Report: DHS Armored Vehicles and Support Helicopters Target Small Montana Town

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Headline News | 204 comments

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    Last week Attorney General Eric Holder launched a domestic terrorism task force. The new executive committee claims it will help keep America safe, but Holder’s own comments suggest what should be obvious, that the initiative is designed to target any American believed to be engaging in “dangerous” and broadly defined extremist activity.

    If this were about protecting America from terrorists then how do we explain Eric Holder’s Justice Department and the Obama Administration failing to secure our southern border, where literally hundreds of thousands of unknown, unregistered illegal aliens are pouring into the United States? Isn’t it possible that such a gaping security hole could be taken advantage of by foreign nationals with ties to terror organizations?

    Apparently not.

    The real threat comes from disgruntled Americans right here at home. “We must also concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” noted Holder when outlining the new plan.

    Well, it didn’t take long for DHS to start integrating the new task force onto America’s streets.

    Is it a coincidence that Eric Holder launches his new anti-terror agenda and then a week later Department of Homeland Security Weapons of Mass Destruction task force teams start showing up at Liberty Movement hubs like the small town of Kalispell, Montana?

    As many who study the “war on terror” will agree, the apparatus implemented by the Federal Government to fight the phony war has been turned around on the American populace.  Almost all large cities, and many smaller ones, have beefed up their armaments to ridiculous levels.  Even the NY Times has noticed this phenomenon.  Even the sparsely populated Flathead Valley, Montana is not immune from DHS intervention.  With Kalispell, Montana being one of the hubs of the Liberty Movement, it comes as no surprise that DHS has set-up shop here.

    In the interview below, I speak to an eyewitness who followed four of these vehicles through town.  At one point, they were flanked by air support with a .50 caliber machine-gunner on back.  Please take the time to comment on this article below if you live in the Flathead Valley and you have seen similar vehicles.

    Report sourced through Northwest Liberty News via The Daily Sheeple

    Either DHS has information that a terrorist attack is imminent in or around rural Kalispell, Montana, or their most recent visit was designed to intimidate the populace, for their own safety of course.

    The latter would make the most sense because according to the media and government We’re All Right Wing Extremists:

    Folks that actually DO stand up for liberty are being darkly painted with a broad brush, and are being grouped in with crazed shooters and deranged bombers. We can only expect this to get worse, as people in positions of power like Eric Holder demonize our movement. Holder created a “Homegrown Terror Task Force” to combat the likes of the Las Vegas shooting. Literally SIX DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING, Holder made his announcement. Fascinating timing, isn’t it? Holder said:

    “We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders,” Holder said. “As the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet, it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.”

    Source: The Organic Prepper

    Charlie McGrath, an outspoken critic of government policy, echoes these concerns in his most recent Wide Awake News update:

    You, I, our friends and neighbors, are going to be labeled the cause of the problems of this country and the world.

    You see, if you happen to be someone who is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution, pro-sovereign, pro-freedom… you are labeled now a ‘domestic terrorist.’

    And in a nation of 310 million people, when we do have the occasional nut that goes out and commits acts of heinous violence, every single time this occurs we see the people that are trying to return to a Constitutional Republic are always the first suspects.

    Understand… our country is not on the path to righteousness… is not on the path to recovery… is not on the path to some kind of sovereign republic once again. Quite to the contrary.

    We are on the path to global tyranny… The time is running out when we can have this free discussion, this free exchange of ideas.

    You and I being free thinkers is a danger to this police state.

    Naturally there will be those who suggest we’re overreacting about the incident in Montana. The Department of Homeland Security is here to protect us and this is yet more radicalized internet conspiracy theory.

    Were this true, then DHS would have deployed armored units and air support to the Southern border to stop the pilgrimage, humanitarian crisis and potential terror threat that is happening as illegal immigrants make their way across our totally unsecured border.

    Instead, however, they show up in Kalispell, Montana?

    This can only make sense in a scenario where Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the Obama Administration are now targeting average Americans and their local communities for intimidation, interrogation and the real possibility of future incarceration.



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      1. I was thinking today while driving, I rarely see an LEO where I drive. There just aren’t that many out there relative to the 310,000,000 people in the US. When the shit does go south as TPTB must know will happen, those of us regular citizens had better be damn ready to protect our things and our people. The govt officials and LEO types will have their hands full. Then our new enemy will be any/every low-life conceivable. Anyone with a weak sense of morality or conscience will see a window of opportunity to do what or whoever they want. There is simply not enough LEO and govt asswipes to control a truly unruly populace. At some point folks, shit is going to get real. Have a plan and don’t get caught stupid.

        • Looks like the machine is wound so tight that the triple 7’s are ready to align for the “jackpot!” …YOU WIN AMERICAN PUBLIC!

          • Another futile attempt to scare people who are preparing to fight the globalist.

            Of course they know, if they actually fire a shot while the people are still well armed they have started a war they will lose.

            Don’t confuse the “show” of power with actual power.

            They have the power to show you a helicopter and some armored vehicles, but they lack the power to use them in any meaningful way.

            As long as there are guns in the hands of the people, the people continue to hold the ultimate power. They will hold all power once those guns are used to end the banksters scams and money fraud.

            Times are interesting….

            • Americans must become politically active and mobilize on a scale not seen since the Vietnam war or WE will become captives in OUR own nation.

              Engage your employees, or be enslaved and imprisoned by them, one Justice Department interpretation at a time. 🙁


                • BI, good day my friend, and you’re right on target. It sounds like it’s coming down to the wire.

                  • @ braveheart. Yep, but instead of a wire, it is going to be ropes for those in this government or other governments that would “ATTEMPT” to steal our freedom from us. Those that would support such tyranny have found out that they usually too becomes targets. This is the way a despotic forming or actually formed government is, very, very few are immune to the king’s ax.

                • One day, posting or visiting this website or others like it will be viewed as extremists activity.

                  • I am sure it already is.

                  • Rodster, that horse has left the barn quite awhile ago. Let it be so……….

                  • BI, in my case, it will be ‘lead nutrients’ for any tyrants and/or minions I encounter. It will be a target-rich environment.

                • Target Own Citizens: Yep and After they Perfected it in israel…Its Now being transported to America for the same reasons and uses Here against americans.

                  “Terrorism and ‘revenge’ were…to be glorified as the ‘moral… and even sacred’ values of Israeli society. . . . [T]he military symbol was now Unit 101, led by Arik [Ariel] Sharon. …The lives of Jewish victims…had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals. … A hammering, daily propaganda, controlled by the censors, was directed to feed the Israeli population with images of the monstrosity of the Enemy.”

                  — from the dairy of Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister of Israel, in Livia Rokach’s “Israels Sacred Terrorisim”, p. 44 (1980). Rokach’s father was Sharett’s minister of the Interior and had access to inside information. She was later found dead in a hotel room in Rome under mysterious circumstances.

                  When they even Kill and False Flag their Own, there..They will not hesitate to do the same to You here!

                • I do not, and will not, EVER, recognize the DHS as an “authority”. I seriously dont understand why ppl are scared of them. And the MRAP thing? REALLY? Those things are DEATHTRAPS. Our military trained for months to use those badboys, and most STILL arent proficient in operating them! Local/Federal/Campus Police/Sheriffs/State Police or whatever LEO are a bunch of wannabe weekend warriors that have NO CLUE how to operate them. The height of those things are 10′. Add the turret operator (who has to relay details of the terrain to the driver because visibility inside is horrendous) and you got 13-14′ clearance. I wont spell it out to yall, but think of what happens to a lot of snowmobile drivers while flying through all those empty fields. PLUS their center of gravity is awful, due to their height/weight. Again, these things are steel coffins. Dont worry about shit like this, worry about plants by the DHS/FBI/CIA in your Militia groups instead….

              • @DK,

                Wrong, you don’t feed the host and allow it to die/collapse before it comes to kill you. That’s what needs to be done. Don’t vote, don’t signup for Obamacare, don’t buy the latest consumer goods, don’t buy a new car.

                Just let the motherf**er collapse. And wait on the other side for the dust to settle. The best thing that could happen is for States to secede from the Union. But it won’t happen because you’d have dead governors in those States.

                • There will be no “waiting on the other side” for an outcome (damnit!). “If you ain’t shooting you’d better be reloading, if you ain’t reloading you’d better be moving, if you ain’t moving somebody is goin’ to put your head on a stick”.

                  • PO Patriot this is not to you,

                    People I still would wipe off all the fingerprints off your rounds in case when the smoke clears and things get back to normal that there will be many investigations in your towns or city and I’m sure they will look for anyone who fired on a law enforcement or military member etc. So make sure you wipe off your fingerprints and get rid of the bodies near where you live etc if you can or burn the crap. This is just to cover your butt because I’m sure they will be looking for a few people or people they can pin to anything and you don’t want any attention directed at you. I know yes it would be such a mess that chances are slim but you might have the city bring in spent shell casings and try to paint a picture or capture anything they can with a clean-up crew. Yes I know it would be hard for them to prosecute millions but could might break it down in smaller cities and use the courts and go after you. Maybe not. I’m simply putting this out to protect us even though you might have 100 pecent in the right but you don’t want any trouble or court or any charges or your weapons taken after the smoke clears or anything pointed at you. And NEVER if you can engage someone at your home, neighbors will turn you in or neutralize that situation (lol) If military call in a radio more are going to come to that location.
                    I try and think of goofy things that could help during confusion, but was thinking (just trying to trip your minds into thinking of anything good for us to think of as well) But was thinking change your plates or take them off, Never stop at a roadblock because they will take all your weapons and hold unto you until they want to release you after they took everything from your home! Change your addresses at all the neighbors house during a collpase or take the street corner signs down so they dont know what street is what, I know they can find out but will cause some confusion or ignore your street or not, Clutter your entryways so a swat cant just come in quickly, takes them time to slow down. Have a car or backup car with extra gear incase you need to leave without your stuff or need to back out of area. Get power gatorade mixes with water to add a soda type flavor to give something sugary. Don’t even flinch for a sec against your attacker, that difference of a sec could mean life or death for you, dont worry about being shot, use all that focus and mentally prepare to take your target out alone and nothing else. Make dangerous items that could stop people trying to come in quickly into your home.

                  • “head on a stick”

                    Ah yes, the ever popular and ubiquitous pike…

                    Breakem’ out Henry…these final times are upon us…
                    Make haste young lad, gather as many as you are able…
                    So that we may see in the mourning we will surly have of fallen brethren…
                    Ten thousand thousand more set upon in morning light…
                    Only then in that sea of red we will know…
                    We did our best…we set it right.

                • The best thing that could happen is a direct nuclear strike on DC that destrys everything within a 30 mile radius!

                  • Why are we rehashing old news and not discussing the Red Dawn that is occurring as we speak?

                    Instead of parachuting out of planes above our towns, they are flying in commercial airliners landing in our airports. Or waving down border agents, so that they can be arrested and gain entry. By the hundreds, if not thousands each day.

                    Then we have Holder on Monday setting up a task force for “homegrown” terrorists. By Saturday, “poof” we have the perfect homegrown terrorist example to provide?

                    Do the talking points about the Miller’s beliefs not match many of those hear?

                    And here is from even my local news:

                    “Wagoner County Veteran Arrested For Uncle’s Murder”

                    http: //

                    I read the news EVERY day. I have never seen a headline identify a suspect as a veteran. The headline would read:

                    “Wagoner County MAN Arrested For Uncle’s Murder”

                    And then the story is even more ridiculous, similiar to the other “official stories” we have heard recently.

                    Thats just one example of many I could provide.

                    In Oklahoma, at Fort Sill I believe, they are going to house 600-1200 illegal immigrant CHILDREN! 12-17 yrs old.
                    What did Obozo say about his domestic force?

                    This is all hitting real close to home, in the buckle of the bible belt, the flyover state of Oklahoma.

                    For those that still believe that this is a future event to come, all I can say is you are blind. This shit is going down all around you RIGHT NOW!

              • PFFFT””””‘

            • It’s a big bluff.
              Four armored vehicles in one little town.
              Can they put four armored vehicles in every
              little piss ant town in America when the balloon
              goes up? Hell no.

              The only thing that could ever allow them to
              pull this off is for every good man in the
              country to just cower down and wait for them to
              eventually get to their area to put a bullet
              in their head.

              I personally, have never liked to wait in line.

              • Defiant, I totally agree except for one thing, it’s got to start somewhere at some time. It’s inevitable.

                • That y99, will be the tipoff for every
                  good man to come to the aid of their
                  country, my friend.
                  Fore warned is fore armed.

                  • and someone or one or a few people are going to pay a price or true freedom or be made an example of I’m afraid. Nobody knows who that is going to be. Personally I wish it would start with some gang bangers.

                  • Hmm. Think strategically. If the inevitable becomes inevitable, it happens. But be sure it’s not a sucker ploy to draw out people and make them identifiable first.

                    Be brave, but also always be smart.

              • They will have a good cover story that will put people off guard until it is too late. There will be some BS made up or staged incident that like 9/11 enables them to pass trash like The Patriot Act.

              • I’m thinking that large town you live in will need at least 3 of those.

                • Wrong

                  I’m sorry to say my town is so gutless
                  they could roll in on skateboards and
                  the people would offer their daughters
                  as a peace offering to them.

                  • Maybe just take em down to the bar and get em drunk then. Or a nice boat ride out to the island.

            • They can show whatever they want,
              They can also go fu€k themselves!

              • SI’!!!!!

              • Bingo!
                Standing by in Big Sky.

            • Onlything I can think of to stop that MRAP would be a sniper shot into the front grill of the radiator with a high powered gun like a 300 win mag or up. I have a .338 laupa and that will drive thru solid 3/4 inch steel at 20 yards. Done it 5 times and 3 of the bullets didnt go thru but pushed the metal back all the way out about 3 inches into the other side. I was use 250 grain hornady rounds. The front of that grill would not be able to stop that and the thing would overheat after sometime. It would take about 5 min Im guessing but would stop it. any thoughts out there vets or in general people.

              • dont waist expensive ammo,use a paintball gun,paint balloons, cover windows in paintballs/balloons vehicle will stop.they only got so much window cleaner

              • Clint,

                Not sure if the MRAP has an air guillotine set up to prevent the diesel engine from running in a combustible vapor type of atmosphere. If a diesel engine encounters say a large cloud of propane, at high concentrations, the engine would rev until it came apart. Turning off the key would not help without an emergency air shutoff valve. The rev limiter only controls fuel, not air. Something to think about.

              • .50 BMG API works better, or so I’ve heard.

            • Here is the REAL ENEMY to America. Guess who destroyed our econmy? Defecate on us via their media?
              Require oaths of loyalty to incoming Congressman?
              Who gets billions for a secret kosher tax on all food sold?
              Who forced porn, gay lifestyles, atheistic removal of Xtian symbols from public education? Sponsor organ trading- and kid trafficking to get them? Who is pushing to repeal the 1st & 2nd Amendment?
              Who bankrupted us with TRILLION dollar, useless wars?
              WHO was behind 911?
              Wake up America.

          • I keep thinking about what Gerald Celente said years ago– that by the end of Obama’s term we will all be wishing we even had Bush back– things will be that bad… it seems to be coming to pass… he (Obama) is turning out to be one helluva dictator!!

          • Learn to make IED’s off the internet. If the barbaric mooslums can do it, why can’t we?

            • Searching the internet for instructions on how to make IED’s is a good way to get your door kicked in. Then you’ll be refused bail while the wheels of “justice” slowly crush you, your family and any financial assets you may have.

              Don’t even think about it.

              Just prep for you and your loved ones to survive the coming event(s) – whatever they may be. When the dust settles you want to be able to be able to truthfully say you were on the good side.


              • Ready down under, sounds like IED’s might be a good (word of the week). Trekker Out. Excuse Me, Someone Is At The Door!

              • I got my “instructions” before the internet, in the days of individual dial-up BBS’s. There’s no tracking that. And there’s no tracking of all the used books in my collection.


              • Sensitive subjects can be researched for informational purposes safely – in places like libraries. You hope it’d never be needed, but preferable to know the theory and never need, than need and not know the theory.

            • Reb In Gray first we need to acquire the components necessary to make such. As my friend Sugar Bear’s ole Granpappy use to say “Accumulate and Speculate”.

          • SS speaking of Machines. The old Republican Party Machine is starting to lose it’s grip. Just in, House Majority Leader Cantor upset in Primary by Tea Party Candidate, this has really shaken the RINO’s to the core. Next the Tea Party needs and upset in Mississippi with Chris McDaniels throwing out another YES man. This don’t happen by all these nonvoters. Trekker Out. Maybe You Want A Collapse!

        • I’m not a right winger, I’m a liberal terrorist– according to TPTB, anyhow. I don’t consider myself liberal or conservative. I AM a tree-hugger and proud of it! However, I also am a gun-hugger and proud of that as well! And a Constitution-hugger!

          But how convenient the word, “terrorist” has become for TPTB… anyone they want to kill, they can just say, “they are a terrorist”– then they shoot them down with drones, or plant a car bomb in the back seat… or as in the case of the Ukraine, crisis, they kill the Russian speaking radicals (those who want to get rid of the nazi-fascists in power) and so they call them terrorists as well. Shoot, even my daughter’s ex-roommate called her a terrorist when she (my daughter)got angry and pushed her against the wall for changing the lock on the front door without giving her notice.

          Yes, the word “terrorist” has come in extremely handy–its even allowed TPTB to destroy our Constitution– all in the name of preventing terrorism, of course.

        • Great News!!! Republicans Highest Ranking Jew – Eric Cantor just lost in the Primary election in VA 44% to 56% by Tea Party Member Dave Brat. Time to clean the barn out on both party sides of the Titantic. Vote People Vote!! Take Our Country Back!!

        • smart bombs. They’ll hit the major cities first. NATO forces will flood the country. Our own LEO’s will be their enemy also. NATO is the elite’s answer. Keep one thing in mind. BLUE HATS MAKE GREAT TARGETS…

      2. this is ridiculous!!

        you’re so right about the border… you know there are gang bangers and hard core criminals coming right in from mexico… but montana is where the terrorists are!

        this administration’s policies are totally bass-ackwards.

        • Show of force in Montana today…..herded into a FEMA camp tomorrow. What the heck??

          • If I lived in Kalispell I would be standing on my front lawn shaking my package at them when they past by.

            • Kalispell isnt that small, they would need 40 more to cover the town and surrounding area. Also, the Troy and Libby folks would pay them a backdoor visit ned beatty style.

              • What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!?!

              • Bingo!

        • Before this is over I fully expect Obama to invite the Mexican military in to protect the poor little refugee children.

          • Coincidentally, I saw the news report a couple days ago, that showed hundreds of Central American children being held in “detention centers” in Texas; a scene that was described as horrible as the Katrina victims being held at the Stadium back then.

            HUndreds are fleeing to come to America for the freebies. They can’t be stopped.

            Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona says that ICE is sending them to her doorstep by the bus loads and just turning them out to fend for themselves. Most of them are under eighteen.

            What a mucking fess!

            With all the $$$ spent on the drug wars and border patrolling, they could have built an impenetrable/defensible wall from Brownsville to San Diego by now.

            Just like the song by Neil Diamond…”They’re Coming to America”… by the hundreds and thousands.

            Hospitals are geared up for them. They have special rooms for them with Spanish speaking medical personnel staffed. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
            Health Departments in every city have it set up for them to.

            They can’t stop it. The word is out. It’s a mass exodus out of Central and South America. Everything is “FREE” in USA.

            Four Latino families walking up the road with a donkey strapped with some provisions and a BIG sign that reads………..

            USA or Bust!!!!

            • If I was Jan I would use every school bus in AZ to buss them to the White House for a field trip. Let the asshole have them camp in the Rose Garden.

              • At least they could do landscape maintenance for food.

                • Good idea! Use the school buses while school is out for the summer.

                  Actually, it would be easier to bus them to California. They’ve already got most of Mexico’s and South America’s citizens living there. They would hardly notice 100,000 more.

      3. Get ready, “The Bird of out of the Cage” I repeat, “The Bird is out of the Cage!!”

        • WWT,
          When this goes down the correct interrogative will be :




          Semper Fi 8541

      4. Holder should tell us how arming Drug Cartels will keep American’s safe.

        • Holder couldnt tell his mommy where he pee’d last, let alone weather he shook it twice or three times

          • Maybe he doesn’t have anything to shake?

          • Nice copy/paste.
            Here’s another –

            “…for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.” – Zechariah 2:8. God, warning against those who would come against Zion/Jerusalem.

          • The Bolshevik immigrants overthrew the Mayflower immigrants. They should have been given a return trip ticket on Ellis Island.

          • Holder is scum with blood on his hands, but stow the racism. It has no place in America and only fuels the BS stereotypes.

      5. Since the Feds Lost the War on Drugs, they still need to keep their Possee funding and well greased, so now the average American will be the new Boogie Man to target. Daily harassment of the populace will surely generate a few dissenters. Then they can say see, I told you so. I think the 2 Cops killed in Vegas are the result of this harassment blow back. People reach their tipping point and its gonna get ugly out there. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

        • Vegas was two shitheads. Don’t even suggest that they were in any way associated with any prepper group. They are already trying to tie them to the Bundy showdown. Stop doing their job for them. Fully expect paid operatives to commit acts to give them reason to crack down.

      6. Its starting……we may never make it to the elections this year.

        • i’m thinking something is up too.

          add that with the fact obama just threw the side door wide open to anyone wanting to come in with all the teases have gave out to illegals; and looks like a system overload is being set,

          and i’m thinking of buying more supplies and especially bullets.

          • They are overloading the media as well. They are starting to do so much at such a fast pace the news can’t even cover it all. The wheels are coming off of the progressive wagon and they are going to start acting like cornered animals and the Cloward and Piven theory overload to the point of collapse is in full swing.

            • Bingo!

      7. Indiana Sheriff: We Need Military Equipment Because USA Is A War Zone

        Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War

        combine this info with the fact that the government is buying ammo
        as fast as it is being produced
        and I think the conclusions are rather obvious at this point
        even to those who rode the short bus to school

        • They need to be careful which local law enforcement officers they arm with their military equip.

          Some of the sheriff’s here in Wyoming (and I hear in Colo, Ariz, and other states) will use those weapons of war against the oppressors instead of against the citizens. Our police department had one of those for a while and then gave it back — maybe because of complaints. Actually, here in Big Horn County with our current sheriff, I wish they had kept it.

          • DK
            You are right on with that post.
            I’m looking forward to some of that new equipment to us against TPTB!

            • Sarge, braveheart will try to get some of that equipment also.

              • No the town that I work in won’t. They don’t need to there is National guard bass 5 mile away. (OH S%^T).

          • DaisyK if the SHTF in the winter, I’m hidin out in one of those cabins at Camp Bethel or in a cave alittle farther down the Mountain and makin IED’s til spring. Nobody goes there in the winter. Trekker Out.

            • Mtn Trekker,

              How are you going to get there in winter? There will be several feet of snow. That is why no one goes there in the winter.

              I’ve never been there, but it is always cold and windy in the Burgess Junction area, even in summer. And no way to get there in winter from my side of the mountain. So I guess I won’t be able to join you, but in the spring, come on over to Greybull and see if I am still alive.


              • Beautiful Place, Snowshoes DaisyK Snowshoes. I’ll check after the thaw! Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

        • @Satori

          How about this headline, “All across America Patriots are quietly preparing for war”

          • I love that, Educated Sinner! I think I will make a banner with those words and plaster it on my car or whatever! 😉

            “All across America Patriots are quietly preparing for war”.

        • “Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War”. While they do, so are others………

      8. yall better find you some folks who know the strategic and tactical weaknessesof your local forces… good luck and godspeed, you’ll need it.

        • Paint the curbs in front of their residential homes yellow. The clean up crews will be by later on to take care of the trash.

          • When the Schumer Hits The Fan, you brought a thought to mind Anon. A tactical move, be sure and remove all street signs and address numbers in your town. Trekker Out.

        • Start marking the street curbs with yellow paint in your town, in front of all known tyrants homes. The cleanup crews will swing by later to take care of the trash disposal.

          • Hmmm….That does have some practical joke potential…..

      9. The system will eat itself. The more they try to control. the more we are able to displace. Like a hand grabbing water.

      10. Someone needs to check in with Chuck Baldwin. That is exactly where he lives and preaches.

        • Chuck is fine as of last evening. God has Chuck’s back, so he worries little, if at all.

      11. We have always heard that American soldiers won’t shoot fellow Americans, now what if instead of Americans, Big Bro had a security force made up out of, say, 250,000 foreign born/non English speaking operators who came here as children and were raised in FEMA run former military bases all the while being indoctrinated to love and value the regime, and no one else, of course this could not happen after all where would the regime get a quarter of a million of foster children that it could raise induct into FEMA CORPS, and use as its private army?

        • Entirely possible, Jack. Sounds very Nazi to me.

        • They bleed too,
          How many guys do you know with 300wm, 338LM, or a 50bmg?
          Thats right, quite a few, i would bet the ones i know wont be sitting around waiting to be raided by these dinks, and are well enough connected with the coconut wireless that news will travel fast.
          As Sarge says ASMS

          • KULA:

          • Lost count.

            The biggest town in our county is 4000 and one of the LEO’s told me there are over 200 class 3 weapons that are on the books.

            They may be surprised what a creative farmer can do with a tractor, pay loader, or skid steer. Most of these tractors have GPS controlled steering systems…..

            • I still remember the guy in Granby, Colorado who built a ‘tank’ out of a CAT D-9 bulldozer. Armored it and went to town…destroying several buildings and cars of the people who pissed him off. Took hours before they were able to stop him. 😉
              h t tp://

          • That’s right- How many hunters do you know out there? Here in New Mexico it’s desert and there are avid hunters EVERYWHERE. Think about all of the scoped .270 and up caliber rifles that are in closets and gun safes coast to coast. People who go out every season if they can and put a stalk on an animal who in it’s own environment- and successfully take it. Hell, you would need quite a more than 250,000, I bet.

        • Jack-those children and adults are being let into Az & Tx to overwhelm the system and then collapse it! TPTB know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it. They chose AZ & TX not just because of their proximity to the border, but because these 2 states haven’t been as cooperative as Cali, letting everybody and their brother in.
          The point being-TPTB will force any state into whatever position they want them to be in! Sickening!

      12. MRAP’s are useless without a supply line. Ok not useless but very limited.

        • They are also useless when you flip them over and cover them with burning tires

          • Or napalm.

        • mrap’s? Hell, how many of us know that a single Caterpillar key fits all caterpillar equipment? When you put it in that perspective, I think that we have more MRAP’s. lol. Death by Loader!

      13. Here in Pima Co. AZ, the sheriff is totally in for Obama . No Officer Friendly here.

        • SS
          That too bad. When is the next election? VOTE that Turd out.
          Just remember he puts his pants on the same way you do. He has weakness.

          • Arizona is one of the states that will soon be rejoining Mexico. No way to stop it and I predict the Mexican military will play a big role in the re conquest. Expect Mclame to be providing oral services to the new owners.

        • Hey there Southside good to know there is a neighbor nearby. must be nearby you. BTW Pima county SD = keystone cops military wannabes

      14. Thumbs up for everybody! Southside at the ready

      15. I’m still not scared. Bring it to my doorstep and I’ll come out like an rabid dog to protect my family.

        We will never return to a moral society and this tyranny will continue to go unchecked because congress are all wanting another meal at the kings table.

        First time in history that over half of all congress are millionares.

        GOD protect us all and grant us wisdom. You are still in control!

        • Indy Colts, let them come to me with that crap and they will be served “lead and brass refreshments”.

          • Don’t forget the lemonade you’ll be serving up from all your pants pissing you’ll be doing there brave one.

            • Anon Al, I expect to do more than pissing the first time I’m forced to take a human life. I know that day is coming and there’s no avoiding it. I just hope I can join the fighting without my home getting attacked.

          • If they come to you then you are already dead. You will not last a minute even if you get any warning that they are after you. The fight must be in the other direction. Who will go first?

            • John W., although you make a valid point, and that still depends on HOW MANY come, it also depends on IF they come. I’d love to think they won’t, but I know it’s always possible. I’m going in the other direction as long as I don’t get bushwhacked first.

      16. reminds me of a song.. moving to Montana soon.. going to be a dental floss tycoon.. Frank Zappa..

      17. ZOG FEDGOV Tyranny arrives in Montana

        Strike from the Shadows

        the tricky thing about the flathead valley is it is all under central control camera surveillance now from the national parks entrances to the hwy and streets main intersections, public buildings, sports centers, schools and shopping plaza’s. they also now operate dhs observation flying drones from glacier airport.

        so montana dhs has full spectrum dominance of the valley.

        only by subversive means under cover of night in bad weather can a patriot militia team or lone wolf operator actually move about the valley through back roads, grassy fields and woods, and attack exposed prime ZOG gestapo dhs targets and expect to escape to safety undetected with their anonymity still intact.

        i believe those Patriots and Preppers in the Flathead who intend to fight the ZOG FEDGOV DHS GESTAPO TYRANNY should stay underground hidden and only strike out at the dhs gestapo occupying forces as disguised anonymous guerrilla fighters under the cover of weather and darkness.

        “Let the traitorous ZOG FEDGOV DHS GESTAPO learn to fear the unknown darkness of Montana nights.”


        * if you live in Montana now would be a good time to get that .300 win-mag rifle with that telescopic night vision rifle scope you always wanted and a few thousand rounds of .300 win-mag hard ball. consider it your “Just in case ZOG DHS GESTAPO Tyranny happens in Montana insurance plan.”

        • I believe that a .22 revolver will be more useful. Just my belief.

          • John W., I own several .22LR weapons and a shitload of ammo for them. they will prove to be extremely useful in the upcoming festivities.

            • Hell yes- I am absolutely surgical with my Ruger 10/22. Scoped and with 25 round ruger brand banana clips, it absolutely cannot be stopped.

          • From my reading, in WWII Naxi-occupied territory the Walther PPK and TPH were very popular. I think you may be correct.

            • SWFL, you’re correct. .22s were used by the OSS Jedburgh teams who parachuted into Nazi-held territory in WW2 and with great effectiveness. .22s were also used for assassinations by our spec op teams in Vietnam. John Hinckley used a .22LR revolver in his assassination attempt on President Reagan. 4 people, including Reagan, were wounded. Look up the story of that attempt on Wikipedia; very interesting story. That was also the incident that got the “Saturday Night Specials” finally outlawed. I almost bought one myself in 1978. One of my neighbors bought 2 of them and he needed to sell 1 to pay a bill. We went into an isolated rural area to test them. The first one I couldn’t get to fire at all and the second one actually had the firing pin break on me. I told him, NO F#$%IN WAY! I was actually glad to see those POS guns taken out of circulation. All of my guns have been quality guns, made in USA. I don’t cut corners when it comes to weapons.

            • Yeah maybe due to them walthers guns were made in germany eh!

              • I,m sure that helped but they were also popular in other areas, like France and Poland. The Luger was made in Germany also but because of size and noise was less popular for clandestine social reconstruction efforts.

          • now just attach a home made slip on pvc and oil filter silencer to that .22 semi-auto.

            • Mr. Wolf, don’t give me any ideas. That could be hazardous to someone’s health.

              • it works. if you want the plans just google it.

              • That’s correct brave one, more then likely yours.

            • Sub sonic ammo a must for complete silence.

              • Use sub-sonic for barrels over approx. 4″. Keep it under 4″ and you don’t need it. I recommend the Ruger MK series. Reliable and accurate even w/short barrels.

          • Give me a K-22 S&W with 6″ bbl and I’ll effectively bring home venison to the dinner table. I had 22 rifles that weren’t as accurate not to mention handy and portable.

        • the tricky thing about the flathead valley is it is all under central control camera surveillance now from the national parks entrances to the hwy and streets main intersections, public buildings, sports centers, schools and shopping plaza’s. they also now operate dhs observation flying drones from glacier airport.
          so montana dhs has full spectrum dominance of the valley.
          -This is a good intro for my next question. How did they manage to bullet-proof all those cameras? Oh, wait…

          • Good point. I was hoping someone would get around to that. We’ve got more cameras than people in Delaware.

        • Imagine what a 300 mag would do to a surveillance camera? Permanent paintball would blind them as well.

      18. I was not able to see the videos on my computer today, but I do have a comment on what I was able to read. It is seeming that the Bundy event was quite a coincidence in this series. What if the next similar event is tagged as a domestic threat, and that instead of the BLM it is US/State Department of Homeland Security that shows up? What would that chain-of-command look like?

        Here in Alabama all of state law enforcement has been brought together under a new cabinet position that has all the authority and function of the Alabama Department of Homeland Security. This was made into law in 2013, sold as a way to save money. I can report that no one I know is campaigning on this issue. I was able to talk with Stan Cooke, a candidate running for Lt Governor, just prior to our June primary. He reported 30-40 calls from state troopers wanting the consolidation stopped as their contention was that once the DHS powers were invoked by the secretary that the governor was OUT of the chain of command. What if there is a difference of opinion between the president and the governor? Will the county sheriff still have jurisdiction?

        In joint military/ National Guard mission in the US there is assigned a dual-status-commander who coordinates between federal and state lines of command. If there is a disagreement, federal wins until adjudicated by a judge.

        The Alabama system goes live Jan 1, 2015. I have requested chain of command from Senator Taylor, my Alabama state senator but have not yet heard back. Please check on this issue in your own states.

        • My wife and I were having dinner over a year ago, we were informed by a Alabama State Trooper then about this. So it comes to fruition. Can’t get diddly out of our Sheriff here in the Free State.

      19. Pack your lunch boys its going to be a very long day trying to stomp on our faces. We sure know who you are from the top down but you can only guess our numbers. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of this constitutional republic. Liberty and Justice for All be aware and be prepared.

        • @55’er
          Yes, NOW is the time!

      20. Cause and effect, a lawless government creates unconstitutional laws that make us criminals whether we are or not, guilty until proven innocent is now the law of the land.

        Q. One thing I’d like to know is what goes threw a LEO’s mind when he’s told to establish a first amendment zone?

        • Y99
          I can’t speak for all LEO’s, but for me to the person giving the order is F#$K YOU. YOU DO IT. I’m not going to, and if you don’t like talk to the Union.

          • Thanks Sgt. Dale, men like you seem few and far between anymore within LEO/all alphabet ranks.

            • “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives”. braveheart

          • Howdy, Sgt. Dale. Glad you’re on our side.

          • Sgt. Dale,

            I am from the same area as you & a while back I & a few others, mostly all LEO in one form or another were discussing what we/they would do IF they witnessed a foreign soldier opening fire on a US citizen. The answers were split down the middle, basically by age. The younger ones all said they would follow orders. I believe they confused their Government with their country. The older ones said that they would NOT allow a foreign national to open fire on Americans citizens. Seems to me we need to educate some of the the younger amongst us.

        • Y99, that’s exactly the attitude the feds have had towards the people going back to the Civil War. Remember that nothing they do is legitimate. I don’t care how they try to rationalize it. what more proof does anyone need of the govt. preparing for war against us? I’m continuing my preparations to meet the challenge head-on.

        • The thing that goes through his mind as he sets it up should be approximately 175 grains and traveling at about 2400fps

          • 62 gr 5.56 green tip steel penetrators @ 3200 fps. Is faster than he can say “Oh Shit!”

            • If you heard my shot you werent the target!

      21. I think this whole thing might still be backlash from the Bundy Ranch’s small victory there.

        • ReadyRNot, it could just be the first stage of the backlash. I hope the Bundys have prepared themselves. the feds will return, bank on it.

      22. Its all about intimidation!
        Pastor Baldiw live in that area and so do a lot of like minded folks.
        I would watch for a False Flag in that area very soon. Or some type of a raid claiming The good folks there are going to revolt.
        Montana watch you 6, because TPTB are.


      23. That will tighten ur sphincter.

      24. I live in the Flathead and I have seen the DHS tank that was put in Whitefish. I haven’t seen anything else except for a lot of heavy chem-trailing. On memorial day and just this last Sunday.

      25. YAWN !!!

      26. Quote of the Day

        “Powerful government tends to draw into it people with bloated egos, people who think they know more than everyone else and have little hesitance in coercing their fellow man. Or as Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek said, ‘In government, the scum rises to the top’.” – Walter E. Williams

        hat tip SurvivalBlog

        • Great Walter E. Williams quote.

          I became a fan of his when Bill Clinton was in office and one day, while filling in for Rush, old Walter said, “The American People should collect up their SPORTING GOODS and march on D.C.”!

          A true American Patriot

      27. Living in Montana, this is worrisome for myself, along with others. It’s hard to imagine them knocking on my door and taking a look at our prized firearm collection. Well, they do what they want and I’ll play possum until the time fits me.

      28. Rules of engagement in the upcoming: WASTE THE MOTHER F—KERS!

        River Rat at the ready!!! ENOUGH!

        • We donneed no stinkin rules of engagement!

      29. When the enemy is minutes away, seconds count. Don’t fight a war from your house, staying in means trapped in. Enemy armor are operated, protected, serviced by people, and there are places they can’t go (swamp or bog, heavily wooded areas, large bodies of water, anti-tank trench or other ‘environmental engineering’). Engage on your terms, place, time, weapon of choosing, and not theirs. Travel light and stay mobile.

        At this point people ought to be keeping a vigilant eye on the unusual amount of mass shootings lately, for this lawless administration and their cronies to false flag the 2A. Even if not a false flag then it will be conveniently used against the 2A or patriots like Operation Gladio in reverse and to condition the sheep, in the words of Rahm Emmanuel and Eric Holder.

      30. “Full Spectrum Dominance”– this is what this is all about: Control everywhere, on land, air and sea, and yes, even here in the United States. As vice president Biden said– the NWO– that’s whats on the agenda now. Obama’s the guy- Brezenzki’s pick- to bring it about.

        • Satori, that was a very interesting and thought-provoking article, thanks for the link. Everyone, click on the link Satori posted and read that article. Highly recommended.

          • Excellent article….great read and great idea to send the questions raised to your senators and congressmen just to see what kind of response you might get….or to see if some Homeland Security detail comes knocking at your door! DHS doesn’t want you asking too many questions, after all.

        • JJ

          “””but then picked up her cell phone, which connects to a video camera baby monitor in her daughter, Emma’s, room, in order to check on her”””

          This is unfrickingbelievable–she hooked up to her cell phone?? Hello??
          It would have required 1/2 second for me to be in that room!!!
          What is wrong with people today??

          • jayjay, we have a nation of morons today. sad, but true.

      31. even though I posted this here the other day, thought it prudent to re-post here in case some missed it. Real eye-opener for those who might still be asleep.

        …and right after they pass even more ‘laws’ that are supposed to make us all ‘safer’, the MRAPS will roll in your town. IMPORTANT article for those still asleep or new to the game over on ZeroHedge site. I strongly suggest you all check it out, when you can.

        Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War

        At first blush, the title of this post could be perceived as somewhat hyperbolic by those who still have an impression of America’s police departments as bastions of safety, designed “to protect and to serve” the population of the “land of the free.” However, said impression would be promptly washed away upon reading an article in today’s NYT which citing Pentagon data, reveals that under the Obama administration, “police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.”

        Which begs the question: just who is America’s police force, and by extension the Obama administration, which is behind this quiet militarization of local police forces with weapons that would normally be seen in a warzone, preparing for war against?

        I’ll give you three guesses…but you won’t need them.

        h t tp://

        • Socrates, they actually started receiving such equipment back in the Clinton era, then it was stepped up after 9-11-2001, but the tempo has increased under Obama. You don’t need an article to tell you who LEOs really serve. there are certain federal and state supreme court rulings going back decades stating that law enforcement has no obligations to protect any citizens, period. They “protect and serve” and risk their lives for GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. The federal and state courts have ruled on the subject numerous times. When we, as individuals, get into confrontations with any type of criminals, WE ARE ON OUR OWN AND WE DO HAVE TO FEND FOR OURSELVES. That’s only one reason why I prep and the primary reason I am a gun owner. I’ve been a victim of crime before and I refuse to be a victim again.

      32. The first oath, voted on 14 June 1775 as part of the act creating the Continental Army, read:

        I _____ have, this day, voluntarily enlisted myself, as a soldier, in the American continental army, for one year, unless sooner discharged: And I do bind myself to conform, in all instances, to such rules and regulations, as are, or shall be, established for the government of the said Army.

        The original wording was effectively replaced by Section 3, Article 1, of the Articles of War approved by Congress on 20 September 1776, which specified that the oath of enlistment read:

        I _____ swear (or affirm as the case may be) to be trued to the United States of America, and to serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies opposers whatsoever; and to observe and obey the orders of the Continental Congress, and the orders of the Generals and officers set over me by them.

      33. Liberty Ministries, Kalispell, Mt… Pastor Chuck Baldwin a very outspoken individual for returning to true American Values… also a former DC insider(almost) as he was a politician at one time… maybe the dhs show of presence was for his and his parishioners benefit

      34. Breaking News: Eric Cantor lost his primary election to Brat in a landslide! Ding dong a RINO is dead!

        • Now we just need Reid, Pelosi, wasserman shultz,maxine watters, feinstein, NY schuman, beener and on.

      35. In the town I live in very common to see apache helicopters flying around for the past year or so. A buddy of mine says that he can see that most of the time they are. armed something about a pod or something. He was in the army and worked around them.

        • A bunch of rich liberal tards who can pay to have armed guards tells us we don.t need that kind of thing; anyone else catch Emma Watson’s graduation at Brown University (zero tolerance) where she had an armed guard next to her (also in cap & gown). Jim Carrey does his little song and dance with “Cold Dead Hands” to ridicule people who DON’T have Studio Protection 24/7. These people are ENTERTAINERS; just because you recognize their faces doesn’t make them more intelligent than you nor should it give their words any greater weight.

          • Wolf, I agree about the celebrities. they are the worst of the libturds next to politicians and live in their own little fantasy world.

      36. If it gets to the point of war, it will be a war of the flea. Each small bite is a victory. Many small victories leads to a big victory. Even the strogest animal can be taken down by fleas. Yet the quote ” war is hell ” is no joke.

      37. Rather than sending in armed thugs to murder the people that are unhappy with the endless stream of unconstitutional crap from the government, perhaps the government should just cease engaging in criminal and unconstitutional conduct?

        Call this Option B.

      38. #Don’t kill us Amerikan CIA: Unarmed Refugees from Eastern Ukraine make a plea for peace and safe passage to Amerikan CIA.

        the Amerikan CIA – Just Kill It!

      39. This attack is an astonishing and foreboding domestic version of the war-crime atrocities that NoBama, Nuland and their EU conspirators and warlords are committing so as to demoralize and intimidate eastern Ukrainian Russians into submission.

        Such aggression won’t end well, and I hope Putin and Lavrov respond accordingly with defensive support and repatriation of women, children and unarmed citizens before demented U.S. aggression results in humanitarian distress and slaughter…

      40. DHS got their acronym wrong considering their function is Department of Homelandt Gestapo.

        • Since they’re the Homeland Security Police, we should call them HoSecPo.

      41. … Frankly, I don’t think that this is going to go over well, and it probably isn’t going to help that I’ll be trying to be succinct:

        1. I am compelled to point out that the Globalists have not issued a let it burn philosophy. They have their primary solutions installed and being entrenched.

        2. Unless you live in a major city, you are not looking at mass rioting, looting, and etc. Some of these areas have militarized enforcement, and it’s being strengthened.

        3. Rural America is effectively martial law deployment priority and primary objective to secure as this is required to seize and weaponize food production and access.
        This directly relates to the article under discussion. This looks very much like a Recon force to me, but it could just be me.
        Kalispell, Montana is definitely Rural. It also sits within easy range of many national parks including the Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge. It is also nestled between multiple lakes, and it has a mountain range east and north of it. To make matters worse, it also appears to only have 2 main interstate and highway systems in and out. It’s interesting someone mentioned Red Dawn; it took place in Spokane, Washington. 93 happens to intersect with 90 that goes straight into Spokane, Washington, which is northwest of Missoula. It looks like a geographic chokepoint.

        At least, my 2 cents if nothing else.

      42. Mac, this is an article that ties everything that you have been posting the past few days just how much economic trouble the U.S. truly is in.

        I don’t usually link CNN stories, Because, well it is CNN. This however too well shows just how much in the toilet the middle class of the U.S. truly is:

        Really wealthy Americans SKEW tha averages of TRUE money worth. The MEDIAN averages show that the U.S. is 19th on the world’s list of money for their citizens. This is awful. Even New Zealand, Ireland, and Taiwan are above the U.S. Countries with deep economic woes like Italy and Spain, their citizens are much better off than Americans. This again shows just how bad off Americans truly are.

      43. No matter what unfolds in the coming months, remember: WE ARE THE MANY DOTS, THE GOVERNMENT THUGS ARE THE TINY DOT!
        We CAN fight back effectively! Don’t give ground, and especially, don’t give up!

      44. I recall seeing a photo in a post over on ZH that was covering the recent sacking of Mosul in Northern Iraq. It depicted a largely deserted city street with a pile of discarded police uniforms strewn about. Apparently, as the ISIS forces were overtaking the domestic security positions, the city’s police forces began discarding their uniforms and pleading with local residents to give them some civilian clothes so that they could make their escape from the city.
        I wonder if we’ll experience similar incidents when the SHTF in the USSA?

      45. I see a lot of good comments here, but one reoccurring fallacy that I would like to point out. Liberals Are Not Your Enemy!!!! The Government Is Your Enemy!!! All this blather about the “liberal agenda” is blinding you to the fact the liberals are a boogeyman, like Osama, and you are buying it. Keep focusing on them and you are not seeing the real target, and that’s the plan. Just puttin’ it out there.

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