Real Time Currency Collapse In Canada – This Is What It’s Going To Look Like In the USA

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s


    Editor’s Note: Though the US Dollar is stronger now than it has been in recent memory, the massive monetary easing from the Federal Reserve will eventually come to a head. As Joshua Krause notes in the article below, we are already see signs of inflation here in the United States but nothing of the sort we can expect when the all of those printed US Dollars are released into the open market. It will be a deluge and one that will lead to rapid price increases across the board, especially in essential goods. For evidence of how a currency collapse will play out look no further than our northern neighbors, where Canadians are now paying $32 (CAD) for a bottle of Tide, $15 (CAD) for a box of Frosted Flakes and $12 for a package of bacon. Can you imagine that scenario in the United States?

    Analyst Greg Mannarino has warned that when the debt bubble collapses there is a real possibility that millions of people will die because those goods essential to survival will simply be unattainable for the masses. When the cost of food becomes 50% or more of your income, it’s not that difficult to imagine such a scenario happening.

    Canadians Are Panicking Over Food Costs After Currency Collapse
    By Joshua Krause (

    It’s no secret that America has a serious inflation problem. Though the Federal Reserve insists that our inflation rate is only at around .5%, we’ve all seen the price of food, rent, healthcare, and energy skyrocket over the past 10-20 years. However, this has been a gradual shift. Canada on the other hand, has just seen the price of every day goods rise precipitously over a very short period of time.

    The crash in oil prices has crippled their economic growth, and led to the decline of the Canadian dollar, as well as a predictable increase in the cost of imports like food. For those of us living in the US, this provides a really good example of what life may be like should the dollar take a plunge in the near future. Here’s what our northern neighbors have been dealing with:

    It is often said that a free-floating currency acts as a shock absorber.

    But when Canadians go shopping for groceries these days, they’re getting nothing but the shock—sticker shock, that is.

    On Tuesday, the Canadian dollar, commonly known as the loonie, broke below 70 U.S. cents for the first time since May 1, 2003.

    For America’s northern neighbor, which imports about 80 percent of the fresh fruits and vegetables its citizens consume, this entails a sharp rise in prices for these goods. With lower-income households tending to spend a larger portion of income on food, this side effect of a soft currency brings them the most acute stress.

    James Price, director of Capital Markets Products at Richardson GMP, recently joked during an interview on BloombergTV Canada that “we’re going to be paying a buck a banana pretty soon.”

    Canadians took to twitter this week to share their collective horror over the rising cost of food. Cucumbers are $3 each. A head of cauliflower is $8. A large container of pepper cost $19 and some Canadians are paying $16 for a single bell pepper. A container of laundry detergent is $32.




    canadacollapse3(Images Via Zero Hedge)

    This gives us a pretty good idea what would happen in the US, even if there was a minor shock to the value of the dollar. Despite the rising cost of goods and services, our currency has been doing really well on the global stage for the past two years. I shudder to think of what will happen when our economy runs into another recession, which we are way overdue for. When it does hit, the cost of our imports will rise the most, much like they have in Canada.

    So what are our main imports? Fortunately, most of our food is homegrown, but there are quite a few American food staples that are also raised abroad, such as bananas, coffee, nuts, and seafood. And even though we’re one of the world’s largest meat producers, we still import a lot of pork and beef from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. However, that doesn’t mean homegrown food wouldn’t become more expensive as well.

    Even though we’ve become one of the world’s leading oil and natural gas producers in recent years, we still import a significant amount of oil from abroad. Since our agricultural industry is heavily reliant on oil, we could expect the price of all our foods, both domestic and imported, to rise.

    If you want to understand how our economy would hurt from inflation or a dollar dump, take a look a this list of America’s biggest imports. We ship in a ton of electronics, which are worth about $315 billion per year. For a high-tech society like ours, this would be crippling.

    The other items that stand out in that list are healthcare related. When put together, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals amount to 6.3% of our imports. Our medical system is already the most expensive in the world, so a plunge in the dollar’s value would make that situation significantly worse.

    All told, a dollar dump would be really bad. That may sound obvious, but when it happens you can expect our government and media to tell us the same thing the leaders in Canada are trying to tell their citizens. Here’s how Steven Poloz, the head of Canada’s central bank,is trying to spin this situation.

    Nonetheless, Mr. Poloz insisted that the Canadian dollar, which has plunged to near 70 cents (U.S.), is helping to offset the billions in lost revenue from exports of oil and other commodities. The drop makes Canada’s non-resource exports more competitive in world markets. A lower dollar is generally beneficial to exporters because they pay for their inputs, such as labour, in Canadian dollars, while their sales are generated in the higher U.S. dollar.

    This is how all central bankers talk. They could find a silver lining in any situation, even if there was blood in the streets. They’ll say the same thing in the US when the next recession hits and the dollar slips. But it won’t change the fact that everything we need for our survival will be more expensive, and the average person will be making less (or no) money.

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page.

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      1. If price of food goes up too much, there will be Fergusons all over the country. Martial Law. Suspended elections. It will be SHTF.

        • The only question now is did I stack high enough?

          NE Utah is checking in and ready to go

          • The Canadian economy is primarily a one trick pony; not unlike Russia’s, which is organized around commodities. When commodities crash the economy crashes and there is less demand for goods and services denominated in loonies.

            Canada is not the USA (yet). The Canadian looney is not the Dollar. The Looney is not even a WRC. To suggest that events in Canada, which have separate and distinct characteristics than events in the USA, is irrational and irresponsible.

            Fear mongering.

            The cost of food can be easily remedied in Canada and elsewhere: as the future of farming is vertical and indoors. Massive warehouses could easily be converted to a Hydroponic Farms. The resulting produce healthier and the food sourced locally.

            There is a prototype in Chicago that works very well that the Canadian Government or Canadian Entrepreneurs could copy free of any and all residuals from the MIT Professor who designed that system. Yes, he has a COLLEGE degree !!!

            Adapt or die. 🙂

            • What I don’t understand is these prices are not reasonable. Yes the CD is down from about $1 to about 70C but these prices a 5-10 times what they should be. They show pepper nearly $20 a 1/4 lb Canadian, that’s $14 Us that’s $56 US per lb, that’s unreal. Anyone got comments?

              • The prices of vegetables are now what we paid for meat not too long ago.

                New website for TEST, passing’, and the usual suspects. Click on my name.

                • JQP, your new site looks interesting and I will investigate it. Is your old site gone?

                • looks to me like those are prices up by the artic circle

                  • exactly. Those are extreme prices due to consumer goods being transported by air cargo. Im in eastern Ontario and most prices arent too bad….yet

              • I live in Toronto, those prices are bunch of BS.

                • The Shanghai Composite has just dropped below 3,000 to 2992. I told this community a few months ago that when the Shanghai Composite crashes below 3,000 the SWHTF.

                  Its in the archives.

                  LMFAO!!! Butter the popcorn !!! Where’s the salt ??? Pull up an easy chair. The show is about to start !!! 🙂

                  • I live in Toronto too- and I second that! (But if the ultimate goal- is to cull 80% of the earth’s population- then hitting the large urban centers is the easiest way to do it. I will be watching from a safe distance when that happens.)

                  • Also the Baltic Dry Index (BDIY) is a disaster! Raw materials not moving. This eve will curl up to some waffles topped with unprocessed local cane syrup, real butter and watch the show. Just wait when folks open up their brokerage statements or check their 401k online. Folks, get house in order do what you can do, that’s all anyone can do. Stash the cash and ammo. I am 100% for H. farming! Trudeau is a Marxist pro Islamic open border freak. Wonder if he and witch Merkel are related?

                • but I am living in Ottawa and I saw yesterday tomato 8 and cucumber 6 and eggs pac of 12 5 $and orange was jumped from the day before from 99cents to i.49

              • That’s why I grow my own pepper.

              • So overblown that I have many words to describe this silliness you printed. My food shopping is fine thank-you and the only place that peppers are that price is way north where everything has to be flown in until ice roads freeze. We are not panicking .we didn’t panic when our dollar was much lower so why would we panic now. We are fine thank you so please don’t listen to the silliness he is spewing. Is he selling something is that why he is trying to get us all in a tizzy? Obtw I don’t live anywhere near the city and we are obviously a lot better off than anyone who would listen to his load of hooey.

                • I can confirm what your saying my girl friend lives in Canada and she said this is a load of BS, the meat dairy and produce are much cheaper and better quality in Canada, when we go shopping she just shakes her head and says we are getting Ripped off here in America !

                • This article is bizarre the weak Canadian dollar is good for Canadian exports as a cattle feeder we are getting killed by Canadian beef imports the packers are buying all the Canadian beef they can get their hands on and driving the price of America down

              • Yeah, I have comments. These numbers are completely bogus. If he got them from some wide spot in the road grocery store in the Northwest Territories they might be believable. Prices are up in Canada as much of what we buy comes from the U.S., but not that substantially. Even when our dollar was at par, Canadian grocery prices were high compared to U.S. prices. He claims $16 for a single bell pepper? Bullsh*t!! I buy them every week for about $2.50 a pound. The prices he is showing probably do exist…in extreme northern Canada where everything cost several times what it cost in southern Canada…where 99.9 percent of the population lives.

                • Agreed, totally bullshit this Guy is out of his mind those prices are completley false and I live in Toronto.

              • I smell BS here. Where exactly were these prices seen? I tend to think it is in the far north of Canada where the population is sparse and transportation costs are high. Alaska also has high food prices outside the major cities like Anchorage. Yes, the Loony has lost about 30% of it’s value, but if prices were this high in the major cities there would be riots.

                • In Nunavut. These prices were taken from up North. I spoke to my mother, who lives in Alberta, she said prices have indeed gone up (not high like these one posted on ZH), and buys only items that are on sale. I have heard from other family members that prices have gone up, again, not as high as in Nunavut, but they are getting higher. For those who are on fixed incomes, this is worrisome. BTW, I am an expat Canadian, so I can. It say that I have personally seen these prices. I will say that just before we left, prices were increasingly going up. It is happening.

                • I agree. No one is posting exactly what store and what location these very few prices were spotted in. I went to the Walmart site for Canada and on most items in their current sale paper, their prices are actually lower than what I pay here in Dallas, TX.

                  When things are bad, yes, let’s make sure the news gets out. But this posting of 5 or 6 items at some undisclosed location in Canada and acting like it is the norm everywhere in the country is just fear-mongering and the thing that causes people not to listen when times really DO get worse.

              • YES. It is called f**king gouging!!! Prices are rising faster than the dollar is falling. Anytime there is a crisis be it oil or currency, all these bastard corporations use the crisis to gouge. That is Western Society.

                Our Bank of Canada head (Steven Poloz) knows what is going on with the printing of Fed Notes to prop us the USD, but he will NOT print (QE to those south of the border), and will wait for the recovery of oil and other resources.

                Gonna be an interesting year up here where we have igloos all year round and polar bears on our front lawn.

              • I can easily reply to your comment. The report on Canadian prices are quite misleading indeed. First of all they are reporting prices from the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, remote Eskimo villages way up North of Canada. They have special planes flown into the remote small villages and the cost of goods and food over there has always been sky high. Yes our prices went up in Canada just like any other country but here they are quoting prices from remote,secluded hard to get to areas up North and NOT the main provinces of Canada.

              • Those prices are in remote areas where food has to be flown in so the article is a bit deceiving. Also those are Canadian Dollars which take more, so take 30% off the price and you will pay in US dollars, Cauliflower would be $5.60, Tide would be $22.40, Eggs would be $5.72, Bacon would be $8.40, Milk would be $12.45… Close to the cost of what remote Alaskans would have to pay in US dollars because flying in food is very expensive. Those remote towns and villages depend on hunting and fishing for their food more than that food flown in.

                where most Canadians live is close to the US border where transportation still has roads and easy access for lower prices.

              • For some reason, pepper has always been expensive in Canada. 18 bucks doesn’t surprise me. However, the 31 dollars for Tide is from the Northern Territories where everything is expensive. We pay 20 bucks for 32 detergent pods in Ontario. And cauliflower has gone through the roof, 8 bucks is spot on.

              • These prices shown are misleading because they are from the far northern communities who are being gouged.

              • These are prices from Northern communities, that have things flown in say once or twice a month. These are very remote places, these prices do not reflect on 99percent of the rest of canada. However the price of everything here is going up, mainly due to the low dollar.

              • I believe these are prices in Canada’s Arctic – think Shipping and Handling to a part of the world where you either fly in or take a dog sled.

              • I have no idea where these prices are from but a box of cereal in major canadian cities is not 15 a box (im a canadian), these might be prices from a reserve up in northern canada where everything is flownin ….

              • This article is total BS. If anyone has ever been to Canada they’d know that everything there is already about twice as expensive as here in the states due to very high taxation rates. And if Canada was experiencing some sort of collapse I think we’d have heard about it from a more credible source. This website has lost its credibility.

              • I’m from Western Canada and I view this type of “news” with a certain amount of hilarity.

                I go to the grocery tore and I see “product of Mexico” and “product of Chile” and soon expect to see “product of Venezuela”…….. Guess where their US Dollar exchange rate is?

                I’m not saying their is no problem but this type of sensationalism demeans the message and the messenger.

              • The prices shown are in extreamly remote parts of Canada. Have you seen ice road truckers? This is were it is hours or even days to a real road system and in the winter access only place food has been very expensive like this for ever. Food flowen in in the summer and limited or no road access in the winter. I live in The Yukon right beside Alaska were everything is expensive compared to southern cities and I do see price increases here but bacon is $4.50 per pound and tide is $2,27 for the same size shown here. Imported furits and veggies are up about 15 percent. Guess it’s time to buy local and don’t Beleave everything you read

            • As a Canadian, I am calling your bluff.

              Sure the Canadian dollar is low at the moment, due to our previous conservative (read republican) government who gambled their economic policy on the back of oil. As an aside, our oil is still here, and eventually we’ll earn more than our money back from you Americans.

              Canada has 50% more landmass than the US and 1/10th the population. Yes, we have a commodities based economy, but unlike those of you South of the border, all of our cities are surrounded by arable land. Whereas your economy is built on speculation, ours isn’t. The coming stock market crash won’t affect me like it will you …

              • As another Canadian citizen, Rebel, I am calling YOUR bluff. Your freaking BOY WONDER Trudeau has, under HIS watch, suddenly seen the loonie collapse 7 -8 cents in just a couple months. Unheard of. Your idiotic socialism is to blame. The oil crunch was already in when Boy Wonder took over. But, typical of leftists, you will be blaming Harper for YEARS, just like Obungler did.

                Point is, Canadian socialism has NEVER worked, and all your good ol leftie NDP and feckless premiers like Wynn are destroying the Canadian economy. Harper was thankfully a thumb in the dike, but nothing stops the fascist left from turning Canada into Venezuela.

                Question: what are you going to do with your legal marijuana when a bag of Doritos for your munchies costs $800 CAD???

                • My idiotic socialism? I am a socialist, yes, and I am guilty of idiocy on occasion. I also understand socialism demands a submission of ego which few Americans can accommodate; Canadians understand that efforts must be made to help those less capable, not to mention our appetite for ethnic and racial variety. I am very proud of our social fabric.

                  Blaming Trudeau for the loonie is pathetic. No economic policy is implemented in a ‘couple months,’ so indeed, our troubles are Harper’s work, plain and simple. The man should be tried as a traitor. And if ‘the oil crunch was already in’ when the Liberals ‘took over’, then your argument is void.

                  Canadian socialism works fine. We have mass shootings once a decade or so, not every week. We’re much happier here without all the heavily armed crazies misinterpreting the Second Amendment.

                  I’m actually happy our loonie has been temporarily devalued; our manufacturing sector will grow, creating non oil-sector growth.

                  Do you remember the last time the Canadian dollar was worth so little? Brian Mulroney – another sleazy conservative – was selling out the country.

                  Thing is, America’s power has been driven by two engines – the use of the dollar as the primary trade currency for oil, and the export of war and the weapons to wage it. China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and other nations have initiated bourses (oil exchanges) that don’t use dollars, which means the death of the petro-dollar.

                  Furthermore, American foreign policy is directly responsible for the rise in terrorism. No longer do the fundamental guarantees of your constitution and law apply to the ‘enemies’ you create with every drone strike on ‘suspected’ terrorists; how long before they don’t apply to you?

                  No thanks. I prefer my cuddly Canadian socialism.

                  • Not brian but old man Trudeau’s pet. “Jean Chretien ” get your facts sraight heh

                    • lmafao … that’s all you got?

                  • “socialism demands a submission of ego which few Americans can accommodate”

                    Here let me fix that for you:
                    “socialism demands a submission that only socialists can accommodate”

                  • Socialism has never been successful. Never. And you can keep your cuddly Canadian socialism it will do your country far more damage than you can imagine. And the part I find so funny is your so called Conservatives are often more liberal than the liberals in the Usa . Your so called Conservatives are just socialist lite.

                    • PA farmhand,

                      Socialism has been a thousand times more successful for more people than oligarchy, which is never successful for more than a few people. The reason democratic socialism and capitalism will both fail in that they are both being replaced by oligarchy… aka NWO. Capitalism is a very hard system, buddy. That is why the successful capitalists buy themselves an oligarchy… which is just socialism for the top dawgs. The big Boyz know that capitalism will destroy them sooner than later. Reagan was the first President to deify the oligarchs like it was something to be proud of. Kick a few of the big arse oligarchy in the face before
                      you kick regular folks. Just say socialist and you get Pavlov’s dog around here. There has never been straight capitalism nor straight socialism. Pavlov did not train his dawgs to think, and the oligarchs did not train Americans to think, either. I am an old capitalist, so put Pavlov back in his cage.

                • Canadian socialism hasn’t failed any worse than any other brand of socialism.

                  Imagine that…An economy based upon selling something somebody else needs. What a concept!

                  • Teses, please explain how Canadian socialism is selling someone something somebody else needs. Example? I missed your point altogether. I hope you will be gracious enough to explain. Thank you.

                • its working wonderful in your country too

              • Start growing

              • “Whereas your economy is built on speculation, ours isn’t.”

                Now that’s some funny shhet, right there.
                Clueless, knows no bounds.

            • Red cliff Alberta look it up largest green houses out west and yes we eat good come harvest time

            • The Looney is not even a WRC

              What is a WRC?

              • World Reserve Currency.

                • WRC = fraudulent fiat currencies. Not one of them has more value than toilet paper. Central bank currencies are a giant parasite on the world’s back.

                  Time to throw off this freeloading rot.

              • World reserve currency

            • C’est la vie say the old folks, it goes to show …do you want fries with that?
              Next time I’m in Montreal I’ll just order my Big Mac hold the tomatoes and lettuce. That ought to knock about $5 off the price, right?

              “Oui monsieur, zee big mac, she is mui bueno, no?”

              (must have been one of those illegal Mexican French Canadians, eh?)

            • Why do you think the future of farming is vertical and indoors ? Not trying to pick a fight just genuinely curious ? indoors growing has to be pretty inefficient right? Have you ever been to the midwest? how are you going to replace all those cornfields with indoor growing ? like I said I am just curious not trolling

              • PA farmhand,
                Obviously those endless acres will not be replaced by indoor gardening. Indoor vertical gardening relies on cheap property in degraded cities, for one. Even if big empty lobbies of skyscrapers were converted, they would not feed the building tenants and their families. It isn’t a solution as much as pushing the envelope to start thinking creatively.
                I just started an indoor gardening project of my own, converting my extra bedroom into an indoor greenhouse. It is otherwise used for storage. Nothing fancy, just shelves and lights to increase my winter greens. This year I replaced my tropical house plants with evergreen edibles and salad greens. I love it. I am adding my spare bedroom to the food system.
                I have 5 acres in the mountains and a trailerstead. My tiny house will have 12 feet of windows for gardening and my back patio will become a greenhouse. No opsec there, I may use half of the garage with plastic keeping the plant half warmer.
                It is time to get more creative about growing food. I will have a bigger garden this year, my blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries doing well. Fruit trees look good. Raised beds expanding. Beans, mountain corn, onions, asparagus, tomatoes, chile peppers, cucumbers, and so on. But those tender salad greens and tomatoes all winter do not have to come from Mexico with God knows what pesticides on them. A lot of people have an extra bedroom with shelving. Add a few lights. I will use wire shelves because they are sturdy, allow light to go through, easy to clean, and match my storage shelves. Opsec.
                Food may not always be readily available. You may be okay with canned food for 20 years, I am not.

            • Canada could have had massive greenhouse operations running decades ago. Instead the treasonists who run the country chose to sell it and 1000s of jobs out with the Free Trade Agreement.

            • Hey mate, do you have any links to this information specifically? I want to replicate what they’re doing in Chicago if possible. I’ll invest all day ling in a model I can easily reproduce in a footprint everywhere. Please advise back here mate or send me an email at domains@marketingman dot biz

              Kindest regards!

            • I just watched a video of a young couple in the Pacific Northwest that bought acreage and a trailer. They scrounged for materials for an 8×12 shed and have a plastic tent over the trailer. Our forefathers started more like that. Our children will too. Instant houses packing 30 year mortgages with a payoff 3 times the purchase price of the house was not a successful meme. If it was, we’d all be living the life of Riley. People now say it is the only way to buy a house… but it is the worst possible way. This young couple seemed to expect criticism… but mention that the old folks living in better houses around them all started with little hovel and built it up as they went. Pretty much every facet of our system is toxic. It has to go.

          • Actually Cauliflower is the same price in my market this week. (Eastern US)

        • What do you know, you just described the O’commie agenda.

        • think maybe I’ll place another seed order.

        • Fuck Kanada. Bunch of socialist fucking liberals. They deserve the crash.

          • ha ha. we’ll see who’s laughing last.

            Our ‘crash’ is – nothing – next to the one you face.

            And then, I bet, you’re going to look North, thinking that you deserve what we have.

            • I don’t think so. We’ll be happy to send you some of our socialists that will be fleeing the US for your paradise.
              BTW, is the Queen still on the “looney?”

              No offense to the more conservative Canadians but I’ll take the Bill Of Rights and the chaos it sometimes brings over being a subject any day.

        • These prices are in the far North where supplies have to be flown in, even at that, the people are being ripped off. The majority of Canada can still buy a bottle of that laundry detergent for 3 bucks at the dollar store and 5 bucks at the regular supermarket.

        • When little food cost you a days wages you know your into the final phases of the end times.

          I heard what sounded like a voice from somewhere among the four living creatures. It said, “A quart of wheat will cost you a whole day’s wages! Three quarts of barley will cost you a day’s wages too. But don’t ruin the olive oil or the wine.”Revelation 6:6

      2. This is up next to arctic circle where the eskimoes play. I don’t think this is too far out of line than normal for these people. Maybe a little sensationalism here folks.

        • I actually went through the current week flyers. A single seedless cucumber is “on sale” for 3 days only for $1.49. Once again, I am in a large city within reasonable driving distance of the US border.

          • You Canadians piss me off. You have all those French speaking hotties in Quebec and won’t share. I’m running to my safe space !

        • You are correct, sir. These prices are up in Nunavut, where everything must be trucked in on ice roads and all perishables are flown in. The government provides a tax deduction called a Northern Living Allowance in order to offset the high cost of food. Now, considering that 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the CAN/US border, the prices shown in this blog post don’t reflect actual prices paid by a majority of Canadians. Don’t get me wrong – Canada is expensive – but not Nunavut expensive. For a more realistic picture of prices, have a look at the Calgary Co-op weekly flyer:

          • These are good, factual posts. Thanks. So cucumbers aren’t $3, but only almost $2. I feel much better now.

            HOWEVER, if it is the case that these prices are from the north, you are indeed correct, this is a misleading article to some degree. I say nevertheless in that a looni at 69 cents is a disaster, same as it was 10 some years ago or so

        • Yeah.. Thought I missed some big time news somewhere til I realized this is up by the Artic.

        • I live in Edmonton. While yes the cucumber price is similar, the prices for everything else are rising only moderately, but nothing near what those pictures FROM BY THE NORTH POLE represent… calm down people!

        • They are paying to have that fresh produce shipped that far north, and the shipping cost is figured into the price.

      3. I think when it comes here, it will be worse

        • what do americans import?….EVERYthing, BUT food.

          • Actually, excluding grains, America is a net importer of food.

            • Put the price of ag commodity up in America and you will be flooded with food. For instance we have millions of acres of farm land in conservation programs that pay the landowners to plant grass and let the land lie fallow . yeah we pay tax dollars to pay landowners to keep them from farming

          • The only fruit i ever see from the US is California strawberries. All the other produce is from Chile.

      4. I think when it comes here, it will be worse

      5. I have my doubts. Since the banks control the oil flow they also control the prices of oil. It is almost like fly fishing really. Catch one, let it run for a bit, letting out line as you go, then reel it in. Wall Street today is a fine example of this. Red forever, stealing millions from individual’s and from companies. Today green due to oil rebounding. They’ve been playing this game for ever and NO ONE does a f&*(King thing! These folks have NEVER given us a reach around.

      6. Come on gang! Get your provisions now, don’t wait for this to happen and it will.

        • Been stacking for 8 years now

          Good luck Jim in Va

        • Jim, I’ve been stacking forever. Most of my supplies already at the BOL. I have another trip scheduled for March but schedules can be changed depending on events. going shopping again this weekend.

      7. I live in Canada, not in the far north. In fact it is a City of 1,000,000 people. The pepper prices I can’t confirm but the cauliflower is around $8.00 for a head. A local supermarket is charging $3.00 this week for a single head of iceberg lettuce.

        • iceberg lettuce @ local sm town, TN grocery store $1.89

          i didn’t get any 🙁

        • Who the hell eats cauliflower anyway.

          • I am eating raw cauliflower right now! Delicious stuff and anti cancer too.

      8. All that’s left now is for that big ol fat lady to start singing and the lead to start flying

      9. HillDawg oozes smegma from her cankles

        • I just wish the Clintons would just fuck off already.

          Clinton for Prison 2016

      10. My wife gardens big and cans even bigger. Plus, she’s a better shot than I am. We’ll be a-Ok.

        • What will you do, when your starving, rioting neighbor’s kill you for it. That’s the way it’ll play out.

          • They probably have enough to share with several neighbors in a friendly way.

            Some people make their neighbors their worst enemy while other make their neighbors their best friends.

            • My neighbors look forward to my garden excesses.
              I decided today to buy a couple metal shelving units and turn my extra bedroom into a greenhouse. When I get my small place built, I can turn my back patio into a 12×22 greenhouse. I already switched out my houseplants for evergreen edibles. I prefer fresh foods and can at least have greens and tomatoes inside.

      11. The US economy is less than 20% manufacturing. It imports plastic Chinese junk and exports weapons of war and financial fraud.

        The much ballyhooed shale “energy independence” revolution has vanished into the smoke and mirrors it came from and the junk bond fiasco it is about to set off is upon us.

        Time for QE4 for the lenders and a new WPA and CCC for the goy.

        Billions will be liquidated in the coming crash. Try not to be one of them.

      12. OK long time since I posted. transplanted Texan living in new brunswick canada. Here is some of our prices 6.99 head od califlower, on sale today 2 for 5.00 dollars. Tide pods 32 loads 14.99 plus tax which here is 13% with plans to go up this year. two cucumbers 5.00 dollars. bacon on sale 6.99 lb. medium ground beef on sale 4.59 lb. Anyway if my wife did not know how to actually cook and prepare meals that dont come from a box we would be hurting lots more. Not too many are laughing about my prepper life style now but things are tight. I thank God every day for our blessings. These prices are not to close to where the Eskimo population lives either. Kepp your heads up and keep an eye on Orgegon I think things are going to heat up there. God bless and ya’ll take care.

        • Mike

          Good to hear from you again.

          My prepps are ready and just got some more 22’s. Got lucky at wall mart. Was standing there when they brought in 20 boxes of 555 rds. of Winchester 36gr. Hp. Only one per-customer. This was at 1100hrs my time. By 1800hrs it was all gone. Also got some more Cold/Flu meds, and natural cures. Loaded up on Hand sanitizers, badges and band-aids.

          Hang in there my friend. Good luck in Canada.


          • I’ve found the only place around to get 22lr. Got bricks all the time. Pretty pricey though at 65$ for s brick of Armscor It’s available though so you suck it up , pay the higher price for it and get as much as you can

            • CC
              I got mine for $29.95 for 555 rds.
              I would have gotten more but they will only sell one pack at a time.

              • Sarge, I bought 3 bricks of .22LR at a gun show this past weekend. I’ve got another one scheduled in my area for Feb. 6-7.

          • Hey Sgt – go down to Megasports in Plainfield, IL. They have a LOT of 22 LRs there, and don’t ever seem to be out

        • I hope to the good Lord you are wrong about Oregon. It would only give the gov. an excuse to wage war, confiscate firearms, or declare martial law – or maybe all three.

          May our Lord have mercy upon us all.


          Son of Liberty

        • Mike in Canada, glad to see you back and hear you’re doing well.

      13. Very over sensationalised lol
        Those prices are examples of corner store or very northern places yes food is getting notably higher but there not that bad I’m here in Alberta I’m still hauling crude oil and frac fluid my rent is reasonable 800 gas and power are 75 each has is $3 a gallon cigarettes are 17-20$ a pack booze is expensive $50 40oz this artical is exaggerated to the max.

      14. WOW! This would cause a major panic in the USA

      15. None of this is anything new at all , but perhaps a bit hyped ? Most prepper sites are hype and useless info or at a minimum redundant sales of junk ! Just that some are worse than others and some actually have some good info. Most is quite useless and simply repeating what someone else said ? Few have any real life first hand experience in much of anything except hype or fear porn !

      16. This article is SO MUCH garbage. What they are talking about is prices in areas where these items are NOT PRODUCED, and need to be shipped hundreds of miles.

        In Alaska nearly EVERYTHING needs to be shipped in from ‘outside.’ ‘Outside’ being outside the state, primarily from the lower 48. I see Tide ON SALE for everything from $25 – $29 dollars, that means the regular price is from $30 – $37. And Alaska’s economy is not collapsing. 90% lean hamburger is priced from $10.50 – $12.50 a pound – regularly.

        While we can buy 2% milk locally for $3.99 a gallon, in larger markets (Anchorage) it can be bought for $2.99, but in remote native villages of Alaska it is not uncommon to pay $8.00 – $9.00 for that same gallon of milk.

        It ain’t fun, but it’s the reality of where you live; how close you live to where it is grown, produced, shipped, etc.

        These ‘fear mongering’ fear-porn articles do not help us in the least. Lets not be like the majority of uninformed masses in the U.S. – Let’s learn to think in reality, critically, and using our heads for something other than a hat rack.


        Son of Liberty

        • The detergent & cornflakes are way up north where is has always been much more than elsewhere in Canada.

          But yes even here in Calgary it is $3 for a cuke and $8 for a cauliflower, meat is pretty much off the scale, toilet paper can be $12 a bag, I just paid 8.79 for a small bag of peppercorns so while this article is not realistic for some of the items like detergent, overall, food costs for my Wife and I have at least doubled over a year.

      17. Okay, I’ve seen these “prices” on other websites. Fact is, they are from freakin’ NUNAVUT during WINTER. Here in “normal” Canada my food prices are normal – I repeat, normal. I just bought a cantaloupe for $1.77, 18 little Cutie oranges for $4.99, a long English cucumber for $1.17. Also raspberries and blackberries, 2 packs for $6.00, the usual sale price (each pack is 150g/4oz). I don’t eat crappy cereal or any meat/poultry/seafood, so I don’t know about that. Point is, there is no hyper-spike in food prices, prices are NORMAL.

        Please research before posting stuff like this. This is like using Alaska prices and calling them “American” prices. Good grief.

        I don’t see anybody panicking. But, who knows what 2016 will bring. Thanks.

        • It seems like most everyone here is focusing on the wrong thing – and are missing the whole point of the article – “This Is What It’s Going To Look Like In the USA”.

          I imagine that when prices Do spike like that a whole lot of know-nothing college educated so-called experts will be telling you, “there is no hyper-spike in food prices, prices are NORMAL.” And, “You’ll get nothing, and Like it!”.

          • So it’s not okay for me to correct inaccuracies?

            I realize what the point is, it’s because it’s all about the USA. USA-USA-USA. I moved to Canada to get away from the USA. Sorry, but the article mentioned prices quoted as Canadian but apply to only one high-priced area up here. Americans are not the only ones inhabiting this planet.

            So terribly sorry to try and correct something that doesn’t apply to most Canadians and in the process take the spotlight off of the USA. Geez.

        • Yes, but in the far north, whale blubber prices are waaaaaay down, 3 cents per metric tonne. 🙂

      18. I wonder if the .gov will make adjustments to the SNAP EBT? If not, the FSA will chimpout – BIG time.

        • Ever notice how there is always the end of the world about a year away by some new research? People have been “seeing” the future now for quite a while. Good thing they are always wrong.

      19. I hope people realize these are NORTH POLE prices…I live in Edmonton Alberta, and prices are up, but only moderately…see how it goes as oil continues to plummet…

      20. Most people seem to have forgotten, or maybe never paid attention in the first place, but it was escalating food prices beyond the ability of the people to afford it that triggered the whole “Arab Spring” thing.

        That worked out well, maybe we should start fortifying our northern border before we have most of Canada here that we have to support the way we do so much of Mexico now.

      21. I am not sure where you found those shelf tags for the products but I am Canadian and I can assure you that I am not paying anywhere near those amounts for any of those goods. A box of Frosted Flakes will typically run between $5-7 Canadian. There is not a single box of cereal on the shelf that runs that high. The only thing I can think of is these are from stores up in the Yukon or NWT where everything is far more expensive because of shipping costs over those distances. I live 75 km from Buffalo NY and the prices for these things would be between 1/2 and 1/3 of the listed prices you have displayed. our dollar is trading at .70 US right now, which is bad but not as bad as it has been.

      22. Things are very bad in Cannada right now. Angry beaver does not live in Canada. Canada’s IP does not start with 350. They are on another server. So you are a troll. I Saw that you attacked me at 12.03 am on morning on a few threads back. Guys check to see for your self, 12.03 am the little phucker attacked me talking sh…t, trying to run me off shtf. If they can get me out of the way, then they can stear thinking to let everyone relax, WHEN DISTRUCTION AND SHTF CALAPSE IS ON THE HORIZON, AND THIS IS FACT OF LIFE UP IN OUR PHUCKNG FACES. He has called me idiot. Most on this site know that HCKS is not damn idiot by any means.

        You are 100% agency ass clown troll. And others on there who know me, are on to you bullsh…t. You days are numbered on this site you sick stinking piece of sh….t.

        This one guys is a really good one, i have to admit, He attacks real info coming from me, then starts to praise others offer advice and still think that he is on our side. Angry beavers IP is from a DHS FUSION CENTER, that is a paid troll. You see my scientist told me about the IP address. Thats a US IP address, he is not in Canada. The idiot even backed off attacking lately trying to gain support and repect, but you see i am the AGENCY ASS CLOWN SUPER MODERATOR, AINT I.

        Things are going to be so bad in by June of 2016, that trolls wont be having any effect on this site for now. I know that you, angry beaver will be lashing out at me, but the fact of the matter is that real preppers never, every attack me on this site, AND THIS IS AND INALIENABLE FACT OF LIFE ON THE SHTFPLAN.COM

        One on my best friends is the biggest Oil company recruiters and Oil company Engineers are calling him daily over the last 2 months telling him that Canada has calapsed and is in it’s 2008 type of calpse that hit the US in 2008, if you recall our calapse and now we are heading into according to my recruiter budddy, a 1935 Type of Great depression Type of calapse. So dont let the dumbass come on here naming out cost and prices of gas, cigarette’s etc. He has not mentioned one damn thing about his prepps, what he has done, why he did it, when he plans on doing next, nothing about Canadians and prepping. NOTHING, NOT A DAMN THING TO CONVINCE US THAT WE SHOULD TRUST HIM. SO PHUCK YOU BEAVER, ALL YOU DO IS FLAP YOUR MOUTH AND YOU SH…T, YOU AINT GETTING NOWHERE AROUND HERE. The test from me exiting was to show what happens next, and shtf posters know that i do this every so often to test the trolls, and they always fail. YOU FAILED BEAVER MISERABLY.



        angry beaver/conti divide-TROLLS OF JANUARY.

        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        welcome the the SHTFPLAN.COM FOOLS.

        • Minor spelling-nazi note: Collapse is spelled c-o-l-l-a-p-s-e.

      23. Where in Canada is that stuff that expensive?? I am in Alberta and thays not even close!

        • As I said earlier, these prices are from Nunavut. This whole story is ridiculous and they should research better before putting out articles like this.

      24. People think i am kidding, look at the prices of the goods. Angry beaver says that things are cheap, ofcourse they are, you are living in the US,


      25. Hello folks. First time commenting here but been visting this site for a couple years. Trying to stay under the radar, I guess, but big brother knows I visit this page anyway, I’m sure.
        I’m in Southern Ontario and this article is blowing things out of proportion quite a bit. The pictures and prices you’re seeing are most likely stores up in the arctic areas. Places that it’s a pain in the ass to ship to. Diamond mines, Innuit communities, etc. I just got in from the grocery store by my house and jumbo Frosted Flakes are only like 7.99, a jar of club house black pepper is like 2.99, cauliflower maybe 2.99, 3L jug of Tide maybe 10 bucks, a pack of name brand bacon, maybe 5 bucks. Don’t get me wrong, prices are definitely going up. Meat, dairy, cereals, peanut butter, etc.
        A pack of two boneless, skinless chicken breasts was like $13.54 today and two years ago it was maybe $7. A block of no name cheddar is like $8.99 today and two years ago it was maybe $5.
        Ammo is getting ridiculous up here too. An 880 rd crate of Soviet surplus 7.62x54r is like $279 bucks now, vs $200 a couple years ago. A 1400 crate of x39 ammo for my SKS is like $239 now vs. $179 a couple years ago. A 20 rd box of .3O3 Brit FMJ ammo is over a buck a round now for the cheapest stuff.

        • $13.54 today and two years ago it was maybe $7.
          $8.99 today and two years ago it was maybe $5.
          $279 bucks now, vs $200 a couple years ago.
          $239 now vs. $179 a couple years ago.

          Faster and faster, up and up. Thanks for proving the main point of the article.

        • Thank you for the facts! The prices in the piece are from the Far North, which has always been expensive (never understood why the people do not just stick with the local food, which is very healthy compared to Frosted Flakes?).

          But, it is very noticeable food prices in Canada have been surging upwards. It started with meat and then cheese. Now, it is fresh veggies and fruits. You can eat cheap sugar foods to your heart’s content, but if you want to stay healthy, it will cost you. Also never understood why Canada imported so much when the country has many options to feed itself with the local stuff: lake fish, bison, moose, blueberries, corn, squash, etc.

      26. Venezucanada, led by its very own Chavez wannabe, Boy Wonder Trudeau.

        Some of this is the oil crash, but the ignorant left has just made it worse.

        Wonder how those idiot leftists who voted for Boy Wonder Trudeau because he would “legalize marijuana” are feeling now? Maybe they can EAT their marijuana for dinner? Unfortunately, that will just give them the munchies and with Doritos at $9 zillion dollars a bag, that will be a problem.

        Leftists are utterly disgusting.

        • Steve! (Harper) Is that you?

        • you’re ignorant :-0

      27. And, BTW this is **exactly** what happened during the Great Depression, with competitive devaluations and the collapse of trade.

        Hey, that Obamanomics horse manure is doing really dandy, isn’t it! Thanks so much, leftists! Heck that $20 freaking TRILLION now spent in your idiot War on Poverty has done wonders, hasn’t it. Particularly your sister socialist programme, the Model Cities Programme, which had Detroit as its first major city to adopt it

        And, oh yes. Yellen is a committed Democrat. Gee, go figure. And Bernanke? RINOS are the same, just with horns.

      28. No Nation Has EVER Taxed Itself Into Prosperity

        You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating working Americans out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. Government cannot give to anybody anything that government does not first take from somebody else. When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to pay for them – and when that paying half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they worked so hard for, then that, my friend, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth to help the poor by dividing it.

      29. Good to hear from all the neighbors up north on this post. First hand info is the best.

        I know Canadians are tough cookies…especially digging that tar sand bitumen up… and they are unmatched when it comes to that game they play on the ice…

        What’s it called?

        Curling, I think…{SNORT}

        • Curling? You’re hilarious!

      30. Not sure where these prices are from. Maybe northern Canada. I went to the grocery store after reading this. The prices you list are way out to lunch, those are northern Canadian prices. I would suggest that you may be do some research before posting shit like this. 1kg of bacon was $12.98, 1.06 kg of frosted flakes was $8.68, the same ground pepper was $5.48 and a head of cauliflower was $5.97. I took pictures of the items too but am not sure how to post pictures on here.

        I like reading some the articles on your site but this one makes me wonder.

        • A head of cauliflower was $5.97?
          That’s insanely high compared to prices in the U.S. right now.
          Seems like you don’t even know how bad you’ve got it.

      31. I am a Canadian living in the US now. Just checked with my best friend in Ottawa, who noted WalMart Canada has 1.09 l. bottles for $4.96 which makes the product you saw to be $13.40. I have no idea where they got their prices.

        Here’s verification:

        All I can think is that these are prices in Nunavut or NWT.

        Loonie at 69 cents is a disaster. But I think these pictures, after researching this further, are intellectually dishonest.

        There is NO need to pad the destruction that socialism does, so I am very disappointed in this article, which is not journalistically honest.

      32. Hello again so nice and warm to see fellow patriots sending me warm welcomes. I see there is some heat from some fellow Canadian residents for the article. Yes I do agree some of the prices are a bit out of line for those of us living closer to the USA border which is about 80% of the population here. Prices vary from province to province and the local 6.99 for a head of califlower here in new brunswick blew me away as did the 2 english cukes for 5 dollars. Bottom line is the two things that are always gaurenteed to go up although everything is, but my 2 are the 2 G’s groceries and guns/ammo. Be smart make sure you can cook or learn to, buy smart, use a pressure cooker as it will make any cut of meat tender etc etc. Grow a garden if you don’t. Adapt, improvise, thrive and survive. Prep smart as there is tons of info, and no sense in freaking out over prices as it is the new normal. God bless and keep the faith but before I go I made a terrible mistake and bought a gallon of milk, 4 litres, at my local red rooster convientent store. ouch I gave them a purple 10 dollar canadian bill and they gave me a whole quarter back for change. Keep your heads up and dont dispair because sooner or later thos prices posted will be reality for all of us. I love ya’ll and God bless as we are still very blessed here. Good night


      33. Sheeplike

      34. Pile of crap veg prices are still dirt cheap here in alberta, beef is up nut that’s been for a while an has nothing to do with loonie, its alberta beef, got groceries today barly any change, bogus info, stop it.

      35. As for 9.75 a gallon for milk your fucking retarded, if its that high were you are god wants you to starve, I call bullshit.

        • We get to meet an uneducated Canadian troll. You do not know the difference between your and you’re, barely and “barly”, its and it’s? Run-on sentences indicate some serious cannabis dependencies. But hell, Adam, it is probably subsidized by the socialist government.


      36. 4.49 here a gallon here in alberta, so your lieing or in the wrong danm place, so sick of people fucking exagurating everything for this doomsday shit.

        • Adam 3030. You are on the mark with your comment about all articles blowing shit out of proportion. It’s good to see so many people calling bullshit.

      37. Don’t know about Canada. But lets go ever the list of issues with the American economy:

        We are a debter nation- 19,000,000,000 in debt.
        Endless / strangling government regulations.
        Coal industry dying.
        Oil prices have dropped below the mark where US oil company’s are suffering.
        Railroad shipping is down- possibly partly due to low fuel prices in the trucking industry. But it is still hurting the industry.
        They refuse to audit the FED.
        They refuse to audit Fort Knox and our gold reserves eleswhere. ( If there is nothing to hide why not let an audit team from congress in? )
        They refused to give back Germany’s gold when it was requested.
        Social security is soon broke.
        There are bubbles every where you look.
        The new Interational trade agreement.

        We are a lot less capable of rebounding from a economic meltdown than 2001 or 2008. And that is by design.

        • We did not give back Italy ‘ s gold either.

      38. “not journalistically honest”, you say?

        “B.S.!” The others yell.

        Nowhere in the article does it say All Canadians pay these prices. Can’t you people READ!?

        Anyway, when All Canaddians are paying these prices in the near future, don’t say you weren’t given a heads up.

      39. future prices well then, really man, and sorry no Canadians pay these prices unless you like north of 60 still doubt it though.

      40. Hmmmm. My in laws are Canadian and yes their dollar is bad, but those prices are way out of proportion. Price porn.

      41. The prices selected supported the story and probably were in some remote area where the goods were flown in. The truth is once again is abused to support a point of view.

      42. This is why we grow gardens,I have gotten so much food in my garden last year I was giving it away and bonding with neighbors and friends. I grew tomatoes, beans,lettuce,spinich,onions,all kinds of peppers,cauliflower, corn, cucumbers,radishes,zucchini,squash,apples,pears,peaches,strawberries,black berries,blue berries.asparagus,garlic,oregano, basil,cilantro and dill. Made pickles and pickled peppers. Chickens and eggs,fish and a goat. Lots of nut trees around as well. There is also a nice clearing which is frequented by deer and wild turkey. Water catchment system. Solar/wind generation,firewood ,weapons. Medical supplies.
        We are ready,are you?

      43. BEER IS $50.00 FOR 24 CANS.

      44. Adam can call BS all he wants. The dairies in new brunswick are alowd to set their own prices and I was just making a comparison with the price of the convienent store. I already said it was a stupid mistake so why all the hostility? I moved out here from Alberta and realize things havent hit that part of the country as hard yet. I was always taught to know your audience before name calling and being so critical. You are more than welcome to come on out and visit see for yourself. And you can lose the attitude because believe me this is a global issue and it will come to Alberta sad to say. anyway God bless you Adam and have a great day


      45. This is absolute crazy talk! I live in Canada and these prices are bogus because what you see is waaaaayyyyy up north! Sure the $ is down but it is not the first time people! Shame on you for posting fearful stuff like this! Sure it is possible for things to get really really bad but when it does we ain’t gonna have a lovely heads up!

      46. By the way Adam Mr Blowhard, milk runs from 7.50 to 7.75 a gallon in the local grocery store. It is named the Atlantic super store. I am happy to be out here with the maritimers so I don’t have to listen to ignorant people such as yourself. Your mommy never did raise you proper and teach you respect. Being raised in the south if I name called and was disrespectful like you are my momma would have whopped my ass good. Have a great day Adam and may the love of the Lord be with ya


      47. Stupidity Begets Stupidity. One smart prankster took pictures of groceries being sold in the Arctic circle and every up and coming blog has taken the bait without even checking the authenticity. Over 80% of Canadians live along the US border. When the dollar is high we cross border shop and when low we stay home. If these 85% can buy their cucumbers and Tide for half price across the border then the lineups would be miles long. THERE ARE NO LINEUPS. Matter fact consumer goods from Mercedes Benz to Apple computers DO NOT reflect the dollar difference and are cheaper in Canada. It is true that the predominantly oil drilling economy of Alberta (less than 10% of our population) is longer have a BOOM economy, however they still have a very high standard of living low taxation. Remember that most Canadian is exported to $30 per barrel computes to $44 cdn. You have been duped!

      48. If this happens I wonder if this will turn into a real Zombie apocalypse ??????????

      49. That is far north prices….not major cities where food is cheaper than US prices. Vet your posts!!!

      50. i live in vacouver b.c. and the prices are not just up north here cauliflower 7.99

        • Another Lotus eater shopping at Whole Foods.

      51. The author of the article and the the web master at this site should do fact checking before posting such inccurate facts. The prices in the images are prices in the far north where transportation cost are sky high…the rest of Canada doesn’t experience prices this high as suggested by the author. And yes prices are traditionally higher in Canada than the U>S but one also has to consider that the minimum wages here in Canada are much, much higher than the U.S. and as such the buying power in both countries are fairly similar. With the Canadian dollar now a fair amount less than the U.S. dollar the prices are climbing on some imported goods, but no where near the disaster that this other is conveying.

      52. Fact checking? On an American prepper site? This is la,la land where any and every mad cap conspiracy is treated as gospel.

        They’ve had blood moons, jade helm, planet x, Wal-Mart being used to house god knows what, Michael snyder, and other assorted crackpots and crackpot notions, too numerous too list.

        You’ll find that the attention span of most people here is very limited indeed. Critical thinking really taxes the American brain and, after a day or so, the monkeys move on to hate something else!

      53. Canada has a very high standard of living but maybe not in a way Americans understand. Canadians have a strong sense of civility and respect for each other; it makes life much less fearful and hard. Apart from the homeless (and there are far too many of them), your living standard is back-stopped by the government: if you are very poor, you receive tax rebates every few months; if you are a student, there is a lot of help that is not just loans. The healthcare system is still mainly free but not perfect.

        The people who get a rough deal in Canada are the homeless and the natives. Try being homeless on Canada’s streets: it will toughen you up, and then kill you. Canada’s welfare state is not what it was but is still pretty good. The economy needs to diversify but people have said this all my life; I think the country will not be able to escape the ‘resource curse’ until it reaches 100 million people – enough scale to allow for a diversity of economic activity and talent that would pull things away from dirty oil, copper, gold, uranium etc.

      54. I don’t know if anyone knows this but these are prices in REMOTE DESOLATE PLACES ON THE EDGE OF THE NORTH POLE, SUPPLIES NEED TO BE FLOWN IN BY PLANE. Things are bad yes but could you please stop exaggerating it’s pissing me off. Report facts you’re just as bad a CNN.

      55. Canadians love their socialist and socialism. Looks like they are running out of other people’s money.

      56. I’ve seen those pictures before, they are from Fort Chip, an isolated native community in northern Alberta that only has land transport during the winter on ice roads. The prices reflect the cost of everything having to be flown in. lol

      57. I am from Canada and the socialist system that evolved here is nothing less than Marxists at best.. The Wonderboy that we have running the show is a full-blown communist whose goal is to destroy the country and surrender it to the elitists.. Rebel_ you say you’re a socialist but if you support the little Fagg and by the sounds of your posts you do you are a traitor to this country and should be dealt with accordingly at the end of a rope and you can swing with him..
        I am only assuming that the people that were crying about the price of food in Canada we are living under the 49th parallel in Ontario… Food where I live is pricey and seems to go up by the week.. No maybe some of the prices were a little to the upside but it won’t be long until were there…

      58. I also think the further north you go, the higher prices get due to transportation. Moved 3 states north, prices are allot higher. Grapes are a rare delicacy, being 4-6 dollars a pound in the off season. Cailifour is around 6 dollars a pound. Beef is 4-6 dollars a pound. Even cheese is higher here in Wisconsin than further south.

      59. These prices are not the normal for most Canadians and this website article is to scare Americans…so like Obama and most politicians ” don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story”.
        The $Cdn spent a long time in the 60’s before and we didn’t collapse then.

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