Putin Asks U.S. to Help “Wipe ISIS from Face of the Earth”

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 165 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Only a few days ago, SHTF reported Putin Deploys 28 Combat Planes in Syria, Taunting West to “Join Forces Against ISIS”, pointing towards an interesting turning of the worm in Syria and the broader middle east conflict. Putin has essentially called the West’s bluff on battling ISIS, and moved to protect Assad’s comparatively mild and secular regime from the gambit of Western-sponsored terrorism that is being used to shock the region into submission, and break away its fiefdoms for reconsolidation.

    If Americans were paying any attention at all to Syria – and the major media are doing everything they can to keep that from happening – people would surely be angry about the lies, the wars, the killing of civilians, the destroying of cultures (including Christianity) and priceless artifacts, and especially of the deliberate plot to covertly arm and build up terrorists, radicals, and the neo-Caliphate to wreck and ruin the nation-states, invented after WWI, that the corporate bondholders seek to break into smaller, more manageable pieces. But the general population is not paying attention, and they have no idea about the significance of Russia ‘checking’ the West on its phony terrorism game.

    Endgame: Putin Plans To Strike ISIS With Or Without The U.S.

    by Tyler Durden

    On Sunday, we noted that Washington’s strategy in Syria has now officially unravelled.

    John Kerry, speaking from London following talks with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, essentially admitted over the weekend that Russia’s move to bolster the Assad regime at Latakia effectively means that the timing of Assad’s exit is now completely indeterminate. Here’s how we summed up the situation:

    Moscow, realizing that instead of undertaking an earnest effort to fight terror in Syria, the US had simply adopted a containment strategy for ISIS while holding the group up to the public as the boogeyman par excellence, publicly invited Washington to join Russia in a once-and-for-all push to wipe Islamic State from the face of the earth. Of course The Kremlin knew the US wanted no such thing until Assad was gone, but by extending the invitation, Putin had literally called Washington’s bluff, forcing The White House to either admit that this isn’t about ISIS at all, or else join Russia in fighting them. The genius of that move is that if Washington does indeed coordinate its efforts to fight ISIS with Moscow, the US will be fighting to stabilize the very regime it sought to oust. 

    Revelations (which surprised no one but the Pentagon apparently) that Moscow is coordinating its efforts in Syria with Tehran only serve to reinforce the contention that Assad isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the US will either be forced to aid in the effort to destroy the very same Sunni extremists that it in some cases worked very hard to support, or else admit that countering Russia and supporting Washington’s regional allies in their efforts to remove Assad takes precedence over eliminating ISIS. Because the latter option is untenable for obvious reasons, Washington has a very real problem on its hands – and Vladimir Putin just made it worse.

    As Bloomberg reports, The Kremlin is prepared to launch unilateral strikes against ISIS targets if the US is unwilling to cooperate. Here’s more:

    President Vladimir Putin, determined to strengthen Russia’s only military outpost in the Middle East, is preparing to launch unilateral airstrikes against Islamic State from inside Syria if the U.S. rejects his proposal to join forces, two people familiar with the matter said.


    Putin’s preferred course of action, though, is for America and its allies to agree to coordinate their campaign against the terrorist group with Russia, Iran and the Syrian army, which the Obama administration has so far resisted, according to a person close to the Kremlin and an adviser to the Defense Ministry in Moscow.


    Russian diplomacy has shifted into overdrive as Putin seeks to avoid the collapse of the embattled regime of Bashar al-Assad, a longtime ally who’s fighting both a 4 1/2 year civil war and Sunni extremists under the banner of Islamic State. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Moscow for talks with Putin on Monday, followed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday.


    Putin’s proposal, which Russia has communicated to the U.S., calls for a “parallel track” of joint military action accompanied by a political transition away from Assad, a key U.S. demand, according to a third person. The initiative will be the centerpiece of Putin’s one-day trip to New York for the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 28, which may include talks with President Barack Obama.


    “Russia is hoping common sense will prevail and Obama takes Putin’s outstretched hand,” said Elena Suponina, a senior Middle East analyst at the Institute of Strategic Studies, which advises the Kremlin. “But Putin will act anyway if this doesn’t happen.”

    And that, as they say, it that. Checkmate.

    The four-year effort to oust Assad by first supporting and then tolerating the rise of Sunni extremists (presaged in a leaked diplomatic cable) has failed and the Kremlin has officially served a burn notice on a former CIA “strategic asset.”

    There are two things to note here.

    First, Russia of course is fully aware that the US has never had any intention of eradicating ISIS completely. As recently as last week, Moscow’s allies in Tehran specifically accused Washington of pursuing nothing more than a containment policy as it relates to ISIS, as allowing the group to continue to operate in Syria ensures that the Assad regime remains under pressure.

    Second, even if Russia does agree to some manner of managed transition away from Assad, you can be absolutely sure that Moscow is not going to risk the lives of its soldiers (not to mention its international reputation) only to have the US dictate what Syria’s new government looks like and indeed, Tehran will have absolutely nothing of a regime that doesn’t perpetuate the existing Mid-East balance of power which depends upon Syria not falling to the West. Additionally – and this is also critical – Russia will of course be keen on ensuring that whoever comes after Assad looks after Russia’s interests at its naval base at Tartus. This means that even if the US, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are forced to publicly support a managed transition, Washington, Riyadh, and Doha will privately be extremely disappointed with the outcome which begs the following question: what will be the next strategy to oust Assad and will it be accompanied by something even worse than a four-year-old bloody civil war and the creation of a band of black flag-waving militants bent on re-establishing a medieval caliphate?

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. He’d of better brought plenty of popcorn waitin’ on King Koon’s response.

        • I don’t see Putin as the kind of guy that is going to be waiting on obama……..He’s just going to do it with or without him.

      2. Now we are really screwed, when Pukin asks USSAG for anything.

        • Passin, you’re supposed to be a Christian, so why are you NOT supporting one of the few Christian nations left, in a battle against the Islamic caliphate? Is your programming THAT complete?

          • aw burn man. thats a burn right there

          • Obama said that America is not a Christian Nation.

            • LMAO!!! “Revelations (which surprised no one but the Pentagon apparently) …”

              How would those in charge of the Administration or Pentagon know what is in Revelation, when the Commander In Chief, his Top Aide, and the CIA Chief are all Muslims? But I bet Obola can recite the Koran chapter and verse.

              Advantage Kremlin !!! 🙂

            • It’s getting very difficult to tell the good people from the evil these days. At the minimum we know obozo and the pope are bad seeds.

              • Menzo — It’s not difficult at all. Tyrant, greedy bastard POS, etc, — all are synonymous with psychopath = evil.

                Good people do not have a sense of entitlement and they can relate to others’ needs — even if they aren’t in a position to help them out, they can still empathize and relate. If they are in a position to help, they will help. They have no desire to abuse whatever power they have.

                Evil people have a sense of entitlement. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves. Even when they are in a position to help one out, they either take advantage of the person, or hesitate or refuse to help, unless of course the pay-off is quite significant. They will surely abuse whatever power they are given. They have no moral compass, no compassion, and no conscience.

                Everyone should know the difference and know how to detect them before it’s too late… or risk becoming a victim. All the prepping in the world won’t matter if you have one of these toxic people on your team, or in your camp or group. By the time you realize they are contaminating and/or stealing, it will be too late, you’ll be screwed.

              • Menzo: Agree, and throw in: politicians, lawyers, judges, Muslims, some of the many low forms of life on the planet. Some of the dumber forms of life are people like folks in the E.U. who want their already trashed out countries over run with Muslims and other third world trash. Most are gelded beta males and emotional bleeding heart leftist zombies, not caring about their future or their children’s. Informed patriots are more left brain logical types. These countries will be soon occupied then the killing starts, then a Caliphate completed. Then we are next, many Americans born with the stupid gene, incl beta males will go along with PC agendas. Politician scum and liberal church groups are allowing this on both sides of the pond.

          • .

            Putin has you fooled.

            Putin is NOT Christian.

            Putin just opened a huge mosque in Moscow last Wednesday !


            • Or maybe he just wants them all to gather in one place so that he can get them all with one bomb?

              • .

                You can call me a woman scorned.

                I used to adore Putin and hoped he would become Tsar.
                I believed he would someday be leader of all Europe.

                But that was before he did everything in his power
                to glorify antichrists and mock Tsarist symbols.

                I used to believe many things Putin did were psy-op…
                but after 15 years, I am weary of all the “psy-op.”

                That mosque looks very much like a Russia Orthodox Church…
                which could be yet another psy-op… or it could be
                just old fashioned blasphemy.


            • Putin is in NYC to address the UN. Funny how we have had three of the worlds biggest players here in the past week.

              Pukin is using Syria as another chess piece on his board of the world.Move a piece here, another piece there. Sit and study a while here, a while there.

              Move a piece here, but hold on to it, and then move it back, strategically, to fake the competition.

              Eventually he has all his pieces lined up like he wants them and he goes for Check Mate.

              Problem is, he isn’t holding all the pieces and bam! he gets squashed with 80 to 180 lb. sheets of ice.

              It will happen, and I believe it will happen in Alaska and/or, western Canada.

              • .

                Many world leaders will speak Monday Sept 28
                at the UN, including Putin.

                60 Minutes aired an interview with Putin today.
                Putin was in very good form… charismatic with
                a fire in his eyes.

                Whether Putin turns out to be hero or villain…
                God will make good use of Putin’s fire.


          • what christian nation, so called christians dont exist, only a fool would believe that such a thing exist today

        • Christians are one of the reasons why the world is so screwed up.

          • The suppression of Christianity is one of the reasons the world is screwed.

            You beleive in liberty?

            Practice it.

          • Pardon me but your ignorance is showing.

          • You blame Christians? Hang on! most asylum seekers & TERRORISTS are MUSLIM! FACT!
            Christians nothing to do with Syria, Iran, Somalia, Beirut, etc etc! these are Muslim civil wars!

      3. Tips:
        Get a headlamp with red and white light leds. Don’t use hand torches. They tie up your hands.

        50% of shots fired in police shootings completely miss the target even though they take place on average at a conversational distance. Therefore, use a sawed-off for home defense, not a sidearm or rifle. You’ll miss.

        Stop doing situps. They are too hard on your spine. Do planks instead. We’ve only known that for decades.

        • AE: I don’t do “sit ups”. I do “crunches” with the machine and my spine remains straight. There is a difference and I know the difference, but thanks anyway. 🙂

        • Acid.
          Add a green filter to your white light.
          ’tis the safest light to use when you’re keeping a low profile.
          Shine on Acid Etch!

        • White, Red, Blue, Green light.

          White, for when it’s safe to illuminate, always exorcize caution!

          Red, good for night vision but not so good for reading maps as primary routes are depicted in red.

          Blue for fog, though I still haven’t found it to be of any extra use, useful though for following blood trails.

          Green, by far the safest light to use when not wanting to be noticed.

          Sadly, you’ll always be screwed if you’re up against NV etc.

      4. Putin playing chess with a pigeon

      5. Gear review: Men’s Bugaboot™ Plus III XTM Omni-Heat™


        Buy this shit. The most comfortable, ultra ultra lightweight, and warm boot I have ever bought. I haven’t tried this one in the snow yet to couch for its waterproofness, but dammit, Columbia makes the best products on the market, far superior to The North Face.

        Why do you old people keep on wearing these military shit grade all leather combat boots when fabric/leather boots are infinitely superior in weight, cushioning, and performance? Get with the times, senex.

        • Acid, thanks for being nicer. Good post, will check them out. Remember not all us old people are not hip…

          This is what I’m listening to at this moment..

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttgi_aEOf4c

          • Sorry all. Had to do it. Seemed to be a slow night…

            Two Boots

            A woman walks into a saloon and stands on a chair.

            “Fellas! My p***y is so big that I’ll give $100 to anyone who has something that I can’t take.”
            A big cowboy gets up and takes off his size 16 cowboy boots and shoves them into her p***y.
            The boots are sucked right in. He grabs a flashlight and, that too, is sucked in. He puts his face in between her legs to get a better look and he gets sucked in. Inside he hears noises.

            “Is someone else in here?” he asks.

            “Yeah, I’ve been in here for a week,” the voice says.

            “Help me find my flashlight and we can get out of here,” the cowboy says.

            “Hell,” says the other man, “help me find my keys and we can drive out.”

            • Not to be demeaning to any females….
              Just a joke….

              May all be well here…

              • I do care for most all here, when I post a joke, it is to not be demeaning to anyone. I hope that everyne could play fair here. Yes, I post all types of jokes here, but is that what brings you back???

                Thanks, Mac for a place to vent…

                • Good stuff Eppe. Its nice to break up the monotony every now and again. Haha

                  • Welcome Focus.
                    This site goes from one extreme to another.
                    Many posters come and go.
                    Black and white.
                    Ying and Yang.
                    My favorite is ‘true truth’…

                    Will we ever know???

                    • Thank you Mac, for having a place to vent.
                      Think about it readers, if we experince the worst we hear of, would it not to be best to be prepared???

                      Insurance of the food type might be the best????


                      May all be well…

                • Eppe, I fell out of my chair on that one. One of your best ever. Keep them coming.

            • Eppe, I love you and your jokes, but that one was weak. But much appreciated. Keep safe my friend and, as Johnny Cash sang, I’ll see you further on up the road.

          • Ditto

        • Acid, I just finished looking at that boot. the ad didn’t say what type of insulation it has. Is it thermolite?

          • Didn’t say but it has 100g more than The North Face model plus Columbia has the Omni heath proprietary liner that no one else has that they claim is 20% warmer. It seems to work.

        • Why do young people(Acid) think they know it all and preach to old people. Go play with yourself in the closet and leave us old folk to handle stuff without your advice. Listen instead of talk. Its a fact that when you talk you’re not listening.

          • Blah, Blah, Blah… Get back to your closet old man.

        • I agree acid. Columbia makes damn fine products. I have a couple Columbia soft shells I use for outer layers and I much prefer them to my north face jacket. They’re more lightweight, warmer, roll up to nothing, waterproof and even fit better.

          • Soft shells are not waterproof. They are water resistant. Out in the open in an exposed downpour they will eventually soak through. Still, you should wear a wind shell or a soft shell 95% of the time.

          • Focus: We prefer Columbia soft shell jackets, better fit, N.F. is more for thin folks with skinny waists. The older N.F. ones seemed to be regular cut, but more tapered now. Salesman said he switched to Col. too.

        • Nice lookin’ booties Acid.
          I’m wondering what color you opted for? Pity they aren’t available in brown.
          What metal are the eyelets made from?
          I spend a lot of time kicking around down by the sea so anything ferrous would rust in no time.
          Happy trekking fella .

        • Acid,
          I do not wear boots that do not have the DANNER name On them , I am particularly attached to the USMC. Rat ( rugged all terrain ) boots, hot weather and temperate . Columbia does make some good affordable stuff you should also check out Wildthings tactical and arcteryx ( dead bird ) leaf series of you are willing to spend more .

          Semper Fi

        • Glued sole from foreign country,no thanks.I will only use stitched sole boots that I need to count on,too many sole losses on cheap and expensive boots with glue on sole.

      6. When will the collapse happen? Youre living in the collapse. Cant you see it?

        • Acid,

          You are right!

        • americans will learn when they are subject to muslim rule and are wearing burkas and carrying korans,

      7. The Great War is a new youtube channel about WW1 that is awesome.

        • Love all things WW1.

          The War to End ALL Wars!

          The task masters still ain’t learnt one darn thing.

          And neither have we.


      8. Putin is acting as a politician and a gentleman since he is asking help from the source who has created the subhumans named ISIS. He also needs to tell the Israel to stop helping the ISIS wounded or he’ll hit their battle hospitals and do a a real cleansing.

      9. If the moose limbs could get themselves in a huge herd, and start stampedes like what happened in Mecca, then alls we would need to do is keep em stampeding until their all dead. A simple solution to a huge problem me thinks.

        • Yup,
          Just yell,
          Look, over there, its muhammud!
          Everybody would turn and run,
          Of course moohummad is the name of every other boinker in that part of the world so,,,

        • That whole stampede thing is vexing me. So far the media has largely ignored it and keeping details close to their vest. I have yet to hear what was so startling as to make so many people push run and trample over each other. I mean I could imagine a bunch of impatient muslims who all get pushy and in a hurry, start trampling over everybody enough to kill a dozen people….hell even thirty or so would be a whole hell of a lot. But 717 people!! I mean that’s damn near a third of 9/11. 717 is a lot of friggin people….not to mention an odd recurring number lately (think mh17), but I digress. Anyhow I just feel like we’re not being told something there, as if that would be anything new with today’s media. Just my thoughts. Btw, does it make me a bad person, if when I heard of it, the first thing I thought was…..Hey finally some good news 😉

          • My thought was only 1.6 billion to go.
            I don’t like any moslem. It is not a religion.
            It is a war against humanity.

      10. .

        ISIS is the foster child of WHO ??

        From the beginning, I’ve suspected PUTIN is behind ISIS.

        If so… then Putin bombing ISIS is another ruse.


          • atossa

            Puhhhh….LEEEEEEEZZZZZ tell me you’re just kidding. I think you need to look a little closer to home.

            • .

              Only someone as deviously brilliant as Putin could pull off ISIS.

              It is no “coincidence” that after four years of war, now Putin finally intervenes in Syria.

              It is no “coincidence” Putin’s intervention in Syria was timed to happen at the same time as the “refugee” horde invasion of the EU.

              Putin is not only the master mind behind ISIS… he is behind the third world horde that is destabilizing the EU.


        • “From the beginning, I’ve suspected PUTIN is behind ISIS.”

          You are a damn fool if you honestly think that.

          • .

            If I am a fool… then I am an educated fool.

            Not only is Putin the master mind behind ISIS… he is also
            the master mind behind the current ongoing third world
            invasion of the EU [to undermine and destabilize the EU.].

            There are many photos on the internet of all the trash
            being left in the wake of the invading third world horde.
            In one of those photos of the filthy trash was a full bin
            of nice-looking EU apples the horde had left behind.

            Why was that photo of EU apples the horde left behind
            important ??

            Because in the weeks before the horde invasion of Europe,
            Putin had banned EU apples and overtly destroyed EU apples
            that had been imported in Russia.

            So the photo of the third world horde leaving behind a
            full bin of EU apples was Putin’s signature calling card.

            Here is that photo



            • You’re not as educated as you think you are, either, if you believe that crap.

              • .

                Is that all you got ?

                At least I gave an interesting, informed, intelligent response.


                • We tend to over complicate things sometimes. The Syrian crisis is about a western controlled pipeline to bring middle eastern gas to Europe thus cutting off Russian supplies. This allows for a further weakening of Russia in order to perform a western backed regime change there to eventually take control of her resources. The same root cause as the Ukraine crisis. The resultant displaced persons crisis is being exploited to threaten sovereignty thus strengthening an argument for one world governance and the abolition of borders. And we would have it now if it wasn’t for them pesky Russians, Chinese and American gun owners. A bluff has been called, we must now ante up blood and treasure yet again for the Wolfowitz doctrine. I would prefer they quietly fold and leave the table intact.

            • Those are probably Monsanto GMO apples.

            • atossa

              You have an argument to be made, but to me it still all points back to the US and arab spring, not 8 months after we started arming “moderate” rebels in Syria, lo and behold some horrible terrorist group no one ever heard of comes marching down the river out of Syria, carrying new weapons and driving American Humvees, and now all of a sudden we MUST bomb Syria for our own safety!! Oh and btw these people are so bad even al-Qaeda (the group you are getting bored of) rejects them. Puh….leeeeez. I’m not buying it. I imagine Putin realizes the war drums are banging and if he don’t jump out in front of it, nothings gonna stop the bus. Who knows? One thing for sure, conflict is coming.

            • Oh and I agree it is strange that a horde of starving desperate refugees would leave behind and entire crate of perfectly good apples. But these days you never know what to believe in media

      11. Putin is in the catbird seat and Obama is caught with his pants down. He never intended to put ISIS out of business and his actions in the last year backs that up. Its an intentional distraction to keep us from seeing all the other things he’s messing up locally and internationally. He needs to go and Clinton right behind him.

        • Obama has not been caught with his pants down. he knows what he is doing. we got obamacare, a country more racially divided than it has been for decades, thousands of illegals streaming in; he is doing everything he wants to. if he had any desire to be a player on the foreign policy stage, he would do it; but he doesn’t.

          I don’t know if he’s a muslim, communist, new world order person or some combination of all three; but he wants the usa steamrolled. you can tell because he just sits and smiles while china, Russia and iran are given free reign.

          • “china, Russia and iran are given free reign.”

            Please explain the wrong doings that China, Russia, and Iran are inflicting in this world?

            Only country who has “free reign” in the world is the United States. The number of Military Bases around the Globe says plenty enough about who has free reign.

      12. so I guess some of those weapons of mass destruction will be used by our proxies against the ruskies. Then we’re f#@##d. And PO king koon is hilarious.

      13. Putin is the only one doing the honorable thing. I’m glad the US is being served cold crow on a paper plate. I do have a little dread though, that the NWO orchestrators will abandon the west as it’s champion once they realize how weak we are, globally. I’d hope they just quit altogether, but I don’t think so. The NWO isn’t done, they’re just changing tactics.

        The NWO thinks this is a freaking prize fight, and it will throw it’s weight behind the winner. I just hope that Russia’s previous brush against the NWO will keep it honorable.

        Yeah I know, Russia and Putin is evil, so says the war hawks and NWO…think what you want, but Russia has undeniably made complete fools of our so-called leaders.

        IN THE END, THE NWO MUST FALL. The entire world depends on it.

        • “Putin is the only one doing the honorable thing.”

          You’re absolutely right Sixpack, and I would hope by now that all Americans realize their Government is nothing but Terrorist themselves.

          Hopefully those people who have been bad mouthing places like Russia, Syria, and Iran, start realizing maybe they are not the problem nor the instigators of the chaos that is occurring Globally. Maybe it’s a little more closer to home then people think… such as Washington D.C. …. could it be?

          Answer: An astounding fucking YES!!!!!!!!

          • i got a dollar that says gog magog will kick off at some point. Putin will be at the helm

          • We will never be the slaves of the Zionist master plan!

          • six, ftw

            Like the article stated, putin has basically just called or bluff. Putin is not a stupid person, just like when we (imo) faked up that bs chemical weapons attack to try and justify a war against assad, he stepped in and brokered a deal to get rid of said “chemical weapons” and basically took all the air out of our screaming. And now he is going to force us to either join him and fight “isis”. The same evil “isis” that we have been using to justify us bombing a sovereign nation. If we do not join him, we would then basically have to admit that our real fight is not with “isis”, it is with assad. And of course like I said the other day, if putin does start killing “isis” that is going to piss off our dear leaders, because they have invested a lot of money in their little proxy army known as isis, and they are going to want to protect their investment. Anything can happen. All I know is it’s a damn shame when you feel like you can better trust another nation, than you can your own. We have lost our country.

            • “it’s a damn shame when you feel like you can better trust another nation, than you can your own. We have lost our country.”

              Roger that, RH.

        • Damn straight, Six!
          It’s a tough pill to swallow, but a Russian is a much better man than our POS POTUS.
          And may the best man win.

        • Sixpack, I have to agree. If someone were to take out DC, NY, City Of London, etc., most of the world’s problems would be solved. If someone would help us take out the African virus and company, that would be even better.

      14. Putin has big balls. Obutthole has a vagina. Sad day for the Republic.

        • Sadly we have politicians instead of leaders and appointed tyrants running the show

      15. Why would the “US” try to destroy something it created? Well, come to think of it, I wouldn’t put it past those that write the scripts for PsyOps.

        • They don’t want to. ISIS is a proxy through which it was intended to overthrow Assad. Putin has called the deceit. The US was going to launch cruise missiles and the Russians and Chinese stopped that. The so called Assad gassing was also a false flag and now ISIS is clearly a US creation along with many of the other murderous groups of thugs in the region.

          • Has anyone seen IS/ISIS/ISIL behead anyone on a video lately?

            Funny how all that quit after it became fairly easy to find the evil ones were created and backed by BarryO and this Admin. AND the propaganda of the beheading videos being “produced” like a Hollywood movie.

            The US is so F**ked up.

            Thanks Barry – you queer bait muslim nig*er

      16. You all remember when ISIS gets a hit on our mainland that Obama had the chance and did nothing to kill it at the source. Putin has the high ground. Your move Obama.

        • Wasnt it clinton who said what is is ,,,, isis

          • “It depends what your definition of is is.”

            Bill Clinton

          • “It depends on what your definition of isis”, you are right!

        • ISIS already did attack America. Remember the Muslim cartoon attack in Texas. It did not last in the news long because a brave Texas traffic cop capped their ass.

          A muslim, a socialist, and a communist walk into a bar. The bartender says hello Mr. President.

        • to kill isis at the source would require a hit directly at cia headquarters in the heart of said mainland.

        • and slingshot I just have to say one more thing. It is people like you that are buying into this BS hook line and sinker. That are going to land us smack dab in the middle of another never ending illegal, fraudulent war in the mid east. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like you are saying we should have risked young Americans lives and bombed, and or , invaded Syria even sooner. Can you sir really NOT SEE that you are being LIED to? And if “isis” hits us on our mainland, you can rest assured, that is EXACTLY what Obama, and Lindsey graham, and democrats, and all your precious war hawk republicans wanted. They will be the ones standing next to “isis” lighting the fuse on the damn bomb

      17. Hey, are you kidding, th only thing Oasshole is worried about is next golf outing.

        Did anybody check out Michels ass when she met the Pope?

        This is the women that is dictating what our kids can and can’t eat in their school lunches. From the looks of her ass and the 2 daughters asses they need to miss a few meals.

        Obama, the worst and most discussing president this country has ever seen. That is the legacy this president will leave. When he gives his last address, he will be saying “thank you, stupid Americans, for letting an illegal alien Muslim man, destroy the American way of life”. Hahahaha “eat shit and die you dumb bastards”. End of his speech.

      18. Putin is allied with Iran and wants to gain Influence in the Region. If they want to kill ISIS, and ISIS wants to kill Russians its ok with me. The sand box is a death trap. Ill buy popcorn and sit back and watch.

        • The US is now allied with Iran too. In the Iran Nuclear Treaty the US promises to defend Iran from an Israeli attack.

        • So Blackjack, I am confused with your logic unless is specific to popcorn. Russia and Iran are the only two countries who actually are fighting the ISIS. So why are you against it?

          • I’m not against it. I don’t like or trust any of them, so let them have at it. Let it be their blood and treasure not ours.

            • Blackjack….Sadly the planners will make it to be our blood and treasure. Just like any other conflicts that we had no business to be or to get involved. The savages called ISIS have killed so many women and kids from all backgrounds except one. They have attacked all of the so called muslim countries except one country that our MSM always calls as the poor, innocent peace loving nation of Israel. Believe me that the planners will send our sons and daughters to get killed since the planners are the ones running our banking system and are the ones who created the savages through cooperation with their cousins in Saudis and other useless golf nations with long robes and deep petro dollar.

              BTW, It is painful to say this but I trust Putin Vs the garbage we have running our country or a new garbage who will be selected next.

              • I would not trust Putin. Russia is already a Member of OPEC. The more influence and control he gains in the region will put him in a better position to control the price and distribution of oil, as well as killing the petro-dollar.

                • “killing the petro-dollar.

                  Washington D.C. is doing a fine job on their own destroying our currency. They do not need Russia or anybody else in this area to help them continue this downward spiral of damage.

                  Our Economic woes are not caused by anybody, except for those Politicians that have sold this country down the road.
                  People need to stop blaming other countries for the mishaps that the US Government has created.

                  Point being – if the USA would mind it’s own well being and stopped interfering with Foreign Affairs. Most of the things going on in this World would not be taken place at this very moment.

                  • I dont disagree with you at all, but the only reason the dollar has held up is because of its use as the petro-dollar. If the petro-dollar dies the dollar dies and thats bad for all of us.

                    • Only reason the US Dollar has been the Worlds Reserve Currency …three words — BRETTON WOODS AGREEMENT.

                      Dollar has been dying since Nixon took the “US DOLLAR to GOLD” convertibility off the table, making our Dollar nothing but a Fiat Money Currency (worthless, a strong belief / faith in “said” currency to being supreme over other currencies)

                      A day will come, and the Dollar will die. It will be replaced by another name, but the same banking practices will remain. The illusion of paper currencies that controls our lives will continue onward, until the people see the fraud for what it is and does something about it.

                      Until then, don’t hold your breath of anything worthy for the betterment will change. I’m not optimistic and there certainly is no “faith” in said money practices.

        • Russian and China were always allied with Iran (mutual defence pact signed in 2008). What right has the US to overthrow other nations – none. The US should become isolationist and leave the rest of the world alone. Hopefully Russia will take out all those embedded western special forces.

      19. Why would the us help Putin. He doesn’t need help he could crush Isis if he wanted. Putin doesn’t have big balls we just have a Muslim for a president that wants Isis to overthrow Assad. Russia will always be the enemy of America. The only way the us would ally with Russia is for survival only. Isis is not that hard to defeat if the us or Russia wants to. How hard is it to kill savages in pickup trucks and small arms. Isis does not have bombers or fighter aircraft or a budget like the defense department. People our gov created Isis to spread fear through out the world so the gov could have a boogyman to build up the military and oppress the scared masses.

      20. Men will always follow a strong leader, even through the gates of hell….Americans deserve better than our weakassed leadership…..I envy the Russians for their alpha male!

      21. Question ?

        If the U.S. gets involved will that deplete the MILITARY
        anymore the what it is ??????

        We can not go to WAR with anyone as it i now…….

        Or can we ?????????

      22. When the Pope was visiting the White House he was having trouble with the reporters questions. The reporters were asking, “Your Holiness,” and Obama kept answering.

      23. Well, I’m a 77 year old catholic. I was educated in Catholic schools from K through my 1st year of college. I was an altar boy for 3 years. BTW never had a problem with the priests in our Diocese, they were great guys and even my Protestant father took them fishing and hunting with him. The High School was a Catholic boys academy in Davenport, IA. It was run by Jesuits. Now I read about the Jesuit philosophy becoming more progressive/socialist. That disturbs me. The Jesuits I knew were hard ass teachers. They didn’t teach you what to think they busted their collective butts teaching you HOW to think. It was a Catholic college prep school and the curriculum was difficult. We didn’t have ‘Gender Studies’ in those days; it was Algebra, Trig, Geometry, Physice, Chemistry, and all the liberal arts, American Lit. etc. I thank God every day that I grew up in that environment. I can’t imagine the hell holes this generation is subjected to. I worry now about my grandchildren.

        • Amen, sir. Peace of the Lord be with you.

        • Hello Harp.
          I think your grandchildren will be just fine with your guidance.
          Keep the faith.

        • You nailed it.

          What happened?

          Quite possibly, it is the effects of, as our parish pastor (conservative, independently wealthy, sharp, very well educated, frank, worldly and a strong anti-communist) told us in a homily in the mid-70’s I will never forget: the infiltration of the Catholic Church by communists.

      24. What do you expect from a Muslim. Can’t do that to his brethren, especially since you started it.

      25. Putin is a master of maneuver. ISIS is a US creation and proxy to try and overthrow Assad. Washington markets ISIS as threat to the world. Putin now uses this false narrative against the US.

        • .

          Maybe Putin is such a “master of maneuver”…
          a grand master of the game of global chess…
          he has convinced you ISIS is a US creation…
          when ISIS is really Putin’s foster child.


          • The USA has had 4 years to deal with ISIS and has done jack shit so what are you talking about.

            Bet you was not watching the news or jut forgot when the USA dropped weapons to ISIS as they were fighting the kurds.

            Thanks to the yanks in Europe we are being flooded with immigrants so we are dead set for a false flag like you had on 9/11 and did not have the balls to do anything about it.

            • .

              Putin also had four years to intervene
              to help his ally, Assad… but he didn’t.

              Putin has timed Russia’s intervention in
              Syria to coincide with his third world
              demographic invasion of Europe.


            • .

              Putin is behind ISIS and the third world demographic invasion of Europe.

              Only a fraction of those invaders are Syrian refugees.

              There are hordes of muslims living in Russia.

              Putin just opened a huge new mosque in Moscow last Wednesday.

              How many of those third worlders now invading the EU are a Russian muslim fifth-column ??


              • “There are hordes of muslims living in Russia.

                Putin just opened a huge new mosque in Moscow last Wednesday.”

                Yes and we have millions in the UK so whats your point and we are building about one new mosque a week for them.

                By these standards you would do better pointing the finger at Germany than saying it russia.

                Assad is not killing his people for next to nothing and for that you will have to look towards american friends like Saudi Arabia and Isreal

      26. Once we descend into chaos and madness, regardless of the reason; economic collapse, widespread natural disasters, EMP, etc, (which I believe with the proper prepping are survivable) they will be here to strengthen and advance the evil agenda of those already planted here.

        Currently, as mentioned in the following Link, the POTUS is considering allowing 100,000 of these dangerous, evil psychopaths (aka “refugees”) into our country — Obama is “weighing his options.” I urge you to read to the end.


        FYI – there are additional Links within this Link, but it’s best to read the article in its entirety before clicking on the additional Link. After reading through the entire article, go back up to about 1/4 of the way down, and CLICK ON the Barnhardt biz Link – “This is the result of liberal thinking–before you follow Pope Francis command of proving yourselves to be worthy of him.” (He means kindly taking in refugees) Click on that Link.

        WARNING: if you click on this additional Link just read the intro and be careful NOT to scroll down past the 3 lines of text directly underneath the photo of the attractive, young, blonde, Swedish woman who kindly took in (what she thought was) a “refugee” in need of help — it gets VERY graphic. Once you see the horror of what they did to her, you can’t go back and reverse what you saw.

        The point is, this could very well happen here in the U.S. because some people (whom the author of the article refers to as stupid liberals) refuse to believe the truth, which means easily misled by evil people, believing lies,… AND combined with the fact that our own government does not care about us.

        My intention is to raise awareness, not to fear monger.

        Since our so-called “leaders” do not care about us we can plan, prep and pray until the cows come home, if we are invaded by them, it will be a gradual invasion, one that increases over time, and by the time we realize they have taken over our country it will be too late.

        Unlike an economic collapse, an EMP, or a widespread natural disaster I don’t believe this is the kind of event we can prep for. We can be informed and aware so we aren’t taken by surprise, which is why I posted this information.

        But, realistically, NO amount of planning, preparing and prepping will save us from this, especially if the POTUS and his enablers are really in on it, as has been reported — then nothing can prepare us for the devastation and destruction these terrorists will unleash upon Americans once they have infiltrated our society, turned good people against each other… of course, bearing in mind that our government does not care and has no intention of helping us and stopping them.

        • Good info CC.

          The thing about Pukin and Odrama and the evil Islamic leaders.
          They have a purpose in all this. It is not evident to but a very few with eyes to see and ears to hear.

          My go to Book for everything is the KJV bible, Now, I will admit that sometimes I have to take into consideration that the 1611 translators had a limited amount of “old English” words to work with; but, they did mess things up a tad in places. The Strongs Concordance has helped immensely with bringing forth the truth when rightly dividing the words, and inserting the original meanings.

          My point is, there are deeper meanings and understandings in many scriptures and with that I have found that God has used many evil and mean peoples throughout history for His purpose to “bring correction and obedience” to His chosen peoples.

          Those chosen are from the original 12 tribes of Israel, and God is the same always. So, it is no surprise that Odrama and Pukin and the Islamic evil regimes are being used for His purpose.

          When we understand that the Caucasian/Adamic race is what makes up all those descendants of those original 12 tribes, then we can see why America and western Europe is now being targeted for punishment. Look how the majority live…worldly…selfishly….immorally. Accepting homosexuality and the killing of innocents as just something to casually follow through PC.

          Pukin, being a descendant of the Esau/Edomite/Bolshevik tribe, that God hated, even though primarily caucasian, were singled out from the womb of Jacob’s mother. Also thrown into that mix was the offspring of Moab and Ammon, as they assimilated into the tribes that went north into the lands that make up modern day Russia. The evidence is even demonstrated through the Bear spoken of in Daniel with the three ribs in it’s mouth. The ribs symbolic of bloodlines as in the helix curve. Hence Edom,Moab, and Ammon. The bear, symbolic of Russia/Gog.

          Even though Caucasian, they were not assimilated, or at least the majority wasn’t, into the House of Israel and Judah. There was a majority of Judeans that mixed in with them after the House of Israel(with some pure blood lineage of Judah) split and left the region. Those became a completely different sect.

          Anyways, these three current leaders are about to fulfill God’s purpose. They are working, behind the scenes, together, to bring judgments against this heathen nation. When we see the workings of John Boehner, to keep Planned Parenthood funded for the evil liberal establishment, for the continued killing and butchering of God’s babies, then we can say, our goose is cooked. Who is gonna do the cooking? Putin (eventually), Odrama, and the Evil islamic Psychopaths in the middle east.
          The caliphate has begun in full steam ahead by sending all these young muslim men into the Caucasian countries to breed out the white race through any and all means. It is pure evil at work through the spirit of Satan.
          BTW, eventually the kings of the East…Asians, will play their part in the whole culmination of destructive events.

          This is why people need to wake up and make a stand against liberalism and Interfaithism. It all is designed to lead to one worldism and there are no winners, much less a sovereign nation, on the backside.

          Eventually Putin will come against a weakened USSAG, with his federation of Islamic forces that he is assembling now in Syria. It is prophesied and there is not 1/1000 of a percent chance that it will not happen. Ezekiel 38/39. I know 99.9% of the preachers and theology scholars, as well as eschatology scholars, say it is the Nation of Israel, but i read otherwise.

          Pukin is not “honorable”, he is a sneaky snake. But, whether he knows it or not, he is doing God’s bidding, and he will see there is a higher Power than he when 5/6ths of his federated armies and military equipment are crushed by the Hand of God.

          I hope I am alive to witness it and see all the Pukin supporters and naysayers tuck tail and run to hide. When they see the Power and Truth come to fruition in their own world, then we will see who is laughing, and mocking.

          Standing along side evil as a supporter of what some see as a lesser of two evils, doesn’t make it right, and there will be a fine to pay.

          • passin….What are your thoughts on the Israeli roles in ISIS creation and their secret connection to the evil Putin.

            • Actually, I have a lot about this in my book i am writing.

              To make a short reply, I believe there is a majority within the Israeli gov that has been “bred-out” from true -udean blood lineage. Those elements have the same agenda towards world dominance as the Obominable one. and Pukin.

              They all have the same common denominator, or better said, the common Desolator, as their source of power.
              Those with this ideology and controlled mindset, are fine with using ISIS as their tool for gaining ground/ a better position, for that world dominance as separate regimes. However; on the surface will show to the world that they are in unity, for a greater cause. Kind of like the Interfaith religion system.

              There are people that like to link me as a big _ewish supporter. I am a God and Jesus supporter and their “land” of Israel. There are elements within the nation of Israel that follow a Jesus Christ as Saviour ideology and spiritual worship style. i support them only by prayers, just as I do all peoples of color that put Christ as the center of their worship. They, are those that get “grafted” into the bride of Christ, and i see as brothers and sisters in Christ. Their actual area of habitation on the earth has no consequence, or consideration, to me. Not to God either, i believe.

              • passion. Thank you for the reply. While I strongly believe in the power of almighty I am not a religious person by any mean. My only concern is many times the religion(s) makes their follower to blind to the truth. Crimes at the barbaric level has and will be committed by those who cover their true self under different faiths and self justify themselves to commit their barbaric actions. No need to provide examples since we do see it each and everyday.

                We all need to spread the truth regardless of the circumstances. If a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist etc. commits crime the reaction should be the same from a human perspective. The barbaric ISIS, The nomadic Saudis who on a regular basis behead some of their prisoners while being selected to the human rights commission in the center of corruption named the UN, the IDF blood sucking soldiers who shoot Palestinian kids and women for sport and no damned soul talks about it in the Zionist owned media all are evil and in my book the only choice is to be destroyed. But most importantly the mother of all worldwide corruption named central banks should be perceived as the #1 enemy to the humanity since these SOB’s don’t believe in any faith except one that is called human domination.

            • .

              Stolz Vorfahren says:

              ” passin….What are your thoughts on the Israeli roles in ISIS creation and their secret connection to the evil Putin. ”

              I posted a detailed comment to answer your question…
              but it was deleted [censored.]


          • PWTW – Very well said and insightful, thanks, Passin.

          • .


            A certain famous someone once made the analogy
            of Berlin as God’s temple. Based on his analogy…
            Germany is Jerusalem.

            Ezekiel 38

            Germany is the land brought back from the sword…
            rebuilt after it was destroyed in WW2.

            Germany is the land of unwalled villages [unwalled
            when the infamous Berlin Wall fell on Nov 9, 1989.]

            Germany is the rich land living in safety.

            Then Merkel put a hook in gog/magog’s mouth by bending
            over backwards to welcome in hordes of third worlders
            who are now covering the land like a dark cloud to take
            a spoil.


        • Look up Barbara Lerner Spectre. The Muslim invasion of Europe isn’t an accident. It is premeditated white genocide. The broken body of the young Blondel girl is a Zionist victory.

          • Right, Delta… and what I was stressing is what happened there can very easily happen here in the U.S.,…or any country for that matter. It won’t happen overnight. It will be very gradual so it goes undetected until it’s too late, as the U.S. govt, over time, allows increasingly more and more “refugees” to come here to the states.

            Once they are here in ‘power is in numbers’, their method of destruction is explained and outlined in the Link. I’m sure some SHTF’ers didn’t click & read the Link because it appears to be some religious or heaven/hell site.

            Anyway, check out the map in the Link and also click on the Link above the map which is a list containing the exact U.S. locations/addresses where the “refugees” will be placed/housed…. I noticed these locations are strategically positioned all over the U.S…. 3 in Boise, Idaho alone, and about 20 or so scattered throughout California, just to name two states out of 30 where they will be housing these “refugees” until they can assimilate into our society (which they won’t assimilate).

            Some will definitely be true refugees in need, but MOST will be Muslims with an evil agenda. Their M.O. – mixing the good with the evil makes it less obvious. Once the SHTF and we descend into chaos and anarchy they will have already had ample time to acclimate/adjust to living here and will know their way around and therefore they will be poised to take over… not a fear monger here, just raising awareness. I urge everyone to read the article.

      27. When it comes to the title of the “SEXIEST man alive”, Putin is much more deserving, of the title than that fella from Korea. But since Mel Gibson shit on his public image by leaving his wife and acting like a fool, I’m convinced that the SEXIEST man is no longer alive. They are all history. But Mel was definitely the “SEXIEST man” who ever won the title.

        I don’t for one minute believe that Mel Gibson became a billionaire by being anti-Semetic. Just propaganda. I don’t believe the oath keepers want to protect the second amendment for “real Americans”. I don’t believe anything except that I wish I enjoyed some of the benefits of being a citizen of Isreal. Isreal in the Middle East, and The Isreal States of America. But alas, I must watch the world go by from my desolate corner, and only dream what it must be like to rule the world. Let me know how it all turns out. I’m dying to know. Actually I’m just dying. If I don’t see you again, it means the American Gestapo is not a Conspiracy Theory. Just the facts.

        As for me, I can’t hate anyone for long. Quick to anger. Just as quick to forgive. Can’t we all just get along. I guess you have to be really sophisticated to understand the necessity of fighting for generation after generation in order to secure peace. When will it ever end. When we’re all frying in hell, after we blow each other apart in a nuclear war. Jesus.

        • Thanks.

      28. yeah, we’ll help… by publishing a bunch of satellite photos of Russian air force assets in Syria that were sent to fight isis all over the internet…. you’re welcome!

      29. Putin is the West’s straw-man that they’ve commissioned to “ask” them for “help” or, at least to be a force with whom they “have no control” to wipe out the real Free Syrians. They’re NOT there to wipe out the U.S.-equipped, American-oil-purchases-financed and Western-staffed terror agency “ISIS”. That agency was created to be a mistaken synonym for the real Free Syrians for the purpose of misleading the gullible Americans into buying the accusations that the Free Syrians committed the atrocities of “ISIS” and, as a fake target for the West (or now, their fake nemesis Russia) to bomb the real Free Syrians off the face of the earth.

      30. Did anyone notice this article was written by Tyler Durden? Do you know who Tyler Durden is? I do. Tyler sold his soap to department stores at $20 a bar. Lord knows what they charged. It was beautiful. We were selling rich women their own fat asses back to them.

        • Tyler Durden is still a well spoken, charismatic and wise individual, regardless of the soap… but still, people, use soap. Putin approves this message.

      31. Putin is now the global leader: his popularity around the world is akin to what people used to think of US presidents (the last one being Bill Clinton). Putin is now the person people turn to for leadership and to take the right decision.

      32. The Germans try to pull back from attacing Syria and a plane crashes and now VW and BMW are being fined by the USA, big time.

        What we are seeing is what happens when the USA and it’s jewish bankers are unable to bribe/blackmail smaller nations.

        if Europe is free then how come we have american military bases all over it and i am talking about big bases along with made in USA nukes.

        it took people about 2-3 years to workout the truth about 9/11 and about the same length of time to workout who’s paying ISIS.

        Number one country Muslims would atack is Isreal for what it has done in Gaza and to muslims in general over the years that kind of gives the game away don’t ya think

      33. Putin has the guts to show what the U.S. Government and West really are about, by just asking one question; Fish or cut Bait!


      34. Putin is asking the USA to help fight the Sueweeee muslime, against the shithead muslime.
        You see that Iran and Syria is shithead muslime and the most of the rest of the area is suewee muslime. You get rid of the suewee muslime and the shithead muslime can have their own caliphate that stretches from Iran to the Mediterranean sea.

        The best thing to do is to step aside and let them kill each other off. These turds have been doing this for around 1200 years now, so why stop them now.


      35. You guys can probably see that there is no actual left/right sides in the US. Why can’t you see that the same scheme is global? Remember, the cold war was done with both sides cooperating to various degrees to achieve goals.

      36. Putin is a master mofo and watching him with old scumbag Charlie Rose on CBS, he seemed much more of a “leader” answering questions than any of the assclowns we have running for president. Like him or fear him or warily observe him, it’s clear as crystal that the smug fool we have leading our nation is totally outclassed. im glad Putin is calling his bluff, for all the good it will do.

        Have you seen the video where people are given a choice between a Hershey bar and a bar of silver, and they choose the Hershey bar? There is Obamas constituency. We are fucked, plain and simple.


        • You are exactly right, Charley Waite.

          The dumbing down by the establishment has worked. The last few generations have bought into the lie and drank the kool-ade of liberaism.

          There are only a few of us old school boomers that get it. Well, there are a few of the late boomers, that have been educated through God’s wisdom and they have a good grip on it also.
          It will all work out in the Millennium though.

      37. Putin looks like a superstar leader compared to Obummer. All this pope crap is a distraction from what’s really going on with the vagrants from Syria. Seems like mostly men fleeing why aren’t ey fighting Isis. They are Isis and invading Europe. Our brain dead leaders want to take them in is crazy. It’s not hard to see that thousands of Isis terrorists coming into your nation is a HUGE problem for national security. These guys are trained fighters and know how to build explosive devices from things that are easily available. The gray man thing seems to work for them. The only way to deal with it IMO is to attack any Muslims here in America. Enemy needs to be destroyed our leadership won’t do it so patriots must. If we wait too long it will be out of control.

        • Pope crap, well said!

        • Stack ’em high, Asshat. Be a leader.

        • Asshat, I like the way you think. Your posts are always very pragmatic and filled with common sense.
          But instead of attacking all Muslims, why don’t we cut the head of the snake off?? I’m talking about the perverted leaders who hold their entire flock hostage — in the name of religion (Islam, Christianity, etc.).

          Why aren’t we demanding an end to our ‘alliance’ with those Saudi Wahhabi sand nig*gers who fund madrases (schools) throughout the Arab world?
          Why aren’t American ‘patriots’ assassinating these Saudi pigs who hide out in embassies and missions here in the US? That would fu*cking send a strong message. And we need to off those leaders in CONgress who support this sh*it.

          No entangling alliances as per the Founding Fathers.
          My 10 cents.

      38. Putin is a snake in the grass.

        We have meddled in his foreign affairs ie: Ukraine.

        So, he will meddle in ours, Israel.

        This ISIS issue is a deception.

        Few people know that some of the worlds largest oil and gas reserves have been found off the coast of Israel.

        Will eventually render The Saudi influence to zero. What a wonderful day that will be

        • .

          The Israelis have always had a historical connection with the Russian empire and USSR.

          Many Israeli political and military leaders were born in the Russian empire or USSR.

          The USSR was the first nations to “de jure” recognize the jew state.


        • And bingo was his name-o.

          Thank you.

      39. It’s hard to tell the difference between Israeli’s and Arabs, they look the same to me. Proof being the governments identity of the supposed 9-11 terrorists. They were called muslims or Saudi Arabians, when in fact some were Israeli Jews, like Atta who was a mossad and cia asset. This is the truth that is covered up at every opportunity. The entire lie of 9-11 rests on this deception. Why is Netanyahoo visiting Russia to talk to Putin? Why is America’s so called defense budget on and off paper over a trillion dollars a year amid calls for more? Why are the people of America now on the chopping block in terms of survivability? How brainwashed are the American people to sit back and watch the decline and their intended demise and take it without joining together to stop it? Are we powerless to change anything?

        • Aljamo:

          The problem is overwhelming because of the enormous wealth and power of the Rothschilds’ banking monopoly. 500 trillion dollars. One half of the wealth of the world. This is overwhelming. You can’t just go out and take out a few bad guys. The entire system of the world is rigged and on some level everybody knows it but is powerless in the face of such overwhelming mind boggling power. The people who left Egypt with Moses took everything. Gold, jewels. Those who were peaceful settled among the peoples in the surrounding areas. A violent group remaining of thugs followed Moses as they commited genocide against the inhabitants of the fertile land they desired. The land of milk and honey was gained by a murderous invasion just as the Palistinians were pushed out of their homes. And this pattern continues in the East and soon through violent aggression will happen where ever our masters desire. We are captured. They own almost everything. We are quite literally slaves. But even slaves have the power to overthrow their masters. And no one is more aware of this than our masters who themselves freed themselves from Egyptian capture and stole their wealth. How to free ourselves I don’t know. Awareness and truth are a starting point. There is a video on the web that talks about the difference between the religion and the political Zionists. I know very little about this but I am becoming more willing to hear all sides. I like most am overwhelmed and most of the time don’t want to even read, or listen to info on this subject. It’s wrong. But that’s how it is.

      40. Who will TPTB and Obama pick for speaker Hmmmmm!!!

        • He’ll be a commie. Bet on it.

      41. So many smart guys – so much chaos.

      42. I wish it was as easy as Russia, China and the US joining forces and wiping out ISIS. Sadly, there are to many complications that will not allow that to happen.

      43. All the world’s a stage and we are just the players. Our country that many so vehemently defend is one of the biggest liars on the face of this earth.

        We are not and never were a so called christian nation. People are too wrapped up in believing the propaganda that has been spoon fed to them since they were children.

        Until we can remove the veil from our own eyes and stop parroting rhetoric that is based on the elites manipulation of our very own psyches (ingrained in our dna if you will), there will never be any change and never any difference made in the world.

        America is not a democracy. America is not a republic. America is not based on the constitution.

        Rather America is a corporation. Run by corporations. Every single move our government makes is to feed this leviathan called corporatism. This is how it has always been and always will be.

        People want to believe that they are fighting for something. It makes them feel special and important. Yet if you are too busy fighting an invisible entity, you are unable to see the real enemy, hiding in plain sight and continuing to destroy.

        You want change? Let go of every single programmed religion, government, patriotic, moral code, etc ingrained in you since birth.

        Start from scratch. Research. Investigate different points of view. Do not be afraid to have your reality shattered. It is the only way to truly be free.

        Unless of course you like living in the illusion you have created for yourself and your children.

        • RJ,

          You’re close, but Amerika is communism, yankee style.

          Hopelessness? Yes, Macbeth style, “all the world’s a stage,” etc. “…a tale told by an idiot..,” etc.

          Let go of your c and grab your socks.

          And rack your 1911. Get in the game.

      44. I HOPE PUTIN nukes isis

      45. I like Putin, I respect him. “Wipe ISIS from Face of the Earth” – exactly what I’ve thought all along, yet never once heard that sentiment from my president or any member of congress! What is wrong with this world?! Why didn’t that video of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage not arouse the wrath of the world? – every nation with an army should have marched in there and destroyed this evil, god-forsaken entity, and wiped it off the face of the earth! Go Putin!

      46. Look man.

        I know I was once all delusionally calling for this very thing. Moron I am on that one, point made, I get it, I apologize.

        It might actually fool enough people if you weren’t ex-KGB, man.

        But you are.

        And they are… well the fucking KGB. We may not know everything about those assholes but we know enough.

        So put away the violins baby, we can smell your bullshit.

        Sigh. Then everyone gets all pissed and goes nuclear. Oh this is a wonderful shit sammich we got here.

        • It’s not the KGB that spying or hacking our computers, it the USA with major help from Microsoft.

          Russia has not bribed our MP’s so that no one can afford a house and the bankers all get rich on money made from thin air.

          Russia does not have military occupation forces all over the world like the USA and have carpet bombed more city’s than I care to count.

          I will take your KGB and raise you the CIA who at the very least were involved in 9/11

          • The KGB was the prototype. Ok, TECNICALLY, the SS was the prototype if you want to go that far back, but the KGB was the first bastard copycat.

            Granted, their methods were more obvious than the CIA / NSA… and… CONSIDERABLY… more heavy-handed.

            So if we’re going to have an asshole competition here, they both lose.

            Why do I wanna get more assholes involved? They’re gonna fuck us over, it’s what they do. What they did for damn nigh 40 years.

            • .

              You forgot to mention Lenin’s Cheka and Stalin’s NKVD…
              bolsheviks who made Hitler’s SS look like choir boys.


      47. .

        Putin’s UN speech:

        ” Putin: ‘Do you realize what you have done?’

        ‘We believe that any attempts to play games with terrorists, let alone to arm them, are not just short-sighted, but hazardous. This may result in the global terrorist threat increasing dramatically and engulfing new regions,” the Russian leader said. ”



        ” Putin to UN: Export of so-called democratic revolutions continues globally

        The export of the so-called democratic revolutions continues, as the international community fails to learn from mistakes, which have already been made, Russian President Vladimir Putin said addressing the UNGA. ”



        Putin understands history…

        The USA has used war and revolution to “make the world safe for democracy”… and has destroyed the world in the process.

        US foreign policy supported revolutionaries that destroy Tsarist Christian Russia which ushered in the horrific bolsheviks.

        In President Wilson’s 1917 war speech to Congress… he praised those revolutionaries who had just destroyed Russia’s 900 year old Christian monarchy and called them America’s “partner.”


      48. Stolz Vorfahren:
        “While I strongly believe in the power of almighty I am not a religious person by any mean. My only concern is many times the religion(s) makes their follower to blind to the truth. Crimes at the barbaric level has and will be committed by those who cover their true self under different faiths and self justify themselves to commit their barbaric actions.”

        Stolz, I totally agree with you. I must also add that I have LOST RESPECT for most religious folk that go to mosque daily to pray, or flock to church on Saturdays (7th Days Adventists) or Sundays WHILE their abominable leaders do EVERYTHING that is AGAINST their alleged beliefs. And they just sit there, going to church or mosque, carrying on with their daily routine — as if alarm bells shouldn’t be ringing or what now.

        It just sickens me how pious religious folk (not you Passin) allow such evil to manifest. It’s beyond HYPOCRISY. Why the fcuk go to church in the first place??

        This is why I really get annoyed with ‘Compassionate Conservative’ Republican bible thumpers who LOVE sending our troops to fight Zionist wars. Don’t get me started.

      49. .

        Putin’s airstrikes in Syria did NOT hit ISIS.

        As I posted previously… Putin is the mastermind secretly behind ISIS.


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