Report: FBI Agents Telling Friends & Family To ‘Avoid July 4 Celebrations’

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Headline News | 143 comments

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    isis arrests

    Following warnings by the federal government that terrorists may be planning to attack Independence Day events, FBI agents are reportedly telling friends and family members to avoid major July 4 celebrations.

    Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft cites an “inside source” who told him that, “FBI agents are telling their friends and family members to avoid “official celebrations.”

    Hoft also claims that the FBI has canceled vacation for all its agents for the duration of the weekend.

    Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued alerts to local law enforcement and urged Americans to “remain vigilant” for this weekend’s July 4 events.

    Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell also said Monday that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if there’s a terrorist attack during the 4th of July weekend.

    “This one really resonates with me for two reasons,” Morell said. “One is there’s been about 50 people in the last 12 months who have been arrested in the United States for being radicalized by ISIS, wanting to go fight there or wanting to conduct an attack here, so there’s a lot of people out there who are seeing themselves as aligned with ISIS, number one.”

    “Number two, you have this ISIS call to arms during Ramadan,” Morell said. “We are right in the middle of Ramadan, call to arms, conduct attacks against our enemies, so I’m worried about this one.”

    Fox News also reported that the FBI is setting up command centers in all of its 56 field offices across the country to monitor potential terror threats.

    ISIS supporters have recently intensified their social media propaganda campaign, with almost 100,000 tweets a day urging mass murder.

    The warnings follow deadly attacks by ISIS last week in Tunisia, France and Kuwait that killed scores of people.

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      1. I know I will be in a safe spot.
        Jawja can now sell fireworks, a day I thought I would never see?
        Things are a changing, for the good or bad???

        • Considering the fact that “our” government knew ahead of time that an attack was coming on US soil just before 9/11 and even Russia was warning us, and they knew it would possibly be the WTC and the US government not only ignored the warnings, but did everything in their power to ALLOW the attack on US soil, even facilitated it– it makes me awfully suspicious when the gov’t says, “quack, quack, the terrorists are coming! the terrorists are coming! Quack, quack!!”

          • Yea, I remember when I had my first beer and then typed stupid stuff.

          • It’s like when a mobster comes into your shop and wants protection money from you. As you carefully reject him, he then starts with the subtle threats, “This is a very nice place ya have here, it’d be a real shame if something happened to it.”.

            That’s what all this horseshit is about too. Except they don’t want anything from you other than your blind obedience and any shred of what’s left of your freedom. Fuck this dog and pony show. If something happens, the government definitely did it. Anyone thinking otherwise, is a complete and utter MORON and is the exact reason things have gone as far as they have with the destruction of not just this country, but the entire world!

            • Well said!

            • Joe,
              This story kind of reminds me of…… I know a guy and he knows somebody who said something maybe about.

              On the other hand, Remus in the Woodpile report ALWAYS said stay away from crowds. Which I will do right after I hang my large flag up and put up a sign that says, Go ahead, be offended by this flag. And there will be no rainbows on this flag. Then I will come inside, crack open a cold drink and watch Gettysburg.

              • Agreed. I’m proud of our beautiful flag. In response to the recent colors shown on the WH, and the rainbow flag shown with the Stars and Stripes, I’m flying the yellow Gadsden flag “Don’t Tread on Me.”

                • +1
                  Never thought i would see the day that such disrespect was shown for our flag and our constitution

                  • Kula,
                    I never thought that either and where is MORE outrage from J Q public ??? evidently the feds have done a good job at brainwashing and dumbing down the average Joe citizen where they could not careless!! makes me SICK!!!

                    • Apache, Much of this information is carefully kept from old JQ–and they way that they do it is BRILLIANT! By not having it EVER tattooed onto Kim Kardashian’s blubbery silicone ass, JQ has never had the chance to read it. No one on Dancing with the Stars has EVER mentioned it, nor have Kanye West or Lady GaGa ever sang a song over the iPod warning JQ about it. Maybe, we can count on a group of men to say something while playing with their balls on Sunday’s sports lineup.

            • Why are all these Muslims pissed off? As Sith Lord Dick Cheney said, “What’s our oil doing under their land?”

              • That’s just like “Russia is encroaching on NATOs borders”…

                NATO is not a country. It HAS no borders.

          • anonymous – you’re absolutely right … up until you mentioned they “facilitated it” then I just think you wandered off the ranch ..unless by “facilitating it” you mean you’re referring to the ‘fact’ that , indeed, Russia did warn us and it was ignored !
            FBI Director Louis Freeh allowed himself to be manipulated by career hacks into ignoring the valuable information that O’Neill was gathering on Al Qaeda. If he was allowed to go to Yemen to investigate the USS Cole incident, I’m almost positive he would have come up with information that would have been invaluable to the Bureau in its efforts to determine Al Qaeda’s true intentions. The links were there, O’Neill proved it. But there were some in the Bureau who felt he was a threat to their careers and went after him with a vengence.I’m almost certain the “missing briefcase” incident was deliberately orchestrated and individuals who were at the meeting mentioned were involved in the conspiracy to discredit O’Neill and force him out of the Bureau.
            Tom Pickard, FBI Assistant Director who blocked O’Neill from fully investigating the WTC plot. Tom had resigned on Oct 31, 2001. why the FBI, for petty bureaucratic reasons, drove their foremost expert on Al Qaeda out of the FBI during the very period in summer 2001 when threat intelligence indicators regarding Al Qaeda were rising most rapidly, and b) under oath what role Picard personally played in driving O’Neil out.
            O’Neill died in the Twin Towers as security btw !

        • eppe, when did GA ban fireworks? When I lived there, three decades ago, we could buy just about anything. Rockets, “M-60’s” (not M-80’s), “nigger chasers”, firecrackers, basically anything that flew or went bang except for cherry bombs and M-80s. Were all those banned since?

          • Better stock pile some M80s. They might come in handy later.

        • Lets get this strait, IS-US, also known as ISIS was created by the CIA. You see if they can keep this anti-terrorism fantasy going they get a lot of funding. This is about going to extremes to inflame the American public, so lets attack their biggest celebration of pride. Bottom line, see how many Israeli Security Companies are over seeing these 4 th false flag attacks on our celebrations like they did during the Boston Marathon. Yeah another Olswald Patsy. Keep the public in fear. How about let every red blooded American bring a fire arm to the 4th Celebrations and see if there is any terrorist attacks.

          • I could not have said it any better. This whole system is rotten to the core. The whole thing has to be torn down to the ground and built from scratch because it is corrupt from the first layer. There is NO WAY to fix or repair, it must be destroyed and reconstructed.

      2. Not a problem, we always float a river out in the middle of nowhere with no cell service. No one is getting me out there! I’ll have to check the news when I get back in service.

      3. Of coarse. Why wouldn’t there be a threat, there always is around national holidays.

        I am really praying for everyones safety this coming week. Esp. my husband and young son, who are on a road trip and will be gone for the entire weekend. I hate having them traveling during holidays but it couldn’t be helped.

        Stay frosty friends;)

        • Of course, July 4th is a BIG Illuminati, Masonic, Egyptian, pagan, Hermes holiday….SACRIFICE day…like 9/11 and August 5th..just follow the stars and astrology and you’ll know how this sick world works…that includes the Stock market which is run by astrology…

          • WTF. Settle down there friend. Think and hot days, cold beer, and watermelon. You’ll be ok.

          • Greg,
            You are spot on in regards to things like 4th of July celebrations and any man of Elohim and worth a pinch of salt would know this and not be paying attention to this sort of thing.

          • We weren’t created by Him to celebrate mans holidays. We were created to worship Him and Him only, to keep his appointed times, the Sabbath and to follow his instructions for righteous living (Torah).

            • …and give Him your money or else burn in a lake of fire?

              • No. Its man that wants your money. Elohim doesn’t really need it, though, sometimes he knows that money is a symbol of allegiance to the world. Elohim doesn’t want the money, he wants to be sure your allegiance to it is not stronger than your attachment to him.

                But, from the looks of your comment, you wouldn’t understand and I just wasted my time writing this.

      4. F*ck the Zog FBI!

        The Zog FBI is a JOKE and a FRAUD!

        They are nuthin but trained junk yard dogs of the NWO Zog!

        the Zog FBI’s direct involvement in the WTC world trade center garage bombings, 9/11, mlk murder assassination and jfk murder assassination more than prove that the Zog FBI is the true terrorists in Zog Amerika!

        And let’s not forget their 70 year history of hollyjewood Zog propaganda manipulation and mk-ultra brain washing of the amerikan public by Zog FBI influenced movies and tv shows reinforcing their Zionist Masters NWO Zog AGENDA!

        Anyone that is naive enough to trust anything the traitorous Zog FBI says deserves no sympathy for the DISASTROUS TRAITOROUS MURDEROUS end results.


          • Not a religious tolerant person, are ya?

            • religion is nothing more than delusional mass psychosis.

              • get a grip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • mR. pINK is spot-on!

              • Wanna know what a delusional mass psychosis looks like? Think the SCOTUS granting “right” of marriage to a small percentage of insane, disease ridden sodomites. And the citizenry of the US supporting it. We are truly fooked.

          • Oh Nina! The original. You are the best!


            • ;0p pssszzt

              thank you ;0)

            • Is Nino back? What state does he live in now? I figured the drought would run him out.

          • What a nutbag.

        • So if there’s a terror attack this weekend you’ll have to wonder if it’s a false flag attack.

          • Exactly, they always announce them in some way….

            • No I think the other way around, any areas the .gov suggests to be dangerous are probably the safest places to go. Can’t trust anything they say.

          • Of course the fbi, media, and whoever is trying to scare everybody about terrorists. What holiday don’t they tell us….ooooooh…be careful the boogy ooogy terrorists might get you. So first it’s don’t go to Muhammad cartoon contests or they’ll get you, or don’t go to 4th july or they’ll get you, next it’ll be just don’t go to church or they’ll get you, don’t go to the mall or they’ll get you. Terrorism is BS, the world is not as friggin dangerous as fox and cnn want you to think it is. Here’s a tip… take your damn gun everywhere you go, and if out of some superrrrrr thin chance a terrorist shows up….well…shoot back. BTW I got to go work the 4th celebration in my area, so if this is my last transmission…..well then I was wrong and a terrorist got me 😉

            • Yep,
              You have to be afraid for terrorism to work,
              That crap pushes me the other direction,
              Pisses me off and makes me vigilant, and i know im not the only one,

          • Lets all go to Montana

        • where is Mac when you need him??????

      5. Celebrate fake Freedom with country nose diving everyday. Staying home thank you.

        • 10mm – you are absolutely correct!
          Celebrating the 4th of July in today’s world is celebrating our current situation in this country – tyranny, suppression, political correctness, greed and theft from our “elected” officials.

          I’ll celebrate this day if and only this Nation goes back to it’s original inception from the founders. Until then, it’s just another day off from work and a day to spend with family and friends at home.

          This country needs a severe cleaning and a re-birth for a betterment living for all.

          • Amen Tony.

          • TM.

            Not going to celebrate till school children know more about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin than Louis Farrakahn, Stokely Carmichael and Martin Luther King.
            The teachings of today are about Stalin, Carl Marx and Mao.

            We have become a bunch of flag waivers with no substance.

            • And too many of those flag wavers are waving rainbow flags.

          • I’ve been telling anybody (usually group settings)curious enough to listen to my ‘ less poignant’ rants (usually in places of social interaction)… when they’ve proven to be already accepting of patriot info (must be careful) I let them know the flags lost/stolen identity and the great Nation to which it once represented…. not the America Inc.of today where the Constitution has been accepted as an outdated old set of ideals that can’t possibly be valid in today’s modern society, of which centralized top down govt, by committee (comrade)is in order and where the Founding Fathers and Soldiers were nothing but a bunch of ole rich White Guys (Amen) ….. My Flag has been resting with a Revolutionary Soldier and his wife since Obama was elected the second time !

      6. Well ISIS can kiss my ASS!

        I’m going to Mt. Rushmore with my wife and her family on the 4th.

        I’m carrying my Kimber 45. If they start shooting they had better take me first, because I will shoot any muslime that tries anything like that. NOT BRAG FACT!

        If they want a fight they came to the right place. I’m sick of their shit, and I bleed Red White and Blue. I’m a Christian White Male and Proud of it. If the world or other races don’t like it they too can KISS my ASS!

        I have had enough of the politically correct B.S. It is time to say what you mean and mean what you say, or shut up and be a slave. These are your only two choices make one and live with it. For me I’m going to fight the good fight!


        • If you’re a Christian you shouldn’t be telling other people to kiss your ass. You should act in a way that’s appropriate for your claim to faith.

          • Come on, BarnCat. I get what he means. He is upset. Take the log from your own eye before you worry about your brother’s splinter…. more or less

            • Charley, I agree. People including me are getting very tired of all the BS going on in this country. It’s getting very difficult to tell what is true or not. Sgt has it right, the only thing left is to just be prepared. Keep your eyes and ears open because it could come from anywhere and anyone. There is very little trust anymore.

          • Maybe he’s already turned the other cheek. We only have two, you know. Then it’s fair game.

            • with the scotus, we now have 4 cheeks….including our butt cheeks.

          • “If anyone ever asks you ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Remind him that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibilities.”

          • Barn Cat
            Good to hear from you.
            When I write something I mean it. I’m not the type of person that goes back and forth unless I’m proven wrong.
            I’m not and don’t want to be politically correct.

            I say what I mean and mean what I say.

            If I offended you I’m sorry.

            Butt I mean what I say.(pun intended)

            • I have read the Bible cover to cover. There is no commandment in there that you can’t say “Kiss my ass.” So you can say it all you want.

              • In Proverbs we are warned to keep our evil mouths under control, lest they lead to our undoing…

          • Even Jesus called it when enough was enough! (turning over the tables of the merchants in the temple)….ring any bells Barn Cat?

            • Most people don’t seem to understand that the pacifist BS that has been preached by the Faux Christian clergy is directly from the evil ones.

              We’ve set around in this country and been forgiving and just voting our conscience. Look where it has gotten us: nearly enslaved.

              Turn the other cheek was a type of “molon labe”. A “hit me again if you dare”. If you study the situation, you will understand. So was give them the shirt of your back.

              The pacifist line has always been preached. …totally approved by the forces of evil. …and government! But, alas, I repeat myself.

              Don’t hate your enemies. Pray for them. Love them. Give them a chance. God only has mercy on those who repent (surrender). So should we.

        • My state prohibits private fireworks, so my 4th of July celebration will be to dump a few dozen rounds of live ammo into the berm. If the raggies care to show up, there’ll likely be an “accident”.

        • I hope your Kimber .45 has been back to the factory for the requisite reliability they seem to need all too often! 🙂
          While I am not a Kimber fan, I agree with the expressed sentiments, shoot until lock back, kill them all, period. That’s the ONLY way to deal with ISIS scum, Hizbollah, and Hamas, Boko Haram, et al. Throw in all of the “radicalized” lone wolves, and we have ourselves a true Fourth of July Independence from Terror Scum celebration!
          All the adults in our family, always carry legally wherever we go, period. WE love each other enough to do that.
          Keep your extra mags handy, as well as extra ammo Sarge and always watch yer six. Have a great time at Rushmore, wish I was going there as well…

          • TPS
            My Kimber has never hung up on me yet. She is around 15 years old when Kimber was making a better gun. I do have 1 10 round mag and a box of ammo with me. My brother-in-law is bringing his 9mm and so is my wife.
            Wish you were we could meet.
            You have a great 4Th.

        • Amen brother. I’m there with you. We are in a war and it is up to us to unite and rid the world of the radical Muslim scum.

        • Kimber 45 ….shit gun.

          • Probably due to user abuse or no maintenance. Any gun taken care of will work fine. Kimber is ok but I’ll take my Ruger SR1911 over it.

        • Sarge, depending on the line they want everyone to swallow it may not be foreign types, after all, remember who the SPLC says the worst terrorist are, guys like u n me, crazy stuff

          • Kula – So true, some(homegrown terrorist) might see that as a negative, but I’ll take the SPLC statements as a personal compliment.

            If the SPLC recognizes the founding fathers as terrorist, then I would really appreciate it very much if Tony Fk’n Montana gets his name added to the list as well.

            Nothing more or less, would brighten my day ever more.

        • Sarge! Longtime reader and first time commentor. Stop by and say hi on your way to Rushmore. Just go to the Safeway and ask for Clint. I’ll be there celebrating by working my tail off all weekend. Be safe and stay vigilant.

          • Clint, thanks for posting (and for being a long-time reader!). Don’t be shy 🙂

      7. I love reading Sgt Dale’s comments – I just got a kimber .45 for father’s day.

        • Kimbers are the most popular gun in my area. I have elite custom shop with over 10000 rounds ran through it…it still looks and shoots perfect. I carry it when I go to town shopping and into the bank to make withdraws(legally). I carry my 44 Blackhawk every where else.

      8. “Oh dear, I’m a gonna be scared, hope the government will protect us”….. (Sarcasm)

        • I shoot regularly with several FBI agent friends, and, um….most of them are NOT very good shots at all. Some of them are indeed stellar, but most, rarely WEAR their issued firearms at work! (or so they claim!) I believe them from seeing them shoot.

      9. I won’t be flying the flag this Fourth

        and if I did

        it would be flying upside down

        for a nation in distress

        • Fly the Dixie Flag in defiance. I will.

        • Satori – I haven’t flown the stars and stripes in the last 3 or 4 years. It stays in the closet, neatly folded until the day it deserves to fly again. I don’t believe in flying it upside down, it does not even deserve that much attention, though it has crossed my mind a time or two.

          As a Northerner (Michigan), the Dixie Flag seems to be more of an appropriate Flag to fly at this moment. The Stars and Stripes has been desecrated and abused from the Untied States Government.

          I find that flag burning is a huge no, no and to those that do. Need to pack up their belongings and find a more suitable place to live outside of this Nation.

        • Ill be flying a texas and gadsden for the 4th.
          Will be doing some fireworks for the kids out in the country, but i really dont want to as its my understanding fireworks were kinda a celebration honoring china for a loan that helped win the revolution. But everyone there will have to listen to my yearly out loud reading of the decleration….


        • “S”
          I’m flying my Stars and Bars.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Hell yea, i would but i dont have one, im gonna go by the tobacco shop tommorow, they sell flags and sunglasses and such outside, if he hasnt pulled em yet ill get two, i have 3 flag mounts out front , lol. How would that go? Texas than confederate then gadsden, hmmmm anyone know the order?


            • Your state flag the highest and the center. Others lower and to left or right.

              If you fly a US flag, it’s the highest and center. Then state lower to right, others to left. Branch of Service flags equal height to state flags.

              • I quess what i ment was, if they are all equal height, state flag first, with all other flags to the state flags own left side, should confederate flag be next or gadsden, or are they of equal stature and order irrelevant.

        • @Satori…

          Will be flying it upside down as well. This nation is definitely upside down now. Might as well reflect what it is.

          I will mean this as no disrespect to the Flag….but as a statement as to what this country has become…the depths to which it has sunk.

          • Etiquette states upside down and tied in a knot.

        • I’m flying the III%

        • I put up a Washington’s Cruiser flag today. (I.e Pine Tree Flag/An Appeal to Heaven). It seemed appropriate for this Independence Day

      10. Just curious how Donald Trump will be celebrating this 4th of July.

        Want a good look into what TPTB can do to you if your “free speech” doesn’t conform to their agenda? You have a front seat view of it.

        I am no fan of Trump, he made a lot of his fortune with bankruptcies, leaving the little guy holding the sack. He is learning how the “big dog PTB” can cut a “little dog PTB’s” throat in an instant if your “free speech” isn’t in tune with “their” agenda.

        • He seems to be holding his own fairly well right now. I am no fan either, but out of a bunch of rotten apples, I like him the best so far. Lucky for us, it doesn’t fucking matter who we pick, the MSM will pick for us. Just a little storyline massaging and the sheep in this dumb ass country will go with the flavor of the week. If they pushed Bruce Jenner, he would be next pres. WE ARE PATHETIC AS A COUNTRY.

          • Granny, I’m sure Trump will be shooting off
            his gonads into the loins of a sweet young
            thing on the fourth of July wrapped in an
            American flag shouting: “fucking for Old Glory!”

            • You are my “hoot” Outwest. Happy 4th. What “spirits” will you be toasting it with?

              • I’m a recovering alcoholic, Granny.
                It was a fifth of vodka a day. Ugh.
                Will be coffee for the fourth.

                • Outwest:

                  Glad to hear you are “on the wagon”. Takes a lot of guts to fess up and clean up. Congrats!

      11. THIS IS ALL PROPAGANDA, ALL LIES, STAGE SETTING & MANUFACTURING CHAOS ON AMERICAN SOIL via our United States Government to instill FEAR into to the MASSES…These Luciferian REPROBATES are CREATING CHAOS so they can CREATE MORE LAWS to turn AGAINST the AMERICA CITIZENS which they have been doing since 9/11/2001!!!

        These Luciferians in our United Government are THE ONES CREATING ALL this CHAOS and WREAKING ALL this HAVOC on America – ORDERS from their god, Satan so they can USHER in their PLANS/THEIR MAIN GOAL OF A:


        …so WHEN they MANUFACTURE World War 3 the Economy will definitely COLLAPSE and they will blame the COLLAPSE on the WARS!!! When in reality the Economy has already COLLAPSED were living in an ILLUSION – THESE LUCIFERIANS ARE PLAYING US AND DECEIVING THE MASSES!!!



      12. I was on a flight coming back from southern France last week as I’d been on holiday for a week for a well deserved break, as the stewardess was walking down the isle of the plane a Muslim stood up and started shouting “allah allah allah ” I thought shit! then he said “Allah allah I’ll have a coke “stuttering muslin mother f***#* !!!

      13. Please let them know we will be passing through the parade in Munds Park, AZ at or around 10:20am. Can’t miss us as we will be driving vintage military vehicle while excercising our rights to open carry. GOD Bless!

        • Y’all got pintle mounts on yours???? Hope so!

      14. POG – I don’t care for Donald Trump, just as for the obvious reasons you had mentioned. If anything, Trump is just a distraction in the current circus show of Political Candidates.

        The 2016 Presidential Candidates is a sick joke onto the American Populace. Just look at the names….is this the best our country can provide for us? I find it absolutely fucking disgusting.

        For those that take pride in voting – due your duty to vote “none of the above”.

        • NONE OF THE ABOVE is the only reason I vote anymore.

          If it is a federal race and that option is not available, I just leave it blank. It will flag it as blank at the end, but still allows you to cast the ballot. They call this an “undervote” and all races that you did check still count.

          I still am a registered R. I was going to reregister as an I, but I figured why bother, it is all a show anyway, a single party, a coin with two sides.

          I also vote because people fought and died for my right and ability to vote. Less of a civic duty and more of a salute to honor those who died for my freedoms, what is left of them anyway.

          The notion that voting is consent to everything they do is nonsense. Your local government is where you need to start.

          • My local government is a good place to start. My problem is I want to kill all of them. That is not legal and I don’t want to go to jail, so I will go Galt on them. I’m one of the few taxpayers they have left. I also like your comment”The notion that voting is consent to everything they do is nonsense”. I hope you do not take offense if I spread that all over the Democrat party( the only party we have here)

          • Voting only gives us the illusion we are doing something good. It’s not who votes but who counts the votes. My opinion.

      15. I’ll probably ride over to the range and play with some toys.

      16. We’ll celebrate at the farm and should the enemy attack we shall show them the exit.

        Hate to live in Jersey where you’re not allowed to even draw a picture of a gun let alone own one!

        The right to bear arms is our last remaining trump card….

        • That’s why we fled from that fascist state in 91…

        • “Freedom is just another word,
          for nothing left to lose”

      17. Can’t beat Jersey tomatoes or corn.

        • I’ll eat canned to live in TEXAS!!!

          • No doubt Vet1. I still cross bridge for fall bass run. Island Beach down to Delaware Bay. But I know what you feeling.

          • Vet 1,
            Im with ya bro, im not a native texan, but i will defend her to my last breath.
            My wife is native texan, and both my kids were born here and at this point come hell or jade helm i cant think of anywhere i would rather be.
            The texas flag flies proudly out front.


      18. My Second Amendment Rights, protects ALL of MY other rights, guaranteed by the Constitution STILL.
        If the Islamofacists want to die trying to get us all to convert, so be it. Let’s let them meet God, and then He can explain how it works to them. I’ve zero problem with assisting them in meeting God.

      19. Dear Zog DHS Piggies, THIS IS NOT A WAR ZONE!

        This is the once free now Tax Debt Enslaved, Republic of Zog Amerika!

      20. why is the country in such a profound state of decline???

        oh I don’t know

        maybe because a significant portion of the population are a bunch of dumb asses ???

        VIDEO: Americans Have No Idea Why They Are Celebrating the 4th of July

        ht tp://

        • Satori.

          They are all “Plastic Americans”. Have to take an written exam to drive and they should have one so you can vote. Oh they graduated High School then College. Hell the President said there were “57” states.
          Islamic states that is. He has no clue how to show respect for Old Glory. No respect for the Military as he forced many into retirement. His administration waged verbal warfare on Vets.

          All they know is it is about Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fireworks and in some cases getting drunk. Do you expect to Defend what they Don’t Know or even Care About.

          Let them laugh and giggle now. But they do have the right to be stupid and ignorant.

        • I like marks man on the streets, you see the one where nobody will buy a 10 oz bar of silver for 10 bucks, hell i would have taken a chance on it….

      21. I will as millions of americans blow some fireworks up/go see big shows of fireworks,gather with friends,celebrate the birth of this country and perhaps celebrate realizing will be the last 4th for awhile,to celebrate at least.I am sure many home cooks will be testing their recipes this bbq season!

      22. The Zionist Jews would love to turn July 4th, Independence Day, into a day like 9/11, so future 4ths will not be celebrated.

      23. Get ready. The fascists feds are getting ready for their next “Terrorist Attack” i.e. false flag in the U.S. It may be a BIG one but don’t think for a second it isn’t the U.S. government doing it.

      24. My celebration will consist of flying my confederate flag and my US flag. Only the US flag will be upside down. that and a 6 pack of beer n watch the bug zapper.

      25. Yea ,they know all about it .They are the ones that hired them to do it. Your tax dollars at work

      26. Just my opinion but to do an attack on a day when most Americans are feeling patriotic pride , drinking, and carrying their own explosives for the evening would be a Piss poor day to attack. That said I can easily see attacks occurring on an unexpected day .. One should be vigilant every day . And our gov won’t think twice about shutting down the Internet ,FB ect so people are unaware ect…if / when they kick in martial law. Native American is right people can feel that something is not right in our country ,that a storm is coming and its evil …we have become a nation of Pansy’s jumping on the latest media trend … So sick of the rainbow flag and all the fake Christians supporting this crap as our freedoms are shredded on a daily basis. For those that don’t believe in God remember your can turn to him at anytime . God is our moral anchor for a civilized society . We have been blessed for a long time because of our Christian beliefs….our society is now in great decline as we turn on God . There is no more right or wrong , no personal accountability . No boundaries . We are truly on the days of Noah ….

        • No matter what day they do it, a series of attacks on our soil by Islamic nutjobs will be a very large mistake.

          • smoke

            A mistake for who?? Because I imagine it would benefit our gov’t greatly….

      27. Fear; the tool of the DEVIL. Party down, everyone!!!!!!

      28. lets go over the ‘rules’ again –

        *training drills are code word for likely gonna be an attack (ie: 9-11, boston, london, etc.,)

        *when the mainstream blabs about warnings 24/7 nothing ever happens

        *if something happens do your homework to make sure whether its real or fake (ie: gee, there’s no blood after someone’s been shot, or a 747 airliner magically ‘shrunk’ before squeezing itself into the pentagon, victims families have dry eyes)

        *it’s when they keep their mouth shut is when we need to be on gaurd

        • If they sy nothing is going to happen and they have it all under control: lookout!

          “Greece and ‘Rico debt won’t affect America.”

          Get ready…

      29. Think we will take it easy on the 4th. Got about 20 lbs of cabbage fermenting in the crock. Will can that and add it to the preps. Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

      30. Give me a break.
        What a crock of shit!
        Keep pissing down your shaking
        legs, you bunch of cowards and sheep.
        I have a suggestion for you so-called
        “Americans” supposedly celebrating
        your “Independence” and “Freedom.”
        If something does happen (God forbid),
        it’s time to show some backbone, grow some balls.
        and refer to Chief Tecumseh’s wisdom: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

      31. Last time I had some nice rockets shit was raining down all over the place my neighbor complained I chipped his windshield. The woods almost caught fire. Screw that shit waste of $ let someone waste their $ and take responsibility for it. I do remember years back you could get m80s we’d light them and run like hell them things were like dynamite they would kill you if you fucked around. Break the stick on the bottle rockets and they were nigger chasers how they got that name. I’m not going anywhere this weekend not paying extra $ to go and deal with drunks. I’m not afraid though of terrorists attack just hate crowds I feel like I’m in with the herd at that point. I don’t go to movies or any place crowds go. I just hate that shit I work by myself and am very un predictable on what I will do next my work doesn’t even know what my next move will be. Unpredictability is the best way to stay safe and leave yourself an out at all times and it helps you keep your privacy too. Good luck

        • I recall it being said that M80s were the equivalent to 1/4 stick of dynamite.

      32. I was planning on staying home anyway.

      33. Staying away from the large crowds in the big city!!!!!!

        Have a son, 19, going to college next year, approached and given a ball hat Matt 5:13-16. My son drives a pick up truck, with an American flag and a Don’t Tread on me Flag. He displays them during American Holidays. We live in a very liberal area of a large city. I am hoping thee us still hope!

      34. State police in michigan says to look out for anything unusuall , the problem here in detroit, michigan is the usual is.
        Kids being cut up and stored in freezers or throw in garbage bags on the side of the road.
        Block parties shot up killing and wounding the party goers and know one seen anything
        Car jackings , the police chief said he wouldn’t even buy gas in the city at night
        Houses and business are burned to the ground when people don’t get their way
        The line men are robbed at gun point trying to restore power after a storm
        The politicians are robbing the states tax payers ,mill ages pass even when everyone votes no
        The inferstructure is failing , roads and bridges failing, sewers over flowing,
        People burning flags, fags and lesbos clogging the courts up, crimials running wild
        And they go on tv to ask you to look out for anything un usual . You know it’s time to prepare…

      35. Has anyone else seen this frightened?

        Yes it is 2.5 hours but her logical connecting of the dots re data gathering, Jade 2, Jade Helm, and Minority Report behavioural predictions is reality now, and facilitated by Quantum Computing like IBM’s Wave2 and the departure of so many high ranking military.

        These data storage bases must be trashed now…..physically.

      36. Ya! That makes going out and celebrating all the more important. The only thing that terrifies me is this regime of post Nazi, usurpers in control of my country. I long for the day when they take that final step and pull off the mask. Then like islam you will be able to see the face of your real enemy

      37. Hi everyone!!!!!

      38. Unconfirmed reports of an active shooter in a naval shipyard in DC.

      39. And everything went without a hitch. How about that?

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