Putin Gives Trump Endorsement In Hopes of Better Relations: “He’s the Absolute Leader”

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 136 comments


This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

Editor’s Comment: Considering that the escalating tensions with Russia have little to no basis in reality, and represent instead an attempt to stir conflict and stoke further war in order to justify a military presence everywhere at once, thawing out relationships with Putin would be a great development.

Could Trump avoid the disgraceful hypocrisies of the American machine that are now playing out in Syria and the surrounding region? It seems possible, and right now Putin is mopping the floor with Obama and co. and laughing at how ridiculous the ISIS lie has become. Would things really be different with Trump? One can hope…

Putin ‘Endorses’ “Absolute Leader” Trump As Colorful, Talented Guy

by Tyler Durden

Following his annual press conference in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a qualified endorsement of Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday, saying he hoped Trump’s election could improve Moscow’s relations with the United States…

“He’s a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt. It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race,” Putin said after his annual press conference in Moscow, according to the Interfax news wire.

“He says he wants to move on to a new, more substantial relationship, a deeper relationship with Russia, how can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome that,” Putin added.

At a Republican debate in September, as Buzzfeed reports, Trump said his victory would ensure an end to Russia’s frosty rapport with the U.S. under President Barack Obama.

“I would talk to him, I would get along with him,” he said. “I believe – and I may be wrong, in which case I’d probably have to take a different path – but I would get along with a lot of the world leaders that this country is not getting along with.”

“He does not like Obama at all. He doesn’t respect Obama at all. And I’m sure that Obama doesn’t like him very much,” Trump said of Putin in October. “But I think that I would probably get along with him very well. And I don’t think you’d be having the kind of problems that you’re having right now.”

*  *  *

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    1. Enemy of the State


      • BigB

        Trump may be a dick but at least he has one.


        • buttcrackofdoom

          unfortunately, it’s up his ASS, i hear.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            obama’s, i mean.

            • sixpack

              While this site is stuck worrying about this bunch od crap, there’s something falling down the chimney for Christmas,, and it ain’t Santa.

              How about A GUN BAN FOR CHRISTMAS? Maybe we could discuss something that means something?

              ht tps://pjmedia.com/trending/2015/12/17/obama-meets-with-bloomberg-readies-new-gun-control-executive-actions

          • Caucasian

            Off topic but I was flipping through the channels a minute ago and saw obama giving a speech. All of a sudden I felt vomit come up in the back of my throat. Tasted awful. Nasty, just like that piece of shit fake president closet muslim. Also, Ryan sold us down the f ucking river too, more proof they are all in on it and traitors.

            • Rebecca

              Of course they are all in on it… could not happen if they were not. Putin supports Trump? Trump refused to say he would not kill journalists and rivals who oppose him. After 7 years of calling Obama a dictator who wants your guns… too many embrace Putin who allows no guns.

              • DeltaDevil

                Russian citizens can carry guns for hunting, target shooting and
                SELF DEFENSE. According to RT, their gun licenses must be renewed
                every five years.

                • Rebecca

                  Hunting rifles are not the kinda guns you Boyz are carrying and Putin does not allow it.

        • Richard Head

          ****DOMESTIC TERROR ALERT****

          Cop attempts to execute an unarmed man as he climbs out of rolled over vehicle, possibly leaving him paralyzed for life, and does not radio for shots fired or tell paramedics for over 10 mins.

          DA says no charges will be filed because the cop said his “gun accidentally discharged”

          You watch the video and tell me that’s what happened.

          I’m sure there will be plenty bootlickers that say the guy shouldn’t have ran or yada yada. Regardless of what you think of the guys actions. Watch the video and explain how in any world that was not attempted MURDER


          This PIG will be back to work with a big iron on his hip in no time. I wonder what his cool new nickname will be? Maybe “capper” or “drop shot” or “whack-a-mole”, I’m sure he’ll be very proud of it though, and smile real big when all his buddies call him that in the locker room.

          • Wolverine

            This pos drives drunk, runs from the police , crashes the car his wife is thrown from the car
            And is in serious condition, while this pos wants to run and leave her in the street. He’s the terrorist. And as always, the criminals survived,that the worst part of this story. Your on the wrong site if your looking for help bring down the men and women that are trying to protect this country.
            Your the problem with this country, your the reason we prep to protect our families against scum like you , your the first ones that will come stealing to get your fair share.

            • Richard Head


              So apparently you do not believe in due process. You believe it is acceptable for police officers to execute someone who at that point is only suspected of drunk driving. As I said in my post, say what you want about the guys actions, but that does not give the officer the right to attempt to execute an unarmed man, and then lie about it. You also assume he was attempting to flee the scene, while yes that is a possibility, but allow yourself to entertain this one as well…What if he was clamoring out in an attempt to help his wife? The officer was certainly in no hurry to administer aid to either of them. Also have you ever seen what a diabetic or other people in the throws of a medical emergency can do behind the wheel of a car? Should cops be afforded the right to execute them as well? Because like it or not, when this took place this man was only SUSPECTED/ACCUSED of a crime. If you want to protect your family and your country I would suggest you start by defending the Bill of Rights and standing up for the rights of even the worst of us. Because if you can take away one man’s rights then you take away all of our rights. Giving the police the power to kill, lie, and get away with it is not the way to protect this country.

              I believe in DUE PROCESS

              And yet you call me scum.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                EXCELLENT reply richard…i will save these words for the next time i run into a dumbass that thinks it’s ok to kill citizens without due process. cops are above the law,….and they SHOULDN’T BE!

                • Wolverine

                  Dick head + butt crack = fags

                  • FTW

                    Wolverine –

                    You obviously did not see the video of this incident.
                    As soon as the guy in the vehicle popped up from the vehicle side window, the only part of his body was his head to his chest. That is when the cop shot him. It was if the cop was playing a game of ‘Wack A Mole’.

                    Sorry, but I have to agree with others on this one.
                    You are completely in the wrong on this issue.

                    This cop is no different than the others who have made questionable actions against others in recent time.
                    It is these kinds of cops, that make what good ones we have bad.

                    If you support the likes of this cops actions, then you are surly a mistaken individual. Maybe now is a good time to look yourself in the mirror. Something tells me the reflection you see is a “Dickhead/Buttcrack FAG!

                  • buttcrackofdoom

                    if there were GOOD cops….there couldn’t BE any bad cops.

                  • Richard Head


                    very intelligent reply wolverine

              • Rebecca

                I also believe in due process. Executions by police officers, many of whom are on steroids, means executions by freaking drug addicts. Due process is about justice and where is the dampdeath penalty for reckless driving? A vehicle that turns over can also explode… get out while you can.

                If you want executions by drug addicts, move to Detroit and walk the streets at night.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hillary for PRISON 2016! putin once said negotiating with obama is like playing chess with a pigeon….he messes up all the pieces, shits all over the board, then claims he WON!…yes, trump’s got MY vote, if he’s OK with putin.
        ….obama fiddles, while the world BURNS!

        • talon1776

          Talon1776 endorses TRUMP/CRUZ.

          We are being betrayed on all fronts,..being persecuted incrementally. Outrageous taxation without representation…TAX PAYER MONEY being used to forment the destruction of Liberty and Freedom. This very point is what will bring us to war. I have said this many times to many morons I have encountered…”If you are not outraged by what is going on…you simply are not paying attention…if your okay with what’s going on…YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN…REGARDLESS IF YOU WERE BORN HERE!

          We…I’m afraid are not going to see an end to this tyranny. We are being circumvented by tyrannical law making (looking at you Paul Ryan..traitorous bastard, sucking Rothschild dick) and the suspension of the 22nd Amendment.

          Complacency is the greatest enemy of Liberty and Freedom. A willing dumbed downed disinterested populous is the enemy within. We have no choice but to confront it with arms. When tyranny becomes law…Rebellion becomes duty! If we do not have an election…the game is on with extreme prejudice!

          Talon1776 endorses TRUMP/CRUZ 2016
          Talon1776 endorses the God Given Right to throw off tyrannical government.
          Talon1776 endorses the 2nd Amendment..for which all other amendments would not exist without it.

          Live Free or Die…long live the DOI!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            well said, talon!

            • talon1776

              Yup…Thank you BCOD!
              If anyone needs some anecdotal evidence of the stupidity of Americans.
              Just check out Mark Dice “Man on the street” videos…it will make your stomach turn.
              Be well my brother!

              Live Free or Die…my only two choices

              • Braveheart1776

                Talon, I’ve seen some of those videos. Hell, I see the same people in real life almost every day. MOLON LABE

                • talon1776

                  BH76…I am drowning in a sea of these mental midgets…
                  Alex Jones says we live in the age of the great awakening because of the internet.
                  Southern Commiefornia for the most part…didn’t get the memo.

                  Be well my brother!

                  Live Free or Die…We are the Resistance!

              • buttcrackofdoom

                some of you remember how I FEEL about the stupid in america…they just keep breedin’ with each other and making MORE stupid….the genepool just gets shallower and shallower….if we would just do away with some of these damn warning labels, like “don’t climb to the top of this ladder, wear yer seatbelt, don’t take a bath with yer toaster”….then maybe they would start dying off, but no, the nanny-state has to make everyone SAFE…PFFT!

              • buttcrackofdoom

                i won’t even LOOK at mark dice anymore…..can’t stand the stupid!…when i see his name, i just KNOW it’s gonna be BAD! god bless ‘im!

            • apache54

              AMEN Brother!!! we are on the same side!!!!

          • john stiner

            I suspect there will be a trump / cruz ticket also.

            I met Cruz a while back when he was running for Texas Senator. He is a real Tea Party advocate. Trump is much more moderate, so Trump may bring Cruz on board to rally the Tea Party to the polls.

            • talon1776

              John…I hope “the Donald” reads SHTFplan. He would certainly be enlightened..as well as Ted…may it all come to past.

              Hey Corey Lewandoski…you are cordially invited to converse with us and relay your findings to “the Donald”… God Bless ” the Donald”

              Live Free or Die…TRUMP/CRUZ 2016

            • old76

              A Trump – Cruz ticket could mean a GOP white house for the next 16 yrs, maybe enough to get America back on the tracks

            • 2isone

              And the Hispanic vote. BTW- I am Texan and neutral about the tea party, and I watched Cruz rise. I have a bad feeling about him… used car salesman feel. Just sayin’. Intuition.

          • Caucasian

            Let us be careful of putting our faith and hope in ANYONE that tells us what we want to hear with promises attached. We may look as dumb as obamanation supporters in the future. No one person can fix this mess we are in and historically all politicians are liars… I trust me, myself, and I and my rifle.

            • Son of Liberty

              Agree. We may end up wishing we’d went with someone else after three – four years; just like we did after Obama got elected. I can imagine that, given some of the things he’s been accused of, he might not turn out to be the man he’s presenting to the American electorate now. I’m getting very cyinical about 99.9% of our politicians, regardless of which side of the aisle they are on.


              Son of Liberty

              • buttcrackofdoom

                obama lied at every turn…he lies as a career. i think we know enough about trump to know he means well, wants to HELP our country back to greatness. i REALLY think trump MEANS well, which is all we can ask of our leader…to TRY to do the right things. and obama has telegraphed every thing he’s going to do to U.S…..and NONE………NONE of it, is anything GOOD…all these years since we elected obama we bitch about hiring a guy to run our country that never accomplished ANYTHING in the business world….now’s the chance…to hire a guy that has run BIG BUSINESSES….how can he be WORSE than obammy or hellary…or bush?….he talks of things i don’t agree with too, but overall, i like what i hear….just hope the CIA don’t kill this one like they did kennedy, if he gets elected….just remember, THIS prezdent is going to preside over the most tumultuous time in america’s HISTORY….literally!

              • old76

                “””Agree. We may end up wishing we’d went with someone else after three – four years; just like we did after Obama got elected.””””

                you may have wished that 3-4 years after you elected Obama,, buy some of us wished it one second after he was elected

                • slingshot

                  How hard can this be?

                  Vote for the best of the two evils. If you do not like either of them. Don’t vote. Want to Protest vote. Vote against your political party you are registered with but be willing to put up with the bullshit you cause.

                  • slingshot

                    Has the Republican party voted to fund Sanctuary Cities?
                    Open the door to more Immigrants with more Visas?

                    On Drudge.

                  • Rebecca

                    You folks notice that Republicans wanted to allow our oil to be shipped overseas soooo bad that they didn’t care 2 cents for anything else. They got what their masters wanted.

          • cradletograve

            Apparently, all candidates are officially exposed for the globalist cabal that they are, except, maybe, trump and huckabee.

            The jury is still out on these two. Cruz played the Illuminati/Freemason sign at the debates as he slid his hand inside his jacket while others displayed theirs directly exposed on the outside and visible, over their heart.

            Trump may be a slick willy insider, but he is all we got.

            The current admin. of liberals have played dumb long enough to allow millions of muzzaltovs to infiltrate all states across amerika. If not one more gets in, there are plenty enough to cause mass chaos and confusion to the point of martial law.

            Add in the black lives matter millions and it’s a setup for disaster.

            The sheep follow the liberal mantra of, “we just didn’t know”.
            They knew and have played to the muzzul brothers in the hood to get millions into amerika. They are not leaving. We are stuck with the coming destruction at the hands of evil.

            Read it, and reap it sheeples. Your ass is grass and the liberals have gassed up the mowers. If the decked has been stacked enough, billery/jezebel and her cronies will further along the destruction of amerika and it’s last vestige of freedoms.

            Just a reminder, all you tea party Cruz advocates; little Bush seemed to be the patriot we all were looking for, and all he gave us was war and the freedom gutting Patriot Act, plus over 3000 dead at the hands of the illuminati on 9/11.

            The blind faux news rightist bunch, still hails him as a hero.
            Go figure?

            • Rebecca

              Bush wars floodedthis country with Muslims. Obama continues the strain. How is he different than Bush? He is not. They are each assigned their role in our destruction according to their talents. What is Trump ‘ stalent for destruction? Bankruptcy, leaving the little guys unpaid for labor done and investments stolen? Or something worse. He calls Putin a good leader, but Putin allows no guns in his country and disappears rivals. Think about every candidate and what talents they have for destruction. They are not standing on the stage if they don’t have one. Cruz at the least destroys our Constitution because he was born in Canada. If Cruz, then a Syrian born Muslim. He is a dangerous precedent.

          • sixpack


      • Acid Etch









        • admin

          acid , please chill a little with those caps locks 😉


          • Force be with you

            I dunno, I kind of like the ALL CAPS, a person soon learns it is a post by THE moron and makes it easier to skip over.


        • grandee


          is not CHRIST(mas)

          it’s more like Krampus, a horned, anthropomorphic figure who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved (greed).

      • Acid Etch










        • cradletograve

          You are a fine one to be preaching to christians. We know what and who you are. all we see in you acid, is a dead homo walking and talking like he has a clue.

          You are an idiot and it shows daily as you continually type with caps like it makes your words relevant. You are a disgrace to christians and our Lord. Better have your asbestos g-string on cause it is gonna get hot where you are heading, maggot.

          • alias

            Assbustus g-string! Curse you for putting that picture in my mind, sir.
            I now imagine Acid shaking his butt naked (except for the cowboy boots), looking kind of like Ned Flanders-

            or maybe Disco Stu…

            as the mirror ball in Hell turns, and Donna Summer whines ‘I need hot stuff’ on the crappy P.A.

            What did the one gay guy at the bar say to the other gay guy?
            – ‘Can I push your stool in?’

            Sign in gay bar window:
            – ‘Entrance In Rear.’

        • rednek101

          They weren’t mocking you for prepping. They were mocking you’re overuse of caps :).

    2. RoyInNC

      Putin shows me a lot more than BHO. Putin is no slouch, he knows what’s going on in Washington, DC and the world. Putin knows that the world isn’t served by the current regime in Washington and that it will remain screwed up until America adopts a better posture and he knows that Trump is the best hope for that.

      • Lurker

        America has become an abomination OBAMANATION

      • john stiner

        Putin’s gun gait.

        ht tp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3360623/How-Putin-s-firearm-skills-left-gunslinger-s-gait-Body-experts-reveal-Russian-leader-walks-no-swing-right-arm-KGB-training.html

        • sixpack

          That’s better than having “Ass-punched gait”, where you walk like someone repeatedly shoved their dick up your ass.

    3. Kulafarmer

      At least Trump has some balls!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        hey! did you guys hear?…hillary just got her MOST IMPORTANT endorsement YET for her run for the presidency!……who was it, you ask?………………i don’t know, the guy won’t leave his NAME!

        • FTW

          Chances are … it is Benjamin Netanyahu.

          • talon1776

            Warren (all you can eat) Buffet

            • buttcrackofdoom

              hope y’all didn’t miss the joke there…try it in a room full of educated people(notice i didn’t say SMART) it get a lot of laughs every time…but it’s got to be a crowd with someone who’s SMART enough to ask WHO was it.

              • talon1776

                “Stand up Chuck…awww geeze…everybody..standup for Chuck”.
                “I’m the smartest man in this room…just ask me”.
                “In Delaware, the largest growth of population is Indian Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”

                This guy?….bwahahaha

      • Sgt. Dale

        Bad news the Turd and Chief is on his way to your Islands. Please do all of us a favor and keep him there.

    4. RoyInNC

      It is in the best interest of all humanity to wish for Russia to grow and prosper and to be respected among the nations of the earth. As long as they don’t represent a threat to humanity, according to reasonable thinking, we should seek good relations with them.

      • sixpack

        All I know is, if someone with some morals and decency doesn’t put a stop to the globalists, WE’RE ALL DONE.

    5. carter

      Funny, I thought Putin liked Barry picking lice from his hair.

      • FTW

        From what I’ve heard, Putin couldn’t house train Barry.
        It appears Barry has a habitual problem throwing his feces at anything and everything.

        • Braveheart1776

          FTW, NOBODY could ever house train that African virus. 2 quick headshots is what it needs.

          • FTW

            That funky monkey needs a dash of AIDS to go with the 2 headshots, just to make sure the virus threat is eliminated.

        • rednek101

          Ya know the bad thing is that someone is going to have to move into the white house. Hell it will take six months to clean out the “dumb ass”. “Dumb ass” is like cigarette smoke. It stains the walls, ruins the carpets….

          • Nobama

            I’ll bet that place smells like the primate cage at the zoo. Might as well demolish and rebuild after the Obanana family vacates.

    6. J

      The eventual outcome of Obama, and his psychopathic views toward Putin (and the world) will be a Nuclear War. One man can be a destroyer of worlds. This African virus MUST be stopped, before it is too late. The world may not have another 14 months of this madness. There must be a military coup, an arrest of the entire Obama cabinet, and indictments for Treason.!!!!!

      • Lone wolverine

        Could the reason all these rich people are afraid of the Muslims . Is because they have highly trained suicidal assassins that will butcher their entire families if they say anything or do anything against them ? It seems the only answer for them doing this . To save their families?

        • sixpack


          You bring that mountain right down on top of mohammed.

          You don’t live in fear.

          • sixpack

            They would regret trying to control this old bitch with fear.

            • Braveheart1776

              Sixpack, AMEN. Living in fear is NOT really living. Give Muhammad a quick shot to the head and be done with it. They would also regret trying to control this ‘old fart’ with fear. I never bow down to any mofo. I don’t care who they are or what they believe.

    7. Piper Michael

      The Last Trump…

    8. charlie2dogs

      I never dreamed that i would come to the place where things in this country and the so called leaders sicken me beyond words, most who are running are idiots, traitors, who should not be allowed in any office of power over anyone, where is our military that swore an oath to this country and the people, have they sold out too, why arent people being tried for treason in this country, will you wait until the country is completely destroyed, while bragging about how you defended america’s freedom, america has become nothing more than a big joke to the rest of the world

      • FTW

        “where is our military that swore an oath to this country and the people”

        Charlie2dogs – by now … I would of at least expected a military coup to happen. Granted, Obama gutted high ranking officials from their post over the years, but … it appears no such thing is going to happen. Just more of the same with the military … follow orders.

        With all of the treasonous activity that has occurred recently and past. I’ve simply given up on them, unless there is some miracle all of a sudden that they make a stand against them. Until then … I will not hold my breath on the situation.

    9. Braveheart1776

      IF Trump were to become President, and that’s still a really big IF, I’d like to think turns would turning around for us as a nation, but we’ll see. I know that I don’t want any war with Russia.

      • Braveheart1776

        Correction: I meant to say THINGS would start turning around for us as nation.

        • Acid Etch



          • Braveheart1776


            • Jonesy

              Typical braveheart, somebody says something, brave has to repeat it. Somebody types all caps, brave does the same thing. Pavlov’s dog has nothing on you.

              • Braveheart1776

                Jonesy troll, who yanked on your chain? Be a good boy or I’ll throw you to acid.

              • Braveheart1776

                BTW troll, I have something over on you. I’m not a stinking troll.

      • john stiner

        I don’t see Trump getting it. 33% is a long way to go to get to 51%. In Texas you have to get over 50% or it goes to a run off between the top two candidates.

        As the candidate field narrows Trump’s support is not growing. I think his will max out at 35 to 40%.

        • Gonetoolong

          At this point in the election process, no one ever had as much support as Trump has garnered with 12 people still running. It will all depend on where the votes go after some of these “never will win”s step aside. We shall see.

        • BigB

          I am at my wits end over what our government has become. Nothing it does makes any sense. On all fronts. What the fuck happened?

          Well I am done. Ask me no more to join in the “political process”. I said here on this site many years ago that our government has abandoned us the American People. I was considered radical and encouraged to vote our way out of the problems we faced. Work within the system they said.

          I say to those of you who encouraged me to stick with the system, fuck you. You along with the commies in charge have led us down to the road where we no longer have a country as defined by normal laws/rules. We have no borders, we have no basic language, we have no culture.

          The liberals with the help of pacifists have taken us down. Well I’m not going down so easy. Those of you who know me know that I have stood with those defending the Bundy Ranch, blocked buses of illegal aliens in S. California, fought planned parenthood to stop the killing and desecration of unborn babies to name but a few.

          I will not stop in my quest for justice and the rights I fought for this country and it’s peoples. I and those of my ilk will force this tyrannical government to it’s knees and terminate it.

          Fuck ALL politicians and their lying ways.


          • FTW

            BigB – very nicely said!

            It’s unfortunate that there are some who still get sucked into the system thinking, that a government such as ours, is going to somehow self correct itself.

            How many years or decades does it take an individual to realize, that they have a government that has utterly and completely failed them?

            As I’ve said times here before – “Voting is giving consent to the government’s illegal activities”.

            I will not participate in elections that I already know are set up and designed to fail from the start.
            If people want more of the same in government … then keep voting and supporting these sellouts.

            A peaceful voting process is not going to change America for the betterment, only a physical confrontation will be able to provide that kind of outcome.

            Technically, the people’s “vote” does not matter to the government … but your loyal “support” and participation in the Election process does and that is all they need to keep this treasonous government pushing forward.

            • sixpack

              The quickest way IMO to restore some decency to politics is to blow up the NSA. Think about it. They hold the blackmail/bribery/coercion keys to everyone in a position of power in the entire world. Destroying a man’s entire life is a pretty powerful bargaining chip.


              That explains everything. All of the irrational decisions. Every decision that made us all stop and wonder why. All of the U-turns by politicians and judges. Every choice that went contrary to common sense and logic. Everything that is wrong today, can be explained.

          • Kulafarmer

            The system is totally broken and benefits those who are the least worthy on all accounts,
            101 reasons to just walk away and act like it doesnt exist

            • john stiner

              That is the problem. When the system is this bad, that is when tyrannical despots take over, as is in progress right now.

        • Rebecca

          33% of 24% is very little support. About 8% of the electorate. That ain’t going nowhere. The Republican Party is in its decline, with the Democratic Party right behind. Independent voters are still allowing D/R to pick candidates because they passed laws making it nearly impossible to do otherwise. That is why there are NO candidates worth a flying F that we are allowed to vote for.

    10. FTW

      “Would things really be different with Trump? One can hope…

      Don’t forget your “Change”!!!

      • SemperFortis


        All these wishful IDIOTS on here who forget the cabal behind the curtain.

        If elected, Trump will be paid a visit by those REALLY IN CONTROL.

        For all those RETARDS that think “It is Obama’s fault”

        here’s yer sign (foxworthy)

        • eppe

          SF, just setting the record straight.

          Bill Engval “here’s your sign”.
          Foxworth “you might be a redneck…”
          Larry “git er done”.
          Ron White “i did not want to be drunk in public.”

          Be well all

    11. SE PENN

      Trump is a leader. The USA needs a man that does not back down. WE are a great people. Kind, benevolent, caring, and true warriors when needed. Stick together my brothers and sisters.

    12. cranerigger

      At least Putin has some respect & loyalty to his country. I prefer Cruz, but if the nominee is Trump – I’ll vote for him. Its probably not a good idea to push other nuclear powers into a war like the current idiots are trying to do.

    13. Illini Warrior

      100% BS – Putin is playing a high stakes poker game and is running a huge bluff ….

      NO way in hell he wants anyone like Trump running the country – Trump is starting to shape up to be the same 1980s inspiring leader as Ronnie “Raygun” Reagan – right wing coming to power – leftist being told to sit down and shut the fuck up already ….

      Putin doesn’t trust Obammy – Putin thinks Obammy is a dumbazz – Putin thinks Obammy will screw up anything he touches – Who doesn’t?

    14. Infidel-2

      I don’t give a rats ass who is elected president they all are puppets to TPTB! America is dying and is on life support now with TPTB ready to pull the plug. America must be taken out before the NWO can have its way. To many freedom loving people in America for them to allow.

    15. slingshot

      We have a long way to go and lots of things can happen.

      How many candidates have Billionaires in their pockets. Or is that the other way around? Everything is for sale in America. If our country is becoming a Super Large Corporation, then Trump may be the right person for the job. Quien Sabe?

      So what is the Ninny in the White House going to do now since he backed off Assad? Going to drop more bombs on the same hole.

    16. Kevin2

      The major powers each need their own sandbox. The foreign policy then becomes, “I don’t piss in your sandbox and you don’t piss in mine” and don’t break or steal the other guys toys or entice other kids to beat him up.

      I’m suggesting the above in this form because governments tend to behave like children, it might be wise to talk to them like children.

    17. Devils creek

      Hi everyone new here

      • 2isone

        Hi DC.

      • MommaD

        Devils creek,

    18. Sean

      Now I have seen everything: an endorsement from the RUSSIANS is now a reason to cheer?

      • Force be with you

        I can understand where you are coming from… However, Russia is about the only sane country left. America is now a joke (under Obasturd rule). All of Europe watched an invasion of their enemy, did nothing but help them unload out of the boats. Russia may be the last hope of for a nation that even understands borders.

    19. Sgt. Dale

      I have to agree Trump/Cruz ticket would be very interesting.

      I just don’t want 4 more years of Obullshit/Hellory. This nation can’t survive it as it stands today, if Heelory gets in.

      I think trump would be good with the economy, and Cruz can handle foreign policy.

      Just remember That people that they pick for Secretary will be what makes them Great, If like Carter, and Obullshit with their secretaries that F#$%ED up the nation along with how they are/were thinking how I can F#$K up the nation.

      I fear for our Nation!!!! Only time will tell.


    20. Anonymous

      Barry’s not going to leave voluntarily. Expect a major false flag event with martial law and suspension of the Constitution sometime mid to late 2016.

    21. Amos Moses

      Check out “The Gun Control Song” on utube.

      • grandee

        No can do. Get the following message:

        This video contains content from UMPG Publishing, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

    22. TEST

      Do you mean to say corrupt emailing newbie Hilary’s “reset button” she gave to Russia didn’t work. Of course, typical with Hilary’s fecklessness, the word on the button was actually “overcharged” in Russian. However, given what we later saw with ObunglerCare, I guess this word was fitting for what was then a new administration. If you want to review the story, one link is at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jun/3/russian-fm-sergey-lavrov-failed-reset-was-inventio/

      Now… back to Hilary’s email scam, lies about Benghazi, her lies about that Sarajevo sniper, her trashing a half dozen fellow women whom Bill assaulted and she was deputized to shut down with her “bimbogate eruptions” work, her TravelGate scam, FileGate scam, her Whitewater scam, those miraculously appearing Rose Law firm records and let’s not forget those one in a zillion miraculous cattle futures trades.

      Truly one of THE most corrupt politicians ever to sit in Washington, ever.

      • masaj miradh

        Can’t stand Killary, don’t know anyone who can. Looking at or listening to her is cruel and unusual punishment. Maube she should run Gitmo.

    23. watching and waiting

      Trump is not the answer. Although he has said much that is true.
      We, our country is going down a road we have not traveled since our beginnings. Perhaps Putin see a pigeon.

      Everybody knows that we have fought the Muslims before, right?
      When Thomas Jefferson was President.
      The First Barbary War (1801–1805), also known as the Tripolitanian War and the Barbary Coast War, was the first of two Barbary Wars between the United States and the four North African Muslim states known collectively as the “Barbary States”. from Wikipedia Reported that Jefferson obtained a Quran to understand his enemy.

      The cause of the war was pirates from the Barbary States seizing American merchant ships and holding the crews for ransom, demanding the U.S. pay tribute to the Barbary rulers. United States President Thomas Jefferson refused to pay this tribute

      Not trying to be a historian but…its worth knowing.
      Appears that we are heading that way again.

      Not worried really who is in the white house. Things seem to be coming apart in our country.

      Just posting a opinion.

    24. PO'd Patriot

      Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth: I like what Trump has to say and for a lot of folks has pushed the right buttons with his promises. But in the back of my mind tells me something “in the milk ain’t clean”. There’s a hesitation that I get thinking about pulling the pin for Trump at the voting booth. I got an uneasiness about him. I’m still out on the ledge as far as voting for any of the candidates (Republicans). I may not vote at all which would be the first time that I declined since I was eligible to vote. Right now I’m so pissed at “boy wonder” (Ryan) who took over boo-hoo Boners spot, that I feel like “frig voting” let Hitlary get in so the revolution can start and I can get me some “REAL RESULTS”.

      • Kulafarmer

        At this point it doesnt matter who gets elected

        • PO'd Patriot

          Right you are Kula. Just other actors up on stage when a different scene comes up. All part of the kabuki theatre….step right up…a quarter (American) will get you in for now….tomorrow it might be a yuan.

      • PO'd Patriot

        And oh yeah, as far as Putin is concerned, he’s got just as much blood on his hands as the worthless bastards running this country so I wouldn’t jump up in the air and “high five” him either.

    25. slingshot

      If Hillary lasts another six months you know damn well she will be the next President. All the shit she has done and NOTHING from the Justice Dept.
      The Republicans will still be debating against each other while Hilary makes strides in the ballot box.

      By then I will vote for Hilary and Know exactly what is headed my way. I’ll be prepared for it too. Those that did not wake up it will be TOO LATE.
      You’re on your own.

    26. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf

      I will tell your all what I heard dork my source. Trump is the real deal. He has sided with the white Hats, who are the corporqtio owners who own a certain percentage of the multi billion dollar comps that are sick and tired of the cabal trying to come into the country and tell them wtf to do..when they refused since it’s wad the UN. The group of billionaire split and then a split rooms place in 2009..once Trump gets in, he is going to have 1,000 of people arrested as in the black hats and criminals who have been killing the American people, etc and other crimes, then they are planing a mass arrest of the bad govenmental criminals…so the cabal is going to everything in its power to take down the US with and EMP, to then bring in Chinese, Nato and the UN army and that’s why they are desperately trying to bring in the jihadist, you see they are building and army in our country to take out the Patriots and whites and to literally make the US unrecognizable jut like what Lindsey Williams tokd us.quotr by him, that you will not recognize the US in October 2016.. what did Lindsey Williams mean by that. It means that we are not going to make it to a 2016 election and that the president plans on declaring martial law and will remain as the dictator..

      China has been promised every thing from land, white girls and women, to your house, your car, and to take your businesses.. they are so confident that they even contracted with a company in France and the US. To make 30,000 Guillotines, that they have in all of the concentration camps including the one in Baytown and hidden camp north of Conroe. So any of you guys living in Conroe TX, your better get ready because one of those camps are literally in that area..including more mass Graves in Tomball TX. Like my scientist buddy always tells me, this site that I am type on will not be here very long and that when June of 2016 comes, that all the peopke who hav e made find off people like us, will find them and their children in developer sh…..t than they can early imagine, and that the people will be crying in the streets, then suicides start to take place all over the country and that within 12 hrs following calapse that riots and violence will be tearing up the cities nationwide, then comes the UN, and the domestic jihadist and landing, chinese armies that begin to round up the people, separating the women a children.. he said that the movie RED dawn was to let the American people know what the government has planed for them.

      He even told me not to worry about posting on here that I an wasting my time, I will continue to post. I am going to keep telling what I know..

      What is bothering me about Put in is that in his speech in Russian addressing the nation, he mentioned that he plans on following international law under the UN, that is a Muslim organization who is running the take down of the US, along with the Pope, ” ceaser”.. so Put in is full of sh..t and David Hodges and Quayle ks right that we nedd to stop trusting Putin as some great leader that will save America, his phucking soldiers are here and I don’t have to mention why I know since of them almost attacked me in the Galleria in 2013..
      Any foreign soldiers coming into America is the enemy if the American people, period..so not trust Vladimir Putin, I an telling your guys, I know what I am talking about. They will shoot us a d they will rape our family members and kill us in a bad way, when they get there. This is not joking matter..
      Putin can support Trump all he wants but when a soldier from Russia is taking sh…t to me and others in public and tells me he is russian then we have a problem..



      The unprepared will learn and pay a horrific price..

      • FTW

        HCKS –

        What you say, may very well be true. If Trump is the real deal, and wants to take action against the tyranny, then in time – I would expect him to get the JFK treatment for sure.

        Putin – So far he hasn’t shown a reason to not trust him, which is every reason to look at him and question his role.

        Is Putin a ploy? Is he playing the “good” cop, while Obama and pals play the “bad” cop routine. Is this whole world scenario being played out in front of us just one big giant charade?

        As I’ve said before, I trust no form of Government – regardless of it’s origins. The way these events keep getting played out has been looking more and more like a Theatrical Piece in a disorderly fashion.

        One thing I’m certain of for sure is. A event, or multiple events are going to take place here in this country. Something is going to have to cover up the un-payable debt, the friggen riggen of the Markets, the manipulative unemployment numbers, the lack of manufacturing …etc.

        Only thing stopping them at the moment is our weapons, but they sure are working on it. I don’t see it happening, though I see them going to Plan B. Maybe create a contagion, spread a little bit of love called Ebola around the country or something to that effect.

        Keep posting HCKS, and please don’t stop.

      • slingshot


        Over at the Sheeple Heads up.

        What is an UN observer doing in the USA.?

        On Video.

        • Braveheart1776

          Sling, I watched that video last night. Interesting. another sign that something’s coming.

    27. Peter

      “Chutes” you fuck!

    28. Asshat

      What the hell does Putin and trump being buddies have to do with me. Am I gonna make more$ is my pension gonna be a full share. Are my work hours gonna be cut and I get a raise. Do these guys even know I exist or even care. This is the dumbest article. When the bombs fall these guys will disappear underground. People if trump gets in he will do what his masters say and it will just be more of the same. Why do people believe things are gonna change with chump.

      • Rebecca

        If Putin cheers Chump it is because he knows he can kick him to the curb.

    29. Genius

      If Trump puts an end to the FED RESERVE only then will anything change. Until then THEY WILL TAKE ORDERS JUST AS THEY HAVE FOR THE LAST CENTURY! Fuck Me, when will you people EVER learn? Problems caused by politics CANNOT BE SOLVED BY POLITICIANS! Bunch of braindead BRANCH MANAGERS! You will NEVER vote your way out of this shit! I thought most of you were smarter than that. As long as you have fed notes as money, YOU ARE THEIR SLAVES! Do I need to WRITE IT IN BRAILLE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS FOR YOU TO GET THAT? ok rant over 🙂

      • PO'd Patriot

        ^I had to laugh my ass off at that one.

    30. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf

      Genius, you ain’t kidding. That’s explains another sickening fact of life..business as usual.. if trump get in, he has less than 1 year to prove to the American people if he is the real deal. Either er way we look at it, the people are going to get pissed if things don’t improve immediately now that the far arson done just increased the interest rate, and I noticed that she didn’t crap her pants in public this time. I am meeting with my scientist friend after the holidays to discuss more on this so called upcoming election that will not be happening, and if it happens what’s next, since he has real info..its not a wonder what we have noticed a reduction in the agency ass clowns trolls posting on this site because the indisputable facts are not easily countered with bullsh…t post..by these little c…..ts that like coming on here thinking that they can steer thinking and offset our research..

      From the moment our grid gets taken down, everyone one on this site knows immediately what just happened l. Who did it l, what take place next then we make immediate adjustments. Everytime my car breaks down, it always hit me when I least expect it, in the middle of and intersection with motor rest getting bent our of shape getting pissed off at me etc just from a breakdown. Now picture the entire freeway and grid down calapse..you have less then 12 hrs to get the phuck out the streets to your house or bol..thisbis what’s I am prepared for because my rocker driver ain’t coming became I have not cell phone signal, no transportation, and I am in shape to fight l, run, hall ass to then get home of I an 40 mike’s away I will still make it, because I know my terrain.

      We are nor getting out of this one, no chance in hell, this election even if it happens and trump wins, we are still in deep sh…t.. its stupid to think that the cabal is just going to let th FBI aren’t then and take them off to jail.. no chance they are going to attack us. They got jade helm15 equipment all over Houston and all over Texas for their standing armies to rain in on our city. We are phucked yet ready for hell on earth.



      Yes…it will be the same crap as usual after the next election..lets be phucking realistic.

    31. ponomo

      Get rid of the Fed and Obama yesterday.

    32. swinging richard

      Trumps rise in probably due to the public being tired of the same old politics.

    33. 2isone

      HCKs- I am trying to think of a hidden camp north of Conroe. I know of several camps, but really- all the area on the north side of the lake is relatively surprising for what’s up there. We did a little day tripping around there the other day since we don’t live too far away. Didn’t sense anything malevolent, but we have some interesting hush-hush things happening in the burgs around here. Texdot put in traffic circles!!!! Off the service road in podunk New Waverly. They say it’s because the circles are more efficient and that may well be, but no other place around here has them except very high end communities. These things are out in the middle of nowhere.
      Little Conroe airport has a new, long runway to accommodate executive jets. With Camp Strake being developed by one of the big Houston developers, the boy scouts acquired another campground closer to Coldspring. All that said, I don’t think the ptb are going to be killing the golden goose anytime soon when there’s still a lot of money to be made off us. They have their mitts out like a catcher to catch all the people who can afford to get out of the city. That applies BTW to 290 out to Hempstead and out from Katy westward towards Brookshire. With gas as low as it is right now, it is just encouraging more sprawl… until we get the rug pulled out… again. We put a national forest between us and the golden horde, so hopefully I won’t be needing a chain mail turtleneck anytime soon- but one never knows. FYI HCKs- Pin Oak subdivision by Katy Mills has some of the best Christmas light displays in Houston. Makes a nice date night.

    34. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf


      Think i am kidding, or talking crap, listen to the entire speech.


      Watch and listen to entire speech, showing who Putin’s laualty is to. None other than the Rothchild Banking Family, and he said himself, and to work with International Law under the United Nations. Yes Mr Putin, you said it. You are not as trustworthy, since your ally China is busy killing its students, and throwing teenage college girls to be mass raped by soldiers, to then have thier organs cut of of them alive and sold on the market. I dont know who the phuck you think your fooling, since one of your spetsnaz was up on my face after my chick friend posted about russian occupation on her face book page at a store in the Galleria, only for us to get visited by a russain soldier, all tall and muscular talking sh..t only to be confronted by none other thatn me, HCKS..


      We know he is killing out isis and we under stand this, but we still know that he is not trustworthy. His allie is China, with one the worlds worst human rights violator on the Globe, they are very bad. This does not make China a good guy to trust. Look who they do business with and associate themselves with Russia, what does that tell us.

      I dont get picked on anymore, because i am with the USRNSF, the United States Red Neck Special forces. Needless to say the natzi, russian SS, had to turn tail as i verbally remind him, that i am not to be phucked with and he agreed and left the premises. Did DHS, give him the location, and send him out to see who posted on that computer, since he came barging demanded that my little chick friend let him see her computer only to see the commoed out Bairded Militia man up in his face as i get up and ordered his ass out side. phucker must have fogotten to to bring his AK. Anyone from my area in law enforcement, or general needs to know where these assholes are hanging out, here is the location. Euro Cafe on Fountain View and Westheimer. This is the locatio where they come into groups, even ex military has expressed the concern that they are military soldiers that needs to be watched.

      Its abvious that Govenor Perry and Governor Abbbot cannot do anyting about it just yet, since the administration is busy threatenig to cut of the water supply to Texas with Dams, and to cut off food supply coming into Grocery stores, trigger a citizen uprising about no food and water. You see you cabalist rat bastards, i am not as stupid as you think. The Governors army is the American citizens who are in the know of this threat. The only reason why i write so confidently on this website because experiences like this is what changed me. Its all real, just like the skin on my body, its real i can see it and feel it everyday.






    35. masaj miradh

      I suppose I should be glad I don’t live in Conroe anymore. Of course, if I did, I would surely help out when the shyte hits the fan. Me and my 1911s would do as much as possible.

    36. aljamo

      People act like their vote makes a difference. Hogwash! Putin is lying crap, Trump is gasbag crap, Cruz is vampire crap, Hillary is complete crap, Sanders is bogus crap, Jeb! is double crap, Rubio is scary crap. The one thing they all have in common besides being total crap is they all have their heads shoved up Israel’s ass. Where is the non Israel first candidate?

      • FTW

        Aljamo – that’s a lot of crap! … and yes I concur with the last question – “Where is the non-Israel First Candidate?

        H’mm – this is America, and sadly – that just isn’t gonna happen.

        Instead, in America. People get to choose every four years for more crap. Whether it is the same crap or different crap, it don’t matter none. American voters love their crap!
        They just can’t get enough of it.

    37. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      2isown, thanks for the response, sometimes people on here think that i am pulling a fast one on them.

      Here is the link for the mass grave for the Tomball Texas residence, that the russian, chinese, jihadist, Nato, and the United nations army plan to dump the people and residnce of that area in.

      Attentiion Tomball and Conroe, here is the burial site for you and families that the federal govenment, and Fema got ready for you all.


      I have also been there to see it myself, so you trolls who think that you can come on here talking crap about seed vaults for that area, can go phuck yourselves. One of my friend put his house up for sale and bailed out of the region. This is the crap thats been going on in our state since Goveror Perry and Abbot took back control of our state. I have to respect these two gentlemen, they have done a good job protecting us in Texas from this kind of tyrany. First they tried to indict Rick Perry, then the attorney General, now they are trying to indict Govenor Abbott because our Patriotic governors is trying to shut down the borders.

      First the federal government built the camps with the intention of killing the citizens of Houston and its outer cities, Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Houston, etc, then they put in the mass graves and brought in the Guilotines, then we saw them bring in the Jade Helm 15 Equipment, then Dr James Garrow told us how the cabal is literlaly bringing in and entire army accoss the border, not you can see with this video one of those very mass graves tha the soldiers are planing to dump your daughter, wife, sister and us in to when they are done with us, since they the militaries and cabal are so confident that they will succeed.

      Dr James Garrow who was fired by the administration, told Pastor Manning, a real African American who represents the real people what he had learned, Since Garrow was told that masses of military people, the mexican army, jihadist, and other chinese and foreign militaries are massing troops in Texas to take out Texas by June 2016-2017 time frame. Listen to this entire interview. I have verified James Garrow, by my source and he is a real person, who was working for the federal government.




      I dont make it a habit to bullsh….t or lie to my friend on this site.

      Sorry agency ass clowns, your not going to be able to talk crap about me on this one, BITCH SLAP IN TO YOUR UGLY FACES. PHUCK YOU.

    38. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf

      Aljamo, your right on the money..



      The truth is still the truth.

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