Report: Feds Take Down Preppers Accused of Stockpiling Guns and Ammunition: “Federal Conspiracy Charges”

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Headline News | 263 comments

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    If you don’t think you’re on the government’s radar for activities related to stockpiling food, ammunition, guns and other supplies, think again.

    Three men have been arrested by Federal agents for allegedly attempting to build and detonate explosives. According to the report, the men were not planning to use the explosives in an attack, but rather, were preparing for the possibility of an armed resistance should the government declare a state of emergency under martial law.

    Three North Carolina men fearing a government takeover and martial law stockpiled weapons, ammunition and tactical gear while attempting to rig home-made explosives, according to charges announced by the Justice Department on Monday.

    [They] are accused of stockpiling guns and ammunition, as well as attempting to manufacture pipe bombs and live grenades from military surplus “dummy” grenades, according to the statement by Acting U.S. District Attorney Jill Westmoreland Rose and FBI Special Agent in Charge John Strong.

    In addition to ammunition for a .338 caliber rifle, the statement says Litteral purchased hand-held radios, Kevlar helmets, body armor and face masks in preparation for an armed resistance to the feared military occupation.

    Litteral planned to test homemade explosives with Barker in Shelby, North Carolina, quoting Litteral as saying “it is going to be great,” in reference to the explosion, the district attorney’s statement said.

    The federal conspiracy charges carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. In addition, Campbell has been charged with a separate firearms charge punishable by 10 years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

    Source: Associated Press

    Though the charges stem from their involvement in building explosives devices, it is noteworthy that Federal prosecutors and the Associated Press say the men are accused of stockpiling weapons and ammunition, which in and of itself is not a crime. Just last week we showed video proof that Federal agents are on the look-out for individuals or groups making bulk purchases of a variety of supplies including ammunition, Meals-Ready-To-Eat, and gas masks.

    While we’re not advocating the building, testing or storing of explosives, what this story highlights is something preparedness professionals refer to as OPSEC. Someone in this group of three bragged about what they were doing, or, a store clerk saw something and said something to Homeland Security officials.

    Whatever the case, this goes to show that once word gets out about preparedness activities deemed suspicious in nature, you can fully expect armed federal agents to show up in droves.

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      1. Que Braveheart and wwti to chime in with their “I’ll kill anyone tries to raid my house” bleeting.


        • Billy Hill you sir win the a$s hat of the day award

          • Hillbillies mixed with explosives = Watch me cipher myself right into jail Uncle Jed!

              • This article starts right out of the gate with “you are on THEIR RADAR.”

                While that may be true in some cases… is not in ALL cases. AND……they put themselves on the radar with running off the mouth to the wrong people with one of them being a felon. Now I don’t agree with probably most felons being felons, but if you are in their eyes…..keep your head low and your mouth shut….for cryin in the night.


                • those using their credit cards for CERTAIN purchases are being tracked and that’s most likely the meaning of being “on their radar”.
                  and lets’s face it,use “gun genie” etc for a certain firearm, a credit card is involved,long term storage food items are out here the same, certain ammO-etc , you’d use a credit card.
                  WTH, some firearms involve FFL etc so there ya go.
                  I do believe “”they”” have been tracking the firearms and precious metals for a while anyway.

                • God Damn a Buffalo… how phucking stupid can a person(s) be ?

                • its all B/S . im in NC

            • Welcome to Nazi Germany, people! This is where it gets interesting…

              It might be good to check out the videos/writings of– what’s that guy’s name who warned us about the NSA Surveillance Police state and had to go to Russia to escape Obama who said he would not prosecute whistleblowers but decided to anyhow??

              Anyhow, this guy probably has some real good information on what is happening (and thus avoid being caught and hung by the … for practicing your Constitutional rights, which Obama (who majored in Constitutional law)decided to take from us.

            • The explosives are probably what triggered the raid. While I believe that so-called “preppers” (I’m not a prepper, just shop all the sales)are being watched by the govt, my belief is the bombs were what brought these idiots down. A little-known fact about home-made explosives is that depending upon the conditions, containers and method of manufacture, can become VERY unstable, and explode when least wanted. A planted bomb is a coward’s weapon.

          • The 3 Biggest Reasons why people get into trouble.
            1. Drugs
            2. Greed
            3. EGO

            Check your weaknesses.


            • And maybe their cell phone, whowouldathunkit. Watch what you say, take out the battery when necessary.

            • I have a paper I copied off KING WORLD NEWS back in FEBRUARY. The paper is called, “Events Now in Motion in Greece that will Create Worldwide Chaos and Massive Problems for Mankind.” (Its an interview with Egon von Greyerz).

              The weird thing is, everything this guy said has come true!!! It might be worth you’lls time to go back and look it up! Eerily how right he has been on everything he said!

            • stupidity and pride could be added to that whoWudda

        • Dumb asses. What about Operational Security do they not understand? That is as bad as Obama telling ISIS where they are going to bomb.


          • “They hate us for our freedoms”

            George W. Bush

            • True stement by GW. Americans just didnt realize that the “they” was DHS.

            • GW Bush. A buffoon…and an embarassment to our nation. Oh as “they hate our freedoms. Ok where is that Patriot Act I need to sign…” “Yep feel free to torture….” Have you all had enough of lying scumbags?

              • YEP ” : having the current ” Communist ” occupying the chair ” ; is a whole lot better .

              • Speaking ” ; of a ‘ buffoon “…….

            • Now ‘ ; they laugh at U.S.

            • Well, my roommate (a little old lady) has stock piled jugs of water and food and has a hand held- battery operated radio and has lots of candles and matches. I guess I should tell her to get rid of her stuff so as to avoid going to prison for several years.

              Also, there goes my 70 year-old-sister– she better get rid of all her guns!! (or hide them in the back yard under some rocks!)

          • #1 Rule in Prepping is OPSEC.. Only dumbasses go on blog sites spew what kind if vehicle their wife now drives, give their exact birthday date and age. Posts their email address… How far away they live from momuments like guidestones. Oh was I walkimg about Mike E? Dumb, very dumb… some people are begging for problems.

            • Can you please check your spelling, grammar,and punctuation before you hit “send”—you and others want to sound smart and articulate, but come across as “dumbasses” yourselves. If
              you want to be respected in your replies, check yourselves….

          • BigB

            Sounds to me it was three people who were friends. One had a drug record and authorities may have turned him into an informant. Bet it’s the guy with all the tats. You can be very careful about who you talk to, but what good is OPSEC, if a close friend in your circle turns on you!

            Prosecutor can’t lead a witness, but an informant can. Police can’t take a confession from someone who’s been drinking, but an informant can bring the beer, and record the conversation.

        • Do Federal goldfish crackers count?
          Just kidding….
          Thanks all for the birthday wishes, been a strange day.
          Mother in law has heart surgery, came thru great.
          She is a tuff bird…
          Had to buy a ’15 town and country van for the wife…
          And I had gotten out of debt for a while.

          Bless all here…

          • Town and country van,hmmmm…,seems eppe living a soccer mom lifestyle now.Please,tell us you don’t also eat wheaties!

            • “Litteral planned to test homemade explosives with Barker in Shelby, North Carolina, quoting Litteral as saying “it is going to be great,” in reference to the explosion, the district attorney’s statement said.”

              Building homemade explosive devices is a federal crime, and for good reason. Organizing a group to do so is conspiracy. They should have been satisfied with a potato shooter.

              Bombs are the purveyance of the Federal government and terrorists; that said, the two not mutually exclusive. 🙁

              • So true. Homemade explosives are way too unstable to stockpile. Military explosives are specifically designed so that it takes heat AND pressure to detonate. Stockpiling gunpowder explosives is beyond stupid and even if you live rural with no neighbors it only puts your family and potential firefighters at risk.

              • “””Building homemade explosive devices is a federal crime, and for good reason. “””

                ALL federal crimes are commercial crimes. Thus, building bombs FOR SALE in commerce is a federal crime.

                Otherwise, a bomb would have to fall under the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Since all power originates with the People and small parts of that power are delegated to government for special purposes, the People have the RIGHT to possess ANY weapon the government possesses. Otherwise, they could not delegate the right to the corp to start with.

                The government can only Lawfully become involved upon the sale of, or the ACTUAL commission of a property crime with, ANYTHING.

                Organizing a private group is never a crime, regardless of it’s purpose, until such time as that purpose turns to the commission of property or commercial crimes.

                But who cares about the Law anymore. Certainly not the corp or it’s “officers”.

                • “ALL federal crimes are commercial crimes. Thus, building bombs FOR SALE in commerce is a federal crime.”


                  Kidnapping is a federal crime. I am sure there are others, but that is one off the top of my head that applies and destroys your “commercial” argument.

                  Your premise is wrong.

                  That said the people’s right to keep and bear arms, which “shall not be infringed” applies to rifles, pistols, swords, daggers, and knives: not bombs.

                  Try again. 🙂

              • except organizing in case of a federal takeover of america is in fact your constitutional responsibility to keep from happening. these guys got arrested for thought crime and preparing for something that many should be preparing for.

              • I guess there is nothing illegal about having a BOOK which tells about explosives, is there? That is what they should have done…

                Actually, there is a book that is supposed to be really good, which tells of this very thing… it does not encourage anyone to do anything the book says… its just a reference book for doing stuff. Oh! I think the name of the book is “Monkey Wrenching”!!

                • I dunno Anon, it might give them reason to have a peek unless you’re op-sec tight. Remember, three people can keep a secret if the other two are dead. They just rolled in on a house about an hour from me and busted the occupant for heroin and manufacturing class III(converting) weapons (AKs). Apparently these dumbasses were making the conversions and them trying them out in the backyard where the neighbors could hear them. (A bunch of dumbasses). Best thing to do with these low level intelligent cretins is to lock them up to prevent breeding and having them land on public assistance. Good riddance in MHO.

              • Unless your Bill Ayers, then you’re pretty much off the hook.

            • War, usually do not do breakfast, eat a good lunch, and graze at night. Practicing for the lean years to come.
              Since I keep vehicles for 10-15 years, and never had a new car, I let her pick. Damn are new vans expensive, 30k…
              Tahoes 50k. I got sticker shock….

              But great to talk on the phone, the original chat site…

              • Dude,complete fail on the opsec!I don’t even own a phone!The wheaties thing a bruce joke.

                Now the van,this is serious!I hope as a B-day gift you will not be required to drive said van,either wife or kids!Even so,you can put a Rather Be Fishing sticker on said van,perhaps a Rock River .458 sticker,you can lay out a tarp in back and bring home a deer kill,but still,a soccer mom van!Even as a passenger,be careful,that light headed feeling you get when entering said van is your testosterone dropping to medically undetectable levels!This is serious eppe,hope you heed me warnings!

                Now,perhaps down the road we can discuss more of the dangers of this said “van’,perhaps in a “chat room”!

                • I forgot, it was 2 tin cans with a long string…

                  Kidding aside, anyone who posts here are on a list.
                  Makes one wonder, cannot find a 777 jet, but knows all of us…

                  I hope the NSA likes my jokes…

                  • eppe
                    the NSA IS the joke

                  • rofl, this is true…we like your jokes eppe.

                  • Maybe they knew obamas muslim terrorists friends took down the plane and didn’t want to find it.
                    Blame it on white people, pilot error, mechanical problem, weather, aliens, anything but scumbag terrorists.

                • I bought my wife a soccer mom car, but I made sure it was 4wd. Bad a$$. I don’t mind driving it, and it gets better milage than the heavy Chevy.

                  Try to make every purchase a multi use item. It will pay off, someday.

                  • I own a minivan, but I have hauled rocks, bricks, concrete blocks, fertilizer, compost, lumber, and anything else that I could fit in it. It’s about 15 years old, but it still runs.

                    • Eppe,see what I mean?!These other posters trying to cover up “soccer mom”van with manly activities,this is the testosterone loss I was talking about!

                    • WC, The chatroom seems to have locked everyone out including myself. I tried but oh well. Mac could put a chatango mini chat window here if he wanted. I can’t because I don’t have a website to post it on. Mac if your interested go to for a free mini chat, thanks.

                • Could be the perfect “Gray Vehicle”. Nobody looks twice at it…

            • Off Grid- Get this, People are renting shipping containers to live in, for $1000 a month out in San Francisco… lol… This is what Americans are being reduced to and at a cost.

          • EPPE
            been away from the computer for a about two days was able to hit it just a little a day ago but on the run. Working on prepps and at the PD.
            So here goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

          • Happy B day.
            haven’t had a lot of time the last few days. to get on the site. Put in 42 hours this week at the P.D. and working on some major prepps.

            • Watch it Sarge,A 42 hour binge on doughnut eating can be dangerous to ones health!

        • Billy Hill, f#$% you! go ahead and let some armed intruders raid your home, take your stuff, maybe even your wife and kids, and let us know how you feel about that, if you live to talk about it.

          • He’ll be o.k., BH, cause he’ll show ’em a scary emoticon.

          • Easy,take a deep breath,have a few fish crackers/relax!Hey,at least he didn’t insinuate you are living a “soccer mom”lifestyle!Before this gets out of hand perhaps this conversation should be taken to a “chat room”,you know,before anyone makes some “disparaging”comments!

            • A soccer mom lifestyle might be good camouflage, and good opsec. BLEND…YOU WANT TO BE INVISIBLE…listen to the sound of my voice…you are invisible. You look just like every other zombie on the street. Nice.

              Now keep the hood down and back end closed, so the sheeple can’t see what’s REALLY in there.

              • 6, you got a point there.
                Might put a K&N forever air filter and a chip for both performance and gas mileage.
                V6 @ 270 ? Hp, fwd, all the bells & whistles…

                Now to research…

                • Sigh,this is obviously a lost cause with me warnings!I tried………

            • Hooo saaa
              Hooo saaa

          • Hey BH, I’d ask Mac to see where the IP address came from. Coward is all I can say. I have my suspicions. Hits like a girlie. The first post… mmm. Who usually posts first chiming in with a lot of nothing daily looking for attention?

            • WWTI, I don’t even care about his IP address. Just another useless troll.

            • I’m from California. If you want to threaten me from behind a curtain go ahead you big baby.

              That being said, I have a couple of guns, some land and some stuff growing outside. I stack a little here and there and teach my kids how to spot fakes and liars and how to get away from them if needed. I have deep passion for freedom and liberty and will do what I can to protect that freedom.

              What I do NOT have is a death wish for me and my family, nor the need to prop myself up as a Billy-Bad-ass type of person that will “shoot anyone comes to my door to take meh guns” (LMFAO) like a few of you here have.

              If .gov comes knocking down my door in the middle of the night I will NOT be shooting at them (unless it’s a no-knock raid, then all bets are off). They can have what they find if they think it will do any good.

              You, however, are nothing but a bleating sheep trying to play the sheep dog. Some people will praise your brevity but most see you as nothing more than a loud mouth looking for attention. Some will laugh at you openly.

              Now don’t get me wrong… I have great respect for both of you and I have no doubt that you will absolutely take up arms against tyranny when it goes public, but until then you will be laying low just like the rest of us. If they raid your house you will NOT be shooting back unless they already declared Martial Law. I guarantee it. 😀

              • Billy Hill, OK. You mentioned a couple of things where we have some common ground. I also value freedom and liberty and sick to death of what this out-of-control govt. has been doing and continues to do. You don’t know how many attempted break-ins I’ve had to stop at night at my home since Obama’s been in the WH. I prevented another one only 2 weeks ago. I am laying low the best I can until the balloon goes up and that day is coming, just don’t know when. No, I don’t have a death wish and no, I’m not a Rambo. I just won’t submit to anyone who has the wrong kind of intentions toward me. I’m not a pushover for anyone. I’ve always worked for the things I want and live clean and honest. I’m sick to death of my tax dollars going for all of the stupid and insane things this govt. does, especially when it’s things that are designed to be used against we the people. I’m one of the fortunate few who have a place to bugout to before TSHTF. I’ve been prepping for many years and been moving supplies on numerous trips to the BOL for the past 2 years and have another trip scheduled in 2 weeks. It’s possible my actual bugout trip could come in Oct. or sooner. Until then, I’m just trying to stay alive so I can eventually reach the BOL; can’t go if I’m dead. Say what you will about my ‘attitude’; it’s one thing that has kept me ALIVE. I didn’t work my ass off at 80 hrs per week and spent the fortune I have on supplies just to let anyone invade my home and take it all, and I don’t care who they are. I don’t do home invasions on anyone. If I ever had, I wouldn’t be posting here right now. You’ve already made your decisions for yourself; that’s fine and I know how to respect that. I’ve made my decisions for myself and unless I find a damn good reason to change them, they will remain the same.

                • Like I said, I have great respect for (both of) you. I know damned well you’ll be the first to the front of the line when SHTF and I’ll be right there next to you.

                  What I’m LOLing my ass off about is when I hear you (and a couple others here) say you’re going to kill anyone who tries to come into your house, INCLUDING a truckload of armed and armored brown shirts.

                  To that, I call bullshit.

                  You will NOT try to fight off a raid of your home like these two dumbfucks had happen to them. And you shouldn’t, it would be suicidal.

                  But, like I said earlier… I honestly believe if they institute any kind of martial law there will be several people like you that WILL draw a line in the sand and eliminate any who would cross it with harmful intent to you or your family.

                  Keep being pissed at me if you want I could care less, I’m just pointing out facts. But the bottom line is you and your “ilk” are exactly what we’re going to need when the balloon really does go up.

                  • Billy Hill, you can call BS all you want, but I drew my line in the sand long before even 9/11. The BOL I’m going to is owned by a woman who feels exactly as I do and she’s also a better shot than I am. I also have family with homesteads very close by and we’ll be there for each other if/when things come to that. Surrender is not an option for any of us.

          • OPSEC… learn it, live it and learn how to shut the Fck up.

            A lot of stoopid people love to talk when the drink liquor or smoke pot. Just go to a bar and listen to the idiots blabber where they live what they got.. that how blabber mouths get attacked or shot up on the road cause your tell everybody what kind of car in GA your wife with kids drive. Just begging to get hit, then wonder why, cause they told everybody, have a blessed day, cause we’re all amongst friends here right? Cant fix stoopid.

          • Heck ya, be very suspicious of anyone who suddenly wants to be your friend and talk all about prepping.

            Get this. I recently dated this chick who claims to be a prepper. In fact she was a participant on a reality show about survival. She loves to make videos and show the world her preping skills. So I met her in another city for lunch. I barely acratched the aurfave of my prepping. And due to her somewhat high profile blabber mouth. I would never let her come back or even know where my BOL is located. Not going to say much about here but I can tell you this. She is not a prepper. Sorry dear but a bucket of seeds does not translate into a year of real food supply. She is poor and almost basically homeless from what I gather. A nut-case.. Her life is destroyed, mostly self inflicted, and she runs around using her acting stage name trying to draw attention to her dillusional celebrity status as a so called prepper. She broke the first important rule in prepping. Keep you big fat trap shut and zipped.

            • Sounds like you met up with that one who calls herself Daisy, the faux farmer prepper organic cook money grubber.

            • Almost EVERYONE in my town is poor and homeless, whothunkit, However, they are not “nut cases”. Most are veterans but also some are young families, some real pretty young girls. You would never guess they lived in the woods until you spoke to them because they look just like regular people– clean clothes and talk well. I feel very sorry for them. Also, JESUS was poor and “homeless”. So, before you put down poor people, just remember, its coming to you too! First rung of people have already been knocked off the merry go round. YOU ARE NEXT.

              • Anon, I agree with your point about poor people; that hit home for me. I’ve been poor and you couldn’t imagine some of the things I had to do to survive back in those days but I’m way beyond that now. Anyone who has been made poor and homeless since the African virus has been in the WH was made that way by Wall St. and the international banksters. the elitists have it coming to them in spades.

              • And what do you think made poor people poor? Answer: The millions of bad daily decisions they made in their lives. I only reflected on this one lady who claims to be a prepper and as she admitted being poor in one of her videos. And what made her poor?? Start from the top on my posted comment right here and read it over and over again until it sinks in. Being poor is a life style choice. Successful people do the hard shit, unsuccessful people are too lazy to do. Its not rocket science is it? ~ WWTI

        • No one speaks for me, you jack ass.

        • I’ll kill anyone who raids my house.

          Oh, oops.

        • 1. they shot off there mouth. OPSEC kids and don’t let Mr. Bravado in your group

          2. They made home made explosives and pipe bombs. Kinda a felony last time I checked. Don’t do stupid things.

          3. The head dumb ass picked up a nice AR for his friend who was a convicted felon (burglary and cocaine sale and possession). Don’t participate in a felony and know your teammates.

          Don’t let idiots like these clowns on your team. Stay under the radar and do what you do in the shadows until you NEED to do them in the light with your team.

          Mac I can’t even believe you posted this unless it is a lesson on what not to do. These guys did exactly what Selco would not do.

          They got exactly what was coming to them. Don’t what assholes who give real prepers a bad name on our team.


      2. Everything is coming our way and we must prepare our selves for what lay’s ahead. In doing so the question must be asked; Are you prepared to die.

        • Yes,have thought about it a long time,will die trying to help others no matter how bad the odds are,have given it a lot of thought.I have none depending on me and thus easy for me to expedite the trip to the rock in hell.

        • I have factually and literally died twice in my life, but God saw fit to send me back both times. I drowned at 12 years old, and had a bad reaction to medication in my 30’s. Both times I was resuscitated, because my heart had stopped.

          The second time I died, I remembered that I saw some weird things before I came back through that tunnel and opened my eyes. That’s the truth, so help me God.

          I don’t know why God sent me back, because I’m nobody, but I’ve felt that I’ve been living on borrowed time ever since. I’m still not sure what I was sent back to do, but I think my time will be up when I figure it out.

          Does that make any sense? No, I don’t WANT to die, but if it is my time to go, then so be it. I’m happy with what I’ve been given. Most people never get that “second chance.”

          But I did. I just hope I haven’t wasted it.

          • 6, you are here for a reason.
            Eluded death quits a few times.
            Makes one wonder…

            Bless all here, proud to have hung around this long…

            Tomorrow you could die just driving to work…

            Does make one wonder why???

            • Eppe, happy birthday my friend.

            • SP,
              God has a special purpose for you. You remind me of my mother. God bless you.


              Happy Birthday!
              Your anecdotes are much appreciated. I have lived the life of a soccer mom these past 15 years and drive a van. My daughter who is the oldest use to call me ‘mommy’. I received that title with pride and joy.

              Folks, I completely agree with the importance of Opsec and with what SP said earlier. Camouflage, blend in!

              Louisiana Eagle

          • Sixpack.
            I was given a strong feeling about you. Since I have been saved by angels at least twice, I know this.

            Message from spirit; You have a mission to perform, which you agreed to before you came down into the darkness. You are to help someone in need, when its time, you’ll feel it in your bones, don’t think, just do it.
            Do not worry about the consequences, you have already been through the tunnel of light, this means you came from the light and to the light you return.
            Which means you are good people.
            You may die in the attempt, and that’s ok.

            • That’s exactly how I see it, Piper. Exactly.

              • Six you were never dead. Look up the term clinically dead. When all functionality including electrical impulses in the body cease to transmit. Any visions you saw were illusions due to lack of Oxygen to your brain. Just like if a person stands up quickly and gets dizy or light headed. Same thing. You have strong genes and the will to live and pulled through.. congrats and give em hell!!

                • Darkness loves the dark.
                  No ‘electrical impulses’ = Dead.

                  Having talked to many NDE’s(including a good freind whom I trust implicitly, and had no reason to lie), its curious… that they see people they never knew, but, can identify them in old pictures…
                  In Eva’s case, she saw the nurses and doctors working on her, and told the nurse exactly what happened, including what outfit and hairband she had on that day…)
                  Go figure. Odd how that works out.

                  We get only little clues from the spirit, because we are in the land of Nod, the land of sleep and forgetfulness.
                  You are an eternal hypercosmic being, here to learn, and overcome evil, in order for you to grow in wisdom.

                  But, some will never learn, no matter how many incarnations they have to suffer through.

                  You must be ‘born again, of the spirit’.
                  Maybe you’ll catch on next time around the Wheel.


                • You are full of sh–, whothunkit!!

                  Sixpack, please read the 2 books I mentioned and there will be no doubt, I promise you. Whothunkit is ignorant, has never had a spiritual experience, obviously, and therefore thinks no one else can. He is just ignorant, in delusion. Just ignore him.

                  “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; shun him. (The poet must be thinking of whothunkit here). He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child; teach him. He who knows and knows that he knows is wise, follow him. (That’s me.) :)”

                  • Anon. Look I was a paramedic. I seen plenty of dead people. You are either alive or dead. You are not in a fantasy place like you assume. Any electrical impulwes means yiu are atill alive. No impulses means you are dead. Call a Coronor and verify what I say. HE WILL TELL YOU THE SAME THING I DID, YOU DUMB F*CK. There are only 2 people that can declare someone dead. Either a Coroner or a Doctor. Sixpack is neither. Oh I was dead twice” is neither fact nor reality.

                  • Someone Claiming they were dead twice is about as ignoramt as Christains claiming they were born again. Both statements are utterly dilusional.

          • Sixpack,
            Mortar round kuwait international airport Feb 1991
            Last thing remembered being carried on a poncho and being tossed into a helo and a medic slapping my face saying stay with me .

            Woke up on an air evac plane over the Atlantic headed for Bethesda Naval Hospital a week later .
            Had to learn to walk again .

            Life is strange it’s not where you have been but where you are going .

            We walk not be sight but by faith

            Semper Fi

          • THATS why you are so special, sixpack!! Now, I see! I always love your posts, and now I see why! I love reading books about NDE (Near Death Experiences). In fact, I just checked out 2 yesterday from the library. Please read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. Best wishes…

          • Also, read Dannion Brinkley’s books!! (or videos on Internet of Dannion Brinkley– even better).

        • Live free or die trying.

      3. They should be more afraid of what’s in my library (and mind) than what is secured in my barn. Rambo I’m not. They can roll right over me. In everything except a one-on-one debate. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God (Thomas Jefferson).

      4. Apples——->>>>>>> Oranges

        Sorry, I don’t buy off on this one, if you’re buying materials to purposely build explosive devices, you’ve clearly broken a law (not sure which one it is, but I’d be willing to bet it’s there)

        The other items they had and reported in the article, just add fuel to the “attention” fire they started, but we all know one has nothing to do with the other, there is a line and these guys clearly crossed it.

        • Yep, couldn’t agree with you more. In addition, one of those guys was already a felon for receiving stolen property, and other offenses. The government should have used him for target practice before it went this far. The other too would make good target practice just for knowingly associating with him, allowing him into their group, and giving him access to weapons, ammo, and explosives. No apologies on this one: I’m with the government.

        • SJ, I can agree about the explosives. the article didn’t state whether somebody shot off their mouth or if a store clerk dropped a dime to DHS about them. If they’d left explosives totally alone, they would’ve been alright. All we need is another black eye for preppers.

          • Black powder/tannerite,both explosives yet legal and legal to make.You can obviously make higher boom stuff with a plethora of big box store materials,most garages have these materials,gonna arrest and outlaw all these materials?

            • I too was arrested for, but not convicted of “possession of an explosive device”…it was just a handful of black cat firecrackers.

              They dropped the charges, but it still makes it sound a lot worse than what it really was.

              Expect the same thing in this case.

              • Sounds like it. Just heap on outlandish charges and nobody will question the gubberment actions. There is nothing in the Constitution about a criminal conviction nullifying ANY right. With the “restraining order” question on 4473s, pretty much anybody who has been through a divorce in recent memory is disqualified from owning a firearm, just the way “they” want it.

                • exactly, and it’s always for “our safety”, or so they claim.

          • Tell’em Cuz, any of those informants come snooping around our North Georgia stash and we’ll feed’em lead and brass nutrients. I bet that Billy Hill is an Informant, he don’t know who he’s messing with does he Cuz? I remember you shot lotsa people before you moved to Memphis, aint that right Cuz! And we ain’t just whistling African Virius.

            • NGIC, lay down the crackpipe.

          • Braveheart, I’m kinda picky on opsec myself on an open forum, but curious if your going to the prepper show in our area? I’d like to meet up with some like minded fellas.

            • Sailing Jim, what area? I’ve never been to a prepper show; sounds very interesting.

              • Rkpreppershows(dot)com

                If memory serves me right, you’re in that neck of the woods, I was planning on going to the Saturday show.

                • Sailing Jim, I’ll still be in Memphis this weekend, unfortunately. I just attended one of RK’s gun shows 2 weekends ago and there’s another gun show promoted by a different group scheduled for this weekend. I’ll be attending that one also. My GA trip is scheduled for the 17th-20th. RK always has good gun shows; didn’t know about their prepper shows.

        • Bingo,
          One thing to be aware of is how Alt media sensationalizez this stuff just like the MSM,
          Pretty sure building home made destructive devices is illegal, (face palm)!!
          Theres the line for sure,
          Were they prodded ahead by others? Perhaps.
          Is it silly that the stockpiling guns and ammo ammounts to some peoples EDC? Definitely.
          Personally i dont want my neighbor building grenades or pipe bombs! (Not that they would)
          Just sayin

          • As long as they aren’t blowing up me or mine, I couldn’t care less what they do in their own homes. I feel like if I want to go build something to blow the tree roots up in my back 40, as long as I don’t endanger anyone but myself, I should be able to do just that. Perhaps I just want to see how high
            I can blow my own garbage can up into the air. It’s MY can and My time.

            These “laws” were not made for “safety”. They were made to stop people from having any power or knowledge to defend themselves. To know how to build a bomb, is to challenge authority and their personal security, the same exact reason they want us totally disarmed. DISARMED MEANS DISARMED, and that includes being able to make things go boom. they want to get rid of all Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts, and Blasters from the military.


            The same cry babies who whine about hi-cap magazines are the whiners who cried over firecrackers and other small ordnance in private hands. They whined so much, we can’t even have fireworks for the 4th of July—only the City can, and we can only watch THEIR displays.

            I’m sick of whiners.

      5. I’ll kill anyone who tries to raid my house :p

      6. It all started with Randy Weaver’s family. Then the BD in Waco. Is this time different?

        • Randy Weaver did not make bombs, he never injured anyone, he had no intent to injure anyone. Randy was heavily pressured to make the most minor weapons infraction for an FBI informant, by cutting a shotgun barrel a quarter inch under the legal limit. He had cut down the shotgun to the legal limit for the informant who became belligerent and refused to pay Randy for the legal gun smithing he had done, unless he made it shorter. The Weavers were poor, Randy cut the barrel shorter under duress and protest. No he should not have done it.

          His reward, the government murdered half his family.

          Frightening. Never ever agree to do anything illegal with guns or explosives and flee from anyone that asks you too. I’ve met dealers and patrons at gun stores and ranges that creeped me out, I don’t engage them in their wacky conversations.

          Obviously one of the three had a big mouth and was turned into an informant. Note: FBI etc informants often do more time than the people they help convict.

          If ever you are approached by police or alphabet orgs shut your mouth and get a lawyer.

          • The article does make it sound like they had these guys under close surveillance, because they mention information that could only have been gathered in that manner. We should pay attention to that particular detail and prepare for it.

            • exactly

              because the next thing you know any one who reloads as a hobby , also has the materials as far as they are concerned

              • Precisely. And anyone who thinks they can’t stretch the definitions as far as they want to, needs to think again. I’ve seen them do it myself.

          • The best thing that came out of the Randy Weaver case was the Supreme Court ruling that Federal Agents have to obey State Law and are subject to prosecution under State Law for acts done under color of law.

            Idaho prosecuted the Weaver FBI sniper.

      7. I’m guessing that it will turn out that two of the three guys were either FBI agents or FBI “informants,” that spent a year or more setting the third guy up so Obama’s ‘Social Justice’ Department can vilify preppers in the worthless whore ‘news’ media.

        • I said the many times here. Trust NO-ONE. And why I go Solo… OPSEC!!! Hell some angry Girlfriend could rat on you if you piss her off. Never tell women or spouses what you got. Women love to talk. They say about 5000 words a day compared to men at about 500 words a day. OPSEC!!!! They cant help themaelves. Alao having kids are the biggest blabber mouths. They brag at school, being their friends home to show them your prepps or guns or all about your day at the shooting range. Right eppe? Stoopid.

          • At school? ?????


          • Everyone comments on how quiet I am. (I’m female) But then, I meditate. You can’t categorize people. Some men are loquacious. Some women are. Everyone’s different. (Think Bush, how he was constantly “spilling the beans”!)

            • I just don’t speak unless I have something to say. The rest of the time, I listen.

      8. “If you don’t think you’re on the government’s radar for activities related to stockpiling food, ammunition, guns and other supplies, think again.

        Three men have been arrested by Federal agents for allegedly attempting to build and detonate explosives.”

        Once again, the meat of the article (the second sentence) has almost nothing to do with the headline (the first sentence).

        Even yuppie store shopping, raging liberals are going to have problems if they plan to “build and detonate explosives”.

      9. This is why I think the trolls running their mouth on this web site are actually federal agents trying to bait others into subversive anti government comments, with investigations to follow.

        Real preppers know how to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

        • Every site like this has monitors and agent provocateurs.

          You can take that to the [world] bank.

        • Painfully obvious sometimes who the “Uncle Chesters” are around here, especially the comments threatening murder for whatever reason, because these are clearly “flag” statements.
          Again, OBVIOUSLY.

          So then the next question becomes: is the website complicit? Is there some level of a “honey pot” situation going on here? Also, the commenting policy notwithstanding, racist hate statements with words like “niggers” & “joowz”are what has the legal authority to investigate. (!) Your personal opinion about this does not matter.

          C’mon now. This is basic.

          And regardless how I feel about freedom of speech, no way would I let these clowns come onto my website and risk MY ass by consistently filling the comment section with racism and clear threats of murder.


        • yup-sort of…All I store up is lots of TP for the shtf coming down the pipe in the future 🙂

          • ONV your on the TP LIST! lol

            • ONV,

              We will all need extra TP to clean up all the sh#t! That is what I am doing too.

      10. If the gov is so afraid of this maybe they should stop fucking with everyday folks. You reap what you sow bitch. People are fucking tired of these socialist scum stealing their $ and redistributing it. I won’t be participating in any revolts but I certainly won’t be helping the zog. The liberty tree need to be watered.

      11. Jonathan Stiner I think you are correct, great point.

        • I agree, they also want us to fire the first shot. Not happening here!

      12. OK,these guys are idiots if case went down as article says,don’t trust fibs stories ever.That said,tis still totally legal to make black powder and tannerite,get it,totally legal!You put in threaded pipes ect. then illegal.That said,tis so many more “cooking recipes”on net that anyone with a desire can make what they want,of course,you may blow yourself up,they had powder houses for a reason folks!You like stuff that goes boom blackpowder and tannerite completely legal to make,what you do after with it is were potential lawbreaking comes into play.

        I really wish we had a seperate chat site to discuss this more in detail and potential legal ramifications!

        • There is a chat site, but make no mistake—everything in it is being hoovered up by the NSA also. Nowhere on the internet, telephone, radio or snail mail is private.

          • the chat site is locked.

            “The Chat is Locked
            The chosen chat has been locked by its members so you can’t currently join.”

            this is what i get when trying to go there. guess i don’t get to “chat”

            • Im locked out too. I tried but oh well. There is a good chat but you need a website to embed it on it is called If someone has a website they can install it and have a small chat window. Sorry folks.

              • Started something you couldn’t finish! Hmmmmm.

              • thanks for trying. 🙂

                • Hmmm….,locked out the creator/moderator of the chat room?!WTF,seems that site sucks a big weenie!I believe tis time for Warchild’s Fireside Bar chat room,as I stated before,a Algonquin round table of scintillating conversation!As I stated before Genius,you created a monster who know wants the power!I will raise a army of Golfish cracker zombies with loads of federal ammo,the fight has just begun!I am overloaded with work next 2 weeks but after will bring back a chat room option for folks!This blatent attack on free speech will not go unanswered.Folks,they declared war on one of us(Genius) and may have won a small battle,that said,time for war!(Warchild that tis!).Sieze the wolf by the ears!

                  • Git er done bro 🙂

                  • Warchild, I’ll also be a goldfish cracker zombie for the right cause. GOLDFISH, GOLDFISH, GOLDFISH!

      13. The first rule about prepping, you don’t talk about prepping
        The second rule about prepping, you don’t talk about prepping
        The third rule… Well you get tge idea

        • 88:
          4th rule: don’t buy with credit card.
          5th rule: buy in small quantities.
          5th rule: don’t buy over the net.
          6th rule: keep you stuff out of sight.
          7th rule: don’t telegraph that you are a prepper.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • 8th rule: stockpile guns and ammo to prepare to fight when the gov’t comes to take away your rights and guns.

            9th rule: surrender and give gov’t your guns when they come to take them.

            • That’s what these did. You can’t fight them with their kind of stuff or their way.

        • I thought that was the rules for fight club!

      14. People don’t build explosive devices use your head. It’s not worth going to jail over. Don’t buy ingredients to do it either. Get a life grow up use your head hoard $ this is how you hurt them you don’t buy anything keep just enough $ in the bank to keep cashing your payroll check and take the $ in full and stash it in your secret hiding spot. There will be no $ in banks and you won’t have to try to withdraw large sums and you won’t be tracked. You need to take your $ out of the Ponzi scheme the banks won’t have funds to gamble with. I don’t know about you but when you hurt someone in the pocket it seems to change there behavior. We the people need to put sanctions on our gov. That what our gov does to nations. Boycott consumerism. No purchases means no sales tax paid to Uncle Sam. It’s that simple. Leave the violence for a last resort. I haven’t bought a thing in a long time. I’m trying to promote this to go viral as they say. If this happens it will be like a punch in the eye to the elites. They can only control those who participate in their economy. This will create a cash vacuum away from the rich scum bum fucks. It’s the only way IMHO. Everything else is just pissing and moaning with no action. Like a pit bull with no teeth.

        • Yes asshat ,


          This will have a more profound effect than any kenetic activity .

          immediate plan of action:

          spend your money locally in your own AO .

          Support people of like mind .

          Store your money outside the system , invest in tangibles , if you don’t hold it you don’t own it .

          Never possess more than you can carry in your arms at a dead run .

          Buy the best quality you can afford , even if it hurts , you are in it for the long haul and you may not be able to replace things easily.

          Moscow rules ( google it , live by it )

          Let the Progs stew in their own juices .
          It will collapse , this will be a self correcting problem ,
          keep your provisions out of plan sight , OPSEC OPSEC OPSEC .
          ” Never talk about fight club ”
          if you want peace prepare for war .

          The tipping point has been reached , fight the SOFT WAR now , before we need to fight the HARD WAR later.

          Piss TPTB off by becoming more self sufficient .
          Looking forward to the day justice is done
          They will meet their ends like Mussolini .

          Semper Fi

          • I violate rule #8(Wikipedia) all the time, but that is only so can I tell my grandson I tried to deal with the system as the law allows.

        • See here in lies the problem for me. No one will stand up for these guys all for the simple fact that they have been accused of trying to build and stockpile explosives. Other than the accusation of “pipe bombs and dummy grenades” these guys probably have done nothing different than many here on this board. I know the media sensationalized bottlerockets and firecrackers in tsarnaevs dorm room as “explosive devices” Now were these guys really building arsenals of explosives? or did they have a little plot of land in the country and on the weekends liked to drink beer with their friends and blow up watermelons with some pvc and gun powder. My point is if they wanted to come to your house, what would they find that could be used in the media as “possible explosive devices”. Gun powder for reloading? Left over fireworks from 4th july? Duct tape? Plumbin supplies on your work bench?

          I don’t know just something to think about. And I don’t particularly begrudge anyone for “explosives” I personally see no reason for it necessarily to be illegal. I just think it should be illegal to kill innocent people with them……Oh wait it already is!!

          Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…….

      15. If they had not tried building explosive devices, they would be walking the streets today.

        No pity for these guys, and certainly no reason to get paranoid about having a few cases of canned food put by.

        • I’ve read several articles on this and I don’t read that these men tried to actually build anything explosive, nor did the articles indicate they tried to obtain bomb components.

          The articles only spoke of them talking about doing it.

          There is so much propaganda in the FED’s press release you can’t know what is real.

          The fact that they imply buying ammunition in any quantity is illegal is just not the truth in that state. The words building an arsenal don’t exist anywhere in federal or this states gun laws. Neither is prepping or hoarding food a crime. So what is with the color of law, claims by the federal government as well as a supporting roll by major media who have lawyers on salary to fact check articles like this one!

          • The article above clearly states ‘attempted to manufacture’ explosives. That’s more than talk.

      16. The fact of the matter is that the Federal Government is watching what everyone buys, regardless of what it is! So what ever happened to the 4th Amendment??? The Federal Government would not be so afraid of the people if they upheld the Constitution & Bill of Rights! This is more proof that the Federal Government is operating outside of the Constitution which is suppose to LIMIT the Government, not limit the people! Talk is cheap and is suppose to be protected by the 1st Amendment but they went after these 3 guys because of their FEAR! The US is just one incident away from being a Dictatorship as Congress & the Courts won’t do anything to stop it! In fact, they are the Domestic Enemies that ‘We the People’ are suppose to be fighting!
        Long Live the Republic!!!

        • Bobk90 you are correct. They are reading what we write and are so controlling what anyone does but the drug dealers, but the illegals, but the gangs, but the corrupt politicians or police. America will never be strong again by all these talking pathetic heads on fox down to the bottom of the hole msnbc. We either start doing what is right and we all know what that means or it will get worse and worse and everybody will be stripped of their guns, money from fines and fees court fees to probation fees. Everybody will be in jail or on probation. We need a reset. Either we can do whats right or sit back and let them destroy our nation.

      17. That is why you don’t tell anyone anything!!! People will turn you in!! They either get a thrill out seeing people suffer with huge fines fees or they hate people who are outgoing and just are good people but talk to much to haters like these people who turned them in. They are just licking their chops to take all your weapons and gear for the smallest things. If these guys had a .338 laupa they had some money in guns and gear and now the feds just took it all,. How pissed are these guys going to be when they are done with their punishment when this should of been just a common sense safety check and that is it. But no, they will take all their stuff and they will NOT get it back. That is why when these tough times come you cant ever surrender our weapons or your property at any cost. At roadblocks they will be really licking their chops to catch someone with a gun in the car during a collapse and they will detain you, send agents to raid all your property and then jail time while drug dealers and illegals run wild. We are a lawless country its over people. Im 48 years old and I’m telling you younger people this is control and slavery with one small mistake with these people. We have to get our country back and only way is the way we are all thinking. It has to be done.
        I know none of you know me and been on here for 6 years. I have personally known someone who sold pot in a high school and it was coming from Chicago to Iowa. They would fly hundreds of pounds of pot and coke into it for a few days and rent a hotel room out. They were helped personally from the DEA and ATF to sell the stuff. When the smaller independent dealers tried to sell they were under survallence and arrested. Friend only did it for a couple of months and got out. back then he said they got 100 bucks for a pound of pot or a brick of some sort. When the drug dealers who were not part of the DEA they actually planted false evidence on smaller drug dealers and put them away for 15 years. Folks this really is going on by our own government agency. Its over and you must defend yourself at all costs. Watch what you say to others and in my opinion don’t keep all your goods in one place. That way if your home is raided you will not lose it all to the real thieves. Very sad its this way.

        • A drug dealers is a drug dealer, is a drug dealer, is a drug dealer. They should have no civil rights regardless of how small an amount they sell. Shoot them on sight: the buyers too. If any of them survive, shoot again.

          • It’s idiots like you who are responsible for the rise of the police state. Maybe you can show me where in the Constitution it says the government should legislate what drugs you can or can’t take. But go on with your war on drugs,war on terror etc assclown. Because it worked so well with prohibition right?

            • ruralac


              I don’t know what else I can even say, though I generally just try to avoid such close minded thinking. I wonder taxn2 if you realize just how much of the international drug trade is ran and profited from by our gov’t. Of course with that being said, maybe your original idea might work after all 😉

          • Do you realize that the banks launder the dope money and no one goes to jail?

            Look up Wachovia Bank Money Laundering and then tell me that the kid that sells an ounce of pot should be executed on site. Ever vacation in China? You should.

            • Kevin2 Look up HSBC money laundering for the drug cartels. Hell even 2 CIA agents were busted by the MinuteMan malitia a month ago, for smuggling 1300 Lbs of cocaine across the Mexican Border. The MSM goes silent when reporting Gubberment Corruption. But loves to exploit a prepper a little over armed. STFU for starters. Gubberment is a well funded gang terrorizing the world if you fail to comply to their banking system or grid or phony laws. To fight it all, just get off their dependency grid of utilities and banking scams. Stop feeding the beast.

              • Obama has opened the banking system to all the drug cartels now.

                Obama has ruled that marijuana operations can now deposit the proceeds into the bank even though this is a violation of the federal law. So now the drug cartels can funnel drug marijuana through state marijuana growing operations.

                Obama at the same time is cutting banking for the gun stores with operation choke point.

                The law does not matter anymore. It is like 1930s in Germany.

          • What about the drug buyers? Do you shoot them too? Roughly half the country admits to having smoked pot at least once in their life. Shoot half the country?

            If you wouldn’t shoot half the country explain why a guy wanting to exchange his money for pot is ok, but the guy wanting to exchange his pot for money should be shot.

            If no americans wanted to buy drugs there wouldn’t be any dealers.

            Consenting adults should be free to do as they wish so long as they don’t violate the rights of others, through force or fraud, to do the same.

            • tax2, you are a statist asswipe! People like you are the reason we are in this mess. You wouldn’t know what freedom was if it was in your kiester. Maybe you would like to move to china and join the red police, you’d be a perfect fit!

          • FACT:

            More people die of Pharmaceutical Drugs each year, then Recreational Drugs.
            But, you won’t here MSM mention that because they would lose all of their Big Pharma Advertising. Money is important to them, telling the truth is not.

            • That’s because more people take legal meds than recs… Not a hard percentage to spin.

          • tax 2 poverty,you are a idiot,and no,do not excepting a occasional hand rolled ciggerette use or sell drugs,that said,tis not my business what others do!

      18. The arrest of these three choir boys makes me wonder just who was the worm in the apple. Most likely it was a customer of the tattoo shop. ???? FBI & local LE had them under investigation for several weeks.

      19. You just can’t fix stupid.

      20. People get in trouble for what they talk about, not what they don’t talk about.

        No matter what you do, no one -and that means NO one- needs to know about it but yourself.

        FWIW, don’t do illegal things at all, there are plenty of legal things that can get you in trouble by being misconstrued as illegal in intent.

      21. can we PLEASE cut out the FOWL language,i find it very defensive,thankxs

        • you have the right to not read it ..

          they have the right to say it

        • you have the right to not read it ..

          they have the right to say it

        • Chicken/turkey/pheasant,hows that for “fowl”language Luke?!

      22. Wait until the SHTF and a group of your hungry neighbors start talking together about where they can get food. Did you or your family say anything? What if the constables ask that same group if anyone in the neighborhood has guns? You will need to have a small legal ‘stash’ for others to discover – but your main stash needs to be hidden a lot better than you think. You will get hit by metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs, and goons with axes.

      23. OPSEC is the number one thing to prepping. Why these fucktards never figure this out is beyond me.

      24. >”you can fully expect armed federal agents to show up in droves” – Great, saves us the time of looking for them! : )

        • ha ha ha ha good one 😀

      25. My apple crop is almost ready. I have a dozen apple trees. If I pick them do I have a stockpile, or simply a “plethora” (see The Three Amigos)? I used rainwater collected over an unbelievably rainy winter here (am I stealing ground water?) to grow them. A few years ago the city I live near handed out free water barrels while the county went after the same residents for “theft of groundwater”. I don’t have a farm license, and the Rottweilers that sleep under the apple trees are non-licensed country dogs (I don’t think they give a crap if they’re licensed or not). If I save food and prep the bible says I’m prudent and all the news outlets tell me to do so in case of earthquakes etc. but the government (who are using my taxes to do the same thing) says I’m a terrorist because I don’t need their help.

        I’m so confused. When do we have enough laws?

        You guys ever think that we don’t need more LAWMAKERS? When do we have enough?

        • Well put. I like the unlicenced dogs. Reminds me of cheech and chong. License is on the back man !!! Hey if you look at it the 2nd amendment does say the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. Does that include bombs? It is an arm if you think about it even if they make other laws after this it still says what it says. Just a thought.

      26. Hey, I just went back to the chat, but it says it’s locked and I can’t join. Does that mean I’m not wanted there, Genius, aren’t you the one who started that chat? Just tell me and I’ll not bother with the chat again.

        • Wow Six–you’re locked out too ! I don’t feel so rejected now that i know you aren’t invited either 🙂

          • Sorry everyone including me is locked out. Im hoping someone with a website can put a chatango chat box on it. I tried 🙁

            • Press the FAILED button BUSTER.

            • Why don’t you get with site admin and find out why they locked you out of your own chat room?

          • Hey, don’t follow me, I’m lost too!

            • It wasnt my room. It was some german temp chat thing. We shall endevour to persevere!

      27. Six. God had nothing to do with living or dying. Probably you will to live and the paramedics and drugs brought you back. I have saved many lives as a paramedic and do not consider my self as a god. I could have by my choice, let someone live or die, not some fantasy god sitting on a cloud.. So everybody “eppe” stop with this sissy pussy bless everyone here BS. You sound like some 80 YO granny..who annointed you as god blesser eppe? Like you think any god is on your side in your fantasy world of hoax. I dont need any voodoo superstitious evil spirits following me around. I am very much at peace with out a crutch to pray to.

        • funny how God will use a paramedic.

          sometimes they don’t even realize He was there.

        • Whothunkit, you are very closed minded. Its like someone in Africa never having eaten an apple and then saying, “there is no such things as apples”!! Just because you have never had a spiritual experience it does not mean they don’t exist. it simply means you have never had that type experience before!

          I have never seen an ET. Does that mean ET’s don’t exist? No, it simply means I don’t know if they exist or not because I have never seen one!

          Please stop being so close-minded! Its egotistical of you, ignorant, and offensive to people who know better!.

        • wwti, you can believe what you want to, but I know for a fact that it was a 6 minute ride from my house to the nearest hospital. I stopped breathing at home and nobody knew what to do but call 911. I awoke to a white tunnel and a loud ringing/echoing tunnel sound in my ears, as the paramedic said “she’s back”– just as we pulled into the emergency parking lot. There was that bump at the curb when the ambulance left the street.

          I didn’t see God or anyone else. I didn’t see myself floating anywhere, but I felt like I was disembodied. I saw nothing but brilliant white fog.

          You know, there have been people in my same position, that they couldn’t make their heart restart no matter what they did. Unlike those cases, I didn’t get any eppy and I didn’t get shocked or any other ‘extraordinary’ measures, only basic CPR.

          Am I strong willed? Very. Did I want to live? Yes. Do I now believe that there IS something after death? Absolutely. I’m sure of it. I just don’t know what.

          Everything else I experienced is open to interpretation, WWTI, even yours.

          I hope you never have to experience death until your time comes, and you’re done here for good. But if you do, it just may change your entire outlook on the hereafter forever. I know it changed mine. I had basically the same outlook as you do, WWTI, but I know what I experienced.

          I don’t frequent any church, because I’m not seeking approval from men…and God seems to be absent from most churches these days. I never did believe that in order to find God, I must first obey a man.

          Does that make any sense?

          • 6pak, we share our experience and those that hear heard it. Those that don’t hear it, deny it. There will be some, who didn’t respond that did. I’ve a experience that within me, that verifies the existence of God and the next stage: can’t prove it but know it. So, carry on.

      28. Six,I posted a lot about this in a few articles back.I believe they gave Genius moderator power,and,as expected,it went to his head.Rumour has it a new fireside chat room with bar in the works,we will see.My guess is it will be TRUE freedom of speech if nothing else!

        • You believed the wrong thing WD. I said in the beginning when I discovered that chatroom I had no power at all. It is completely run by the host.

          • I am sure Stalin said the same thing!Fear not,they attacked my creator!The federal goldfish monster has now been unleashed and will in a few weeks get some sort of “chat site”

      29. In 1775 The Red coats/cops went to Lexington and concord looking for stored up ammunition, and arms. The Gov in that area had just passed a law that it was and heres the kicker for all you people that say the law is the law crowd. They had just passed law recently stating it was against the law for civilians to keep large stores of guns and ammunion. Should seem familat to this case. I’m sickened by the responces here that uphold law enforcement on this. Those that say that what the Gov is doing here wheather they were making pipe bombs of what not is right then your supporitng the police state and make me sick. IT’s this see something say something crap that’s wrong and if you can’t see that then your mucked up in the head.
        BTW aboves example was what culminated to the battle of Lexington and Conncord. You know that pesky business of fighting for rights and freedom. But I guess the law is the law so you would want to be bothered with that now would ya. No wonder America has slid full on to a police state if it’s law it’s ok Muck off!
        Theere is no greater tyranny than that that disguises itself in the name of law and justice.

        • –csaaphill— You Nailed it friend

          • What I want to know is EXACTLY who is the victim of this so called crime? Can anyone tell me???

            • genius

              All of us are…..

              I assume you were talking about the crime committed by the federal agents….weren’t you?? 😉

              • yes

                • yes I want to know who is the victim of the people stockpiling (correction/clarification).

                  • Everyone is a victim of the fed thugs.

        • csaaphil

          yep, read my above post as well. No one will stand up for these guys, because of sensational accusations in the media. Everyone must ask what’s in your house that they could use as “potential explosive devices”

          • If anyone can in this state get on their Jury and Nullify or else all is lost.
            This just shows us that yep more likely they do have a red list. Scares the hell out of me because how much of this is trumpt up?
            most of it isn’t illegal anyhows especially if it’s true that all they had were the empty shells of old grenades.
            Too I don’t believe in the laws that forbid felons of owning guns not because I’m stupid but because our country survived many years of them being able to before 1968. Its been all this peace and safety crap that’s destroying us not the letting the Constitution be. More laws we have the worse things get.
            Anyways thanks ya. But ya if anyone can get on the Jury do so say not guilty even if evidence shows they are.

      30. A black woman in Chicago was admitted to the hospital for an abortion.

        Two weeks later she received a check for $1,500.

        She phoned the hospital to ask if it was from Obamacare.

        The hospital said, “No, it’s from ‘Crime Stoppers’.”

      31. Y’all have no clue what is really going on. I know Chris personally and he is a ex marine. This is all bullshit.

      32. This is all a lie. I know Chris personally. This article and everything it is bullshit.

      33. What kind of bullshit charge is “stockpiling”? That’s one hell of an arbitrary word. And no matter how much ammo they had, since when did that become a crime?
        Also possession of hand-held radios and Kevlar helmets? So everything for sale on Sportsman’s Guide or Cabelas is something you will get busted for? This article was written for the average slave that pisses in his boots over a BBgun and who’s preferred weapon is a butter knife, to convince him of a vast right-wing conspiracy.
        next thing you know that 2 pounds of lard you have in the kitchen is a federal offence .. oh did I say that out loud?

        • probably making bombs and grenades and bragging about it got some ones attention,there’s probably more to the story then we’re getting. PS lard could be used to grease the patch on a round ball.

      34. “It’s time to get serious. It’s time to get ruthless. We either win or we are going to be enslaved to the metastasizing progressive monster forever. Instead of worrying that our enemies think we’re being mean, it’s time to let them know that we are mean.”

        • Sorry Enemy Of The State, but I was ready when Bush Jr. was still in Office. Too much has occurred now that a movement like that does not matter. Too many people are still clinging to the “hope and change” theatrics and think they still have a Government that cares about this nation.
          As I’ve mentioned before, we as a number is not enough to make a change in this country.
          we are clearly outnumbered by Sheep.
          If a physical altercation was to take place now, we will still be considered “home grown terrorist” and the Sheep will gobble up that information hook, line, and sinker.
          I guarantee the Sheep will certainly turn on us all.

      35. OPINION
        How The State Department’s Proposed Arms Trafficking Rules Could Impact You
        Photo of Joel Stonedale
        Attorney, Texas Public Policy Foundation
        2:16 PM 07/31/2015

        Few Americans would expect posting online about car engines, fertilizer, or general engineering principles to land them in prison. But if the aspiring censors at the State Department get their way, such innocent discussion would be prohibited as “exports” of military technology.

        The Obama administration announced last month that it intends to require anyone discussing broad categories of “technical data” to ask for government permission before posting the information online. Ostensibly it is an effort to keep weapons out of the hands of foreign militaries under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). But “technical data” is defined so broadly as to outlaw much of the Internet.

        The rule defines “technical data” as anything that would be “required” to “manufacture” or “develop” items on a long list of weapons including almost all firearms as well as tanks, bombs, and battleships. The problem caused by the over breadth of this definition is the tremendous amount of non-military information required to develop or manufacture military technology.

        Imagine for a moment the non-military knowledge required to produce even a simple weapon, like a hunting rifle. One must know the diameter of the barrel, how to make a spring for the trigger, and of course basic physics. The knowledge required to make a battleship or tank quickly encompasses a great deal of civilian technology: how to make an engine more efficient, how to make steel stronger, or even the best design for a boat’s propeller. “Bomb” is also on the munitions list, so discussing fertilizer advancements would be prohibited since the resulting fertilizer could be used to make a bomb.

        Read more: ht tp://

        • So my college chemistry teacher who said buy “The Anarchist Cookbook” was a terrorist? It’s still downloadable….. maybe

      36. The Administration’s proposal constitutes a clear violation of the First Amendment — not to mention the Second. And the government cannot rely on some sort of national security exception to free speech. In the 1971 case of New York Times v. United States, the Supreme Court rejected the government’s authority to stop the publication of the Pentagon Papers—classified information pertaining to American military activities in the then-ongoing Vietnam War. In the face of that decision, the Obama Administration cannot claim to have the authority to license the discussion of basic firearms, engineering principles, or car engines online — even if it would help prevent the Islamic State from obtaining the latest in American deer rifle technology.

        • The Government violates the constitution all the time. The problem is no one challenges it and they keep doing it.

          • That is exactly right Jimb,
            This country HAD a Constitution and a Bill Of Rights.
            As of now, both are gone, we have already lost the battle on the documentation that is suppose to hold this country together.

            • “This country HAD a Constitution and a Bill Of Rights.”

              The historical reality is that the ink wasn’t yet dry on the Bill Of Rights when John Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Act into law which effectively muzzled the press in direct violation of the 1st Amendment.

              In 1859 the infamous Dredd Scott decision from the USSC codified the value of a slave as being 3/5 of a man. That wasn’t a big issue unless of course you were a slave.

              From the time man first organized any form of government, regardless how benevolent in concept, the powerful desire to not just maintain, but ultimately to expand their influence. There is nothing new here. If anything, more people are aware of this social political historical trend today.

          • JimB, Oh you can challenge the Grabberment all right, all the way up to the ZOG packed Supreme Court. Yeah buddy good luck. This Government is one big Fraud Tale.

            • Ya we HAD a constitution until the bankruptcy in 1933. We have been in recievership ever since. Look into it.

      37. If “conspiracy” is a crime, then the whole government should be arrested.

      38. They’re acting like these men were arrested for having guns, ammo, and food. They were arrested for building explosives.

        • Exactly. The media always try to criminalize firearms. Other people on these blogs often rant about the feds, but they’re just blowing off steam. No one should take anything we say here as threats. We’re just middle class, main stream folks, having a little fun. I hope “they” heard that. Old people just thinking out loud. Fantasizing. Washing it all down with a little Geritol.

          • They’re not trying to criminalize firearms. The title is deceiving. Anyone who builds bombs, whether they be a firearm owner or not, gets arrested.

        • So…….what’s the problem HE?
          I reload my own ammunition. Am I now considered a threat to you or anybody else because I have gunpowder and reloading supplies? Normally No, but in today’s world the Government says Yes.

          • exactly my point

          • exactly my point

          • The problem is they were building explosives. Its not like they just had stuff lying around the house that could possibly be made into an explosive device if they wanted it to be. They actively built explosives.

            • So if you have chlorine bleach and vinegar, should you be considered a terrorist? Just asking?

        • What if it was planted ? DHS purchased a billion rnds. of ammunition and C4. For what ? Just a thought.

          • The Obama administration wants to kill jobs and the economy. That would put them in complete control. They are trying to start civil unrest by division. Blacks against whites in black lives matter. Whites against blacks by attacking the rebel flag and monuments. Immigration war on the border. War on women from planned parenthood. If this happens he can declare martial law and become a dictator. Don’t be fooled by what you see and hear its all a plan. Just a thought.

            • Thor

              As opposed to who GH Bush, Bill Clinton or GW Bush?

              They’re all in cahoots with the Financial Elite Globalists. They’re “opposition” in elections we’re not really opposition as, “Both horses are bought in the two horse race”.

              The “Stars and Bars” is a diversion. TPP got nary a word on the evening news and that effects black, white, yellow, red, brown and even rainbow.

          • The Obama administration wants to kill jobs and the economy. That would put them in complete control. They are trying to start civil unrest by division. Blacks against whites in black lives matter. Whites against blacks by attacking the rebel flag and monuments. Immigration war on the border. War on women from planned parenthood. If this happens he can declare martial law and become a dictator. Don’t be fooled by what you see and hear its all a plan. Just a thought.

      39. It is simple, if you work for the Federal Fascist Filth in the collapsing vile evil shithole of the world-you are the lowest form of criminal boot licking dog shit trash on the face of the earth, you have no soul and no humanity left in your fascist boot licking shit stain chemically altered toxic waste dump body.

        • But they were just doing their filthy fascist yes man asskissing mindless shit eating zombie corporate petty tyrant job!

          • The brain dead dumbed down filthy boot licking shit stains of fascist scum sold their souls for a paycheck and a pension.

      40. I’m not surprised, North Carolina is the heart of where the Not Federal Reserve’s treasonous wasp nest hive really exists. It’s not in New York, but in Charlotte, NC. That’s the true head bankster center in the U.S. DHS occupied corrupt empire.

      41. The best lawyers sign I ever saw, “Just because you did it, doesn’t mean you’re guilty”.

      42. They screwed up when they started preparing home made explosives!

        It is illegal and it is NOT necessary……..please DON’T do it.

      43. How we allow the country to become the Nanny State that it is today ? We allowed it when we allowed the gooberment to expand beyond the 18 things that the Constitution enumerated that it was allowed to do . We ( the people ) wanted the gooberment to shape,form and watch over every aspect of life until we became the sheep we are today .

        My great granddad kept dynamite in the barn to blow up stumps, as did most of the farmers around him.When did we no longer trust the local farmer with something of that nature.

        Should we as citizens be allowed to own all manner of weapons….the Constitution says to keep and bear arms…as in plural…which I think includes all the arms necessary to throw of the yoke of a gooberment turned tyrannical .Most cannons at the start of the Revolutionary War were privately owned,we should be sufficiently armed so that the gooberment fears the people…not the other way around .

      44. Campbell was ex-marine and the “homemade explosives” were dummy grenades he was packing up. These were just the shell without the explosives inserted. Locally we believe an ex employee of his made the phone call to stir this up. Campbell was a tatoo artist and never bragged about what he was doing or where it was being stored. He is not a hillbilly as some commenters stated, but is very worried about the current state of the country and the well-being of his family.

        • I agree!!!

      45. The Founders saw this all long, long ago:

        “The instrument by which [the government] must act are either the AUTHORITY of the laws or FORCE. If the first be destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!” —Alexander Hamilton, Tully, No. 3, 1794

      46. It is no longer even possible to peacefully purge evil from our political and economic systems.

        The police state built by Bush and Obama is not designed to protect the country from terrorism, but rather to protect government and corporations from the wrath of the people.

        People can be lulled into complacency indefinitely, so long as their bellies are full of sugar and carbohydrates. The combination of obesity and diabetes, AKA diabesity, keeps people in line.

        If the day ever comes when the masses are hungry, there will be one hell of a violent revolution. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to have died of old age before that takes place.

      47. O.T
        just saw a 747 with 5 fighters escorting it to the North West. Did anyone else see it? Central Illinois around 1130 hrs. Illinois time.
        Is something up?

        • Probably making a surplus drop at the White House, so Obama can distribute the Arms equally amongst his ISIS allies.

        • Gotta be Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama on her monthly uber luxe vacation.

          I hear this month she is renting out the country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her leftist Chicago cronies. Current residents can just take a hike according to her flunkies planning the trip.

          On the other hand, maybe it’s Hillary, and those weren’t fighter jets, those were her flying monkeys – en route to burn another stack of 8 million emails (yep… they think you “burn” emails. Leave it up to Hitlery. She’s not “very technical” by her own admission

      48. I’ll bet DHS and every other fed office is reading the responses right now on this blog. The fed has a plan. I think that we just respond to much to the news. I have a plan even though its just how I will respond to future events as they become visible. Its time to have your eyes and ears open. Stay safe everyone, Rex

      49. You can see their photo’s here: ht tp://×168.jpg

        Something about neck tats and double lightning bolts on the face make me think they really aren’t the kind of people I want to be with on the same side.

        But, to each his own.

      50. The right of the federal government to ban the possession of any substance is not in the Constitution (not arguing the right of the states, which is separate subject). But they are going to use and abuse their power. And we can’t be sure these days if any suspect hasn’t been set up. But it is a good idea not to be ordering or possessing bomb making material. And too bad if you just happen to possess on your property high-nitrogen fertilizer and diesel fuel sits in your truck. You’re a terrorist!

        If what we read is true, these fellows erred in pushing the limits of the government. The stockpiling chargers are a terrible abuse of rights, but were likely tacked on with any other charge they could think up to make sure they send them to prison, which in the case of federal prosecutors is the case 95% of the time.

        • Federal bans are generally done under the regulation of interstate commerce.

          Which the Supreme’s have deemed to be just about everything, including your explosives and guns if they or their manufactured components traveled in interstate commerce at any point (which is basically everything outside of, maybe, local rocks you pick up).

      51. Hope you’re safe n well OUR Acid… Missing you bud xXx

      52. FYI- Don’t put anything on your phone you dont want anybody to see. Right now there are about 7 ports of entry to hack into, on most all cell phones. Like Preps witj a nice GPS Geotag attached. Turn off all GPS and WiFI functions. Never Never do any banking functions on your phone. Got it!!??!!

      53. Did they arrest them for prepping or making pipe bombs

      54. See the new webbots report on HPH, and buy the new Alta Report. They can talk all the crap they want. I was pretty shocked to see that this particular report is matching up with the September time frame, and showing that September and following that month, that for the next 3-5 yrs, millions of people will be starving to death from crop calapse, civil war and environmental calapase leading to caos on a global scale, not just here but in Europe. Sounds like the feds are tying to scare everyone into stopping them from feeding themselves. Since they are behind all of this, i post publically on this site with 100000% confidence, because i know its all real. The new Alta report proves that i can rely on real scientific data as to where we are really heading. The cabal is going to loose power and eventually calapse and amy find themselves trapped in the very DUMBS That is designed to protect them and their pedofile eliteist buddies. Preppers must protect the women and children from getting captured by the Jade Helm 15 locals, the russians, and chinese soldiers. These soldiers need to understand if they are reading my post, that i research trends.

        My trends research on Russian & Chinese soldiers..

        It is my belief based on current trends that if these russians and chinese soldiers attack the American people, that they find their asses, shot up, riddled up with .223/5.56, .308, 270, .50, .338 Lupua, 12 Guage, 20 guage, etc inside most city areas if they think that they can come here on their murdering raping killing spree, need to spend time doing more research for own safety. Fire on our cops too you russians and chinese pricks and you will learn that fu….k…..g with local police is not a good idea, espically in Texas. The cops will be lighting up your asses too. So dont f…..k with us.

        It is not a wonder why they started to try to take the guns following the Sandy Hook false flag. As we can see, they have been planing to take the guns for some time. The last thing that they needed was this very awakeing creaping up on them in the fall of 2015. Now they just got caught into the Complexification Shockwave. The people are now awake and they are coming for them. The only option left for the elites now, is to literally kill all of us. That EMP event in October of 2015 failed. Now they have become even more dangerious. Its all starting to add up. Get the new Webott report from Cliff High on Lets see the real data and its insidous interpretations of a pending economic cluster F….k of and end result. Its certainly and attention getter. I talk to scientist, now you can see some more real data.



        Internationally known,

        locally respected.

      55. it does not surprise me are we shure that this isnt an fbi setup like oh so many other fbi setups…just so they can go on a tear for prepers?????

      56. Funny, the article didn’t mention they were convicted felons…

      57. don’t fuck with making explosives….and if you can’t resist not making explosives, then don’t talk about them, don’t test them, don’t try to sell them etc.

        That is, unless you want your front door kicked-in and the Feds to build their careers by dragging your name through the mud as a bona-fide “domestic terrorist”

        Besides, if things really went ‘Road Warrior’ and people started going hungry….the plutocrats that control our government would exit the scene and there would be weapons available everywhere for a price… just like during the Yugoslavian breakup.

        • I agree do NOT make this kind of shit you are just asking for it. Have ingredients handy but DO NOT make this shit. If SHTF do as you will lol.

      58. They weren’t very prepared if they surrendered. What were they preparing for? Some magical time and condition in which everyone would be cheering them on and government would be recognized by everyone to be the bad guys?

      59. Does anyone remember the Weather Underground? One day in 1970 several of them were conducting experiments in practical electro-chemistry (bomb making) in a Lower East Side townhouse. Ka-boom. They were bright people, Ivy Leaguers, U Michigan etc. I doubt any of them had any technical expertise. If memory serves, none of them died.

        I’m too tired to look up the cite right now, but the U.S. Code is crystal clear in its prohibition against explosive devices. For a good reason.

        Apart from that, if you don’t know e_x_a_c_t_l_y what you are doing you have an excellent chance of blowing yourself and everyone else present to bits.

        Note to Utah Data Center: my technical expertise ends with H20 = water. Everywhere on the planet, no matter what your demographics are. Freshman chemistry for liberal arts pukes was all I could manage. Many a decade ago.

      60. That exercise will teach people not to keep all their eggs in one basket. If preppers are going to win any battle, we have to be prepared once and for all, properly. No one outside your family should know what you have stored in your house as preppers, no one outside your prepper organization should know what goes on either, it should be run like a military intelligence. Had to be a ‘leak’ for sure for the feds to find out. I would,if I were a part of the ‘Litteral’ organization, find out who did cause that leak. Also for future reference, always be nice to fellow members of your organization, otherwise if you piss them off enough, they have a habit out of spite, with no foreward thinking, go to the other side and dob you in..choose your members carefully. When you guys in the US get rid of Obama, and restore the US to its old democratic self, then all you have to worry is enemies from overseas that may be living inside your country. But in the meantime, I would get an army together and destroy those terrorist training camps that are supposed to be inside your country. When that is done, you all can relax a little. Only a little though, you still have China, Russia, Nth Korea, and Iran to worry about.

        • They ran their mouths about what they were doing and got themselves in trouble.

      61. NATCH I think it was a setup.

        Make preppers and whitey look baaad. But not the Muslim in chief nor the secret Muslim training camps all across the country.
        When are they going to do the REAL investigation and arrest?

      62. To everybody here, avoid buying from Survival Acres. The idiot owner over there pretty much just called everyone in the preparedness community a bunch of morons. He claims that everything is fine and that happy days are here. He’s a diehard believer in the Church of Global Warming. Just check out his Disquis account.

        I say take your business elsewhere.

        Here’s the article that he recently made about SHTFPlan and called alot of preppers morons.

      63. They may find a few and even get away with absconding with the guns. Like the cockroach for every one you see and kill you have five hundred undercover. Still that is no reason to violate even one mans rights and it is time it stopped. We need government that is accountable and if we cant do it by law than revolution will happen. We as a nation have seen what war does to a country. Our service men are familiar with the violent aspect and well able to handle anything that is tossed at them. We know all the tactics for many helped develop them. Americans know well what a violent war would do. Many citizens would starve if services would be interrupted. The threat of an organized shutdown would be the greatest threat for they would blame the government and they would find few safe places they could be if a mas of unarmed citizens gathered in Washington for answers. What would they do fire on unarmed people? that would say suicide for the politicians and president. But he would be taken out by Marine one to temporary safety. Even a half hearted force of citizens would tell the politicians they screwed up and while the service men may protect Washington but only to the extent to hold the population back for the media would be front and center with the decisions government makes. With careful planning America could be taken without a shot and the ruling class disposed.

      64. If they want me to stop stockpiling Ammo, then they need to stop threatening to ban it.
        Before the regime went after XM855 there were millions of unsold rounds sitting in warehouses, then they threaten to ban it, what happened? The panic buying set in and, even though the price went up, those millions of rounds ended up in basements and gun safes all around the country, and instad of admitting that under the law they cited they did not even have the authority to ban the XM855, the BATF ucks said they may revisit the rounds later, ensuring that brisk sales of that round will continue.

      65. Surprise, they did not maintain OPSEC by running their mouths and they were making explosives which is a crime, which they also ran their mouths about. You can’t fix stupid. If you do not trust the government, understandable, and suspect that they are “watching” you, then why not keep your mouth shut? This kind of stuff makes “normal” people that find it prudent to plan for bad times, regardless of cause, look bad. Stay covert, keep your mouth shut and keep a low profile. You do not tip your hand at poker, then why elsewhere.

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