Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard Introduce Bill That Would Prevent the Government From Funding Terrorists

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    The American people might just be in possession of the most hypocritical government on Earth. The United States talks a big game about freedom and democracy, but that’s never stopped our government from maintaining close ties to countries like Saudi Arabia and countless other vile regimes from the past.

    But perhaps what’s most hypocritical, is how our government has supposedly been engaging in the so called “War or Terror” for years, when in fact we’ve been funding and arming the terrorists. It’s our government that’s been funding radical Islam in Syria, and it’s our government that created the conditions in Iraq that led to the rise of ISIS. It could be argued that we further helped ISIS along by providing support for supposedly moderate rebels in Syria who fought alongside ISIS.

    That’s why Senator Rand Paul and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard recently introduced a much needed piece of legislation titled the Stop Arming Terrorists Act. In a recent press release Gabbard explained the necessity of this legislation:

    “For years, the U.S. government has been supporting armed militant groups working directly with and often under the command of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government. Rather than spending trillions of dollars on regime change wars in the Middle East, we should be focused on defeating terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and using our resources to invest in rebuilding our communities here at home.”

    And she should know. Earlier this year she went on a fact finding mission to Syria. For making that trip she caught a lot of flak by the establishment-backed media, who criticized her for daring to reach out to Syria, and called her an Assad apologist. When she returned from that trip she claimed that “There is no difference between “moderate” rebels and al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) or ISIS — they are all the same.”

    And she’s been wise to that horrible truth for a long time. In fact, Gabbard introduced similar legislation with the same name last December, but it apparently didn’t gain any traction. This time it’s being reintroduced with the help of Senator Rand Paul, and it has been cosponsored by nine other Republicans and Democrats. If it passes the bill will inhibit our government’s terrorist support antics in several critical ways.

    S. 532, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act:

    • Makes it illegal for any U.S. federal government funds to be used to provide assistance covered in the bill, including weapons, munitions, weapons platforms, intelligence, logistics, training, and cash, to terrorists.
    • Prohibits the U.S. government from providing such assistance covered in the bill to any nation that has given or continues to give such support to terrorists.
    • Instructs the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to determine the individuals and groups that should be considered terrorists, for the purposes of this bill, by determining: (a) the individuals and groups that are associated with, affiliated with, adherents to, or cooperating with al-Qaeda, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, or ISIS; (b) the countries that are providing assistance covered in this bill to those individuals or groups.
    • Anticipates changing conditions by requiring the DNI to work with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Armed Services Committee, and Select Committee on Intelligence to review and update the list of prohibited countries and groups every six months
    • Provides for accountability and transparency by requiring the DNI to brief Congress on its determinations.

    Unfortunately, I think we all know what’s going to happen to this bill. Our government is firmly in the hands of the military-industrial complex and the deep state, and those forces are perfectly content with the status quo, which is never ending war in the Middle East. It’s safe to say that the chances of this bill passing are very slim.

    However, what’s really sad is that bill exists in the first place. The fact that someone has to try to convince our government to stop arming vile terrorists is depressing. You’d think that this is common sense and should go without saying, for both practical and moral reasons, but apparently it still needs to be said.


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      1. Can this backfire on us?
        When they classify ‘We The People’ as terrorists, will they take our protection (2nd amend.) away also?


          • Like do you think that every other country was built the same way? Taking things from people who aren’t white. Why are white people only in focus today. Oh yeah, they need to be removed for the face of the earth.
            So how did whites do this? The whites moved into their countries to get on their welfare rolls and race mix?
            It’s funny how these people who aren’t white don’t do very well when left to their own devices. In fact the Africans who are now free to do what they want now that the whites have moved out, are following those same whites back to their white countries for some reason. Just look at S. Africa to see what has happened there when apartheid was ended.
            I see you haven’t completely throw off your brainwashing yet. Proven just by that simple statement. I’m surprised that you didn’t say that the Founding Fathers were just rich slave owners. Well, I guess you did.


              • The fact that you don’t know where your caps lock button is speaks volumes about who you are and your credibility.

              • You’re right, I don’t know who you are. But I have read your stuff before I ever posted here. And there are a few tells there. Do you get much sleep?
                So what was your comment about? I guess I didn’t filter it through all of your other posts. And it’s really hard to get a true picture of you from them too. But I do have a composite of one. All the screaming at everyone here gives me an idea of what your hair looks like. What was the name of that cartoon character shown as a dust ball storming on to the scene? That’s what I see. No insult intended. Like who am I to judge right?
                What I have learned from my neophyte postings on different sites is that people that post in all caps are usually ignored. Mostly because other posters know that that would upset them the most. It denies them the ability to feel that they are heard above everyone else. There’s something to that. I see that most people here ignore you too. I mean why would anyone want to put themselves in the sights of someone like that when you can just walk on by. Yeah, that’s street smarts and comment section smarts.
                I hate getting yelled at. But if I come back here I’m sure I will be.

            • You’re exactly right. Most negroes are so brainwashed and propagandized, not to mention extremely racist. They rarely do any of their own investigation of the truth or real history. Their own fellow negroes in Africa are the ones who sold them to the muslims, who in turn sold them all over the world. EVERY RACE has been enslaved, but the dumb negroes are the only ones who still can’t take of themselves and are always playing the victims.



        • It will not stop the CIA, they will just do more black-ops !

        • Since when has the federal gov’t followed their own laws?

      2. Benjamin Netanyahu is not going to like that bill, not one little bit. You can bet your shekels on that.


        • Stop arming the Squatters in Palestine and 75% of the worlds conflicts would evaporate. Funding these squatter right now is a violation of US Law in 3 different ways. I will try to find the US Law Language on that. Basically it is against US law to fund those who create Human Rights violations like sniping Palestinian Children as they play on their roof tops on their side of the border. Yeah go look that up on Ytube, and the shill snipers laugh and high five each other as they hit little brow kids with bullets.

          You want to know why America is a target of Terrorism, stop funding the Shill Tribe for starters. That patch of sand needs to be turned into glass pronto.

          • The US Violates its own US Law, Bigleague.

            B. U.S. Law on Foreign Assistance
            United States law prohibits assistance to any country that engages in a consistent pattern of human rights violations. U.S. law also limits the use of U.S. military equipment to defensive purposes or “legitimate self-defense.”19
            “[A] principal goal of the foreign policy of the United States,” according to the Foreign Assistance Act, “shall be to promote the increased observance of internationally recognized human rights by all countries.”20 Furthermore, “no security assistance may be provided to any country the government of which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.”21

            19 Congressional Research Service, op.cit., p. 13, and sources cited therein: “The 1952 Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement and subsequent arms agreements between Israel and the United States limit Israel’s use of U.S. military equipment to defensive purposes. The Arms Export Control Act states that the United States may stop aid to countries which use U.S. military assistance for purposes other than ‘legitimate self-defense.’ The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, also contains general provisions on the use of U.S.-supplied military equipment.”
            20 22 U.S.C. § 2304(a), Human rights and security assistance, .
            21 “Security assistance” includes not only military assistance, but also sales of defense articles or services, credit, loan guarantees, and “any license in effect with respect to the export of defense articles or defense.
            “[T]he term ‘gross violations of internationally recognized human rights’ includes torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, prolonged detention without charges and trial, causing the disappearance of persons by the abduction and clandestine detention of those persons, and other flagrant denial of the right to life, liberty, or the security of person.”22
            Each year the U.S. Department of State submits Human Rights Reports to Congress on all countries receiving foreign assistance. These are known as Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.23 The State Department says, “We see it as fundamental to our own interests to support a just peace around the world—one in which individuals, and not just nations, are granted the fundamental rights that they deserve.”24

            Read this entire Document here.
            Violations by Israel and the Problem of Enforcement

            • The reason why Congress still is funding Israel is AIPAC influence on American Politics and the Blackmailing, with the Pedophile ring at Lolita Island. Where Mossad Video Taped many US politicians and are using that video evidence to bring down any US politician who disagrees with Israels agenda and funding. Once Trump incarcerates these Child Rapists, then this Blackmailing of US politicians will be greatly reduced. Sen Chucky Schummer is one of these Peds on Video Tape on Lolita Island. Clintons and the rest of these shills are on Tape also. Get rid of all of them, and the blackmailing stops, and we get our country back. These are Facts that nobody can dispute, You just don’t hear about them in the press.

              Be curious and do your research folks, and you will put the pieces of this massive scam that is destroying America together to see who the real enemy is. And this scam keeps the US Tax Payer Cashola foreign funding flowing to the Blackmailers. So we need to really push to fully expose this pedophile ring into light. And indict all those involved. Trump is working on this, so have some patience. We need to stop feeding the Beast.

              • Z, everything you say is correct. Except for the part where you think that Trump is working on this. I’m sure they have whatever they need on him too. Not that I think that he was ever an outsider. But I’m sure they have a few things to show his wife and his daughter if they wanted to. If they would even care. I’m sure they’re not oblivious as to how the Donald operates and how he got into the position that he is. Yeah, from Democrat to Republican and from game show host to president. Yeah, this guys for real.

        • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,kosher beans all over the floor….

        • can you give us some more of your fashion tips, spiffy dresser. isn’t white the new black and brown goes fantastically with orange.

      3. The banker took full control of the USA on 9/11 and all members of congress are taking bribes from AIPAC & Co and that includes Trump too so don’t be fooled by the script they are playing you.

        Deal with the jewish banking system if you want your freedom back

      4. When i use the “J” word here then my post needs approval by the moderators so don’t tell me who name you dare not speak alound and yanks are too chicken shit to stand up too

      5. S. 532, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act

        Aiding and Embedding an enemy is already a treasonous crime.

        No need to introduce another “Act” that will not be enforced and backed by law.

        • FTW

          “No need to introduce another “Act” that will not be enforced and backed by law.”

          Its important to wake the public up to what is happening as their hell bent on continuously sending their money and loved ones lives to fight for Globalist Business Interests. The US is funding and arming Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists.

          The war on terrorism like the war on drugs is a scam.

          • Kevin2

            Good point.

          • Bingo, thats the biggest push on this, Tulsi has long said, deal with the cause rather than the fallout, if the cause is these warmonger assholes meddling in other countries, stop them.
            Its pricks like mccain and king who are to blame, heap them on the same pile as sorros and burn their asses

          • Kevin2 –

            That is precisely right!

            If by chance there needs to be an “Act” to be implemented here … then the “Rico” needs to be fully used here on all that has been involved.

            This is how a “swamp” gets drained.

            It will no doubt destabilize our own Government to pieces … but that is completely fine with me … it needs to happen.

            Question is: will something of this magnitude actually happen?

            I say: “highly unlikely”

            • FTW

              “Question is: will something of this magnitude actually happen?’

              ‘I say: “highly unlikely”’

              Sadly under present circumstances I believe that your correct. Let the House & Senate get purged with the freak sex stuff being exposed, fill the vacancies with underdog grass root political unknowns and we have a chance. In the meantime educate as many of the masses as possible to what is going on. Its the lubrication to facilitate the above. Make being an incumbent, a long time office holder for anything above dog catcher something that you must defend not use as as “qualifications”. If your not a whistleblower, if your not shaking the trees to drop the fruit vote them out. If you did nothing to stop it then your part of it.

          • What they are really doing is keeping the word terrorist in the news. We need a new name for terrorists. They don’t call the people who are invading Europe at this moment terrorists. No, they’re child refugees. And they push the same b.s. here. Maybe we should have a contest for who can come up with another name for ‘terrorists’ so we can fund these people the correct way, so they will want stay in their own what used to be countries. Maybe if we call them ‘Non-soveriegn Religiously Motivated Adult Children’ and create a charity and country for them in the ME to send them to, that will save Europe and the rest of the world. Hey, we give billions to that country there that doesn’t need the money. We will just give that money to the NSRMAC (‘Non-soveriegn Religiously Motivated Adult Children’)fund now instead. See, all fixed, and no new taxes!

      6. Fake news only wants to talk about trumps tax return while debt ceiling is reached today and interest rate hikes are in the works. This could be the day economy takes a dump.

      7. If it passes, we will have to stop paying Obama’s pension, a supporting Fetulah Gulen’s charter schools (you know, the Harmony S.T.E.M. schools that are fronts for Islamic radicalization centers?).

      8. Monsanto Colluded With EPA, Was Unable To Prove Roundup
        Does Not Cause Cancer, Unsealed Court Docs Reveal

        “For years the company has assured farmers that their weed killing product was absolutely safe to use.  As proof, Monsanto touted the approval of the chemical by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

        That said, newly unsealed court documents released earlier today seemingly reveal a startling effort on the part of both Monsanto and the EPA to work in concert to kill and/or discredit independent, albeit inconvenient, cancer research conducted by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)…”

        Monsanto Lead Toxicologist: “You cannot say that Roundup does not cause cancer” because “[w]e [Monsanto] have not done the carcinogenicity studies with Roundup.”

        Chair of EPA Cancer Assessment Review Committee: “If I can kill this I should get a medal.”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-14/court-docs-prove-monsanto-collusion-epa-kill-cancer-study-admits-cant-say-roundup-do

        • I worked in a Chemical Plant that had 600 cases of bladder cancer in a facility employing 10,000. They were all focused in the dye plant which employed a fraction of that 10,000 total. For years they did “studies” and they “proved” that nothing in the plant caused it and farmers in the area fertilizer was blamed as the cause. Like they had the only farmers in the US and they used some different fertilizer. Well like the Lincoln statement about fooling people it was eventually traced, to a chemical used in dye manufacture.

          Supervisors, supposedly the best and brightest, cream of the crop towed the company line. repeating like a parrot, “Its not us”, “Its not us”. A few bucks buys loyalty, not just at the expense of your neighbor but also your family as it was common to have father, sons, uncles, cousins employed there. This is what you get with the “little people”. Toss in big money and real greed with very ambitious people and the best of them would turn a blind eye, a Sargent Shultz of Hogans Heroes fame, “I see nothing”, “I hear nothing”, “I know nothing”. The worst would aid and collude to hurt or kill others for their gain.

          When money is on the line I have found it more common for people to be amoral than moral.

          Its best to look at everything from the perspective, “What do you have to gain by saying this”?

          • More destructive US Foreign Policy:
            How US Crop Dumping Keeps Haiti Poor and Dependent
            03-14-2017 • fee.org Michael Kastner
            In May 2016, the United States Department of Agriculture was caught in the act of “crop dumping” when they shipped 500 metric tons of peanuts to Haiti. Haitians and aid groups pleaded against this act of crop dumping, as it undermines the peanut industry in Haiti which is home to over 150,000 peanut farmers.

            These farmers cannot compete with the price of zero, and that is what they must do when the U.S. insists on dumping crops. Haiti has many of its own problems with economic freedom, so the transition from one type of industry to another is painstaking or impossible. The U.S. insistence on providing foreign aid with a disregard to Haitian markets endangers the economic livelihood of Haiti. This was not the first time we interfered with the Haitian economy.

            U.S. policy has long contributed to the failure of the Haitian economy. Policies like the American Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 which allows for the USDA to issue marketing orders are a societal shame, should be repealed and never repeated. These types of policies restrict output with the intention of keeping prices high. Higher prices hurt consumers domestically, and dumping our excess crops into foreign markets is immoral because of the negative consequences.

            The intention of feeding people is not immoral, but the policies carrying out the good intention are deeply flawed. The mutually beneficial exchange that would otherwise occur has been replaced by waste and suffering. The U.S. must eliminate the agricultural and foreign aid policies that have propagated Haiti’s economic stagnation. The unseen consequences of U.S. policy may get even worse for the Haitian economy.

            The intentions of providing Haitians with free food threatens the Haitian agricultural industry and has been detrimental to their growth. U.S. policy clouds the foresight of entrepreneurs and prevents sustainable growth investments from which both Americans and Haitians could benefit. The fault does not fall on the Haitian people; rather it is their institutions and our institutions that need reform. The world has failed Haiti through enacting bad policies. The U.S. should learn from our past mistakes and feed people through the most efficient way possible–the private market.

            This is a direct attack on Haiti’s Sugar crop as well as the US dumps free Sugar on Haiti.

            Link: https://fee.org/articles/how-us-crop-dumping-keeps-haiti-poor-and-dependent/

          • Kevin2,

            That is horrible! They KNEW, covered it up and let it continue.

            Re: When money is on the line I have found it more common for people to be amoral than moral.

            Sad, but true.

      9. Monsatan doesn’t want to test roundup for carcinogens cus they would have to pay huge settlements to victims. Talking class action. Scumbag corporation

        • Asshat;
          I appreciate your sentiments but we grow a lot of our food and though my wife and I are not huge chemical fans, without sprays and soil amendments we would have no time for anything but weeding and garden related work to scratch out enough food for putting up. If Monsanto and their peers were outlawed tommorow I bet that the world population would drop dramatically in short order. I applaud the folks who garden and grow organically but I bet they don’t do much else. It is a large and complex problem that is far beyond my pay grade.

      10. I think my oldest is not going to re up AGAIN!Been to the sandbox twice!Of course the first was the bonus $$.He loves the Shit,I think he’s got a screw loose,I wonder where that came from!!
        The problem with waking up is you have to go back and look at everything ,it makes it a little overwhelming!
        Thanks for the good comments lately,guys and gals,still here,Ky mom,and the rest!Still prepping what I can and practicing with what I have.Winter rain gear is a bitch,have good stuff,I’m fine,BUT haven’t found a way around wet underwear,do they make wicking underwear!
        Be well all
        Maniac out

      11. Keep your eye on this, as the so called representatives who do not support this are domestic enemies and traitors,,,,

        • Nail, wasn’t it you that told us that you stored gas with Stabil for,was it a year or two without problems.Coming up on a year want to start rotating ,have two Gen,don’t want to screw up, thanks!Gotta keep the deer meat!
          Be well all!
          Maniac out

          • Yes,,, have used it as far out as 2 years, was 55 gallon drum with 32oz stabil
            Generally fill drums then use them to fuel everything including cars etc, do the same with deisel usually but i know not everybody can keep 55 gallon drums at their home, i usually can burn through it within about a year

            • FWIW, I’m currently running some diesel, in my VW Rabbit, that I’ve had stored since the late 90’s .

              Just used a normal dose of Diesel Treat to store it. (Don’t recall if it was summer or winter diesel that I stored in that batch. Don’t think it matters.)

              Perfect performance, no problems at all.

              If you want long term fuel storage get as many things that are diesel powered as possible (generators, cars, trucks, etc).

            • I think that PRI-G might be better as a gas treatment. They also have one for diesel. It is the only product out there that I have seen that will bring old gasoline back to life, while being a plain old storage additive too. I’m mean if you can have both properties why not do it. I worked on a friend of mine’s SUV that had been sitting for a long time. It wouldn’t start, put this stuff in, and suddenly the next time he thought about starting the thing to move it, it just magically started up. It seems it’s better to try this first than draining the tank. It’s also said that adding new gas to old gas doesn’t work. So this seems to be the answer.

          • Forget Staybil.. It is diluted. Go with PRI-G for Gas and PRI-D for Diesel. PRI-G Blows away Stabil

            You can go 5 years with PRI-G and it will also bring back to life Old gas. Check it out. Well worth it. I threw all my Staybil away as over time it get discolored. Bright Red to dingy Gray. Not good.

            • If you buy a 32 Oz container of PRI-G, it will treat up to 512 Gallons of Gas. That’s a lot of Gas treatment for the money.

      12. The cartels could be shut down tomorrow… and I’m not sure who’s counterfeiting our money but I bet they have a familiar acronym.
        Why do the poppy fields go untouched? Two Words “Cashless Society “.
        That’s going to be their excuse … so it’s imperative to keep the players playing.
        Who amongst you will take the mark?
        Ask me later … I know right?

        Want to make the Hit Parade?
        Break a $100 bill at one of the self checkouts in Walmart.
        Bam you just bought 15 minutes of fame.

      13. Passing a bill to outlaw funding terrorists? A little bit late, don’t you think? Isn’t it already against the law? Apparently, only if a private citizen does it. The US government has been funding terrorists for decades. Al Qaeda, KLA, PKK, MEK, ISIS, Al Nusra, etc. Sometimes they did it directly and sometimes they did it through surrogates. By funneling money and equipment through countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Israel, etc. It’s not our government. We really have to quit thinking of the US government as ours.

      14. Bill That Would Prevent the Government From Funding Terrorists

        This will never happen, and even if it does they will go by the way side.

        They TPTB will use some kind of back door to still arm the turds.


      15. This would me the GDP for the US would drastically drop. Google it for yourselves. Arms and weapons are our #1 export items!!!

      16. B from Ca, you may not know this but North Korea lowered a satellite given to them by the NWO last year in July 2016, six months out from the Election. The white hats in the military called Benjamin Netanyahu, who has the ageis misscle defence to protect Israels border from attacks coming in from Iran’s ballistic misscles. The satellite was shot down because it had and EMP that was about to be deployed over the satellite over the mid continental US, that was to take place to trigger shtf and stop Donald Trump from becoming president. We were almost wiped out by a grid collapse designed to keep Obama in the White House. Now he moved down the street, and thinks that he will able to remove the current white house and turn his mansion into the new white house.

        This is a fact of life, I heard from a credible source and it this comment is not debatable, period. This happened. The Jewish president saved our asses.


        • I’ll send him a thank you card.

          • Yeah, what would we be without them. Germany in 1938? I didn’t just say that. It must be my spell checker. I meant something else. I meant the US in 1908. No, 1906. No, 1871. No, I meant 1826, I think. No, 1775.

            • yeah you’re right. we need some good goys to step up and take control for once, you know, like Mccain, Graham, Mcconnell, Priebus, Ryan…we’d be in great hands if that happened.

              • I get it.

        • Hcks Total BS. How about you post your credible source you friggin liar. The Jewish President? hates America and will cut it up into pieces and sell it off. Here is what he said about America.

          Here is a Credible source:

          Netanyahu’s Real Feelings about America were revealed in a secretly tape-recorded conversation in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem al-Quds in 1990.
          Netanyahu’s Quote: “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.
          Why? Because it is God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” Smoloko.com

          You dope need to wake the F*ck up. and stop smoking meth.

      17. Dec 8, 2016 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Terrorists


        December 30, 2016 U.S. Is Selling Weapons That Kill A Child Every 10 Minutes

        And without immediate medical attention, over 400,000 kids suffering from severe acute malnutrition could die, too. Why are so many of Yemen’s children going hungry and dying?


      18. Kim Dung yang is got to go,


      19. Anyone notice how blue the sky is today in North Carolina? No north to south air traffic because of the snow. Its a beautiful day on the sunny banks of Moccasin Creek!!

      20. (Because, we need a law, to know whether it is right or wrong.)

        Will you prosecute, retroactively?

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