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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

    I showed you the THREE BIG TRUTHS of the coming decade. Ignoring these trends will result in poverty, while adapting to them and ADOPTING THEM will lead TO RICHES.

    The second truth is that rates will REMAIN NEAR ZERO for years, perhaps for good (until the dollar is replaced or joined by another reserve currency).

    If that’s the case, NEGATIVE RATES are nearly guaranteed. Think of it in this light: if rates are zero and inflation isn’t, then real rates are negative BY DEFINITION.

    Too many currency units in circulation have led the large institutional funds to embark upon adventures that they wouldn’t otherwise choose to engage in; they’re borrowing because it’s there for the taking.

    There’s just NO WAY to generate a fixed-income stream the same way that it WAS POSSIBLE in the 1980s and 1990s, when nominal rates were high and inflation was quite moderate, NOT TO MENTION that debt/GDP ratios weren’t alarming, as they are today.


    The chart above shows the STRENGTH of the TREND. Inflation is rising, since Covid-19 isn’t nearly as bad as those early epidemiologists SCREAMED it WOULD BE.

    Therefore, not only is the rebound quick to happen, BUT SINCE industries weren’t in a TOUGH SPOT going into this mess, there’s a real chance that dominant companies will BOUNCE BACK faster than we might expect.

    In fact, that’s what the MARKETS ENVISION, since they treat the world’s MEGA-CAP companies, such as Apple Inc., Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, as more than regular businesses. They ascribe a MASSIVE PREMIUM to them, since they’re also stores of value, AAA bonds and gold, all in ONE CLICK of the mouse.

    They dominate their industries, almost like monopolies do, but it’s not like that at all; customers have plenty of OTHER CHOICES, but they love the products and the services they get from them.

    Other companies CAN BE DISRUPTED, overtaken or somehow seem vulnerable, but these ones are DEEMED INVINCIBLE.

    This notion is translated into HISTORICALLY-HIGH levels of concentration of size, as you can see below:

    Courtesy:, BearTrapsReport

    The market now has days where the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of stocks are down, deep IN THE RED and yet it closes up. This is possible only because the WEIGHT of the index is towards market capitalization.

    This demonstrates the importance of owning the indices, since history proves that the LION’S SHARE of ultimate return originates from only a handful of stocks.

    Two years ago was the last time I WALKED THE STREETS of Manhattan and visited the Federal Reserve’s building, as well as Wall Street, home to the New York Stock Exchange.

    On this exchange, more than 3,000 public companies are listed. Today, with markets at ALL-TIME HIGHS, fewer than 50 of these stocks are trading at 52-week highs! On the NASDAQ, where about 3,500 tech and other types of companies are listed, fewer than 150 stocks are trading at 52-week highs!

    I can see the WRITING ON THE WALL and it tells me we’re either ON THE PRECIPICE of a severe correction or, if the economy generally improves, on the cusp of a SPECTACULAR RALLY to even loftier valuations.

    While it is impossible to predict which is next, we can HEDGE PROPERLY, by both diversifying into companies that are STILL CHEAP, while at the same time having exposure to the index, but also allocating funds into precious metals, real estate and PRIVATE DEBT.

    Diversification is paramount!


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      1. I’m collecting coins. Specifically the 2020 Corona quarter.

        Yea, the 2020 quarter has a bat on the reverse. Ya can’t make this shit up. They’re rubbing your face in it.

      2. The Wall Street gang including the fraudulent business model companies that it lists and the organized crime ring AKA government that attempted to cover-up for the financial fraud from deregulation of the 90’s that led to the Dot Com bubble and the attempt to cover up the fraud with 9/11 and more looting from the treasury in a money laundering circuit between the Pentagon and the Wall Street Gang are now attempting to cover up that fraud with covid and vaccines used for murdering people. I have a better idea, admit to the fraud and the 9/11 cover up. Everyone knows and sees what has happened. Deinal will only result in further self-deception. Call it winning if you are fooling yourselves into believing that people believe you. History will treat you as it has treated Joseph Mengela, Goebels, and Hitler. Imagine how invincible the three and their followers must have felt that they could get away with such evil acts and deception. Now you are wrapped up in the fuhrer of the storm of your own madness. You feel invicible. You will learn the hard way that you are not. 

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Oh. So we should buy MAGAF stocks because they are willing to loot the treasury and destroy the country, spy on people and murder people and force lock downs and nazi eugenics and propaganda on everyone. Why there even a market for that?! WTF?!

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Oh. So we should buy FMAGA stocks because they are willing to loot the treasury and destroy the country, censor people, spy on people and murder people and force lock downs and nazi eugenics and propaganda on everyone. Why there even a market for that?! WTF?! 

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Prior to Covid, medical error was the third leading cause of death in America, and there was estimated to be $800 billion a year in medical fraud a year.

        Now Biden is claiming tnat Covid is the third leading cause of death in America as determined by the same people that were the third leading cause of death in America as a result of their own errors, who also committed $800 billion of medical fraud a year and a national opioid epidemic which has killed over 500,000, and has had funding cuts with Obamacare repeal.

        Joe Biden is married to Dr. Jill Biden.

        The conflict of interest and the coincidences are flashing llike neon lights!

        Nevermind the obvious!

        Andrea Iravani

        • It has been brought to my attention that Jill Biden has a PhD and is not an MD.

      6. I remember in the early 90’s when the KOCK / KOCH bros were trying to corner the silver market and the silver price was being driven up , some of my co-workers were buying silver like it was going out of style. A lot or some of them bought at $50 an oz and when the KOCH were found out, my co-workers were left hanging with silver at $50 an oz and crying real tears. Just a thought

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