Manhunt: Second Boston Bomber Suspect is in Custody; Live Police Scanner Stream

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    Kimberly Paxton of The Daily Sheeple has contributed to this report.

    Follow Live on Police scanner:

    UPDATED 8:46 PM ET

    19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev is in custody…details to follow.

    UPDATED 8:19 PM ET

    CBS reports that the FBI admits that they interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev 2 years ago for possible extremist ties.

    The FBI admitted Friday they interviewed the now-deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years ago and failed to find any incriminating information about him.

    As first reported by CBS News correspondent Bob Orr, the FBI interviewed Tsarnaev, the elder brother of at-large bombing suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, at the request of a foreign government to see if he had any extremist ties, but failed to find any linkage.

    Both Tsarnaev brothers were legal permanent residents of the U.S. There is no evidence so far that either brother received any tactical training.

    UPDATED 7:57 PM ET

    Police have surrounded a suspect in a boat in someone’s backyard.  Initially officers said that the person in the boat sat up, but now they are reporting no further movement. (via scanner)

    UPDATED 6:53 PM ET

    INTERPOL has issued an international security alert in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings.

    The INTERPOL Orange Notice, requested by the US authorities, contains photographs of the devices and identifying information including the fingerprints of the two suspects, 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev, currently being sought by authorities in the US, and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, aged 26, who died after a shoot-out with police in Boston in the early hours of Friday.

    “The decision by the FBI and US authorities to request an INTERPOL Orange Notice will enable police services and other law enforcement agencies around the world to advise US law enforcement authorities whether they’ve come across similarly designed devices in their own investigations,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.

    UPDATED 6:39 PM ET

    Washington Post:  Authorities have lifted the stay-indoors order for residents in the Boston area.

    UPDATED 2:23 PM ET

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev faced deportation in 2009, but was allowed to stay, the Washington Examiner reports:

    One of the brothers suspected of carrying out the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon faced deportation in 2009 after being convicted of a domestic violence charge but was allowed to stay, according to a government watchdog.

    “Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old killed in a wild shootout with police, was a legal U.S. resident who never the less could have been removed from the country after a 2009 domestic violence conviction,” Judicial Watch reports based on an unnamed source.

    UPDATED 1:48 PM ET

    Twitter update from 911Buff


    — 911 Operator (@911BUFF) April 19, 2013


    UPDATED 1:15 PM ET

    Anzor Tsarnaev spoke with ABC News of his suspicion that his sons were set up:

    “The father said he spoke to his sons by phone earlier this week. “We talked about the bombing. I was worried about then,” Anzor Tsarnaev said.

    He said his sons reassured him, saying, “Everything is good, Daddy. Everything is very good.”

    “If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame,” the father told ABC News. “Someone, some organization is out to get them.”

    UPDATED 12:55PM ET

    A defacto state of martial law has now been enacted across Boston:

    Police, federal agents and military personnel are going door-to-door searching for the teenage bombing suspect who has eluded capture since being located late Thursday. Massachusetts state officials said residents should keep doors locked and not open their door unless it’s a uniformed police officer knocking. New leads have been developed and the search and sweep of the area could continue through the weekend. (link)

    UPDATED 11:57 AM ET

    AP interviews anguished father of Tamarmlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev:

    Anzor Tsarnaev spoke with The Associated Press by telephone from the southern Russian republic of Dagestan after police said one of his sons, 26-year-old Tamerlan, had been killed in a shootout and the other, Dzhokhar, was being intensely pursued.

    “My son is a true angel,” the elder Tsarnaev said. He said his son was “an intelligent boy” who was studying medicine.

    “We expected him to come on holidays here,” he said.

    “They were set up, they were set up!” he exclaimed. “I saw it on television; they killed my older son Tamerlan.”

    Tsarnaev, badly agitated, gave little more information and ended the call angrily, saying, “Leave me alone, my son’s been killed.”


    UPDATED 11:46 AM ET

    Authorities surround the Watertown house where Dzokhar Tsarnaev is believed to be.

    boston swat


    UPDATED 11:35 AM ET Father of Suspects in Boston Marathon Bombing believes Secret Service framed his sons

    UPDATED 11:25 AM ET Police have deployed 2 robots to inspect a possible explosive device attached to the suspect in custody, a man in his mid-60s. The media has been advised to immediately run and take cover. (via scanner) UPDATED 10:64AM ET Police are converging on the house where they believe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is hiding.  He has sent the following Tweet.

    UPDATED 10:54AM ET

    Police have another suspect in custody in the Arsenal Street area in Watertown, a man approximately 60-70 years old.  He is wearing a vest and has a device in his hand that is suspected to be explosive. (via scanner)

    UPDATED 10:43AM ET

    Anzor Tsarnaev, the father of suspected the Boston Marathon bombers appealed to his son, Dzhokhar, to “surrender peacefully.”, but warned the U.S. that “If they killed him, then all hell would break loose.” He insists that his sons are innocent of the bombing. (source)


    photo of Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev

    UPDATED 10:33AM ET

    Police scanners in Boston are saying that there may be a third suspect.  Police are looking for  gray Honda CRV with Massachusetts plates 316ES9.  APBs have been issues in Massachusetts and Connecticut for this vehicle.

    UPDATED 10:29AM ET

    The second suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev has opened a twitter account and is Tweeting Live.



    UPDATED 8:11 AM ET

    The dead suspect has been named as Tamerlan Tsarnaev and he is the older brother of Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev.  Tamerlan was 26 years old and a competitive boxer.  He had been in the US since 2000, when he was admitted under refugee status.  Read more about Tamerland Tsarnaev HERE.


    pictured: Tamerlan Tsarnaev

    UPDATED 6:29 AM ET

    AP:  Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya, lived in US at least 1 year.  Surviving Boston bomb suspect identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass.

    UPDATED 6:01 AM ET

    According to ABC News, the suspects are believed to be foreign nationals, living legally in the United States.  “Based on the way they engaged police, authorities believe they have some paramilitary training. ”

    All public schools in Boston have been closed for the day as police engage in a massive manhunt for the second suspect, who is still at large.


    One of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing has reportedly been killed by Police.


    Middlesex District Attorney – Official Statement:

    Police are investigating a fatal shooting of MIT campus police officer by two men who then committed an armed carjacking in Cambridge, Middlesex Acting District Attorney Michael Pelgro, Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas, and MIT Police Chief John DiFava announced this evening.

    At approximately 10:20 p.m. April 18, police received reports of shots fired on the MIT campus. At 10:30 p.m., an MIT campus police officer was found shot in his vehicle in the area of Vassar and Main streets. According to authorities, the officer was found evidencing multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and pronounced deceased.

    Authorities launched an immediate investigation into the circumstances of the shooting. The investigation determined that two males were involved in this shooting.

    A short time later, police received reports of an armed carjacking by two males in the area of Third Street in Cambridge. The victim was carjacked at gunpoint by two males and was kept in the car with the suspects for approximately a half hour. The victim was released at a gas station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. He was not injured.

    Police immediately began a search for the vehicle and were in pursuit of the vehicle into Watertown. At that time, explosive devices were reportedly thrown from car by the suspects. The suspects and police also exchanged gunfire in the area of Dexter and Laurel streets. During this pursuit, an MBTA Police officer was seriously injured and transported to the hospital.

    During the pursuit, one suspect was critically injured and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

    An extensive manhunt is ongoing in the Watertown area for the second suspect, who is believed to be armed and dangerous.

    The case is being investigated by local, state and federal authorities working in cooperation. The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad is assessing and removing any potentially explosive devices that may have been thrown on the street in Watertown by the suspects.

    The investigation remains active and ongoing.

    No further information is available at this time.

    Gunfire, explosions – raw video:

    Updated April 18 3:50AM ET

    Fox News reports that the suspect in police custody was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    An FBI photo released at 2:00AM this morning shows the two suspects standing side-by-side. The man in the black cap is believed to be the one killed by police this morning.

    The suspect wearing the white cap remains at large.


    Video of police apprehending an individual in Watertown. It is not clear whether this individual is one of the two suspects:

    Original Report: April 18 – 2:45AM ET

    In what the FBI’s public information officer calls an “active” and “fluid” situation, hundreds of police cruisers converged on a small neighborhood in Watertown, Massachusetts after multiple bombs were reportedly detonated.

    Reports indicate that the bombings came shortly after a shooting involving a police officer at MIT’s campus in Cambridge. The officer, whose name has not yet been released, was killed in the exchange.

    Witnesses have also reported “round after round” of gunshots and explosions going off in Watertown.

    Both locations are within 10 miles of the deadly Boston Marathon bombings.

    The FBI reports that a suspect is in custody, but has not confirmed if the individual was also involved in the Boston bombing.

    The Boston Globe reports that the individual in custody may be one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

    7 News Boston has reported on their web site that their law enforcement sources say that the Watertown suspects are also the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

    At approximately 2:00 AM ET the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a new photo of the two suspects together minutes before the two marathon bombs left three people dead and scores severely injured.

    Mixed reports from Fox News, CNN and local Boston news channels indicate that the suspect in the photo above wearing the white hat remains at large, suggesting that his accomplice may be the one currently in custody.

    Live Coverage from CBS Local

    Live Coverage from 7 News


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      1. I hope they catch the sick bastards. Planet Earth is really going down the Crapper. It’s sad to see the way the human race is, we are no different than wild animals at times.

        • It looks like all the criminals are gathered in Watertown together. There are like hundreds of police over there. They are sick, sick, sick guys in caps.

          • Do you mean the cops? They know everyone over there are a bunch of sissies. They have no arms, weapons, grenades, etc.

            • Amazing stuff Mac! Major congrats — by far the MOST informative I’ve seen all morning. The tweets, the video…. great job! Major salute to you.

              The question is begging to be asked however… will the fringe continue to believe the “false flag” event? Gosh, someone better pull the rabbit out of the hat on this one.

              I might know how this will be explained. Let’s see….the fbi/navy seals/delta force/dhs and a rag tag group of members from other super-dee-dooper secret federal agencies REALLY did blow up the marathon on Monday. “They” did it! So…..after being exposed by infowars analysts as flying their false flag, the agencies set to work to frame the Chechen brothers. The whole set up was easy to do because the feds knew the brothers well after the CIA secretly trained them to be terrorists in the caves of Afghanistan and showed them how to shoot guns and make bombs. Then federal agents with short haircuts and wearing khaki pants and boots secretly drugged the brothers in a medivac tent in northern Afghanistan, implanted a micro chip at the base of their brains, dumped them on the streets of Boston, and enrolled them in local schools where they lived with an Afghani informant who is really in the witness protection program and who posed as the boys’ uncle. The sleeper cell operation was in place waiting to be activated. A de-facto modern day Manchurian Candidate scenario. Yesterday as the news conference was taking place, the feds planted bombs and guns in the Mercedes that the brothers carjacked (which was owned by an fbi agent, btw). And finally, last night at the stroke of midnight, the brothers were activated by the NWO ZOG “destruct sequence” command which came down from UN headquarters on a coded VHF channel beamed from a supposed GPS satellite at the behest of 13-family Illuminati who were “coincidently” having their annual hot tub party and bbq at the Rothschild family mansion.

              I hate being right, but dammit, the bombing and the framing of these brothers is a FALSE FLAG conspiracy operation of the highest order as a way to take our guns and put us in fema camps! This is THE ONLY explanation and anyone who challenges me is part of the conspiracy, or their in a “focus group” agency designed to bring down the whole prepper movement. Who is with me?

              I won’t consider that maybe these kids were indoctrinated by a family member, their sheik, or Inspire magazine. I won’t even consider that maybe they had relatives recently killed fighting the Russians in Chechnya and/or the US in Afghanistan, and wanted to get even. I won’t even consider that maybe just maybe they were garden variety radicalized terrorists who hated America and decided to kill. You know, writing all this kooky crap is really kind of fun!

              In all seriousness folks, we don’t understand the Islamic culture. I don’t understand it. Very few western Christian people do. We are confounded why someone who apparently enjoys the trappings of an American life would plan a coordinated terrorist event to kill innocents. The explanation resides in their culture and beliefs. Until we understand the motivations and culture of fundamentalist radical muslims, we are going to read hear and see all the wacky conspiracies and rumors contrived to explain it.

              • maybe you should do some actual research and criminal history profiles. ask an expert like Phil Giraldi- top CIA who has been documenting how our intelligence agencies use islamic patsies. or look into the muslim brotherhood’s origin as a vehicle for MI6 and MI5 and UK. start with Charlie Wilson’s War about Reagan-Gust Avakratos- MI6 creation of Afghan Mujahadin. Or creation of HAMAS by Sharon and Shamir to take out Arafat (in ISRAELI media).
                Gulf of Tonkin
                Pearl Harbor
                This horse’s mouth advocacy may be reminder

              • Alienation. The one brother stated that after living in the US for several years he had no American friends. Beck is doing a good show about the Saudi who may be more involved than the Obama team will admit. Not surprising for an administration that is infested with Muslim Brotherhood followers. How can a nation even pretend to be protecting itself when those entrusted with that task are either enemy agents or unable tkeep anything secret from those agents. We are nuts as a nation. Sure glad we have a secure border.

                • They protectors have a lot of people who question their motives and think they are into world domination.

                • dont forget about the ‘unannounced’ meeting our fearless (?) leader had with the saudi foreign minister just after this event. i tell u things dont smell right

              • Whoever did it, the military is on the streets and going door to door. The city has been shut down. The paramilitary police and the military and on the streets. It does not matter who did it at this point. The end result remains the same.

              • Yes all history is pure accident. No planning at all. Just serendipity. Or, as Shakespeare said, “Methinks he doeth protest too much”.

            • And here we go. Diane Feinstein or some Senatorial/Congressional dimwit slipshod is sure to get a gas pain and concoct a massive 3700 page bill to be introduced to regulate “HIGH CAPASSITY ASSULT STYLE” pressure cookers. Just think; no pistol grips, no pressure suppressors, no black ones, back ground checks mandatory, 21yoa to buy one, and god forbid if you are a senior Jihadist wanting to can some beans. DHS, swat is going to be staking out the local Bed Bath and Beyond looking for backdoor sales. If this legislation saves just one life it will be all worth it!!
              You know this shit’s has gotta be coming.

          • Speaking of criminals, just look at the special meeting going on today at the WH with a bunch of top list bankers to decide on what to do about the economy.

            The economy has sprung so many leaks, I do not believe there is enough JB Weld to fix is from sinking?

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • OMG! OMG!
              Go here to see cops dressed in evil black from head to toe, carrying those EVIL black guns and shot guns. They even have collapsible stocks, and I think the AR’s have large capacity MAGAZINES. What is the world coming to? Somebody call Feinstein.

        • As Former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said in November 2008, “…You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

          The Progressives are going to pull out every stop, no holds barred, to justify the taking of what few civil liberties Americans have left in the wake of the Ricin mailings and the events in Boston.

          Now that their Second Amendment assault in congress has stalled for the time being, they will be back with a vengeance. Guaranteed.

          • It’s the Police State – they will destroy everything! Don’t let them fool you.

            Fear paralyzes thought. Don’t be a little girl.

            Ask yourself: where are their Tasers?

            It’s a Police State – they are looking to disarm citizens at any cost. Sick.

            • We’ll never know for sure if they guy they killed was indeed a bomber. Everyone thinks he MAY be, but we’ll never know. The other guy looks a whole lot like the Saudi national the picture in the hospital, doesn’t he? That Saudi is being ‘deported’. One might think they are sending at least one of the real bombers home, and killed the other suspect. Must be nice to have diplomatic immunity after bombing a marathon…

              • YH
                GOP voted right along with the ‘liberals’. that you believe the fake left-right template shows how clueless you really are. cosmetic distinctions mean zip. both sides are dancing to the tune of the ONE illuminati piper. wake up

                • linton:

                  The fact that you’re unaware that the term ‘Progressive’ covers both Liberal Democrats AND Republicans shows how hopelessly and totally clueless you are. Re-read my post you moron. Not once did I single out Demorcrats OR Republicans. WAKE UP!

              • He was wearing an explosive vest. Have a clue yet?

            • Shit, I just woke up! Is the world still here?!

              Fucking government will destroy whatever is left of America.

              Excuse the expletives, what can you expect?!

              I’m sick of this crap. More bullshit news and lies and disinformation.

            • Everything is evil. Everyone is lying. Multiple people are in cahoots. There is a grand plan. You don’t cite any proof. You are a nut. ZZ.

            • Tasers ? For what ?

          • Incidentally, I think it might be appropriate to remind all of these delusional posters who are showering ‘praise’ and ‘adoration’ upon these cops – that these very same jackbooted thugs will be clicking their heels, saluting the Communist who pollutes the White House and gleefully charging off to confiscate the firearms of law abiding citizens who’ve never broken a single law – as soon as the Commie bastard gives them the signal.

            Cops are NOT our friends, folks. They work for the enemy who hates our freedoms. Get that point into your empty skulls and do it sooner rather than later.

            • I don’t know why you got junked for that. Those cops will come for you with the same gung-ho zeal they showed for getting Dorner and these guys. WE are their enemies.

            • The vast majority of cops have no problem with rights being violated as long as they’re the ones doing the violating.

              • Bob. Why do you say this? Vast majority? Did you poll them? Please explain.

        • This really gives me more questions than answers.

          Why did these guys stay in Boston?
          Why weren’t they halfway across the country?
          Why on earth would they draw attention to themselves by robbing stores and carjacking people?

          And now one is dead and one is missing. It is not a stretch to think that “Suspect Two” is going to get Dornered.

          • AP says they are policemen from Chechen brothers.

            I believe there’s more to this.

            • maybe they can even hang this attack on PUTIN and RUSSIA. for how they wont play Illuminati ball vis a vis SYRIA-IRAN. lets attack RUSSIA!!!!

              …meanwhile what happened to that SAUDI burn victim?? or would that open too many questions on why we are funding AL QAEDA in Libya and Syria?

          • A recent report says they are brothers from Chechnya. If that is true, they are most likely muslim.

            • hundreds of Cheks were killed in the Afghan war by UN and US forces.. they are a warring nation against us, why are these people allowed in this country?

              • They are most likely here on a scholarship.

              • Any not a Christian should not be admitted from that part of the planet to this nation.


              In most cases, Sorcha Faal has been seen by most people as a disinformation agent and her website has been known to shovel manure so ripe that most readers have to put a clothespin on their nose in order to read it.

              This article, however, is worth reading and I recommend it.

              “Saudis Claim MOSSAD “Hit Squad” Responsible For Boston Massacre ”

              Incidentally, one of the things I dislike most about Faal is how she seems to bend over triple-ass backwards to help cover up the evil that is in any way tied to Israel. That’s what makes this latest article so interesting – and thought provoking.

          • Ms Daisy,
            As Forest Gump’s mama would say;

            Stupid is as stupid does…

            Stupid muslims… they had more bombs and were planning more events. Duh. The one thing gov does in this country better than anything else is catch ‘bad guys’. If you’re not bad, they’ll make sure you are…

            But in this case, good job Bean town!
            Sad to see two other officers paid with their lives…
            (Glad it was the locals that got him and not the Eff Bee Eye.)
            Also sad for the liberals, damn, it wasn’t white Christian patriots… but then, we knew that from the beginning.(haha snark)
            Wanna outlaw something libs? Outlaw Islam.

          • The only thing these two have in common with Dorner is they are mentally ill. Perhaps they were car jacking in order to get out of town? As for the robberies, perhaps they also needed money? There are no questions here. Shifting the burden of proof and asking to explain insane people’s unpredictable actions doe not make a conspiracy.
            I would think the one running will be killed. The first one had a bomb strapped to him. I think this lends to the mindset of his brother don’t you?

            • I saw a headline that the kwaps had declared a ‘no fly zone’ over Boston, or the area where they think the second suspect is located.

              This is a clue, folks. These thugs don’t want any press helicopters or anyone else to be in position to video tape anything that the kwaps decide to do. Thus, I predict they are going to corner the guy in a house and then repeat what they did to Dorner. Dead men tell no tales, right?

              Some have suggested that these two were carefully selected patsies; designated fall guys. That means whoever recruited them would not want them captured alive, or else they might spill the lentils on their recruiters.

              Look for the last perp to be Waco’d. Burned to a crisp.

              That leaves nobody to dispute the pre-planned narrative.
              Plus, they can manufacture as much phony ‘evidence’ as the war mongering lobby wants and plant it in the apartment of the perps and then release it to the public, and say see here? These guys were working for Iran, so can we now have our war with Iran?

              How many times does this same template have to be repeated before the average nose picker gets wise to it?

              • Actually they don’t want the bad guy to watch television and know positions of the cops. What do you base your other fall guy statements on? Back it up with facts not speculation about connections to Waco. What phoney evidence? Let’s count the people who would need to conspire and shut up about it….the police, the witnesses, the FBI, the neighbors, the dead campus cop. (Did the dead cop have a terminal illness and take one for the team?) Working for IRAN? That is not and will not be a claim. We have a lot of reason to bomb them now. Why would we need another? Also the story about how the PERPS- ha got here is not congruent with your statement. Why would the conspiators say they are Russian and then say they were working for IRAN. Your reasoning is based on dots that don’t connect.

              • tucker,
                Freaking loser lamenting over Dohmers demise. You must have a love interest in him. How f-ing stupid can you be to care about a killer psycho. I bet you would be one of thsoe women who marry people like the Menendez brothers. Where in line were you when they passed out brains?

              • They never will. Look at your ratings for your excellent analysis. As my Colonel used to tell me in another world, “The unaware are unaware they are unaware!”

              • Two things:

                1. Dorner was a Democrat-worshiper and he’s in Hell burning now.

                2. You and T’Pol are never, ever getting back together again.

            • I read half a dozen articles from Drudge. The one on the loose, the younger one, was popular in school, a good student and an athlete. Crazy he wasn’t. Muslim they probably are. We make a strategic mistake in leaping to call everyone we don’t understand crazy. Suppose this was two people retaliating for the US killing innocent Muslims, by drone strikes for instance. The US recently completed a drone base in Central Africa. Probably not to let those operators work on their tans in the hot african sun. What if bombings like this continue as long as the US continues to murder innocent foreigners…are we prepared to live with that? If spilled foreign blood doesn’t count, guess what. We are foreigners to the rest of the world. The more innocents we murder the more people there are who hate us. There are a billion Muslims. If just one percent are willing to do something like Boston you do the math.
              And to you who are ignorant this isn’t “white guilt.” This is operative ethics and pragmatic common sense.

              • So pragmatic in fact that it’s been completely discarded by the viewership of this site,yeah,you really called it 6.8

              • Tens of millions of Americans, proceeding from a self-congratulatory “we’ve been so good to them, why are they doing this to us” ignorance of the other fellow’s history and everyday reality, readily buy the warmonger koolaid whenever a pint of our blood flows. Fact: If spilling innocent foreign blood doesn’t matter, we are foreign to 6.7 of the world’s 7 billion people. What goes around comes around.

                Just so that the thoroughly brainwashed don’t miss the point, I am as saddened as you are. But unlike many of you I am not surprised.

                You show your ignorance when you conflate every one of a billion muslims with “they’re all terrorists.” And you show your ignorance another way. The steadfast (totally unexamined) belief that the US is as pure as the driven snow, that we treat foreign people the way we want to be treated.

                Millions of peaceful and productive Muslims worldwide have seen the US as aggressive and hostile toward them FOR 100 Years. The Balfour Declaration, a British general creating Iraq. To hell with what the people already there wanted. ARAMCO in the Arabian Peninsula. Basing troops in SA during the first Iraqi action. Knee jerk support of Israel. Dropping drones on (mostly) innocent people just because we can.

                You want to get some factual background or do you want to wallow in your brainwashing? If 100 people equally ignorant as you agree with you, it doesn’t mean any of you know anything. If just means you’ve all bought your indoctrination.

                Michael Scheuer, member of the CIA’s “get bin Laden detail” until about 2004, wrote two books:

                Imperial Hubris, why the west is losing the war on terror (2004) ; and
                Through Our Enemies Eyes (2002)

                That you don’t know what the other fellow’s grievances are doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. Condescending to him, because you are too proud and stupid to listen just guarantees more Bostons.

                And anonymous, Up Yours. The emptiest barrel makes the loudest noise.

                • I doubt anybody would think the US govt is pure as the driven snow.Everybody is aware of crimes perpetrated by different govt organizations over the years. My point is your aging hippie thesis of US=BAD,EVERYBODY ELSE=GOOD,would be welcomed with open arms on msnbc,or the likes of Bill Ayers.

                  Indoctrination works both ways,you claim to be as saddened by recent events as everybody else,but your postings contain a certain smugness about them that forgives this type of actions against the US. You enjoy painting with an extremely broad brush,” every one of a billion muslims are considered terrorists”. You’re the one who said that jack,so don’t make it appear that anybody but YOU has inferred that.

                  So now you can go back to getting stoned man,you have fulfilled your destiny as the great hippy philospher.

                • The drone-fired missles are smart weapons. They kill only the desired target, and will not explode if that target is not alone.

                  TIP: Don’t eat the driven snow.

            • I would think that if they had actually planned this, perhaps they’d have planned on an ESCAPE ROUTE and transpo, including, oh, I dunno, maybe some GAS MONEY? This wasn’t a ‘smash and grab’ ya know—these guys were supposed to have planned all of this. Perhaps the CIA ‘forgot’ to plan an escape for all of them…

          • And where did they get the money to buy all those guns and explosives? Where did they obtain the skills to do all this. And in the dark video, how do we know who is doing the shooting? The last guy will never make it so that we can have any answers.

            • Why, from the same place that James Holmes got all the money he needed to buy the thousands of dollars worth of high tech gear and weaponry that we were told he used at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

              Gee, whiz, guys. How many fake ‘terror’ plots have the FBI openly admitted to financing and then using to ‘bust’ various patsies or to advance certain ‘agendas’ that their bosses at the top want advanced – before the light bulb finally comes on over your heads?

            • Hen. You are again trying to shift the burden of proof. How do people make money? Legal and illegal ways. You may never know where they got the money. It doesn’t have a thing to do with a conspiracy. Can’t prove source of money so there is something fishy? Skills can be obtained thru training can be obtained thru the country the came from, thru reading, thru seminars, thru relatives or a combo of some or all. The video was dark because it was night. You are inferring loose ideas as the truth. Listing unrelated, untrue or silly facts as though you are building something that makes sense. Your reasoning and questions both stink.

              • You must be working for the government. Only a complete idiot would believe anything the FBI says nowadays. They are modern version of KGB.

            • Do a little research on Chechnya. You might get a f-ing clue. Any idea how much money is behind the jihad movement? The Muslim Brotherhood is placed all through our govt. Where do you think Obamas loyalties lie?

              • Why don’t you tell us why Obama is anti us? How much money is behind the Jihad? Who are the numerous muslim bros in our government? They are all over. Where did you learn such horrible info? JOHN W?

        • Mac

          Here’s a live streaming link from NECN(new england cable network)

          Entire city of Boston in lockdown..all public transport shut down regionwide..

          Both labeled as Chechnya terrorists

          One killed

          One on the run


            • It appears that black hawks have now descended upon Watertown according to the local live.and national reports here in Mass.

              …thousands of law enforcement have engulfed the area..complete lockdown of Boston and surrounding cities and towns..Obama and key DOD,DHS,CIA staff are meeting in a protected bunker as we speak..all for one 19 year old suspect?

              Somethings askew here..


              • Posse and everyone like him. Do you know the two main characteristics of people who believe in conspiracy? The first is possessing little power in life. The second is low self esteem.
                Conspiracy types are common in the black community. Aside from that, it’s almost universal if you believe in one you believe in all.
                A great example is the guy who comments listing Waco, Ruby Ridge, JFK, 9-11, etc. Believes one believes all. What was the end result of all the conspiracies? Not much, there still is no grand world takeover. No world wars and no doomsday.

                • Here we go with the “self esteem” horseshit!

                  • I can actually back the self esteem statement up. Google “what type of person believes in conspiracy theories”. You will find a lot of info and actual research.

              • Yeah, posse..they must be damned sure they get the wrong guy.
                They can’t let him talk!!

                • Guess not.

              • @possee, yeah, it’s just as frenzied and outrageous as the Dorner incident, and we already know why they had to burn him alive, don’t we? I’m not hopeful that anyone will be captured alive here either.

        • Daniel San,

          Wild animals have a survival purpose in mind when they attack, or it is when they are cornered. Humans that plan and attack innocent humans are not like wild animals, they are evil, vile, monsters.

        • No more Visas for Muslims. No more refugee status for anyone originating from a Muslim country. Revoke all Muslim student Visas. If a Muslim travels to a country known to support terrorism; No rentry to the US. Time to get serious or more Americans will die unnecessarily. America and Americans first.

          • You forgot to mention Israelis. Not long ago, I saw a news story that said some of our treasonous Congressmen were pushing legislation that would allow unlimited and unrestricted access to the USA by Israelis.

            The Israelis and their MOSSAD outfit of killers and false flag pullers have been caught countless times with stolen identities, operating inside foreign nations and certainly involved in the most sinister and evil activities imaginable. One needs to remember the 4 part investigative news report by Carl Cameron that aired on Fox News Network in December 2001 and the over 200 Israeli spies that had been discovered operating inside the USA during the months leading up to September 11, 2001. Spies, which Cameron’s sources said, had links to 9-11 that were classified.

            You want to keep all Muslims out of the USA? Okay, I do too. But, let’s expand that and also keep all Israelis out of the USA, too. In my view, studying the track record of Israeli false flag operations – I’d say they are far more dangerous and a far bigger threat to our nation.

        • stay inside and don’t get out.. stay inside like little bitches and we the system will take care of you. you don’t need weapons to defend yourself, we will do it.

          • You really don’t think do you? You must be a jihad stooge to not realize why keepingh the number of people on the street makes the job easier. Lets have everyone milling around and also give this guy a chance to take some hostages. You have to give up some freedom for a short time. Waaah!!!

          • Off topic alert!!! Brilliant idea to build your town next to a plant that handles explosive raw materials.

        • Did you see the interview with the Uncle? So unbelievable. American MSM are so in the tank or IGNORANT to the unrelenting goal of exterminating / converting America and Americans it is outrageous!

          • They have twice elected the agent to implement that goal of destruction. Time is late folks to turn this mess around.

        • The Reality is the gov sets us up in Boston it smells very much like 9-11 start the blood, the explosion to start to scare the people glad I no longer live in Boston I would have been horrified I never forgot what happen in Boston during the 9-11 incident it was frightening like world war was about to start now I’m hoping some of my many friends and family will get out of those cities you could have real casualities next it us we’re the targets, they poison us with chemtrails,Obama just passed into law to allow a higher limit or radiation let’s take the blinders off folks check out the solution

        • There OBVIOUSLY is a difference between being an AMERICAN and living in America. Immigrants once came to assimilate and now it seems they predominately come to assassinate!

          The enemy is within from the top down, and American people are now on their own.

        • Those are (were) two good looking boys with a whole lifetime ahead of them. I don’t understand why they’d want to go and ruin their lives and the lives of others by blowing people up. Here they are in the USA, probably somewhat intelligent, with their whole futures ahead of them.

          If they’re that into Islam, why not have some patience and just get married, buy a nice house, and proceed to pop out a dozen muslim babies who will all grow up and each have a dozen muslim babies of their own–and so on and so on…fast forward 100 years and the world would naturally repopulate to be Muslim without killing others.

          It’s just so senseless…and really, they could accomplish their goal of Muslim-world-domination much more pleasantly by just having large families and patiently letting time go by.

          • If the world gave in to Islam, within 20 years the whole world would be as nice as Somalia. Islam has given the world cultural marvels like the suicide vest and the car bomb.

            • And christianity gave us what?
              priests that fuck little boys.
              The inquisition
              A bunch of moralising blowhards who could not keep their dicks in their pants
              Genocide after genocide of indiginous populations
              The list is very very long.

              Its a religion, they are all a source of stupid people who do dumb things because “their god told them to”.

              Learn to think on your own.

        • You so blind ! One of the sheeps !

      2. Watch the other hand.

        • The reporter’s keep saying “thank goodness for all those cameras that captured their image” OH YEA Thank Goodness maybe we need a camera on EVERY CORNER… seems that this is our ONLY solutuon to keep us safe!!!

          “IF” these guy’s are the ones who really did this then I hope they get them and kill them…period!

          “BUT” May God have mercy on them if they are being framed for this becuse the cops are anxious to find a solution and these guy’s were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          • Tina,

            Eyes are too easily fooled and information too easily massaged and manipulated for me to believe any of this is legitimate. Too many people in power have too many agendas for me to take what is being reported on faith.

            I’m focused on the stuff not being reported on such as Germany’s downgrade, China’s economic collapse, the escalating banking theft in Europe, and the emerging economic/monetary collapse of Argentina. These under-reported events are far more interesting and predictive to me as to what is about to happen next.

            • YH…I’m with you.

              I know this situation will be used (as any other crisis is) against us. I was just saying (at 3:00am when all this was starting to be reported) that I had hoped that these guy’s weren’t being used a patsies so that this Administration could shine in the wake of this crisis. Since they completely screwed up Benghazi.

              • Great point Tina.

              • TSA will now be everywhere. We will not be able to take a dump in our own homes without some TSA moron searching us. The pressure cooker squad will be out in full force all the while bringing in millions of unvetted people every year from areas of the world that hate us.

                • John W.

                  Damn! I just bought a really nice stove top pressure cooker too. I’d better hide it before Congress bans it. It’s not even a large capacity cooker and doesn’t come with the optional collapsible handle!

          • FRAMED? wow. A bomb strapped to him and 60 rounds witnessed by multiple people. How many people would need to be involve in the conspiracy. Let’s see…all the cops, all the fbi, all the citizens, one dead campus cop etc. This is not a set up by the police just wanting to solve a case.

            • Funny isn’t it. The mental games that some play to concoct these theories.

            • No. It only requires a couple at the top to make it a conspiracy. Everyone else simply blindly follows orders. They will do the same when ordered to confiscate your weapons, food, home and your life. Everyone, except the few at the top are nothing but useful idiots.

              • No not really Crabbe. You really thing everyone falls in line? No one ever talks? Not even on their death bed?

          • Well, bitch(reporter)where is all the camera footage from Sandy can’t have it both ways..footage, no footage, footage, no footage.
            How fricking convenient, ya think???

            • Jay. Some buildings have video some dont. Sandy hook is not in a downtown area. Schools don’t normally have video.

          • Geraldo is begging for just that.

      3. The footage I watched via BBC (CBS footage I believe) had the man on the ground, but with his hand raised, definitely not dead, nor writhing in pain from a wound, bleeding out, unconscious, etc. so how’d he die before getting to the hospital?

        • That video would be quite a find. According to the DA the individual was critically injured, which doesn’t mesh very well with what you report seeing. Is it possible that police were detaining anyone in the area at that time? and perhaps the person you saw was someone else?

          Hopefully someone captured the Live feed from BBC/CBS and gets it online.

          Please feel free to post any related materials you may come across.

          • A video in which police apprehend someone at the scene has been added to the above report. However, it’s not clear whether the person on the ground in the video is one of the suspects.

            • Fox News is reporting that it is not. They said “they were at the wrong place at the wrong time”

              I would hate to be walking home from work (or something) in Boston right now….You would be taking your life in your hands with all those anxious cops & swat

            • Mike Mulugeta
              Sunil Tripathi

              Both are Marxists.

              Police State vs. Marxists. Go figure.

              Could you have ever imagined this story?

            • for what it’s worth….


              • And then we have this:


            • Worry more about the game being played to get the first suspect the Saudi national out of the country. remember George Bush allowing the plane load of Saudis to fly out after 9/11 when every other flight was grounded?

          • Maybe it was the f-ing Easter Bunny. Get a grip. He looked dead to me. Multiple gunshot wounds will do that.

        • Assume that is the guy. Sometimes people die in transport. Really…it does happen. People can live while bleeding to death internally. Or for whatever reason, they killed him to cover up something somewhere for some reason. Conspiracy

      4. fun fun fun expect a lot more fun,,, welcome to the new norm if you like it or not>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      5. From the looks of the characters, that we are being shown by the news media, that are the suspects in the marathon bombings; I have my own suspicions and questions.

        First of all; who made the claim that these two guys are white? I see dark hair, and lighter toned skin, but I’m not seeing that they are “definitely” caucasian. In fact, I’ve seen Lebanese people with lighter skin and blonde hair.

        Secondly; how does a pressure cooker fit inside those backpacks, and still look as though they are not stuffed out of proportion?

        Thirdly; from the looks of these guys, they don’t look like masterminds behind such a well planned and orchestrated event. In fact, such an evil plan of mass destruction, would not have been planned, and then carried out by planting the bombs and detonating them, by the same idiots. I think “IF”, and it’s a big “IF”; these two backpack carrying punks had anything to do with it, then they are probably two pricks on the bottom rungs of the ladder. Heck, they might just be two mindless idiots that were paid a large sum of money to only “plant” the bombs.

        I hope the persons responsible are exposed and charged, and then sent to the electric chairs. It’s sad to say, but we may never know the truth and we will most likely see more and more of these type events in the near future.

        • Typical. What I see wrong and I’m not saying you are blaming people already. I’m saying you, like all other shouldn’t assume so quickly. First, people saw a brown man and said he is from Middle Eastern descent. It turns out it wasn’t the “brown guy” and now two innocent Muslims and their picture and names were plastered. But than it turns out the suspects are Caucasian and you say they might be Lebanese. I don’t know if they are white or caucasian or whatever. But we assume a lot and now there are innocent people who are in fear of their lives. What is it with people and Middle Eastern people? Why do you people like to assume or blame them so much. But if it might be a white man, people say, oh no no no, he doesn’t represent us or naaaa, he could be from another area.

          • If they are Chechan, they are the very definition of Caucasians, seeing as how they are from the North Caucasus. They are dark because they interbred with Turks after receiving succor and being converted by the Ottoman Empire centuries ago. They are most likely Muslim.

            See, now everyone gets to be happy, they are white AND brown AND Islamic. Makes me laugh vey bitterly, at the d-bag on Salon who wrote that he hoped the bomber was white.

            • I wonder if the self-hating white losers over at Salon will now start demonizing mongrels.

        • Caucasians are the definition of ‘white’. These guys are white. There are a lot of white Muslims in Europe and the Caucasus.

      6. As predicted- from Syria to Syracuse, the Feds are airlifting their “al Qaeda” mercs into US to destabilize America. If those designated faces arent Mossad, Elizabeth isnt the Queen of England. Of course they’ll pull up their arab Muslim patsies for scapegoating.

        Next move? Get ready for some real hardcore blood sacrifice evocative of what “Israel suffers daily”- a major car bomb- or bus bomb in urban main street.

        • Dude they lived hey for almost 10 years…ur a loon.

      7. The police killed one of the suspects in custody. One guy was walking, uninjured and naked, into the patrol car. Antoher guy was fully dressed, uninjured, lying on the ground, which was the black hat guy.

        Police is killing suspects apparently.

        • Dead Men dont talk. Ask Oswald and Jack Ruby.
          If they want upheaval and the guns? They’re going to have to launch some MAJOR false flag that outdoes 911 or folks just aint having it. Too many are onto false flagdom

          • News Update!!!!

            Suspect in Marathon Bombings wearing dark cap and white t-shirt was reportedly pronounced dead by police early today.

            Just released video footage from Logan International security camera shows same man boarding an overseas flight at the exact same time of “pronounced” death.

            Patiently awaiting his arrival, on a small South Pacific Island, is Osama Bin Laden, Elvis, Lee Harvy Oswald, Amelia Earhart, DB Cooper, and Jimmy Hoffa who is still celebrating his 100th birthday since February 14th.

          • Damn, you people who green-thumbed me are suckers!

            • I mean really, you’re retarded!

              • LINTON, Retard is not technically correct. Technically, a retard has an IQ 70 or under. But there are other factors. The current definition now includes both a componet relating to mental functioning and one relating to the persons FUNCTIONAL skills and ENVIROMENT. As a result, a person with a low IQ may not be considered retarded. What I think you need to consider regarding the green thumbs is possibly behavioral and emotional IQ. People who believe in conspiracy theories have to almost univeral traits. Little power in their lives and low self esteem. So I think you calling people “retards” is demeaning, wrong, and doesn’t consider the fact people have issues that are far more self destructive.

      8. Yes that’s what’s in the works. Very slowly at first… Then all at once. Project bluebeam…. HAARP that’s what’s coming one day. The guns are the beginning and as always the end justifies the means. By the time they get the meat and potatoes of the shit they got planned even you and me will be begging for more control. They will push it and you to the breaking point. Like the comment said above … Get used to it this is only the beginning . Oh what wonders await!!!!

        • If they push some of us to our ‘breaking point’, we’ll be shooting back, not begging for more control. Just saying, we’re not all sheeple.

          • Tell it like it is sixpack…

      9. the one dead id say is under cover agent will be working in an area near you.
        and one on run is given the hot potatoe

        • Potat toe? Aside from that where are you coming up with this crap?

      10. First rule of assassinations: Kill the assassins.

      11. Sunil Tripathi, Mike Mulugeta both middle eastern students here on a student visa. Gee will CNN & MSNBC stop saying it is rightwingextremist now!

      12. I’m sorry but this all sounds soooo convenient…

        • Yes it does!!!…..A bad example of a Hollywood script!

      13. From the comment section of CBSBoston, on the shooting:

        “MIT student here. I hate to burst everyone’s bubbles who so badly want this to be a campus shooting spree (at 12 am), but it was a 7-11 robbery in Cambridge where the suspect was fleeing down Vassar St (adjacent to campus), and he got in an altercation with MIT campus police, and an officer was shot. “

      14. They will both be dead with no story to tell. Whatever story the government wants told is now being unfolded by your MSM TV propaganda actors. The script has already been figured out ahead of time. Lack of trust for “authority” is what causes the downfall of empires. No one here or many other sites believes the bullshit we are fed on a daily basis. Age has made me cynical.

        • This IS the police state in action. Lockdown of a whole town. Orders to stay in your house. SWAT teams searching house to house. I guarantee if you refuse entry to these thugs you will be liquidated with extreme prejudice. Who the hell gave these thugs this kind of power to put the fear into everyone and search everything and everyone without warrants. Perhaps they want to see just how far they can go without any pushback from the proles.

        • These two perps will both be Killed as to finish the correct Script, I do not Trust this Damn Administration, they are going to ramp up Terror to get the Sheep to Comply..Round two is coming up..Plan Prepare and Train…we are at WAR!

          Semper Fi

      15. I would’ve hated to to be Gonzo in a blue-hooded sweatshirt walking through Watertown last night. Waka-waka! Remember, three people can keep a secret if the other two are dead.

      16. AP just reporting these guys are from Chechnya

      17. You can almost hear the disappointment in the MSM’s reporting that these 2 men are not “white right wingers”. Wonder if this national story will be used to bolster the immigration bill as much as Sandy Hook was used to bolster the gun control bill. Me thinks not.

      18. From Zero Hedge:


        “Boston Suburb, Transit Under Lockdown Following Shootout With One Bombing Suspect, Manhunt For Another, Both From Chechnya”

        What would compel two “brothers” from Chechnya to travel here a year ago to plan these attacks? This is making less sense by the second. I can’t wait to hear the official explanation from the FBI.

      19. How convenient. Looks like a movie set. The whole thing seems scripted. The only real parts appear to be the “Gladio” type actions of the real perpetrators. Hopefully there are more of We The People who are not too stupid, brainwashed, or drugged to really see what is going on.

        • What part is scripted and why do you think it is? Facts not a bunch of poor reasoning.

          • My appologies. That was an opinion. However, I do recommend researching Operation Gladio. Study the tactics and results and compare to recent events here. Using logic and reason you can notice patterns in events and the reporting of such events. BTW, I do not accept the unsourced video “evidence” of the man lying on the ground and a blury video of blue flashing lights as proof of anything. But that is just me.

      20. Fox news said dozens of police and national gaurdsmen descended on the scene. The nation guard being involved in a police matter is very disturbing.

        • Who calls up the national guard for a 7-11 robbery and how did they mobilize so quickly?

          • They were having a drill in the area….

            • Wow, that sounds like…never mind!

        • Do you know the misson of the national guard? I am more concerned they are used in foriegn countries. Way too much area to search and then lock down once cleared. Of course they are going to throw everything they at this. I hope they would. If they had enough police to do this, they would have enough for a police state.

      21. When I got up this morning and turned on the news, the flash on the screen said they were foreigners, my first thought was thank god, good or bad

        • Amen…
          As I said above, if you libs want to outlaw something, outlaw ISLAM!

          • And, it appears we have at least 5 muslim sympathizer troll libs on board…

            Get a clue red thumbs, read a little about Islam. Talk to some muslims… I have. They all wear two faces. The one they show to you,and the one they reserve for mooooslims.
            Their religion allows lying, cheating, stealing and killing in support of their ‘religion’.
            Deal with it.

            • So based on your talking to Muslims you have gleaned some very important facts. They are sneaky and bad. You make a general statement and don’t back it up with much. You talking to Muslims? You advising us to talk to Muslims? We will come to the same conclusions? I don’t understand and perhaps you can help. What questions did you ask them? What were the responses? During the follow up contacts, how did you catch them and expose their two faces? How did you confirm your data and findings? Did any of your fellow social scientist replicate your experiment? This is really exciting research and I want to be involved.

              • And you are a mooslim apologist.

                I research and studied Islam after 911. More than you can say with your politically correct attitude.

                I had them as ‘friends’ and next door neighbors in their business, at least I tried to make them friends. But, friends cannot happen with certain people, they don’t allow it.

                During 911, I was driving in to work and saw two mooslim males giving each other the ‘high five’ in the parking lot… they were listening to the radio in their car. I hadn’t heard about the first plane yet. I thought they were probably listening to a soccer game… didn’t think anything of it.
                Then I got inside and turned on the tv to watch the news and eat my breakfast… WHAT?… that’s when the second plane hit the second tower. I thought of those two, picked up my baseball bat and ran out into the parking lot. Gone. (Probably good for me that they were gone because I would have probably killed both of them.)

                But, I thought I knew one of them, he ran a cash register down the street. So a few days later, I went and bought something at the drug store… he was on the register… I made a comment about last Tuesday (it wasn’t ‘911’ yet.) and he became very animated… so apologetic, so sweet, ‘it was a terrible thing’, ‘his people’ do not ‘believe in violence’, ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’… I knew he was lying through his teeth…

                You, should be more discerning.

                • Wow piper. Contheo spanked you. So calling you out makes you a troll Muslim sympathizer. Two guys in a parking lot? That’s all you have? Even if they were cheering the attacks it is two guys. Hardly a a true sample. You got schooled and I love it.

      22. They are nothing more than CONVENIENT scapegoats PATSIES !!!

        THIS IS A SETUP by the FBI / COPS !!!

        WAG THE DOG !!! to cover up who really did it … THE ZOG AMERIKAN FBI and ISREAHELL ZIO JEW MOSSAD .

        MORE FALSE-FAG LIES from your criminal corrupt traitor ZOG MAFIA COMMIE FEDGOV !!!




          what most of you may not realize is the ZOG AMERIKAN FBI and the ISREAHELL JEW IDF MOSSAD recruit regular college kids into TERROR CELLS on college campuses across ZOG AmeriKa !!!



          WAKE UP AMERICA !!!



          • You guys crack me up. Never stop being you, whackadoodle!

            • The Listeners

              By Walter De La Mare

              ‘Is there anybody there?’ said the Traveller,
              Knocking on the moonlit door;
              And his horse in the silence champed the grasses
              Of the forest’s ferny floor:
              And a bird flew up out of the turret,
              Above the Traveller’s head:
              And he smote upon the door again a second time;
              ‘Is there anybody there?’ he said.
              But no one descended to the Traveller;
              No head from the leaf-fringed sill
              Leaned over and looked into his grey eyes,
              Where he stood perplexed and still.
              But only a host of phantom listeners
              That dwelt in the lone house then
              Stood listening in the quiet of the moonlight
              To that voice from the world of men:
              Stood thronging the faint moonbeams on the dark stair,
              That goes down to the empty hall,
              Hearkening in an air stirred and shaken
              By the lonely Traveller’s call.
              And he felt in his heart their strangeness,
              Their stillness answering his cry,
              While his horse moved, cropping the dark turf,
              ’Neath the starred and leafy sky;
              For he suddenly smote on the door, even
              Louder, and lifted his head:—
              ‘Tell them I came, and no one answered,
              That I kept my word,’ he said.
              Never the least stir made the listeners,
              Though every word he spake
              Fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house
              From the one man left awake:
              Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup,
              And the sound of iron on stone,
              And how the silence surged softly backward,
              When the plunging hoofs were gone.

              Source: The Collected Poems of Walter de la Mare 1979

          • ZOG; What do you think of “The Craft’ being there??

        • I want to see the video of the kid planting the backback

          • That video is still in post-production in hollywood. It’ll probably be out later…

            • Good to read that someone else “gets-it”. Cheers Okie!

      23. If one were to save all the tinfoil from the hats here lately and were to add it to their preps… then one should be well on their way towards checking off their list of things to gather and save for the future…Whatever gets one through ones day i guess…*sigh*…There is enough “bibbitybobbityboo” on this board to make a Disney movie…

        • You know Nothing !!!


        • I for one, believe everything my government tells me.

          Let’s start with the JFK assassination for instance. From there, we can move to the Gulf of Tonkin….How about Ruby Ridge and Waco? How about Benghazi? Not only do we NOT know what happened…there is no indication we will EVER know and the only living witnesses have been told to keep their mouths shut.

          Yeah…you’re right. Our government has never given us a reason to disbelieve their story on anything. (insert sarcasm emoticon here)

          You’re either a sheep or a wolf Fed Guy. Which means you are either blind or you’re part of the problem.

      24. Our Gov has lost control of its dogs of war and those who act against us from outside counries,this admin. and many before it are directly to blame for this.
        Their systems if immigration, visias,etc. have allowed warring nations people into this country, givin them our comforts, our rights, and our goovenment support, all without proving they deserve to be here.
        We will find out about these individuals backgrounds after the fact of them being here rather than a full screening before they are allowed here(why is this)
        Again this distruction of property and lives is directly this governments fault and all of us US Citizens should file suit.
        They need to get thier hands off of my guns and my gun rights and focus on what they are allowing into MY county, and protect THIS countries borders!
        I’ll do my part protecting my property, and my family with MY gun RIGHTS..if they would do thier job protecting this countries citizens (their bosses)

        Fuck Obama and his “executive Bull shit” they dont superceed my Bill of Rights.

        would you rather be on lock down in your living room with a cell phone? or an AR-15 and a dozen 30 round mags?

      25. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & his now dead brother are radical islamic muslium russians on student scholarships who MURDERED AMERICANS

      26. Im sticking to the Rosebud story.When the METALS dip,thing will begin to happen.

        • Metals already dipped, between 5-7% in 24 hours. Did you miss it? The collapse didn’t happen.

          • That was my point,from here on in It’s all downhill.

      27. I get weekly, periodic emails from my home towns local
        law enforcement. Its like a neighborhood watch via
        email. It lets people know what type of crime is going on in what area, and what to be aware for.
        On Monday, April 15th, after the Boston
        Marathon bombing, the local LE were stationed at the Mall, Hospitals, places of worship, and at local
        Water Supply centers throughout the city. The LE were
        present, visable, available, and in force. I never saw
        anything of this magnitude with past acts of terror.
        It made me take pause, and wonder if the next step would
        be check points and martial law.

        I know that if there is a will there will be a way.
        Interesting with all the LE and cameras at the Boston M.,
        another act of terror is able to take place, once again,
        in this country.

        • It really sucks you have to get updates so you know what crimes are around you. I think we had a drunk driver last week, and maybe a couple kids making some noise.

          If you need crime updates, it might be time to look for another place to live.
          molon labe

          • Periodic emails from local LE?? In our part of the country, a dog pooped on Ms. Wooden’s rose bush–she was pi**ed!
            Ahh..the country is nice.

        • Hi Emily,
          I’m guessing I know why you get those updates…

          It is interesting they’re calling it ‘lockdown’ and not Martial law… tomato – tomatoe.
          What I see is a ramping up of the fear factor. Using what I now heard some politician say; ‘our media PARTNERS’.

          Didn’t know the media were supposed to be PARTNERS… but constitutional adversaries.

        • I’m assuming Emily no longer lives
          in her Hometown, and is keeping up to

      28. You fucking conspiracy theory nuts go back to infowars and worship Alex Jones
        You stupid fucks plain and simple Islamic Muslims hate us they make some cheap bomb and set it in place get back and call to detonate. So your saying 2 guys are to stupid to do this? Iwould say it is the other way around. Ourgov and police are to dumb to pull off any conspiracy. Why give the government that much credit. When they can’t even fix our economy and broken states

        • @lionheart….

          You assume the government WANTS to fix the economy.

          Do some research on the Hegelian Dialectic. Then you’ll understand what’s being done.

        • Lionheart. Your arguments are not conforming to some of the commentors world view. Everyone is lying, everyone is keeping quiet about the lies. (all thousand of them). There is a grand scheme that is fuzzy but anti them. Any attempt at pointing out the numerous times they have said the government is retarded, is met with now they can coordinate anything. They also don’t want things fixed again in order to gain world domination. They point at decades old conspiracies but can’t explain why none of the fears they have were realized. Don’t get angry with them. They are powerless and have low self esteem. The computer has opened a new world where they pretend to be tough and somebody. Please don’t input any reason into this. This is all they have.

      29. @VRF – Well Spoken, Excellent Thoughts. I agree with you

      30. I call bs on the whole mess. The only true aspect is that if the past bogus events were not enough, this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Operation Gladio is here and has gone hot. We The People are the enemy. While you are watching the right hand beware of the left.

      31. This is off topic, but I found it interesting. Waco Explosion..

        The fertilizer plant that just blew up in a very unusual explosion just happened to be suing the giant company Monsanto.

        Incase you forgot our government just passed the monsanto protection act to protect this company with there GMO food that they are producing.

        And for the last bit of icing on the top Michael Taylor is the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and oh by the fucking way he used to be the vice president of Monsanto, I’m sure he’s not financially invested in that company anymore though..because you know, that might just be a conflict of interest.

        • “Food” for thought Asiard … would you say Michael Taylor is part of the food-agribiz pod of the Power Elite? Executive position in a major corp, head of an agency that regulates his industry. One wants to know in which continuity of government bunker the peripatetic Mr. Taylor will ride out the coming revolt, so that one can weld the door shut. They know where we are. Wouldn’t it be sauce for the gander to know where to find them?

          • No one can hide from God….

            Keep preppin’

        • Mac or everyone – would sure like to see this investigated. I do believe this is part of the other hand syndrome and nothing is as it appears.

          • BI – Yes, it is very difficult to juggle all the bouncing events that are coming fast and furious! Especially when the govt. is instantly on the scene and closing the whole town to the public.

            • The investigators would be the conspirators. Who would do your investigation? The UN? The US? Naw, they both are in cahoots.

        • The head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) used to be the vice president of Monsanto.

          Uh-oh, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do Lucy.

      32. Muslim. I don’t know too many religions that kill innocent people as their agenda to their “belief”. How many religions have their “people” yell allah u ackbar, God is great, before they blow themselves up? I personally try to be fair to all religions, but I have a certain dislike for the religion of islam. Muslims are generally, not all, very cruel to women and terrible to animals. Muslims enjoy seeing these type of attacks as you can bet all over the muslim world they celebrate seeing as many people hurt and dead as possible. Again, I don’t see too many other religions that practice terrorism as part of psyche.

        • BI,
          as we have discussed before, to understand Islam, you must understand the meaning of the word. The meaning of the word can only be found in the Arabic translation, not the western interpretation. You hear it interpreted variously as ‘peace’ or ‘submission’. But that is the simple minded or politically correct versions.

          In Arabic, Islam means;

          “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of Allah.”

          There is only one interpretation of these words…

          As I’ve said;
          If the libs want to outlaw something, outlaw Islam.
          MUSLIMS GO HOME…
          (et al. Don’t give me any shit about peaceful law abiding muslims. I have known some muslims, they all wear two faces… and their religion allows them to lie in the service of Allah.)
          Islam is the dark religion, their symbol is the Moon. What should cause you all to have more consternation, is the new Pope sucking up to them in an ‘ecumenical’ mission. For some reason he scares me, just a tickle in the back of the brain.

          • Islam has a cult-like social dynamic. Muslims seem capable of moral and independent reasoning, but a switch gets flipped and they suddenly are all about the “Ummah”, the community of believers, and they just think tribally at that point. No right and wrong, just “Who and whom”.
            Call that a bigoted observation, but I think it is pretty widely recognized.

            I share your feeling regarding Pope Francis. He doesn’t quite have the spine of his predecessors. He reminds me of the last Bishop of Canterbury — a total West-hating squish.

            • Yes exactly Delamare.
              I try to council ‘discernment’, which is looking in to a man’s soul to discern his intentions or the truth in his outward demeanor. Cops acquire this skill, through physical ‘tells’, and seeing liar is not hard.

              You appear to have had contact with members of this ‘religion’, like I, and it is impossible to break through their outward shields. Every one I have known appears to be a very practiced liar. Unfortunately, this is a politically incorrect skill now days, unless you are a cop evidently. Oh, Good Mama’s have this skill too.

              Are there ‘good’ mooooooslims according to western interpretations of ‘good’? Of course, I have to believe that… unfortunately, they are then apostate mooslims… and subject to retaliation and death… so they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The result is, they ALL have to remain in a sort of lying netherworld, either lying to us or lying to themselves that they are members of a ‘religion’. Any religion that promotes fear and conquest, is a religion of darkness, period.

              • Islam demannd the death penalty for any who leave the “faith”

          • @ Piper Michael. Well said, very well said. When I think of the word allah I don’t think of the word God. When I think of the word allah, the words; evil, devil, Satan, terrorist, towel head, killer, etc. I like the word God, I can’t stand the word allah. I can’t help it, allah to me means suffering, darkness, and death.

          • Time for comparative religion?

            Read who Pope Bergoglio admires in several of the most recent articles here:

            “Dark religion,” you say?

            Since you mention the moon, read here about who worships the moon:

            and magic skulls:

            “There are two kinds of necromancy: the one where the dead is raised by naming him, the other where he is invoked by means of a skull.” —The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 65b

            • John Q,
              I will respond to both your posts here.

              There is much truth in what you say about Jewish mysticism…but, Jesus was a Jew, and studied the ‘mysteries’ I am sure. I am sure because the uncovered books of the Gnosis, the Nag Hammadi texts and others codexes, have uncovered the truth that Jesus taught something completely different in ‘private’, than what The Church wrote. He taught reincarnation, and the origins of the Universe, and the source of good and evil.

              I believe in reincarnation, that doesn’t make me evil, because I disavowed orthodox Roman teachings. If you are a protestant then you are under the spell of Rome because the Roman Church wrote the Bible. They declared the Lords teachings and Enoch to be ‘HERESY’, and forbidden works, while they destroyed 95% of what the Lord taught, including the widespread first century christian belief in being ‘born again’ or, reincarnated by ‘the spirit’. This phrase has been bastardized by modern preachers and they have no idea what they’re talking about. Because they teach one life and off to hell with you… sewing fear… to control your mind and reap your tithes.

              The Jews, have many mysteries, but I have still not heard of any Jew terrorists killing skads of innocents and while yelling “Praise Yah!!” Are the Jews brutal warriors? Yes. (Aren’t we?) Do they take any shit? No. Are they vicious and lying SOB’s when it comes to business dealings? Oh Yes. Are they allowed to lie, cheat and steal from ‘gentiles’? Yes. Are some of them evil? Yes. Are some ‘Christians’ evil? Yes.

              But, the philosophical basis of both religions, is not a religion and government in one, that has as its highest ideal the conquering of the whole Earth by the sword.

              I do not even hate Mooslims, or Jews. I pity them, because most will continue to turn on the ‘Wheel of Life’, cycling through ‘hell’, on the way back around. They have no Light to guide them out of the darkness.

              • Always happy for dialog.

                Jesus was quite clear that He taught NOTHING in secret (John 18:20). The “gnosis” of which you are enamored is not from Him, but from The Adversary, accretions of Babylonian and Egyptian necromancy that persist in Judaism today.

                I am not sure what they shouted, but the New York & Russian “Jews” managed to kill over 60 million Christians—just as their “holy books” (quoted nearby) exhort them… and then there are those many wars they started and financed at a profit. Not just genocide, but economic crimes against humanity—just as their “holy books” (quoted nearby) exhort them. Almost a quarter billion dead in the 20th century from their machinations—far exceeding any carnage initiated by Christians or Muslims.

                Contrary to your assertion, Jesus did indeed found a Church to govern (Matthew 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23). So, it was indeed a “religion and government in one” though not meant to be a conquering earthly kingdom as the Deicides had expected.

                I understand why Satan would teach and why men would want to believe that they get innumerable chances to get it right, but Jesus was quite clear about his “hard teachings.”

                • Notwithstanding the kosher thought police…

                  Always happy for dialog.

                  Jesus was quite clear that He taught NOTHING in secret (John 18:20). The “gnosis” of which you are enamored is not from Him, but from The Adversary, accretions of Babylonian and Egyptian necromancy that persist in Judaism today.

                  I am not sure what they shouted, but the New York & Russian “Jews” managed to kill over 60 million Christians—just as their “holy books” (quoted nearby) exhort them… and then there are those many wars they started and financed at a profit. Not just genocide, but economic crimes against humanity—just as their “holy books” (quoted nearby) exhort them. Almost a quarter billion dead in the 20th century from their machinations—far exceeding any carnage initiated by Christians or Muslims.

                  Contrary to your assertion, Jesus did indeed found a Church to govern (Matthew 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23). So, it was indeed a “religion and government in one” though not meant to be a conquering earthly kingdom as the Deicides had expected.

                  I understand why Satan would teach and why men would want to believe that they get innumerable chances to get it right, but Jesus was quite clear about his “hard teachings.”

          • …and then there is their belief in reincarnation (gilgul neshamot, gilgul neshamah):

            and death curses (pulsa d’nura):

            Old Testament religion? Hardly!

            Most Americans have a carefully sanitized and deceitfully crafted public relation image of Judaism. Ask yourself why Judaism never receives the same careful scrutiny as Islam and Christianity?

            ANSWER: There is much to hide!

        • QUESTION: “I don’t know too many religions that kill innocent people as their agenda to their “belief”.”

          ANSWER: “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

          Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1:

          • The fundamental problem with their claim of always being innocent victim and kindly humanitarians, never perpetrators.

            Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

            QUESTION: “I don’t know too many religions that kill innocent people as their agenda to their “belief”.”

            ANSWER: “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

            Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1:

            It’s not as easy as controlling broadcast media, is it?

            • I am so fucking full of shit.

              • We all know that the synagogue of Satan is expert in false flags… false flags like your foul language impostures.

            • I suck ass for the horde!

        • The weird thing — and the thing I didn’t understand about the 9/11 hijackers — is that they are the lucky ones in their societies. They were the ones who got out, got educations, got scholarships to study in the West. By any measure, they were the most fortunate 0.5% of their countries, and yet they decided to throw it all away in a suicidal plot. I can understand when some illiterate Pashtun straps a suicide vest on because the Taliban promises to send his family $500, or a radicalized slum-dweller from Karachi does the same. But these guys were educated Chechens who made it all the way to the US and were set up for solid future.
          Also, why would they target the US? Chechens and Americans have nothing against each other, but Chechens hate Russians as much as Palestinians hate Israelis. Why waste their time targeting the Boston Marathon, when there are so many Russians nearby who want killin’?

          • You still believe the 9/11 “hijackers fairy tale”? Truly disturbing that someone posting on this site remains willfully ignorant. Especially with all the “in-your-face-evidence” including the researchable FACT that at least 6-7 of these proposed “hijackers” are quite alive and well. Must be clones!

          • There is still anyone that believes 19 Arabs with box cutters from caves infiltrated a multi-billion dollar defense system??

            I fricking don’t believe it..hey, this is 2013.
            Get the truth along with the other 95% of Americans..and almost all of the other nations.

        • Just remember Islam is the Government and the Government is Islam.

          Keep the FAITH

      33. Sounds likie a lot of people are actually buying this BS story…this was a false flag and they used the same ole play book they been using. It is gettign easier and easier to see through their plays, either that or they are getting sloppier??

      34. To the people who read this site I think the real lesson to be learned is just how fast the government locked down the Boston area.

        If this was marshall law in a developing situation you could have less then and hour to bug out. Listen to the terms the officials are using ” shelter in place ” Remember almost every city in the US can be locked down by cutting off just a few main arteries, I-75, I-95, I-81 I-10, I-26, I-4, I-40, I-70. That pretty much severs north, south, east and west movement on the east coast.

        Make sure your plan includes everything from motorized transportation, Auto, Motorcycle, ATV to Bicycles and two feet. In fact the latter may be your only way out once an area is locked down.

        Just something else to think about if you live west of the Rocky’s or east of the Mississippi River. Lets learn the real prepper lesson of the Boston Marathon which could be a 26 mile hike out of town.

        • The citizens are cooperating unlike the scenerio you paint.

        • Wise advice Patriot One….

          The thing that keeps going through my mind as far as what they are doing there is…..Practice, practice, practice.

          They are probing to see how people will react.

          • You realized the statement did not make sense so you changed it to practice. Going to see how people react prior to the grand scheme being implemented. You even know this line of think is weak.

          • Thanks WK. What Contheo doesn’t realize is what if this was civil unrest, a pandemic and you were locked in??

            I’m no Rambo anymore, but I’m not sitting around cowering when the barbarians are at the gate. Even in this situation the Bostonians are not going to like missing a Friday night and if it goes till tomorrow the drunks and druggies should be in full blown withdrawal. Boston could get crazy this weekend.

            For me its about survival, escape and evaision. I wish TV and Radio would get back to regular programming. I’ve been involve in ops and I don’t like hearing the hours and hours of boredom, just give me the highlites.

            • The “red-thumbed Obamazombies” are out in full-force today.

              Damage control I guess.

              • More DAMAGE than THEY can possibly control!

            • The reason I don’t understand is due to calling out numerous commenters who refuse to give any details when I call them out. I find you interesting and don’t understand how you and others don’t question conspiracy theories. I like questioning authority but in a methodical, logical, and calm way. There are a lot of to put it nice, far fetched theory with no explanation.

      35. the spin cycle is in full motion,as you can see. also I think Boston is under martial law!!! not a lock down????
        Let’s all remember that the first words used in these news reports comes from the top down,and all (KEY) words have meaning.Within 24 hrs of sandy hook one of key words was mental health. There is always a pattern.

      36. Any one want to take bets that the next question will be “where did they get the guns?” TPTP are going to be all over this very soon. Guarantee they had high capacity magazines. Keep your eyes open, look at the whole picture.

      37. It’s so damn frustrating, and disturbing, that so many in the
        community(who should know better) have jumped on the bandwagon of infotainment drama
        this has been since the beginning.
        While being completely oblivious to the military/federal/police lockdown of Boston, by the blatant violation of posse comitatus, fourth amendment, Bill of Rights, God given birthright to freedom, privacy, and defense of self, family
        and friends; by any means necessary.

      38. The mainstream media and the obama administration are in complete and utter shock. Mourning and disbelief. Panic and overdrive about how to spin this. Figuring out how to downplay the muslim connection.

        It was not a right wing “extremist”. Nor was it a white male. Nor was it a Christian. Nor was it an ordinary citizen just calling for smaller government and common sense from Washington DC.

        Boo Hoo.

      39. Cutthroats like these young Chechen “scholars” have long been the pets of the dual-citizen Neocons who long ago hijacked US foreign policy, built the Amerikan police state and have warred on the US Constitution. It is my guess that there is a much larger network of these operatives already inside the US, protected by the regime, and ready to be used in a terror campaign as a pretext for MARTIAL LAW (remember ‘Fast and Furious’).

        Chechen “separatists” have been supported by the US since the ‘nineties in an attempt to create a US controlled terrorist force that could be used to destabilize various countries, especially Russia (which the Merkin regime could tolerate quite well enough as a communist dictatorship, but never as an anti-red, traditionalist Orthodox Christian power).

        The Beslan massacre of Russian school children and the blowing up of an entire city block of Moscow were just a couple of the “achievements” of these neocon-supported operatives. In addition, “Arabs,” with heavy Chechen accents, have also turned up in Al-CIAda beheading videos used to whip the Merkin sheeple up into paroxysms of hysteria in regard to the “war on terror.”

        Here’s an excerpt of a forgotten article from 2004 on the Chechen terrorists and their “American” (or more properly, American-Israeli) friends:

        “[I]n the US, the leading group which pleads the Chechen cause is the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC). The list of the self-styled “distinguished Americans” who are its members is a roll call of the most prominent neoconservatives who so enthusiastically support the ‘war on terror’.

        “They include Richard Perle, the notorious Pentagon adviser; Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra fame; Kenneth Adelman, the former US ambassador to the UN who egged on the invasion of Iraq by predicting it would be “a cakewalk”; Midge Decter, biographer of Donald Rumsfeld and a director of the rightwing Heritage Foundation; Frank Gaffney of the militarist Centre for Security Policy; Bruce Jackson, former US military intelligence officer and one-time vice-president of Lockheed Martin, now president of the US Committee on Nato; Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, a former admirer of Italian fascism and now a leading proponent of regime change in Iran; and R James Woolsey, the former CIA director who is one of the leading cheerleaders behind George Bush’s plans to re-model the Muslim world along pro-US lines.”

        Thank you, dual-citizen neocons! Now that YOUR terrorists are operating here, you have certainly been predictable in calling for the disarming of Americans.

        • Chechen separatists have been reported to be behind several terrorists attacks in Russia.

          One was the attack on a crowded theater in 2002 where around 900 people were taken hostage. They were held hostage for three days until Russian forces ended the situation by pumping a gas into the theater. The gas sedated the hostages and hostage takers but also caused the deaths of about 10-15% of the hostages.

          The other attack was on the school at Breslan. It occurred during the first day of school and around 1100 parents and children were taken hostage. Around 777 of the hostages were school aged children.

          The hostages were held for three days. One the first day the terrorists killed all of the men that they considered strong enough to provide resistance. On the third day, explosions were heard and the military, police and many citizens stormed the school. The terrorists used the children as human shields during the attack. The school’s roof collapsed, possibly due to incendiary rockets, and many hostages burned to death.

          During the hostage situation the Russian media routinely downplayed the number of hostages being held. There are still many adults and children unaccounted for that are presumed dead in the fire that destroyed part of the school. The town Breslan has never recovered. I spoke with an American who traveled to Breslan to offer relief and he said the town remained a shell even years after the incident.

          Both of these incidents have been called false flag events and some people think there are connections between the attacks and the Russian government.

          I might point out that some people think that Russian aggression led to the retaliation by separatists while other groups feel that the attacks were an inside job. For example, there was evidence that weapons and explosives were planted in the Breslan school prior to the attack.

          I have not seen any information on whether the suspects in the Boston bombing had any connection to Chechen separatist groups. I just thought it might be helpful to give a perspective on what Chechen groups may have done in Russia.

          • Beslan, not Breslan.

            The Chechens also rented an apartment in a large complex in Moscow, spent several weeks packing it with explosives, then blew it up one fine day. About 300 Russians were killed as they sat in their homes.

        • Hey, Ahab, you know how your mom always told you just to be yourself?

          Well, don’t. She was a bitch.

          • Ah, an example of Israeli repartee at its finest! Curse away at people’s mothers’ like the impotent playground piss-ant that you are, but the buzz is out about the connection between the Chechen terrorists, the Amerikan Zionist neocons and Mossad.

            Funny how “Russia Today” ran an article on the subject of Mossad and the Chechens and immediately got hit by DOS attacks. It’s also noticed that hordes of paid zio-trolls have hijacked the comment section of SHTF and engaged in manipulation of the comment system. Your hysterical reaction only corroborates us all. Thank you.


            God help you all when America is finally free of your yoke. Payback will be a bitch.

            • AMEN Ahab.

      40. Lots of people here disappointed these guys couldn’t be darker skinned….

        • And lots of disappointed people at msnbc,cnn,nbc,abc,cbs,and the white house that these are not tea party tax paying average white guys too.

      41. Do I really believe that twitter account is real? Nope! However if it is I predict a really fast end to the manhunt as the NSA spygrid will have him droned within the hour.

        • Del,
          Your right this would be the perfect oportunity to use a drone strike. They would wait till he’s completely secluded and hit him. The sheeple would cheer and say this is the greatest thing ever.

        • Are you watching the news. WRONG again DEL

      42. I am not sure about all this conspiracy stuff but what this points out to me is I would much rather be home with my guns rather than a baseball bat ( no offence to baseball bats). Also glad I am not in a city. Feeling very calm and protected where I am. If this is being done to instills fear in us I think it is a failure…might even wake more people up. That is why I am not sure I buy the conspiracy theory.

      43. The fears you have encompass a grand abitiion for control over a nation. The fears ratchet up from small events that are may or not be true connected to much larger events.
        The fears assigns sinister meanings to innocuous insignificant events. The fears commingle facts and speculations without distinguishing between the two and without assigning degrees of probability or factuality.
        The fear drives you to refuse to consider alternate explanations and reject all discomforming evidence and blatantly seek only confirming evidence.
        In short, sometimes government lies and sometimes business cheat. It does not mean every event is a tortuous conspiracy.
        In short, numerous comments imply a conspiracy based on very little information and reasoning. Consider all the information. These are two brothers who are for whatever reason crazy.

      44. I wonder how the people of Boston, hiding in their homes, are feeling about their state’s strict ass gun laws right about now.

        • I were required to “shelter in place”, I damn sure would want to have some protection.

        • oh , they will be fine just dialing 911, right before they show up to draw the chalk line around thier dead bodies

      45. Everybody here seems to think the lockdown is a bad thing. Where would you rather be with a bunch of scared trigger happy cops running around in your house or on the streets? A day off is probably what everyone needs. Unless your cupboards are bare.

        • If anyone is dumb enough to believe for a second that the kwaps or the politicians in Boston give two shits about the citizen’s personal safety, then I have a bridge to sell you.

          Here’s the real reason for the lockdown order: They do not want any citizens roaming around with a cell phone camera who might record something that might make the kwaps look bad.


        the partisan russian chechens are a armed funded zog amerikan cia isreahell jew mossad Al-CIA-Duh asset .

        they work for ZOG AMERIKA CIA as agent provocateurs !!!


        • Bark! Bark Bark Bark! Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark!

          • i’m honored .

            imitation is the ultimate compliment .


            • i must be hitting a CIA FBI MOSSAD DHS red thumb nerve .

              tee hee ;0)


              • Isn’t it great to be popular!

                • Not as fun as being retarded, though.

                  • Oh joy! I have my own little personal troll. (laughs hysterically)

      47. These yankees still believe that arabs did this? They are so delusional, I strongly believe that it was all made by people inside the black house who belong to these secret organizations like freemasonry, skull and bones, you get the picture, just like in 9/11

      48. I know most of you, for good reason, are anti-Facebook. But it has been SO ENJOYABLE to visit the Chris Matthews/Hardball page this morning and watch the hilarity ensue. Especially since he initially blamed the bombing on Tea Party members and right-wingers. I hate trolls as much as the next guy, but it has been completely cathartic to become one.

      49. “How can you defeat an enemy who looks into the barrel of your gun and sees paradise”.

        Russian general regarding the Chechen Mujahideen

      50. Never let a crisis go to waist:

        The new narrative will be that these two brothers learned bomb making from the internet and that they learned paramilitary tactics from the internet. There will now be a call for control of internet content. The information Tzar will have greater powers to control the 1st amendment and to censor. The president will now sign CISPA.

        • Right on RO now comes internet control.

          Keep the FAITH

        • Rick i think you are right. They are going to censor the net to death the thing you wil get is advertisements and their version of everything.
          It will be for the children, safety, security etc
          Watch them parade out all the leftwing victims to make everyone feel guilty if they disagree with the party line.
          I do not think it takes tinfoil to figure this out. Any hat will do.

        • Good call, Rick. I saw a video earlier where the butt ugly Commmie freak babe in charge of DHS was being interviewed by some Congressman from Texas and she was making noises about how “hard” (pause, big sigh) it is to stop people from learning how to make bombs or IEDs, because of the Internet and because of that nasty old First Amendment right to free speech.

          The ADL has been lusting to abolish the First Amendment for the last 30 years at least, and remember – the ADL and the SPLC are both intimately tied to the DHS and these two subversive, left-wing, Communist organizations provide the DHS with every bit of their ‘advisory’ material. This is where the endless anti-white poison comes from, where the endless demonization of traditional American patriots comes from, where the relentless efforts to label Constitutionalists as ‘dangerous domestic terrorists’ comes from, where the full sale war on the Second Amendment and those who support it comes from.

          See the pattern, all you ignoramuses who voted for Obama? You voted for a hard core, totalitarianism obsessed Communist, morons. The First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment – these communist rats have declared war on our entire Constitution and Bill of Rights, folks.

          Oh, and to be fair – that coke snorting, mass murdering, lying, torture loving, war criminal from Texas who once screamed that the Constitution is just a ‘G-damned piece of paper’ is just as guilty and just as evil as the guy who replaced him.

          • ADL trying LUSTING to get rid of first admendment? After that, just a bunch of ranting disguised as known fact. Where is your proof? (not built on a house of cards and no videos from conspiracy people please) I mean real reasoning.

            • Contheo? Are you suffering from some kind of unfortunate attention deficit disorder, or are you simply so incredibly lazy and inattentive by your very nature that you have not followed the relentless efforts by the ADL over the last 20 or 30 years to get ‘Hate Speech’ laws passed in the USA, like this same organization has managed to already impose upon over 15 White European nations?

              The primary obstacle to getting these laws passed in the USA is the First Amendment. Plus, repeated rulings by the US Supreme Court that the First Amendment was intended to specifically protect speech of an unpopular or dissident nature.

              Why, the ADL has even sponsored a contest whereby college students at a law college were challenged to draft a ‘hate speech law’ that might become the future model for such an abomination here in the USA.

              Incidentally, I refuse to do your homework for you – but, in these ADL written hate speech law bills that they’ve sent over to Congress over the last couple of decades – they have been trying to include verbiage in them that would basically tell Congress to appoint the ADL as the primary arbiters and experts on all speech written or spoken by every American, and then give the ADL the power to decide what speech would be illegal and what speech would be permitted.

              To make a comment like yours and to demonstrate just how ignorant and inattentive you have clearly been with regards to keeping a very close eye on the efforts to abolish the First Amendment and for you to pretend to be ignorant as to who has been behind this effort – paints you in a pretty unfavorable light, pal.

              Oh, and in case you also are ignorant of the ADL definition of ‘hate speech’, let me explain it to you. Any speech by a gentile that jews do not like or agree with is ‘hate speech’.

        • Waist is your gut. Waste maybe? The rest of your comment is even more stupid.

          • Grammer Tzar alert.

            Flaming pop tart.

            • @ Flaming pop tart the spelling Tzar.


          • Flame pop is a flaming fagg…..

            • Looks like a member of a troll team too

              • If your definition of a troll is someone who asks for facts or makes you consider your worldview and it may be wrong?? Does it hurt to think? Please tell me your definition of troll. I understand that troll refers to a person who makes inflammatory, petty, taunting comments. I simply ask for clarifying thoughts and point out illogical comments.

            • How do you know that?? I may be straight and a woman. Are you able to explain? Are you just frustrated and calling names? Are you a victim of internalized oppression?

      51. Fox News reporting that these guys were still wearing the white and black caps when they robbed the 7-11. Seems weird

        • Why? Oh I see, they would have taken them off. Now that proves something is up. No one can prove to you that they would not have taken the hats off so ahha it’s proof they were set up. Leaving the hats on…how telling, how weird, how it so proves the government is involved..the hats aaah yes.

          • troll

            • Troll? I point out the flawed reasoning with reason and you simple Barlow call me a troll? Look up troll and get back to me. Loser

              • I think he was referring to Grippentrog, Contheo.

              • I was referring to Grippentrog.

      52. I know this is so disappointing to the folks at who were hoping this was the result of a white, Christian, tea party member!!!

      53. Thanks Mac for your updates they are more informative than the mainstream

      54. Mac or anyone interested,

        Glenn Beck just threatened ( via his radio show) the Federal Government. If they do not tell the truth regarding the Saudi national in the hospital, then he will.

        Beck claims he had 6 Congressmen tell him his claims yesterday on his show were true, that he is being deported and initially was going to have his deportation paperwork classified and claims that DHS wasn’t telling the truth under oath yesterday in a hearing before Congress.

        They have until Monday Morning when his show starts to tell the truth regarding this Saudi.

        Just so everyone knows.

      55. Everyone there is more GOOKS IN THE WIRE. Having said this, just watch what you say.

        They know,(They being PTB lap dogs), there is still a lot of people out here with good commonsense and reasoning,(On this site and hundreds of others). They spout out theories, statements, etc. that draw responses from us, but they are really, just asking questions. Our response and what we relate in our comments are going into data bases to be used in future events, to cover tracks if you will. Hey; just don’t give them any idea’s, but you are free to express your sentiments anyway you wish, about anything.
        Think I’m crazy, that’s alright with me.

        Keep the FAITH

        • don’t be surprised when a link is found between the boston situation and sandy hook

      56. So now the father of these terrorists is saying if they kill his last son there will be hell to pay…but no his brats wouldnt do this


        • Well the news is out that these two and any possible partners in this mess, were members of a Wahhabi cell funded by Saudi al Qaeda.

          • It won’t matter that they were Chechen/Wahhabi terrorists, too many numbnuts are convinced they were Christian/Jew/anti-abortion/ZOG/False Flag/ Patsies/CIA/Mossad agents (pick one).

            • numb being the operative word.

      57. Press conference – just announced they are going to do a “controlled” detonation at the home of the suspects in Cambridge.

        • Now announcing things to see how they go over. hmmmmm

      58. The cia always train other rebels then after the rebel do there dirty work the cia calls the m terrorist. Wasnt osama a cia then a terrorist.i dnt believe those brother did it.false flag to start war and scare the american to call for more bs dhs .im not buying. Our is fucking with us.

      59. Where is any proof, ie. pictures, video, witness statements, witness interviews, 911 dispatch recordings that show or describe any property damage or injuries from this “big gunfight” with explosives being thrown from moving vehicles? Where exactly did it start and end? Where is the 7-11 video? This is complete nonsense. I am fucking tired of this Hollywood made for tv bullshit. Their story sucks. A child could wright a better script.

      60. Black Hawk landed at Best Buy and more military presence ??

      61. Pay close attention.all agency are dressed as military. They will take advantage and go for it all.martial law,gun grabbing, and innocent killing….a blast happend in a anti gun state. Nothing makes sense. Seal in sound like martial law. Thanks god im in pa. We dnt play that kind of crap.

        • A fertilizer plant blows up? You relate it to Boston? Why?

      62. Niagara Falls had a minor incident, detaining suspects from Mass. Few hours ago.

      63. I did a search on “Tsarnaev” and got only 3 hits. All three were for the Boston bombing. I have never searched for a last name and gotten that few hits. Is the last name made up, or is it really extremely rare? Also, the dead brother, Tamerlan, seems to have been named after Tamerlane, famous Turkic person of the 1300s. Dzhokhar and Anzor are Russian names.

        I was just curious about where the names came from.

        • Are you named after Archie Bunker?

      64. Regardless of how this ends, there will be more false-flags and more innocent people will die until TPTB are ready to drop the shoe of martial law. When that happens, it will be game on. If anyone wants anything I have, they’ll have to kill me to get it. Plus, I won’t be taken to any FEMA camp alive. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      65. @Piper Michael ~So True, and you are Right!
        They are ramping up the fear factor. It sets me off in a
        different direction, I don’t become fearful, I become
        aware and watchful. Oh, every Saturday the town suburban news lists a police blotter of what happened that week.
        To keep the locals on the look out.
        Yes, I believe Mass. is in Martial law.
        And, yes, the media should be the guard hounds of the
        Gov. and hold them accountable. Not be lap dogs.

        • Yes Mass. is in Martial law( they just wont announce it) way to tell, look at the uniforms the “cops” are wearing..Camo military uniforms and hats, with black vests with the word POLICE on the back..

          • Now what would happen if the citizens were simply released with open carry or concealed ‘temporary’ permits?
            With the instruction; Be POLITE to people with guns…

            No economic impact, and probably, another dead terrorist.

      66. Door too door for one man, na they won’t do that for guns

      67. they can lock down a city for 2 terrorists on the run,(well 1 now) so why can’t they lock down borders from those countries with terrorists?

        • Because citizens are cooperating and staying inside?

      68. +1

        Molon Labe

        • If a Molon Labe scenario (secession of the “Redoubt States”) were to happen, I’d be applying for citizenship in the new country.

      69. Warning: New data suggest an all-out currency war is about to begin

        “Japan just overtook China as the largest exporter into the U.S.”

        “The yen…is down nearly 14% against the dollar this year alone. And in this price sensitive global economy 14% makes a great deal of difference. It didn’t take long for Japan to be rewarded for its currency devaluation policy.”

        “Moreover, it is clear from the nation’s stock market performance relative to global equity markets (see chart) that currency wars can be quite effective and profitable if aggressively executed. Other nations (particularly in the region) are clearly watching and are likely to “retaliate” by devaluing their own currencies.”

      70. The endless news coverage is feeding into the terrorist ego and goals and could be inspiring further acts of terrorism. They have proven that the USA is vulnerable and that their actions has us in their grip. It’s a terrorist wet dream, they are receiving all the attention that they could have ever hoped for. I’m sure that the terrorist that’s on the run is being cheered on by our enemies.

        Another thought, if he has handlers and he’s made contact with them, don’t be surprised if his throat gets cut and he disappears.

        • The endless news coverage…

          It makes me wonder what ‘other plans’ those in Washington are working on…

          • 3 dead in boston, and not that the bombing wasn’t horrific, but with 12 – 15 dead and 60 unaccounted for (possibly vaporized), why isn’t the fertilizer plant with a lawsuit against monsanto getting more airtime?

      71. Obama not happy that gun control bills did not pass in the Senate this week.

        BIDEN: ‘President already lining up additional executive actions’ to deal with guns…

        Drudge Report

      72. The News Propaganda being put out by Fake News Corps that are run by the Govt are doing exactly as they are told, only the news the Govt wants you to know is coming out, What they dont want you to figure out is that this is a GOVERNMENT OPERATION, proof is at infowars dot com and you can clearly see Military US Operatives all over the place with Black Backpack, The US Govt wants to Instill fear and is doing this by Having Boston on a De Facto Martial Law and Connecticut as well, These Operations Further their Plans to get all the Guns and Take Total Police State Power Over the People, as they Did in New York and NJ After Hurricane Sandy, New Orleans after Katrina and every other chance for them to impose Martial Law on us, THAT IS WHAT THIS IS, NOTHING MORE AND TO DEMONIZE PATRIOTS AND OR MUSLIMS TO WRESTLE EVERY BIT OF HATE TOWARDS THOSE GROUPS AND TAKE ALL SUSPICION OFF THEMSELVES.


        fair use quote:
        The university issued the first alert at 10:48 p.m.: “There are gunshots reported in the vicinity of Building 32 (Stata Center). Area is cordoned off. Stay away from area.”

        According to audio of MIT police dispatch radio chatter posted online, an officer described the suspected shooter as a black male wearing black clothing and weighing approximately 120 pounds.

        Stunned students asked news reporters if the shooting could be tied to this week’s terror attack. However, no motive for the Thursday shooting has been given.

        Sure don’t sound like one of the suspects to me.

      74. I don’t know about False Flags. I don’t know if the two are guilty, though it seems they are. The media is certainly going overboard, as usual. There are so many cops on the streets in Cambridge and Watertown – it looks like a war zone. Is the whole thing a scam? Have they gone overboard with the media coverage and the police presence? Is such a huge lock-down necessary? And all I know is that though I live far from there now, this is the area where I grew up, went to school, drove those streets. The young woman that was killed is going to be buried in the cemetery where my father and brother are buried. The world is a very confused and scary place, more than it was a week ago. And the irony is, today, April 19th, is the real Patriots Day, not the Monday holiday version or the trumped-up Dub version. Misneach, fianna.

      75. I’m probably extremely naive, but I just don’t think this one is a false flag. Yes, I agree that there is much unexplained like what were those military guys doing there, if reports are true, why were people saying this is only a drill before the bombs went off…lots of other questions. One thing is certain, we don’t know all of the facts because with every investigation there are always things that law enforcement don’t tell the public and probably for good reason.

        That being said, I actually believe these two vile sub-humans were responsible. They were reportedly throwing bombs out the window during the car chase, they were reportedly strapped with explosives when they robbed the 7-11. Now we are reading that the surviving one is tweeting that he is going to kill police like they killed his brother. Obviously this isn’t your normal “He was a good kid”. He is a sick bastard and deserves everything that’s coming to him.

        I do find it suspicious that the one guy that got burned is in lock down, BO meets with Saudi official and he get’s immediately deported. That part smells to high heaven.

        I could be way off base, who knows. I just hope that the truth of whatever happens gets revealed in time.

        I pray for the victems and their families. I could not imagine the pain I would feel if a member of my family was hurt.

        God Bless,

        • the victims should go sk ck

      76. Remember the exercises in miami and other cities? The ones with the blackhawks.
        Remember at the beginning there were reports of a drill taking place?
        Maybe this is an exercise, a live fire exercise.
        I think they have proven they can lock down a major city without a whimper of disapproval. Damn these guys are good.
        Like it or not these guys (tptb) know what they’re doing.
        Never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.


        A squirel farted in front of the swat team in the front yard!

        • Did they get ‘im?

          • They decided to do an environmental study on it to see if it would effect global warming

          • he’s soaking in gravy as we speak. kinda reminds me from the dinner scene in happy gilmore…

            “what’s for dessert?” (bug zapper sounds) “squirrel.”
            one of kathy nates best roles.

            • Aaacccckkkkk WATERBOY!!!!!!!

      78. WARNING a VERY REAL …

        ” Margin Call ”

        has been called on Wall Street !!!

        Do you Know where your Money is ???

        If it’s not in your physical grasp …

        IT AIN’T YOURS !!!



      79. It is not the military moron. It is the police. When are you going to start getting your facts straight. It is too bad you have to perpetuate lies, but it is worse is these brainwashed sheeple buy your lies hook, line and sinker.

      80. Can we take a lesson from this scenario? This made me pause to think this over. Would you really be better off in the city, or in the country, or a small town when the Schumer Hits The Fan. We all say get out of the city, but if your well prepared the city may have some good points. As we can see in these pictures, when the powers that be come a calling, they come in force. If your holed up in the country or a small town and they come with force what chance will you have? Me thinks none, because you won’t have any back up. Now in the city, in a SHTF situation they won’t be able to come in mass as we see in these picture because there will be people sniping at them from all directions. This is just a thought, Think I’ll stay in the boonies but who knows.WASP> CATI

        • good points Wasp,
          I just can’t help but think “they” will lock down the cities and let the animals eat each other…why waste the ammo when all you have to do is shoot the ones trying to escape…

      81. As usual, the cops are little more than janitors sweeping up the mess after the blood is spilled.

      82. Tsarnaeva, who is a U.S. citizen currently in Russia, told Russia Today the FBI had called her with concerns about her elder son, although she did not specify when exactly she was contacted.

        “They used to come [to our] home, they used to talk to me … they were telling me that he was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him,” Tsarnaeva said. “They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites… they were controlling him, they were controlling his every step…and now they say that this is a terrorist act!”

      83. 5:41 PM Pacific time – “Suspect in custody”

      84. Wished I could have been here, with all you fine folks, to refute my own second post on this thread…
        But I still stand by the first…

        It was not only convenient for “they”, to use some of their new toys… ;0
        I don’t know if anybody picked up on what I saw…it was embarrassing…
        Anybody understand of what I say? Elmer fudd comes to mind… think and watch the replays…

      85. Ncjoe, F#$% you! Go somewhere else with your crap and F#$% yourself! Grippentrog and Lionheart, if neither of you believe in conspiracies, then you’re not living in the real world. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      86. This is sketchy.

        Why would these guys plan this attack up to the point of delivering and detonating these devices; but fail to plan an escape beyond hiding in the same city they attacked? This sounds like they were duped, coerced,framed, or whatever; and then abandoned to be caught/slaughterd on camera to demonstrate:
        1)the power of the US .gov
        2)the supremacy of the US and increase morale of the populace in a faultering state
        3)the plan of implementing martial law in a large metropolitan area.

        too many inconsistencies (if you listen to multiple sources besides the MSM); too many unanswered questions in a fast moving plot that neatly wrapped itself up like a 30 minute police drama on primetime (easily consumable and believable by a gullible populace).

        This stinks, plain and simple. I’m not a conspiracy person, but this whole situation has too many red flags that scream that things just don’t add up.

        • “Beta test” for martial law now complete!

          • I love it! The “troll patrol” really doesn’t want this “idea” circulating. ;),keep those thumbs coming!

      87. This whole episode shows two very important things: One; contrary to the beliefs of some here in the ‘all-powerful all-knowing state machine’, they didn’t see this coming because if they did they’d have the ‘suspects’ right after the explosions and they wouldn’t have to ask for so much help, which leads to point two. Two; It took nearly a thousand federal, state, and local cops 4 days to track down one wounded amature 19y/o kid? Are you f*ucking kidding me! And they MISSED him!! The boat’s owner (civilian) called it in after they ‘searched’ his area!!! Fine bit of police work don’t you think. Anyone who still thinks that during some martial law/national lockdown that these clowns possess the wherewithal to go door-to-door to confiscate guns, food, bullion, or whatever is just nuts!!!! They’ve just exposed all their glaring weakness (intell & tactical) in front of the whole world. Some f*cking boogymen these guys all turned out NOT to be!!!!!

      88. Now I am going to do my breakfast, later than having
        my breakfast coming again to read further news.

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