Recession Confirmed: “Even The Bureau of Labor Statistics Has Run Out Of Bullsh*t”

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    The following analysis was originally published by James Quinn at The Burning Platform. As always, Jim gives us some key insights into what the government is saying is happening and what is actually happening. As you may have guessed, all of the “official” statistics and reports over the last several months and years are nothing more than conjecture. There is no recovery. In fact, as Quinn explains, a recession has now been confirmed.

    Here’s the reality of the situation – from James Quinn:

    It sure is lucky those Ivy League educated economists at those Wall Street criminal banks are paid millions per year. How else could we get such accurate forecasts about job growth in the U.S. These mental midgets predicted 245,000 new Obama jobs (bartenders, waitresses, house cleaners, clerks, fry cooks) in March. Even the BLS has run out of bullshit and lies. Those dramatic job increases in January and February were cut by 69,000 jobs. That is a 13% error. If I make a 13% error doing my job, I’d be fired. The BLS government drones have the power to move markets with their bullshit reports. It’s funny how the negative revision is put at the very end of their 2,000 word press release.

    But getting back to the accuracy of Ivy League educated Wall Street economists – they missed by 50%. That entitles them to a $250,000 bonus. The Establishment Survey showed a pitiful 126,000 increase in low paying service jobs in March. Get prepared for the usual weather excuse. They’ve been using it for the last four months. How many companies make hiring decisions based on the weather outside? Really? Do these highly educated assholes actually expect us to believe the temperature outside stops companies from hiring? Hysterically, the BLS says that 72,000 phantom jobs were created by new companies, even though we know for a fact that more companies are closing than opening. This 126,000 number will be revised to a negative number two years from now in a press release on a Friday afternoon.

    And it gets better. The Establishment Survey is the good news. The Household Survey, that calculates the fake unemployment rate, had even more dreadful results. It showed only 34,000 more people employed than last month. It shows only 130,000 more people employed YTD versus the 390,000 in the other survey. Which number do you not believe the most?


    So according to the BLS’ own numbers, the working age population has gone up by 357,000 since January, while 130,000 people became employed, but the unemployment rate somehow fell from 5.7% to 5.5%. Anyone with two brain cells has to be stifling their laughter, as the BLS drones try to argue that 631,000 working age Americans voluntarily left the workforce and aren’t really unemployed. The gall of these government scumbags is off the credibility charts. They expect critical thinking individuals to believe the labor participation rate is at a 35 year low by choice. What a crock of shit. The fact is that at least 9 million more people want jobs and don’t have them. That makes the unemployment rate at least 11%, even by their calculations.

    By calculations used before the government became captured and propaganda became the method of controlling the proles, the unemployment rate is actually 23%. Which figure seems more accurate to you?


    Anyone living in the real world knows the economy has clearly been going into the tank since the Fall of last year. Since November the number of people leaving the labor force is virtually the same as the number of people getting jobs. And of course we have the 2.1% annual increase in wages. Wage growth has stagnated at 2% since 2009. Have your daily living costs stagnated at 2% since 2009? Food costs, health insurance (thanks Obamacare), rents, and a myriad of other daily living expenses are up 5% to 15% over the last year.


    So even the government drones have to admit recession has arrived. The Atlanta Fed already is predicting a 0.0% GDP in the first quarter. The entire 2.2% GDP in the 4th quarter was due to increased spending on Obamacare. Real wages are negative. Consumer spending is in the toilet. And Obama is busy telling the rest of the world how to run their countries at the point of cruise missiles. Sounds like a recipe for success. The rich know what to do. Buy stocks because Janet will keep the stock market soaring.


    For more commentary and analysis visit The Burning Platform


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      1. “Buy stocks because Janet will keep the stock market soaring.”

        Well, fwiw, the stock market is approaching 18,000 again.

        • they/we might THINK they can keep these plates ALL spinnin’ forever, but i got a feelin’ they aint got it under control afterall…
          eww, that smell
          can’tch’ smell that smell
          eww that smell
          the smell of DEBT surrounds youuuu………..lynyrd skynyrd
          how’d they know, soo many years ago?

          • and BTW, the only REAL number(it’s buried there in the employment report EVERY month) is the PERCENTAGE of americans of WORKING-AGE that have JOBS…in other words, the EMPLOYED….that number is 59% or so….which means we have 41% of americans that DON’T WORK!….in MY book, that’s an UNemployed rate of 41%(i don’t care WHY they’re unemployed, they just ARE not employed)….so, thankfully, the gub-mint tells the TRUTH every month in the employment report….you just gotta DIG for it. now, a lot of people don’t believe in the electric chair, but if I’M ELECTED king, we will have electric BLEACHERS for these gubmint pukes that fabricate these lies.

            • It is simple as this/that. NEVER believe ONE THING the .gov says..ever. Sad we have devolved into this sorry state, but the old saying that those that seek power are the least deserving of it rings true again. WTF do we expect being governed by a bunch of psychopaths? And voting them pout don’t work as there are 10 more wanabes in line. It is to the point that I am just saying “fvk it, it doesn’t matter anymore.” It is over folks, the planet is dying and there might be 2 maybe 3 generations left before everyone is born deformed or dead. That is if the Russians don’t nuke us into the stratosphere.

              • Oh! You did it now!

                Government pushes forward its agenda using three activities. They are, literally, the only activities they use to accomplish their goals. Those activities are:

                1. Lies
                2. Theft
                3. Murder

                …thats in order of usage. I’d estimate 70/20/10 but you can fudge the numbers. The trouble is, its hard to track because, again I estimate, 95% of all government action uses at least two of those activities.

                So, yeah, if the government is telling you its lying. It may not be a straight up lie. It may be a misdirection, but, in all honesty, there’s not really any difference. Lies are lies and government is the one that has perfected it.

                • The country is in a recession and there is high unemployment. Yet, the administration now does this…

                  Report: Deported Immigrations to Be Flown Back into USA – paid for by Taxpayer Money

                  “They can also receive a wide variety of federal benefits once they arrive.

                  In 2014, unaccompanied alien children from Central America walked across America’s southern border in droves. This year, the U.S. government will pay for unaccompanied alien children to be flown into the country, even if they were convicted of a FELONY, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot.

                  It sounds outlandish, so how is it happening? It’s called the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors, and the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security introduced it on November 14, 2014.”

                  National Review dot com

            • Hey buttcrack,
              You read my mind; that’s basically what I wrote to somebody on 14 January:

              “The unemployment rate figures offered by the government are all lies or deception. If we have 318 million people, and 92 million workers have dropped out, that’s 28.93% percent of the population. Some are children, so they don’t count in the 318 million figure. So, maybe 25% of the people are ineligible to work? Subtract 79.5 million from the total. That’s still 238.5 million eligible workers. If 92 million of those 238 million have dropped out, then only 146.5 million of 238 million eligible, able-bodied workers are actually working. That’s a 61.5% labor participation rate. That’s actually close to what the Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting. So if nearly 40% of our workers aren’t even trying to find a job anymore, why aren’t they reporting that our unemployment rate is 40%? And what of all those who had a dual-income household and total household net income of $150,000, who were paying a mortgage, two car payments, utilities, and college tuition for one kid, who are suddenly busted back to working a crappy retail sales job and a second job flipping burgers for a total disposable income of $70,000?”

              “The government’s job is to keep us from panicking, as always. But 2015 is going to make a decisive statement about what the country has turned into, I am afraid.”

              • hey you Nimrod…..jan 14 is my BIRFDAY!….that’s ironical

              • You forgot about the 25 million that work for the gubment. They do NOT produce, make, or add to the economy.

          • BCOD: I love the analogy of the spinning plates!!! Great stuff!!! Wish I had thought of it!!! Pure Genius!!! 🙂

            • Too much debt ?
              Stop counting it !

              ht tp://

            • How can they be out of bullshirt? Can’t they just print more?

            • thanks durango, butt you give me waaay to much credit.

        • How much do you want to bet the Scott pig walks?

          Prevailing attitudes have changed much on this site since it was a flag-waving cadre of lemmings blindly supporting pork and military. Stupid old white GOPers.

          Still think state pooper troopers are my best protection? Still think pigs have a hard job? Donut shop ran out of butter?

      2. there cant be a recession because Obama said we avoided it. and we avoided the depression too.

        Sheesh. that was close.

        Dow 18,000!

        Life is good.

        Take the kids to Disneyland.

      3. Recession confirmed?
        B.S. we never got out of the recession from 2007/08.
        If anything we so closed to depression you can touch it.
        Just what Obullshit wants, another way to bring the USA to her knees.

        For all of you turds that voted for him, how do you feel now? That’s ok you are too dumb to know any difference.
        Just think 21 more months of this turd! Then Hellory!

        • karl denninger has said it many times. if you subtract the BORROWING that the U.S. has done, we been in a recession for DECADES!….i betcha we don’t get to the NEXT election before this shit all goes buh-BAMMMMMM!…meanwhile, i’m partyin’ like it’s 1941!

          • “B”
            I’m prepping like the Egyptians did when they were told that there was going to be 7 years of draught in the land where there would be no food produced. Some little thing I read in the Old Testament. Putting some silver aside to.

            • likewise….y’all better be preppin’ like a MOFO!, right.

          • Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1929.

        • I’M READY FOR HILLARY!!!

          *lubes my buttcrack*…

          100% unemployment in the private sector, here we come.

          • TG…

            ..even “Astro-glide ‘taint gonna help sonny…’cuz Hillary’s akin to some Eurasian / Haliburton pipe-line…in size…

            ..recommend you invest heavily/ Novocaine!!!

            Good luck to you!

          • Don’t count on Hillary’s 9″ strap-on. Elizabeth Warren’s got an 18-incher for you.

          • OMFG! i just had a vision of her sittin’ on yer face and takin’ a rosebush to yer ASS, TG….YIKES!

        • It’s been a depression all along and voting means nothing as they are all installed and have been for decades – at least.

      4. I doubt there are many, if any who read this site that voted for Obama. Without lies there would be nothing to report about the raping of our economy, this free trade ride into the poorhouse.

        • The other choices wouldn’t have been any better and your choices in 2016 will suck just as bad. The slow shuffle into economic oblivion is inevitable and most americans will be sitting on their fat behinds, watching TV, and unable to fathom why their government check didn’t come on time.

          Don’t think the outcome would’ve changed if Kerry had beaten Bush II or if Ted Cruz (or any other republican) beats Hillary. It doesn’t matter at all. The outcome will be the same.

          The Welfare and Warfare state will expand no matter who you vote for. The corporations and oligarchs control the process and they have enough resources to keep it that way.

          • the outcome will be the same, but what will change, depending on who gets elected, is the TIMING…if a conservative was to get elected(if we make it THAT far), many americans will be lulled into a false sense of hope, so the collapse COULD take a little longer…but yes, collapse IS inevitable….hope i’m not sugar-coating the news for all you shtf readers!….sorry, but i got this optimism problem.

            • Presidents are not elected. They are SELECTED. Just a scam to make you think you have a choice. George Carlin (rip) was right all along.

              • if voting made a DIFFERENCE, they wouldn’t let U.S. DO it!

                • Ha ha your right butt 🙂

                  • well, actually, it was mark twain that was the RIGHT guy….credit where due.

                • when i have been overseas ALL the countries i have been in( and that is lots) ALL laugh at us and they know all our voting machines are rigged. there news media used to report it all the time, just like Mitt Romney has busines ties to the manufactuer of the voting mchines

              • George Carlin … a modern day prophet!! It’s a wonder they didn’t kill him ….

                • Actually it was Emma Goldman.
                  “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”
                  Though George did make a statement about it voting not working that was quite accurate and I’ve followed it to this very day.
                  RIP George you are missed.

        • Sadly, first time? Yes. I did. My other choice was to take a chance on Insane McCain getting elected, at which point we’d all be playing in our radioactive ash sandboxes about now. At least we’re breathing.

          Second time hell no are you kidding me?

        • A con requires willing marks who want to be swindled. That is what we have in the Land of the Stupid, Home of the Indebted.

      5. Just imagine how bad consumer spending would be if we weren’t all stocking up.

        Everytime I go to Sam’s Club, the government reports an increase in consumer spending. But honestly, how much tiolet paper can I buy.

        • Imagine how bad consumer spending would be if it weren’t for (real) inflation.

          Last month you had to spend, say, a thousand dollars to maintain your standard of living and this month you have to spend eleven hundred for the same essential stuff. That makes consumer spending, on your part, up ten percent.

        • important to remember that SOME of that increased spending is because prices are RISING…less THINGS bought, but because prices are much higher on those THINGS, it shows up as higher total spending….not a good thing!

        • What good is toilet paper if you have no functioning sewage system?

          Hope you got septic.

          • Still have to wipe. No matter where you go.

            • Just bring obamas dog along it eats shit and licks assholes clean all day…………

      6. There is no inflation either. That the dollar a pound hamburger is not real. Don’t believe your lying eyes.

        • Wow using the phone to post comments is tuff. I meant 5 dollar a pound burger.

          • Good thing hamburger is a WANT, not a NEED.

          • I was going to say, wheres that dollar a pound burger!!!
            Its ridiculous for sure, making those cans of spam and corned beef look more affordable

            • Still can get vienna sausages for 50 cents a can at Dollar Tree.

            • Kulafarmer

              Try These Goodies from the can.

              Hormel. Sausage Hash and Roast Beef Hash.
              Family Gourmet. Roast beef and gravy.
              Berkley and Jenson. Chicken Breast.

              All can goods that I have eaten.

              I also eat Spam (With Bacon) and corned beef out of the can.

              • thanks for the suggestions kula…’re an asset to shtfplan!, and I for one, appreciate you.

        • Well it isn’t real hamburger anyway (see the Taco Bell meat lawsuit). Just because the courts said that it is in fact real meat doesn’t make it so.

          It only stands to reason that it costs more since I’m sure all the stuff they add to it is good for you (sarcasm detector should be on). Just watch Fast Food Nation or read anything by Michael Pollan.

          • The store burger is ground from real beef in this neck of the woods… I think.. but there was a time not long ago that turkey burger (wifes fav) was about twice than the price of beef. now it is opposite and turkey is half the price. Fine with me as I prefer turkey burger anyway.

            • The recent new bird flu outbreak is spreading in the United States and may change that. (Bird flu of any kind is hard to contain since wild birds tend to travel around a bit and spread it wherever they go to any kind of domesticated bird in the vicinity.)

              Something to keep an eye on.

              Cheap food is probably on the way out (think California drought if you’re vegetarian) and we will probably return to a more traditional half or more of the average working persons income going to food alone.

              So half your income for food, half for taxes, half for energy, half for housing and half for healthcare. Be prepared to work a little harder in the future.

              • A commenter on a prior post from about 2 weeks ago or so said there was a sale on grains at Augason. There was a site that said 200 pounds per person per year. So I bought that much.

                Oh my goodness!! Where am I gonna store all that? It takes up so much space. And it’s gotta be stored in a place that won’t get too hot.

                Prep supplies take up a lotta, lotta space!!!!

                • At least the buckets are stackable!! It was a hell of a deal though!! I’m sectioning off sleeping quarters and using stacks of buckets for privacy walls haha

                  • 50% off was a heckuva deal. It’s just that all the stuff you need for a SHTF event takes up at least a good-sized room!

                    I don’t mind (too much) spending the money, but the space it takes up is not trivial. Moreover, I gotta find the time to build up skills.

                    And I don’t think there’s much time either!

                    • My basement is stacked to the rafters. I’m running out of room too. I also think time is running short.

                • 200 pounds of grain should fit in 6 five-gallon buckets. See if those buckets will roll under your bed!

              • Not sure if cheap food is on they way out or not.

                Mostly Holsum or Sunbeam loaves of bread are $1.50+ a loaf, but I just bought a new brand called Ersatzbrot bread that was only 50 cents for a large loaf.

                Tasted like smoked pine, but a lot of mustard and some Friskies potted meat made a good sammich…

              • good one sharon!the most important thing will be water, but even more important than that will be food, but the MOST important prep of all will be guns and ammo, but don’t forget the toilet paper….and even more important will be seeds….but don’t forget the………

          • It’s probably human meat at Taco Bell. McDonalds does the same.

            It’s Soilent Green!

          • its called pink slime…………in our day its soilent green

        • Wow .02 there for a minute I couldn’t believe my lying eyes. I was wondering where you found that dollar a pound burger. Trekker Out

      7. Recession? Depression? I would not know, can’t afford to pay attention.

      8. Whether in a recession or not depends on your position in the economic world.

        Those at the top -especially the top part of the top- have prospered greatly under Obama’s economic policies, those in the middle and upper middle have almost kept even with a small percentage making some advances in their position, and those in the lower half have lost ground and have little prospect of changing this downwards direction in the future.

        I don’t see anything that will change this trend in the next several decades, at least nothing politically palatable to the American people, stabilization being more realistic to hope for than recovery.

        • Not only does Obama not have an economic policy, he doesn’t even know what economics is.

          And it’s not about depending upon what the meaning of is is…

          • The only job Obama ever held was community socialism hijacker of hoods……..

      9. The worlds oldest person died yesterday in Arkansas. She was 116 years old. She had hoped Odummer would come and visit her as she voted for him twice. It goes to show 116 years of living and you just can’t fix stupid.

        • well, now she can vote for him SEVERAL times, since she’s dead!

          • Good one buttcrack! Just goes to show, age doesn’t equal wisdom. I wonder who I will be voting for after I’m dead lol.

          • I LOVE it! bcod.

        • There’s no fool, like an old fool.

          • good one, angry!…..thanks guys!

      10. Keep the sheeple distracted, while the elite grow their riches.
        IMO, everyday draws us closer to the all mighty dollar going bye-bye!!!!
        Even though it is right out there in the face of America, we still have those that believe what is spewed across the news media. The Kool-aid is mighty potent these days it seems?
        Russia prepares, while America sleeps. There’s a war coming an some out there know it. It may not happen this year or next, but down the road, all bets off.
        History will repeat itself.
        The Roman Empire fell, so will the Untied States, simply from the greedy arrogant ass-f*ckes wielding power. I don’t like the way you play, so I am taking my toys and going home! Eventually, there will be no place to go home to.
        ” The serpent lurks in the grass, The fatal dart is thrown, Innocence is nowhere safe.”

      11. Recession confirmed,really?wall Street & gov’t is bankrupt but someone is hawking mining stocks.want gold or silver u go buy it & take physical possession.I expected way better than hawking bull

      12. Recession? The reason we don’t see the “depression”, because of JPMorgan’s food stamp program keeps them out of the soup lines. I don’t see how we can have 92 million people out of work, bankrupt and using a financial system called usury, designed to keep people in debt and forever enslaved.

        Do people understand what usury is? The German people living under the cruel government during the Weimar Republic know it very well. IT was destroying their culture, family and nation…by the very same Rothschild Cabal enjoying the same destruction of the united States of America today. The Allies were supported by Zionist bankers/Rothschild, that should be a clue our history was fabricated. The Germans were fighting against communism and Stalin’s murdering Jewish Bolsheviks as they threaten all of Europe, not wanting to conquer the world.

        We are a corporation, not a nation.

        “I refer you to the UNITED STATES CODE (note the capitalization, indicating the corporation, not the Republic) Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) (C). It is stated unequivocally that the UNITED STATES is a corporation [see note]. Realize, too, that the corporation is not a separate and distinct entity from the government. It IS the government. YOUR government. This is extremely important. I refer to this as the “corporate empire of the UNITED STATES,” which operates under Roman Civil Law outside of the Constitution. How do you like being ruled by a cheesy, sleazy corporation?”

        “Americans are lied to in a great many ways but perhaps the most perfidious is the actual truth that the subsequent Constitution for the United States does not apply to 14th Amendment United States citizens. Americans universally do not even understand that the legal term ‘citizen’ means *subject*; i.e., serf. They do not realize that they have, typically by their formal and/or tacit acceptance, contracted away all unalienable rights to the UNITED STATES Federal corporation which owns them and now have only ‘privileges’ as commercial entities. They do not realize that they do not even ‘own’ their own names. Their names, via the birth certificate registered, are owned by the corporation. No longer men and women. Just ‘human beings'(corporate resources) which in Black’s Law means “monsters”. The Corporate United States is intertwined with all similar so-called governments across the planet, which today are not sovereign nations but simply private mega corporations masquerading as the sovereign nations they replaced. The ‘one world government’ of the Banking elites seems nearly at hand — though there do appear to be some nations unwilling to go along with that scheme … it ‘appears’ Russia is such a one. Until proven to me otherwise, my prayers will lie with it inasmuch as I cannot abide a (hideous) private corporation such as the US, Great Britain, Canada, France, et al. now are (and legally defined as such and as commercial entities), that depend upon rape and theft of the remainder of the world for its/their financial sustenance. Oh, for those that did not know this, the United States is legally in receivership to the IMF having gone through at least three unsuccessful bankruptcies. Administered by the UN. All of this may seem strange to many, but all you have to do is go back to maritime/admiralty law, money ‘magic’ and Babylon. The evil has been around for a very long time and is currently personified by Israel (though the real power is in the City of London).”

        You can’t solve the problem using the same problem that put us in this predicament.
        Our income tax goes to the IMF and they cut us an usury check when we need money with a high interest rate attached. Read the findings of the Grace Commission, resulting in the assassination attempt on Reagan.

        People need to wake the flock up.

        • ht tps://

        • Great post Tom.

          • BINGO!!!!!!

        • Wow! Tom! What an excellent post. I think I just got a truth overdose! It was a review of what I’ve been preaching for years. It kind of took my breath away and made my head spin.

          Not a single word could I come of with to correct or criticize.

          YOU ARE CORRECT in the most complete way possible.

        • I agree with POG, great post Tom.

      13. sigh!

        iceland is starting to look better and better every day!

        • Or russia. I heard the other day Putin is letting the people there own and open carry guns now.

          • Is there any doubt that history books will call Putin the greatest leader of our current era? The Russians sure love him and it would not surprise me for him to have “the great” attached to his name one day.

            • Well, so could obungler:

              The Great Black Mistake.

              • or better yet, the first prez-dent to win both the nobel prize for peace, AND the nobel prize for EVIL!

          • How special! Putin is letting the people own and open carry guns. How White of him. Wish we had that privilege here in the old USA. Putin is a Communist and there is nothing great about him, and that privilege that he is giving the Russian people can be taken away at anytime. Think I’ll stick with our Bill Of Right, and Russia can keep their privileges. For all that think the US is so bad, why don’t you head on over there. I own guns and I don’t need Putin or Obama to tell me it’s OK. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

            • Agreed MT-
              Gettin sick of the putin love fest.
              But in reality , sellin guns to the people will be a huge influx of cash to the government owned armories.
              He never said the supply of ammo would not be manipulated……. OH wait , it reminds me of an American wannabe socialist dictator i hears of once .

              • Hammer good to hear from you, I’d just like to touch on the subject of knives, or maybe I should say something that is necessary to keep your knife in good working order. I have a neighbor who lives across the road and he is a snowbird and his health ain’t all that great, anyhow he comes to Wyoming in the summer and fall for hunting season, last fall he killed a cow elk and someone hung it in his garage and he saked me if I would skin it for him. Long story short, I said sure and I was skinning it for him and he brought out a small steel or diamond sharpener, and that thing was the best I have every used and it sure was handy. And he asked me if I wanted it, and I told him you don’t need to do that, I’m glad to help you out, but he insisted I take it. This thing is made by Hewlett Mfg. and is called a Jewelstik or a Flipstik it fits in it’s own handle and it’s easy to carry in a day back or even in you coat pocket. Just thought I’d share. Trekker Out. Stay Sharp!

            • MMountain Trekker, I’m only going by hear-say here because I’ve never bought a gun over the counter, but to own a gun I think you have to do a back round check , give a SS#, address, phone#, maybe waiting time. A Pistol permit might want finger prints also. Friend has DUI’s won’t renew his permit, another has a PFA on him took all his guns because of the paper trial..Nooo there’s no strings here in the USA..

              • PA No argument here. But if I may say, I have bought and sold many guns from and to people with out a background check, in person and at gun auctions, and am now tell it for the whole world to see, Wonder if I could do that in Russia. Also if I desired to cuss Obama for the whole world to see, I wouldn’t fear to do so, wonder if that would be the same in Russia pertaining to Putin? Trekker Out.

                • Mountain Trekker, I myself will stay right here in USA and do my fighting on the land I know and believe that someday will return too what I remember as a kid.
                  I been thinking about getting a pistol perment for about a year, that paper trail keeps stoping me. I really dont need to carrie around here..grr

            • I have a question for the “Putin” supporters here at SHTF.

              Please share your “links, sources” with us so we know where you are getting your info from.

              Seems rather ‘odd’ to me that we cannot believe a damned thing the MSM tells us about the country we live in; yet we swallow what we are told about Russia and Putin. We live here and cant seem to figure out what has happened to our country and who is responsible; how can we purport to know what is really going on in Russia? So please, share where your info is coming from.

              Do you really think the international banksters that financed the Bolshevik/Communist revolution in Russia have loosened their grip on that regime? Putin is just another one of their puppets, playing the “good” puppet vs Obama the “bad” puppet. The PTB must be laughing their asses off seeing people in the US buying into their BS.

              • Most people in the U.S. are commies. They voted for the commie in the big house, so what’s new?

                f ’em

            • Trekker, I think the Putin Lovefest is due to the fact that, communist or not, Putin is kind of a mans man. He’s not married to a transvestite wookie and, at times, he seems WAY MORE honorable than our wimpy Kenyan. That being said, people in the USA need to read the law and know the law. Yes Putin is giving his people permission to have weapons. In the USA, however, people give the government permission to take them and infringe.

              “A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

              Government warps our language and makes people think that “regulation” is good. Regulation is good but the word has been redefined. Regulation today would be called prohibition in the days that the 2A was written. Regulate means to make regular or normal. Does anyone think the laws of today “regulate” one damned thing? No! They prohibit, warp, pervert and destroy at every turn.

              You don’t just have the right to have and carry weapons, you have the right to have and carry ANY weapons and ANY law restricting that is ILLEGAL! …and those who argue differently REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need to study law a bit. Every interpretation of the 2A that I have ever seen was POLITICALLY MOTIVATED and not motivated by truth, facts and reality.

              Back the to the corporate thing: Does everyone here understand what a corporation is? It is a person without a soul. It is an entity that is not accountable to God. It is a way for man to absolve his responsibilities to both the world and his fellow men. It is, very purposefully, the most evil, vile thing on this planet.

              That evil, vile thing is what you have allowed to rule over the lives of over 300 million people. The United States Federal Corporation, is efectively the enemy of mankind. It sounds over state, but, if you look at whats going on, you’ll see its not over stated at all!

              • N.R. GOOD ONE!!! TOO TRUE!!!

          • that is true, though the handguns for legal carry are limited in just around 5 rounds or so , and he even encourages the citizens to fight back against police corruption.

            the federal tax in russia is a flat tax 15%.

            though corruption and criminal mafia crime rings is still a problem.

            i’d give russia a few more years to mature.

            i’m especially interested in the eastern russian land gift putin is working on for homesteading settlers. 20 acres to all settlers and their family.

        • They will get after Iceland in due time, just wait and see.

      14. Quinn is one of the sharpest guys out ther. The Burning Platform is a site well worth visiting. Thought provoking and diverse postings and commentary.

      15. Just heard on the Rush show that the Whitehouse is without power, is that not the truth?

        • It was reported that the State Department had to give it’s daily news briefing, in the dark.

          Imagine, The State Department “in the dark”, what’s new.

          • …makes me wonder what they needed to smuggle in or out, without being recorded on some video camera…

          • I would rather not see those serpents, so lights out is much better!

        • Did the whitehouse really ever have power?

      16. No generators in D.C.? Dig me up.

        • Hopefully power will be restored Jan. 20, 2017

          • AOWG
            We can’t get that LUCKY!!!

      17. I would like some advice if anyone could help, please.

        I’ve withdrawn most of my money from the banks and got it hidden at home. It’s in a safe place. It’s not a lot but I believe that if it’s not at home – it’s not mine!

        When the entire system collapses I know the cash will be worthless so what do I buy? I’ve got plenty of preps, like food, water, batteries and medicine. Should I buy gold watches?

        When people say ‘put your money into gold’ I don’t know how.

        Thanks guys

        God bless you all X

        • Susan,

          I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that you buy guns, rifles, and ammo.

          You have to protect what you have. Else you’re just storing it for someone else to come and take it from you by force.

          • Free Slave:
            You are right she needs something to protect the things she has.
            Susan I hope you have some weapons to protect you and yours and your preps.
            You need at lest One hand gun and one rifle and one shotgun for everyone in your group, plus a couple of extras.
            Preferably you should have your hand guns in these calibers 22LR, (9MM/Or 38specil-357 magnum) and 45ACP
            All rifles in two calibers one for shots out to 300 yards and one for shot out to 1000 yards.
            and shotguns (12ga.) for up close, out to 100 yards.
            and no less than 500 rounds per fire arm.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • DON’T buy gold. It’s a racket just like Vegas. The dealers always win. They take a percentage when you buy, and another percentage when you sell.

        • Definitely guns and ammo before precious metals. I’ve always said the best situation is the one avoided. Don’t be anywhere near any large city. Ideally a pistol(.357 or .40 caliber) a .22 rifle(for small animals) and an AR15 or something like it. And enough weapons for every responsible person in your group. If you have never seen “Blackhawks Down” watch it, you may get a feel for what things may get like. In these situations a gun is a gun. Point and shoot. But understand a rifle bullet WILL go through many things like walls, houses, cars, and bullet proof vests. And don’t trade them(guns or bullets) for the world! Lest you be that persons next victim. those are two things I would never trade in a SHTF situation. God bless!

          • Anon.

            Sliding in here.

            Those of you that have rifles that take 30 round magazines. Ak47. Mini 14. AR15. I have never seen a problem with the AR mags as long as they fit tight in the mag well and the ears were not deformed.

            Many Ak47’s are stamped receivers and may rattle. The problem is although other types of mags like Yugo/Chinese/East German look the same there may be a variance in tooling and manufacture. Thus you may get a rattle in the mag well. Milled receivers are less prone.

            The mini-14 is a mess with all types of 30 rd. magazine manufactures. Some too tight and others too loose. Stove pipe jams occur during rapid fire. Even Ruger factory mags may give you problems. I have found that placement of duct tape “on the mag” in the lower part in the mag well. Reduces side to side movement. You have to size each magazine. I have had no jams with feeds on rapid fire. Thickness will be about .010in
            .005 tape on each side of mag. You also get the benefit of noise reduction.

            • You’ve just described a POS beautifully.

              f ’em

        • Same principle for gold as cash, it needs to be physical and in your possession or you don’t own it. Like FS said, you need to be able to defend it also. It doesn’t have to be watches, coin shops and PM dealers like Apmex sell everything from coins to bars. Silver is a monetary metal also, with many industrial and medical uses. It’s good to have as a nest egg but it really should come last once you have everything else (beans, bullets, band aids). When it’s time to sell, don’t get ripped off, make sure you get as close to spot price (what it’s currently selling for) as possible in return.

          “Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants, debt is the money of slaves”-Noam Franz

        • Susan:
          I have always said buy silver coins. You can buy old dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars. You can also buy bars of silver form one once up to a pound, or larger. “Most” of these coins are 90% pure silver if they are dated before 1964.
          If you want to use them as retirement you can buy 99% pure one once U.S. Eagles and other one once coins.
          It would be a good idea to have a mix of what they call junk, dimes, quarters and halves and Eagles to buy thing with after TSHTF.
          One other thing to think about is a house fire paper money will burn and you will have nothing, but silver will only melt and you still have it.
          Silver as coins are sold by weight Google search silver prices and read up on it.
          Right now silver is in $16.85 which makes it a good buy right now. I have seen it at $45+ just a couple of years ago.
          All the talking heads say that silver and gold will go crazy when the paper money gets devaluated and or the banks fail again or another bubble burst. Any and maybe all of this will happen at any time now.
          My wife take 10% of here pay check and buys silver with it instead of putting money into her works retirement fund. They do not match any money going into there plan.
          My company matches funds dollar for dollar, but I still take 5% of my pay and buy silver.
          You can also buy gold coins but you have to remember that an once of gold right now is around $1350 and ounce and try to get change for that when you buy a goodie that you need after TSHTF.
          Gold is sold by weight, troy once also just like silver. Yes you could always cut small pieces off your coins or bars, but then they could get lost and you would have to weight every small piece you have.
          Also If it is not in your hand you DON’T HAVE IT. BUY SOME SILVER OR GOLD COINS NOW!!!!
          Good luck keep preparing.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        •, these sights are reputable buy one ounce rounds of silver or gold .

        • Check out you can see the prices of silver, gold, and palladium at the top. He sells one ounce silver coins and he has a something called a gold Valcambi bar. It’s about the size of a credit card and about as thick as three credits card laying flat on top of each other. The Valcambi bar bar looks like a Hersey bar(if you will) it’s designed to break into 50 individual pieces, each weighing a gram. The card is 1.6 ounces all together. There’s a saying in Spanish. “Plata o plomo” means silver or lead. I can sort of understand bartering in a perfect world but I would lean heavily on lead in ours!

        • Don’t buy gold watches. I would not buy gold, either, at $1200 an ounce just a few ounces will deplete your funds in no time, and there are other things you could or should be doing with your money.

          Make sure you are out of debt.

          Keep 3 to 6 months expenses as a cash reserve. You could be out of a job long before a system collapse.

          Do get something for self-defense, and ammo. $1000 will get you a very good modern semi-auto pistol or revolver, holster, and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Don’t get anything that isn’t .38 Special, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, or 9mm Luger in caliber. Another $500 will get you a good shotgun in either 20 gauge or 12 gauge. Don’t buy a rifle, except perhaps a .22LR plinker for pest control and small game, unless you are in a rural area with no rifle-toting neighbors, then just get a decent deer rifle, but only in .308, 30-06, or .270 caliber, nothing else.

          Go down to the Goodwill or some tag sales and get good shoes, boots, hats, sweaters, and coats. We’re all going to be spending a lot more time out of doors when things go wrong, just doing labor. Make sure you have digging tools for growing food, and a couple of spares.

          Maybe spend some money on constructing a large fenced garden plot, or drilling a well.

        • MORE WATER , susan….you aint got enough…..and yes on the guns and ammo too.

          • The weapons are all ready taken care of guys.

            Northern Reb – I’ve worried about keeping all my cash as there could be a fire and it’s all gone but I agree with White Fox. I want something that’s in my possession and can be hidden away. Coins seem to be a safer bet and I’ll take a look at the sites mentioned by a few users.

            Thanks so much:)

            God bless you all


      18. You can keep your doctor.

        • And the “change”, apparently.

      19. I am holding out for the stock market to hit 20,000 and then I will sell my vast holdings. I got everything I own invested in the stock market & Bonds cause Yellin & Obummer says “it’s the safe bet”.
        A year from now I will be laughing at you fools for buying gold & silver, food, water filters, ammo etc. ha ha ha… But I will be even richer cause everyone that counts says so.
        Get a dose of truth at:

      20. I don’t need the bls to tell me we in recession I just take a ride and look at all the bums holding little signs saying will work for $. Fuckin stupid gov has power to stop business. They talk about jobs and all this bullshit when election season is on trying to preach job creation but then they put more and more regulations on businesses forcing them out of business. Hipocrites don’t give a shit about us peasants. Fuck the us gov douche bags too busy robbing working folks. There is gonna be more closings and layoffs. Every company around here is having financial struggles and the unfriendly business environment makes them want to leave state. The gov has to tell us the job market is better than it is so they don’t have to be honest and say they have a problem. First part of correcting a problem is realize you have a problem. Then you can look for solutions to fixit. My states economic development corporation got scammed by curt shilling out of millions of$. His company was in videogame development it was called 38 studios it went bankrupt before it made one payment back. Yup it was like 78million dollars that was supposed to be for jobs for residents of the state. Then our new governess said we have to pay it back or our bond rating will be down graded. We got duped for $166 million before it’s over. Highest unemployment you wouldn’t believe how many guys are doing stupid odd jobs just to live at all. I’d say that 8 out of 10 people are under the poverty line. They ever go after food stamps it will get ugly fast keep your eye on the cuts to programs. I don’t believe anything the gov says.

        • I noticed about four months ago the number of people on the streets who look either a) like crack heads, b) really rough and unhealthy (missing teeth etc.), c) black: lots more homeless and begging black people, has increased. Took inlaws for some sightseeing and it was embarrassing for all the black guys talking to themselves or just looking loopy.

          Definitely the economy is a mess. It does not feel like a proper recovery. It is clearly a bifurcated recovery. Tons of money for NASA, the military, science, but nothing for infrastructure, quality jobs for most people.

          • Hey! I’m missing teeth, but I’m healthy as an OX!

          • We need to cut foreign aid to all countries and save a bundle of $$$ getting out of the United Nations and IMF. Also, need to scale down the defense budget and I am not talking troops or benefits. The only one who will do that is Senator Rand Paul.

        • Those ‘will work for food’ signs are a bald-faced lie. They’re making good money panhandling.

          One of the locals here stakes out a certain off-ramp by 9am if it isn’t raining. He works a shift, panhandling, and gets picked up a little after 5pm by his girlfriend, who is driving a nice new diesel pickup truck.

      21. Off topic when I go to the market I see all the junk people eating no wonder we have obesity and diabetes like crazy in the us. I honestly have a coffee in the morning with a bacon egg cheese crossont maybe a sangwich on sliced bread for lunch and a nice dinner daily that is it. I weigh 220lbs 6 ft tall. If they cut back food stamps for people they would have to budget their food. I’m busy working all day and don’t really have time to sit around and eat like a glutton. I’ve seen the food stamp bums eating more and better food than my family. I buy and grow my own food. My point is people will say I don’t know why I have a weight problem I’m not overeating bullshit they are pigs. Their problem is they don’t have anything to do but eat. They don’t see their unproductive lifestyle. My point of all this is not using calories sitting on their ass and overeating equals obesity, diabetes they will not be able to work come shtf I wouldn’t let someone be part of your group that is useless and obese. Your not discriminating against fat people because you don’t let them into your group. They will eat all the food and produce nothing. You don’t need a burden while trying to survive.

        • At 6ft/220 lbs, welcome to the overweight category. Congrats, you’re almost in the obese category by the current bmi settings. It’s ok, just go eat another croissant. Sounds to me like you have a weight problem and just don’t know it. 😉

          So sick of your rants!

      22. US national debt is so bad now that the U.S. Treasury has simply stopped reporting it.

        * by the way the current u.s. debt is

        $18,177,954,371,657.00 trillion u.s.s.a. fiat dollars


      23. We’ve been in a depression since 2009. Nothing has changed.

      24. Get a gun Susan. Get a lcr357 it’s the bees knees. It can shoot 38 special 38plus p and 357magnum. Easy to pack along with you. The magnum loads are insane in this little gun. Practice with the 38s and carry the gold dot 135 grain magnum jhp. I think this gun is overlooked because it’s a revolver. I’d sell all my others first if I needed $. It’s practical reliable quality piece.

        • Thanks Ass Hat.

      25. No doubt the world economy is a wreak waiting to happen. I have always thought that this would pave the way for a one world currency.

      26. You don’t need a weatherman to tell you where the wind blows.

        • Just stick your middle finger in the air and point it towards Washington DC. That’s where all the wind is coming from.

      27. Susan, Ass Hat has a point. A revolver will never jam to my knowledge and I believe they have a heavy trigger pull( won’t fire unless u want it to) I.e. Glock. I went to the police academy with two officers who had accidental discharges with glocks. I attended a second academy in another state after that. There was a guy there with a revolver that I just cudnt compete with…they are accurate as a MF!

        • Revolvers , safe,simple and reliable.

      28. Get a water filter, food, camping gear, animals. That’s all I can think of for now

      29. What a breast of fresh ass!

        Thanks for an honest summary Tom

      30. We never entered a recovery, it’s all a damn lie. Only jobs available in my area are part timers 15 hours a week or LESS. Most want you to just be “on call” and come in when they want you, which may add up to 10 hours per week.

        Two local factories here laid off dozens last month. Two more stores downtown that used to be popular shuttered their businesses in March and more to follow. A bar even closed up because people can’t afford to go to the bar.

        Our local paper reports that the only time grocery stores are busy is at the first of the month when benefits goes out, and the churches are seeing a big amount of needy coming in that they can’t handle and are asking churches in the city to lend a hand, and guess what? They can’t do it either because they’re strapped as well.

        It’s getting real bad and it’s going to get worse.

      31. Mountain,
        you are right. I have been looking for a job for x time now, nothing. The only garbage that’s out there is that. So I applied for McD, they gave me a post for just like you said 10 to 15 hours. It was next to where somebody let me stay til I get back on my feet. At the interview I was asked if I have a car. I said yes (lied). And they replied that it’s good because they do not allow their employees to walk home at 4 in the morning!!@!@!!the whole fucking point of me working by where I will be staying is, I will NOT have to worry about taking or missing the bus!!!!! According to these criminals, 10 mns walk at night is hazardous danger to an Ex military who has 20 years of hard ass commercial security hanging from her neck where I never had a single incident take place on my shift. Not one. And I was not a sleepy bum. Quite few hated me because I did my job to the T. McD gave me the misery but I was forced to turn it down. I know if they catch walking home, they can use that as a cover to fire me for an illegal reason that they would not have to disclose. So, I went back to begging til another opportunity presents itself. 10 hrs a week after taxes is going to leave me with 5 bucks in my pocket, which is about the same amount I have when I beg. Welcome to the new America!!! But in the mean time, they are giving illegals in CA drivers’ Licences!!!! I paid taxes in this country for a good 25 years. Never asked for anything. Yet now a days illegals are being legitimized while the ones that care about this country and the foundation upon which it’s built, are treated like crap and criminalized in one way or the other. I heard that homeless people are one of the categories that the FBI, now a days, have included on their “terrorist watch list”!!! …”moving up” in the world.

      32. Government agencies will run out of printed money before they run out of bullsh*t ( that’s with a capital BULLSH*T )

      33. It just doesn’t matter, the ultra rich like Rockefeller and Rothschild that run everything will not let it change except to get worse.
        GUNS & AMMO +

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