Putin Sends Tanks to Syria: “Largest Deployment of Outside Russian Forces Since USSR Collapse”

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 148 comments

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    Now that Syria is back in the news with the refugee crisis, Russia appears poised to raise another round of alarm bells about the prospect of wider war.

    The pending deal with Iran could be broken at any time by all sides, including a preemptive nuclear strike by its enemies. The tensions over Syria – triangulated between Assad’s forces, ISIS terrorists and Western-backed “rebels” – are equally likely to boil over, as the attempts to oust Assad have been stymied.

    The attempts to condemn Assad in international public opinion have largely failed, as the accusations of a chemical weapons attack did not stick or even carry credible evidence. Likewise, Russia has stuck up for the Syrian regime, and vowed to oppose a Western agenda to overrun it without proper justification.

    However, the announcement of tank shipments from Russia takes it to a whole new level. Via Fox News:

    Russia’s military build-up in Syria has grown to include the shipment of a half-dozen highly sophisticated battle tanks — and more troops — a defense official told Fox News, in what the source called the “first clear sign of offensive weapons arriving in Syria.”

    The Pentagon has now tracked a total of 15 Russian Antonov-124 Condor flights into Syria, reflecting a steady stream of military cargo into Syria. According to the latest intelligence, this also includes the arrival of two more Russian cargo ships, containing the tanks.


    The cargo is for Russian soldiers, not Syrian government forces, but is seen as a build-up to aid Bashar Assad’s embattled regime.


    The defense official, briefed on the latest satellite photos of the Syrian coastline, said: “This is the largest deployment of Russian forces outside the former Soviet Union since the collapse of the USSR.”


    Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters on Monday that the activities “suggest the establishment of a forward air operating base.”

    The arrival of Russian tanks arguably goes beyond the purely ‘defensive’ equipment that Putin has delivered in the past, giving clear reasons to believe that hostilities have deepened to the point of a wider war and an all out conflict.

    For those on all sides of the conflict looking for an excuse to bring in outside troops – from the U.S., NATO, Russia or other armies located in the region, it would seem that the pretext has arrived.

    With these new factors trigger a larger and renewed conflict? And would toppling Assad now be only the beginning of wars to come?

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass… and that World War III remains only the dismal fantasy of observers and critics.

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      1. Hate to see this turn into a Russia/US pissing contest. Given our leadership I don’t expect a positive outcome …and again the youth of America will pay the price of poor leadership.

        • I can see Russia, China, and others spreading the USA out so thin in different engagements, then attacking us on our own land.

          That is scary, pulling a 1945 Germany on us….

          May all be well, and prepped…

          • Yep

          • Funny part is, maybe they do not realise what firepower and pissed offness would commence if attacked…

            • Saw a cool hacks, most all should know these…

              ht tp://survivallife.com/2015/08/28/25-badass-camping-hacks/

            • Whoever attacks me will definitely learn about my firepower and how pissed off I can be.

              • Our “Boy Wonder” house negro is shitting his knickers ’bout now.

                • PO’d Patriot, the African virus won’t do anything. He’s just a pussy.

                  • Agreed. Naturally lazy too.

                • Obama is not shitting his pants, he collaborated in this.

                  • Correct. I don’t get the hypocrisy here. The U.S has 12-1400 military bases around the world. Russia has 10…14 if you count the bases they’ve closed.

                    I’m also sick and tired of American exceptionalism. We seem to think we can do things that the rest of the world can’t. Like set up military bases in other countries.

                    Russia has a contract with Syria that predates the Ukraine conflict by several years. Simply put, Russia and Syria are ALLIES. They have a contractual, legal alliance. Yet the U.S. media portrays this a “Russian aggression”.

                    If you want to learn about aggression, several countries are throwing the U.S. and their bases out of their countries—Japan, being one of the most recent efforts to rid their countries of the occupiers. Other countries that wanted to get rid of the occupiers include Haiti, Vietnam, Hawaii also tried, Egypt and half of the middle east. Expelling a powerful military-political machine from a small, weak country is perilous, to say the least.

                    We just can’t seem to get it into our fat heads that OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE A SOVEREIGN RIGHT TO PROTECT THEIR INTERESTS—EVEN WHEN THAT INTERFERES WITH U.S. INTERESTS…and it usually somehow seems to, at least to the U.S., anyway.

                    We need to face the fact that the globalists are LOSING and we, as a result, will be someday forced to take our place as an EQUAL, no longer the hegemonic police of the world. Personally, I do welcome that idea. I WANT TO SEE THE NWO FALL.

                    I want these wars, regime changes and undeclared bombings to end, and the only way that will happen, if if the world puts a stop to the globalist takeover plan and muzzles the tribal attack dog, specifically, The United States. The world will need to stop out the global terrorists first, and that, unfortunately, means the U.S. Govt.

                    We’re only special in our own minds, and that delusion has left us vulnerable.

                    • @ sixpack

                      Well reasoned and written. + 100

                    • well said.

                    • Just so we are on the same page here…
                      The USA a predominately “Christian Military” has attacked those countries Listed below. NONE of which attacked the USA.

                      Repeated Countries are different conflagrations. Directly or by Proxy. (Oh them “Evil Muslim’s.”

                      -George Carlin “We like War!”

                      Quemoy & Matsu Island
                      Taiwan Straits
                      Dominican Republic
                      Thailand (in direct support of Cambodia Operation)
                      Operation Eagle Pull – Evacuation of Cambodia
                      Operation Frequent Wind – Evacuation of Vietnam
                      Mayaguez Operation
                      Operation Urgent Fury – Grenada
                      Asiatic Pacific
                      Korean Service Medal (Army, Navy, Air Force)
                      Libyan Operation El Dorado Canyon
                      Persian Gulf Operation Earnest Will
                      Panama Operation Just Cause
                      Somalia-United Shield-Operation Restore Hope
                      Haiti – Operation Uphold Democracy
                      Operation Southern Watch (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Gulf of Omen W. Of 62’ E. Long, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan)
                      El Salvador
                      Bosnia – Operation Joint Endeavor
                      Operation Joint Guard
                      Operation Vigilant Sentinel
                      Operation Northern Watch
                      Operation Maritime Intercept
                      Operation Joint Forge (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
                      Operation Desert Thunder
                      Operation Desert Fox
                      Thailand Military Operation
                      Cuban Military Operation
                      Iranian, Yemen & Indian Ocean Operation
                      Libyan Expedition
                      Panama – (pre and post invasion)
                      Liberia (Operation Sharp Edge)
                      Rwanda (Operation Distant runner)
                      Vietnam Service Medal
                      Operation Desert Storm/Operation Desert Shield
                      Combat Action Ribbon
                      Korean Service
                      Kosovo Campaign Medal (Allied Force)
                      Joint Guardian
                      Allied Harbor
                      Sustain Hope/Shining Hope
                      Nobel Anvil
                      Kosovo Task Force Hawk
                      Kosovo Task Force Saber
                      Kosovo Task Force Falcon
                      Kosovo Task force Hunter
                      Kosovo Air Campaign
                      Kosovo Defense campaign
                      Add Libya 2011, Syria 2013 and recently Ukraine.

                      Most by USAID and CIA started “Color Revolutions” as those like in Syria or any OTHER nation who under Internal Law votes for their OWN independence or self govern are not recognized by the WEST or its Vassals. EMPIRE.

                      Now all that’s left is talking American boys who’d rather be getting “head” from their girl/boyfriends to go kill for the USA who’s government failed long ago to represent them.

                      P.S. In most of these wars those attacked also never had the means to attack the USA. No Navy, Marines, Army or Air-Force and the ballistics of an AK-47 is about 250+/- YARDS and is no threat to America 2,000 – 9,000 miles away.

                    • sixpack, you nailed it!

                      A certain amount of confidence and self-assuredness as a political/military entity is good, but interfering and meddling only makes us appear arrogant to the rest of the world. Defending allies = good. Overthrowing sovereign countries = bad.

                      And where is my hoverboard? It’s 2015 for crying out loud!



                    • Keith Rodgers, absolutely! Thanks.

                    • Yes my friend America is not very much liked now around the world.China is on the rise and America is going the same way of Rome.

              • thats what will get you killed, think you can bump chests with trained military?

            • Relax- the most aggressive and brutal military the world has seen since wwII is the American one. Don’t worry about the Chinese or Russians, your biggest worry should be the American military invading.. then emperor Barry will come for the enemy’s of the state

            • Eps…
              YOUR government is attacking YOU daily…..whilst also phucking the world over without apology.
              You say you have a gun? I have shown you your “attacker”…..why don’t you use it sir?
              If China and Russia come along, you’d be best to side with them and remove The Cancer from your once noble nation.
              Russia and China can only be pushed so far……and it is the US that is doing ALL the pushing.
              Have a think about it.

          • eppe

            Its all about control of energy resources. Russia wants to maintain and expand its Natural Gas income, the US/UK and Saudi wants to stop it. This in a nut shell sums up both the Ukraine and Syria. China wants a dependable oil supply under its control. Oil is in the South China Sea so China is building unsinkable aircraft carries (islands) there. Vietnam, one time friend of the US during WWII and cold war enemy is looking for a protector. Here comes the US which doesn’t want China to have energy independence.

            There are no white hats. All of the reasons and demonization officially presented by government and the corporate owned Main Stream Media are ostensible excuses to justify military involvement from both sides.

            • Amen Kevin2, seemed to be a slow night…

              Sure the raw materials are valuable, but would it be nice to work off the electromagnetic Earth to run things, like Tesla did?

              I know, wishfull thinking…

              • For some reason TPTB can’t accept any rivalry in the world. The thought that a major nation would dare function outside of their control and by extension consent is completely unacceptable to them. They want to control everything and they’re willing to risk WWIII to get it.

                • K2, with all the varibles on what could start the shit storm, makes one glad to know they are prepped to the max.

                  Prep for the worst, hope for the best…

                  • I follow all of this as an intellectual exercise. I find a lot of the banter informative.

                    I expect nothing to be accomplished and I prep for hurricanes and some financial downturns. I’m too long in the tooth and along with my wife too unhealthy to survive for long in a worst case scenario.

                    • Bless you and yours…

                      Can I say that even now?

                      May all be well and well prepped…

                      Or can I even say that now???

                      Damn this PC shit….

                    • To all.
                      Take a crock pot, add canned black beans, corn, pinto beans and a pound of ground beef, packet of taco sauce, put them together with a cup of chicken broth.
                      Cook for 2+ hours…
                      Your tounge will slap the top of your brain to consume this….
                      I know mine is…

                      Bles all here….

                • Yep. Great post, K2.

              • Eppe, most people in countries like ours cant grasp anything other than more and bigger, just look at the size of TVs,
                We could all be fine with solar and wind, but big oil is having a fit about any progress made, and people are lazy and not open minded enough to embrace a lifestyle that uses less.
                Thats where im headed, less, less of anything that is not produced right here on the farm. Its tough, not so much for me but for the rest of my family, theyjustdont get it.

                • Kula, you are dead on…
                  Plus you got the opportune place to do such…

                  • Eppe don’t sweat the PC crap. I never do.

            • Agreed K2, but I see this as primarily a defensive move by Russia to keep Assad in power and its only military base outside of Russia, strategically centered on the Mediterranean to protect ingress and egress to their Black Sea ports. 🙂

              • Russia has 9 other bases outside of their borders, the U.S. has between 12 and 1400. Russia also has a CONTRACT with Syria for military support. They are honoring their obligations, and the west doesn’t like it, because it INTERFERES with their objectives. Too fucking bad. Allies support each other. It’s what they do—unlike the U.S. who will leave others hanging if it’s politically expedient for their agendas.

                I’d much rather have an agreement with Russia, who honors their agreement, than with the U.S. who may not, unless it fits their own purposes. TRUST is important, even among countries.

                • sixpack: Where are Russia’s other bases outside of the old Soviet Union? Those would be landlocked bases and would not fall into a strategic category, like say Subic Bay, or the island of Diego Garcia, Gibraltar, etc.

                  Cuba is gone. North Korea gone. I can’t think of any, other than Syria. 🙁

                  • K2: “Question DK. Why are TPTB acting so bold and risky? Their actions were always slow, methodical and they converted to rapid and brash.”

                    The NWO has a distinct advantage in conventional weapons over both Russia and China right now. That advantage has never been greater. And it never will be again if the NWO gives either of their economies a chance to grow and fund additional weapons purchases. Spoiler Alert: They won’t.

                    Consider that conventional war in Europe will be fought in the old Soviet satellite states. A united Germany, Poland, and Ukraine with American arms can match up or best Russia in a conventional war, right now.

                    America’s weapons technology is superior to all and that gap is widening with the DEPLOYMENT of land, sea, airborne, and space based Laser Weapon Systems. We have superior firepower if we can keep it from hackers.

                    Russia does not want to be a “partner” with the NWO.

                    China will be given another chance if they change their behavior. If not, economic war will continue and conventional wars will break out in new places.

                    I am confident that the China USA Summit will determine that outcome. China backs down or China will be engaged in much more direct ways. Without the WEST, China’s economy disappears and civil unrest on a massive scale erupts.

                    Both Russia and China needed another ten years to challenge the NWO. They moved prematurely. Now they won’t get it. 🙁

                    • DK

                      I’m inclined to believe that the world is coming apart and the NWO people using the US are trying for squatters rights before it happens.

                      Believing under all circumstances that a shooting war between the parties mentioned would stay conventional is an extreme risk. This is why I believe that an extremely significant circumstance is coming that the NWO believe necessitates their current very risky behavior.I’m just wondering what the event is? My guess is global in location and economic in nature. Its just a guess.

                    • “Russia does not want to be a “partner” with the NWO.”

                      YOU’RE DAMNED RIGHT THEY DON’T, because the NWO will not allow any “partners”. It’s a ONE WORLD ORDER—THEM up there, then the rest of us down there.

                      Any country who is naive enough to believe the NWO will SHARE power is mistaken. THE WHOLE POINT of all of this, is WORLD DOMINANCE. W O R L D D O M I N E N C E.

                      I think Russia is one of the few countries who sees that, and the rest of the countries stupidly think they’ll get a place at the big boy’s table—THEY WON’T, and they’re too stupid to believe it, until it’s too late.

                      You know there have been promises made in back rooms, all around the world. Each faction believes it will be rewarded for doing it’s part to usher in the NWO.

                      It has been said that Satan is the “Deceiver of worlds.” Well, I believe the world is officially deceived.

                      Once we step over the edge, it’s over and the landing isn’t going to be pleasant.

                • six

                  You forgot to add the fact that the u.s. gov’t is dropping thousands of bombs on a sovereign nation without provocation and a congressionally declared war.

                  Here’s a question for all those that think what we are doing in the middle east is right.

                  Let us say putin decides to get more actively involved in the fight against “isis”. Then let us say Obama allows 100,000 Syrian “refugees” into our country. Now just for easy figuring let’s just say 1 in 10 of those happen to be embedded “isis” fighters. That’s 10,000. Not much less than how many “isis” there were when we first started arming them…ooops I meant “fighting” them. So anyway here is my question. “isis” has taken root inside the u.s. Is putin justified in dropping bombs inside our country??? I mean he would just be taking the fight to “isis” and they are plague that must be put down right?? He wouldn’t need a declaration of war would he? He wouldn’t need permission or cooperation with our gov’t would he?? He wouldn’t even need to give his people detailed reports and coverage of who and what he was bombing and killing. All he would need is some half assed and hole filled intel and a couple training videos and babies in hospitals to play in a loop on state controlled news media television.

                  Whatta ya think? Sounds ok to me don’t it you? Because that is exactly what we are and have been doing for a long time now?

                  Who are the real terrorists? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with Washington and ends with the letters d.c.

                  • I wouldn’t argue with any part of that, Richard. I’ve been called everything but a white woman, for suggesting that the motives of the USA was anything but pure in he middle east.

                    It got worse when I stood up for Russia. I was one of the first to speak out that I believed Putin was in the right, and the US was not.

                    I still stand by those statements.

                    After September 11, 2001, I do not put ANYTHING out of bounds for this usurped govt. I do not doubt that they would murder thousands more of innocent Americans, to achieve their agenda. The NWO sees us as no different than the Syrians or Ukrainians or Africans. We’re ALL expendable.

                    It’s just that you and I, and people like us don’t delude ourselves about it. The fairly rich and powerful, however, think they are part of the club….LOL, wait until they all find out that it takes more than their few billions, to get into that club. They will be crushed right along with the rest of us.

                    One day, they will wish they hadn’t sat quietly and waited for their turn.

                    • amen sis

                      God help us through what is to come

                    • Of course the motives of the US in the Middle East are not “pure”. Its about world domination.

                      The US is run by the NWO/MIC/SECURITY COMPLEX. Motives are seldom clear and never “pure” in the Great Game.

                      It never has been. Ever. 🙁

              • Your correct DK regarding the dual purpose of Russia’s involvement. The natural gas component is about as vital to Russia as the USD maintaing reserve currency status is to the US. Its at the core of their economy; its the keystone. TPTB desire to remove that and there lay the roots of both the Ukraine and Syria.

                Question DK. Why are TPTB acting so bold and risky? Their actions were always slow, methodical and they converted to rapid and brash.

            • Kevin2, DING DING DING. We have a winner.

            • May i remind everyone here that the reason for the conflict in SYRIA began because Assad said no to the big oil and natural gas producers about using their land to pass a pipeline through to the underbelly of Europe;namely the Ukraine, and then the rest of Europe. By doing this they would then be able to control or at least cripple Russia’s hold over the Europeans.Thus with that simple answer of no a new conflict was initiated.

              • sasquatch

                Do you know the route in which that pipeline was suppose to go. I’ve tried to look at the map of “isis” controlled areas and heavy fighting areas in Syria and Iraq to see if I couldn’t determine some sort of goal or motive for territory. It would not surprise me if most of the fighting and “isis” strongholds are on the exact route of supposed pipeline. So far everything seems to be going straight down Euphrates and tigris rivers. With heavy bombings and fighting in and around airports and other high value logistics targets obviously.

                Also the destabilization of basically the entire coast of northern Africa. What are our intended outcomes. Are these areas needed to give us an advantage strategically and logistically in a war. I’ve posed this question before, I hope someone with a mind for military strategy might have looked at this as well and be able to surmise a theory

                • I don’t see as much of a military advantage, as I see a political one, with access to control and MOVE natural resources. It looks to me like a choke hold on moving FREIGHT in and out of various points in the world, not armies.

                  What say thee?

                  • Don’t know sis but I’m sure we’re gonna find out before too long. This sh*t’s been in overdrive for awhile now and I have a feeling we’re about to reach the pinnacle. Wish we could all see through the evil bastards true motives though. But Lord knows they got something in mind with all this. whatever it is I”ll bet you this…..it aint gonna end well for none of us

            • Kevin… the entire Syrian conflict revolves around the fact that the western powers want President Assayd out of power so they/them can run a natural gas pipeline up though that country, into Turkey and then into Europe.

              Assayd opposes this scheme and this is why the USA is moving to arm (via the weapons smuggling in Benghazi) the so-called moderates (in reality ISIS whackos) in Syria.

              This is what it is all about.
              The USA is acting as the enforcers for money elite.

          • Having our forces and there forces so close is a recipe for disaster. Wars have started from plain accidents. Hopefully it does not happen in this case. Absolutely nothing is surprising to me anymore.

            • Not to be arguementive, But no War has ever been started by accident!!!!

          • You are out of your mind if you think Russia and/or China would ever land troops on American soil. Every security analysis done by other Countries about America show that landing troops here would be Catastrophic for the soldiers; Americans are all armed to the teeth, as the Japanese said during World War 2… “If we land in America there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass, ready to shoot our soldiers dead.” This is still true today.

            Additionally our nuclear deterrent would be the FINAL American solution. Satellites show enemy landing ships within 5 miles of any American Coast…. Nukes go up and if you think the enemy would take out our nuke sites first you are even more foolish because that is a logistical impossibility.

          • Baloney. Sorry, but there is no reason to believe ANYONE will invade the USA, aside from Mexicans.
            Look at your history-none of America’s opponents have the same history of invading other nations that America has.
            Russia and China, for instance, generally have no history of expanding beyond their traditional Imperial-era spheres of influence. China, for instance, argues everything they do is recovering traditionally Chinese lands. Russia can argue the Ukraine and Crimea are traditionally Russian.

            Why would anyone invade the US? There’s nothing to be gained from invading the US that isn’t already available via trade, diplomacy, and outright theft. Invading the US would merely destabilize the invader’s economy and pit them against 300 million angry armed locals.

            We, on the other hand, have troops all over the world. In my lifetime we’ve sent troops to Iraq 2x, Afghanistan, Somalia, Panama, Grenada, brought them back from Vietnam, and still have them in Korea and Germany and Italy and Japan decades after those wars were wrapped up. And we still hold various islands we seized from the Empire of Spain over 100 years ago.
            Oh, and some of us have been calling for the Army to go to the Ukraine, into Syria, and back into Iraq.

            Russia, by comparison, is at least in the same hemisphere as Syria. And they have a better claim on Syria, since Syria is a major customer of theirs and owes them a ton of money for past purchases. And Russia has their own big power reason for going in; stopping the Qatar/Saudi pipeline that is intended to deliver oil/natgas to Europe via Syria and threaten their monopoly on Europe’s fossil fuels. And they can even argue that stopping ISIS justifies the perils of deployment to Syria. In fact, if we’re really fighting ISIS, they’re technically an ally.

            • But as we all know, we’re not fighting ISIS…in fact, we seem to be able to hit ANYTHING BUT ISIS.

              • Oh, absolutely. They’re our proxy and we pretend to fight them. So it’s hilarious the Russians are using our proxy to justify their intervention, too. Now, if our proxy would go to the UN to beg for national recognition, intervention, and peacekeepers from non-aligned nations because they’re being attacked illegally by the US and Russia, it would be really funny.

          • You’re completely nuts.
            The USA is the aggressor and to blame for all the chaos and death in Syria… not Russia.

            Russia is moving in to put a stop to our madness FYI.

            It was the USA who armed ISIS psychos through out weapons shipments out of Benghazi, before the traitors and psychos were killed in the raid to put a stop to things there.

            Your thinking is 180 degrees out of reality.

            The USA has traded places with the old Soviet Union.
            We are the bad guys and the “evil empire” now.

        • I’m not too optimistic about the outcome, either.
          These Russians are a little smarter than the ones from the 80’s, but still have strong ties to the land and “Mother Russia”. They don’t rely on tech as much, and are quite crafty little demons !

          • Just out of curiosity, why do you say Russians are “Demons”? Have he ever done anything to you or yours? Have the Russians ever attacked THIS country?

            The answer is, you’re deferring to generations of brainwashing. You probably don’t even know WHY you dislike Russians, you just do. That’s the same problem most of America has. That’s why we find it so hard to believe the Russians are not at some fault here, because, well, THE MUST BE, because we believe they are evil people!

            Programming. We all got some, but only a few of us threw it off as garbage.

        • “Given our leadership I don’t expect a positive outcome”

          Newsflash, our “leaders” are not calling the shots but just selling the ostensible excuses for involvement. This is geo-political with Rubles and US Dollars at stake and lots of it.

        • If this turns into a pissing contest, we’ve already lost cause Obummer squats to pee.

          • It’s better than peeing down his own leg…

            • The only good part if him ran down his mommas leg

              • 🙂 agreed.

        • Tip: Mittens are warmer than gloves.

        • what damn leadership

      2. I wonder which President will win the pissing contest

        P ?

      3. Remember that 300 Spartans bullshit at the Battle of Thermopylae?

        Molon Labe?

        Spartans never retreat?

        Spartans never surrender?

        Leonidas would never accept a bribe for Persian hegemony?



        • Different times, when men were MEN, not lazy wannabe bitches. Embrace your warrior side, and make no excuses for it!

          And yes, everything I think I know is likely bullshit.

          PC this you government snoops!

      4. Need to pick up the prepping.
        About to see a significant war in the middle east. Pieces are coming together.
        Russia is making a statement and Obama will probably back down.
        This time, the US mainland may not get through this unscathed.

        • The only “statement” Russia is making, is that it HONORS it’s agreements with other countries, EVEN IF THE U.S. DOESN’T LIKE IT. Russia is a sovereign, Christian Nation, and intends to remain that way…gays, rioting blacks and murderous muslims BE DAMNED.

          Forget the brainwashing for a second and look around. Think for yourself.

      5. This clearly demonstrates why it is vial for America to elect a president and also clearly demonstrates how we failed as a country to do that in 2008 and again in 2012, unfortunately we are getting the kind of results we deserve for our poor choices. ENJOY>

        • Joe it don’t matter who we vote for. the choices on the ballot are selected not elected. there isn’t any real difference between the cantidates or the partys. Voting for the lesser evil is futile. There hasn’t been and and never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. The voting & election game is rigged and always has been. Voting for the lesser evil hasn’t worked. Im not going to continue with that failed approach. Hillary will get my vote. That bitch will get things rolling. Im getting older lets take the bull by the horns and get this show on the road. Win Lose or draw im tired of dilly dalling & pussy footing. Im as prepped and ready as possible. I want to find out if Me & mine ate part of the 90% who die or the 10% who come out the other side.

        • I imagine trump will continue to gobble up all the coverage and support, thereby starving out most all the other candidates. Then somewhere near the end he’ll do something intentionally stupid, knock himself out of contention thereby inserting the cocksucker known as jeb bush where us lowly peasants will be force fed the nomination and ultimately the “election” (insertion) of another p.o.s dynasty and evil non representative puppet gov’t. I’m not sure when we are going to get another war but I have a pretty good feeling it’s coming. I don’t know if they’ll wait for the next pres, but I also feel like we may get us another nice lil attack in order to galvanize the country again like sept 11th and justify more invasions and taking of our liberties as well.

          Will we buy it again?? Are we still that stupid?? Or will they finally have misjudged the gullibility of their peasants?



        • I suppose our outlooks on current events all boils down to one thing: HOW WE SEE/DEFINE OURSELVES.

          I have to ask, Are you an AMERICAN first, a CHRISTIAN first, or a HUMAN BEING first?

          If you see yourself as an American first, above all else, then you’ll have no problem with our foreign policy of bomb and conquer. You’ll probably believe it is our “destiny” to control the world. From that view, Russia must bend to our will at all costs. Right or wrong. America is always right, and we have the military might to prove it.

          If you see yourself as a Christian first, then you probably see Russia as a beacon of Christianity, recognizing that they are also fighting the immorally corrupt minions of Satan, the gays, the Islamist and other criminals. Whatever else you think about Russia, you at least acknowledge that much. You acknowledge that Russia has a right to defend it’s faith and way of life, just like you’d do. We are all God’s children, even the Russians.

          If you see yourself as a Human Being first, then this entire global situation probably looks pretty ridiculous to you. You probably don’t understand why one country would bomb another country, to try to force them to live like they think they should. Regardless of your opinion of the leaders, you would recognize Russia’s fight for their sovereignty, culture, people and their chosen way of life as a just cause.

          Which generalized category do YOU fir into?

          • I MEANT: Which generalized category do YOU FIT INTO?

          • Sixpack…..that was the finest, most eloquent and wise post I HAVE EVER SEEN IN ANY ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

            Well Done.

            I am located in South Eastern Australia.

            Many, although still not enough of us here, are concerned for the brick wall this planet is driving itself at increasing speed into.

            A warm welcome, my families hospitality and frosty cold beers are ever at your disposal, should the winds of destiny carry you this way.

            You give this man hope for the future with posts like yours.

            • I don’t know what to say, but thank you, and right back at ya!

      7. The NWO wants Assad out bad. A longtime Syrian ally Russia says hey wait a minute, get the fvck outta here you evil NWO demon imperialists. These warmongering mass murderers that include Britian, the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia among others must be turned back. These sick bastards responsible for 9-11 will stop at nothing to fulfill their global aims. That’s the way I see it. This is why our rights have been decimated, our people haven’t realized the extent of the treason yet.

        • AMEN.

      8. Interestingly Europe has geology that is conducive for Natural Gas Reserves and recovery via fracking. One can generalize and say that if you had abundant coal you have a high probability of natural gas in the accent rock strata.

        The above is either being stopped by governmental decree or the major oil companies state that they want to put their capital elsewhere even though they state the reserves are there. I smell a collusion between government and energy companies that don’t want European nations to be energy independent.

        Keep in mind if Europe had its own gas/oil reserves it would not need either the USD to buy it from a foreign source nor be dependent upon Russia as a foreign supplier. A no brainer yet it doesn’t happen.

        Thinking about the previous the next comes to mind.

        The famous quote about the price of real estate, “location, location and location” applies to TPTB global strategy, “Control, Control and Control”.

        • Excellent analogy…
          Funny how real estate can equate to different things…
          TPTB will do anything, so get ready, if possible…

      9. There is only a semantic difference between “Syrian rebels” and “Islamic State.” Putin knows this and that is why he is stepping up the effort to destroy them. He’s killing ISIS in Iraq and Syria so they don’t kill Russians on the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

        • Putin is keeping the present Syrian government Assad in power, so the successor government of our choosing, if he were to be removed (regardless of theatrics to the contrary), will allow the US/UK/Saudi natural gas line to Europe cutting Russia from that lucrative market.

          ISIS is just a tool created to facilitate the fall of Assad.

          As they say, “You can’t tell the players without a score card”.

          • “You can’t tell the players without a score card”

            well then it’s about time we pinned some numbers on their backs—center mass.

            • Those players not realizing it are actually party of the pre big game show sponsored by TPTB. Their like a warm up.

        • Keeping ISIS/ISIL from winning the state of Syria and tripling the numbers of muslims entering Europe is worth allowing the Russians to prop up Assad.

          The oil and gas is going to flow and be sold no matter what happens, as long as ISIS isn’t in charge, it’s not important. Europe will pay the Russians for energy, or Europe will pay the muslim invaders for peace, either way they’ll pay.

          • ” is worth allowing the Russians to prop up Assad”

            There is no “allowing” about it. Russia consideres this vital for their security as I explain below.

            The TBTB desire the Saudi’s to supply Europe with natural gas cutting Russia out of its largest market. This is absolutely unacceptable for Russia.

            Its been all about oil or oil/NG distribution for the last 4 decades. The USSR didn’t invade Afghanistan to convert Islamics to Godless communists but rather to run a oil pipe line to a warm water port that would not be bottle necked by NATO and the West. The coup in Georgia was about control of the oil pipe line that was formerly under USSR control before the breakup. We’re not in Afghanistan for terrorism as terrorists can operate everywhere and anywhere and “our friend” Saudi has produced the abundance of them.

            Its all about control of energy resources and distribution. The rest is all ostensible excuses for theater public consumption.

            • Well said K2…….you are a wise and learned man.

              Thank you.

            • Dead on !!!

            • kevin

              that makes a lot of sense. I’ve been trying to understand what our goal was for intentionally destabilizing north Africa and the middle east. I’m guessing then we just needed to overthrow a legitimate gov’t thereby making it harder or near impossible for them to create alliances. And we either installed puppet gov’ts or just let the whole place go to sh*t thereby doing the same thing. Is that about right. What would the strategic advantage for north Africa be? This whole thing has stunk to high heaven for years. I just wonder how bad it’s going to get. The 2 toughest guys on the block seem to be getting real close to the same street corner. This is how major wars start. Because it is obvious everybody has major skin in the game and all their fingers in the pie.

              • Richard Head

                The UK broke up the Middle East into controllable and if not ungovernable nations when BP found oil in 1928. They gave the Saudi family Arabia. They intentional mixed the two rival fractions of Islam into one Iraq and created Kuwait out of thin air. Iran had their democratically elected President removed from power and the Sha (spelling) put in.

                I think, just theory that TPTB are getting desperate to keep the oil peg going hence economics at the point of a gun. Keep the leaders in every nation two steps from revolution so a CIA / MI6 can create a revolution in minuets if necessary to remove anyone not playing ball.

                Russia is looking at economic survival with Syria and the Ukraine because of the natural gas exports. I don’t believe the present low oil prices are accidental either. A war is going on as we speak but its confined to economic and proxy. Pray it does not escalate into a US, UK, Russia & China confrontation.

            • Kevin, are you forgetting about the existing pipelines connecting Saudi reserves to Lebanon and Yenbow on the Red Sea? These already furnish oil and gas to European shipping in excess of a million barrels a day.

              There are also lines bypassing Syria completely, connecting Saudi fields at Dhahran to Turkey.

      10. follow the money!

      11. Thank God for Russia–a global force for good!!

        The USA started all this mess in Syria with their backing of insane Islamic radical rebels–arming and training them and letting them loose in an attempt to overthrown Assayd.

        And why? Because TPTB want to run a natural gas pipeline up through Syria, into Turkey and then into Europe. President Assayd is the only one standing in their way, and this why all the troubles in that country… and it’s all the fault of the USA.

        Russia is now the global force for peace and stability.

        Thank God for this move by them!!

        • In the end its not about peace and stability but rather control. If just a question if its shared.

      12. Most Russians are Christan. I hope they obliterate the Moslems. The Russians can and will act. We are better at war, but we have political problems they do not. We are stuck with millions of Democrats.

        • demoncrats….maybe even WORSE than muslims!…they SURE been hell on america lately!

          • IMHO, nothing is worse than Muslims. Pure nasty disease gang. They cannot be negotiated with.

        • Got to remember though, Russia is communist,,,

          • Actually Russia could probably be described as more fascist as their small percentage of oligarchs control a vast amount of wealth with state protection.

            This is completely unlike the US.

            • Russia is officially listed as a Federation operating under a constitution. Their constitution is generally followed but sometimes bent.

              As I stated it is completely unlike the US.

              • That sounds EXACTLY like the U.S., K2. Exactly.

                • “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

                  This applies everywhere regardless of culture, language, religion or lack of.

            • Kevin2, I would agree with your description of present-day Russia being fascist. During the Soviet era, all companies were state-owned and subsidized. You just don’t have that in today’s Russia. All owned and controlled by oligarchs under state protection. And the Putin regime is the silent partner.

              • Braveheart

                I was being comical with my, “completely unlike”.

                As best I can figure their oligarchs don’t desire to mix or share with our oligarchs, or quite likely ours don’t care to share with them. Putin probably has more freedom of independent action regarding his oligarchs than our President does as their mega wealthy are relatively new to power while many of the political leaders are authoritarian communist holdovers. I suspect that the power of their oligarchs is steadily growing.

                Regardless I read some years ago it matters little to you if the boot on your face is filled with a communist or fascist foot.

            • Kevin, that’s a good description of Russia under the Czars and Communism, as well. No differences between them.

      13. russia should nuke itself then blame america and start a war.

        • You mean, take a page out of the 9/11 play book?

      14. The Western power-that-be have assigned Putin this role, just as they’ve assigned him all his other feigned roles of “opposition” to the West’s elitist governments. Just as they created “ISIS” as a decoy to be confused by the easily misled American public for the real Free Syrians (the “rebels”?) and, to be used as the excuse for the U.S. bombing the real Free Syrians, now that the FS have almost toppled the Western elites’ man over Syria, Assad, the West can now use Putin as their claim to allow Assad to stay in power (and further attack and finish off the real Free Syrians–likely with Russia’s help, along with that of “ISIS”).

        That way, the real Free Syrians won’t establish a truly libertarian state in Syria–something that could be the template for the success of the rest of the Arab Spring that the Western elites have so far been able to undermine by the interjection of their fellow authoritarian “Islamists”. A libertarian Syria would be a horror to the elites.

        They would fear such a state as being an example to their other slave drivers, the Communist government of China who master the billion slave laborers there to make all that’s “Made in China” to sell to Americans who are indebted to banks bailed out by massive loans from Communist China guaranteed by the “full faith and credit (territorial sovereignty) of the United States”. The successful Free Syrians might even inspire the otherwise unimaginative or fearful Americans into revolting from the elites’ government that keeps the American people enslaved to their corporations and prohibited from freely creating their own businesses without any governmental restrictions, regulated by the public’s freedom of choice among the many such new businesses that would not be too big to fail.

        • I say it on yahoo, and I’ll say it again here: “Paid trolls always reverse the facts and deflect the blame…always. Don’t let the trolls manipulate you.”

      15. Remember Russia must keep an open avenue to warm water. This is a MUST!!

      16. america is the great satan it’s undeniable gay marriage nationwide aborting and selling baby parts two very serious sins in the eyes or the almighty. How can anyone say America is one nation under God. What a lie. I’m ashamed to be an American. Used to be proud though took all my flags down they won’t be going back up unless some serious changes are made. Start with new leadership.

        • Thanks for articulating my thoughts, perfectly.

      17. Everyone needs to read Albert Pike to grasp what is really going on.. The comparisons to his letter to what is occurring is identical…

      18. A good chance we may find ourselves fighting alongside ISIS against Russia and Syria.

        That would be a most amusing development.

        But maybe not a surprising one, not with our current leadership.

      19. Putin is not a fool. He is jumping on the side ( right side ) of this conflict and securing bases and the Syrians love the Russians and hate us now. The “rebels” are Isis and terrorist group members. What is the U.S. Going to do about it? Not a damn thing. Doesn’t matter who the president is. We wouldn’t do anything and Putin knows we will squawk and back down. Too far stretched and no one here gives a crap about the Syrians.
        Putin will continue this crap and we will continue taking it. The rules place changed. Putin has little to lose and is slightly pissed off about the sanctions. He will punk the U.S. Time and time again.

        • And this government deserves it.

      20. One thing for sure is that ISIS is going to get its ass kick by the Russians. Unlike the US they aren’t afraid of putting Boots on the ground, kick ass and take names later. They will kill them all and let God sort them out.

        It would do Obullshit good to watch how it is done correctly. Maybe the POS can earn something, but I doubt it.


        • Sarge,you know the african virus won’t learn shit from it and will probably just go to the golf course.

          • Brave.
            You are correct!
            Might be coming to Tennessee the first week end of Oct. to look at some land.

            I’m hoping for the best but the wife always find something she doesn’t want.

        • Sgt

          Counter insurgency is not their thing. Their movement into Syria to fight ISIS is ostensible. I believe they are a line in the sand to thwart air attacks aimed at ISIS in Syria but hitting Syrian infrastructure instead. The air attacks on Syrian oil refineries supposedly controlled by ISIS come to mind. Our troops on the Korean DMZ serve the same purpose. Cross the border in force and you will immediately kill Americans and you don’t want to do that. The Russian usefulness in a counter insurgency will be limited.

          ISIS has become the excuse for everyone and everyone from all sides to get involved. ISIS is becoming synonymous with ostensible.

          • K2
            VERY GOOD point.

          • I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the picture spilling out of the canvas too.

        • But Sarge……
          What if ISIS (as I now believe) is a complete fabrication of the CIA, and is acting as US proxy army in the Middle East?
          What then?
          If you doubt such an arrangement, ask yourself this: if ISIS truly is some whacko Muslim Extremist group, why have they NEVER threatened Israel?

          Who is Israel’s best friend? America.

          Either way, Russia has had enough of the BS, and is acting.

          It’s Community Advisor v KGB agent.

          It won’t take long.

        • Sarge

          I’m afraid you may be missing the big picture right in front of you. We have no interest in fighting “isis”. “isis” is our proxy army, created, funded, and very well armed by US. I still can’t believe more people do not realize this. It is right in our faces.

          That or I’m a delusional paranoid koook. The worst part is neither scenario would have a positive outcome.

          • R.H.
            I know you are correct about ISIS. I’m just saying that Russia is going to kick their asses, and I’m happy for that.
            You are right the truth needs to be know who a what ISIS is.

          • Agreed Sarge.
            Peace to you and yours.

      21. Russia is standing up to the Neocons/Mossad/CIA/Saudi Criminal Elite/Nato and this will be good for the Syrians…they can come back and reclaim their country….peace!

        • Stomping on the NWO will be good for us and the rest of the world. I wish more countries would do it.

      22. The Typhoon class sub in close proximity tells you a lot, as do the advanced anti-aircraft missiles. Putin has defined his enemies and has set up his chess board. Any move from potential threats in the area can be countered with an overwhelming response. This is going to go active soon. The only potential NATO move, and a highly probably one, would be a massive move into eastern Ukraine to distract Russian Command, giving coalition forces time to attack the command structure in Syria. A nuclear exchange would be the most likely Russian response.

      23. ” Russia appears poised to raise another round of alarm bells about the prospect of wider war.”

        Why might i ask if Russia is going after the ISIS terrorists that our media says is burning people alive at dawn or is it all, not just some, all made in Hollywood.

        ISIS is a tool of Isreal and the USA and they don’t want Russia taking this rent-a-group out so thats where the “wider war” bit comes from.

        War criminals from Washington want to take Europe to war but these war criminals would be on the end of a rope if enought americans man up and smell whats brewing.

      24. So the Rothschilds are poised to make a lot of money on this one. We go to war with Russia and China and a couple of other countries. Reduce the population to a more manageable size. Create a new world currency as Mr. Rothschilds suggested in his interview with the lovely Maria Bartalroma (sorry about the spelling). I don’t know what you all are complaining about. Your kids are a. bunch of low lifes. Nobody is going to miss them. Probably not even you.

        • A one world currency can appear and the common person would not even realize it. The appearance of those pretty pieces of paper with regional political historic figures and pretty colorful birds would not change. All that needs to happen is to freeze the exchange rates between currency’s and have one issuing body. All the local currency’s become are different denominations of a global currency.

          I suspect the above to be the game plan as common people often like the feel, the comfort of “their” money.

      25. ISISrael must die.

      26. Isis is a sick group of people, scum of the earth. They are abusing the people and christians in Syria, and must be stopped. Russia has a good reason to do what they are doing. This is not to say that i support russia, but i do have and opinion on its leadership. Especially when you soliders have entered my city, and come up to me, talking sh….t into my face.

        F….k russia, f….k putin, f…..k the spetsnaz. No telling what they are going to do here. They have been busy burning out all the suvivorlist preppers all over the the North West, and pulling rilfes on American Fire fighters, threatening to kill them. Keep fu…k…..g with us, you keep it up.

        Any of you russians soldiers reading my post. The next time you approach me in public, telling me what to do, asking me, this or that. You aint HPD, fu…k….rs, you dont come into my city, talking sh…t to my chick friend, in front of my face. I will literally kick your ass next time, you f….ks. You will certainly get your ass kicked. The Marine that was caught off in that bar in another state awhile back, was beaten badly by these same russians. Most marines are country boys from Texas, you keep it up. Try that sh… with me again, i will f….k you up. I have already told one my cop friends and connection about you f…ks running around town, and we know abou the Cafe Euro on Westimer, as your alls hangout in the area, acting like your hot sh…t eh. Come on out the Katy on Mason Rd and try that crap out here, stop a local red neck, demand to see his computer and you will get lead. Push us around, you will see. Dont try that in Katy you russians.
        Try that stunt with me, and see what the outcome will be. HCKS will make his appearance on the local 6:00 Pm, news.

        Red fights and attacks russian soldier and said soldier was badly beaten and was taken to the hospital. You all pulled that same crap in Austin last month, pushing around a local red neck, telling him what to do in the area, talking sh…t, eh. Bet you russian piecse of sh….t didn’ think Austin PD, would come out and put your ass in place did you?

        You aught to see the look on thier faces seeing their comrads, beaten by and American white boy. Now you all in Cuba, reading the amphibian assault on Texas eh.



        I know all your tricks, you russian pricks.

        • Have you forgotten to take your meds?

      27. The US must be afraid that if Russia joins the fight against ISIS they will capture high-ranking leaders who will disclose the role of America in the creation of ISIS, its arming and funding, and its strikes on those who are effective against them like the Kurds. And which cities and towns to take terror and murder.

        It is clear even under their balaclavas and keffiyehs that many of these men do not have beards and so cannot be even observant Muslims let alone hard-line. They are western soldiers from the US and Israel, perhaps the UK too, and of course their dogs of war. ISIS is as American as apple pie, as Jewish as kosher.

        • That could be a very good possibility. They sure shut Saddam up quickly, didn’t they?

      28. Obama to Putin: “You can’t bomb our ISIS Fighters; only We can bomb our ISIS Fighters

        Putin to Obama: “When can we expect that to happen? You’ve only been at it for years now.”

      29. Putin has a net worth that has been reported as high as 200 billion. I do not think his motives are altruistic.

        • Everything Putin does is for his country and the people. I know the rumors about how he supposedly got his fortune, but seldom confront people like Romney and the Clintons.

          It’s not having money that makes people evil—it’s what they were willing to do to get it that makes them evil.

          Despite the unsubstantiated assertions by western media trolls, there is no real reason to believe Putin did any more wrong than Romney, the Waltons or the Hiltons did. But it sure does sound good to people who are programmed to hate those evil Russians, doesn’t it?

      30. Yesterday it was announced via Investmentwatchblog.com and whatreallyhappened.com that Germany & France are joining Russia in putting an end to the Syrian conflict. It took millions of refugees for them to act, as the economic crisis in Europe will deepen further and empty the coffers if the refugees are allowed in en-masse.
        The UK now has had a power shift in it’s Labour Party, at the same time the Australian PM has been booted. In Germany, Angela Merkel was receiving hate messages from those Germans who see the problems of refugees flooding their country, and since then Germany has decided to join Russia & France in stemming the tide of refugees at the source.
        Basir Assad’s situation goes back to an oil pipeline running thru Syria. Since he & Dr. Putin would cooperate economically to this end, the PTB started a civil war 4 years ago, exploiting the differences of Islamic Doctrine, Sharia Law and regionalism.
        The only refugees the west should take in are the Christians from the Middle East, i.e. Christian Syrians, Christian Palestinians, and Gaza Christians. Saudi Arabia has refugee settlements in place for the Moslem refugees (air-conditioned tents, I might add…) and hence the new alliance of Russia, Germany, France and the UK should go clean-up the mess that the Zionist PTB have created in Syria.
        Russian President & PhD Dr. Vladimir Putin has shown great restraint at not reacting to the PTB masonic west in it’s attempt to provoke a reaction from him over the last few years. If anyone deserves Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, and the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s Dr. Putin! He has seen communism fail, and the effects of Stalinism and the Gulag. Dr. Putin has learned from these mistakes, and has taken Russia out of the economic abyss and formed a highly functional economy and government. All may not be perfect in Russia, but the gradual efforts at making things better there continue.
        US Troops need to go home, and rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of the US, and adopt a change in Military Doctrine to mirror that of neutral Switzerland.


      31. Oooh, six whole tanks and the US media declares it Russia’s threat to the world!

      32. Six Tanks…

        How about a 3 MechArmor Battalions.. Use them to deny ISIS the ability to maneuver outside of the cities they currently hold…..

        Slowly..patiently smother their operational capabilities.. No hurry just cut off their military supplies…

        They will use the civilians as hostages.. Fine..feed everyone, just never let them improve their military position and patiently break the Terrorists military capability..


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