfart to become a fema camp as JJ suggested. I guess I should drive down there in a week or so to check again.

                  • Exactly, sixpack.

                • On the contrary: I refer to the “2005 Speech by the Chinese Minister of Defense to Chinese military officers and government officials. Search it and read it.

                  Then: In 2014, in three Western ports and two Eastern ports in the US, Chinese shipment’s of “heavy weapons, ammunition and anti-aircraft shoulder fired missiles have been intercepted, not counting those that were intercepted in the previous years.

                  A few years back in 2013, an American reporter was allowed to cover Chinese amphibious exercises in China. While filming and questioning Chinese soldiers he asked what they were preparing for; the answer from the soldier – we are preparing to attack America. See below.

                  Satellite surveillance has intercepted and pictured Chinese and Russian ships for over two years unloading heavy weaponry, ammunition, even light tanks and armored personal carriers in Mexico on both coasts. This weaponry and heavy equipment has been drive to Mexican salt mines within 100 miles of the US border to shield them from further satellite surveillance. Last summer, in Mexico city, during a national celebration and parade, thousands of Chinese and Russian troops paraded through Mexico City. Remember the Chinese now control the Panama Canal and have thousands of troops stationed there within a few hours flight to the USA.

                  During the last dock strike in California, during an interview with the Chief Customs Officer, he stated: There are at any one time dozens of Chinese cargo ships unloading and dozens more waiting in the channel and outlets to also unload. We check less than 1% of cargo containers due to lack of man power and commerce pressure to move the goods fast. We have intercepted – this is beside the above mentioned interception – dozens of containers with light and heavy weapons, including grenades and other military weaponry. Each ship has from 5000-10,000 of these containers on them.

                  I could go on and on but here is another source – Catholic prophecy, which states the following:

                  God is going to let our enemies punish us severely for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, immodesty in dress, pornography, contraception, etc, but mostly for the “great apostasy” now happening in both Europe and America; for the abandonment of near 2000 years of true doctrine and faith by both the “hierarchy of the Church – up to the TOP” and by the peoples for the creation of a new god made from our own desires, passions and lusts.
                  When all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed, then and only then, when God’s justice has been appeased, then He will intervene and turn the tide, so to speak.

                  America gets attacked from six sides:

                  1. Florida: Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, and several other S American Marxist countries side with Russia. Note: These agreements and plans are already signed sealed and in progress.
                  2. Mexico: Sides with Russia as above.
                  3. Minnesota: Russians and Muslims set out from the interior to sabotage bridges, roads, railways, electrical grid, airports, dams, etc. Note: In Minn. Mich. and the Dakota’s live tens of thousands of Muslims and Russians.
                  4. Pennsylvania: Russians and other (our own Marxist traitor) set out from the East Coast of Pa in an attempt to pass through Pittsburgh area to the interior.
                  5. Alaska: Russians attempt to drive from Alaska to Southern Manitoba Canada in order to reach the Mississippi and cut America in half; however, they are stopped by both American and Canadian forces and civilians at arms.
                  6. California: One million Chinese amphibious landing “with help from within our own government”.

                  Over 100 Catholic mystics, stigmatic’s, visionaries, and saints, have warned of what is shortly to happen, dozens of them from centuries back who specifically mentioned the “20th. century” would bring the absolute abandonment of morality and godliness, shortly followed by a massive God sent “Chastisement” both for the Church and the world.

                  Just to name one of many:

                  Marie-Julie Jahenny: (1850-1941), French peasant girl, mystic, visionary and stigmatic, who revealed, among much more, some details of the massive Russian surprise attack on Europe, which happens at the same time we get attacked. She details the “Three Prong” Russian surprise attack on all of Europe.

                  1. Russia attacks and defeats quickly all the Scandinavian and Baltic countries: Note – this was warned over 75 years ago, and now these countries are presently preparing to be attacked by Russia and have mustered all their reserves and armed forces to their borders.
                  2. Russia attacks through East Germany to France and Spain. Note: The reason Russia needed the Ukraine to move it forces closer to European borders without due notice of their real intentions.
                  3. Russia attacks through and with Iran to the Baltics, Greece, Turkey and then to Italy, defeating all in their path. Note: Pope St. Pius X and St. John Bosco, both foresaw this massive Russian attack in visions given them near 100 years ago.

                  According to many of these mystics and visionaries: Russia had been (is) secretly manufacturing and producing massive numbers or tanks, planes, missiles, and armaments in preparation for this attack in which suddenly “all of Islam sides with Russia” for their revenge on the West and Europe.

                  Blessed Sister Elena Aiello: (1895-1961) Italian mystic and stigmatic, from her revelations and visions states: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her “secret” armies.

                  Sister Lucia of Fatima, known by over one billion people, warned April 7, 1990: Russia, because it was not converted, attacks both Europe and America.

                  In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which her replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities and bases.

                  No electricity, gas, transportation, food, clothes, utilities, for over a year to two years. Nothing but gangs, mobs, neighbors once docile now turned into monsters, starvation on a level never imagined in America leading to widespread cannibalism.

                  From the prophecies and some even very recent in Europe warning of what is about to happen: It seems this is going to come about possibly, possibly by next late spring early summer notwithstanding something else happening in the meantime. WW3 is to be preceded here and in Europe by sudden massive and very violent civil war and revolution for three to four months then when all is in turmoil and chaos – Russia with her allies attacks.


                  “WW3 Prophecies and Visions From Central Europe”

                  Prophecies of Blessed Sister Elena Aiello

                  Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny.

                  We win in the end but over 75% of the world dies.

            • We have 9 n service Mr. Magoo. 9 and `1 in for extended refit and service. 1 new one is under construction We do not have the aircraft carriers that we once had. We are n deep doo doo.


          • I do not know why any one would want Cal. No water and radiation from Japan that will keep hit there first for as long air and water current comes there.

          • What Ignorance?!!!


            And the BIBLE says AMERICA is destroyed 1st!!!!


            And sounds as though you guys/folks need google and read ALL info. on “China, Russia, Iran Relations/Alliance”!!!

            They’ve been prepping for America’s destruction for a WHILE!!!

            Also – google/read up on “Club-K”!!!!

            There’s so much out there — and I don’t have all evening!!!

          • The person who wrote the article is an idiot. Let’s say Charlie landed in California, what next ? They really have any desert training at all ? hahahaha, they think they can proceed east through the open desert hundreds of miles ?? hahahahah

        • The Chinese are too smart to wage conventional war. Their strategy has always been to invade as the “overseas Chinese,” who end up dominating economically. And this invasion is already well under way.


          • how does the chinese dominate economically?

            by buying INFLATED-price houses?
            or by opening grocery stores?

            by opening massage parlours?

            when are they gonna create g00gle or facebook??

            • well for starters take a look at Africa. The Chinese are spending more than America and Europe together in infrastructure, Roads, Factories, communications , and has a vast work force in place.

      2. We the west coast being as liberal as they are it would be my first choice too. With most willing to roll over and be shot and the pro no guns mentality they have removed the very thing that kept Japan out during WWII.

        • Don’t lump us all in with the Northern California types! There are strong pockets of those not asleep out here on the left coast.

          • Uhh then why are you still there?

            • Because dumb ass we live here and we will fight to keep it…. the only Libs are in Seattle. The rest of the state is conservative. Bring it China you will half your troops trying

            • We live in these states because they are where we were born and raised, and not all of us are willing to tuck tail and give up.

              • Dave says: Is the water shortage out there as bad as the news media depicts? I’m asking because it takes a lot of h2o to keep a military invasion going. Please answer. thanks

                • Yes the drought is worse than ever in Cali. Actually have a “water audit” today w/ the local water company in an attempt to increase my water allotment due to a medical condition. Apparently the note from my Neurologist was insufficient.

                • No. It’s total bullshit.

                  Water is the most abundant resource in the world. The reservoirs near my house in so cal are full to the brink.

                  We’ve had considerable rain already this year and much more is expected.

                  Yes, we live in a desert (all of so cal is a desert), and water is always somewhat scarce, but it’s not nearly as bad as MSM would have you believe.

                  • Drive by what used to be Lake Shasta lately? You might want to go see it then you’ll change your thoughts.

          • @PeoplesRepublicOfKalifornia….

            Unfortunately….not enough of you.

            I lived out there over 20 years. I was surrounded with bleeding heart liberals who didn’t own guns, didn’t like guns and what’s worse, because they didn’t like them, they didn’t think anybody else should have them either.

            Kalifornia would be tits up in about 2 hours.

            • they wouldn’t be conquered per se, the vast number of leftists would simply become collaborators.
              Good luck to you sane patriots out west, We will get food and ammo in to you behind the lines as we can…

            • Yeah, until they meet the Crips & Bloods. Not sure how any small military force could handle gang warfare.

          • Yes, there are. More than most realize. We have had to build strong connections as well and know how to keep those connections alive. We have firm goals and ways to attain them.

            If you think living amoung the leftist has made us weak, think again. We here in Ca are stronger than you can imagine, our feet have been held over the fire for so long we are more determined than ever.

          • God bless you then. You will need his blessings and support if it ever gets to that point.

        • As in the old plans, in WWII it was planned to let the Japs have the coast and hold then at the Rockies, Good plan. They get to shoot the stupids on the Coast, lower housing prices. Get rid of the queers and Liberals, what more could you ask for?

          • “like”

          • People of California can’t fight back because of the severely restricted gun laws.

            They will have to draft the Bloods, Crips and MS-13 in order to have an armed response.

            • That’ll never work. I read an article the other day talking about how meth is the new drug of choice for the black community in LA. They are all taking/selling the stuff. Bloods/Crips/[enter whatever gang affiliation]. Besides 100s of Crips/Bloods with nothing but High Points won’t do crap against the Chinese military. Should look up some videos on the yousetube about the effectiveness of gangbanger style shooting, it’s funny.

              • you should consider the serious gangs generally send members to join the armed forces, get trained, and go AWOL afterword’s to return and train other members. Screw the cartoon window dressing on youtube, the serious ones know what their doing.

                • The Los Zetas drug cartel was started by a group of 50 men, all ex-military from Mexico that had been trained by American Forces in anti-narco enforcement.

                  Also, gang bangers do a really good job of killing people. Especially since they never aim, shoot from moving cars, and usually only have two or three bullets in their guns.

                  Of course the people they kill are always the innocent kids, never the rival gang bangers.

              • “Smooze” Bloods and Crips are not all black as a matter of fact they include all races and are all over the country! Get your facts right before speaking on what you know nothing about!

          • “..we stopped em butt-cold in the Rockies…”
            Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner (Red Dawn, 1984)

          • They would then have gotten a large portion of our defense industry, harbors and shipyards.. Not such a good idea, never mind the fact that the Japanese never had any real plan in invade the continental US.

            • They had no plan to invade at all, ever. They did plan on taking Hawaii, once Midway fell and our Pacific Fleet was finally sunk in the glorious naval battle of June, 1942. Then they would have penned our naval forces against the west coast of the US and Canada, as well as the Panama Canal.

              But invasion? Pipe dream.

          • 2 “Likes”

        • China would go for Taiwan and/or Guam first. They would not leave areas in the rear unsecured before a bolder move East. However, if they want to take over LA, San Fran, Portland and Seattle I would vote we let them. Couldn’t be any worse than what is there already. Just don’t come across the mountains or into the Wild West or us NRA guys are going to show you some cool toys we been playing with.

          • Taiwan would be no threat to them.

            Just like the Maginot Line. The Germans just went around it.

            Same goes for the Japanese. They wouldn’t do a darned thing.

            As for Kalifornia….Jerry Brown would probably roll out the red carpet with the rest of the Hollyweird crowd. The Kartrashians would make an invasion one of their weekly episodes.

            • Anon5, even the Chinese will need fresh water to survive to occupy Cali and Cali is in a drought with water rationing at this time. Can’t drink salt water and that’s been poisoned by Fukushima.

            • “The Kartrashians would make an invasion one of their weekly episodes.”

              I’m sure the sex starved Chinese have better plans for the Kardashian’s!!!

        • Absolutely so, Jim! Just look at Oregon. One gunman was able to corral a whole college of crying “help me’s” and kill many of them while they could have subdued him with only one or two (or none) of them being killed or only injured. Self-defense is considered to be “terrorism” or “resistance” to “authority”.

        • Not all in Seattle are what you say/believe them to be. If the majority are, then they came up from California. I see more license plates from California in the Northwest than I care to see.
          I personally don’t see anyone attacking anyone here in the States. For what? We really don’t have anything worth attacking for since everything is made in China anyway’s.

          • no one invades for consumer goods, fool.
            We have plenty of natural resources of interest to China, and a slave state would provide plenty of workers to extract it.

            • LOL! Still hoping for change you gay wonder Marcus?

        • Home schooling is the only way you can be positive your children will be equipped to meet the challenges of the world we now live in, I retired from teaching a few years ago , not because I was getting along in years, but because I refuse to go along with doctoring of history in as much as the Holocaust never happened, and the Korean Was was a police action. I could have taught for another 5 years or so but I decided that all those children who I was responsible for their education was going to get the real version or I was not going to teach at all. I feel that what was, was and changing it only denies peoples the ability to live in a world that is unreal and someday what they don’t know is going to be their demise.

          Tell me I’m crazy, but at least I have the conviction to live by what I believe and not go along to get along.

          • Mallard hen, AMEN. Kudos to you.

          • Absolutely Mallardhen. I couldn’t be a teacher today either…at least not without vomiting frequently.

          • Hi mallard:

            What do you mean. WW2 was real. My mother made airplanes and my uncle, her brother, was an Officer. He freed people in concentration camps. A young man died throwing his body over my uncle at the Invasion on D day. When old WW2 movies came on I saw him walk away with tears in his eyes. Please enlighten me. How was it not real. I don’t understand.

            I hope your husband is feeling better.

        • Acid, that’s right. I’ll homeschool them and teach them to be straight.

          • giggle

        • Yeah the home-school of AE is what created SanFran and Seattle rainbow flag wavers.

      3. I hope they try it, it would certainly give us folks out here on the coast something to do for a couple of days.

        This is about the silliest article I’ve seen here. What’s next, alien motherships lying in wait just behind the moon?

        • How did you find out about the ships? That’s top secret.

        • I’m so sick of seeing your anti-islam rants. Stfu you ignorant, paid, dipshit, troll.
          1 country has duped the world multiple times into thinking those middle east mexicans on their camels somehow are trying to take over the world and doing it without leaving their own country. Meanwhile that 1 country has infiltrated almost every govt in the world acting like it is just locals. Then murders said countries and blames somebody else.
          Fuck israel, which means fuck you acid.

          • @Some person…

            You have an absolutely abysmal understanding of the history of Islam over the last 1300 years.

            • Some person.

              Acid Etch is well clued up about Islamic dominance.
              I’m kinda startled by your opposition towards his posts.
              He hasn’t submitted anything on the desires of Islam that doesn’t stand up to meticulous scrutiny.

          • Some person is a WANKER.

            • OR they’re trying to hijack the thread again. Another troll move I’m seeing, is to hijack the thread by getting everyone focused on his/her ridiculous comments, instead of the thread.

          • Some person is another useless troll. This time I’ll stand up for acid. He is right on target about Islam. This new troll sounds like a Muslim lover and needs to join them in the sandbox.

          • No. ..fuck you bitch. .you sound like a flag burning lil pinko. Is capitalism evil too? Do you post anti American anti capitalism shit on here or fb with your iphone, you fucking retard. Get the fuck out.

        • Acid – you are not being PC. The correct way to approach this is to say FUCK RELIGION!

          If you had taken this route, you wouldn’t be singling / targeting a selective group and the “Some Person” poster wouldn’t be having a conniption.

          • I say fuck stupidity, which would cover the entire kit and caboodle, including Acid.

            • Marcus, I agree on that.

      4. Syria just may be the proving grounds for WW3.

        • Armageddon Proof, I also believe so. Russia is testing some of their latest toys and now the yellow peril are also going in to play. Should be interesting.

          • Personally, I think American taxpayers owe Putin a fruit basket!

            Russia is putting a stop to our out-of-control politicians spending OUR tax money on proxy terrorists executing regime changes on our behalf.

            Russia is also bringing to a halt, those same politicians from giving OUR MONEY to terrorists who behead Christians and burn people alive.

            This will also slow down and even stop the flood of refugees (and the terrorists hiding among them) from destroying the rest of Europe, and here in the US as well.

            Russia is putting a bunch of rabid dogs to sleep — AND their rabid masters too.


      5. The Chinese observed that post-WW II, Japan acquired by trade what it could not obtain by war. After the aberration that was Mao, the basic entrepreneurial capitalism typical of old China came back.

        (When I was in the Philippines in 1949/1950, I heard the Chinese referred to as “The Jews of the Orient” for their business acumen. Remember that China has always had a powerful central government, regardless of the label.)

        They have been gaining by trade what the US has not been gaining by war.

        Pointless to militarily invade the US. Way too costly. Much easier to keep on trading and buying.

        • I like your thinking, Desertrat. Please tell me that the Sgt-Maj sent you. Or are you the Sgt-Maj?

          • Nope, no Sgt-Maj. Just me, sticking my nose in from time to time. 🙂

      6. Give en California…we’ll call it even. We’ll see whether burritos or chow mien becomes dominant.

        • So if a married couple from Virgina moves to California and gets divorced, are they still brother and sister…?

          • Anonymous, please don’t confuse Virginia with West Virginia. We are two different states–the operative word here being “different”…

            • Good to know (sheepish grin) I always thought they were different ends of the same state…

            • Gotcha. Let me change that up, then… So if a married couple from West Virginia moves to California and gets a divorce, are they still cousins?

              • That’s better.


        Now look what just got posted. Like i have said before, if China comes to America, then we can expect it will like Nanking, when the japs invaded, quoted Dr James Garrow, in his interview with John Moore over 1 yr ago.

        You have tanks and your going have to exist those tanks because you need to women and girls. This is when your going to feel the pain. The American white man is going to f….k you up. He will teach you a lesson about why its not a good thing to mess with his wife and daughter.

        Amy chinese soldier that roles up tanks on 1960, Hwy 10, 290, Cypress North Houston, Katy, anywhere in Texas, with you russian buddies paratrooping down all over Houston and Texas. Once you land, your dead as f…k. Like one cop told me in person at and Academy, that he has never seen so many knives sold every day, every week, every month, year round.

        Any foreign soldier getting captured, will get some serious carving up. I have even met red necks randomly in public stores telling me that the knives and purchases are to use on invading armies, domestic or foreighn. Just saying. Those chinese soldiers are busy raping and torturing chinese women in China daily, then once they finish with them, they dump them off at a local butcher shop, then cut them open alive, to harvest the organs of these women.

        Chinese soldiers will die in America, and suffer horrific attorcites at the hands of white men and other pissed off Americanized nationals.

        Good luck trying that here is America, you must be dreaming, because that will guarantee a violent response.

        That is how Z jing Ping runs his country. So Mr Z, all those Guilotines that are being manufactored in China has been coming here by the thousands, last time i checked, we heard that over 25,000 of those head cutters arrived in the US. Man you allies in the cabal got it all figured out eh. All planned eh?

        Then any chinese soldier reading my post, should take notice. I will F…k you up you when you get here, because i know what your going to do to us, the women and the girls. You will know the mistake you’ve made once you enter my city.



        The only good chinese soldier is a dead chinese soldier.

        • Watch the new red dawn. It has a lot of pointers of how our invasion will be as well as some things that will not happen.
          Will happen
          1) no warning for the civilians
          2) murdered friends/families of any known resistance
          3) true americans still fight despite stand down ordered, to a degree
          4) getting screwed by (s)elected politcians
          5) military fighting needing help from poorly trained rogue civies
          6) being sold out by your fellows

          Won’t happen
          1) captured americans being able roam semi-freely, continue business etc
          ^ basically everybody will be inside that prison fence, outside the fence is shoot on sight
          ^ there goes just about everything that allowed the wolverines to put up a fight
          2) finding out we are making a comeback
          ^between mercenaries in our midst, traitors, sabotage, and being set up to fail from the start… it is more likely to find out shitty just went to totally hopeless

          It will be an honor shitting my pants next to you during an incoming arti-strike!!

          • Fuckme.
            Some person.
            You’re such a fuckin’ turd.

            Learn to hate your enemy…NO COMPROMISES.
            Train your body to become a weapon… Fight ’till you win… Or die in the fight.
            Kill All the enemy…SHOW NO FUCKIN’ MERCY.
            Look after your extended kin and live in peace, despite their superficial faults…
            And never shit your fuckin’ pants boy…
            Especially in the face of the enemy.

            • Some person is a retard.

          • Please don’t use hollywood movies to plan for “threats,” especially awful remakes like that one. China isn’t going to invade us. Planning for it and seriously prepping for it using Red Dawn as your model are laughable.

            • Guido,

              No doubt man! There’s going to be thousands more articles like this written and nothing will EVER happen. And people who use stupid movies as templates only illustrates exactly how deep the level of stupidity can reach into those who are so easily manipulated by fairy tales they see on movie screens.

        • turn your spell and grammar check on for fucks sake, you sound like a complete moron.

          • 7.62×39

            His spell check is on!!!

            He is so smart, that he taught his computer. 🙁

            If you read his past posts, you would know that he is smarter, better looking, higher paid, and as close to knowing everything as God.(or having people wisper it in his ear… Maybe, that is like when my guns tell me to stay home and clean them.)

            And… when the SHTF goes down, he will only let Venus herself, spread for him.

            In short… You just pissed in his daily bowl of cheerios.

            Shame on you, for picking on the handicapped.

            Now I want you to write 50 times.
            “It’s not funny to pick on retards.”


            No need for you to tongue whip the poor boy.
            It’s already done.
            You can now post about how the Alien mothership will be taking all the gold and how you and Tom Cruise will save the earth and get all the women.

          • I doubt they would sound any less stupid even with spell check 🙂

          • I don’t think english is his first language. Why don’t you quit being so arrogant to think everyone should speak english.

            You dumbfuck.

            • first off, take his dick out of your mouth it makes you look like an idiot. If you choose to speak the English language (or any language for that matter) put a small effort into doing it properly. He, and now you, sound like MORONS.

        • Pure fantasy.

      8. Free America’s greatest enemy is on the East coast. It is headed by 536 folks who should be tried for treason.

        • YEP.

        • ditto.

      9. Ah hell now the Chinese are gonna invade? They kinda own Commifornia anyway. Well when they cross the mountains into
        the deserts they will not find a nice sunday stroll.

        Damn and just when a guy thought he had enough ammo.

      10. China’s navy is improving, but they still have a long way to go to match ours in size and capabilities. Landing an invasion force is only half of the battle, and it’s the easy part. How do they keep their campaign going when their supply lines are so extended and vulnerable? The Chinese carrier referenced in this piece is a Russian relic they’ve been fixing up. It has nothing close to what ours can do.

        • always comes down to supply lines. That’s a lot of water to cross. Don’t forget our nuk

          • Not to mention our bomber fleet which can carry anti-ship missiles.

          • Not tom mention our bomber fleet which can carry anti-ship missiles.

      11. Russia and China seem to be doing a good job in defeating ISIS which I have read (have no idea if it is correct) was funded and promoted into a vicious murdering machine by our government and ISreal.

        Now if Russia would like to bring some of it’s handsomest and most beautiful soldiers to the coast, they need to be reminded to bring swimming trunks and bikinis.

        The Chinese soldiers will be all male as there are so few women (or so we are told). In any case if they put up a shingle, we need martial arts instructors and acupuncturists. My doctor is Chinese. He’s a really good doctor. I don’t see assimilation as a problem because we already have China Town so what problem will a few more be. No body is going to invade with guns ablaze. That would be just plain stupid when we have a policy of open border immigration/in-
        vasion policy already in place.

        Frankly at this point I am so fed up with our own government, may be some masculine invaders would be just what this sissified Country needs. (That was not a homo-phobic statement, nor was it intended to offend). I’m just saying, sometimes it’s nice to have a real man around.

      12. A Chinese invasion of the US is about as viable as an American invasion of China.

        • Simple minds think invasion comes with landing craft and beach storming’s. This invasion is and has been happening for sometime with large swaths of American land being consumed. Southern CA has literally been overrun and taken over by Chinese, rapidly taken over.

          • About 25 years ago, people were saying the same thing about Japanese in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor Part II and all that. Didn’t quiiite turn out like that.

      13. Who owns the UNITED STATES?

        The international banks.

        The United States defaulted in the thirties and the treasure (gold, land and the people’s labor) was put up as collateral for loans to fund FDRs programs to pull the country out of the Depression.

        Do you own your land? Do you have an allodial title, land patent or even the original deed to your paid off property?

        I would wager you don’t. It is held in your local corporate tax bureau. You are merely a tenant as allowed by the corporate state.

        The banking system has long ago usurped this country’s sovereignty and you are paying them off with fees, licenses and income taxes.

        The government is in charge of executing the terms of the bankruptcy. Elections mean nothing. Just different agents to carry out the terms.

        The whole system is nothing but a fictional construct to keep you spinning the hamster wheel for the banks. I’m calling David Wilcox and tell him to relay a message to the Annunaki to start the mass arrests.

        Now where did I put my medicine?

        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

        • …Very well and succinctly put, JRS! I don’t think you’re on medicine nor do you need to be.

        • I actually have a deed. It is just a piece of paper.

          • I once had a deed to my property too — but I found out how right you are, it’s just a piece of paper used to name the person responsible for paying the taxes.

        • Interesting idea-is there a source where I can read more?

      14. Pure panic porn, nothing more. Hysterical clickbait.

      15. I hop the Chinese do take over the West Coast.

        It will make shipping costs on all their products go down so prices should be cheaper.

        • js – I know in CA, especially in pricey areas like Silicon Valley and LA, they are buying up properties and land like there is no tomorrow, even in the midst of a drought.

          • It is an engineered drought…..for what purpose I’m not sure……just remember the Chinese are demanding we be disarmed. So I’m guessing our gov’t may have already surrendered and we don’t know it…..I have a bad feeling all the equipment from Jade Helm will be left for “someone else” just like we left our equipment in Iraq for Isis. In some way the invasion has already happened. That’s why the FBI doesn’t investigate terrorist training sites in the U.S. that’s why the border is open. That’s why there’s a shitload of foreign troops in this country learning how to use our shit… This is like a poorly made Kung fu movie… at some point look for our troops to be relocated out of the country so they can’t defend us, and leave us “sissies” on our own. I’m not saying we won’t……just recognize the wolves in sheeps clothing….they are already here

            • That sounds very delusional.

      16. This is satire. ,, right?

      17. That’s okay with me before anyone noticed they were Chinese the line would be from Idaho to Taxas. West of that they’re either too stupid or too stoned to notice. Instant deportation of likely 8,000,000 illegal aliens, no hearing, no jail, no cost. And the left coast politicians get what they want, communism. Too bad they don’t realize the Chinese will eventually kill them all.

      18. Chinese invasion?!? The least of our worries. We weren’t even able to stop 20MM unarmed illegals from getting in.

      19. You all are falling into the propaganda as usual . Think outside of the box .

      20. fush yumeng, f…k you, you chinese Chi-com, communist soldier. American white men will not disaram themselves because of your comment, so i am not so certain, what your trying to accomplish here on American

        White men have for certain, we have one sh…t load of .223/5.56/.308/7.62/.50..f….k you, fush youmeng, chi-com communist national piece of sh…t. Get your ass back to work at your fusion center or go jerk off in your car. Chinese people and peasants listened to Mao, did what they were told. We know the faith of those people. A certain %’age faught back, and then bailed to main Land Taiwon. The Taiwonese are cool, they know about the war from the past. And i have a friend from Taiwon, he is not a China fan.



        F…..China, F…k Hong Kong, then F…k North Korea. F….k Z.

        • Is this satire too subtle for me to “get,” or are you a complete moron?
          There is no serious plan to invade the US. Why would anyone want us, anyway? A depleted nation of welfare me-first gimme-gimme govt-dependent twits, failing infrastructure, mouldering cities, squabbling ethnic groups, and gutted factories does not a lucrative target make. Any country intent on taking something worth having might consider a nation with oil, uranium, rare earth materials, strategic metals, etc. All we got to offer is the world’s finest porn studios, fast food, liquor, video games, and???

      21. Well… they can take San Francisco… please!

        In other news, the Chinese Premier was reported to have said in Xinhou News that “We considered taking California, but it is too communist for our taste. But thankfully, if we wanted to, we have all the weapons we need, that Hillary and Bill sold us in the 1990s to get elected.”

        ‘Nuff said

        • They already got San Francisco.

          Have you ever been in the SF airport, no white people anywhere, all oriental.

      22. …Joint U.S.-Russian-Communist Chinese invasion of U.S., referred to as “humanitarian assistance”, “continuity of government” and “peacekeeping” after U.S. Government has bombed American cities as the artillery pretext for the PLA’s and Putin’s “green men” infantry invasion and occupation of the Americas. Jade Helm was U.S. side of prepping for it (“Jade” is the imperial–conquering–gem of China).

        • Anonymous, ur correct. We will let them in….that’s why they were invited to our little EMP drills some time back.

      23. Great report. Absolute truth. Why? because the ad above on the left side also advises how to date sweet Chinese ladies.

        Seriously folks….we really are one of the corrupted nations on the face of the earth if not on top level.

      24. I don’t see either China or Russia having the logistical capacity to mount or sustain a conventional invasion of the US mainland. Various Pacific island nations and Alaska would be doable for them.

        • Not even Alaska is a viable option. To my knowledge the only viable location to launch such an attack would be the Russian port of Vladivostok, which is landlocked. The US & Japan own the sea of Japan, no attack force is likely to get out of there alive. Any force that did get there would be stuck there and would likely die of exposure and starvation. Blow up the Can-Am Highway and force them our into the wilderness, where they can become polar bear popsicles.

      25. Land invasion in conjunction with an EMP on the west coast…I could see that happening. They could probably start in Oregon since they seem to be anti-gun/communist at the moment.

      26. Hello All:

        Long time viewer…first time poster. Love this site and always learn as much from the comments as I do from the articles. I am a 60+ year old with an attitude…born and raised in the Republic of Texas. I’ve got the Beans, Bullets, Bandaids, and BOL along with numerous “Force Multipliers” covered.

        As for China invading the United States…could happen…but I won’t hold my breath.
        If the truth be known…my guess is there are several million dudes who are just “Itching” for a fight anyway. And we really don’t give a rat’s ass who it is; China, Russia, NATO, UN, ISIS, Cartels, even our own communist government, bring one…bring’m ALL!

        Every Day this current regime is allowed to stay in power is another nail in OUR coffin!
        Long Live the Republic! ~ DannyMac III%

        • Dannymac, welcome. You’re in the right place.

      27. It says the Chinese will take over the west coast like it’s a bad thing LOL 🙂

      28. If China comes to America, it will be in Alaska with Russia… Cut the oil from Alaska and Canada. The middle east oil ports will be blocked by Russia and China..

        China and Russia will be able to build a huge base to move south from. The Americans will have no platform to go North. The Mexican Army will be given a slice of the pie in exchange for their invading the border.

        • It’s not possible to invade across Bering Sea. It’s too cold and supply lines too long.

      29. Houst/Cypress/Katy/Shtf, I am saying that this scenario isn’t going to happen, that this is all someone’s hysterical fantasy. I know that the American people would fight any attempted Chinese invasion, if they were even so stupid as to try. Please be sure you understand what someone is saying before you start to curse them.

      30. Why bother to invade? Just hack the electrical grid and wait a year. By that time, they can walk right in unchallenged for the most part.

        • By that time the “target practice people” will be gone and only the seriously tough and determined will be left. Not so good for the invaders when virtually EVERYBODY is able and out to kill them…just saying.

      31. The Chinese government can’t control China, let alone another country. China is falling apart. Expect a Chinese civil war long before they attempt such a folly.

        • Yup.

      32. Does anyone SERIOUSLY think for one second that China doesn’t know everything there is to know about California? Seriously – why in the hell would they invade THAT – nothing but fruits, nuts and wet backs.

      33. The Chinese have probably been duped by the money changers just like the American people we will all get cought in the middle you’d think that we must have secret weapons or the money changers wouldn’t be doing this but have to cover up that radiation some how or get sued by everyone so something else will be blamed for the rads.

        • Looks like a fukashima West coast radiation coverup is in the works. Blame the rads. On a N. Korean nuke then nobody gets sued.It all looks close so I wrote my combat tricks at Oct. 9 study shows no corilation B.V.C. Article I have some decent combat tricks for you bag.

      34. I doubt if China will invade the US. Wars are fought in third world countries for a reason.

      35. You all assume they will be coming here by force I say if the USA is in such debt yo china perhaps your military will stand down as permission was given to the Chinese yo claim what they owe. They are training not for a fight with a us soldier but you. They will have troops here to deal with insurgents perhaps it will be explained that this is just got the best. They moved all those troops around for jade helm not ONE shot fired they were in position and set up before any if us returned from Walmart. Again not one shot fired.everyone sees it and everyone just turns around and hopes they are the ones left alone.

      36. A 1/4 megaton is 250 kilotons…that isn’t a small warhead!

      37. Fush..youmeng..i did read your post. F…k you, you chi-com..looks like your post is and Indirect threat to let us posters and the sites audience know what your plans are, so don’t come in here and talk shit to me boy. Seem to be very knowledgeable on how to invade America from the sea. You are military isn’t ya..fush Youmeng. You remind me of that russian that cane to the tattoo story flying off his mouth talking sh…t until I stood up off my ass out of the chair to engage you can see I am still typing. Your only talking sh… t because you have not me me in person chi- com. Some person, same thing here. You are obviously talking sh… us, so..go f….k your self chi- com.



        • English must not be your first language, or quite possibly the public school system has let you down.

          • I’m reminded of Monty Python. “You’re a looney…”

            What he wrote was so angry and incomprehensible, I still can’t be certain it isn’t just some kind of satire.

            • No, sadly it is not satire. He obviously lacks any kind of education.

            • “I believe in peace, and bashing two bricks together! -Rev. Gumby, Monty Python

              “Well, I think cement is more interesting than people think.” Prof Enid Gumby, Monty Python

              “Well I think televisions killed real entertainment. In the old days we used to make our own fun. At Christmas parties I used to strike myself on the head repeatedly with blunt instruments while crooning. (sings) ‘Only make believe, I love you, (hits himself on head with bricks) Only make believe that you love me, (hits himself) Others find peace of mind…” Mr. Gumby, Monty Python

        • Then let me spell it out for you clearly: The scenario described here is never going to happen, for a multitude of reasons. This article is someone’s attempt to solicit clicks by playing to people’s paranoia and fears. China is not going to invade the United States.

      38. Are you saved? Get your spiritual house in order before worrying about the things of this world we’ve already been told about! The prophetic warnings are happening right now and nobody is safe from eternal judgement. Get right with God!

        As far as this article, you conveniently left out the entire U.S. Pacific Fleet with all of our allies and their fleets. C’mon man!

      39. an invasion would only come after years of conquest of the entire asian rim …. you don’t leave enemy to the rear or refuges that can be turned to attack bases – big mistake the Japs made in WW2 ….

        Taiwan & Japan would go first – US island bases would be nuked off the planet the minute the US opened their mouth – goodbye Hawaii … Phillippines would go next on the way south to Australia ….

        the West Coast would be invaded only after years of harassment & commando attacks …. invading forces would come from the north and far south – even the Mexico coast …. population centers would be just be isolated and starved out …

        modern Americans would self destruct instead of uniting against the common enemy …. the whole reason behind a Chinese advance would be the US going down and unable to committ to the defense of it’s allies …

      40. Invasion lomao . After EMP.. Not anytime soon

      41. Hmmm

        China preparing a land invasion of the US? truly idiotic nonsense. Still, this type of reading is always good for a laugh or two. The massive Chinese military expansion and increased visibility is a direct result of the US and Israel attempting to literally take over the entire Middle East. It is surprising to me that the Chinese and Russian response has been so mild to date. The US is directly responsible for the increased tension between the super powers.

        (IMHO) The only pressing national security threat on the board right now is Israel. Israel has been the only pressing National security threat since the late 1990’s. The terrible damage Israel and its army of treasonous zionist’s masquerading as American citizens have done to America over the last 15 odd years is almost unimaginable.

      42. Nope. Never gunna happen.

      43. The Chinese have been buying property in California at an alarming rate, driving up prices to the point where the average working person can’t even buy a house. They already invaded using cash instead of weapons.

      44. All due respect to Jeremiah-I respect his expertise and enjoy his articles- this China-is-going-to-invade-us meme has to stop. China is a threat to us, but not an invasion threat. There is no purpose at this point to invade the US.

        There is too little to be gained from an invasion of the US for it to be worth the attempt, especially when you consider the Chinese and Russians stand to gain more from us economically and diplomatically by staying at peace. The Chinese hold our debt. They own our companies. They own our property. What would they gain from an invasion? They would lose wealth, lives, and influence. The gain would be a wrecked nation of broke people all armed with guns.
        Also, China is actually very weak, despite its paper strength.
        Please watch this video that explains the issue briefly:
        Another point-please note China and Russia do not have a real tradition of invading countries outside of their traditional sphere of influence. Russia and China both generally see themselves operating within the regions they controlled at their imperial high water marks. China, for instance, sees Tibet and the South China Sea as part of it’s traditional territory. To them, it makes perfect sense to flex their muscles in their own back yard (it’s not like we can claim we’re any different. Ever hear of the Monroe Doctrine?).

        • Your right, these stories are nothing more than the daily ration of red meat doom porn to keep the doom fantasies going for the ever faithful. You have a better chance of winning the lotto than seeing an invasion by China or anybody else for that matter.

      45. Russia, on the other hand, generally has stayed within its Czarist areas of influence, which includes the Middle East. They worked very hard to be a player in the Middle East during the Czars. To this day, they’ve stayed interested in Syria (an important naval base for them) and Iran (they dreamed of an ice-free port in South Asia).
        Russia also has no need to invade the USA. There’s no purpose to it. There is much more to be gained frmo playing chess with us on the international stage than outright aggression.
        Even if they are practicing landing assaults, what of it? We practice them every year. When was our last major amphibious assault? Big exercises like these are a great way to develop teamwork and esprit d’corps with foriegn militaries. I’m sure Jeremiah did his fair share of Reforger, Key Resolve, Foal Eagle, etc exercises, many of which include our allies.
        If they, for some wildly improbably reason, decided to invade us, how far do you think they would get? It isn’t as if you can conceal the massive, massive preparations required for such a thing. And what would it take to invade an entire continent and subdue 322 million people with enough guns to arm every man, woman, child, and family pet? I would suggest to you the greater threat is via the internet.
        Hackers could do much more damage than the combined militaries of China, Russia, India, Iran, England, France, Germany, etc could ever do. If we actually decided to go to war with Russia, China, or any real world power, their hackers would turn off our entire country before the first shots were fired. Imagine trying to start a war when your stock markets, airplanes, trains, the power grid, the internet, the telephone and cell phone systems, and pretty much everything else all crash.
        It is entirely possible to hack our infrastructure and turn it off or wreck it from the ‘net. The enemy doesn’t even need an EMP weapon; just hackers. So there is no need for a real war. If we get to that point with China and Russia, we’ll lose before the first round is fired.

      46. Land invasion, I don’t know. It is true, however, that the US (NATO), Russia and China are struggling for global dominance over resources, mostly energy and food; they have been for many years now. Struggles lead to conflicts; conflicts lead to battles; battles lead, inevitably, to wars. Where are we as a planet in this paradigm? The territorial dispute over Taiwan and it’s allegiance is a struggle. The proxy actions inside Ukraine is a conflict. Russia’s military action in Syria is a battle. If the human race doesn’t find a different way to orient life on this planet, one that recognizes principles of fairness and scarcity, war will come, one way or another. The how of it all: by land, sea, air, space or by biology isn’t really the point, is it.

      47. That was a meandering rant that did little to support an eminent invasion of the west coast by the Chinese. It really doesn’t matter anyway. The Chinese could probably run California better than the left wing communist progressives running that state.

      48. So it will really be “commiefornia” now?

        Beh. You can have all our SoCal women. If you’re actually dumb enough to want them. Knock yourselves out.

      49. You are a complete idiot. What the hell would China want with invading the US west coast? They would just nuke it. I am like a lot of people who are beginning to think you are a fear monger or a disinformation agent or justly completely insane!Get a a grip dude! Does your wife and family know you have flipped out?

      50. An old navy merchant marine and Korean War vet told me that 5 japs. Won’t mess with one chinaman. Smuggle them in in cargo containers fully arm transported by truck to strategic locations. Or buy up apartments and motels to move them around and house them.How many Chinese special forces soldier would it take with R.P.G.s would it take to take over the average police station.Maybe we need the cops to have bigger guns.As long as they don’t use them on us.

      51. “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

        Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto during WW2

      52. OMG what a load of hooey!

      53. The Chinese are NOT your friends. You have to get that straight in your mind.

        We have NO agreement with them like Europe, a democracy I might add, while China is took up the banner of communism to replace imperialism.

      54. The way the Chinese authorities treat the own people I could kinda imagine how they would treat us. We should probably neutron them now before it’s too late. They’ve or their generals have threatened us . It sure would bring manufacturing back to the USA. Might as well neutron Mexico while we’re at it. Mexico be great without Mexicans .Canada too.their a bunch of commies. California be great without Californians too. And Washingon andOregon. And the whole north east except Maine and New Hampshire. Let’s throw in the Great Lakes cities .miami Orlando? Anyway give them 30 days to clean up there act or we fry em.

        • for your sake i would hope your better with a firearm than you are with the English language.

          • Is perfect grammar necessary here or perfect spelling .?

            • not looking for perfection, i sometimes enjoy reading the comments more than the article itself. however when you get a mental neanderthal like wolverine or hcks, reading the comments is painful and it sheds a light into their overall intelligence or lack of actually.

              • Are you this sites English teacher. Or is this a spelling bee . Can’t wait for you to write something besides complaints on grammar or spelling . Isn’t that a backseat driver or Monday morning quarter back .I went to public school and I didn’t have the money or grades for college .I guess you were head of you class at Harvard captain of the football and prom king.Us under achievers really look up to guys like you .Navy Seal too l your really THE man.

                • i also attended public schools and managed some college while in the military. i have no doubt that your grades were not sufficient for even a community college to accept you. you can be mad all you want, you just sound stupid. and i want 2 coats of wax biff……2.

              • Mental Neanderthal my neutron everything was sarcasm do you know what that is obviously not.its a bad joke kind of like some people .that can only complain about others to hide themselves.write something intelligent pertaining to the subject of the article. So everyone can see how smart you are.

      55. Russia/China-who ever can prepare for America all they want. It won’t be enough! I think every freedom loving person on this planet would agree that even with all her faults everybody wants to be American!

      56. if china wanted to cause chaos and mayhem , all they need to do is crash the government check system on the 1st or 15th of any month. specially in the dead of winter , imagine millions of your fellow lumpenproles without food heat or utilities all on the same day. the same ass freezing cold day . go ahed and fire up that wood stove ,sparky , you will be amazed at how good even the digital idiots can track a smell over hill and ale in the snow while toting a scoped rifle )

      57. No nation possessing nuclear weapons can be invaded. The US couldn’t invade India as a single nuclear weapon makes a conventional invasion impossible.

        Of all the nations on the earth the US is the best protected as no staging can occur in this hemisphere. Ships crossing either ocean would get sunk.

        Articles like this discredit this blog.

      58. I’ve worked with a guy from China .Putting on siding. It’s mandatory 3 years in prison for getting caught with so much as a bullet.But he said they all have hand guns.And that China is no good.10 years in America and he could barely speak English .We are being destroyed from within by the domestic enemy.Georg Washington said they are more dangerous then a foreign army ..The children of satan.

      59. Canada, the United States, and China each have about 10 million square kilometers of land area. They are the second, third, and fourth largest nations in the world.

        Why would China feel any need whatsoever to invade the United States? It has all the land area it needs or wants.

        The notion is simply absurd.

        China’s military is designed to defend the 10 million square kilometers of land area China already has against foreign invaders. This includes islands in the East and South China Seas.

        But it sure as hell does not include the continental United States. It does not even include Hawaii. It does not even include Guam, which is closer to China than the United State.

        The suggestion that China would have any interest in invading the continental United States, is flat out ridiculous.

        • I suggest you read the “2005 Speech by the Chinese Minister of Defense: to Chinese military officers and government officials.

          This speech shows that the “notion” you say is absurd is in actuality the very position and intention of the Chinese: Not only is your comment “ridiculous and absurd” but for your lack of serious inquiry. If you got the gumption – read the speech its on the net.

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