Recession Alert: Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 8-Year Highs

by | May 10, 2019 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    When the average everyday American begins to have trouble paying their bills, it’s most often a sign that the economy is not doing that well and we’ve reached that point.  Credit card delinquencies have now reached and 8-year high, with no reprieve in sight.

    As Michael Snyder pointed out at The Most Important News, the truth is that you can’t say that we have a booming economy until we have a year when the U.S. economy grows by at least 3 percent, and at this point, we haven’t had that since the middle of the Bush administration. There are all kinds of warning signs and red flags about this manipulated economy, but none are quite as telling as delinquencies.

    When people can no longer afford to pay their credit cards or car payments because they have to eat instead, we are staring a recession in the face. In fact, the level of credit card charge-offs has risen to the highest level since 2012., according to American Banker. A charge-off is the amount of debt a company believes they can no longer collect.

    Red flags are flying in the credit-card industry after a key gauge of bad debt jumped to the highest level in almost seven years.

    The charge-off rate — the percentage of loans companies have decided they’ll never collect — rose to 3.82% in the first three months of 2019, the highest since the second quarter of 2012, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Intelligence. And loans 30 days past due, a harbinger of future write-offs, increased at all seven of the largest U.S. card issuers. –American Banker

    At the 4 biggest U.S. banks, credit card charge-offs now account for a whopping 80 percent of all consumer credit costs. And the rising delinquencies will inevitably lead to even more charge-offs. U.S. consumers are being stretched financially to a degree that we haven’t seen since the last recession, and all the numbers indicate that this trend is only going to accelerate in the months ahead.  And, the way credit card issuers are beginning to behave indicates that they know a recession is coming.

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported in December that an increasing number of consumers were rejected when they applied for credit cards in 2018. The researchers said rejection rates were also up on applications to refinance mortgages. At the same time, credit card delinquencies were also rising.

    It now appears that credit card companies saw the troubling trend by mid-2018 and were taking steps to limit their losses. The New York Fed report showed a sharp rise in the number of people who said a lender unilaterally closed one of their credit accounts — in most cases, a credit card or a store charge card. –Consumer Affairs

    The time to prepare yourself for a recession is now.  The credit card companies are preparing themselves, and there are red flags everywhere if eyes are opened. It is not the time to take on more debt, rather, get rid of as much credit card debt as you can.  You don’t want to be harassed during an economic recession for the money you borrowed when times were good.



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      1. These credit card companies could greatly increase their collections if they weren’t so greedy. All they need to do is drop the interest rate to zero for one year so that people could make some headway on the actual principal balance rather than have their entire payment go for interest. They don’t need to do this for everyone either – just the people who are seriously delinquent. Most of us will continue to bend over and pay the outrageous interest charges in order to maintain our credit rating.

      2. It appears that people just can’t learn to live within their means.
        Time for government to step in and place strict limits on the amount of total credit a “consumer” can be given.

      3. I haven’t paid a credit card bill in 18 years, I guess that makes me delinquent?

        • I suppose Genius that facts like that – for guys like you and me living debt-free…. – means we have the perfect credit score – ZERO. And you know? Damn it’s a nice round number.

          • Indeed it is 🙂 And it does wonders for helping you sleep at night lol.

            • A debtor has a higher score than someone who has lived within his own means.

      4. Prices have gone up on everything and cash runs out quick. Stay away from outfits that are credit card only. Some local governments are passing laws/ordinances prohibiting total cashless stores. Another benefit is less tracking by government on your purchases.

        • Do these same local govts believe that voter ID is racist.

      5. Stop the government from giving away free entitlement/subsidies/aid money to all persons, nations, and corporations.

        Then prices will fall and those that refuse to work will get what they deserve. Nothing!

      6. For me it’s cash or debit card only. Never had a credit card and never will. I pay for everything I need right on the spot and I’m done with it. I’m cutting my trip short and going back home next week. Found a few old trucks on craigslist that interest me and I’m using cash.

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