Report: Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall”

by | May 14, 2014 | Headline News | 339 comments

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    While government statisticians claim robust growth, recent data points suggest otherwise. Consumers are quickly running out of money, home sales have collapsed and hit their biggest drop in three years, there are more Americans out of the labor force than ever before, and one third of adults under the age of 35 are living with their parents because they can no longer afford to pay their own mortgage.

    By all accounts, the reality is that we are now factually in a recession, a point further emphasized by the recent revelation that American companies are experiencing near zero percent earnings growth.

    But that’s just the beginning. As we warned earlier this year, food prices would see a steady rise through 2014 because of increased global demand, drought and continued degradation of the U.S. dollar.

    The Producer Price Index made available by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics this morning has now confirmed those fears. Consumers are seeing an immediate impact to their wallets in the form of food price inflation and in all likelihood the trend will continue going forward.

    These latest numbers are serious. So much so that according to Zero Hedge, “the last time food prices spiked by this much in one month, the resulting Arab Spring wave of revolutions tumbled governments across north Africa and the middle east.”


    The trend over the last several months shows a clear and sustained rise in prices for food, something that nearly 50 millions are already struggling to acquire, even with assistance from the government. Now their food stamps buy even less. And if people are spending more on food, it means they’ll be spending less in other sectors of the economy.

    Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker warns that this is bad news because consumers are now paying 7.4% more for food on an annual basis than they were last year, a scenario which could lead to macro-economic repercussions by Fall.

    Food was up huge, and people will dismiss the headline 0.6% (monthly, which would be a 7.4% annual inflation rate!) on food, which of course doesn’t “hit” core.

    There’s a problem with that however — services were up the same 0.6% monthly behind an 0.7% increase last month, and “core” is up 0.3% on goods, which is a 3.7% rate of increase.  This pushed the 12 month rate beyond the Fed’s 2% target.

    The next claim that will be made is that this is “transitory.”  Unfortunately the intermediate (~1-3 months forward) and crude (~3-6 month forward) numbers tell a very different story.

    The intermdiate trend in foods is bad news; that is a monthly change.  Energy has been the counterbalance the last two months on an intermediate term, and has kept things in check, and “less foods and energy” has been reasonably-behaved — right up until this year.  Now it’s looking less-so.  But the alarm bells are not there, they’re in the forward trend on the crude side.

    Here’s the problem — we’re several percent ahead of last year’s rate at this time of the year.  Spring into early summer tends to have a PPI increase in crude goods.  But if that spread continues we’re going to have a major problem coming into the fall as this works through the system, and given unit labor costs and productivity numbers (both going the wrong way too) there is no ability to absorb it.

    Now let me point out that we’re not quite where you have to ring the “oh crap” bell yet.  There’s another month or two before that happens — but by June, if the trend we’re seeing here hasn’t broken this will get into the forward economic analysis mindspace of most of the people who look at this stuff.

    I don’t like the trend at all.

    Charts and full analysis

    Within the next couple of months we’re going to have a very good idea of where this is all headed. If prices don’t turn down, then by Fall we’re going to have a big problem:

    There is no ability in the economy to absorb such price increases as productivity and unit labor cost figures have shown.  Instead, what this will produce is recession — deep recession.

    Look out below.



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      1. Shore up the pantry, plant the garden, barter what you produce for what you need, save your seeds for next year.

        • Right!

          Only common sense political decisions at the federal, state, and local levels will be able to slow down the price increases. The problem is, with all the laws and procedures in place, what passes for “common sense” is nearly unrecognizable to those of us in the private sector.

          Ho hum.

          • Price controls don’t work. They induce artificial scarcities.

            Remember Nixon, the Arab oil embargo, price controls on gasoline and the long, long lines at the pumps.

            I nearly froze to death one night in Colorado looking for an open gas station – finally camped out without a sleeping bag at the pumps in order to be the first in line the next morning.

            We need to grow our own food and be done with government policies.

            • Something to think about

              When the SHTF…

              When they come knocking: Dealing with Friends and Relatives

              “This will be the hardest decision you will ever have to make however you need to run through these scenarios in your mind and come up with lines in the sand, How much food has to be available in certain situations to be able to allow ‘guests’ to come?

              Ultimately this is your decision, … the point of this post is to get you thinking, get you start that conversation with yourself and/or your significant other.”

              “Run the scenarios in your head, because if you don’t you will end up in a bad position. If you bring someone else into your home you will start to tip the scales away from your family and towards them, it will be up to you to draw that line in the sand to see how far those scales can tip before you have to say NO.”


              • Might as well just resolve to put away extra. Not going to happen that you tell your spouses parents to haul ass. Goes for brothers and sisters too. It will be a difficult situation which is why I hope the whole SHTF siuation never happens.

                • I was watching the MSM trtash news today and even them, they were talking about the inflation price index and how things just don’t add up. The numbers say everything is so rosy with only a 1.6% increase, and the people were saying that this is not true. They shop at the markets for food like most people do, some just “live” on fast food, and they said you can see the prices going up. Most people don’t see the decrease in the volume of what you get, which is total hidden inflation. 5 oz of Fukushima tuna at 99 cents each is not the same as getting it at 6.5 oz at 99 cents. It is the price per ounce to look at, and it is skyrocketing.

                  The cost of living is also utilities, insurance, fuel costs for the cars, even something as absurd as tolls on a road going up are all signs of inflation. It is obvious when someone gets a paycheck and it is used up 2-3 days earlier than usual.

                  The government skewing of numbers is awful. If it is not the unemployment numbers, it is the inflation, or the GDP, or the real danger, the military expense. 600 billion for the military is what is called not getting your money’s worth. It is probably on par with what China is spending at least $200 billion because China gets their money’s worth for their armed forces. The debt is not 17 trillion with the government, it is ONLY a few hundred billion of interest owed. Why the government just says the priciple is not what is to be looked at because that will never be paid off. That is until the principle and interest finally hits infinity and the U.S. does the “Zimbabwe”. This is the same lies with the military as all the other numbers that the government vomits up.


                  • Of course I “like this comment”. I can’t imagine how anyone could believe a word written by the government and you have to pay attention yourself and not listen to the lies. This is WHY you garden, why you can, why you dehydrate food, put up jams and jellies and maybe freeze produce if you trust the electric system to last much longer.How many times have people on this site, alone, tried to tell you that evil times are coming and to start taking care of yourself. Seeds are on sale now, so start buying and if you haven’t gardened, it’s not “hillbilly easy” as I heard some moron say. If you have kids and don’t prep, you should be jailed for child neglect. It’s that serious. Plant something, anything, this year and take notes. Preserve it if you’re able (lettuce cannot be preserved)then do three or four new things next year, if we have that long. Ignore all stats from the gov’t. Inflation is wildly understated as is the employment rate. Almost anything the gov’t says is a lie. Accept that, and go on. Our garden is three times as big as last year and we’re getting older. If we can do it, so can you.

                  • To add to Vicky’s comment: we began gardening three years ago. It is NOT hillbilly easy but most importantly what I have found is the viability of seeds bought in stores (even organic and heirloom) is no where near 100%. About 60 -70% will germinate and 40% of those will actually grow.YMMV.

                • This is the way I see this. All of my kids are grown with their own kids. If they show up at my door, they know how to kill a deer, cut the musk off, skin, gut and cut it up. They were raised that way. They can fish and clean what is caught, hunt small prey. I won’t worry about them holding their own, even hauling water from the stream. I will supply the rest. My family is not a burden on me. I will not draw the line on them. Just my thoughts. If they show up at my door, they are welcome to come into my tiny home.

                  • Agreed…family can be a pain at times but they arnt just people I could look in the eye and discard…no matter how silly they may behave at times…folk talk about how they will kick out their kids or their inlaws and even shoot them if they come around after SHTF…must not have been too much love in that relationship to begin with…of course if even family became violent and threatening Id deal with it but Ive already laid the foundation in my family…one of those blocks is called loyalty…another love…we will stick together or no one will make it…point is I wont be kicking my kids/and real immediate family members out of my home/life just because they didnt saveup some food/supplies…now strangers/neighbors?…most likely not…Ive already seen to there being plenty for mine though …just 2 cents worth…

              • I’m afraid there won’t be any room for friends. Family, is another story.

              • We have worried, stewed and fretted over this for years. We have six children with families of their own, and at least two (families) will show up at our door step. I have enough for all of us for a relatively short time (say six months). One son-in-law is a terrific worker and we consider him to be an asset. One daughter-in-law is a mess and will want us to take care of her and her kids while she lies on the couch smoking her last cigarette. Two of the kids live a long way away,too far to get here, which is heartbreaking for me, and two of our kids are preppers and well-prepared. The son-in-law, married to my daughter, is always welcome. He thinks we’re nuts right now, but he will come around. Yhe awful daughter-in-law, married to our son, can drop dead for all I care and we’ll take the children and feed them. My son will feel “guilty”, of course, but he’s too weak to stand up to her and I think it will be a huge relief for him. Deep personal info, here, and it took several hours to come to these conclusions. Better to do it now than at the time. In the meantime, I continue sending basic boxes from the Mormon church to the kids far away (We’re Catholic) who are wondering about my sanity, but accept them and we’re starting to get through to them. Thanks for the very uncomfortable pondering. Better now than when TSHTF for real. One set of neighbors is welcome, the rest are toast. Hard life isn’t it?

            • Exactly. Look at Venezuela.. Govt price controls have caused massive shortages, because things cost more than they can be sold for.

              • Sorry for my posting right on top of yours and similar,,,
                That was just the first thing that came to mind when i saw price control

                • I’m hungry already.

                • No problem. Maybe someone new here will think more of it and investigate if they see it twice.

            • Just look at how price controls are working in Venezuela,,,
              Working real good,,,

            • New Ordnance, I remember Nixon, his “wage-price controls”, and the Arab oil embargo as a teenager. The embargo was nothing more than Big Oil holding back the gas to make windfall profits. I remember the long lines at the gas stations [full service stations in those days]. I remember fights breaking out in some of those lines because I was involved in some of those fights myself. They say fall? How about summer? This one will be LONG and HOT. My prepping is continuing.

              • Actually Uncle Sam wanted the price of oil to rise once OPEC bought into the oil peg establishing the USD as the sole medium of exchange for oil transactions. Instantly the oil importing nations needed more dollars and the US Treasury through the Federal Reserve was all so willing to oblige. We been trading pretty pieces of paper with great portraits of historic figures for real goods ever since. The system worked so good for long that they overdid it which in effect was akin to “killing the goose that laid the golden egg”.

              • OT but wanted to thank you, Braveheart, for information you posted a few articles back about SW radios. I’m a long time lurker, very rarely post, but I’ve learned so much from all of you and I’m grateful! Your SW post was very timely, I’ve needed to get one for the longest time and (being someone who’s lucky she can work a toaster) thanks to your tips, I’m confident about what I bought today! I’ve got a lot of strengths and skills … but electronics ain’t one of them. So, thanks! Just wanted you to know your tips were very appreciated!

            • Grow our own food? Really? What do you grow in the middle of a Minnesota Winter? How about all those in apartments and condos? Tiny yards? Personally I pulled a bunch of humongous carrots a little while ago that were started in November one of many pullings. Then again this is So.Cal where quite a few things can be grown all year. Most of the rest of the country is not so lucky. Another problem is food does not grow in a day but weeks and maybe months. Finally most people could not grow a proper garden no matter what.

              • You don’t grow food in the middle of the winter in Minnesota. You eat what you canned and dried during the spring, summer, and fall. You need to have already started growing food now so that you will be able to when it’s a necessity. If you’re in a tiny apartment or condo or have a tiny yard, you need to move. You need to get you a load of canning jars and Tattler canning lids.

                I used to live in a tiny house with a tiny yard in the middle of town. I moved to a large house with a large yard outside of town. At the same time I quit work and went John Galt.

                • I grew up in North Dakota during WWII… we hunted deer, pheasant etc in the fall, and canned much of that. Some was frozen if we had an early winter (hung in the garage). Vegetables were canned and set in the shelves which lined the large basement. Potatoes, carrots, and such were set in boxes layered with (If I recall) newspaper… it was a mad rush to get foods stocked in the basement before the winter snows set in. Rationing was not a huge problem for us as it was for many who did not prepare….. I still thing in those terms…. looks like it will be back again, without a world war…(hopefully no war)…

                  Time will tell and we are running out of time.

                  • How many young girls know how to can, dry food, even sew on a button? They know how to go to the food stamp place and scream because they are hungry. I live in Mississippi and there are entire communities that exist on food stamps and have for generations. What do you think these folks are going to do when there is a problem? With prepared people in the area they are NOT planning on going hungry. They will take what they want where ever they can get it and don;t care what they have to do to you to take care of themselves.

                • If everybody moved “out of town”, then the town would just have moved with them. There is not enough ROOM for all of us to get a few acres for ourselves. There are too many people for that.

                  What NEEDS to happen, is those who are stuck “in town” need to form alliances with those lucky people who are not in town for agricultural needs. People in town can dehydrate, can and store.

                  Everyone might say that there is nothing “in town” that we can use or need—REALLY? Can you think of nothing?

                  US vs. THEM…the divide and conquer method of choice.

                  • Sixpack, I agree on the idea of alliances. Those in town might have a bit more cash and those in the country might have a bit more food. They could function like a CSA to both their mutual benefits.

                    To those who really want to garden as if in hard times, get a few chickens or rabbits. Grow the food you will feed them and they will provide protein for you and much needed clean fertilizer that every garden must have.

              • So? I’m in Wyo. and I just dried and canned 9 cabbage and 36 Bananas. Got bunch of N-Pack food not long ago. Watch for specials, food is cheap. Ripe bananas were $1 a bag. And no the Bananas were not local, Wyo is not known for it’s Bananas.

              • No, gardening is not easy, particularlu depending on your soil and the weather. However, we’ve managed every place we’ve been. Talk to the locals, and try reading The Backwoods Home magazine, especially Jackie Clay’s column. She lives in Minnesota and raises all kinds of crops. Of course, she’s a remarkable woman and has gardened in all types of hellholes, bringing in a crop every single time. LEARN NOW! Food isn’t instant, as you said, but know that if your kids develop scurvy and so do you, that planting Rugosa Roses will provide more Vitamin C than an orange and they grow through Zone 3. Dandelion greens and Lamb’s Quarter are the first to grow in spring, although I thought spring was not coming to Ohio this year. You can boil them gently, season with salt and bacon fat, butter or vinegar and have a healthful lunch which will cure many vitamin ills. But start your garden NOW and hope the gov’t doesn’t find you or that things fall apart before harvest. You will learn something new every year and now is a great time to pick up heirloom seeds at Seed Saver’s Exhange, Baker Heirloom seeds and Territorial Seeds. Even Burpee and the big companies have a small selection and they’re all on sale right now. Follow directions, and if you can afford it, buy one of Jackie Clay’s anthologies and she’ll take you through the entire process, picking out seeds, planting, growing and preserving. Find an old lady who has done this all of her life and she will be both pleased and flattered and give you a lifetime’s worth of good advice. Good luck, but do it NOW. Blessings!

              • I agree with you John W. We do not pick the time of the crisis so if you do not already have the garden planted then you are not going to just start living on it WTSHTF. And that begs the point that humans don’t live on vegetables and if that was all you had in your diet you would starve to death slowly; especially if you were doing hard physical labor every day. Vegetables provide nutrients and vitamins but grains are where most of our food comes from. And protein is essential to maintaining muscle; especially if you were doing a lot of manual labor.

                I unfortunately have very little experience with gardening and growing foods. I watched my mother plant a garden every year and do a lot of work to maintain it for what seemed not a whole lot of return. I do know you need good tools and when you are doing it every day you wear them out fast. I figured my labor would be better spent fixing and fabricating new equipment for those who do know how to grow food. Every community will need a blacksmith/welder/machinist/mechanic/fabricator, so assuming I survive the initial die-off then I and my family will not starve.

              • Growing your own food is not always a cost saving option either. In the city water is expensive. You have to be very selective of what/how you grow your produce. Often times growing your food is not only inconvenient but also not a practical option. My advice is to buy what’s cheap at the time and stock pile when things are on sale. For example, you can buy bananas for $.40 a pound at Costco compared to $3.99 for honey crisp apples. Buy meat and butter on sale and freeze it for later.

            • The FED and Treasury Dept. are actively manipulating currency, stocks, bonds and commodities. All this manipulation effectively is just like price controls. They lie about the real economic numbers and plan their policies according to the lie. Corporate America also plans based on the government lies, but economic pressure is forcing them to raise prices beyond the governments inflation stats.

              The government and FED have an incredibly powerful influence over the global economy, but Obama has been making powerful enemies all over the planet, the Russians, Arabs, and Chinese to name but a few. If they choose to work together they could bring down the US economy.

              There are rumors the Russians are planning just such a revenge. It may not be a swift crash, but slow and steady works as well.

              Just like when price controls of the 70’s caused a backlash in the economy when they were lifted, when their control efforts stop working a rapid correction will occur, but it will just be the start of real problems. The ensuing depression will last a decade or two.

              • maybe obama should’ve stayed his dumb ass out of Ukraine. Shilling for Biden’s son, exxon, monsatan and the rest of the corporate pack, may not end up being worth it in the longer run.

                • One of the reported tools used to manipulate world currencies are US. Gold reserves. Obama’s Treasury Department is burning through US gold holdings to prop up the dollar debased by excess money printing.

                  Old gold bars were of low purity. To sell the Gold they must send it out to be refined to 99.9% purity for today’s market. They do actually gain by separating out rare earths and other precious metals, but back to the point. The rumors are spreading that the gold now being reprocessed for sale by the US Gov. goes way back to the 70’s and 60’s. They are starting to get to the bottom of the barrel.

                  Most of this gold is being sold off to the. Chinese and Indian’s. It will never be seen in the west again. Fort Knox is nearly empty thanks to Obama. When gold deliveries are defaulted on because of supply and demand imbalances, precious metals prices will skyrocket, and currency evaluations called into question.

                  • Maybe that’s why one of the first things to happen after the western bankster took power in Ukraine, was to jet their gold reserve out of their control…guess where it went?

            • The 1973 Arab oil embargo was a hoax.

            • @ New Ordnance

              Damn straight, sir: that’s what true INDEPENDENCE is all about. I don’t want their”help”, just for them to stay out of my damned way.

              My farmer’s market is right out my back door

          • Good Stuff at zero hedge– Protestors take over city council meeting, give citizens’arrest warrant to police… people just getting fed up with the police state bull sh—

            Also, great post on same site concerning the Shadow Government– Oligarths make the rules, buy the politicians, profit from the wars.

            • We need to stop with all this recession talk. We have been in a DEPRESSION since 2009 and even John Williams compares unemployment numbers. They look nearly identical.

              • As a kid growing up thru elementary school during the sixties; we lived next door to my mom’s parents. Granny and Pa were in their late sixties and should have been retired. They grew up poor and all they knew was work from daylight to dark, except on the seriously bad weather days.

                Gardening and preserving food was priority one in the summer. Priority two was getting in wood for the heater in the living room and the kitchen cookstove. Pa never owned a chainsaw, so getting in, and keeping, a supply of wood was a year round job.

                The only help they had was from me, and help I did; but i never went hungry.

                By todays standards, they were living in poverty and what should have been called “depression”. Their total combined income from Social Security was less than $150.00 each month. They kept the taxes paid, the lights on, just enough gas and oil in the ole pickup truck, chicken scratch feed, and money for the other grocery essentials. The main store bought staples were pintos, flour,cornmeal,sugar,salt and a few other seasonings. The main meat purchase, before they stopped raising a hog, was cheap hotdogs. With good water pumped from a well, only to the kitchen sink, and a yard full of chickens, they faired pretty well.

                This country isn’t no where near depression status yet; at least not until they have to live worse off than granny and pa did.

                Take away the foodstamp and WIC program, have a major upset to the supply of grain (specifically wheat and corn), and a disruption in the supply chain of crude; Then you got a recipe for a depression.

                There are way too many middle class Americans, lower/middle/upper; that are living life large, for there to be a depression right now.

                Only a small percentage of Americans are doing without, and a large portion of those could do better if they would work.

                The disabled and the elderly poor are just getting by. Some are dependant upon the help of others. God bless them.

                When the “real” depression hits, it’s game over for many living in the inner cities. Even if there is food available thru some markets, only a few will be able to buy it. It won’t take long to be living like a “third’ world country for those folks. The depression zones will start spreading out to the smaller cities and suburbs. Any piece of ground outside the inner cities will be dug up to plant something. Only problem, where to find seed for planting?

                Think about it people? Who controls the seed supply?

                I know most of us have thought about it. Keep those extra seeds and guard them with your life. Five things are easy to grow from seed, and kept renewable year to year. Potatoes,green beans,tomatoes,squash and cukes.

                It’s not to late to plan and start a garden for this year.
                Just remember to plant extra, to set aside from eating/preserving, to make seed for next year, if need be. Make sure they are not hybrid seed.

                Winter kale seed should not be overlooked either.

              • c’mon now, stock market hit an all-time high yesterday. Isn’t your trust fund or massive IRA just popping? Somebody’s getting rich. Maybe those are the people driving prices up.
                BTW, if you haven’t LEARNED to garden then you must start. Its not as easy as just throwing seeds in the ground. The squash vine borers will kill your squash/pumpkins. Lack of calcium will make for poor tomotoes. Bugs are not even the worst of it. You gotta keep watering. Great soil is the most important thing they say. Medium story for you and me is to be proficient at gardening. My raised rabbits until the city said nobody was allowed to (lived on 3.5 acres no less) and then even chickens I think were outlawed so he stopped with them. How about most Americans? Hole in the bucket. They would have better luck looking under park benches for food than trying to garden. They have no knowledge, experience, or proclivity.
                Food shortage? Great. Maybe Americans can shed 20% of their fat and still be fat.

                @Mike, some goobers already made growing food illegal. But look at what GA did for raising chickens at home. First chickens, then restating the IInd. Maybe someone in GA knows more than we here.

              • So true, but not many people willing to say it and all politicians deny it. Act like you’re on your own, because you are, and start working on saving your family and yourself. I put some back for charity, but if charity is everyone but you, it won’t work.

            • I have little doubt with the authoritarian traits of those in charge coupled with the neanderthal mentality of many military types a Kent State type (or far worse) incident will be committed upon the public during one of many protests. Unlike Kent State in which the protestors were not in the mainstream this will touch a wide spectrum of the body politic. The end result is a galvanization of support for the protestors.

              The Communists in the former Eastern Block were smart enough to quit using brute force to hammer in effect a square peg into a round hole. The track record of “The Establishment” offers little hope of that as their first reaction is always, “If force did not work you did not apply a sufficient amount of it”. The “Zero Tolerance” of the 1980s marijuana policy is but one example of such thinking, Vietnam is another.

              All of this is quite liable to get real ugly at some point.

              • I’m so afraid you’re completely right and this worries me a lot. I’m not afraid of the police in our very small Village, but I am of the Sheriff’s Dept and the Nazis at the State Trooper office. Ohio is a bossy state to begin with, and I think the power will soon go to their heads which is why we NEVER go the the big cities and try to stay under the radar as much as possible. I would feel safer in Kentucky, but that’s not a likely scenario right now. If you have time, plant an orchard. Our dwarf apples will have fruit this 2nd season, as will the cherries and berries. Start NOW, and hope for a year to mature everything. Also, buy some fertilizer now before it’s gone or registered like guns. Fertilizer is going up in price and it will never be cheaper than today. Learn how to compost and get some chickens. There’s a lot you can do to take care of you and your family, but you need to get started and not draw the attention of the Feds. Also, stock up on Coloildal Silver, fish antibiotics, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. If you can find some big bottles of Betadine, buy them now, as well as bandaids, gauze, antibiotic creams and soap, soap and lots of soap, as well as chlorine bleach. Good luck.

        • Wilson

          Alert,shameless appeal below.

          Painted Mountain Seed Corn is
          GMO Free
          Fukashima- Free (tested for radiation).

          Painted Mountain grows where no other corn will grow.
          The Rocky Mountain Corn Project promotes trade, barter and an independent food supply free of the “beast” and all of it’s tentacles.


          • Painted Mountain Corn is gluten-free for those who have problems with wheat, rye, barley and oats.

            • Have you ever eaten it like regular corn on the cob? Just curious if it can be eaten like that or only dried

              • Most “Dent” corn can be eaten like sweet corn. Much of the South did this for years after the North went to “real” sweet corn. It’s not as good, not even close and it’s only “good” for a few days, and gets like VERY old sweet corn in about a week. There are some old nonhybred Sweet corns around. Look on the net for a catalog.

              • Kula
                When I was a kid I would pick field corn here in central Ill. around July 4th and cook it in sugar water and it tasted like sweet corn.

                • I used to literally live in the middle of an Iowa corn field. We ate corn, almost up until it was ready for storage as seed for next year…when you’re hungry, you’re not so picky.

                • thanks for the idea sgt, never thought of that one. some may not know how to pick out good corn from a farm or the store…just bust a kernal and taste it. if it’s sweet it will be good for corn on the cob. and of course at least pull back the husk to expose the end so you can see if it’s ripe and no disease/bugs. don’t husk it right away, leave on the husk to keep it from drying out.

                  • oh yeah….no matter how good/bad it is…it will be WAAYYYY better with REAL butter.

              • Kula

                You can eat it when it is in the milk stage but it is not as sweet as sweet corn. Painted Mountain has more protein and a heartier flavor. When dry, it grinds real easy to make corn meal or flour for corn bread. It’s not as hard as regular flint type field corn and is easier to digest.
                It cooks up easy for a breakfast cereal. You can treat it with lime to make hominy, grits, tortillas and chips.

          • thanks, new ordnance, for STARTING the debate about GMO seeds being tested for radiation. i have been wondering lately if the heirloom stuff out there really IS radiation free. since i have a detector now, and have found out there are 4 different types of radiation, and dicovered it aint that simple as just waving a detector over your stuff and it goes beep,,,,or it doesn’t. could you provide the procedure and device type you used to test it? i ask this with utmost respect, as i’m sure MANY will be interested…TIA

            • buttcrack

              We use a sensitive field survey meter with pancake Geiger-Mueller tubes and external probe. It measures alpha, beta and gamma radionuclide emitters. The particular model is the INSPECTOR EXP from

              Effective test protocols are somewhat complex and testing for radiation in food is tricky. A good place to start is the Food Contaminant page here:

              These field techniques do OK for gross contamination and quantitative measurements. More involved laboratory testing is required for qualitative analysis and detection of extremely low level and subtle contaminants.

              This past winter, I had no trouble at all in detecting radioactive snowfall on several occasions at 3 to 4 times normal background. This instrument is capable of detecting contamination many orders of magnitude lower than the radioactive snow in this case.

              We all know that we cannot depend on government, whether
              Japanese or U.S. to tell us what is really going on with Fukashima or anything having to do with nukes.

              Fortunately, an independent, citizen-volunteer radiation monitoring network has sprung up and is growing by leaps and bounds. I monitor this site everyday to keep tabs on the state of the radioactive world:

              Hope this helps.

              • great stuff there, new ordnance. i just moved those 2 sites to the top of my faves. thanks for answering my questions with good, REAL information! i found NO BS in your reply, and anyone looking to plant your corn should be at ease with the testing you’ve done. good luck to you.

          • I just bought two pounds which I received in less than a week, with a very sweet and helpful letter. They will work with you to get started. I think this is a wonderful idea and have a plot prepared for it away from our OP sweet corn. The people who run this are wonderful and you’ll be glad you did.

        • What drives me nuts is that food is not reflected in official inflation statistics.

          Help your neighbors learn to garden and share heirloom, non-hybrid seeds with them. Know how to isolate and/or fertilize your seed plants so you can save seeds that are true to type. Start a neighborhood or community garden. We are getting one up and running at a local church with lots of property. (In our area, it seems like churches have had a calling to start community gardens). Build that soil. Learn which vegetables are higher calorie (tomatoes and root vegetables like potatoes) and which make the most efficient use of precious resources like water, space and time.

          Learn how to forage–violet leaves are delicious and nutritionally they kick the butt of spinach, one of the best cultivated greens. A cup of violet leaves provides 150% of your daily Vitamin C needs.

          Oh, and stock up on bacon NOW because it ain’t going to be pretty when the current piglet cohort comes to market, as so many have been wiped out by PEDv. Stock up on ham hocks for your beans as well! Mmmm…bacon….

          • “Help your neighbors learn to garden and share heirloom, non-hybrid seeds with them.”

            Been there and done that. Now I wish I had never bothered because it appears that it was a waste of my time and I also compromised my op-sec.
            When I ask them how there vegetables are doing, I hear things like:
            “Its too much work. Do you have any vegetables for me?”
            “I just can’t grow anything. Do you have any vegetables for me?”
            “It hurts my back bending down all the time. Do you have any vegetables for me?”

            It appears that some people can only survive on the assistance of others.

            But the the thing that really makes my day is when I bring in a bunch of fresh picked vegetables and my wife says “What the hell am I supposed to do with all this?” She can’t give them away fast enough so that we can go eat out but also can’t understand why she has no money.

            Its hard to fly with eagles when you have a bunch of turkeys hanging on you…

            Screw it.. Time to go shoot some 1000yd steel. Its about the only sound that can instantly restore sanity and make you smile on the inside.

            • Lurker as negative as your post is there is a lot of truth in what you state. Folk who have the desire will already be doing. Its almost impossible for folks to change their core concepts. A persons core concepts are brainwashed into them by external influence. And so far it has worked for them . So why would they want to change anything? Nope until they experience starvation they will not really try to be effective at doing for themselves. Its futile to waste your time and energy with those type folks.

              • Thanks. I always stick to the truth.

                I have become really become disillusioned with most of the people around me and this has been a pretty bad week. Just when I think that my wife finally gets it, she does something to show me that she is still expecting everything to return to a pre-2007 state in a few weeks, or maybe just another month or two… I on the other hand feel like that it is more like driving west on I-80… we have just passed Elko, NV and there is still a whole lot of wasteland to drive thru before we get to Reno, NV. (That has got to be the most boring section of interstate in the entire US.)

                I am sure things will improve in the US at some point but I just don’t feel that we are close to the puke point yet. When all that is left are the “dry heaves” and nothing else will come up, then I think we will have turned the corner and are one our way to recovery.

                • Get your wife a pressure canner, canning supplies, and a Ball Blue Book. Then tell her this is what you do with all the vegetables.

                  • ARCH
                    get a dehydrated and a seal a meal. You can put away more food and take up less room.
                    Can to. You will need all that you can put away.

                  • Yeah. Have all that stuff… About the only thing we still can is meat. I personally do not care to eat canned vegetables because I consider them over-cooked. The other disadvantage is that it takes up too much space.

                    The dedyhrator is the way to go, especially something like an Excalibar. It is unbelievable how much can be stored once dehydrated and then vacumn-sealed. The food also tastes so much better when reused. Its possible to find recipes that will directly use the dehydrated stuff, so that there is no need to first re-hydrate.

                    I can remember how many mason jars that got filled trying to put up 40lbs of tomatoes but dehydrating, they take up no space at all. Some get vacumned-sealed as dehydrated halves. The smaller pieces dry out enough that they can then be milled to flour/powder and then vacumn-sealed. A tablespoon of tomato flour will go a long way to season any dish.

            • Lurker as negative as your post is there is a lot of truth in what you state. Folk who have the desire will already be doing. Its almost impossible for folks to change their core concepts. A persons core concepts are brainwashed into them by external influence. And so far it has worked for them . So why would they want to change anything? Nope until they experience starvation they will not really try to be effective at doing for themselves. Its futile to waste your time and energy with those type folks.

            • Thats pretty funny,,,
              By the way,,
              Do you have any veggies for me???
              Ive heard all sorts of the same stuff.

            • Lurker.

              Thought about a garden. Invested in some garden stuff. Not going to put one in till most of the moochers die.

              • I would advise anyone that is interested, to at least start with a small vegetable garden/greenhouse right now if they don’t yet have one. Its a steep learning curve if you have never produced your own food before and better to learn while you still have other options.

                Even if you don’t need the produce at this time, your body will appreciate the exercise.(the pains may try to convince you of something different)

              • Hey slingshot, you might reconsider at least getting the ground ready. I ain’t easy puttin in a garden. Breaking sod is back breaking and around here all we have is clay. Not much grows well in clay but weeds and honeysuckle. It takes a lot of work to get decent soil.

            • Or “You’ve got a green thumb. (translation: It’s sooooo much easier if you do it.”)

            • Ref Lurker:

              This is going to be a Doozie !!!

              Well I feel your pain….but you ain’t heard nothing yet !!!
              I have tried and tried and tried to talk to people in my area..they are clones of the folks you are talking abaout….I have never met so many damn Moronic *&#^@&#’s in my life…..How can they possibly be so STUPID !!!

              And wait….You might want to go get a cup of coffee or Old Bushmill for this one !!!

              My Wife’s Mother dies..She told me to stay at home and watch the fort…she had some things she had to finalize with here Mother before she died….A few weeks later I get a “Dear John ” email…an email….guess the letter went to the wayside with technology !!! She has join some Religious Cult and told my Sister that she had decided to Marry Jesus !!! And NO…I didn’t believe any more of that than you are right now !!!

              So…after years of preparing and all the sacrifices I made and work put into it….she decides to join some Religious Cult and Marry Jesus !!! I know Jesus….and I don’t think he proposed to her !!! She is gone…gone….gone…WTF

              So….can anyone top all this bullshit I have gone through in the last few months…..So….I got some kinda more Stuff…and am about ready to find a SMALL group of people who are totally prepared and go join them !!! No snow ….ole bones can’t take it !!!

              I don’t think Dr Phil would believe this one !!!

              Anybody got any input….suggestions…..and no I have thought of that…I have decided I want to see how this Movie ends !!!!!!!

              Snap on 3….I got a long way to go .

              Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money….the Shit has hit the fan !!!
              Warren Zevon ( I surely miss him)

            • >>>It appears that some people can only survive on the assistance of others.j

              learned helplessness.

              our entire society is built upon victimization and waiting for someone else to do the dirty work to make their life “easy”.

            • I feel your pain, I truly do, been there myself 🙁

          • I love bacon and the best I have found is the thick sliced bacon from zaycon. I am not affiliated with them in any way and not pushing them, just a happy customer.
            check them out at:

          • How do you preserve your bacon? I canned some last year with pretty good results, but wish I knew how to can bacon drippings which I use as seasoning.

            For some insane (or evil) reason, the Gov’t puts out pure lies on inflation, I think to keep the money pouring into wall street for the super rich. Writing to your senator doesn’t help since he’s one of the rich. Saving your life is up to you.

            • Vicky… I would think you could can bacon grease the same way you can butter. YouTube how to can butter and check that out.

        • i heard dollar general, stores are closing along with penny’s, sears,,
          best get your supplies NOW!!!!!

        • Duh!, we’ve been seein’ this for two years now. Now somebody gets an epiphany and concocts a story about it. You’re too late to the party dumbass…

        • I saw Marie Osmond on Fox News Channel hawking Wise Foods. A day late and a dollar short, but at least trending in the right direction. If TPTB think too many peasants are awake, a crisis may be manufactured “before it’s too late”.

        • wise and sound advice….don’t forget water storage and fuel

      2. A Revolution Marches on Its Stomach

        “People may vote with their pocketbooks, but more often than not, they revolt with their bellies. If you want to predict where political instability, revolution, coups d’etat, or interstate warfare will occur, the best factor to keep an eye on is not GDP, the human development index, or energy prices.”

        ““If I were to pick a single indicator—economic, political, social—that I think will tell us more than any other, it would be the price of grain,” says Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute, who has been writing about the politics and economics of food since the 1950s.”

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
        thank God for food stamps in this country
        it keeps the pot from boiling over
        it’s a small price to pay to avoid riots in the streets

        • Plus the fact that the masses are willing to live off of Crisco. Also, some nerds have invented a food-like product called Soylent (!!!) because eating is just such a drag when you’re trying to become a 12th-level Night Elf or whatever they like to do. Will post links below…

        • No, they delay the inevitable and insure when the day of reckoning finally arrives it will be far bloodier and catastrophic than it would have been otherwise.

          How does sweeping the problem under the rug until it reaches the point that a quite sizeable percent of the population is dependent in part on this supplement to keep them fed solve anything? When this rug is finally yanked out from under all those who now rely on this handout, there will be an army of hungry and desperate people looking for food and wanting the blood of those who stopped providing it.

          Revolution is inevitable for any number of reasons and artificially propping up the factors that arr keeping it from occurring are going to result in a far bloodier conflict than if this had been allowed to play out years ago.

          • Moon, you disappered for a long time. It is nice to see you back.

            • “Non illigitamus carborundum”.

              Back in black, ready to kick a$$ and take names!
              Trolls look out!

              • “Never let the bastards wear you down”

          • And the next revolution is likely to be one of the longest and bloodiest ever seen on this planet. And the map of this country will be changed dramatically.

          • Total agreement here moon. WE have passed the Rubicon/point of no return. One question remains. Will enough not only recognize the fact…but put their lives on the line to protect/defend/regain, WHAT HAS SO INSANELY BEEN GIVEN AWAY?!?

            That answer is very near an obvious conclusion and RESULT. Time is very important, and also VERY SHORT!

          • Moon Mistress-

            Your reference to the yanked rug freebies per the gimmedats…is so true!
            They will be desperate. They will steal. They will kill you for your stuff, your preps & your garden produce.

            Many believe this will be a largely urban phenomena…wrong answer!

            Out here in the rural areas of NC/SC…it seems 1/2 the population are receiving some sort of govt benefits and damn near the other 1/2 are strung out on various pills/medications.

            Property crimes (theft / B-n-E) is skyrocketing…rural home invasions are picking up also, albeit w/ a higher % injury/death-toll for the perps!


            Not long ago, John Q Public did an excellent expose’ on night vision/thermal vision equipment.

            Yes, its pricey $$$…but at the end of the day, I see it as a cheap family life insurance policy & a game-changing force multiplier, when they come for my stuff!

            …I practice on the coyote population at night, on weekends sometimes.

            11 kills since late February!

            • Hunter,

              Yes, I agree this is not going to be just a urban phenomenon. Plenty of rural folks are desperately poor too; in fact, unemplyoment and underemployment can be worse in urban areas and when you combine this with the higher likelihood of rural poor having firearms and the knowledge on how to use them, well, you get the picture.

              I totally agree on the value of night vision and thermal optics; I highly suggest everyone who is serious about surviving the collapse of our society spend some time researching how to use these miraculous pieces of technology and how to counter them (they do have their limits). I do not have my own set of NVGs yet, although it is very high on my list of items to aquire. There is a limit to what I can get away with while my wife is complaining that she wants a newer car. I suspect wives will be freely available too once the final act starts. Night vision is what allows our military to own the night. Most police departments do not even have this equipment and they would be our most likely adversaries. NVGs would allow one to safetly gather water after dark or tend gardens or animals out of sight of prying eyes. They would allow the patriot to sabotage infrastructure vital to the police state, aquire resources, and ambush adversaries. I have trained with gen 3 optics during my military service and I wholeheartedly agree with the force multiplying effect a pair of these would have for a family trying to survive the end of our society.

          • Any amount of information is good, even if it’s “old” to some readers. I heard the same about the Dollar Stores, but we have three new ones opening in our area. (Always a sign your area is going to get very poor, very fast.) I think a lot of the information I put out is ancient by some standards, but there is always someone who finds it new and I hope it helps them.

        • Yeah Satori I hear what you are sayin’ but I still work and pay quarterly, state and federal into the unemployment tax. Its a terrible drag on my business. I was paying the max (state wide) for slightly over three years after I laid everybody off (my index) even when those I laid off found employment. Now the state wants to tax my personal property taxes for rain runoff. They’re gonna figure my extra taxes on what impermeable surface, i.e., roof, driveway, concrete, etc, and tax me above and beyond (oh yeah I forgot the flush tax for those on septic system, not town) the normal land tax. This to me is nothing short of robbery(Jesse James style). You don’t pay….you get auctioned off on the courthouse steps. The only thing that keeps me from waging a full scale all out war is the missus. If it wasn’t for her I would cut telephone, tv, cable, and taxes and let them come take it and count the dead. I could make this my personal little big horn. But like ‘Ol Tom Horn said, “They’ll know who I am.”

          • Well, if they’ve living off a “Crisco” type diet and not moving around, I can probably take them by myself. Their hand-eye coordination may be better than mine, but think I’m healthier.

            • There’s a 16-yr-old zombie living upstairs in my house. He does nothing unless forced, including bathing. He’s failing 3 classes in school, eats like three people, and sits on his a@@ playing video games and talking on his smart phone all day. Won’t lift a finger to help anyone, it wouldn’t even occur to him to ask if there might be something he could do to help….fat, lazy and gutless….not much a future in that, is there?

              This is exactly the kind of kid who is dependant on someone else to take care of him, but doesn’t earn his keep in the least (that, and the smart mouth he’s got on him are enough to make me want to take him out in the woods and leave him there to fend for himself – wouldn’t make it through the night).

              If it were up to me, I’d kick him out the minute he turns 18 and we were no longer legally responsible for the slug. Seeing as that he is not my child, there’s nothing I can do to get him out right now. His father allows this kind of crap to continue, even though I’ve talked to him time and time again about the drain this kid is on us, and on society – do something with him or you’ll be sorry – that conversation, blah, blah, blah….

              WTSHTF, this kid will NOT have any place in my shelter, I can tell you that. Although I’m married to him, neither will his father if he thinks the kid should come also. Let the father figure it out. Too bad, too late, should’ve prepared!

              As for me, I have made damn sure I have stored food, water, medicine, tools, seed, fuel, “security”, and trade items. Still gathering things, but tucking them away in a specially modified RV that belongs to me and me alone. Decision won’t be too tough, I’m thinkin’, who gets to bug out with me.

              Dumbass teenagers are going to starve unless they adapt (zombies tend to do that).

              • That teen should NOT know about your RV or preps, and neither should his Dad. A teen like that will have a big mouth & blow your OPSEC to kingdom come.

                Take away his electronic toys until his grades improve. Stop serving him food. Nothing wrong with a 16 year old turning over a tattie patch before sitting down to a evening meal, he’s cooked himself.

                Does the boy belong to any sort of useful group like the scouts or the church volunteer rota for the soup kitchen? Get him signed up for something productive and look for nutritional ways to treat depression.

                If all else fails leave his father sooner rather than later. It’s time to cut loose any deadwood prior to an event, so those people with an alcoholic or junkie in the extended family need to be distancing themselves sharpish. You may adore your sister, but if she’s married to a total bum it’s time to take action NOW. Not once the leech has blown your OPSEC wide open to the hoards post event. Leeches in the extended family will get you killed.

                • Thanks for the advice, lone…we had the kid signed up to volunteer the entire month of June at a Christian camp. All he had to do was two things: 1) Pass algebra (the only required class he is failing) 2) Talk to the head of the camp during a simple face-to-face interview. He was already approved to come and volunteer which would have meant he would get room and board in exchange for tasks like bussing tables, sweeping floors, directing campers to their activities, etc. My thinking was that this would be good for him. Can’t spend all his time playing video games or texting his brain-dead friends, he’d get some work experience that was supervised, might learn something and – the best part – he’d be out of my house for an entire month!

                  Well…not only did he manage to fail algebra (now he has to go to summer school), but also jacked up the interview at the camp by not speaking in complete sentences and not answering simple questions…”uhhh…ya…uhhh…I dunno…’spose so..duhhh”. So the camp supervisor wrote us to say she couldn’t use him this year, maybe next year.

                  Believe me, there won’t be time for him to blow my OPSEC – he may not be able to speak at all when I get done with him! Just sayin’….

              • Ref : ReadyRNOT

                Well….read my post above…..sounds like you maybe headed out on your own if your flock does not get their act together..I know the feeling….
                I got Stuff aplenty !!! So…if you head out Please drop by and pick me up !!! I am one hell of a close quarters and perimeter patrol guy…..And a trailer load of survival gear ……

                Well….I had to give it a shot !!! I know I will find someone else to has the right mind set…..this Lone Wolf Thingie just is not for me…

                Good luck …..

        • F the Food stamps. I for one am tired of bribing the scum not to riot. Let them come. The world needs some social Darwinism

          • B 52’s loaded with napalm bombs or M.O.A.B.’s can supress any rioting and quell ghetto uprisings effectively!

            • Actually that use of excessive force does nothing more than convert more people over to the side of the insurgents. Its counter productive but it fits the profile and MO of The Powers That Be.

              Shelling a village killing civilians was just the recruiting tool the VC wanted.

              Read The Art Of War by Sun Tzu.

        • THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!!! great stuff at that site!!

      3. While food prices rise, our incomes are staying about the same.

        What can we do?
        1. Plant a garden.
        2. Support local farmers.
        3. Use and/or preserve in season food (can, dehydrate, etc.)
        4. Save what you eat and eat what you save. Rotate foods and keep the pantry stocked.

        • I’ve been coupon shopping like a maniac since 2008!
          My stockpile of OTC meds, first aid supplies, toiletries,beauty supplies, and short-term food is quite extensive!

          Love using: Thegrocerygamedotcom AND couponmomdotcom

          If I don’t save 60% better, I get angry w/ myself!
          Also, my DH has restricted me. I can ONLY get toothpaste when it’s FREE!

          • is a good site to check out for how tos on getting started.

        • KY Mom,
          I like your list. As for #3, look for your nearest County Extension office and see what food preservation classes they offer. AND, they might test your pressure gauge as well.

        • My Mother threw out nothing. Her leftovers were fantastic. Modern Americans by and large waste a tremendous amount of food and far too many have lost the art of making good from scratch meals. They’re far cheaper than the packaged stuff and far better for you.

          The suburban lawn rabbit had a 60 year reprieve. They’re going to have something in common with buffalo.

        • Fracking is going to render all artesian wells un drinkable!
          Humans are the dumbest most destructive species on earth!

          • Dumber than dirt!

      4. Hard Times Survival

        Many families are struggling, trying to provide for their families. Many have seen layoffs, reduced hours, higher insurance premiums, and/or smaller paychecks. Higher prices for food and supplies make it even more difficult.

        This website includes a number of useful articles about living in hard times – shelf stable food to buy on a tight budget, simple recipes, gardening, preserving food, how-to make it or do it yourself, etc.

        He has suggestions on purchasing and adding food storage on a very limited budget. (There is also a section on simple recipes.)
        At the top of the page, click on HARD TIMES SURVIVAL.

        Modify the suggested food list to foods your family like to eat. Remember to ‘store what you eat and eat what you store’.

        An Affordable One-Year Emergency Food Supply (2,000 calories per day for $801)

        A Really Cheap One-Year Emergency Food Supply (1,800 calories per day for $494)

        (All costs, package sizes, and nutritional data in the following table were obtained on January 1, 2014.)

        • KY Mom

          For those in cold climates in particular,
          Working outside all day in the winter easily burns 4000
          calories to stay warm. Post SHTF, life will be rigorous and physical. Increase stores accordingly. Its tough to make it on rice and beans in the winter. More fat is needed.

          When out on snowshoes all day, I have been known to eat a whole stick of butter. LOL

          • Recently learned that butter was a staple, eaten alone through out history. I don’t know what else packs nutrition & calories like it it. Also, a new researchreprt shows the dairy meat link to heart disease was wholly created for political ends. It says it is a complete sham and that like all else it comes down to moderation.
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • You mean we can’t all eat 2500 calorie “value meals” 3 times a day?

              • You can if you burn 7500 calories a day.

            • The study that “proved” that saturated fat consumption caused heart disease was extremely flawed. It was a very small sample, did not take into account any pre-existing conditions of the participants, and did not take into account any lifestyle choices like smoking or lack of physical exercise. It was just a stinking shovelful of government BS.

          • My father said that when he was growing up on the farm, if he was hungry during the day, he would go to the house and put some lard on a biscuit and eat it. I don’t know how good it was, but it was full of calories for hard work.

            • My grandparents ate lard on bread for a midmorning meal during the work day.

            • that’s why there were frequent attacks of pancreatitis in olden days.

              now we have huge rates of obesity and diabetes from high carb, low fat diets.

              everything in moderation.

            • Grew up eating lard/butter on biscuits and bread…still do…all these natural fats are gonna kill us but artificial sweeteners and MSG/GMO are good for us?…talk about goofy!


          I like grandpappy and have found the hillbilly housewife useful for all sorts of things over the years. From her patterns for reusable sanitary protection to ways to eke things out when you have more month than paycheck so you don’t wind up in debt. It’s a good place for newbies to start. Eventually prepping becomes a lifestyle choice, but everyone needs a place to help them get started.

          I know some of you have DIL’s that have you pulling your hair out – hillbillyhousewife might be a good place to get the started gently in living more sensibly.

        • KYmom…been to the grandpappy website….tons of great info…thanks for the tip!

        • I discovered that site many years ago. It’s probably where I got my ideas about shoes for survival. With few exceptions, I only buy shoes that are possible to run in. I try to keep some in stock a year ahead of time. I have so many qualifications for the shoes I buy, and they have to be good quality, so I can only afford two everyday pairs twice a year (black and a brown pair). Except for church shoes (and sometimes even then) they have to have a heel-to-toe height ratio that facilitates walking.

      5. Beans, rice bread from the day old bread store- Garden tomatoes , beans and peppers . It’s rough gonna be but survivable

        • Both of our day-old bread stores are gone. The Mary Jane bread store was run into by a car and never reopened. The Wonder Bread store was closed when Wonder Bread went under, and it’s never reopened.

          Dollar stores usually have cheaper bread.

          • Salvation army has used bread machines for $10-20, Make your own bread and save $1-3 per loaf. Pays off in a week.

        • My great uncle Nunizo had a half acre of ground their home was on and about 10 ft square of a lawn out front. He said in quite broken English, “You no grow if you no eat”. If he could have grown coffee and sugar cane he probably would have has a zero grocery bill.

          Nunizo never owned a car but retired with almost 100K in DuPont stock in 1960 having worked there operating a locomotive for about 40 years.

      6. Ditto!! Stock up on seeds, plant a garden, learn and start canning your own food and meats. Raise chickens and rabbits and plant lots of fruit trees and other annual food producing plants. Start utilizing every part of your yard for food production. I have over 100 pineapple plants in my yard and other fruit trees,garden etc. Get off the grid.

        • Who
          Re: pineapples.
          Are you in Hawaii? South Pacific?

          • Yes Pineapples in Florida, South of frost / freeze line by Tampa Orlando in latitude. Once in a while during winter we have slight frost warnings on occasion, so I just cover them with towels, old bed sheets and blankets for the night.

            • I don’t know anything about gardening, so I’m stocking up on fertilizer to barter for produce.

              • good idea.

            • They are a bromeliad so pretty hearty,
              Slowwwww growing though

          • I think you can grow them in a greenhouse also.

      7. Say NO to GMO, help the bees and plant heirloom seeds.
        Look for “Heirloom Seeds”. You can purchase them online in a bundle (for a garden) or select the varieties you want by the packet.

        Here are a few websites I found that sell heirloom seeds:
        Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds —–
        Seeds Savers Exchange —–
        My Patriot Supply —–

        Four Steps to Help Protect the Bees

        “If you would like to learn more about the economic, political and ecological implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee, check out the documentary film Vanishing of the Bees. If you’d like to get involved, here are four actions you can take to help preserve and protect our honeybees:

        1. Support organic farmers and shop at local farmer’s markets as often as possible. You can “vote with your fork” three times a day. (When you buy organic, you are making a statement by saying “no” to GMOs and toxic pesticides!)

        2. Cut the use of toxic chemicals in your house and on your lawn, and use only organic, all-natural forms of pest control.

        3. Better yet, get rid of your lawn altogether and plant a garden or other natural habitat. Lawns offer very little benefit for the environment. Both flower and vegetable gardens provide excellent natural honeybee habitats.

        4. Become an amateur beekeeper. Having a hive in your garden requires only about an hour of your time per week, benefits your local ecosystem, and you can enjoy your own honey!”

        • KY Mom
          AMEN! 100%. Thumbs up.

          Also, being gluten-free for two years – I feel 50 years younger.

        • Or, if you are like me and are allergic to bees, trade with your apiarist for things you Do have that he/ she doesn’t. He raises honey, I raise grapes and make jams and jellies…:) I grow Sweet potatoes, he grows Yukon Gold…:)

        • Piss on baker creek. Regrettably I hand over my secret seed company, Morgan County Seeds in Morgan county mo. I market garden and I give you my promise that you will not be disappointed. If your a gardener and live close enough stop by and check them out, you’ll spend a couple hours in there. There, my good will is done for the year.

          • Maybe we need to compile a SHTF cook book. I’d contribute and buy a copy. My parents came through the Great Depression and I have lots of make-it-do recipes. Some are good, some are not, but they’re all cheap.

            • I often end up with apples and pears that I can’t eat before they get bad. I don’t have canning equipment, so I freeze some, dehydrate some. What I like to do, is dice up apples and or pears and add them to my fried taters and eggs. I like bell peppers in there too.

              I put apples/pears in soups and stews. Apples taste good in beef stews, pears with chicken. Cook apples with white rice, add raisins or a little honey or sugar and some milk and get a nice change from plain oatmeal.

              Of course we all know the fond relationship between apples/pears and rhubarb…I used to grab the sugar bowl and head for the rhubarb patch, as a kid…

              My point is, there are many combos of fruit and veggies beyond what we usually see. I like to experiment, and when I have a surplus of something, seems like a good time…

      8. What are good stocks to buy when food prices go up? Most people are not going to garden and will keep shopping at grocery stores. Where is the up side?

        • Honestly. Trust someone willing to pay tax money to Cook County to hope to profit off the suffering and misery concomitant with the destruction of a nation. I am sure there are hundreds of money changers in the Loop alone who would be delighted to hook you up with a full share of agro-military-industrial complex stocks and bonds, as long as your investable assets meet their service threshold. Goldman Sachs would love your business.

          Or you could, you know, actually produce something with your own hands and grow a freakin’ bean or something. Buy a vacant lot, plant it, donate the extra food, and help improve that sad, violent city of the damned.

        • How about stocks in ammo and gun manufacturers, companies that make riot gear for cops, those manufacturers of MRAPs and drones, maybe Haliburton because we will need some foreign wars to distract an unruly and hungry populace, etc,.

          Get the idea?

          • Yeah on the News tonight they say 1 in 9 Bridges in America need to be replaced, but the Government is low in Federal Funding for that. But hey, the Government has $20 Billion for the Presidential Helicopter Limo Rides Program. And a Trillion more for the F-35 Program, More Billions for Submarines, Billions more for Foreign Aid with ties that they need to buy military hardware from US Military Industrial complex. Billions more for Big Oil Companies subsidies, And after all this is wasted Federal money on a war machine, there will be no infrastructure in America to defend. Study up on the Fall of the Roman Empire, History repeats itself again.

            • Every bridge in my area is either currently being replaced or on the list to be replaced during the coming year.

        • To be truthful “IF” all this goes bad, no stocks you can buy now will be good. All the companies owe and buy from each other. Your company maybe good, but if it’s bank goes under or another Co. does, that owes it money it could be done for. That’s the definition of this type of change. Best I can say is buy stuff you need and get silver coin, matches, asprin, tums etc, to trade with.

        • Many people who now refuse to garden will adjust their outlook on gardening when they have no choice. The leech class just hasn’t yet been shot at for stealing from somebody’s garden. 150 years ago, NOBODY gardened because they liked it.

      9. On a global basis, more food is being eaten than produced. Because of that, global food reserves are getting dangerously low. This year or the next we’ll see large numbers of people suffering from malnutrition. And if the dollar dies we’ll see the biggest disaster in world history.

      10. Soylent green is people

        • Between the Family at night and you shooting everything that moves in the day we cant go much anywhere.

      11. DH and I were discussing this very topic at breakfast. Think we are in pretty good shape for what we see coming except one area….fresh fruit. We have apple and peach trees which are doing well, but still young probably two more years for fruit. We do have strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and grapes but not enough of them. Money is tight so we hope to plant more by fall, but here again need a couple of years to get good production. Even our meat supplies are in better shape than fruit. I am buying lots of canned fruit right now but we do not like it as well. Since our little immediate family all like fruit we are all focused on this topic right now.

        • Buy Fruit on sale and dehydrate… All fruits are very good dryed. Some are leathery some are crisp look for the info. Also on your apples use little sprinkle of cinnamin its extra good… drying your food keeps most of the nutrients… have fun and let the kids help.

        • You can make more grapevines for free. Just let a section of vine get long enough to reach the ground, bury part of it, and put a brick on it so it won’t move. Pretty soon the part in the dirt will grow roots. Then you can cut it loose from the main grapevine and move it wherever you want. My oldest grapevine was a sprout from where I used to live.

        • Did you get dwarf stock for your fruit trees? Ours (From Stark Brothers) produce a small amount of fruit within two years. Dwarf stock doesn’t live as long, in my opinion, but it should last until something new takes over the country. We hope something good. All berries are on sale now at the larger nurseries at quite reasonable prices. Good luck!

      12. Burp…………………….yawn.


      13. Food Prices Skyrocket and by fall ……? I think the correct title should be: Food Prices along every other commodity and services including the cost of medical insurance and prescription drugs have been Skyrocketing for many years now. This is happening while the wages are decreasing and companies won’t match the inflation rate via salary increases. So the net is we have been screwed for many years now and such articles shouldn’t point to the future and a possible event.

        However guess who is making the most money: BANKS. Wake up people and notice the cancerous cells.

        • “cancerous cells”

          good way to describe the banksters and Wall Street parasites

        • In addition to investing in rice, beans and bullets, I am going long on rope and lampposts. Sticking my neck out on that investment though!

          • Don’t forget about pitchforks and lanterns!

          • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress……While Rice,Beans and bullets may create piece of mind and security, the only investment as you have stated that brings true joy is the rope.

          • i’m long tar and feathers

      14. LOTS people can do to help alleviate (to a degree) the sticker shock that is here…and getting worse.

        1. Canning

        If you don’t own at least a water bath canner you are in trouble. A high quality pressure canner is much better as it allows you to safely can meats. These are much more useful than just canning vegetables and fruits. I have ‘dry-canned’ hamburger and it is so pathetically easy, there is no excuse for others not to. Works great in chili, homemade hamburger type dishes, tacos, sloppy joes and a bunch of others. You can even can BUTTER and many other things you probably never thought of… like BACON.

        2. Store Dry goods.

        Get 5 Gallon (food quality) buckets with Gamma-Seal lids because they ROCK. You can store up rice, flour, sugar, salt, all kinds of beans and grains. The Gamma Seal lids are Marine rated(water tight)and are easily accessed as well. Great way to store things and keep moisture, bugs and vermin OUT.

        3. Dehydrate

        One of my favorite things to do now is slice up a 4-6 lbs of ‘baby bella’ (small Portabella) mushrooms and get them in the dehydrator. Super easy to do and you just throw them into mason jars…you can even reuse your metal canning lids as these don’t need to be canned, just sealed tight. Throw in a desiccant pack and O2 absorber and all is good.

        Of course fruits are a great thing for the dehydrator. Not a real big fan of beef jerky, as I would rather can the beef and not have to rehydrate it later.

        Make sure you watch the stores as prices have already been going up and are not going to be coming back down, esp if WWIII gains more momentum.

        • Socrates

          Check out recipes for home-made pemmican.
          I make it with clarified butter, powdered beef or venison, and dried berries. When done right, it lasts forever and really keeps you warm in the winter.

        • Socrates: can you please point me in a direction to learn how to can meat? I am really interested but am very intimidated….I have never canned before. I have seen some videos but they don’t explain well and I don’t want to do it wrong. Money is very tight…



          • Pk there are thousands of YouTube videos out there for specific things like butter and bacon but meats are the easiest items to can. I can pork loin…fill the jar with meat cover in water, leaving one inch headspace. Place jars in pressure canner, process for 90.minutes high pressure. Same for any meat. I do stew meat, ham, chicken.

          • FWIW we’re still working through canned meats we put up spring 2012…

            Do this with the understanding that canned meats you can have a lot in common with the canned meats you buy on the shelf (tuna, chicken etc). Same texture, same ‘canned’ whang to them.

            I’d also advise don’t can your meats with ‘flavors’, just some salt and call it good. You can add flavors when you decant.

            ALWAYS do the three checks when you decant, sight – does it look off? Do you see any growths, on the lid etc? Does it smell off, smell sour? Then taste, does it taste off? If you can say yes to any of these then DO NOT EAT it. Botulism is not something to risk unless feces has hit the fan and it’s eat it or starve to death.

            Pick up the ball blue book of canning. Be aware that not everyone on youtube follows best, i.e. safe, practices.

            The key thing with meats is you have to can it at the required pressure for the required time. So if you need to use 10lbs of pressure for 45 minutes (pint jars) then you don’t start the clock until you’re at 10lbs of pressure.

            You get better quality foods using pint jars since they require less time but quarts work fine.

            There’s only one pressure canner that we recommend. The gasketless, all american ones. They’re generation level quality. THey’re also pricey, we paid $450 for our big one. But our kids kids kids will be using it.

            Also look at Tattler lids and rings. They’re resuable, a lot of times and they frequently have 20% off sales so wait for a sale unless you think life as we know is going to change. I sold one of the kids (j/k, we just gave up a vacation that year) and we stocked up enough during a sale that we shouldn’t have to worry for the rest our and a good chunk of the kids lives.

            keep you canned foods in the dark, at comfort level temps, cooler if you can get it. Heat and light destroy nutritional values in foods.

            Anyway, it’s not hard, just get quality data and follow it to the letter. Don’t beleive everything you read or see on the internet “We’ve been doing it this way for years and we haven’t died.” isn’t a valid recommendation. 🙂

            Get the ball book, get literature from your local extension, the stuff that has been tested to be 100% sure that you’re not going catch a really bad bug.

          • Get the Ball Blue Book. It has many recipes and has the times and pressures for many meats, fruits and vegetables.

            Good luck, one of the best skills to ever learn.

            Country girl

          • One issue on canning meat; LET IT COOL SLOWLY!, Don’t let off the pressure, let it cool. Otherwise it does not seal properly.

        • food saver has a mason jar sealer it works great way better than the o2 absorbers. I use it for all my dry stuff even energy bars. I use the 1/2 gal jars for that. I put all my pasta in jars and use the sealer.

      15. The government doesn’t count food nor fuel in their inflation index. Who are they trying to fool? Drought,inflation and politics are raising food prices. Kick out the Dems and their darter fish,quit spending,allow people to grow food where prohibited,lower taxes to increase production and jobs. what has happened to our breadbasket?

        • jim in Va, With all due respect Sir….but your statement “Kick out the Dems” won’t solve the problems we are facing. As long as we are debating Dems, Vs Reps the problem gets deeper. Both are under AIPAC controls and guess what….. tribal masters are in charge.

          • So, we’ll start with the Dems, then see what happens. We don’t like it, we’ll kick out the Reps next.

            Gotta start somewhere.

      16. I pray it wont get bad enough to lead toward canabalism. Then we will trully have a zombie apocalypse.

        • Look up “siege of Leningrad”. It most certainly can and will get that bad. Before it is over you will probably be looking over your shoulder for others looking to kill you for your meat as opposed to your stockpile of food.

          According to the Aztecs, properly aged and seasoned human flesh tastes like pork, which gave rise to the belief that Spaniards and pigs interbred. I would think banker or politician would be good for eating; the flesh is soft and tender with exquisite marbling of fat from never having worked a day in their life. Kind of like Kobe beef.

        • grin dead meat…

        • I hand feed the neighborhood squirrels popcorn and bread daily and they love it. I have about 10 fat ones that look for me in the morning and in the late afternoon. They are my back-up plan for meat if this economy gets real stinkin ugly. They just don’t know about my plan just yet though. lol…. I can call then from yards away and they come a running to me. I will take out the fattest males first if needed. Just saying, nothing wrong with planting a food plot for critters and always have a water hole source / bird bath or other pools for water, as it attracts all sorts of wild life. Get a good pellet gun. And pick up some live traps, snares and learn how to use them. Most every bird out there is edible. Taste just like chicken. Just another backup layer of my food source plan.

          • Sounds just like the turkey and the farmer. Turkey believed the farmer was its guardian angel except the turkey had never heard about this thing called “Thanksgiving”…

      17. As I’ve mentioned before, if you have a business you can join Restaurant Depot. Just add the dot COM after the word restaurantdepot to find a location, they are in most states. 80/20 ground beef was priced at $2.20 per lb last week; chicken leg quarters at $0.58 per lb. My local grocery store is way, way above double those prices. Coffee is about $6 for a #10 can.. really good coffee too.
        This would be worth forming a biz just to be able to join.. doesn’t matter what your biz type is.. just gotta be able to show you’re a company. My daughter was recently married and I handed her my RD card to buy for the wedding.. she was astonished that she was able to purchase everything needed at more than a 50% savings from her budgeted amount.

        I have no relationship with this place except being a normal customer.. they also sell really nice 50 lb Cubes of white rice.. packaged well and stores VERY easily.. 100 lb bags of beans, etc. It costs nothing to join and honestly saves at least 50% on most items. Some items, no. Oddly, bottled water is far more there than at the stores.. shop smart and save big bucks.. I go shopping there about once a month, buy 20-30 lbs of ground beef, 40 lbs of chicken, baby back ribs, ham, etc. Package it in appropriately portion sized vacuum packed bags and freeze them.

        • I make the occasional run to the nearest Restaurant Depot in a nearby state using the card obtained using the church’s business license. Those of you who are in survival groups could organize them as churches and your donations would be tax deductible since churches are not required to apply for 501(c)3. The church could use this non-taxable income to purchase items at Restaurant Depot for it’s disaster response pantry.

          • Doesn’t it cost a lot to apply for a 501(c)3?

            • oUCH; awesome info on rest. depot. I just looked them up and turns out there is one 10 minutes from me. I signed up online. Cant wait to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

        • @oUCH,
          Thanks for the tip! I am going to check them out…
          If anyone lives in Texas, North Austin area…there is a new survival store out that way called The Bunker. They have a great supply of survival gear including ammo. They also carry non-GMO seeds:)Things are fix’n to get worse and if people aren’t awake by now, it’s just no use trying to help them. I am on a mission-and it to take care of my family!

        • oUCH,
          thanks for the heads up on the restaurant depot.
          i’m in arizona and there is one right off the freeway up in the big town. looks like THE place to get stuff. i just got to figure out how to get a card.

          • You can “partner” with someone who has a business… or depending upon where you live, forming a Corp is a cheap, fast and easy thing to do.

        • ouch, we have one of those that opened up here in Memphis a year ago. I think I’ll look into them myself. Thanks.

      18. Do all you can to master the fine art/science of seed saving. In the EU they’ve tried to introduce legislation that will limit the availability of retail heirloom seeds. It’s an obvious target for tptb imho, as we can all see by now they want to prevent us doing for ourselves, and to increase our dependency on them all the way to the camps.

        Seed circles help mitigate risk as you can swap/give away some of your favourite varieties so that even if your crop suffers disaster you at least have a source of replacement seed.

        It’s also time to start guerilla gardening on any public/waste land near your home. Take cuttings of perennials/shrubs/fruit or nut trees and plant them around your area, then leave well alone. In an emergency situation you can revisit those sites discreetly at harvest time. Study the principles of permaculture for ideas on what to plant and where. You leave well alone once planted for purely OPSEC reasons. Think of guerilla gardening like this as creating living caches of food stores in advance of hard times.

        Quick question re our homeschool bantam project:-

        Does anyone sprout/grow fodder from their chicken feed grains? The lad asked if this would make a sack of wheat go further yesterday as I made the mistake of asking him to try and work out the cost ratio of egg to feed. He thinks by sprouting the grains he can make a sack last longer so the cost per egg will reduce. He also wanted to know if it would up the nutritional content.

        I thought it was a VERY intelligent question for a 9 year old to be asking. BUT am a total noobie myself at this chicken keeping malarkey so said I would ask around and come back to him with an answer. HELP! This city gal Mum is in over her head already and the chicks are only two weeks old!

        • Yes you can turn a 50lb sack of wheat berries into 300lbs of sprouted grass. I use barley because it’s cheaper. My rabbits love it. I priced my rabbit meat out to 86 cents a pound to raise. You can’t beat that. Plus Google how good and nutritious sprouted wheat or barley is. Your animals will love it. Chickens will eat it because my quail do.

          • Storing Eggs Long Term 6+ months. When you buy them or raise them, wash them off, then dry the shell, then wipe mineral oil or vegetable oil on the entire egg shell. Place them with the small end down back in the egg carton. This will seal the egg so it will not decompress, and lasts for 6+ months or more. And it helps too if you can keep them refrigerated, cool and dry place, but not freezing temps. I did this today with 36 eggs. I prefer the brown free-range / cage-less eggs.

          • Do you dry the sprouted grass before giving it to the rabbits (particularly the young ones)? I only ask because when I let the 3-4 week old rabbits eat the green lawn when I am cleaning cages, they get a bit of diarrhea (and no, the lawn has never been exposed to chemicals).

            The .86 is pretty good. My current average is $1.82/lb of live rabbit just feeding the pellets from the local feed store. I could improve on that if I was to breed more often but I already getting way, way more than we could ever consume.

            • The sprouting part I can do well, as it was a key part of my prepping strategy when I lived in Londistan.

              Wheat is very expensive so I’ll think I’ll take your advice and plump for barley instead. It sounds as if by sprouting we might be able to make one sack of grain last right through the winter.

              We are unlikely to see any eggs from this project until end of October/November time. With only 2 pullets of 2 weeks old apiece I doubt we’ll have enough to store just yet. (set 6 in the incubator from posted eggs 4 fertile at 10 days, 4 hatched 2 boys & 2 girls).

              However we’ll be setting some more eggs in our incubator the minute we arrive in our new home next month. Eggs and chickens for eating on a regular basis will have to wait for next year : ( I’ve copied your post into my file for printing ready – thanks for the tip.

              As for rabbits – we have a silent and deadly whippet who can be relied upon to catch any wild critters, as well as acting as a silent house alarm. At this point in time I can’t see the point in breeding those just yet. I am wondering about the wisdom of hatching and then releasing some guinea fowl into our nearby woods though as a wee living cache.

            • I do not dry the sprouted grass. Once it’s grown which is 6 to 7 days I cut 4 ounces and give it to each rabbit. 4 oz keeps them from getting fat. Fat rabbits don’t like to mate. Kinda like humans hahaha.

            • I feed a mixture of corn oats & alfalfa pellets along with dry hay to my rabbits. Green grass can harbor worms & other parasites that possibly will harm tame rabbits. I try not to breed to have litters during the extremely hot or cold weather.

      19. The mention of The Arab Spring is timely as is the food price spike. On Friday, May 16, and until the results are done, Operation American Spring, Marches on Washington.
        See you there Patriots

        • @Peter, who knows where this thing will go? I just heard about it today myself.

          Of course this could also be used as a false flag to come down on us like a ton of bricks too.

      20. Nothing like Censorship !

        • Peter
          Put in an E Mail address.

      21. I always look forward to Moderation Censorship.

      22. I cant afford food for the whole month now. I wish I would have started prepping earlier. I feel I dont have a whole lot of time left to get prepared.

        • @Kathy,
          I’m certain that there are a bunch of us who would help you if we could. Try maybe the Salvation Army, or some other faith based group.

          Can we all pray for Kathy folks.

          • Kathy,
            I have a couple friends in your shoes seen the light but money is pretty tight.If you would like you can go to my blog and my e-mail is on there, e-mail me or message me on the blog and I will see what I can do to help.

          • Ed Sin
            Count me in.
            If you can plant a garden. seeds are cheap.
            If no room use flower planters.

        • Kathy, sorry fat finger, did not mean to down vote you. Hang in there and do what you can. We will all pray for you.

      23. The problem is the “government” will simply make it ILLEGAL for anyone to grow their own food, or buy food from anyone that is not “authorised”……and they will kill people to make a point……so what will people do when it gets that far? I thought Americans would have overthrown that corporation by now.

        • @ Mike
          For years it was against the law to have a garden in Cuba, even with the people starving. Old Fidel just didn’t want any “Capital Pig” farmer trading a basket of tomatoes for some meds or a M.D.’s help.

          Yup “The Left” really loves the little man!

          • And yet Fidel is a billionaire.

            • Yep, that’s one pig who is more equal than the others, eh?

        • Mike
          If they think for one minute that I’m going to stop putting in a garden they are out of their heads.
          There are corn and bean fields planted all around me. I will put stuff in their fields.

        • Is this happening in Michigan.

      24. This crisis is going to get some guys massively laid (the guys with food that is). Any guy who has the food to host nice young ladies for dinner will get a really good dessert.

        In the UK, the economy is doing very well so I won’t gloat about it (house prices rising, pound up, lots of stuff in the shops etc.).

        Looks like the domestic US population is being thrown under the bus to keep all those global bases nicely fed and fully stocked. If people knew what it is like on those bases they would truly wonder why they are made to live in ghetto hell and subsist on food stamps.

        • Or get them killed by her boyfriend or family when she goes back to them and reveals the location of a man who has a well-stocked pantry. Taking advantage of others desperate enough for food that they will allow a man to use their body only invites bad karma. Anyone looking to do this when TSHTF will deserve what they have coming from an enraged father or brother or husband.

          • Chain them to the basement wall you idiot. Preppers should at least have handcuffs.

          • AMEN to that!

          • If all you have to trade is what’s between your legs, you won’t need Weight Watcher’s. That thing will be worth less than you think.

            As far as “taking advantage”, the woman will be the one taking advantage of someone. Many will not hesitate to rent out that thing if they can find a willing tenant. Nothing new about that.

        • really Frank, some of us would rather die first.

        • If you want a woman, save her only because you love her and made the decision that this woman is worth saving and sacrificing for and she’s someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Sex for food? We’re supposed to the good guys. This doesn’t sound much different than a trafficker getting his women addicted to heroin. If she’s prostituting herself for food, you don’t know how many men have been in her, and getting a STD is not something you want during a collapse.

          I’ve never been one to underestimate a woman and you shouldn’t either, she could be a black widow or trojan horse. And word can get out if you’re feeding others. I’m not too worried about the boyfriend. But even if they don’t go after you, that’s less food for you and yours. But I have no doubt if it gets that bad there will be women selling themselves to survive, like in the Bosnia war.

        • I am surprised at the many thumbs-down Frank’s post received. Throughout history women have selected men based on their ability to provide food and shelter. Today’s financially independent women who have their own jobs may select men based on other criteria, but why would they not revert to their historical norms when faced with a crisis?

          I for one, think that prepper-males who have have been rejected and ignored, may look a little more attractive to women in a crises.

        • i’ld rather eat than screw

          • If you get a blow job the person giving it gets a free protein drink LOL!

        • Frank Thoughts

          In the UK Londistan is experiencing a housing boom, which is not being experienced by all those in the provinces. In Northern Ireland for example houses are still down 40% from their peak. The Londistan market is an artificial one caused by foreign investors wanting a safe haven.

          The food banks are reporting brisk trade and the grocery store prices keep rising. The upper classes and the gangs have guns, shame about everyone else.

          The UK populace is tamer than the US equivalent, but the underlying social issues that led to the 2011 riots have not gone away. Violent crime continues to rise, education under Gove is in a mess,and the rumbling undercurrent of resentment towards immigrants from the natives gets louder.

          In a global crash the City of London will be protected, simply because the global financiers are always protected. That doesn’t mean the rest of the country will be OK, nor that the desire for Scottish independence will leave the UK an intact nation by this time next year.

          Bottom line is that the UK has to import 60% of the food it consumes, and that if there is a global crash then the elite will protect and guard those food stores for themselves, leaving the majority to suffer. You only have to look at history to see how the British elite had traditionally treated it’s subjects during hard times to figure out why you shouldn’t be fooled by illusions.

          Has noone told you British girls tool up the same as their male counterparts? Sure they’ll pop round for dinner – to gut you after the fish course and take over your precious home. The pretty girls will look nice as they drink the last of your stored wine while dancing on your grave though.

          • My father was in the army air force during WWI. Stationed in England. Him and a cook where great friends. They would steal meat from the camp kitchen & go to town and trade it for Booze & pussy.

      25. Check out the 3rd of each month. That’s when the grocery prices go up. The “SNAP” people, Social Security and others on various govt. programs receive their subsidies. If you notice the Sunday paper ads two weeks before the increase is about 6-7% less, then go into the stores after the 3rd and see how much everything has risen. A lb. of T-bone steak is $9.50 @ Publix, at Winn Dixie it’s $12.50. Bacon is $4.25 a lb, seafood- forget it. The only meat that is reasonable is chicken. That’s stayed mostly the same.

        • Bacon? I thought only the very rich, or Congressmen ate bacon anymore.

          Even a bag of apples is around $5.00 here in the Midwest.

          Ground turkey is cheaper and works in Tacos, or Spaghetti sauce.

        • Thats because mass chicken farms are horrific concentration camps injecting the cheaply raised livestock with all kinds of toxic poisons and steroids and feeding them their own shit.

          Do you see the markets stocked with many cuts of duck, pheasant, dolphin, etc.?

      26. No wonder it never stops.

        The government keeps feeding those who scam the system and we complain about our tax money.

        Can’t have it both ways.

        I say cut off the food stamps. The riots were coming anyhow.

        They sent the cattle to market because of the drought and the pigs are dying off from some disease. Both will sky rocket in prices. Wait till they stop fishing in the pacific waters because of radiation. The chickens are next with bird flu.

        • I’ve got a Sister-in-Law in her late 50’s, who has worked as an RN since her mid-20’s. She got laid off 6 months ago, is about to lose her home of 25 years and can’t even get a job at MacDonalds or Walmart.

          She won’t mooch, refuses any Government help. We’re sending what we can, but fear the worst for her.

          May 16 starts “The American Spring” in DC.

          • I don’t mean to sound like a smart-ass,ES.

            But; a woman working for 30 years as an RN that hasn’t already gotten a house of some kind paid for; is either a dumbass living above her means, or has had a long run of bad luck.

            I apologize for calling her a dumbass, “if” its the latter.

            • I have to agree… Every 30yr mortgage should be paid off within 15 to 20 years. The extra years are just to give you some flexibility for life’s curve balls.

          • She needs to move to Florida where old people live. There is a demand here for RNs.

            You go to where the work is if at all possible.

        • STFU Slingsnot

          The biggest welfare queens have always been huge corporations. You stupid old GOPers dont like to discuss that little detail.

          • Rottencrotch, why don’t YOU STFU? No good reason to be attacking the good people on this site. Hey, everyone, he said “stupid old GOPers”. Which troll does he remind you of? I’ll give you one hint, his last name starts with an ‘E’.

          • Rottencrotch.

            You going to vote for Hilary? I am. Does that make you feel better.

            • Damn!, Slingshot

              You must really be wanting the S to HTF.

              • Passinthewind.

                Doesn’t matter if I vote or for whom I vote for. Big Corporation or the scammers. It is all coming down in time. Dems. or Repubs. My choice’s are, who am I going to go in with and who am I going to fight. Don’t even matter if I get a shot off. What I have done will satisfy me. So I don’t give a shit how it happens just that it happens. I have been down a long road. Heard it all. The excuses and the blame.

            • Hillary is already the Chosen Puppet for the NWO in 2016, She is already out there swinging, saying “Too many people have too many guns, in too many places.” There is no competent alternative in 2016, that I know of, who is for the People instead of the establishment.

              • I read that Karl Rove has said that Hillary has brain damage. I think she’s too old now. We’re probably going to be stuck with Jeb. About the only thing good about Jeb is that he’s distantly related to me. Thankfully, BO is only a 16th cousin. The last two elections are the only ones in a number of years where my closest cousin lost. The Bushes are cousins, McCain is a cousin, even Bill Clinton is a cousin. But thankfully, Hillary is French-Canadian, so almost anybody who runs will be more closely related to me than she is.

              • “who is for the People instead of the establishment”

                To answer that question, you’ll need to get past the MSM propaganda. Remember, they want to make everyone who is NOT the chosen, to look as bad as possible. Part of that deception, is making people who are freedom advocates look just as guilty as the rest…it’s called camouflage. You can’t tell one from the other for a good reason.

                Then they push their boy/girl out in front and everybody jumps at them.

                We make this mistake over and over again.

                Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          • Eisen is that you?

          • Now the man who can’t wait to trade food for sex is ranting about corporate welfare queens.

            Give us a break, deviate. Go back and inventory your supply of Cheetos and condoms.

      27. You forgot to mention climate change, which was the catalyst for many of the Arab spring protests when food prices got out of hand. We are lucky to live in a country where so many areas are good for gardening, particularly in the northeast, where there is plenty of water. Better stock up while you can.

        • sharonsj

          80% of the political uprisings around and in the oil producing middle east are complements of the CIA and their partners MI-5 and others. They create “problems” to justify our involvement. The remaining 20% may have some validity or they come from other nations outside of the reach of the globalist bankers and the nations that serve them.

          We see little truth from “official” and mainstream sources so that its wise to watch the video and then completely ignore the explanation. The pilot that flew the MIG-25 Foxbat into Japan in 1976 Lt Victor Bleniko (hope I got his name correct) did that with the propaganda the USSR put out. He defected and was lucky. We have nowhere to defect to.

        • Nonsense. The Arab spring was born of a burning desire to be free (or maybe eat).

          • If they wanted freedom, then why IN THE BLOODY HELL DID THEY VOTE FOR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD?! The college kids in tight dungarees voted for Shariah law and Islamic thugs. The Arab Winter was instigated by our own State Dept and the CIA, IMO…

          • They took over Libya and first went to the gold reserves in the Treasury saving Mr Kadaffi (spelling) for later.

            Thats not an angry mob but rather an organized rebellion directed from the outside.

            If you desire a visit from the CIA or US Marines just say, “I’ll take something other than US dollars for my oil”.

      28. My potatoes go in the ground next week. Last year we got about 50 lbs. from a raise bed garden along with 40 lbs of carrots, 40 beets, 60 tomatoes.

        We still eating last year’s jams (canned), pickles (canned), pickle relish (canned), onions, and green peppers (both frozen)

        If you’re planting spuds, get a hand crank French Fry cutter and fill the freezer with Cajun flavored curly fries.

        • Speaking of Cajun, has anyone here considered raising “crawdads”? Or having any experience doing such?

          ‘Tis something I got to thinking about the other day, as I have 2 tiny springs that well up about 1/2 way up the small mountain on my property.
          Am thinking about scooping out a small pond area w/ spillway & raising ’em…any advice, anyone?

          • Here in eastern NC they are growing wild in the swamps and ditches. I’ve seen them walking through our yard from the swamp out back to the ditch at the road late in the evening. If you get too close, they rear up like they’re going to attack. I’ve also seen their mud towers along the ditch with an air hole above the waterline, so I know they dig down into the mud.

            I suppose they could be raised artificially. We have a number of fish farms in the area. My wife loves shrimp. Maybe I can convince her that crayfish are almost just like shrimp.

            I searched on Startpage and found instructions and YouTube videos. I might try catching some wild crayfish and attempt raising seafood. I hear you need large tanks or a large pond to start with.

            • Mmmm…mud bugs. Suck the heads and eat the tails

            • There are freshwater varieties they sell in aquarium/pet stores. Those are usually in pretty colors for hobbyists, but this means that one could grow them in a large freshwater aquarium or tub-type setting. I had a blue one in with my Oscars, in a 100 gallon tank.

              He was just fine until I forgot to feed the Oscars…

            • Archivist-

              I’m just outside the Uwharrie National Forest, the Little River is a mere handful of miles from the farm. I have a backhoe attachment & front bucket/loader for the farm tractor…so digging/earth moving isn’t a problem.

              ..and like you suggested, I’d use baited minnow traps to catch wild crawdads from the river…to stock the pond.

              The real question is: what else to place in the pond so it becomes self sustainable per feeding said crawdads?

              • I’d think small fish. I think crawdads are scavengers, eating whatever they can get, including fish and insect eggs/larvae. My hobby crawdad I used to have, ate worms right along with the Oscars.

          • If the water is cold you should consider Trout.

          • Water temperature is the key, and nutrients.

            The pond is a good idea just for water storage and fire fighting alone.

            Talk to your USDA office about ponds and raising protein, they will know what will work in your area and have programs to assist.

            • Thanks…that’s a good idea!

              …water temp is high 50s/low 60s’

        • E.S.
          My potatoes are already up, peas, Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Garlic, Cabbage, looking good.

          Waiting for my sweet corn to come up so I can plant my pole beans. Planting kidney beans and navy beans when the garden dries up after the last 4 days of light rain.

          Just set up my 6 50Gal barrels for rain water just incase we have a dry summer.

          Let me know how the French been cutter works, If you would please. I’m thinking about getting one.


          • Sarge-

            Garlic is the one plant/herb I lack success at growing.
            Any advice?

            Also, any good ‘homemade’ pesticide recipes for cut worms & aphids?

            • Aphids: vinegar and scope in a spray bottle. Dilute as needed no too much though. Test on one plant see if it works first. If it does. Rinse and repeat.

            • We plant our garlic bulbs in fall…Put straw over them for the winter. In spring they rear their heads and in late summer early fall dig them up. Hang them in the garage to dry. I usually save two big heads for the fall planting. If we have any left over from the previous year I make garlic powder. Cut the seed tendrils off when they appear in the summer. This will to make larger bulbs.

            • I use moth balls in old socks, either hang them from a wood frame or lay them on the ground next to the plants. You’ll need to periodically refill them due to rain, but it seems to work. I have had no worm or other insect infestation thus far.

              • What are moth balls made of? the chemicals don’t seep into the roots of the plant???

                • Good question, guess the info is on the box. I’ll check it out. Another gentleman asked the same question, so far no sign of “osmosis” I have 8 tomatoes already, not ready for harvest but at least the bugs aren’t feasting. I prefer hanging the socks, I believe that if you did lay them next to the plant you would have some root issues.

                  • Hanging the socks sounds like a plan. I will try this with my tomatoes. thanks for the info. The vinegar and scope spray works, but you have to reapply every time it rains. pain in the ass in FL

                  • Hey Fl Bob, The box gives no indication that it’s harmful to plants. It warns against overly inhaling the fumes and of mis-handling it. Of course it gives the number to the posion control center. But whose gonna eat them? Perhaps a liberal? Anyway I made a “T” frame from one end of the garden to the next, draped a mosquito net over frame, don’t forget the cross beam from one end to the other, fill up two or three socks, staple them to the cross beam, don’t hang them directly over the plants so when it rains it won’t drip on the plants and you’re in business. Let me know how it works for you.

      29. off topic but of interest

        Testing for Immunity to EMP

        of note

        “To better understand the magnitude of this theory, it has been speculated that if a 100 Megaton nuclear payload was detonated at a height of approximately 300 miles over central United States, the EMP disposition region could effectively envelope the entire country. A pulse from such a height would extend to the visual horizon of the planet as seen from the burst point perspective.”

        “The US Navy reportedly used a FCG pulse weapon during the opening hours of the Persian Gulf War to effectively destroy vast amounts of Iraqi electronics, power and telecommunications systems quickly, efficiently. The deployment of EMP weaponry instantly caused what is known as the “Fog of War” (complete loss of communications between troops and command posts), which devastated the effectiveness of the opposing forces and essentially ended the war before it began.”

        hattip antelopeone on Silent Country

        • 100MT has never been done. Tsar Bomba was only about 58MT.

          • I think they key phrase is: “it has been speculated that if” …

      30. Hey Mac, FYI
        Some retired Col. has planned a huge march on D.C. come the 16th. This might be nada, or another “Bundy Ranch” event.

        Might be a good topic to discuss with my fellow rightwing terrorists and TEA Party members.

        Operation American Spring (OAS)

        • This colonel you speak of worked for the NSA you birdbrain. This has special ops written all over it.

          This protest is unarmed. When the hell will you cretins ever learn that you are not safe unless you have a gun visible on your person.

          If it wasnt for you boomer bastards we wouldnt have a gun ban in DC either.

          • Everyone, this ‘rottencrotch’ sounds like ‘E’. beware of him.

            • What is ‘E’?

              • It is the initial of one of the less popular variants of the word “asshole.”

              • E is the 5th letter of the alphabet, moron.

                Gun-carrying morons walking around calling people cretins are going to be an endangered species, very quickly, when the time comes.

        • Yep, never thought i would see the day when libertarians, constitution supporters and patriots would be labeled domestic terrorist,,
          If its a terrorist they want, its a terrorist they will get.

      31. Inexpensive meal high iron blood fortifier….chicken livers (cheap) sauteed with onion, small amt bacon, mushrooms and simmered in red wine.

        Fine vittles

        • I like ’em chicken-fried and dipped in mustard!

        • Hog liver is better.

        • Doom porn.

      32. Every year it’s ANOTHER warning and its always 6 months away !! Lmao

        • No two years away! It always seems be just out of reach, Rich 99. Getta kinda old. Sell/buy more gold, silver…. need more beans, bullets and band-aids… Cops beating up on people…lights in the sky….You need to move here and get out of there…. Earthquakes are coming after we’re EMP’d. Anybody got anything else they want to contribute????

          • Time for me to change the channel.

            • At the very least its amusing,,,

              • It’s amazing that people keep clutching to this nonsense like we are days from doom ….I’m now FULLY convinced that I will never see this stuff in my lifetime …’s just another MARKET like all the others !!!

      33. JESUS told Peter Arise Kill Eat no problem

      34. Again, its the same crap over and over again on this subject. If you think things are going to get worse, then planting a traditional garden will not help. If you plant a regular garden, then by the time you leave, people will raid it. You will need to plant a survival garden, have plenty of supplies, gardening equipment, fertilizer, etc.

      35. I’m going to crack open the food stockpile and eat food today at 2011 prices.

        I shot a wild hog in February which yielded 50 lbs of sausage, along with a fair amount of tenderloin. Leanest pork sausage I’ve ever seen – no grease in the pan when it’s fried.
        Looks like I shot it just in time.

        • Damn son, good on you. That’s the way to do it! Don’t get any better.

      36. MERS outbreak becomes more urgent, WHO says

        As of today, “571 confirmed cases of MERS, including 171 deaths, according to the World Health Organization. The number of countries with confirmed cases expanded to 18, with a case in the Netherlands,”

        “Two health care workers who came in contact with the Florida patient later went to an emergency room with flu-like symptoms. But they tested negative for MERS in a state test, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. The CDC will do its own test to confirm.”

        The Airlines are now trying to contact fellow travelers that were on the flights with the infected passenger.

        Airports across country warn of MERS virus…

        “Travelers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and over a dozen other airports nationwide were being warned Wednesday of the emerging threat of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS).”

      37. Every time there is a crisis the people in authority in a knee jerk reaction attempt to re-invent the wheel forgetting that it must be round to effectively function.

        Prices are too high?

        Answer: Price controls.

        The people don’t have enough money:

        Print more.

        • And price controls never work. I was working in a business in August of 1971 when Nixon announced the wage and price freeze on Sunday night. When I arrived at work early Monday morning, one of the business owners was busy marking up prices and had been there since the wee hours of the morning. Of course my wage didn’t increase.

          • Interestingly when communists do it its bad but Nixon institutes it along with 100% pure fiat currency and conservatives have no issues.

            The whole political process is my team against your team. What GW Bush did was acceptable but now the right is awakened when Obama follows through. It works both ways when Organized Labor was moot with Clinton signing both NAFTA and China Free Trade doing 10x the damage to them that Reagan ever did.

      38. You folks on this site have probably already thought of this, but just in case –

        Get a couple of rolls of clear construction plastic from Home Depot. You’ll need it to build a greenhouse, because soon year-round gardening will be vital, not optional.

      39. Everything is going up and NOTHING is going down.
        And IF you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

        IF one can not afford to eat what is the sense in having health care?
        If one can not afford gas what is the sense in having that big SUV in the driveway?
        If one can NOT afford a cardboard box down by the river what is the sense in living in a 30 room mansion?
        IF one can NOT afford food, what is the sense in living? “But I don’t know what else to do”? “That will be what a lot of people will be saying as this year progresses”.
        Lot of mixed up people will not be believing what is happening to them this year and next.
        Stealing will become the new normal to feed the family.
        Watch for crime especially violent crime to run amuck later this year and next as things get bad.
        Compassion and empathy will fall away as savagery takes it’s place. People will not care anymore, they just will not care. Everything they knew is gone, things they depended on are all gone or changed.
        Most shop keepers will become HARD as they have to they have families to feed also, and if they allow to much thievery or compassion for fellow man they will not be able to feed their own family.
        People become hard (that is the survivors) and cynical.
        Until we finally resort to cannibalism to survive. Take a look at: a posting by: SARAH MENET 1979 NDE (on
        If you want to know where this is all headed. A horror beyond words and the ONLY way out is to get right with God. There is no other way out of this.

        • Sadly, the only thing going down are hours and/or wages.

          • privacy and self-esteem…

      40. My garden in TN is doing well, but needs rain. Everything is up and growing. No apples this year. A late frost nailed them. I want to encourage everyone to save seed. I planted home saved seed for everything except sweet corn. I planted 2 kinds of beans that I had in the freezer for 20 and 24 years. They are growing well. I planted okra seed that was 12 years old that came up quicker than the seed I saved from last year. I wonder if our plants are as strong as they used to be.

        I have a friend that has a patch of non GMO corn about one half mile from a 100 acres of GMO corn. The crows fly over the GMO corn to get to his and pull up the young plants to eat the seed kernel. The crows and blackbirds will fly right over the GMO corn this fall to attack his corn patch. The birds won’t eat GMO if they have a choice.

        • Raised my own breed of corn here on the farm that took me years to perfect…then the neighbor plows the ground next door and plants GMO crap…now I cant plant my corn as itll be contaminated by his trash corn…have to wait till his lease runs out and try to lease the land myself so I can plant again…till then its hybrids or some cross pollinated mix of my own…I hate monsanto and company!

      41. This is no joking matter.

        Scripture says that It will cost a days wages to buy a loaf of bread in the future. REV:6:6.

      42. The USA will not even exist after 2020.

      43. I am in San Diego where there are 8+ wildfires currently raging through the area. The ridiculous behavior of the sheeple is shocking. This is why we prepare, people…so glad I am. For those events that pop up suddenly.

        • Those 36,000 criminal beaners BO just ordered released are just here to commit the crimes americans won’t.

      44. Sylvester Stallone has accepted Christ!

        • That court and that judge just got owned!

          • Mountain Man arrested for trying to feed himself, owns judge

            • cant get link to work..can be found on youtube

            • youtube Dot com/watch?v=06VzxxDTnB8

              • Mac goofy links going it me?

      45. I live in a very small suburb of Olympia, which is the Capitol of Washington State. This tiny town is Marxist Central Station for the State. Every single property tax proposal gets approved — nothing ever gets rejected. The latest thing to get approved was a $138 million/20 year school bond. The arguments the school district put forth were that some of the schools had exterior doors on individual classrooms — therefore the schools needed to be replaced.

        My question that I ask myself is this: will the sheep continue to vote for new property taxes, when/if things are so bad that they are going hungry? Or, will they ever wake and and realize that they could have more money for groceries if they would quit voting for every property tax proposal that gets floated?

        • When I was growing up, most of the classrooms had one or even two exterior doors. It made emptying the school for fire drills really fast. It also helped me a lot when I had to throw up in third grade.

        • I’m up Skagit way, we can’t believe you communists down in Olympia have any idea where the money comes from.

          We just voted for a school bond here, just to keep the school for the illegal alien kids open. Of course it passed.

          Seattle wants to raise property taxes for bus services, anything except asking the folks riding the bus to pay more than 36% of the cost of the ride.

          Now they want $15 an hour for minimum wage, claiming it’s going to get the economy going, which is total fabrication.

      46. This fall NOT!!!!
        It has already gone up 50% in the last 4 months for food. In central Illinois.
        I had sticker shock the other day. Thank God I had a garden, and have put away many items.
        My garden looks great right now and I hope that it bless by the All Mighty to produce a large amount.
        Put you gardens in you will need it.
        Learn to can and dehydrate. Those little green veg saver bags you can get for put veggies in work we just ate carrots form last years garden, and they were as good as the day I picked them.

        You might want to learn how to hunt to put meat in the freezer, can, or dehydrate. You will need it.


        • I want to try and raise rabbits for meat,
          Real good conversion of my off grade greens for food for them, hard to find the breeds i want though, not too many folks raise meat rabbits over here.

          • Kula:
            One of the guys in our group took on raising rabbits for the group just like the chicken, and the cattle rancher.
            I have cooked rabbit in my solar oven that I made and it was great. You will find that they are a great source of food.
            Good luck with the Rabbits.

          • My daughter’s friend was shocked when she asked my daughter’s pet’s name. I told her we didn’t bother giving it a name, it’s just a meat cat.

      47. 7% isnt sky rocketing.Sure it sucks but itw not 50 dollar bread yet.

      48. Some stored food and MRE’s would also be helpful. Things are starting to look mighty ugly I’m afraid.

      49. Makes me remember, “we are just 3 meals away from war.” Forget who said it first….

      50. This spring/summer has been crazy, 3 weeks ago it was around 0-10 Celsius and now all of a sudden in mid May summer is here (in Canada).

      51. This is good news! Die Americans! Starve! You are the scumbags, war criminals of the Earth.

        Do something good today! Club an American scumbag who squats in your country!

        Stay home you scum!

        • remember that the usa is just following the same path of the rest of the world into socialism, we’re following your lead.

          and you might take a poll of former west and east germans and current north and south koreans and find out just what good comes when america comes and helps. america screws up a lot of efforts but even today, i think you want to see an american flag coming into your country over anyone else, like russia, china or iran.

          • Socialism, hell, it’s Amerikan communism. Hang all commies.

        • I am really glad to hear from you. Over the last several years I have been afraid our Foreign policy of relieving you sand fleas of everything but: your lives, you bad attitude, camels, and sand was not working. Glad to hearI was wrong. Have been especially glad to hear you have invited the China Group in. They no doubt will relieve you of at least the camels and sand..

      52. Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.

      53. First time poster, long time fly on the wall. Learned a lot from this site
        Thanks everyone for your contributions. Now for my .02. The town I live
        In is suffering from over expansion in the housing boom? Lots of Yankees
        Came down to live and other bought investment homes. No jobs. Yanks
        Take them all and unionize (I’m not anti-union). But the greed is just unfathomable.
        I’ve never seen a more selfish breed of human than those who pollute my home state
        Many have given up hope. I make $10.94 an hr. I guess it’s time to leave? Ny and Nj m
        Must be empty by now eh? Nothing against yanks. Just stay up there it would be different
        If these people were refugees trying to escape the tyrannical states up there,
        But for the most part they just bring the same beliefs and principles that destroyed their
        States. Just my thoughts.

        • Oh yeah, here’s another tidbit: I used to work at a Nuke power plant owned by Florida Power and Light/NextEra energy, when I was there they closed alot of the entrances and gate because there wasn’t enough manpower, then they laid all the contract workers off (Utility guys, ironworkers, welders,trades)and keep minimum compliment of guys to run the place (union) Unions got greedy and forgot they were working out of contract. My union sued for 1.4 mil, never saw a dime got thrown out in arbitration, who knows how much overtime pay they ripped me off for…(they violated the workweek set forth in the contract) I left last year and a friend told me they laid more guys off, yet they posted $525M in the first quarter, and now they are possibly pulling permits to build another unit. crazy no!? So food prices up, energy costs are up even though they laid half the plant off, and are making record profit, unbelievable…anyone have similar stories?

          • You must have worked at the Crystal River Plant. I’m down the road from there. Puke (Duke) power pulled one of the greatest rip-offs in utility history when they “bought” out FL Power. But what do you expect from yankee parasites.

            • Yessir, you are correct.

              • Small world. I’m in Hernando county.

                • Yessir it is. I have friends that live in Lecanto, I am on the east coast, I go over there to fish every once in a while. I will let you know how I do with the mothball set up, been cool so far this year, I’m hoping the June-August heat doesn’t shock the tomatoes. Last year I lost almost a whole crop of cherry tomatoes and lost an ENTIRE crop of zucchini to worms. (still learning, that’s why I come to this site, some very knowledgeable people from every region) My Grandfather up in GA has a great set up, yields zucchinis and squash the size of your arm and forget about the tomatoes, they love the climate up there. Take care I’ll see ya ’round

      54. will be interesting to see what the trigger is.

        food is going up 10% this year.

        electricity is going up 10% this year.

        jobs and income are steady or declining.

        at some point there’s going to be a stepp decline into a new recession, just a matter of how long the journey is to that trigger.

        • Wow, just 10percent, here in ont. Canada, gas is up 40 percent and electricity up 30 percent this year alone and talks about it going up again by the end of the year, tuff times indeed

      55. As a community of “prepared individuals” we must be able to adapt to the ever changing social climate. I was just talking with a friend about the low quality, high(er) priced produce at the market. What we agreed upon was very simple, buy what is needed when it’s in season and put it in the pantry. This is a win-win situation, for us (lower price produce & fruits) and for the farmer (supporting the local economy). Freezing, fermenting, dehydrating, pickling and canning is the way to beat high prices and this includes meats.

      56. I want to invite a couple dozen of you guys to start posting on SilverDoctors. The quality of posts there has diminished since pm’s pricing has gone bust and all you read now is a bunch of whining.Most of what I read now is BS and makes me want to blow chunks on my shoes. Blog both sites and run some of the SD dead weight bloggers out please.Cheers.

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