Putin Deploys 28 Combat Planes in Syria, Taunting West to “Join Forces Against ISIS”

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 100 comments

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    Who are the real enemies in the Middle East?

    Is is ISIS – ransacking, raping and beheading its way across the region to carve out a new Caliphate and threatening terrorism inside U.S. borders – or is it Putin and his gang, cornering American statesmen in a deadly game of chess that could lead at any time to all-out nuclear war?

    The answers may be conflicting, but it is clear that Obama has no idea what he is doing, and no way of containing all that confronts U.S. interests overseas. Check.

    With Ukraine still boiling in the background, Vladimir Putin has taken things up a notch in Syria, by deploying 28 combat planes to aid Assad’s regime for reasons that don’t exactly rule out offensive attacks, or downplay concerns about Russian aggression..

    This is just the latest and most pointed maneuver in the build-up of what has been dubbed “the largest deployment of Russian forces outside the former Soviet Union” since its collapse.

    AFP reported that the Russia has sent in more than two dozen fighter planes to aid Assad against ISIS:

    Russia has deployed 28 combat planes in Syria, US officials said Monday, confirming the latest move in Moscow’s increasing military presence in the war-torn nation.

    “There are 28 fighter and bomber aircraft” at an airfield in the western Syrian province of Latakia, one of the officials told AFP… A second official… added there were about 20 Russian combat and transport helicopters at the base. That official also said Russia was operating drones over Syria.

    This already complicated proxy war is taking on new dimensions, and arming up for a new phase of conflict.

    As SHTF recently noted:

    Russia’s military build-up in Syria has grown to include the shipment of a half-dozen highly sophisticated battle tanks — and more troops — [the] first clear sign of offensive weapons arriving in Syria,” a defense official told Fox News. “This is the largest deployment of Russian forces outside the former Soviet Union since the collapse of the USSR.”

    The catch, of course, is that Russia is preparing to defend Assad against ISIS – not to pick a fight with the West. But looks could be deceiving, and the schism between East and West cuts too deep to allow for a unified front against terrorism.

    AFP reports:

    The United States has warned that Russian military backing for the Syrian regime only risks sending more extremists to the war-torn country and could further hamper any effort at bringing peace.

    Moscow, meanwhile, has been on a diplomatic push to get the coalition of Western and regional powers fighting the Islamic State group to join forces with Assad against the jihadists.

    The maneuver is interesting, because evidence continually points towards the covert Western-funding of Islamic State forces, as well as significant overlap between ISIS and anti-Assad rebel forces.

    Putin’s latest tact would call the United States on the need to beat back the supposedly-unintentional outgrowth and takeover by the extremist ISIS forces in the region, and prioritize taking out America’s “number one terrorist threat” before belaboring the removal of Bashar al-Assad and empire building in the Middle East.

    However, the bulk of United States’ diplomacy so far in the region appears much more concerned with Russia’s overt involvement than with eradicating ISIS forces. Record-sized war games have been acted out by both sides, and many military drills have doubled as stand offs that nearly sparked full-on war, according to reports. Will Putin call their bluff?

    And what will it mean for the pending deal with Iran?

    There is much, of course, that isn’t being said here, but on the surface, taking ISIS out of the equation would surely be a good thing.

    As one commenter stated, “Excellent news. It’s time to get rid of the rebels so Syrians can return home.”

    Good idea, only don’t hold your breath.

    Read more:

    Putin Sends Tanks to Syria: “Largest Deployment of Outside Russian Forces Since USSR Collapse”

    Assad Blames U.S. for Syrian Exodus: “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”

    Elite Financier George Soros Warns Of World War III: “Not An Exaggeration”

    Experts Say War With Russia Was Imminent “66 Times in Last 18 Months”


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      1. Isaiah 17:1King James Version (KJV)

        17 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

        It’s all coming together……hard to ignore the fact it’s been told to us how it will happen.

        Have great week!!


          • AMEN!!!

          • Only the stupid ones do.

        • I am a student of bible prophesy, I believe (yes I may be wrong) the destruction of Damascus will be a rally cry to Islam to come to the valley of Armageddon. It will be one of the most important pivot points of the last days. I have always felt this was one of the most most important prophecies.

          Watch carefully!

          • 99.99% of time “students of Bible prophesy” are wrong. They are wrong because they don’t actually know how to read Scripture. They are reading God’s Word as some kind of weird code book. Newspaper exegesis is so bad for the reputation of the church. People have been doing it for centuries and they’ve been so overwhelmingly wrong. The whole project is misguided in the extreme and gives Christianity a bad name. Leave timing to God. Just focus on trusting his promises and walking in his ways. If Christians would just focus on being righteous rather than trying to figure out history before it happens (which is essentially pagan), the world would be greatly blessed.

          • Ptpo.
            Imagine living through such a time and witnessing the enemies last charge… Morons.
            I’m pleased you’re on the winning side.
            Thanks for your post.

          • Keep an eye on the stock market today. It opened down and is down even further.
            (direct link below.)

            Today is also Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement. It is the holiest day of the year in Judaism.

      2. Finally it can be agreed that the Criminal US government is the Mac-Daddy of the isis filth. Busted! Watch Gonna do when Putin spanks your filthy Ass!

      3. Putin is playing chess again, our fearless ‘leader’ still cannot figure out ‘hangman’.
        OPSEC = if you post here, you are known by TPTB…

        Be well all…

        • SENEX,

          Cardio and situps have zero affect on losing your fat paunch.

          Because the body preferentially burns carbs before fat, you have to exercise first thing in the morning before you eat anything. However, you have to drink water before you exercise because a dehydrated muscle is 30% weaker.

          Because it takes 2.25 hours of continuous running to burn off a bacon cheeseburger, 90% of your focus has to be to STOP EATING SO FUCKING MUCH YOU FAT COW. Your remaining focus needs to be on LIFTING FUCKING DUMBBELLS.


          • Fuck the Pope.

            The very reason we had a Dark Ages is the same reason that Moose Limb countries are poor today is the same reason that Jews dominate the banking system. Under Canon Law, as in Sharia Law, no interest may be charged in financial transactions. It is called usury. If you cant make interest, what motive is there to invest in anything? And without investment, how can you have a growing economy?

            Judaism has no such proscriptions, therefore banking is one of the few professions the church allowed Jews to have in Medieval Europe. So basically the fucking Pope left us this legacy of ZOG.

            The Popes annually blessed the Jew’s holy books but condemned their interpretation of them. And the church taxed the Jews heavily to offset the costs of the shitty economy that their own stupid laws caused just as Dhimmi had to pay the Jizya poll tax.

            Now this fucktard Pope Francis wants to bring us back to the dark ages again with more socialism.

            Do you know that one of the fist decrees a Pope passed (Papal Bull) is that anyone who physically attacks the Pope can be excommunicated?

            Have you ever heard of Cesar Borgia? The image of Christ is based on the portrait of the Pope’s son.

            In Dante’s Inferno some of the more offensive Pope are burning in coffins in the City of Dis, 9th Circle of Hell.

          • Just a thought, I am one of those people as lean as a flank steak. To look at me I’m not impressive, an insignificant man. I am however, the man that the neighbors call when they need someone to do the heavy lifting for a piano or a 300 pound safe, they don’t understand where it comes from. Just a short prayer and it happens, I did have a medical disaster once in my life,I suspect it was a lesson in humility from praise the lord, but I’m healed now! During it, I couldn’t lift my hands to eat, but I’m much better now, my reflexes are somehow better, faster than a twenty year olds, my strength multiplied, praise The Lord.

            I wonder how many others in the world The Lord has raised up for the last days. The powers that shouldn’t be, think they can do war with The Lord of Hosts!

            Perhaps, I should have said nothing, but I suspect the time is at hand for them to look the wrong way.

            Praise our Lord Jesus Christ.

            I guess I’m on the list now!

          • As ex-special forces and a military athletic instructor, I have to concur. Time and time again I see guys and gals go about getting fit the wrong way. They continue to eat crap food in enormous quantities and can’t understand why they are not getting fit. The science tells us why: you first have to get the lean muscles and body frame that can burn calories efficiently. This means the first stop has to be a diet change: reduce calories and eat lean: lean, fresh meats and fresh vegetable and fruits. Use the first month or so to get that bulk weight and fat off your frame. Go for regular walks, stand up for most of the day, take the stairs. Don’t go into a full work out yet because you will only injure yourself. All that fat will hammer your joints and lead to back strain etc.

            Once you are getting lean, start doing yoga and resistance exercises. Do this to boost your flexibility and back/stomach and arm strength. By not doing this, you will definitely injure yourself when you hit the gym or go for a run. After a few weeks of this, then go for a light run: mix it up with wind sprints: short bursts of fast running and then take it easy. Do this for 2 weeks. By this point you will be ready for a full, normal workout. And your body will have developed the sort of efficient muscles needed to burn calories and get a good result. But, yeah, I am very sick of seeing the state of most people in the West: obese and very lazy.

        • Subscribe to Political Islam on Youtube and watch every video.

        • Eh,you mean the powers that want to be!The powers that be are the “Black Sheep Matter!”movement!

          On a side note,if I visit could you set me up with Miss Gwinnet County?As it says Miss assuming she is a single women,ask if she likes snow!

          • War, all 9 were beautiful young women. You would have been stepping on your tounge…

            Miss Wood is not my daughter, that was last years winners.

            • Are you telling me Miss Gwinnet from last year is no longer available,she is now a Mrs.?!I assume the Miss county women are of drinking age,could see buying her a drink!

              • War, Miss Walker is probably single, she was there.

                It may take a few weeks before they update that site…

                I am still in shock mode, never expected this…

                • In view of his “former KGB” status, I have long been skeptical of Putin, but I am beginning to lose my skepticism. I now see him as the consummate “insider” who goes “off the reservation” taking all his insider knowledge enabling him to stay one step ahead of the NWO/JWO. Could this be why the tribe struggles to vilify Putin?

                  Remember Saul? He was a much earlier tribal “insider” who went “off the reservation” to became St. Paul ruining the tribe’s earlier plans.

                  • Kudos John…been there for the last 18 months!!!

                    …wait for the “book” you’ve ordered..then study carefully.

                    ..it’s unfolding before our eyes!

                    • Good to hear from you!

                      The book arrived and I am about 150 pages into it. The author is way too smitten with Wojtyla the Worst…. er… Second Worst, but otherwise his exposition is clear.

                    • Agreed, per Wojtyla…ignore the fluff.

                      Focus on the visions of the ‘gifted’………………

            • Yes because men just can’t talk to attractive women. Seriously? Give me a break.

              I guess you decided not to heed the advice on your other post about bringing your daughters name, picture and info onto a public forum, since you keep bringing it up.

              Are you just dense or what?

        • Of all the enemies we have, I do not understand the source of all the hatred for gays and lesbians. That population does absolutely nothing to disturb the peace, and if they do it is justifiable retaliation for being jailed and institutionalized for so many centuries.


          • I wouldn’t
            normally answer you

            I watched and could not stop
            Homo rape in New Orleans Parish
            prison. Cops there endorsed it.
            I’m not a convict.

            Lesbians – I fixed their clutch for free.
            I had to endure a dinner at Benihana
            when another Lesbo couple decided to do
            crazy. A waste of a lot of money.

            I’ve had to tolerate Homos for many years.
            They have real problems, because they are
            not normal and they know it.

            I’d prefer they all stay in the
            Castro district, screw each
            other and leave the rest of us alone.
            Your life has no meaning to me.
            I expect that sentiment to be returned.

          • Acid,
            I dont get it either, but what i really dont get is why so many lez women have such hatred for men, i mean to the point of being rude and un civil, that is just a symptom of our society i guess,
            I tend to be able to have a meaningless polite conversation with anyone, mostly just like in line at the coffee store or Jamba or wherever, but whoa,,, a few times have just gotten the im gonna stomp on you look from obviously dyke women even though i was just being polite and friendly and totally not hitting or anything.
            Gay guys, eh
            Never had a problem with them, i dont set off their gaydar and am not a homophobe, so dont care, if they wanna marry a dog i could care less, not my call to make, the reality for myself is that because of the changes to health insurance etc because of the alternative lifestyle crowd, now i canbe on my girlfriends healthcare plan, because if they give health insurance to a gay or lez couple they gotta give it to any hetero couple as well regardless of marital status. Just our state i guess but works for me.
            I dont know, the world is so fucked up theres really no room to be full of hate.

        • Isis is a complete creation of the cia and the mossad and mi 6 and is their proxy force to create regime change in the mideast.

          • …To PREVENT real regime change, like the real Free Syrians establishing a truly libertarian society in Syria. That would not only gut one of the (if not THE most) authoritarian holdouts in Big Oil’s precious goldmine of the (once) oil-soaked (now what’s left of it) Middle East.

            “ISIS” is there– equipped by the U.S., staffed by the West, and financed by Americans’ addiction to oil-dependent driving and flying–to have their atrocities be confused by the gullible with the heroic struggle of the real Free Syrians so that the Free Syrians don’t establish that libertarian state. That state would be such a dangerous example to the people of China, Russia, Iran, the other Arab Spring states who’ve had their revolutions taken over by U.S.-injected “Islamist” authoritarians and, an example to Americans themselves whenever they discover the teat of government and Big Business to be poison.

            “ISIS” is as well, though similarly, to be used as the excuse for the U.S. bombing the real Free Syrians under the guise of destroying “ISIS”. Their other buddy, Putin, is now there as well to be a fake “reason” why they can’t “get rid of” Assad (they don’t intend and never have intended to get rid of him for, he’s their kind of guy). “ISIS” also is a handy-dandy horde of terrorists that the powers-that-be can trot out to scare the masses into accepting anything the p-t-b want the masses to accept.

        • Putin is playing chess and obummer and congress are playing with themselves,
          I sure as hell hope there is an anti encumbent tidal wave next election round

          • Evidently Pukin is not the only world power figure making moves.

            Just look at this article titled, “What is China’s president doing in Seattle?” Sounds like he is trying anything to shore up the stock market before it crashes even more.

            ht tp://money.cnn.com/2015/09/21/technology/xi-jinping-seattle-tech-china/index.html

        • They know already! Who cares! Just remember to always check 6!

      4. We support the Iraqi gov’t in its fight against the Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS or ISIL. We don’t like the Islamic State; but the Islamic State is supported by Saudi Arabia, whom we do like. We don’t like President Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but not ISIS–which is also fighting against him. We don’t like Iran, but the Iranian government supports the Iraqi government against The Islmaic State. So, some of our friends support our enemies, and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting our other enemies, whom we don’t want to lose; but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win.

        If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they might be replaced by people we like even less. And, all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there until we went in to drive them out – do you understand now?

        • Chainsaw

          As long as TPTB get the natural gas line from Saudi Arabia through Syria they don’t care if Islamic Fundamentalists run the country. Look at Saudi the nucleus of Islamic crazies.

          The US public in general assumes anyone and everyone from the Middle East that practices Islam is a terrorist. They don’t have a clue who Assad, ISIS or anyone else is; Funny name from some place, “over there”; bomb them. Tell them that the US is supporting terrorists for geo-political purposes and you first would need to explain what geo-political means. I believe that the American public is the most politically ignorant citizenry in any developed nation.

          • I for one am kind of glad putin is getting in the game. I am marginally hopeful that it will highlight the absurdity of the whole thing. Although it is doubtful the American people will ever wake up.

            So here’s the card:

            The “moderate” rebels are fighting- Assad
            “isis” is fighting- Assad
            We’re fighting- “isis”
            Russia is fighting- “isis”
            Assad is fighting- “isis”

            Now apparently

            The “moderate” rebels are suppose to stop fighting Assad, and instead take all these new shiny weapons and fight “isis”, the same people fighting with them against Assad

            And also it is wrong if Russia gets in the game and helps fight “isis”

            Makes sense don’t it???

            Hasn’t anybody ever heard the old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

            This whole world has become one sick joke

            • The reality is the agenda is to remove Assad from power and install a government that will eject Russia and approve the Saudi Natural Gas pipeline through Syria.

              Its getting increasingly difficult to use terrorism as the ostensible excuse to facilitate the above.

        • TPTB just want Assad, the Russians, and ISIS to walk away from Syria so Qatar can run their gas lines to Europe thereby appeasing the Saudis and crippling Putin. Easier said than done. Everyone knows this ain’t got shit to do with “Oh we have got to get rid of that evil man Assad.” What a fricking joke. Of course some of our best men and women will die over this bullshit scenario. Makes me sick.

        • Now I understand!

        • Good post CHAINSAW , Very good explaination .
          Clear and concise , lol .
          And so true.

        • Chainsaw:

          No I don’t understand. But my confusion is starting
          to make sense.

        • One of the best posts I’ve seen here in months….thanks for summing it up chainsaw.

      5. Go for Putin. ISIS needs a good ass kicking. The Muslime Obullshit is giving ISIS equipment. We tried to land it in Kurdish area but missed. BULLSHIT!!!

        ISIS attacked a Russian base today and they got their asses kicked. RUSKIES PLEASE KILL AS MANY AS YOU CAN OVER THERE BEFORE WE HAVE TO FIGHT THEM HERE.


        • Sgt Dale

          I think the “official news” from Russia regarding the ISIS attack today is too timely. In this cast of characters “news” is created, massaged or otherwise embellished by all sides to further a political agenda.

        • And sarge, when they do come here and try their crap, they will be un sucessful, theres a lotta sheep in the cities, theres also a lot of gung ho cops and feds, nt to mention they will still be outnumbered and out gunned by true patriots. See something say something will take con a whole new meaning, they didnt specify you had to say something to DHS who is mouth to dick with Immigration, there are other networks that will stand to a threat to the homeland, i can guarant damn tee it

        • Right on with that SGT. I wish I could get some trigger time on some of these ISIS shit bags too.

          I am sure a lot of people feel the same way.

      6. What part of this does anyone not understand…

        This is koobuuuuki theater…. they are ALL in on it…

        It’s to generate fear….

        So you will give up more liberties…

        There is no left/right…. or east/west…

        It’s us against the oligarque…

        • Republic is a compromise between oligarchy and democracy. Democracies are highly unstable. Plato called democracy “an agreeable form of anarchy”. Oligarchies are highly stable but repressive.

          • Acid Etch

            That was concise, too the point and accurate.

      7. ISIS is a American invention. Just like all the other ones. Our government has to use taxpayer dollars to train people to have someone to fight and an excuse to go to war.

        All in the theater we call life. If you think about it, everything seems staged. Almost surreal in a way. You have the religious nuts, the militant gays, the sexy pop stars, the patriotic country folk and down the line.

        Not to mention all the rhetoric we are force fed from our handler – I mean parents from birth.

        All designed to keep the loosh in line and ready for slaughter.

        Sometimes I have to wonder what is the point? The game is rigged (like in the Matrix), yet we keep playing because we want to have something to fight for.

        Maybe if we all stopped creating more product for the system, the game would end.

      8. I don’t care which nor whether. As long as the bullets ain’t slicing the air near me. I hope the last man on each side kills one another. Piss on ’em!

        • I’m with you on this one P Patriot.
          For once, i have nothing to add nor take away. Ya’ll doing a good job, so i’ll just read. (and the crowd goes wild..yea! thank goodness, i thought he was never gonna shut up.). lol

          I used up all my energy in my reply to JQP on previous topic page. Check it out.

          • What a beautiful Christian! Sure really understand the teachings of Jesus.

          • Of course he’ll never shut up, he has nowhere else to go outside of this site, he can’t talk to people in person because they’ll tell him he’s an asshole who needs psychiatric help, so he comes here with his shit because he’s allowed to hijack every article and turn into religious fruitcake time.

      9. Since the Obama pull out of Iraq, and the continued surge of ISIL, it does appear that Obama is on their side. He seems to hit only buildings that are not occupied, what kind of strategy is that? I forgot, he has no strategy, and it shows. He has risked our S.O. Forces in training a whole 5 guys at the cost of $500 million, then sends them out to die in Syria, and for what? Obama is pathetic. We defeated these same guys that call themselves IS when we were there, then he pulls us out just to watch his people (IS) come in and take over. Now, Obama is making an issue about Putin sending in his forces to do the job, Obama should really be doing, Killing ISIL. Then we find out that Obama’s people has been cooking the books, just like President Johnson, and Nixon was doing in Vietnam, damn Obama must really think the American people is less intelligent than he is, he’s a joke.

        Now, the way the Russians fight is, to go in and take everyone out, anyone that’s in the way, kill them all, men, women, and children, it does not matter to them, as long as it save Russians lives, and it completes the task at hand, Kill ISIL. They attack with everything they have on hand, and without mercy, that is war. ISIL has to die once and for all, and we have been pussy footing around way to long, and many of our Military has died doing exactly what we shouldn’t be doing, playing around with our military lives. Kill them all, no mercy then when they are all dead, then we come home. Kill those murdering SOBS, and if others die that get’s in the way, so be it. No more games.

        • Now thats what Im talking about.

        • Michael Arc Angel…..100% agreed to simply kill everyone under the ISIL ideology BUT those sub humans head choppers are getting their equipments and training from 3 sources: 1- Money from mainly Saudis and their golf allies such as Bahrain and UAE. 2- our own AIPAC slaves in DC and 3- the mother of all blood sucking tribe in the zogland called Israel.

        • You are right: sad to say, but Putin is showing himself to be the true world leader. He stands up for European people and European civilization; but also most importantly, he consistently fights for the international system of rules and laws to ensure peace between nations. Putin is the real deal; our ‘leaders’, sadly, are not: mostly liars and cowards.

      10. Wow, knickers in a twist over Vlad sending in six whole tanks? What will the prophets of doom here do when Mad Vlad wipes ISIS off the face of the earth? I guess they’ll continue freaking out, just like John Kerry wants them to.
        I guess when you make money off of predicting the end of the world, pretty much everything in the news means the end of the world.
        Good luck collectiong canned goods, I guess.

        • DOUG , I am collecting canned goods , for a food pantry.
          The end of the world has already happened for alot of people.
          Maybe you should collect some too.

        • Our gov’t is gonna be pissed if Russia starts killing “isis”. I mean that’ll be a lot of U.S. money going down the drain and we have to protect our investment. This is gonna get exciting 🙂

          • I agree Its about time someone stood up against Obamas plans for us all, and I am happy Russia/Putin are the ones doing it, some how I think he let that slip to Putin, on that open mike we heard him say it! He was going to have more power and control once reelected, and was giving Putin notice about Assad without actually saying it!

      11. In a nut shell : Israel Firsters plan things 20 years ahead or more. Reason Ukraine was targeted by USA—get Russia involved in a military trap invasion. Putin got wise and knew history.( In 1937 Germany invaded Poland for a good reason. 1938 France and England declared war and started bombing German cities). Plan A Ukraine did not pan out.USA was hoping Russia would be tied up in Ukraine. Kicker—-Russia knew the scam. Syria is more important to Russia. Cheers :^)

      12. …PUTIN deployed by the elitist US Government to play the ruse of all these things he supposedly makes imperative for them. That’s why THEY deployed HIM there, to be their “excuse” for not getting rid of Assad and, for the real Free Syrians to not finally succeed in ridding themselves of Assad and them establishing a real libertarian state in Syria.

        That kind of state right in the middle of Big Oil’s veritable heartland of oligarchy and, the source of all of Big Oil’s “stuff” that their Pusher-in-Chief Bush (Cheney’s puppet) declared Americans to be “addicted to” would be a dangerous precedent for all the elites’ other authoritarian regimes, like their labor force of China managed by their unelected, unopposable Communist buddies there, their other stooge “enemies” that they can sic on Americans like North Korea, Iran, or Putin himself, or, the other Arab Spring states that the elites have so far been able to return to authoritarianism by way of interjecting their hand-dandy “Islamists” into the mix. They are even afraid of Americans themselves waking up and realizing what’s done to them by their own compliance with the elites who wrap themselves in the American Flag and label everything compliant with the elites as being “in the National interest” or “American interest” or “National security”….

      13. Obama will not let this stand. He will give Stinger missiles to his ISIL troops. Watch and see.

      14. Happy Fall Equinox to all you out there,as a person who views nature as his church means something to me,(like split more wood even though working on next years!),enjoy the pretty colours!

        • No colors here yet , gettin there soon.
          I dont cut wood until the weather cools and hafts bust my ass before the snow gets deep .
          Last year was rough and got into this years pile , i gotta double down this year , sucks to be me.

          • I’m finishing up 18 cords, which is a 3 year supply for us.

      15. Chainsaw, Rummy said there were many unknown knowns and known unknowns, so this makes sense when taken in context.

      16. Men who hide behind religion to commit atrocities should be annihilated.

      17. The President has a plan for Syria.

        Get ride of Assad. Create chaos. Install a central bank. Drill for oil in Golan Heights. Run a pipeline from Saudi Arabia.

      18. So how is that stupid “Reset” button working, Hillary? Maybe you can deploy your flying monkeys as a countermeasure?

        And of course, Putin is playing chess while Obungler is still wondering how this checkers game thing works. But then, we knew that when he got snookered by the Iranians.

      19. Here’s and idea: all those “refugees” risking their lives in leaky boats? How about ARMING THEM and having them return to show some guts and actually FIGHT for their country, families and livlihoods?

      20. these evil Isis savages all need to be exterminated even the women and children it is a culture of evil that need total eradication. If you had a bug infestation you’d want them all dead this is the same thing. In this case people need to forget about compassion for the muzzies kids and women. Fuck them all Putin should kill every last one of them. I would if I was him. Use chemical weapons it does the job without burning the cities down just go in later and scrape the bodies up and fire up the furnaces. Some say there are good Muslims I disagree kill em all and let God sort them out. forget the micro managing crap your good and your bad just say they are all no good it’s easier to bomb the shit out of them with this attitude. Islam is the enemy period.

      21. Why is it your being so cruel? Eppe has had this amazing time in his life and your trying to suck the life out their love and pride…which comes in many forms besides just the 3 B’s or 3 G’s.
        I still like this site but when I read most comments I am disturbed! Why is everyone is so darn angry? What will happen…….well….. it will happen!
        We are the people…..(IF) or when we have no choice….than maybe one has the right to say: See? Told you so! In the interm, could all just be respectful and just help the rest of us?
        Am I asking too much?? I think not!
        I, and possibly many others are not even close to your understandings but the last thing we all need are insults and shaming. Take heed!
        Be well, Be aware, and always be kind (for one never knows) when you may be on the other end of?????

        • tishie, thank you.
          So I have been blowing my opsec for nearly 7 years here.
          In three weeks, no one will go to that site anyway.

          NSA has all of our IP addresses, and MAC adresses.
          From there it is nothing to build a file on a poster.
          Where you live, work, talk to and play is only a few keystokes away. Debating some here is a moot point.

          If you say certain words, you are flagged. Into the file on you. I know, scary is it not???

          • eppe

            In order to undue the damage many have done to their OPSEC, you would have to go off grid and try to become a ghost. My OPSEC was blown many years before coming here as I tried to get others to at least learn some survival skills. Damage done, Live with it.
            How do you know when it is time to quit something?
            When it is not fun anymore. I feel time is at hand.

        • Yup
          Treat others as you would like to be treated

      22. Acid I disagree about the gays being peaceful. They are evil and hostile toward Christians calling some bigots for not agreeing with their lifestyle. The gays even have their flag in the state Capitol buildings so they are in power. They have put that Kentucky woman in jail for speaking up and refusing to put her name on marriage certificates. Other parts of the world homosexuality is not accepted or tolerated. This woman does not hate gays she just doesn’t want to disappoint god she is a God fearing woman that keeps gods scriptures. The gays need to tone down and just understand that their lifestyle is not acceptable to everyone and it cannot be forced on people. I don’t believe someone is born gay that is false. You are born black asian or white stuff like that not gay. It’s a lifestyle and it’s not part of gods plan to go forth and multiply. Gays are disgusting to me that’s how I see it. I don’t go around cursing the gays like the gays go around promoting the gay lifestyle. I don’t go into gay businesses or stores that promote that lifestyle. Yes I know what companies they are near me they don’t get a dime out of me ever I’d go without first and I try not to buy Products that are from Jew owned companies either. There is a list of these companies if anyone is interested on line I’m sure you can find it. Of course if your gay you can do the same thing and avoid Christian owned businesses I’m sure they won’t be upset.

      23. Careful, Putin. Bath house Barry may snap you with his bath towel.

      24. Wanna bet that Putin is NOT going to tie the hands of his Special Forces and pilots?

      25. We can only hope that legions of muslim extremists are going to enter Syria and take on the Russians. ISIS fighters will die by the hundreds.

        Isn’t that the thing to do with them?

        I can’t wait to hear Obama try and thread the political needle with this, and refuse to coordinate with the Russians against ISIS/ISIL.

      26. The obvious. Any military with squadrons of fighter bombers, satellite data, drones, etc., etc., can and will make short work of the bulk of these ISIS demons and their equip/supply support. If they really want to..

        Hell, Turkey could easily snuff out ISIS if Turkey really wanted to, or rather, was allowed to, by US/NATO.

        • Its all contingent on popular support as the US learned in Vietnam and Soviets in Afghanistan.

      27. Neocons in the US created the “war on terror”. And you can’t pretend to fight terrorists unless you have some to fight. Harken back to the sarin gas attacks we tried to blame on Assad. He crossed Obama’s ” red line”. American’s called BS and Putin intervened. ISIS magically sprang up out of the desert. If Putin destroys ISIS, the neocons must come up with another enemy, or else Americans won’t need “protection”.

      28. The ZOG would truly love a war between Russia and US/NATO. It would mean the slaughter of almost every able bodied white male on the planet. That’s what they want, and unless we find leadership, unless a miracle happens that is going to happen.

      29. ISIS is a tool of the USA that they can send anywhere in the world to then use as an excuse to bomb the place to bits and Turkey is happy to act as middle man in paying these so called terrorists.

        Much of the news footage we see about ISIS has been made in Hollywood, the same Hollywood thats ran by jewsish bankers who also script our news.

        Money buys you just about anything these days and Russia is playing the west at it’s own game by going after what the media says are terrorists.

        Corbyn in the UK is a threat to the national security because he is pointing the finger at the real criminals in power so the jewish controlled MSM is having a fit trying to bring him down for they face life in jail if jermmy gains ground.

        I am anything but left-wing but anyone can see that this new labour leader is like a breath of fresh air in politics and i hope to see MP’s listening to the people and not just the bankers in the coming future.

      30. Re: “The United States has warned that Russian military backing for the Syrian regime only risks sending more extremists to the war-torn country and could further hamper any effort at bringing peace.”
        This statement shows how militarily inept the US view of the situation is. It is classic anti-guerrilla tactics to entice the guerrillas to commit to conventional warfare so that they are concentrated in one place and can be defeated in detail; the rat to the cheese as it were. Russia 1, US 0.

      31. Sling IPSec is not blown really. Just because you put stuff back doesn’t reveal your agenda entirely. I don’t feel that I’ve blown my cover posting comments on here. There is so many things I haven’t mentioned not because I don’t want to share but because. I think everyone knows what will need to be done once the shtf hits. Talking about those details could be considered hostile toward tptb. So we all keep it strictly what is common to all. After all remaining independent ,self reliant and resisting tyrannical forces is my agenda. Don’t let the smoke and mirror campaign the media and the everyday sheeple push due to their own denial of the situation at hand change your plans.

      32. According to Michael Snyder it appears that the Deutsche Bag(Bank) of Germany is about to spring a leak.

      33. VW are up the shitter.

      34. Who are the real enemies of the Middle East?

        I say ISIS.

        But not only the Middle East.

        The whole wide world.

        In particular the West.

        Know thy enemy.

      35. One day the largest terrorist organization in the world will be brought down by nations that same terrorist organization calls terrorists. Interesting isn’t it? The U.S. Government IS the largest terrorist organization in the entire damn world and everyone knows it except dumb ass Americans.

      36. Go ahead and start your war with Russia fascist filth controlling the collapsing shithole of the world. We all know the Corporatist Fascist slavemasters controlling the evil vile fascist hellhole of the world have to have a war before their FEUDAL SYSTEM collapses and the brain dead dumbed down coward pussy Zombie masses wake up to their genocidal New World Order plans.

      37. Its weird to think Russia is a more righteous, Christian, influence in the world than the U.S. is.

        • The Russians now have all the right values and the Americans uphold and support all the wrong things. Things Russians uphold and fight for:

          – European civilization and European people
          – family and the church
          – beautiful women (yes, they are the bedrock of any healthy society). They do not reward and praise obese heifers and ugly feminazis.
          – enterprise and real money
          – a strong military able to defend the country and its people

          Certainly makes Putin look the better option. He also does better TV and is an intelligent raconteur without a teleprompter – and he can kick ass with the best of them.

      38. Whenever I need a good laugh, I come to this site and read the stories/comments!

        Watch out fur dem hogs!

        • God bless TH.
          Watch out fur them Muslims!

      39. I bet some surface to air missiles find their way to ISIS. The US will trade them for concessions on Southern Iraq. But they will be old ones that can be traced to Pakistan and not the US.

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