Rates Of STDs Rise Sharply: ‘We Are Sliding Backward’

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    The rate of sexually transmitted diseases is rising sharply. In fact, the rates of three sexually transmitted infections are at all-time record highs in the United States.

    Last year, nearly 2.3 million US cases of these sexually transmitted diseases were diagnosed, according to preliminary data. This data was reported on by Fox 13 out of Salt Lake City, Utah. That’s the highest number ever reported nationwide, breaking the record set in 2016 by more than 200,000 cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    “It is time that President Trump and [Health and Human Services] Secretary [Alex] Azar declare STDs in America a public health crisis,” David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors said Tuesday. Harvey’s group co-hosted the National STD Prevention Conference in Washington Tuesday where the CDC made the announcement that the rates of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia have climbed upward again for the fourth year in a row. “What goes along with that is emergency access to public health funding to make a dent in these STD rates and to bring these rates down and to ensure that all Americans get access to the health care that they need,” he said.

    Others say this trend should not come as a surprise. “I think over the last five years, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections in the US, and we’re also starting to see a plateau in our fight against the HIV epidemic, as well,” said Rob Stephenson, a professor and director of the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Stephenson added that “it’s not a surprising trend.”

    But the focus of concern is with syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. “We’re talking about millions of infections with just these three infections,” said Dr. Edward Hook, endowed professor of infectious disease translational research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Medicine and scientific committee chair of the National STD Prevention Conference. Hook says this trend is concerning because the increase in these three STDs is significant.

    “Gonorrhea diagnoses that were reported to the CDC increased by nearly 67%. Diagnoses of primary and secondary syphilis increased over 75%, and chlamydia rates continued to increase,” he said according to Fox 13. “It’s important to remember that while these are preliminary data, and the data are eight months out of date. There’s absolutely no reason to think that the increases that are being described by the CDC haven’t continued into 2018.”

    In 2013, there were 1,752,285 total cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis diagnosed in the United States. That number grew to 1,811,850 in 2014; 1,945,746 in 20152,094,682 in 2016; and 2,294,821 in 2017, according to the preliminary CDC data. The preliminary data suggests that more than 1.7 million cases of chlamydia were diagnosed in 2017, with about 45%  (771,340 cases) emerging among 15- to 24-year-old women and girls.

    Syphilis, caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum, can affect the heart, nervous system, and other organs if left untreated. Syphilis is most often transmitted through sexual contact, although it also can be transmitted in other ways, such as from mother to baby, which is called congenital syphilis.“We know today that some of what is driving congenital syphilis are women who are trading sex for drugs and that that explains some of the infections we are seeing in babies of syphilis,” Harvey said Tuesday.

    He also said that the rise in STD infection rates could be centered around the nation’s ongoing opioid epidemic. “There are infectious disease consequences of the opioid epidemic in America, including sexually transmitted infections,” Harvey said.


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      1. This is caused mostly by all the free loving liberals who don’t work and just eat and breed and protest and breed some more, spreading disease and making unplanned babies.

        • Who cares? If THEY are going to play around UNSAFELY and routinely make BAD decisions then you deserve what you get. Mother Nature regulates her own, especially the aberrant ones.

      2. Just in time for a strain of “The Clap” to appear that will scare the shit out of penicillin.

        • We need to develop an STD that affects people with below 105 IQ. It would make them sterile. Probably add another 1000 years of life to the planet too!

          • Genius.. saw a story that said Trump has an IQ of below 70 just like G. Bush. And these people were and are calling the shots? One gets multiple deferments for bone spurs, the other goes awol and becomes president. Not hardly, these are just ignorant puppets who take orders. The dumber and more corrupt the better. Lies 24/7/365.

            • I will bet that is a lie. I’m sure his IQ is well over 100. If it was below 70 he would be black lol.

            • I wish I had the kind of 70 IQ that would make me a both multi billionaire and the President of the United States as well.

              FWIW, I rather doubt you saw that story in any legitimate source (i.e. sites like The Onion don’t count)

              Trump is a very, very smart man.

      3. mmmmmm Illegals ?

      4. If you stand back and really look at what the article is saying the diseases are relevant to the immigrant population coming in. Clean, healthy Americans are not getting it. Just drug using turd worlders are. They would screw a dog or sheep if they could.

      5. Too many fags and perverts out there. Now there are scum ass muslims having sex with animals too.

      6. The last thing a heroin addict is thinking about is drug-fueled sex.

      7. http://www.confilabs.com › Minorities and STDs

        Representing about 14 percent of the general US population, African Americans account for over half of the new cases of HIV/AIDS and syphilis. While accounting for one-third of the new cases reported of Chlamydia and two-thirds of the new cases of gonorrhea that are documented with testing centers and other healthcare facilities.

        However: ‘White racism’ allegedly causing minorities to catch gonorrhea http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/05/white.

        Nevertheless: When in doubt, use a condom. As a matter of fact always use a condom. Why? How many people do you know who carry a recent copy of their blood work from their doctor?

        On the other hand: If devices can be developed to measure a persons blood sugar level, then why can’t they develop a device to measure persons VD level?

      8. Rates Of STDs Rise Sharply: ‘We Are Sliding Backward’

        There are so many sex jokes I could make with that headline….. but where to begin?

        • That’s our John Stiner: always laying down on the job.

          • Bottom line: When you lie down with Dogs you get fleas.
            Lesson: Don’t lie down with dogs.

      9. Filth

      10. Notice how “gender” as replaced the word “sex?” Notice how a sexually transmitted infection (STI) has replaced a sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

        Are there any infections that never go away, like diseases do? Does an infection ever become chronic, like the various Herpes simplexes, or the effects of Hepatitis A, B, C, etc?

        • Yes, the stupid infection is permanent it seems….

      11. Oh gosh, one hates to admit this, but one time about 50-60 years ago, I ‘accidentally’ got a dose of the clap in Korea from um, er, uh, sitting on a dirty toilet seat. Yeah, that was it. Egads! As if the gross, globular leakage wasn’t frightening enough, it felt like I was peeing razor blades for a week. The cure, two giant injections of molten penicillin, one in either cheek, was not something I’ll ever forget either. After that, needless to say, the big fella and I were always a lot more sensible about the places we chose to stay for the night. I’m relating this embarrassing story as a public service announcement to any young guys who may be out there listening tonight in SHTF-land. When you go out ‘traveling’ like I did that fateful evening long ago, remember your situational awareness. Use your big head for something besides a hat rack and make sure you always wear your cap on your little head. That is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasting.

        • Hey, thanks for sharing.

      12. Women become so much more jaded, with every new partner, I don’t even see how the experienced, old whores have any sex, whatsoever, in a sober, mental state. Blue laws, if you want population control.

        Inexperienced newbies are grateful for male attention. Just be presentably dressed to go out, fit for labor, and attentive to body language. I ain’t no prettyboy. Any public venue, during busy hours.

        • Mother Nature rewards deviancy, idiocy, lack of intelligence and lack of self restraint with JUSTLY DUE AND EARNED SUFFERING. These people who catch this crap, fully deserve it all the later after effects and in turn end up Sterile.

          Mother Nature KNOWS justice and enforces her justice on those that choose to mock it.

      13. So, there might be something to that waiting-to-get-married thing and then remaining faithful that people did way back when. I never bought into the if-it-feels-good-do-it school of thought that was so popular in the 60s, 70s and beyond; I must be old fashioned.

        • Old fashion or not, waiting to get married and remaining faithful to your spouse, is the way to go. Fornication and adultery always has repercussions.

        • The “if it feels good do it school” has been around a long time. Hitler had syphilis. Henry the VIII had syphilis. Looks like, with STDs becoming antibiotic resistant syphilis will be making a big and deadly come-back.

      14. I have worked in this field so I can offer some insights. STDs are intensifiers, ie: they go exponential when they circulate within networks or communities. They do not flourish outside networks or communities (ie: monogomous couples who are healthy and body aware). So to understand what is fueling this increase you have to understand the groups where the diseases are intensifying.

        In North America, historically, by far the biggest groups to intensify STDs have been homosexuals and blacks. Both groups have abnormal sexual patterns while also sharing similar poor access to good healthcare.

        If we look at recent social changes we can see some very obvious intensifiers: large numbers of Africans, many of whom have had no health checks, have entered the US and other Western countries. HIV/AIDS affects at least 30% of Africans with other STDs widespread as well. So this intensifier community is spreading all across the West and spreading these diseases. Black women are known by health professionals to have far higher levels of sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases (diabetes etc.). Then we have Muslims, who come under the category of ‘freaky’ when it comes to normal Western sexual behavior. Muslim societies have widespread sex with young boys, and large rates of anal sex and rape, multiple partners in the case of having sex with non-Muslims (this is allowed in the Koran). The Muslim population has increased even faster than the Africans.

        So there are two new intensifier communities to go on top of the existing two groups (blacks and gay men). Then we have the white trash drugged up on opiods. But I suspect they are not the main casue of this rate increase.

      15. Condoms are cheap….

      16. Who cares? If you are going to play around UNSAFELY then you deserve what you get. Mother Nature regulates her own, especially the aberrant ones.

      17. It’s the invaders and their third world ways.

      18. Consent is required if you want a man to use a condom. In these cultures, consensual sex is rare. Most of the time, the men force themselves on women, girls, boys. Often anal sex occurs so that they can avoid pregnancy.

        By far the most abuse of women and girls occurs in non Western societies, but you will never hear any politician bring that up. Instead it is endless campaigns aimed at white men on campus.

      19. Some hippy-ish people did not believe in the Biblical teaching, that humans are sinful, by default, so had feral children, on purpose. It seems, the civilization of thousands of years, can collapse, in a single generation.

        It was not an entirely-Christian civilization. Revelations have surfaced, during the Satanic Panic, that some entire communities were disaffected. They were observing customs, sometimes, flawlessly-preserved, since pagan times. Whites are no more or less heathen than the dark places, where missionaries had never reached.

        Ray Stevens song —

      20. These are all bad but not nearly as bad as Democrats with Foot in Mouth disease (which goes hand in hand with Head up Ass disease that seems to have been seriously contracted by all of them as well) !!!

      21. RAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT………..

      22. You have to rap it up..this is so important especially with multiple sex partners!

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