At this rate we're well on our way to achieving the Communist dream of 0% unemployment before the end of the President's term.

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It’s An Illusion: Here Are the REAL Unemployment Numbers

Mac Slavo
May 2nd, 2014
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Mainstream financial pundits are falling over themselves today following a report from the Labor Department indicating that the national unemployment rate has fallen yet again, this time to just 6.3%.

The Associated Press, whose report on the new rate is being distributed to news services around the country, says this is “the strongest evidence to date that the economy is picking up.” They cite numerous economic experts, claiming that the U.S. economy is now experiencing vigorous job growth, which they say is confirmation that the economic health of our nation is bouncing back from a rough winter. In fact, they mention bad “weather” and “winter” eight times in a single article just to make sure we understand that the problems we’ve seen over the last few months were seasonal.

But, as is generally the case with mainstream assessments and government statistics as of late, the devil’s in the details.

The drop in the unemployment rate from March’s 6.7 percent came as the agency’s survey of households showed the labor force shrank by more the 800,000 in April.

The participation rate, which indicates the share of working-age people in the labor force, decreased to 62.8 percent, matching the lowest level since March 1978, from 63.2 percent a month earlier.

Thus, while U.S. companies added some 288,000 jobs last month, three times as many people were dropped from the official unemployment statistics and are no longer counted in the labor pool.

At this rate we’re well on our way to achieving the Communist dream of 0% unemployment before the end of the President’s term.

Karl Denninger looks even deeper into the report at Market Ticker and points out that, while jobs were created last month, the claims of vigorous job growth are not even close.

Uh oh.  Yes, that headline number looks good.  But April is usually good, and that’s where the rubber meets the road; on an annualized basis we actually saw deceleration.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?


That’s right. That little down-hook in the above chart says it all. We’re creating jobs at a slower pace now than at the same time last year.

Contrarian economist John Williams suggests the the government’s numbers are not even close. At his web site Williams calculates the rate of employment using the same methods that were used prior to 1994 when they were officially defined out of existence by bureaucrats looking to pad the numbers.

According to those numbers, we’re looking at an unemployment rate of over 23%.


As the above chart shows, nearly one in four Americans are without work. That’s quite a disconnect considering the government’s numbers are off by about 265%!

Moreover, how is it possible that our economy is officially growing, while everyone in 20% of all American family households is unemployed?

According to shocking new numbers that were just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of American families do not have a single person that is working.

So when someone tries to tell you that the unemployment rate in the United States is about 7 percent, you should just laugh.  One-fifth of the families in the entire country do not have a single member with a job. 

On top of that, nearly 50 million people are actively receiving food assistance – fully one in six Americans.

Yet, the stock market hit all time highs just this week.

Something isn’t right, especially if you take a look at the following chart which shows that America’s leading companies showed nearly zero earnings growth in the first quarter of 2014:

EPS Growth

So, while the experts from the government and private business bloviate over the rigorous health of our economy and the success of President Obama’s policies, it’s important to keep in mind that they are doing their damnedest to bury the real story.

That’s because reality isn’t a fairy tale and as we have noted on numerous occasions it will end with the total detonation of the U.S. economy and financial markets, likely leading to a variety of serious issues that include a collapse of our currency and widespread impoverishment of the majority of people in this country.

What will follow will be nothing short of a total collapse of our way of life, so much so that Richard Duncan, author of The New Great Depression, suggests our entire civilization is in serious trouble:

If this credit bubble pops the depression is going to be so severe that I honestly don’t think our civilization can survive it.

When it does finally buckle, as noted by well known investor Doug Casey, it will be unstoppable and the speed of it will leave most people waking up to the danger after it has already happened.

How long the illusions will continue is anybody’s guess, but it should be clear that what we’re seeing from our government and their propaganda arm in the media is nothing but conjecture.

When the trick is finally revealed a whole lot of people are going to feel quite foolish.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: May 2nd, 2014

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  1. eppe says:

    Satan lives….
    see pic above

    • Stig's American Cousin says:

      You mean,

      Politicians are actually LYING to us?

      Who woulda thunk it?

      • Da Yooper says:

        IF their mouths are moving

        They are lieing

        • Defiant says:

          Obama is an illusionist who invites us

          to lunch then makes us pick up the tab.

          • Numb nutz says:

            Ovomit is the antichrist

            • Plan Twice, Prep Once says:

              Nah I don’t think he’s the antiChrist, I see him as more of a John the Baptist making the way ready for the real antiChrist.

              He is most certainly the most evil man I have ever seen in politics. He lies even when he has no need to! He has surrounded himself with like minded evil people,all plotting and doing vile things. I do see it beginning to crumble. The press driven by some evil spiritual force still cling to him, I find the entire thing just incredulous that such evil commands such respect.

            • SterlingSilver says:

              I think you’re giving Ovomit way to much credit by calling THE Antichrist. He may be an antichrist, but he ain’t the dude. The guy reads a teleprompter. Thats it! He reads! He doesn’t mastermind anything, he doesn’t think anything through, hell, he can’t even put a sentence together without “a..huh..well…ah…because its the right thing to do!”

              He simply talks and does what his handlers tell him. Far smarter men than he are behind the puppet.

              • Hammerun says:

                If George Bush had tried to manipulate and falsify any numbers like these the demochumps would have tried to hang him by the nuts.
                It’s not just Obama, it’s the entire government. Their all in bed with each other and pulling a daisy chain. Once a majority of us finally realize that it’s the entire government that’s fucking us, the shit will fly.
                The government ONLY exists by our good graces, that’s it. Once we see we need not participate, not recognizing it, not heeding it’s musings, warnings, threats, actions, rantings, penalties, and start resisting it at all turns. Then and only then does it pull back and get away from us.
                My feeling, the fuze is already lit. Somebody is going to make a misstep one of these days and it’s on.
                When our spineless government finally starts hitting a few walls and loosing people, they will fall back and regroup.
                We need to get these fucks by the throat and choke the living shit out of them.
                Government needs to learn once again who allows it to exist.

              • Be informed says:

                I don’t have to look at any charts or numbers to see the misery in this country. People are living by shoestrings each paycheck. There are some low paying jobs that are actually worse off than welfare. I can fudge any number to give an unemployment rate of near 5% by only counting certain parameters.

                The real number that BO and others can’t skew is the national debt and the e to the x climb of that deby to infinity. BO and others don’t like the debt decision because it is right there, like death itself staring you right in the eye.

              • buttcrackofdoom says:

                we just have to stop talking about the UNEMPLOYMENT rate…and begin talking of the EMPLOYED rate of workingage americans. it’s roughly 58% for the last several YEARS, as i recall. that MEANS that 42% of americans DON’T HAVE A JOB! for shits fukin’ sake, stop talking about the unemployment rate, EVERYBODY. 42% of americans of working age DON’T work…it really IS that simple. why do we let the media and wall street get away with this crap?…next time you hear someone talking about how low the UNemployment rate has gotten, why not interrupt them, not letting them finish their sentence, with…VERY loudly saying..”WHAT’S THE RATE OF EMPLOYED AMERICANS?”

              • SoapDish says:

                Bingo, Sterling Silver, you hit the usurper and thief puppet on the head!
                The question is will more Americans see the truth of the teleprompter puppet?

            • Mensa141 says:

              Obama isn’t smart enough to be the anti-Christ. His puppet master, however, could be the anti-Christ. Soros anyone??

              • Feisty Old Broad says:

                @mensa….I once thought that soros could be the antichrist, but tossed that thought aside as he is far from charismatic and virtually without any ability to garner any support by merely speaking to the “common man”…..not to say that he is not neck deep in this whole sorry, evil scenario…albeit mostly behind the scenes….giving money to some odd (for him) organizations….why would an avowed atheist give money to catholic organizations? Many more odd beneficiaries of his wealth….. Perhaps the evil one will show him/her? self after an event of world wide magnitude? We will recognize the evil when it reveals itself…well, most of us will….

            • Feisty Old Broad says:

              I do not believe him to be THE antichrist, but most certainly AN antichrist….but the real one will reveal himself soon and many will believe all which he espouses….


              • John W. says:

                Nothing to do with an anti Christ but the fact that most Americans are dumber than dirt assholes who don’t give a rip about anything except the moment. Obama is a reflection of the people in this country most of whom are amoral, ignorant and dishonest a-holes.

          • Rodster says:

            It’s insulting the level of lies and deceit from the US Govt. At least I know I can believe .01% of what they say just like the GDP for this qtr.

          • Calgagus says:

            On the Obama timeline, the employment rate will drop to zero.

          • Red Leader says:


            If their lips are moving, they are lying.

            If they are carrying something, it is stolen.

        • Walt Kowalski says:

          As Mark Twain said, “There are lies…damned lies…and statistics.”

      • Kulafarmer says:

        I agree
        I am so Shocked!

    • Tool of Satan.

      A mere puppet.
      Look for the puppet masters.

    • Col. Shepard says:

      B.O. Should change his initials to B.S.

  2. Satori says:

    ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

    CDC teleconference on US MERS case

    first reported MERS case in the US

    every pandemic is just a plane ride away !

    “Health officials say a deadly virus from the Middle East has turned up for the first time in the U.S.
    No details about the case have been released. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention planned a Friday afternoon briefing about the case. “

    • Anonymous says:

      [ More results from ]

      Gwynne Dyer on Climate Wars – YouTube

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE– you’ll just got to see this video with Gwynne Dyer– he is an excellent speaker (esp. after he gets warmed up!), is an expert on wars, is a historian… he is so funny– he is talking about future wars over water and food shortages, talks about how to close the Mexican border, says Mexico and Central America will “dry up and blow away” (Ha!) and wrote my favorite book, “Climate Wars”. He is a great speaker–please watch!

      (If this link doesn’t go through, just type in, “Gwynne Dyer on Climate Wars”–video)

      57 min – May 10, 2013 – Uploaded by TVOBigIdeas

      Author, journalist and historian, Gwynne Dyer, delivers a lecture based on his book Climate Wars.

      • GROW FOOD!

        “Having your independent source of food allows you to step outside the boundaries of “the game” and stop dancing to the tune of the Hegelian Dialectic. You need enough stores and caches to survive the initial die-off and the means to grow your own food afterwards. Have a bug-out plan B with multiple caches of H20 purification equipment, food, guns and ammunition, and seed. Step outside the game itself by having the means to start over”.

        “The Secret Weapon”

        • Feisty Old Broad says:

          You are “preaching to the choir” here ordnance….perhaps to promote your own site? I won’t visit your site…

        • Briika says:

          For people that are old enough to remember, many of the same people yelling about AGW, were yelling about a coming ice age back in the 1970s. Of course, though the problems were different, the solution was the same. You need to give them power or we are all doomed.

      • Volubrjotr says:

        He went to great lengths to prevaricate hook line and sinker the Maurice Strong Global Warming scheme. Remember Maurice Strong ~ he’s the one that devised oil for food program scheme against Iraq.

      • sharonsj says:

        I have said on this blog many times that climate change is real, only to be called names. I cited the Pentagon Report and was still called names. Unfortunately, when your kids and grandkids are scrabbling for food and water, you (the deniers) won’t be around for me to say “I told you so.” For the last 30 years I have told friends to get a plot of rural land in the Northeast with a creek or stream and start growing food. P.S. I did this 25 years ago. When the SHTF I’ll be fine.

      • Just Me says:

        We keep oregano, tea tree, cinnamon, clove, thyme on hand all the time! I’m never without. They will knock allergies and colds out fairly quickly and can be used for so many other purposes and they work. I read a study that said some of these oils will even kill staph & strep. Activated charcoal is good too for drawing out poisons (on wounds, spider bites, put on right away). We used the “horse” stuff a few times, can’t remember the name of it now, but can find in horse sections of farm supply stores. It just squeezes out a charcoal type powder, for wounds, works very well on humans too 🙂

    • Merree says:

      MERS doesn’t spread very well person to person. However, it appears to be contagious among camels and Egyptian tomb bats. Two animals to avoid.

  3. TheGuy says:

    Ah now it all makes sense.

    Get ’em all on welfare until the REAL unemployment rate hits 50%. Aka the “I’m not looking for a job” rate.

    At 50% pull the welfare out from under them.

    That herd thinning some of y’all have been wanting so bad? Don’t smell so good now, does it?

    Off topic (or rather, add this into the mix):

    That means $5-$6 gas is a real possibility real soon. Might wanna fill up.

    • CWinOR says:

      right outta the Cloward-Piven playbook! no surprise, since it was written by professors of one of O’useless’ Alma matars.

    • Anonymous says:

      I already gave up my car…I walk and am thinking of buying a bike– with a little crate on back of it for holding stuff.

      Might as well do it now, get used to it, because its coming in the future, ready or not!

      • Rodster says:

        Good for you. I bought a Bike and put a small crate on the back when gas hit over $4 gallon back in 2008.

      • jerrytbg says:


        My little Dahon with 20″ wheels and a trailer that uses the same tires is a joy to use…
        One speed and a back peddle footbrake. Solid as a rock, corrosion resistant and easy to service…got spare knobby tires and puncture resistant tubes…
        I won’t have to walk…

        Did I mention it folds up, trailer also, and fits in a cockpit locker… 😉

      • Calgagus says:

        Bike? Were in the country. Were thinking horses.


      • Kulafarmer says:

        We can be like Indonesia, 300,000,000 people on bikes and scooters

        • DaisyK says:

          Well, for me, maybe a scooter or a tricycle. I never learned to ride a bike.

          • Horses, Bikes, Trucks, Scooters, Shank’s Mare – Whatever it takes to get the job done.

            Some Swiss Army troops use bicycles on alpine roads. They are nearly silent and you never hear them until they are on you – definite possibilities there.

            I have gone ultra-light and shed a lot of gear out of my ruck as I have gotten older.

            Going to Plan B, it sure makes it easier to get across those mountain ranges on foot to the next cache.

      • maddog says:

        Sorry I will not ride a bike. I purchased an ’94 F250 with a v8 7.3l diesel engine (largest I could find). It will burn pretty much any flammable liquid and in a pinch will run on wood gas. Love passing the bicycle riders who refuse to move to the side and pressing down hard on the fuel leaving a big black cloud for as long as I leave in pressed. One more of my efforts to push the reset and give libtards everything they deserve.

        • Love those F250’s.

          “Gather around folks. Let’s go ahead and bless this food before it gets cold.” I shifted my feet in the soft, freshly plowed mountain soil and looked out across the valley, taking in the majestic scene. The sun played hide-and-seek with the clouds, leaving shadows playing on the valley floor and shafts of brilliant light illuminating the great snow peaks looming above.

          As I lowered my head I saw another pickup truck down below winding its way toward the meadow. “Oh no,” I thought, “another mouth to feed.”

          “OK Lord—loaves and fishes. We really need help with loaves and fishes.” We had blessed the food and started serving it out when a muddy F250 diesel pickup truck drove through the gate.

          The door opened and out stepped old Jim Bridger himself with a big grin on his face. “Sorry I’m late boys, I got stuck coming out of my place down in Deep Crick. The run-off washed the road plumb out. Thought I would never get through but something told me to keep trying.”

          From “THE DANGEROUS SUMMER” at

        • Sgt. Dale says:

          You “Dog” I love you! Next time you do that pump it twice and get them for me too. Bikey nerds think they own the road. Bastards don’t pay for a license for their vehicle or pay tax for gas to support the roads. Cars and trucks do.

          • Highspeedloafer says:

            Hey, I ride a bike, I also drive 2 cars and a truck, I pay taxes out the wazoo, I have as much right to be on the road as you do, and sometimes I carry, so don’t get too close. Just sayin…. Most bike riders have cars too ya know.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah and if you can find some trash on the floor you can chuck it at them as you go by.

      • Feisty Old Broad says:

        I traded an old banjo for a brand new bike….can’t play a banjo, but can sure ride a bike. Gave up cars over ten years ago and have walked everywhere I needed to go since. The bike is nice, but need to get the basket….and lock.

      • John W. says:

        With hardly any cars on the road due to scarcity and cost of gas riding a bike will be a good option. Used to have bicycle grocery delivery in NYC back in the day(before electricity).

  4. Steve in Ramona says:

    I just keep buying Eagles both gold and silver a little at a time. If this never blows in my life (60 now) then wife will get it all or my son…

    I decided to not worry about what will/might/could happen tomorrow/next week/next year..

    I’m going to enjoy today…be happy I have a job…be happy I have my health…and be grateful I have the ability and resources to do all of the above…

  5. Da Yooper says:

    Ba HAhahahahahahahaha 6.3%

    Figures dont lie

    BUT liars sure can figure

    • Northern Reb says:

      That 6.3 is for first time applicants. Go back just to
      1-1-13 and add all those 1st timers up and then add all the ones that just quit looking for work and fell off the unenployment roll.
      Those numbers will scare the HE!! out of you.
      S.T.S.F.P. .NR. N.S. N.REB

      • Da Yooper says:

        NR I understand the HNIC & his banksters are cooking the books 6 ways from sunday. I dont believe any stats posted by the government.

        I can only hope that J6P will WTFU ASAP because this is not going to end well when the white shoe boys get done screwing the GDP.

  6. figures dont lie…but liers can figure

  7. Old Guy says:

    If less folks are working and those who are employees are making less. then the goverments tax revenue decreases. Kinda like killing the goose that laid the golden egg. No worry the government can fund itself by borrowing from itself. I marvel at how long the Kickcanistan economics has worked. Too many no producing parasite takers and too few Making producers is not sustainable. Its not if it will go all to crap but when?

  8. RickInOregon says:

    In July of 2013 the way the GDP is calculated was changed to add into it things like royalties from books, movies and music and a myriad of other items that does’t reflect on true economic conditions. The voodoo calculations added 3 points to the GDP, without the change the GDP would have been in negative numbers for months.

    What is a new job? someone being relocated, seasonal farm workers, part time service sector workers? I have no idea what this government claims to be a job other than the snow job they’ve been orchestrating.

    • RickInOregon says:


      As far as the market goes, an improving economy means no more quantitive easing free money. Even perceived good news for the economy is bad news for the thieves of Wall Street.

    • Calgagus says:

      Wondering when the govt is going to reclassify a job to include welfarers who are on EBT cards, SNAP, section 8 HUD housing, SSDI, CHIPS, WIC, and the rest of the 50 welfare programs. Its a job to keep current w/ the free stuff. And the pay aint shabby.

  9. Faith of the fallen says:

    I’m starting to see a lot of warning signs in my area. People are starting to break and housing sales and foreclosures are rising. You can tell by vehicles becoming older and older in traffic, shopping in malls down, niche markets for sports and leisure closing, and boating and ATV businesses desperately trying to move products. The only people buying lots of groceries have the EBT cards and people are wearing older and older clothes and shoes. My weapon and ammo stocks are rising and so is my long term food stores. It’s fixin’ to get nasty. I hope your locations are fortified and your teams are trained up because it’s starting to look like the opening of The Walking Dead or The Road.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know, Faith of the fallen– same here in this location. I had to move from my hometown (rent doubled in one years time!!), so I moved closer to family in this little dump of a town. The rent is a lot cheaper here and its close to the mountains, and I am no longer surrounded on all sides by very large, violent cities like I was before in my hometown. However, everyone here looks like people (people?) from the movie– Walking Dead. It reminds me of “Hotel California”–scary hellofa town! The other place (my hometown) was just the opposite– really happy, upbeat, modern, young people, etc. but even there, homeless people were all over the place! Times are changing dramatically. Plus, with QE3 now on hold (they said they’re not going to restart Bernankes system even though things are going down hill), I figure it will all be over by the end of this year. (Economic collapse and hell…)

      • Night Breaker says:

        On the same note got this in an email from work:

        Things are getting really interesting.

        On the ABC national news tonight they are saying the building industry has recovered in NJ.
        What a crock things are worse here most builders are going out of business even the super storm Sandy repairs never generated enough to boost work in the building trades , the main stream media tells more lies than Baghdad bob !

        Something has to give things cannot remain as they are , expect things to start getting even more expensive at the grocery store and gas pump,( premium has hit $4.00 a gallon this week and it is not even summer yet.)

        Pay attention to what is happening in your area.

        Adapt Improvise Overcome.

        Semper Fi 8541

      • John W. says:

        They have to keep QE going as it keeps the people who can put a stop to this nonsense happy. As long as the wise guys are raking in the dough via a fixed stock market Obama will have clear sailing. When that stops the rich natives will get restless.

    • Calgagus says:

      Faith of the fallen

      Been stocked up on reloading equipment for years but added in more a few years back. Long term food storage has been our focus for the past 6 months or so. We keep bringing in more freeze dried and dehydrated foods when the $ allows since it all has a very long term shelf life. We watch the sales and group prices and stock that way when we can. Also buying up canning jars and lids, also the tattler lids. Only have 1 canning pot now and will probably budget a 2nd one this summer.

      Went to do some grocery shopping last week and was surprised at what I saw. Usually the wife gets the groceries. Prices very high and boxes are smaller obviously. What stuck out though was the lack of stocked canned foods. Only one or two cans of many things, not the full shelf of foods Im used to seeing.
      Checkouts arent nearly as big as they used to be. Carts arent full as they used to be. Guess many are shopping a few days at a time as the money comes in.

      • maddog says:

        Same here Calgagus, prices are through the roof and shelves are slim. Had to go to the store today. It must be EBT day due to all the people.

        • John W. says:

          had to go downtown San Diego today. Construction everywhere. I hate to see all the smaller older buildings being torn down. Went to Hobby Lobby in Temecula a couple of weeks ago. cannot even tell there was a huge foreclosure crisis there four years ago and all the open space along the main roads that was country back then is now built out. There are obviously two economies at work and for now coastal California is doing well. The state as a whole is going down the shitter.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      I had a guy i used to work with giving me shit about my truck the other day, now mind you its a nice 96 F350 4×4 with 4″ over stock height and a nice set o wheels n rubber and its straight and no dents, the dude had a jacked up 3500 dodge big ass tires bangin stereo etc,, was sayin real men drive Dodges,, he just bought it, (and his payments are 875/mo per his GF)
      My response was yea, well mines paid for!

      • maddog says:

        Well said Kulafarmer. My 94 F250 is paid for as well. I keep the oil changed frame lubed and filters changed. Should outlast me. 875/mo, the guy needs his head examined. I usually find that ” jacked up 3500 dodge big ass tires” is to replace smaller things in their life.

        • Kulafarmer says:

          Ya know whats real funny guys,,,
          I know the contractor the guy is working for real good, in 3 months the job they are on is wrapping up and hes going to lay everyone off and go to Alaska and fish then build a house outside Snomish for his kid,,, there aint shit for jobs over here,

      • Faith of the fallen says:

        @kula… I have a 2001 F-250 4×4 riding on 35″ tires. Been paid for for a long time. Friends and family ask why not go buy a new one? My response is she runs good, has cold air, and I’m not paying the asking price of 1/2 a new house for a new truck that has all those gps locators and isn’t built to last the payment plan.

        • Kulafarmer says:

          I hear ya,,,
          Thing i like about mine is i can strip the electronics off it and after spending about 2k at Summit Racing i will have an old school truck with no electronics,,,
          Can do a whole lotta repairs for the 50k it would cost for a new one..

      • smokey says:

        They don’t call ‘en Cornbinders for nothing…

    • Merree says:

      I’ve been going to garage sales. The prices are much lower than a year ago. Like the people are desperate to sell at any price.

  10. slingshot says:


    “The Grand Illusion”

  11. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

    Can you believe anything our Hocus Pocus Government says about anything?? They post positive numbers then a few months later they revise the numbers downward. “Remember you can keep your doctor…” “Hopey Changey is on the way…” “You can Central Bank on that!!!”

  12. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

    Instead of giving out food stamps and welfare checks, send these people garden hoes and packets of seeds. And require welfare recipients to attend classes on how to raise backyard chickens and rabbits, before any EBT or Welfare benefit is given away.

    • Snowed says:

      Uhm? dude? the reason they are on welfare is because they don’t want to work…

      • sixpack says:

        That’s not necessarily true. Are we supposed to believe all of the formerly hard working people whose jobs just got stolen from them are now “lazy” because there are no full time jobs? That same old rhetoric isn’t working anymore.

  13. Rodney King says:



    ***Can’t we all just get along?*****


  14. If you read that this stuff was going on in the 1950s Soviet Union, you would not be surprised by it.

  15. eppe says:

    I know I posted this one a long time ago, but it seems appropirate for this article…

    > The teacher said, “Let’s begin by reviewing some American History. Who
    > said ‘Give me Liberty , or give me Death’?”
    > She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Akio, a bright foreign
    > exchange student from Japan , who had his hand up: “Patrick Henry, 1775,”
    > he said.
    > “Very good! — Who said, ‘Government of the People, by the People, for the
    > People, shall not perish from the Earth’?”
    > Again, no response except from Little Akio: “Abraham Lincoln, 1863.”
    > “Excellent!” said the teacher continuing, “Let’s try one a bit more
    > difficult — Who said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what
    > you can do for your
    > Country?”
    > Once again, Akio’s was the only hand in the air and he said: “John F.
    > Kennedy, 1961.”
    > The teacher snapped at the class, “Class, you should be ashamed of
    > yourselves, Little Akio isn’t from this country and he knows more about
    > our history than you
    > Do.”
    > She heard a loud whisper: “F_ _ k the Japs.”
    > “Who said that? — I want to know right now!? She angrily demanded.
    > Little Akio put his hand up, “General MacArthur, 1945.”
    > At that point, a student in the back said, “I’m going to puke.’
    > The teacher glares around and asks, ‘All right! — Now who said that?”
    > Again, Little Akio says, “George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister,
    > 1991.”
    > Now furious, another student yells, “Oh yeah? — Suck this!”
    > Little Akio jumps out of his chair waving his hand and shouts to the
    > teacher, “Bill Clinton, to Monica Lewinsky, 1997!”
    > Now with almost mob hysteria someone said, “You little $hit! — If you say
    > anything else — I’ll kill you!”
    > Little Akio frantically yells at the top of his voice, “Michael Jackson to
    > the children testifying against him, 2004.”
    > The teacher fainted. As the class gathered around the teacher on the
    > floor, someone said, “Oh $hit, We’re screwed!”
    > Little Akio said quietly, “The American people, November 6, 2012.”

    • Northern Reb says:

      Yes, this is a rerun but fits the bill for today.
      In 2012 the real american people seen what was about to happen. Now we are going to see what happen to Great, Powerful Countries when they collapes like Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Spain, France, Great Brittian.
      Keep prepairing for the worst and praying for the best.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    • George Gefferson says:

      Don’t quite your day job.

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Eppe, keep them coming. You’re the greatest.

      • eppe says:

        Has anyone heard from Smokin’ Okie????
        He told real life jokes, those are the best….

        • eppe says:

          Wanna hear a real life story?
          Today at work, 9:30am, a co-worker had a bottle of shoe leather paint explode next to his computer, sounded like a 1/2 M80 going off 18′ feet away from me. It blew out the bottom of the bag it was in and sprayed white paint every where. About 35 people got up and came to see what was the explosion, since we just had the Kennesaw FedEx just days ago. I guess the moral of the story is:

          Watch where the hell you place sealed containers???

        • John W. says:

          He could tell a joke without messing it up.

  16. jerrytbg says:

    Did anyone notice how demonic looking that pic of the “0” is…

    Esp. so with him wearing that islomo ring…

    Talk about in your face…

  17. Plisken says:

    Something’s not right indeed! I’m one of the very few people I know with a job. My personal unemployment rate is about 60%.

  18. Your Ersatz bread rations just got increased from 2 loaves to 1 loaf…

    “Drink deep the gathering gloom…”

    • Phantom Chief says:

      Breathe deep the gathering gloom
      Watch lights fade from every room
      Bedsitter people look back and lament
      Another day’s useless energy spent

      Impassioned lovers wrestle as one
      Lonely man cries for love and has none
      New mother picks up and suckles her son
      Senior citizens wish they were young

      Cold hearted orb that rules the night
      Removes the colors from our sight
      Red is grey and yellow white
      But we decide which is right
      And which is an illusion?

      Couldn’t resist.

      • Northern Reb says:

        Perfect, iwould like to give yoou mor thumbs up but I can only give you one BIG one.
        Thanks the poem hits the bull’s eye
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Northern Reb says:

          THAT’S IS TO READ
          I would like to give you more thumbs up.
          Da%$ old age

        • Sgt. Dale says:

          Damn you need to proof read you writings.
          “Man”, I didn’t teach you anything in school. You should have looked closer on my papers in school.
          Perfect I would like to give you more thumbs up, but I can only give you one BIG one.
          I’m going to send you back to Mrs. Bright’s class. LOL
          P.S. I’m just giving you crap because I can.

        • Sgt. Dale says:

          You know I love you, and just picking on you because I can. I’m happy you said you were getting old.
          I might get old, but I will never grow up!!!!!

  19. Barney says:

    The chocolate ration has been INCREASED from 30 grammes to 25 grammes. Hooray for Big Brother! Double-plus good I say.

    Things are going to get nasty within HOURS if the power goes out. No fuel for deliveries or escape. No shops (no light and no automatic doors). No water. No ATMs and nothing to buy anyway.

    I HOPE it won’t come to this, but I envisage a time when the only meat available will be long pork, and everyone left alive a hunter.

    Those who can, need to get out of Dodge while the going’s good. If you’re in a town when the SHTF, from whatever cause, YOU’RE the hunted. The roads out will be gridlocked, and the neighbours will be gunning for you, literally. They’ll be desperate for food within a few days at most, and YOU’RE IT.

    Prepping isn’t about having enough to eat and drink, essential though that is. In a REAL disaster, cannibalism will become commonplace, so food won’t be the problem. What prepping is REALLY about is survival, and if you find yourself trapped in a big city, you WON’T survive, however much food and water and however many bullets you may have, so get out NOW if you can. Tomorrow may be too late.

    Winston Smith,
    Victory Mansions,
    Airstrip one.

    • Eagle 1 says:

      That’s a question I had. Let’s say this does go down, how long would you have before the martial is placed in and when would be a good time to evacuate ahead of it? My estimate was wait a day, but even there I don’t know if that’s even enough time left to evacuate.

  20. Satori says:

    and the looting continues

    Enron 2.0: Wall Street Manipulates Energy Prices … and Every Other Market…_and_Every_Other_Market/34926/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    and made possible by a CORRUPT government

    who are the REAL welfare queens ???

    who are the REAL FREAKIN’ WELFARE QUEENS ???

  21. Be informed says:

    The economy is obviously in bad shape. The world itself is in very bad shape. People don’t realize just how muke happy BO and the government is. Look at the fact sheet from the whitehouse itself about nuclear employment strategy of the U.S.

    It doesn’t sound much like disarment of nuclear weapons in regard to China and Russia. Maintaining and IMPROVING strategic stability with both China and Russia.

    Russia will not allow the U.S. or NATO to be on their borders, they will attack. The Russians and Chinese have a superior nuclear arsenal to the U.S. for one golden reason. Both China and Russia have spent massive amounts of money and time and resources on nuclear survivability. Many industries are hundreds of feet underground that will survive WW3, plus a large civil defense that will save many people from the fallout and the nukes themselves. The U.S. doesn’t even try to save any citizens. The old fallout and bomb shelters are rotten or been dismantled, or no one would even know where to go when the missiles are coming in. The Chinese and Russians have made surviving nuclear war more realistic. That makes WW3 that much more likely. The country that will be MADed (mutual assured destruction) is the U.S. Yet BO and his puppet masters continue to F with both Russia and China and try to box them in and force them to act.

    • John W. says:

      All those Chinese, so little space. getting a clue yet?

      • sixpack says:

        Here, allow me to help:

        On March 6, 2012, the Wall Street Journal compiled a state-by-state list of the $17 billion in oil and natural gas equity interests China’s CNOOC and Sinopec have acquired in the United States since 2010.

        Colorado: CNOOC gained a one-third stake in 800,000 acres in northeast Colorado and southwest Wyoming in a $1.27-billion pact with Chesapeake Energy Corporation.

        Louisiana: Sinopec has a one-third interest in 265,000 acres in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale after a broader $2.5-billion deal with Devon Energy.

        Michigan: Sinopec gained a one-third interest in 350,000 acres in a larger $2.5-billion deal with Devon Energy.

        Ohio: Sinopec acquired a one-third interest in Devon Energy’s 235,000 Utica Shale acres in a larger $2.5-billion deal.

        Oklahoma: Sinopec has a one-third interest in 215,000 acres in a broader $2.5-billion deal with Devon Energy.

        Texas: CNOOC acquired a one-third interest in Chesapeake Energy’s 600,000 acres in the Eagle Ford Shale in a $2.16-billion deal.

        Wyoming: CNOOC has a one-third stake in northeast Colorado and southeast Wyoming after a $1.27-billion pact with Chesapeake Energy. Sinopec gained a one-third interest in Devon Energy’s 320,000 acres as part of a larger $2.5-billion deal.

    • sixpack says:

      “The U.S. doesn’t even try to save any citizens.”

      AMEN, brother…Amen.

  22. Sgt. Dale says:

    Figures can lie and Liars can figure.
    Obullshit has lied so much if the POS told me the sun came up in the east I would double check.
    If 20% of the nations families have on one working in the family , that would mean that the unemployment rate has to be at least 20%.

    Off Topic.
    I work for 4 hours today and saw over 40 Hum Vee’s heavily armored and with 50 Cal turrets on them.
    Also saw what appeared to be radar units being pulled by the Hum Vee’s. I am working 8 hours on Sat & Sun. If I see more movement I will let you guys know.

    Aim Small Miss Small

    • the renegade braveheart says:

      Good evening, Sgt. Dale. Less than a mile from my home is a certain street which has located on it one of our police precinct stations, Memphis Fire Dept. Academy, a branch office of the TN Office of Emergency Management, and a US Army Maintenance Facility for military vehicles. over the last 2 weeks all vehicles there, mostly Humvees and some with the 50 cal turrets, plus everything else has been moved out of this facility and they’ll probably be finished with that any day now. something is up. I can feel it.

    • Night Breaker says:

      Sgt dale ,
      Could you describe the radar units?
      Did they have a dish about 6 feet in diameter and were they also towing generator trailers?
      Or did they look more like a chain link fence in a square shape.Mounted on an angle in a fixed position?
      Desert cammo or woodland on the humve.
      very curious.

      Semper Fi 8541

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        The were a square unit. On the CAMO both. 55% desert 45% OD. green woodland. There was a unit that looked like a generator.
        I have a feeling that more will be coming in on Sat. & Sun.
        I will let you guys know.

        • Molly Pitcher says:

          At the junction of 80 and 55…there has been a lot of helicopter activity overhead…they travel in two’s and are rather sturdy military type choppers….

          • Woogie says:

            I live way out in the northern wilderness and fighter jets are going overhead like mosquitos. Lived here 13 years without them, then all of a sudden Roar! Roar! Roar! the last 30 days. I would rather think they are doing new site training exercises for external war rather than an internal one. Something is going on.

    • Northern Reb says:

      Off topic a little.
      Just found out today that our EMS director is taking over the Maintenance and Security department.
      There is some B.S. in the wind about us Maint/Sec. people get more hazardous training under our new boss.
      Looks like I’m going to get some free schooling for my group.
      If the S.H.T.F. and I’m at work the only way that I’ll stay is if I’m not breathing.
      They will see the tail lights of my Impala heading North.
      I hope it is not an EMP attack it is a 25 mile walk!:-(
      My family and my group comes first.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    • Hunter says:


      Towed radar units on trailers?


      Any chance they could’ve been “area-denial microwave weapons?”

      ZOG claims they’re non-lethal…but imo, you can bet your ass, the output power adjustment dial pegs at…deep fat fry mode!!!

      Please take photos next time!


      • Sgt. Dale says:

        I don’t know they look like radar. The they might use for Drones, or anti aircraft. I’m not a expert, so it i9s hard to say.

        • Night Breaker says:

          Sgt dale ,
          Without seeing pictures they sound like THAAD ( threat high altitude Ariel defense ) radar units commonly used for ballistic missle defense they require a high out putdedicated gen set to operate . This is VERY intriguing , national guard units do not use this type of hardware and I have never heard of these being used in CONUS.
          See if you can get some pictures or a good look , do not risk yourself in doing this. This is very cutting edge and sensitive equipment. Be looking for unmarked tractor trailers transporting the interceptors .

          The last time I saw these were when some units were deployed to Japan in the 90’s when the PRK was acting up.

          I wonder why they are setting these up in the center of the country ?

          EMP defense anyone?

          Semper Fi 8541

    • posseecom says:

      Sgt Dale

      Should you witness anything suspicious while on duty..could you snap a few pix on your cell and forward them to Mac to publish?

      Perhaps anyone out there in active or reserve could keep us informed as well on anything unusual or otherwise …

      As far as economic conditions on Cape Cod the well heeled are swarming the area like no tomorrow for vacation land destination..meanwhile commercial properties are vacant every where… robberies, home invasions,assaults are up dramatically as well as an “epidemic”(described by local authorities)of heroin overdoses..gas is at 3.85 a gallon here and still rising..


  23. aljamo says:

    Since unemployment is falling and the economy is improving, why are so many of the retail stores closing, and why are there so many homeless people in one of the richest nations in the world? It is time to raise the minimum wage so millions of low earners can afford life’s basic necessities, such as food, shelter and healthcare. Yeah, that’s going to happen. The liars won’t stop lying.

    • lena says:

      2nd that.

      as long as the majority will buy that all is well, they are just going to keep the ball rolling. its going to have to go over the cliff for enough people to wake up and given that; i dont see a collapse this year or next.

      unless WW3 breaks out, the powers that be will just keep things going as is, they have the majority of the conuntry as controllable government needing serfs with the elite ruling as they see fit; why would they want to stop that. they wouldnt.

    • sixpack says:

      Raising the min wage for part time jobs will not do anything more than shut down even more jobs and close up more businesses.

      WE NEED OUR JOBS BACK FROM OVERSEAS. We need MORE JOBS, not fewer. Raising the min wage will not solve anyone’s money problems.

  24. Northern Reb says:

    That mug shot scares the he!! out of me. And I’m not afriad of very much, but that OH MY GOODNESS!!!!
    It’s worst than some clown pictures I’v seen.
    Da%# night mares tonight for sure

    Mac, easy on those type of pictures, please.
    S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    • Hunter says:


      Ditto, no shit dude!

      That “huge planar wart” rooted above his left nostril-flaring is utterly gross.

      I wonder if “Choomboy” caught it from a “homo-facial episode???”

      …wouldn’t surprise anyone, would it???

  25. Patriot One says:

    I’ve given up! I really think 93% of the population has no clue about anything but sports and reality TV. The propaganda is so outrageous I’m just watching old John Wayne movies, M.A.S.H. and Gilligins Island.

    I’ve got my shit wired tight and my crew is mostly standardized. When the SHTF I’m only going to help my owe and my crew. I will not help anyone who didn’t plan for them selves. You know the old saying: “your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency on my part”.

    Good luck everyone.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Most sheeple dont even realize that we are on the brink of a possible war in Europe

      • Patriot One says:

        Well July 28 2014 will mark 100 years since WWI and the Russians moved into Germany in 1944. I’m not superstitious but years ending in 4 have not been good for Europe. I guess it’s about time for the three biggest kids on the block to fight again and divvy up the world this time.

        They think the world will be easier to control with only 3 Kings.

        • sixpack says:

          They are trying for NO kings, just an elite council on world management, composed of banksters and the families who own them. NWO means no kings.

          • Patriot One says:

            Their egos are too big they would be stabbing each other in the back from day one. Remember most them are beta males they are not leaders, their manipulators. They could never handle a direct confrontation with an Alfa Male. The European Union and the Euro was their test and in less then 14 years it’s failing, they hate each other. Absolute control of your life is the only way they can make it work and that will never happen.

      • Hunter says:


        …or the ease of which it could rapidly transition into a…thermonuclear outcome!

        I often wonder if the idiotic heavies in govt, really believe in the utter absurdity of a so called…”limited exchange!!!”

        Again, good post sir!

      • John W. says:

        Any nation that runs trillion dollar a year deficits is no longer wealthy. Look up the chart of past national spending and back in the late fifties the budget was only 100 billion dollars. California has a bigger budget now and a bigger deficit.

    • lena says:

      2nd that.

      history has shown that all great civilizations eventually implode because the majority want more for free and no responsibilty of any kind than those who want to work for it and keep good, solid foundations. it depressed me great lately coming to that realization, but i have accepted the usa is no different.

      so, i’m here to protect my own and other vets as they committed to sacrafice themselves for this country; the rest have to face up to the costs of their irresponsibility.

      and my shows while i watch this decline are wkrp, cheers and frasier(guess i’m younger)

      • sixpack says:

        “history has shown that all great civilizations eventually implode because the majority want more for free and no responsibilty of any kind than those who want to work for it”

        I’m sorry but, that sounds good to all of the people who hate the “takers”, but it simply isn’t true.

        You see, in HISTORY, there was never a welfare system…at least not for the common people. Our ancient ancestors didn’t have Walmarts and Goldman-Sachs and there was no such thing as “credit”. Everyone but the ruling class had to work hard for everything they had, which wasn’t much.

        WELFARE and the idea of getting something for nothing, is a very recent development. When the Great Depression hit, many families suffered. It is estimated that one-fourth of the labor force was unemployed during the worst part of the depression. With many families suffering financial difficulties, the government stepped in to solve the problem and that is where the history of welfare as we know it really began.

  26. Sgt. Dale says:

    I went to the bathroom the other day and when I finished I looked into the pot and saw the same thing and it looked like that picture. (Did I say that?)
    Bad Me

  27. The Lone Ranger says:

    “Every statistic is a lie.” (unknown)

    “Lies, damned lies, and statistics!” – attributed to Disraeli

    “The Devil can cite Scripture to prove his point.” – William Shakespeare.

    – the Lone Ranger

  28. Just Me says:

    Bikes, horses, and we’re thinking of a sulky for our GSD too.
    He’s pretty energetic. About 110 lbs. He could easily pull one of us in a light weight dog cart and carry his own backpack w/supplies too.

  29. Mike (cactus) says:

    Forget Ombooboo. Even if it’s his wife – don’t matter. The Bushs daddy and Bush light lied. Carter lied. Nixon lied. Even bubba lied. Don’t matter. If a president knew that in 3 days we were going to be nuked by N.Korea or some other nasty event he could not tell us. Why? The panic. Riots at stores with limited restock. Not enough food for remaining population anyway. People are sheep and must be treated as such.
    The great minds of this world, and those with the skills needed to rebuild should be smart enough to have spare consumables.
    Do I have preps for any eventualities ? No. It’s unlikely that any of us do. Stop blaming Ombooboo,as he’s prepped big time. Take care of you and your charges.
    When , not if the SHTF we may all be be hurting, but better than those ghetto butt zombies rioting in the street killing each other off.
    By the way I was in Watts the day after those riots. I was working in Downtown L A for the Rodney King riots.
    Lived in Texas during bad storms- no electricity no gas streets flooded etc. We had people calmly have a block BBQ for meats that would spoil. But that was Texas. My point is that I,ve seen first hand the reactions people will have good or bad.
    I really need to move back to Texas . I’m just to red-neck for California.

    • John W. says:

      Most of Calif. is redneck. You should have been here in the early seventies late sixties. Closest thing to heaven on earth. Liberal East Coast cocksuckers ruined it when they moved here by the truckload after the nasty Winter of 76.

  30. Sierra Dave says:

    The next government should be required to release just the raw data. And not allowed to spin or manipulate. Paid for, or non profits can then crush the numbers and release the data to the market. The winner is the one with more credibility and accuracy.

  31. SilentNoMore says:

    It’s all a joke called the “Ministry of Plenty.”

  32. Poon Tang says:

    Surveys indicate that the few new jobs are going to immigrants, both legal and otherwise. The displacement of American workers is even worse than the unemployment numbers indicate. Every now and then, check out Vdare website. They post good articles on that subject.

  33. lena says:

    best advice i can possibly give given this era of no job and income growth that may last for a decade:

    1. have no debt outside your mortgage.
    2. own appreciating assets like metals and a rental house if you can afford it.
    3. have a stash of cash, food, water and medicines to last for at least a month.
    4. live on 50-75% of what you make and save the rest.
    5. increase your tech skills. more jobs than you can imagine will be automated as obamacare tears up all incentive to create jobs, but if you can learn to work at an IT help desk you’ve got a good chance at always having a job.

    do these things and outside a direct attck on you, you most likely live a great life while the rest probably end of being a govt employee(or govt serf).



    1. Babylon would be an END TIME GREAT NATION (Rev 17,18; Isa 13:6).

    2. Babylon would have a huge seaport city within its borders (Rev 18:17).

    3. The Great City Babylon is the home of a world government attempt (Rev 17:18).

    4. The Great City Babylon would be the economic nerve center of the world (Rev 18:3).

    5. Babylon would be the center of a one world Luciferian religious movement (Jer 51:44).

    6. Babylon would be the center for the move to a global economic order (Rev 13:16).



    11And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: 12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, 13 And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

  36. No one I speak to believes there is a “recovery”. You can only lie to the people so long and it’s been far long enough.

  37. southside says:

    Eppe,put your stories in book form.

  38. Barney says:

    What a lot of people overlook, or don’t know, is that the talmudists won’t be satisfied with anything less than the total destruction of planet Earth.

    This would mean their own destruction, but they accept that. Their insane hatred of all that’s good, and of the creative force, generally known as God, is such that they willingly do the work of their master, the devil, whether such an entity exists or not.

    All they know is hatred. They hate this world. They hate it’s people. They hate all life, including their own.

    As far as they’re concerned, WW3 is just the beginning. Unless WE stop them (and we WILL), they won’t stop until Planet Earth is nothing but a smouldering cinder, devoid of all life. There wouldn’t even be a blade of grass left alive.

    In short, talmudists are INSANE, raving MAD, dangerous LUNATICS. They HAVE to be stopped.

  39. Barney says:

    Apologies for two comments in quick succession.


    Mike (cactus) said (May 2nd, 11.49pm),

    “If a president knew that in 3 days we were going to be nuked by N.Korea or some other nasty event he could not tell us.”

    I’m in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), and I haven’t forgotten the night of October 15th-16th 1987, when we were hit by a category 3 hurricane.

    We found out later that “they” had been tracking the thing for a WEEK. Did they tell us? What do you think? They even issued a denial on the night, and still they insist it “wasn’t a hurricane”. It’s the “great gale” or the “great storm”. They’re FORBIDDEN to use the word “hurricane”, though they broke that rule last October when we had a much more minor one. I’m surprised they didn’t call it a “gentle breeze”.

    They DID issue a “severe weather warning” that night, but only to the emergency services and only DURING the hurricane, not before.

    Not many people died that night, but more could have been saved if they’d warned us. We’re English. We DON’T panic (most of us don’t anyway). We just got on with the job of putting things right, even before the thing had blown itself out. It’s what we do.

  40. Nam Marine says:

    Over 100 million people unemployed ! BELIEVE IT !