“Recovery” Has 45 Million Americans on Food Stamps As Bankers Pull “Greatest Heist in History”

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    This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg site.

    Editor’s Note: This is about way more than just the food stamps, or the jobs, or the statistics of the day. As Michael Krieger astutely notes below, this system is creating an “oligarch serfdom” where the majority of people are either poor or dependent upon the system/individual oligarchs for their financial and physical survival.

    It may not be a return to manor & plantation slaves labor, but it is a system where people can’t own their own assets, or certainly have a hard time with it, even if they work hard and play by the rules. Society itself is transforming into an electronic prison where debt perpetuates the oppression, and the titled table drives all the wealth into the oligarchy – the wealthiest of the wealthy at the top who steer the politics, the economy, the industry and the media in a great combine. The Federal Reserve and its keepers have caused our misery… and it is only just beginning.

    Welcome to the Recovery – 1 Out of 7 Americans (45.5 Million) Remain on Food Stamps

    by Michael Krieger

    The following article from the New York Times is shameful in many ways. While the paper is forced to cover the undeniable fact that real wages for the lowest income Americans have plunged during the so-called “economic recovery” over the past six years, it fails to actually pin blame on the undemocratic, oligarch institution most responsible for this humanitarian crisis: The Federal Reserve.

    Of course, I and many others have been saying this for years, but now more than half a decade into what is supposed to be a recovery, people are finally being forced to admit what this really is —  large scale theft.

    In fact, Ben Bernanke and his crew of upward wealth distributing academics have pulled off the greatest wealth heist in American history. In its wake we have been left with a hollowed out, asset striped Banana Republic. Thanks for playin’ Main Street. Or more accurately, thanks for being played.

    – From the post: The Oligarch Recovery – Study Shows Real Wages Have Plunged for Low Income Workers During the “Recovery”

    More than six years into Dear Leader’s glorious economic recovery, 45.5 million Americans, or one in seven, remain on food stamps.

    I’d say that’s a problem, but I don’t want to be accused of “peddling economic fiction.”

    From Bloomberg:

    During the 2007-2009 recession, state and federal governments actively encouraged people like Crofoot to take advantage of the aid. Millions did, and many are still claiming benefits. Enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the formal name for food stamps, remains near record levels, even as the unemployment rate has fallen by half.

    “When unemployment was rising people said enrollment would fall sharply when things got better,” said Parke Wilde, an associate professor of nutrition policy at Tufts University in Boston. “That hasn’t happened.”

    About 45.4 million Americans, roughly one-seventh of the population, received nutrition aid last October, the most recent month of data. Unemployment was 5 percent that month. The last time joblessness fell to that level, in April 2008, 28 million Americans used food stamps, and the program cost less than half of what the government paid out last year.

    There goes Bloomberg News, “peddling that economic fiction” again.

    The uneven recovery has swelled the ranks of long-term unemployed and reduced the number of people working or looking for work, further boosting demand. Even for those with jobs, pay may be lower than in the past: In real dollars, SNAP recipients in 2014 had net incomes of $335 a month, the lowest since at least 1989.

    Read that over and over and over again. Since 1989. Now here’s a chart of what a gradual transition into oligarch serfdom looks like:

    Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.59.57 PM

    Able-bodied, unemployed adults aged 18-49 who don’t have children are supposed to be limited to three months of food stamp benefits during a 36-month period. That can be extended during tough job markets, a provision that’s boosted the percentage of recipients who fit that description to 10.3 percent in 2014 from 6.7 percent in 2007.

    But isn’t the job market supposed to be strong?

    I think it’s clear who’s actually peddling economic fiction, and it’s not me.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.21.35 PM

    For more on the oligarch recovery, see:

    The Oligarch Recovery – U.S. Military Veterans are Selling Their Pensions in Order to Pay the Bills

    Use of Alternative Financial Services, Such as Payday Loans, Continues to Increase Despite the “Recovery”

    The Oligarch Recovery – 30 Million Americans Have Tapped Retirement Savings Early in Last 12 Months

    The Oligarch Recovery – Study Shows Real Wages Have Plunged for Low Income Workers During the “Recovery”

    Another Tale from the Oligarch Recovery – How a $1,500 Sofa Costs $4,150 When You’re Poor

    In Liberty,
    Michael Krieger


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      1. Same shit, new day.

      2. Getting out of personal debt is the absolute first step to take.

        Then live within your means. This is a must.

        My cousin is now in the process. Her Husband died and left them with a lot of business debt and personal debt.

        She’s cut everything, including cable. She’s making it work. If she can do this, so can any of you.

        • I hear people all the time talking both sides of this issue. Some talk about how good our economy is and some, like me, talk about how bad this economy really is. I think over 45 million people being on food stamps is enough evidence to support opinions like mine. I said it before that I don’t believe, considering all the problems that we are facing, there is any solution, political or otherwise. The only solution I believe is divine intervention, and I believe we are at the doorstep of that now.

          • Divine solution?
            Where’s your responsibility to defend Freedom and Liberty?…Leave it to God?
            I think He would frown on that suggestion.

            When tyranny becomes law
            Rebellion becomes duty.
            God expects you to fight for your God Given Rights…

            Live Free or Die….it’s the higher purpose that matters

          • The answer is right there in the headline:

            “Recovery” Has 45 Million Americans on Food Stamps As Bankers Pull “Greatest Heist in History”

            • And not a cop on Earth can touch them.

        • Citi: World economy seems trapped in ‘death spiral’

          The latest employment figures…
          What jobs? BLS says 665,000 job LOSSES
          “New Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there were 665,000 jobs LOST in January, a blunt finding that confuses the heralded report that 151,000 jobs were created in January in non-farm payrolls.”

          “But who got them? The very same BLS finds that jobs to “native born” and immigrant workers dropped. Ditto for men and women.”

          Mass Layoffs To Return With A Vengeance
          Layoffs since January 1st…
          see the list.
          “Note that nearly all of these companies are in the Energy, Finance and Tech sectors — the three biggest engines of growth, profits and market value appreciation within the economy over the past 7 years.”

          • Some additional information about the recent unemployment numbers…

            From CNS News…
            Labor Force Participation Improves to 62.7%; Not In Labor Force Declines to 94,062,000

            The “official” unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%
            How do they get to this number? It is HOW they count the numbers.

            “62.7 percent of the civilian noninstitutionalized population either holding a job OR ACTIVELY SEEKING ONE.”
            Apparently, those who are LOOKING for work, are COUNTED as participating in the labor force and NOT as unemployed.

            The unemployment numbers are taken from a SURVEY.

            Also, individuals not in the labor force, who “wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months”, were NOT COUNTED in the SURVEY as unemployed.

            We also know that after unemployment runs out, regardless if they found another job, these people are NOT COUNTED anymore.

            • The labor force “participation” rate vs. employment rates.

              BLS news release – employment January 2016

              Household Survey Data, Page 2
              “After accounting for the annual adjustments to the population controls, the civilian labor force and total employment, as measured by the household survey, were little changed in January.

              The labor force participation rate, at 62.7 percent, was little changed. The employment-population ratio (59.6 percent) changed little over the month but was up by 0.3 percentage point since October.

              “In January, 2.1 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force, little different from a year earlier. (The data are not seasonally adjusted.) These individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey.”

              ht tp://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf

        • “She’s cut everything, including cable. She’s making it work. If she can do this, so can any of you.”

          No, you can’t look at one person’s situation and say that applies to everyone.

          If your business fails you don’t qualify for unemployment. And bankruptcy doesn’t cancel your unpaid payroll taxes or your unpaid student loans.

          My wife and I are debt free. The biggest advantage we have is that we buy cheap older low mileage cars that we pay for with cash. I drive a 1995 Olds Cutlass Ciera. I bought it for $2,000 when it had 33,000 miles on it.

        • Grandee, I agree. I have completely changed my life. Anyone who sees where this is going would be wise to do the same. If you depend on the system, you cannot effectively fight the system’s abuses. Even more importantly, you cannot survive.

          I still love fake nails with red nail polish. Gone are the girly days of nails and hair salons, and pretty dresses every day. Sweats and self-sufficiency are the name of the game. Next thing I will be buying overalls, and not the skin tight ones I wore when they were stylin! Ah well, once a week I go out and about in town dressed like a female. Imagine, the FedEx guy flirted with me today… took me down memory lane. Sorry about that.

          • Hey, nothing wrong with a mature confident woman who gets dirt under her nails,,,

            • Kulafarmer,
              Thanks. I am mature and confident… that and $50 will get me more preps.
              Next thing I’ll get all maudlin and be singing Those Were The Days with Mary Hopkin. Good thing I don’t drink much!
              I am glad I changed my life, it is the life I wanted all along… just not with the threat of global collapse over my head. Pioneer Woman Disappears into the Mountains is well suited to my personality and upbringing. Swishing around in a dress has its moments. 😉

          • Rebecca, congratulations. Being debt-free is awesome, isn’t it? I’ve always bought my own vehicles from private owners for cash only; never had anything from a dealer. Only car insurance I’ve ever had has been liability coverage. There’s nothing I want or need bad enough to get a loan or credit card. All my prep shopping I do with cash except for online shopping when I have to use my debit card and I keep the online shopping to a bare minimum. I try to get everything I can locally. The sheeple give me the craziest looks when I tell them I don’t use credit for anything. They really get pissed when I tell them I’m debt-free.

            • Braveheart1776

              Florida is a great hunting ground for great used cars. The 80+ year old people unfortunately pass away and they took great care of their stuff. Ford Crown Victorias or its Mercury equivalent are the most common. They’re garage kept, oil changed every 3000 miles, clean as a whistle and best of all their kids just want $$$ fast so they’re cheap. They’re on the order of a decade to 15 years old with 60 to 80K miles.

              • Kevin2, that sounds great if I wanted a car, but I’m a truck person. Craigslist has a lot of cars for sale by private owners in the $2000-$5000 range. Check your own are for listings.

            • Braveheart,
              I love debt-free, too. Never packed much other than a mortgage and lived beneath my means… and took a lot of ribbing for it. Sometimes a person just has to ignore the stupid things some folks say to put you down. Mostly it is just to prop up their own bad decisions (inside their heads only). That is probably the best thing I taught my son, live beneath your means. He takes a lot of guff for it, even with so much bad economic news.

              • Why would anyone bother you for only having a mortgage? That is bullshit. I don’t know anyone that has ever made fun of me because I wasn’t in debt.

                • Philosopher,

                  You don’t have debt because you are part of this country’s underbelly of poverty and you live off the gubmint. People who work and make money have pressure to consume and get debt-ridden. Although I am intelligent enough to see your life as different than mine with different pressures, you can’t see past the end of your nose… and it sure has your panties in a twist all the time. The hardest thing for your “poor but I got skills” ego is that I grew up poor and learned valuable skills from my mom and dad. I admire my parents and I value those skills from both poverty and living in the backwoods. If you valued your own skills, you wouldn’t be a vicious gubmint welfare skank. I earned my money and I earned my skills. I earn more of both every day. Every day you sow the wind of hatred and reap the whirlwind of misery.

          • Rebecca, good for you! We saw the writing on the economic, political and societal wall about 15 years ago. We decided then to undergo a massive change in our thinking and our fiscal operations. As of right now, we are debt free and will semi-retire in less than 6 months – not bad for folks in their mid-fifties. We fully realize that retirements like those of our parents will not happen for our generation nor future generations. We figured a long time ago that we will all have to cobble incomes together as best we can in our elder years. The saving grace to that scenario is that, if you play your cards close to the vest, you can do most of your income generation under the table.

            • Yay Foxglove666!
              It really does take years to transition in an orderly manner. I saw the crash coming “for sure” by 2005. In 2006 I bought acreage much too close to Dallas and indefensible. I rented my house in the inner city and lived off grid there. Loved the neighbors… we met for coffee across the street every morning (at a house), it was fun, everyone dropped in. Ended up in Seattle following my career. Ended up in New Mexico following my career. Just retired and as my son says, I no longer have to live within commuting distance.

              • Oh and let me guess you retired as a goverment employee. No one in the fucking “inner city” lives off grid unless you can’t pay the power bill.

                So you live in a shithole apartment in Seattle. Got it.

                • Philosopher,
                  Still sowing the wind of hatred and reaping the wind of misery, I see.

            • I hope you pay a price for lying to the IRS. You can end up at Club Fed for lying about your income and expenses. But let me guess, you have connections in Seattle to cover your lies.

              • Philosopher,
                Still a gubmint provacateur I see.

                • If an income tax on citizens existed, the government could confiscate 100% of the earnings of an individual. The citizen would be reduced to the status of a peon. The nation of SOVEREIGN citizens would be changed to a nation of slaves. The entire constitution would be stood on it head by one law. Such a law would be unconstitutional.

                  Again, the clause of LIBERTY in the 5th Amendment (applicable as to the federal government) and the 14th Amendment (applicable against the state govenments) has been endlessly adjudicated to secure the Right to pursue a livelihood for citizens. Of what value is life if the individual cannot exchange the sweat of his brow for the things that make life worthwhile ?? Such Constitutional Rights (such as the Right to a trial by jury) cannot be the object of a revenue tax.

                  Income tax indictments aver the citizen violated statute ##7201 to 7215. Those statutes have been observed to apply to ALL taxes collected by the IRS. Ref. Sansone v U.S., 380 US 343, 348 (1965). They therefore cannot identify the “known legal duty” required for a valid indictment. Convictions for income tax charges (against citizens) are bogus.

        • But the scum muslim trash that is president can spend 74 million on fucking vacations.

          • Since when was politician a career choice? We need to look at politicians and their bloated network of assistsnts and directors, and i mean political scum at all depths of this pond,,,
            Make no mistake, the majority are not in there for you or I but in there to gain money, control, influence,
            Buncha shit, what have any of these people done that really benefits the people or the country?
            Just how in touch are your state reps? What about your local reps? Really think theygive a rip about you or your family? Better really think that over if you think they do.

            • They say that if you don’t vote you get what you deserve. And now it’s if it’s you do vote you get what you deserve (voting for lesser than two evils). The whole system is rigged and there is no working within the system anymore. So where does this lead? I don’t know. But by continuing to support the system, by voting at all, in my opinion, isn’t going to change anything. And when I hear people tell me that Trump is going to change things I just roll my eyes. Right. It seems the more things “change” the more they stay the same. Or get actually worse. So read his lips, no new trade agreements…..and all the other b.s. I said. We will see. You just have to wait. Yeah, they’re buying more time. That’s the only reason that they are letting the guy with the mouth run it.

            • we see a politician every once in a while that seems to want to help the PEOPLE….but we NEVER elect them. america(ns) brought this on ourselves, and we soo richly deserve everything we got coming to u.s..

              • So, which evil asshole were we supposed to vote for in 2008? And which one merits a vote this year?

                I haven’t had a good choice on a ballot since Jesse Helms last ran for Senator.

                You can’t vote a representative out if he is running unopposed. You can’t make a choice in the Republican primary if all the candidates have dropped out of the race by the time your state has their primaries.

                Local politics is a club that you can’t join unless you already have money and influence. In my area, if you don’t have a “D” after your name, you have very little chance of getting elected to any office.

                Voting doesn’t work. And maybe it never did.

                • Ditto on Jesse. I worked with his son in law Charlie at IBM. They both were the cream of the crop.

                • In elections I get seriously nervous about candidates that get to much neutral or positive free coverage from the press. I also like to take a contrarian view of candidates the press is trying to vilify and drag through the dirt.

                  Like him or not, it was astounding how the claws came out and the press is madly trying to demonize Ted Cruze after his Iowa upset win.

                  Perhaps more surprises Tuesday.

                  Like you, my state is too low on the ladder to have much influence on either the primary or national election. People I vote for typically never win! I still vote.

                  • Plan Twice Prep Once
                    Ted Cruz is owned by the folks who bring you Obama and Hillary. They are buying themselves out of prison cuz the prez picks the Attorney General.
                    Ted Cruz has a personality much like Richard Nixon, who was equally unpopular and still became President.
                    I think maybe 10 percent of what MSM says is truth… and only said to confuse important issues. I believe the popularity of Trump and Sanders indicates how furious people are with corporate rule. Trump works free media, but doesn’t have a good ground game. Cruz was the big boy supposedly, but polls say he dropped. Hillary is tanking, DNC does not accept Sanders… I suspect Obama made him an offer on behalf of tptb… we’ll see soon enough if he took it.

          • How do you get to comment, this site will not post mine

            • It posted this one?

            • Joe, just write your comment on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, don’t forget to put a stamp on it, and then put it in the mail. It’s probably a lot quicker than getting a comment posted. Or, take that same envelope without a stamp, get in your car, get on the highway, and toss it out the window. If you are looking for any type of conversation here, you know, say something, get a reply, and then say something back, this isn’t the way to go. In fact, this is my last comment here. And I just started a day ago. It’s a waste of time. Unless you have a lot of it, forgetaboutit. And take this comment to arbitration. Who cares at this point. This site is about useless to get any real information in at any time, as to give it. Seriously. The articles are all about, OMG the sky is falling at this very minute, but we will get back to you on that. I had a little respect for this site, but like the others I have been cut off from, it is o.k., but there seems to be someone here calling the shots real close to the chest. Like the one guy said in one of the bars I was in after talking to the psychopath bartender, which most of them are because it’s a power position, do me a favor, the next time I walk in here, throw me out.
              And if this site is just here to get someone on a list, I’m already on an A+ list. I have four drones over my house right now. Seriously, stop by, I’ll show you. Everyone that I pointed them out too couldn’t believe it either. So, I know, I’m out. Who cares. Don’t reply.

              • nonvoter,
                You must be important. I am on lists, too politically active not to be. I sure haven’t seen drones over my house, but I get military helicopters that shake me out. Don’t think it’s about me, but they photograph everything.

                • How close are you to Area 51 ?

                  • Hi Karl V.
                    I am about 1460 miles from Area 51, and 23 hours per Google. I guess my regular helicopter flyover comes from Kirtland Air Force base. I could not identify them on a bet. They usually come about 3 am or 3 pm, and run very low over my house and the hill. I mean straight above me. Freaks my dog and the neighbor dogs. They are running just above the trees… and my trees are only little 30-40 foot pinyon/juniper midget trees.

          • It’s a great story to distract from the 7 trillion that got added to the debt, or the BLM incident, and the economy as a whole. All the fluff around this guy has always been a distraction and a lightning rod for the real problem. The whole system in place is the problem. But it seems that sheep, like bugs, are attracted to the light.
            How does that saying go? Slashing at the branches instead of chopping at the roots doesn’t do much.

            • It does if you’re making a soft place to sleep…

            • i aint heard a thing yet from nonvoter that’s worth censoring…..or worth Posting, for that matter….sounds like a troll. try posting something useful. the regulars dO respond to HELPING OUT…they respond to whining too….your choice.

        • Grandee, kudos to your cousin. As long as someone has the willpower and determination, they can make it happen. It’s difficult, but NOT impossible. It’s not a picnic. But once you become debt-free, it’s a feeling you’ll absolutely love. I speak from personal experience. I refuse to even get any type of loans or credit cards, period. I won’t let anything interfere with my prepping which is my No. 1 priority.

        • grandee; There is no getting out of debt or living within your means! If you have, in your wallet a ten dollar bill, you have ten dollars of debt to the Federal Reserve! There is no getting out of debt!!! If you pay a bill, you have fulfilled an obligation to pay the debt, nothing more! Have you paid the bill? NO, only the obligation to pay! There is much you and millions need to know concerning “money” Money is defined in the Coinage Act of 1792!! Understand that!!! Money is nothing more than what is defined in the Act of 1792! Money is real, Debt systems, like the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks of European countries are nothing more than wicked tools used to take over Nations of the White Race’s of Earth. Since these Bastards control the Media and the Educational system, You and millions more will never know this but thank God for the Renegades!!!!!

      3. Enemy of the State says:
        Comment ID: 3515809
        February 5, 2016 at 1:07 pm
        ht tp://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/05/citi-world-economy-trapped-in-death-spiral.html

        • 22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning

          “Each one by itself would be reason for concern, but when you put all of the pieces together it creates a picture that is hard to deny. The global economy is in crisis, and this is going to have very serious implications for the financial markets moving forward.”


        • I saw that too. Silver has gone up $1 in price since I made my purchase about 10 days ago. Same for gold. Up $16 an ounce last time I checked the price.

          • Philo, Only problem is, silver will still have to go up $2 more dollars before you will be at break even, and then if you want to sell, it will only have to go up another $4 dollars. They have you on both ends. I like silver but have a hard time with the spread. Trekker Out.

            • MT: I know. I buy silver as insurance. I would be fine if I kept it the rest of my life and never sold it. It is also just a way to convert FRNs into something tangible. I don’t need to go to the bank to have access to it. As a store of value it is fairly steady. If the Federal Reserve decides to go to a negative interest rate that means not only will the hidden tax of inflation be stealing from every FRN you keep in the bank but the bank itself will be charging you to keep money there.

              This option is not for everyone. Do what makes sense for you and do what helps you sleep at night. My little siilver stash helps me sleep at night.

              • It makes sense to me to keep it in MY hands, instead of theirs.

                • Yep! That is my thinking about the issue, for sure.

        • But the article at:

          ht tp://www.marketwatch.com/story/chicken-little-investors-please-read-the-jobs-report-2016-02-05

          says everything is just fine. Ha.

          151,000 new jobs in January, but the population increased by over 170,000. If unemployment were really 4.9%, you would see some signs of it. That low level of unemployment used to be called “full employment,” because of the usual number of people moving and/or in between jobs, or in jail, or retired, or just don’t want to work.

          The sunny reports are all lies.

      4. “Government is like a condom in that it allows for inflation, halts production, destroys subsequent generations, protects a bunch of pricks, and provides its constituents with a sense of security while they are actually being screwed.”

        • ¯\_(❤.❤)_/¯

      5. The bulk of people on food stamp / EBT assistance are working poor. The banksters, financiers, businessmen and politicians put forth globalist policy’s that took former middle class and turned them into working poor.

        • Wrong. Anyone who works does not qualify.

          • Hitemharder,
            While studying for my litigation paralegal exam, I worked at Home Depot part time. Many of their employees were on public assistance. The gal in the office helped people with it sometimes.

      6. Meanwhile, “All U.S. Job Gains Since December 2007 Have Gone To Foreign-Born Workers”

        “Secondly, I believe we should expand legal immigration, reduce the barriers, reduce the waiting periods and I’ve introduced two amendments to significantly expand legal immigration, to double the caps on legal immigration from 675,000 to 1.3 million and to increase temporary high skilled workers by 500%.” – U. S. Senator Rafael Edwardo “Ted” Cruz

        • It won’t affect that sonofabitch, as a politician, he doesn’t need to get a real job. As president, he’d have a 6 figure income for life on our dime. As far as I’m concerned, cruz is no better than hillary.

      7. ht tps://reason.com/blog/2016/02/05/utah-fusion-center-warns-cops-watch-out

        • Must really be something real about this Sovereign Citizen thing, or why would they be so concerned ?


          • thanks for the heads up friend

        • Thanks for the information.

      8. We need more refugee’s.

        • What so we need any for,send all out of here and Obama with them

        • “We need more refugee’s”……
          ….and more cowbell!

          CITI says we’re in a global economic death spiral..
          Love how they put it.
          ” seems the world is” as if they are bewildered. Their grand heist is being exposed and they fein surprise.
          But ooooh…The Putz of Wall Street…that all knowing so much about nothing Jim Cramer enlightens us on the Fed controls who becomes president.
          Maybe the next load of shit that he will spew is that negative interest rates will be a positive thing…

          Live Free or Die…somebody shoot that puts

        • You’ve gorra be taking the piss there sling for sure!

      9. Free trade with China has been a disaster for the American worker. Millions of good paying jobs are gone and they’re never coming back. The globalist elite know that there can’t be a one world government unless they destroy America. We’re long past the point of no return. Obama, despite creating a trillion dollar annual deficit, has done nothing for America’s infrastructure which would take trillions to fix.

        • Barn Cat,

          Richard Nixon opened that can of worms with China.

      10. Financial turmoil half a world away is melting Minnesota’s iron country

        IRON JUNCTION, MINN. — “The railroad tracks that connect the 50-year-old iron mine here to the rest of America are hidden by a blanket of snow. On a normal day, a train would be plowing through the snow every three hours, carrying thousands of tons of iron ore destined to be melted into the steel frame of a car or the beams of a skyscraper.

        But nothing has been normal in this region for nearly a year, when the mines began shutting down, victims of a global plunge in the price of natural resources that is upending the world economic order. Brazil is in recession. Australia is struggling to pay its debts. South Africa’s currency is plummeting.”

        “The source of the turbulence is China, where famously breakneck growth is coming to an end and no one is sure how painful that will be. The country that had helped power the world economy for years is now sowing fear across international financial markets.

        In the United States, China’s hand is most obviously felt on Wall Street, which booked the worst start to a year in its history. But the country’s influence is also reshaping many corners of the U.S. economy: Soybean farmers in the Midwest are worried that demand from their best customer could begin to wane.

        Home buyers in California are competing with Chinese investors stowing their money in real estate far from Beijing. Factory workers in central Illinois are bracing for massive layoffs amid plunging sales at Caterpillar, which manufactures heavy machinery and is one of the region’s largest employers.”

        • As usual, there’s always a foreign scapegoat to blame. The problem is just China, IT’S THOSE FUCKING “FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS” THEY KEEP FORCING DOWN EVERYBODY’S THROATS.

          The problem is our greedy politicians, not China. China can’t do anything to us, that this stupid govt doesn’t allow them to do.

          Sure, they’ve bought up our public land, our clean water and other resources, BUT THEY COULDN’T HAVE BOUGHT A DAMN THING WITHOUT THOSE M’Fers in DC selling it to them! The Chinese didn’t hold a gun to their heads! They just did the same thing any one would do – they took advantage of a good deal) at our expense), while people like harry reid got rich off the deals.

          Everybody is so quick to blame other countries for our problems, and the real criminals and their MSM pets are all too happy to oblige – BUT OUR PROBLEMS ARE COMING FROM RIGHT HERE, IN WASHINGTON DC. Not China. Not Russia. Made in the USA.

          • Since its foundation America has been at war for 93 per cent of its existence. The 2nd amendment was incorporated to help prevent the nascent new country having a standing army.

            I guess most Americans have been asleep while they let the military consume their wealth.

            • only since 1945 has the US had a standing army in time of undeclared war. The (state) militia were previously called out to form the standing army. The states have the constitutional responsibility to name officers of the Army. An army at the whim of a president is unconstitutional.

          • Sixpack, absolutely right. Mexico will not allow foreign nationals to buy property. They and anyone else in the world can buy here. Rupert Murdoch came into this country and bought up media outlets… illegal… but got sponsored for citizenship and special dispensation on citizenship. So much for rule by law.

            • The problem is really Wall Street. Wall Street paid a typical $50,000 per congressional vote to get approval of TPP. TPP provides that companies are subject to rules and laws established by TPP. National rules and laws are abrogated. Safety rules, environment issues, fines, quality control, etc., are beyond the government control.

              • Yes, that too. It’s a whole web of shit, designed to enslave us all.

      11. On the anniversary of 26-year-old humanitarian worker Kayla Mueller’s death in Syria, her family suggests that they are preparing to go public with “the heartbreaking story” of their attempts to ransom her from the Islamic State. And, they say, they will be speaking out about “those who hindered us” — an apparent reference to their frustration with officials in the Obama administration over how their daughter’s case was handled.

        • The US government no longer represents the will of the people.
          It needs to be gutted and start from scratch but also need to have a severe thinning of the herd.
          Without serious change nothing will improve but will continue to get worse. Ill get a lot of greif from the people who say vote or use the system,,, thats the problem, the system doesnt work anymore and theres too many stupid passive people

          • Anonymous,
            A severe thinning of the herd is GENOCIDE, buddyroe. May you be the first to go.

            • Using your resting bitch face I see.

        • The US government no longer represents the will of the people.
          It needs to be gutted and start from scratch but also need to have a severe thinning of the herd.
          Without serious change nothing will improve but will continue to get worse. Ill get a lot of greif from the people who say vote or use the system,,, thats the problem, the system doesnt work anymore and theres too many stupid passive people

          • Kulafarmer, AMEN to that. The US govt. NEVER cared about the will of the people anyway. The system needs to be scrapped and we have to start over from scratch. That’s the only hope I see for this land.

          • Kula – what makes you think that you’re not part of the herd that you are so keen to thin? Or, for that matter, that you’re not one of the “stupid passive people”? After all, according to Kissinger, you’re a useless mouth (being old).

            Your post smacks of the elitism that you accuse others of.

            If you want change, then act, rather than whine! Way too many whiners on this site. Not enough doers. Bitch, bitch, bitch, that’s all you lot do!

            • Who is this troll cutting down Kula?

              • anonymous, of course.

                • Oh, THAT moron. Sixpack, these people posting under that name just never ‘get it.’

                  • Brave Dude,
                    Anybody posting under Anon doesn’t get it. Really? I have made comments over the last few years of what I saw coming with quite amazing accuracy. What I talked about then, the experts are now loudly discussing as fact. The comments I posted were not for the far off future. I do have more to say as events are rapidly unfolding but
                    thanks to your non funny, mocking attitude I will not be posting that type of info anymore. You are right Mr. Neverwrong, I just don’t get it.

              • And just who the hell are you? And what makes you the arbitrator for this site?

                If you can’t stand open debate go back to nursery school and throw a temper tantrum there!

                Personally I can’t be bothered hiding behind a silly tag like you do! Braveheart, Six pack, Kulafarmer, all a bit childish isn’t it? Or does it make you feel manly?

          • Amen Kula! I agree. 1000-plus upvotes for you!

      12. Hillary May Have Implicated Her Husband In the unfolding political and legal drama surrounding Hillary Clinton and her private server, one name has been conspicuously missing. Bill Clinton. There has been scant mention of the former president’s possible role and potential exposure in the server/classified material controversy, which now represents an existential threat to Mrs. Clinton’s presidential ambitions

        we could only hope that they end up in matching orange jumpsuits

        i doubt it, but i can still “hope for change”

        • EOTS, that’s only part of the kind of change we need in this country.

      13. We need another democrat or republican as pres,both of these groups of criminals need to be arrested and face a firing squad

        • I say we follow the example of Sun Tsu, “The Art of War” to shape thing up in DC:

          “King Ho Lu said to him: “I have carefully perused your 13 chapters. May I submit your theory of managing soldiers to a slight test?” Sun Tzu replied: “You may.” Ho Lu asked: “May the test be applied to women?” The answer was again in the affirmative, so arrangements were made to bring 180 ladies out of the Palace. Sun Tzu divided them into two companies, and placed one of the King’s favorite concubines at the head of each. He then bade them all take spears in their hands, and addressed them thus:

          “I presume you know the difference between front and back, right hand and left hand?” The girls replied: Yes. Sun Tzu went on: “When I say “Eyes front,” you must look straight ahead. When I say “Left turn,” you must face towards your left hand. When I say “Right turn,” you must face towards your right hand. When I say “About turn,” you must face right round towards your back.” Again the girls assented. The words of command having been thus explained, he set up the halberds and battle-axes in order to begin the drill.

          Then, to the sound of drums, he gave the order “Right turn.” But the girls only burst out laughing. Sun Tzu said: “If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame.” So he started drilling them again, and this time gave the order “Left turn,” whereupon the girls once more burst into fits of laughter. Sun Tzu: “If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame.

          But if his orders ARE clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers.” So saying, he ordered the leaders of the two companies to be beheaded. Now the king of Wu was watching the scene from the top of a raised pavilion; and when he saw that his favorite concubines were about to be executed, he was greatly alarmed and hurriedly sent down the following message: “We are now quite satisfied as to our general’s ability to handle troops. If We are bereft of these two concubines, our meat and drink will lose their savor. It is our wish that they shall not be beheaded.”

          Sun Tzu replied: “Having once received His Majesty’s commission to be the general of his forces, there are certain commands of His Majesty which, acting in that capacity, I am unable to accept.” Accordingly, he had the two leaders beheaded, and straightway installed the pair next in order as leaders in their place.

          When this had been done, the drum was sounded for the drill once more; and the girls went through all the evolutions, turning to the right or to the left, marching ahead or wheeling back, kneeling or standing, with perfect accuracy and precision, not venturing to utter a sound.

          Then Sun Tzu sent a messenger to the King saying: “Your soldiers, Sire, are now properly drilled and disciplined, and ready for your majesty’s inspection. They can be put to any use that their sovereign may desire; bid them go through fire and water, and they will not disobey.””

      14. We need another demo or repub elected as pres,they all need to face a firing squad.

      15. The economy is about to implode big time. Exports are way down as are imports. truckers are either quiting or being laid off with nothing to haul. Retail stores are not ordering and many are running on fumes. Food stocks are low and food shortages on the horizon. Inflation will hamper the rest. Get your stuff now, its almost too late. and yes, dump any debt

        • I think you’re right Jim. These numbers as well as the 94 million people out of work, the $19 trillion debt, unfounded liabilies and the rest of the financial frickin truth that they rarely speak of, to me is proof that all the people running for that office really ain’t gonna do shit about it anyway. If this info were put out everyday, like new car commercials, there would be protesting 24/7. Even some in here, just by reading their comments, ain’t got a frickin clue.

        • I’d agree Jim. Been watching this many years, and this is as close to the edge of the cliff as I’ve ever seen. Reports from multiple areas (I never buy into one or even two sources) indicate things are spiraling down.

          Told the wife to triple her normal winter seed order as she browses the catalogs.

          I topped off our fuel tanks today from my 55gal drum storage. Oldest gas was from 12/2012, and was $3.23 when it went in the drums, and replaced with ethanol free today at $1.84gal, and put back into storage. We now have 300gal gas tank, 275gal diesel tank, 10-55gal drums of diesel, 5 of gas, 2 of kerosene.

          Got firewood cut/split/drying for the next two years +, and enough still in log lengths that will get cut/split this spring/summer for at least another year.

          We killed a cow and 2 pigs late this fall, along with lots of summer produce, our 6 freezers are full, and the pantry is full of home canned stuff.

          We’ve been going thru all our lists and double checking things to make sure we’re well stocked.

          Getting a new knee next week while medical insurance is still there to pay for it.

          We’ll see how things are by summer/fall, but doesn’t look good at this point. Good luck to all, hope you’ve Boy Scouted Up ! (Be Prepared)

          • Andy good luck with the knee,me mum needs one done in a few months,if it all holds together that long!

          • Three years of seeds is smart.

          • Firstly, I wish you well with your Knee job.

            Secondly, congratulations on the “stocked to the hilt” in the freezer & fuel dept.

            Evidently you have a large family or you have a lot of produce in those 6 freezers along with the meat. And; evidently backup generators.

            We had a medium size freezer at the mtn. retreat site a few years ago. I was still trucking at the time and couldn’t get home to do the usual checks and inspections at the bug out shack, so the little woman had to do it on her own. She overlooked the freezer breaker that had been tripped during a brief lightening storm.

            The next week, I was emptying defrosted, soppy, veggies, some fruit, and half a deer, and about twenty lbs. of chicken, from the unit. The replacement unit was about half the size and we mostly can and dry now.

            Meat. We do like an occasional thick cut ribeye or strip steak, so we buy whole loins on sale, I cut about 2 inches thick, and she vacuum seals in single portions, of which we split for a meal.

            The usual rule of thumb, is to eat well sealed meats within a six month window, that have been frozen. Vacuum sealing in thick freezer bags will keep the meat fine for a year, but anything after that, and the fat begins to break down and will turn rancid.

            We just grilled the last ribeye, from a batch that was dated 7/2014. It was good except were the fat marble was and it was getting a little bit strong. The homemade wine vinegar and Allegros marinade covered it up mostly, but was still stronger than we like.

            Was scrounging around in the freezer, and found one last strip that was dated 10/2014. It is thawing for the pre-Superbowl mini party, and using it to make shrimp, Kielbasa, steak kabobs. Picked up some nice Carolina Coast shrimp…21-25 count on sale for 11.99 lb. The danged Argentina 20 ct. frozen shrimp was $32.95 a lb., and bogo deal, pretty fat buggers but I couldn’t help but think…glow in the dark.

            Anyways, cycling through all that beef can be a challenge, but sounds like you have a process all figured out.

            Good prepping, friend.

            • I stopped eating commercial beef after the mad cow disease outbreaks back in the 1990s. I eat beef, again, but only if it is organic and grass-fed. I changed to lamb which can have a strong taste. I like it now but at first it was an adjustment. Marinating the lamb was critical. The basic marinade I use is homemade:

              minced garlic
              worcestershire sauce
              red vinegar (or any vinegar you like or lemon juice or any type of leftover wine or beer)
              salt, pepper
              fresh minced herbs (whatever you have): Rosemary (not too much), thyme, oregano

              (From experience growing and cooking with herbs look for “Creeping Rosemary” as it is not as woody as the upright version and not quite as strong. It is easier to mince and use in a vinaigrette without overpowering your palette like upright Rosemary. The upright Rosemary is good for stuffing inside of chicken and turkey or when grilling. Home Depot usually has both in small pots in the spring).

              olive oil (or whatever oil you have)

              Cover the meat with this mixture from one hour to overnight. I usually scrape off the garlic and herbs because they can burn and I like my lamb steaks cooked in a cast iron skillet with the fat nice and crisp and seared on both sides but rare in the center. I usually pour in some white wine (or red) with a pat of butter to deglaze the pan and pour that over the lamb steak and side of taters.

              Happy cooking everyone 🙂

              • Boycott New Zealand halal lamb.

              • Sounds good Philo,though I personally would throw the garlic back on at end,get the most out of it,love garlic.

                I would like more fish,tis expensive and some coming from polluted areas so need to keep a eye on what type.When visiting me mum on island have fresh blue and stripped bass for the effort of fishing,nothing like fresh baked fish an hour or two out of the ocean.

                I make up some bread crumbs/good olive oil(I hope)and butter,simple and delicious.

                • I cook with garlic all the time. If I am cooking I am using fresh garlic or garlic powder!

                  Actually once raw meat has soaked in the marinade you shouldn’t eat it (uncooked) because of cross contamination. Sometimes if I have a little marinade left in the dish I throw that over the top of the steak / lamb while it is cooking or in the pan at the end. My cast iron pan is freaking hot so any liquid just instantly boils up.

                  I agree about fish. It is a worry now.

            • Passing:

              Yeah, we have a lot in the freezers besides meat. Butter, for example….we’ll keep 30-50lbs on hand. Strawberries, for example….we put up 25gal last year from our beds.

              Some things simply do better frozen, like sweet corn. But we can a lot also. Beans, sweet potatoes, new white potatoes, tomatoes (whole, paste, juice), meat mixed products like spaghetti sauce, chili, beef stew, etc.

              Our freezers are on the small side, most of them 7-9cf chest models. We eat out of them, then condense down, turning off one as we condense. I like having our ‘eggs’ spread among several baskets rather than in one big one in case a unit fails (I keep a 7th empty in reserve for a failure, only time we use it is when we freeze a bunch of meat at one time….spreading it out helps it freeze faster, then we’ll move it to others and cut that one off.)

              For power backup, I have a solar power system that will run all the freezers, and a couple of generators. We could also can out a lot of the stored items if it came to that.

              We keep a audible temperature alarm on all the freezers and check them regularly.

          • Off road diesel was $1.29 gal just outside Zebulon n. c. today.

      16. The financial collapse of 2008 was the end of our current fiat system. The number of people on welfare and food stamps will only continue to grow. Despite all the lies and financial spending games played by the central banks of the world since then, they cannot stop the deleveraging, only delay it. Because of the massive lies, and desperation to keep the current system going, we are in for a long hard road ahead. Today’s job numbers were a complete lie. We probably lost 151k jobs in January. The unemployment number is total nonsense. The lies will not stop, but will become larger than Mt. Everest in size and height as this horror story continues to unfold in the coming years. The US dollar’s days as the world reserve currency are numbered. And then the real pain for the US population will begin.

        • I agree. Most people don’t even know that the US is the world reserve currency and will not understand what it means when we lose that status.

      17. I have been trying to comment on this story, but will not put my comment on this site,let me see ,if I moderate this comment,they might allow,let’s give all qu–rs free welfare,see if this one is posted

        • Joe, are u in moderation?

          Read the commenting policy below.

      18. lies,damned lies and statistics

        What jobs? BLS says 665,000 job LOSSES

        h tp://www.washingtonexaminer.com/what-jobs-bls-says-665000-job-losses/article/2582535

        Citi: World economy trapped in ‘death spiral’

        h ttp://finance.yahoo.com/news/citi-world-economy-trapped-death-160555632.html;_ylt=AwrBT8zOFLVWQK0ATi5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEydGY5OGpvBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjExNTlfMQRzZWMDc2M-#

        “death spiral”
        well that can’t be good !!!

        at 4.9% unemployment,we’re considered at full employment

        when half of all jobs pay less than $30,000
        thats the problem
        at that level,in a third world country,your living large
        in a first world country
        your praying to keep food on the table
        and one little misfortune like a blown transmission is devastating

        • A couple years ago, it was exposed that the “official” numbers of “new jobs” included part time jobs and jobs that only lasted days or hours.

          So, someone could get a job cleaning windows for three hours and be unemployed by noon. Yet, that “job” was listed a new job created for that month.

          I will see if I can find the article link.

        • (Many links taken down, found this one)
          95% of May Jobs Created are Temporary Government Jobs – June 4, 2010
          “Great news? Unemployment dropped from 9.9% to 9.7%. Want the bad news? 95%, or 411,000 jobs out of 431,000, were temporary Government jobs aided U.S. Census Bureau hiring.

          This is what Obama considers as the “economy getting better everyday.” Is it really economic recovery when the government creates 95% of jobs?”

          “Something that isn’t being reported/covered by the main-stream media is the hiring practices of the U.S. Census Bureau.
          Census Bureau workers have blown the whistle about the fact that they are hired, temporarily laid off and rehired, each time counting as a job created.

          Just your typical government fraud that the taxpayers will have to pay for.”
          h ttps://scottystarnes.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/95-of-may-jobs-created-are-temporary-government-jobs/

          953,000 Jobs Created In ’13 — 731,000 Part-Time!
          That is 77% of jobs ‘created’ were only part time.

          A part time job won’t support a family. This leaves many families dependent on the government just to survive. No wonder the numbers on food stamps have increased so much.
          This is wiping out the middle class.

          Our country is being ‘fundamentally transformed.’
          h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-08-02/obamacare-full-frontal-953000-jobs-created-2013-77-or-731000-are-part-time

          Net Jobs Created January 2009 to June 2012 … a LOSS of 1.3 Million jobs
          If not for disability, the unemployment numbers would be MUCH larger.
          “Since 2008, 3.6. million Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program.
          In that same time period, a net total of 1.3 million jobs were lost.”
          h ttp://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/americans-joining-disability-outpaces-americans-finding-jobs_648660.html

          The Administration removed 7 million Jobs from the “baseline” to justify their latest stimulus job creation claims.
          “An inconvenient truth, at least for the Obama Administration, is that once upon a time, in their January 2009 Romer/Bernstein Report they told America that without their stimulus there would be 133.9 million jobs. That’s right, in order to make it look like their stimulus has “created or saved” 2.8 million jobs, the Obama Administration first had to whack 7 million jobs from the baseline.”
          ht tp://biggovernment.com/capitolconfidential/2010/04/19/white-house-caught-altering-stimulus-baseline-projection-by-7-million-jobs/

      19. Jim,not sure what part of country you reside in but here in New England no food shortages at stores that I see in most of the states I travel(well,except folks freaking during snow storm).Do not get me wrong,am all for a well stocked larder and rotation/use of food stuffs,could end in just a few days things openly collapse,but,no shortages around these parts.

        Even with the 2 million + gun sales in January(way to go folks!)still ammo to be had,again,buy while you can but tis avaliable readily most calibers.

        Retail to a large degree a thing of the past,cheaper for same goods on net delivered,and at moment states with a sales tax(shame on you!)tis a get around as long as store has no brick and mortar store in state.

        I agree economy looking very grim,but,at least in New England and on net goods to be had,just got today another 1/2 dozen Montec 125 grain broad heads,only had 6 of that grain till today,twas my besides food weekly prep buy.

        • Warchild. In reference to food shortages, I think they will show up this summer. Fewer imports, less delivery of local products and drought conditions in the midwest and California. Throw in inflation and it’ll be a problem for a lot of people.

      20. I went to the grocery store yesterday. Usually I spend around $125 a week, sometimes $150. The cost yesterday was $175. I didn’t get anything special, just the usual items. Had the store quarter a whole organic chicken for me. All of the fish was too expensive so skipped that. It made me think about how do people survive living on food stamps? It also made me think what happens when my grocery store cost is $200 a week? Or $300 a week? I don’t buy any junk. I cook at home. The expense is a big motivator for me to start planting.

        It makes me wonder why more of the food stamp people are not growing their own food or raising some chickens, quail, pigeon, or rabbits. None of those critters take up a lot of space and are pretty easy to raise.

        • Philo, it’d require effort and a will to better their circumstances. Both obviously sorely lacking with some of the FSA…….

          • Ya I hear ya Fox. I just don’t get that kind of thinking.

          • Philo,how many are you feeding?You read the link I put up on a regular basis,feeding 4 for a year on 300 bucks,tis boring but doable survivor wise.You interested will dig up and repost,that seems like a heck of a lot of money or a huge family.

            • Just myself. I eat well. I am not buying anything else at the present time. I am not in a “survival situation” at the present time. If I had to go live on beans and rice, I could. Right now? Oh hell no.

              • $175 is an awful lot of money for a week’s groceries for one person. I could eat out three times a day for that kind of money. I don’t spend half that, and that’s for two of us. I guess if we ate steak every day and shopped around for the very highest prices, we might approach that figure.

                • As I said below part of that expense included items other than food. I don’t steak every day, either. Prices have increased in my area.

                • I shop at a middle-grade grocery store. It isn’t the cheapest and it isn’t the most expensive. I usually only eat one meal a day. I am not obese and I don’t buy junk food or soda or that garbage either.

                • Of course if I ate out it would be cheaper. It is also food that I consider polluted and toxic. Which is why I don’t eat out very often.

                  My goal when buying, and preparing food is quality over quantity.

                  Nevermind. That went over a lot of ya’alls heads apparently.

                  • Philo,tis why I hunt and fish,best chance of decent food that way.I do see a growth in smaller farms,really get to see what you are eating/where it is coming from,this is unfortunately not easily if at all available were some folks live.

                    I am working on eating less meats,more a side dish then main,try and fill out with rice/beans/veggies with quality meat to add keep it tasty and not boring,times get tough boring will be a holiday meal though!

                    • I know how to shoot but never hunted. I am looking to learn and add that as a skill. I agree about small farms where you get to see how the animal was raised. I am not sure I will be staying in my area so have not put much effort into that.

                      I don’t have meat every day either! LOL! I can tell the difference in my energy level if I go without protein.

                      I know a lot of people drink protein drinks made from various types of protein. You couldn’t pay me to drink soy milk or anything made with soy protein because most soy in the US is a GMO crop and laden with glyphosate. (Oh yummy lets drink that for breakfast: NOT!) Or it is from whey which is basically the runoff product left after making cheese. The organic, grass-fed whey protein is expensive. If I were going to drink protein that is the type I would buy and use. I don’t know how long that product lasts.

                      One of the most expensive things I buy are organic vegetables and greens. I get whatever looks good, is grown in the US, and is in season (somewhere in the US at least). Another expensive item is good oil. I like Italian olive oil in a glass bottle.

            • I only eat organic and non-GMO products so, yes, those products cost more.

              I view my health as an asset that, once lost, is not easy regained. I view eating quality food as an investment in my health for both today and the future. My ultimate survival tool is a healthy body.

              I do cook, at home, every day. Most of the items I use only have one ingredient as I cook from scratch, every day.

            • Also some of that cost included supplies like TP, laundry soap, adult beverages, etc.

            • this might be a good time to remind everyone that they will be feeding a LOT of people…i just hope that food i got for two for a year…don’t turn into food for 40 for a week….with ME not being One of them!

              • BCOD, I suspect that is a common fear! One we are all prepared to deal with, win or lose. I have one smaller freezer, and less canned goods than most. I have mostly meat in the freezer, but wanting to shift to butchering smaller animals more frequently. I dehydrate things, it is so much easier in New Mexico. I have discovered just how delicious dried beef and vegetables are in soups. $175 in a week for groceries? All on alcohol or what? One meal a day messes up your metabolism big time, no matter what gold plated piece of meat you give it. Ah youth. I am making wine these days, and having fun with it. Will have to either grow sugar beets and process them or store 300 pounds of sugar. Or both. Never give up a prep until you have completely replaced it. Surprises me how tasty fruit wines are. Too cold here from some grapes, I have one grapevine, need another.

                • Oh screw off! I quit listening to people like you long ago. I eat all the eggs and cheese I want and my cholesterol is perfect. I was waiting for someone to come along and tell me that I have to eat every few hours in order to be “healthy.” No, I don’t. If you are diabetic, maybe. If I were doing heavy work, I would add another meal. I am not doing heavy work so it is unneccesary. Maybe if people stopped listening to all the BS artists out there and listened to themselves and their own body they wouldn’t be so fricken fat and unhealthy!

                  There is an Army general that is in excellent shape and he only eats one meal a day. (I forget his name, I saw an interview a couple of years ago and he had gray hair (50ish) and said he only ate one meal a day and that is when I said fuck it, fuck all the food people and their bullshit ideas.

                  I stopped eating crappy (and cheap) margarine years ago and changed to butter. Over the years I have cut out all the processed food and am a self-taught gourmet cook.

                  Now those nutrition people say that eggs may not be that bad for you. LMAO. That the body needs fat. LMAO. Ya think? The brain is what, 40% cholesterol so if you are deprived of cholesterol you can’t think clearly.

                  If you only eat rabbit meat, your body can become toxic (I don’t remember the name for this) because of being deprived of fat. What did stores do years ago? It is still big: low fat (and high sugar) yogurt, cheese, all of that processed crap. If I use milk, I use whole milk. My guess is many people have been caused more harm than good by following all these fad diets. Look around. The last numbers I read were 30% of the US population are OBESE. Not just overweight, grossly overweight.

                  Much of the world’s population would be thrilled to eat one meal a day. I usually have some type of leftover that I have for breakfast or lunch. I don’t consider that a meal. It is just a snack. I always have organic oranges and pears and some type of cheese, and either walnuts or almonds for a snack. I just don’t stuff my face 24/7 with food which is why I am not obese.

                  • Philo lover of Kim Jung Un and his EMP s
                    90 percent of what you said is ignorant rant. Where did I say I only eat rabbits? Am I not producing enough genocide talk for your bosses little provacateur?
                    No check this month for arrests? Golly gee whillikers, how’s a girl like you going to live?

                    • Fuck off troll.

                    • Philo lover of Kim Jong Un,
                      What’s a matter her? Can’t take the same kind crap she dishes out every day of the week? Apologize and make peace if you are adult enough.

                • a good time to remind everybody to buy CHEST freezer, never an upright…open the door, and allll the cold falls out…just like that commercial a couple dozen years ago…and i left my freezer unplugged for 3 days after moving one time…woke up in a cold sweat, ran to the freezer expecting to see rotten meat and all….it was pretty much still frozen…and i’m talking october, when it’s still warm here in the desert…it taught me how little it takes to keep a chest freezer going, and that food will probly last a WEEK, after the power goes out.

                  • BCOD,
                    I ordered a temperature controller that turns a chest freezer into a chest refrigerator. Uses way less electricity. It should be here soon, then I will go pick up a small chest freezer. My old fridge is wonk and that is what I figure will be good with less pull from solar panels. It doesn’t lose cold every time you open it. Remove the controller and it goes back to freezer. I like my small chest freezer, mostly for meat. I also keep frozen bottles of ice in it to run less and hold cold longer if power is off. Would rotate ice bottles into the fridge too!

                    • sounds like a good plan.

            • Hi Warchild – I’d be very interested in your “feed 4 for a year” I read all of your posts and am always so jealous of all your wonderful preps! My husband and I have only just started and have some foods stored(not enough yet), seeds, a generator and some bottled water (not enough yet) and a water purification thingie. But oh what a ways we have to go. Will be out of debt by summer and we keep very little cash in the bank. I just wish we could stop direct deposit all together but not sure how much good that would do to have an uncashable paycheck anyway.
              My dream is to have a small farm and a few “meat on legs” critters but with a pilot husband not sure if I could handle that on my own half of every month. :/
              I’ll look forward to your post!

              • Go for it. It isn’t that hard to feed chickens. Start with some raised beds. Find out what you like doing. You would be surprised at what you can do on your own.

        • Philosopher, the people on that program have no brains. No surprise there.

          • It doesn’t take a lot of brains to plant seeds. My patience for stupid people wore thin quite some time ago.

            • Just remember that we had to send the Peace Corps to Africa in the 1960s to teach people how to plant seeds and grow food. People in northern India don’t even know how to dig a well for water. My church, along with others, has sent men there to do it for them.

              Some people just can’t figure anything out. I was working in a convenience store many years ago. An older woman, obviously well to do, came in and bought a Coke. After she paid for it, she stood there and asked me how she was going to drink it. I told her to turn it up and drink it like everyone else. She was wanting a straw, which we didn’t have, and evidently knew no other way to drink a bottled Coke.

              • The stupidly and laziness of others is not my problem.

        • Why can’t they get them to work in the food industry for their EBT? That never made sense to me: to let people collect welfare and food stamps and not do any work. There are over 100 million of them: think of the difference they could make to the food situation if they worked?

          • I agree. Why not give them seeds and access to a pea patch? I know a local church that has pea patches people can use and many cities have public pea patches for folks that live in apartments. Growing a plant is pretty basic: seed plus dirt (soil) plus water plus sun. It isn’t fricken rocket science.

      21. Impoverishment of the people of any nation is the MO of the IMF and WB on the path to economic oppression. Ref. CONFESSION OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins. The IMF is now working on Europe. The US is next.

        • Road kill can be cheap meat. Eat mo possum.

          • Only after soaking it it milk and them my marinade (see recipe above),

        • True that: I have worked on the take down of various countries over the years for the government. Europe is definitely our current project. What were they thinking? The Euro to rival the dollar? Puh-lease!! The Islamo-Euro will be nothing but butt wipe in a couple of years. A dollar will get you a night with a Euro babe or a Muslim catamite.

      22. The reason some folks struggle is because they think too small. People collecting change in a piggy bank is what children do. Same thing with scrapping metals and other little $ grabs. It’s not hard to see that if your making minimum wage that it is not suitable. There are millions of people taking the minimum. You need to get skills and connections to greener pastures it’s just the only way. Think on a bigger scale. Overcome the small thinking and get the skills to make $. Look you gotta go to college pay for a class at a time while your there make strong connections be a person of character. Take advantage of what the world has to offer. Don’t settle for a job at Walmart and complain everyday if your capable of more. We are not on this earth for long so we need to get paid. Years fly by groveling and being miserable because your constantly struggling sucks. I put things up just because I’m a realist and shit don’t look too good in the world. But for me I’m not gonna live like the collapse is here. But I will do small things like a little garden pull out the Dutch oven and cook on fire practice marksmanship keep up with what’s going on. We have to live and might as well be happy while times are good and they are good now compared to what’s coming.

        • Asshat,
          A college degree in Engineering is not going to get a job. Corporate demands for H1B visas are ten times the allowed number… guess how long before the allowed number increases? Not much is being built, hurting building trades. Maybe you can pull a job out of your Asshat with a college degree but this country is short better than 200,000 jobs of any kind, including part time crap.

          I do not tell young people to go to college anymore. I tell them to use the free rent time at mummy and daddy’s house to start a business. A possible future beats corporate pizz down. Even my educated son shifted to self-employment. I always worked for Baas Hawg, and made extra on my own. Total earnings grater on my own but I never minded pulling from the system too. When I sent my son to university, I told him that it a means to an end… Independence… not a goal.

          • Do you ever say anything positive you fucking lurker? Lay off of people.

        • I agree. I have been poor and not only survived, but thrived. People do think small.

          I am the same way as far as keeping skills up to snuff. Camping is a vacay for me!

      23. HILARY ON THE $675 Goldman Sachs gave her:

        “That’s what they offered,” Clinton said in response to Anderson Cooper’s question about her decision to accept $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in the period between serving as secretary of state and her decision to formally enter the 2016 presidential race. Cited from http://joemiller.us/2016/02/hillary-clinton-going-really-regret-saying-4-words-goldman-sachs/#ixzz3zL1MCRub No word yet from the left of the Occupy Wall Street types about how this money could have been used to help the poor, instead of lining the pockets of the Clintons.

        Same woman who left the White House “dead broke” (she couldn’t have been completely broke, given that they stole the silverware!) and was also the master executer of those miraculous cattle future trades back in the 90s everyone has now forgotten about

        • Now, about those ‘cattle future trades.’ Remember that the trader holding the bets is able to move the price of the commodity–and he only makes a profit if the client loses. The client is betting against the house and the house determines the value of the market.

          If Hillery made money on the bets, it was because the house deliberately moved the market value in her favor. Clients who profit are as common as hens teeth.

          Those traders do not fly their airplanes into Chicago daily to make chump change.

      24. Speaking of which, here’s the Obama golf counter, so you can keep up to date with how the uber rich live:


        • Test,
          Paul Ryan was reluctant to take on Speaker of the House cuz he didn’t want to work more than 3 days a week. He flies home to mamacita every week. He ain’t doing thaton his salary ddo change know. I worked 3 decades for rich people (servant to their servants). I assure you they do not work. Obama worked more than Bush prolly cuz he wasn’t used to rich yet.

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