Puerto Ricans in the Dark As Debt-Saddled Gov Loses Power: “Not Prepared For Something Like This”

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 47 comments

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    What would happen if the government was so broke that it couldn’t even afford to maintain the basics – including keeping the electricity on?

    That’s essentially what’s happened in debt-ridden and poorly-managed Puerto Rico, where a fire took hold at a power plant, and left more than 3 million people without power.

    There are many SHTF situations, and many of them center around societal or governmental collapse, but few people in the United States know what that looks like.

    But it happens regularly enough that there are examples in the Commonwealth protectorate of Puerto Rico, and in Venezuela, just to name a couple of examples.

    When conditions are dim, there is no money to maintain the infrastructure, and it opens the system up to the inevitable – problems are going to crop up, and without a good system in place, are likely to cause major problems.

    In fact, Puerto Rico’s problems have been decades in the making.

    via USA Today:

    The vast majority of Puerto Ricans were without power Thursday after an enormous fire at an electrical plant left most of the island’s 3.5 million people without electricity.

    Power is slowing being restored across the island, and the entire system should be back to normal on Friday.


    “This is a very serious event,” Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said of the outage. “The system is not designed to withstand a failure of this magnitude. I assume complete responsibility. Everyone knows that the company’s maintenance problems began decades ago.”

    The power company in Puerto Rico is in some serious debt – totaling over $9 billion. The only realistic solution to the island-protectorate’s money problems has come in the form of another U.S. taxpayer bailout… which would surely prove unpopular, but nonetheless, hasn’t happened yet.

    Puerto Rico’s leaders have tried in vain to hold together the pieces, despite crumbling infrastructure and immense debt that they have no reasonable way of repaying. via ABC News:

    He said he understood people’s frustrations and the need to blame someone for the blackout, which plunged the U.S. territory’s 3.5 million inhabitants into darkness amid a decade-long economic crisis that has worn Puerto Ricans down.

    “We all want the system to be back online,” Garcia said. “Let’s hold someone responsible for this. Blame me. I’ll take the blame. What’s another stripe on the tiger?”

    Until then, Puerto Rico will continue to struggle, and the living conditions of the people will continue to deteriorate, while service and utilities are becoming more and more unreliable.

    What will people do? They will do without; they will wait in lines; they will stay home from school, work and business. An already bad economy is getting shut down – for now, only temporarily – and everything gets worse before it gets better.

    via ABC News:

    “Puerto Rico is not prepared for something like this,” said Celestino Ayala Santiago, who slept in his car so he could have some air conditioning to escape the heat.


    The fire apparently knocked out two transmission lines that serve the broader grid…  “Given that the system is so old, numerous setbacks could occur,” he said. “The system is not designed to withstand a failure of this magnitude.”

    As soon as the power failed, roads that are clogged with traffic on a normal day were plunged into chaos as streetlights went out. Businesses closed, long lines formed at gas stations and rooms quickly filled at hotels with generators. Many Puerto Ricans dragged mattresses out to balconies and porches to spend the night outside, doing what they could to ward off mosquitoes in the still air.


    Many Puerto Ricans expressed doubts that power would be restored quickly, saying the economic slump has affected basic government services.

    While this unfortunate event is expected in struggling places like this one, the truth is that the potential for this to happen in America – potentially prompting long-term periods without power or government services – is entirely possible and perhaps inevitable.

    If and when the system gives way – economically or otherwise – there will be no way of stopping the decline that could bring with it life-threatening conditions to everyone who is dependent upon it.

    That is way is is essential to be prepared, and keep supplies on hand to a) weather the storm of temporary disruptions and events and b) live securely without needing to rely upon services and necessities that may not be there someday.

    Unfortunately, the problems are all-too-real and it could even happen here.

    Puerto Rico is under a debt bomb, and these problems were foreseeable and inevitable. Unfortunately, they will only get worse.

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      1. Yawn…

        Oh my God!!! Puerto Rico was without power for one night!!!! The sky is falling!!!!

      2. Might be some looting and killing going on. San Juan Saturday night.

        • Nothing new there.

          With the power being out, the killing rate might decrease. People won’t be able to see what they are shooting at!

        • Liberals shooting Liberals…..

      3. Coming to a metropolis near you, at some point. I don’t think Petersburg VA is far off.

      4. You refused statehood your on your own not are problem.

        • The real problem is that all these Puerto Rican assholes are US citizens because Puerto Rico is a US territory. Then can freely immigrate anywhere in the US.

          Hopefully they will all just go to New York with all the other liberal shitbags.

          • The reason why Puertorricans are USA is because USA invade us in 1900. Fucking pothead racist.Vote Trump you liberal bitch.

            • Then go back as an independent country and not a US territory. See what help PR gets then. Maybe the wave of PR coming into C FL will stop because they don’t bring much into the schools because they are so far behind and want free handouts.

      5. No Power for Puerto Ricans. That means peace and quiet, No Boom Boxes Blasting.

        Hillary Clinton was denied a step stool for the debates on Monday Night. She will have to stand on her own 2 wobbling feet. I bet she buckles and falls down, and can’t stop coughing.


      6. During the “Big One, the San Francisco quake of 1989” power was off for an extended time. It was only about three weeks, but a lot can happen in three weeks.

        There were more rapes.

        Traffic lights were out. You were somewhat stuck where you were at as driving was risky without stop lights.

        At night it became impossible to see.
        The only good thing about lights out is the starry skies are more visible. But few people bother to spend time appreciating the astronomical show in the night sky. Pity.

        Costco sells batteries. Even if you are not a prepper, it would behoove you to have at least one lantern with plenty of extra batteries.

        Stock up on charcoal, and or a means to cook. Have a long match or two. You’re gas stove may still be on but without electricity, it may not spark the burners. For that all you need is a flame. Your cigarette lighter is for cigarette lighting. Get a lighter with an extension.


        • Our previous stove had no pilot lights or starters. That’s what kitchen matches are made for. We stocked up many years ago. I strike one every few weeks to make sure they’re still good.

      7. Maine had an ice storm some years ago and the electric was out for about a month.

        • It only affected 3 people because nobody lives in Maine.

      8. You guys that haven’t experienced the PR infestation in the northeast have no idea and no opinion on the matter. At first it’s . O there just like us looking for a better life for there little children. Then there little children turn into gang bangers and our little children brought up differently don’t know how to handle terrorist tactics . Our bimbos have taught our little children to never hit . There bimbos shutup and do what there told. That’s are biggest weakness . We let our stupid do goody at all cost what would Jesus do bimbos vote. Our traitor pastors don’t teach sell your clothes to buy a sword . He will rule with an iron rod, and his robe will be red with blood. The next messiah will burn the Tares. And who are the Tares. Who are the Tares? GUESS?

        • I was in San Juan Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. We we to the downtown square shopping area. There were three policemen on every corner in the area, about 50 in total. They were there to keep the robbers and muggers out of the tourist area.

          Puerto Rico is a shit hole.

          That is what I think the rest of America will become like.

          • Already happening in Central FL the last 15 yrs. I have to keep moving further out.

      9. Did not Israel just get $26 billion. Just goes to show you Sheeple where you stand. HaHaHa

      10. Since 1973 until 2008, all governors from the island two dominating parties, are affiliated with the DNC in the states, and then in 2012 the people elected another governor affiliated to the democrats in the states. I’m an American veteran born in PR, and honestly they had the government they deserved. I’m an American patriot, not republican and my alligeance it’s to the USA, so help me God. ??


        • Then as an American patriot you will admit that the majority of Puerto Ricans are garbage.

      11. Might be nice to have one of those pop up tents with mosquito netting walls. A small 12vdc fan to move the air around. Those cooling materials/towels, called FROGs.

      12. John stiner. U right on that. I’ve been there. And Cayman Islands and Barbados. Hotels are nice but once outta there it’s a fing mess. Like the ocean and blue skies but it ain’t worth the crime. I’d give Puerto Rico back.

      13. Lone Wolverine

        “We let our stupid do goody at all cost what would Jesus do bimbos vote.”

        When things go south, they are on their own.

        No help from me.

        • I got your back anon.

        • Or side by side.

      14. Interesting study in unintended consequences. By allowing them to freely overpopulate, as the U. S. allows them to freely go throughout the U. S. as citizens, Puerto Rico has far outspent its resources and ability to pay.

        By bailing them out, the problem will grow and the inevitable day of reckoning is delayed with far worse consequences.

      15. This is where the demand destruction of fuel starts. It always begins at the periphery. Sure, right now the power is off because of a fire, but in the not too distant future, there will be forced rationing and rolling blackouts.

        The cheap oil is gone and the countries that have to import all their hydrocarbons to function, and have little to export to pay for it, will be the first to feel the crunch. The first to be cut off from the supply.

        Get out while you can.

      16. Get yourself one of the lanterns that you can wear on your head. These allow you to have both hands free to do. They’re cheap!

      17. Well, I guess the sentiments are in agreement about the island.
        Without getting long winded about it, the people here are mostly warm and friendly. I’ll take it over any of the other places in the Caribbean and central America.

        Power came back on about an hour ago. Our area appears, as usual, to be the last to be restored.
        Being a little remote has it’s advantages. The locals in my area have been very welcoming to us. We’ve been here over 7 years and have had no problems.
        Biggest issue I have in the neighborhood is a horse and her foal roaming the roads and driveways eating grass and weeds. Hey, they help keep the roads clear.
        3 days w/o power in the area and didn’t notice a thing. Had enough gas stored coupled with solar backup.

        It appears the media here cut back on reporting any chaos, etc. after the initial day/night.
        Information is hard to come by. Power started coming back in many areas after the first day.
        I think people are right about getting out of cities in most shtf situations. But if you don’t have a place out-there, waiting it out for a day (or several)might be better.
        Overall, it’s possible the local media you usually get info from may have “managed” news. Maybe not, but possible, just like national news is managed.

        By the way, US Virgin Islands has more debt per capita than PR.
        They all run government just like the US gov. Over-over budget.
        But they can’t print money.

        • They are always warm and friendly when you have money they want .try being poor . We Americans are so stupid and spoiled. We have know idea.

        • Warm and friendly. Lull the American people into warm and friendly. And be damed. You are a traitor. Take your wife and kids downtown one night then talk about warm and friendly .curse you and them.

          • Lone wolf, are you calling me a traitor?
            Say it my face and I’ll feed your carcass to the fire ants and you’ll be gone in a week.
            At least you spelled it right which is more than I can say about the rest of your drivel. Did you make it through 7th grade?
            Have you got opinions on Hawaiians, Virgin Islanders, Guamanians, Marshall Islanders, Tongans and Palauans?
            I’d like to hear them if you have a remote clue to what I’m talking about.
            Maybe the powers that ran the USA back when these territories became part of the US wanted a slice of tropical paradise? Whatever the reason was, if you don’t like it write your Senator.
            Would you call native Alaskans scum, or American Indians?

            Another ugly American.
            Have another drink and STFU.

            • My carcass to the fire ants? Brilliant . Ok . The American Indians . Sakajewea was kidnapped by the Hidatsa and sold to the mandans when she was 12 ? That was there way of life kidnapping and selling other tribe members. Read about Comanche captives and a fate worse then death. But we deserved it and our children deserved it because they beat another tribe and possessed the land. The Hawaiians . Read about King kamehameha and the rivers of blood when he took over all the islands.many pacific and Caribbean islander were canibles most of Puerto Rico. Have you ever heard of long pork .? I don’t have a remote clue of what your talking about. And I did make it through the 7th grade. I’ve been to Alaska . Didn’t meet many natives . But most are on welfare. What kind of person uses the word drivel? If disliking what these people have done to there own country’s makes me an ugly American so be it. Now I’ll go and have another drink.

            • And read about Matilda Lockhart . You little brown person.

              • And after you read about her . Tell us we shouldn’t exterminate your friends.

                • Had to go fishing offshore yesterday, so I’m behind on your required reading.
                  But thanks for the world genealogical lesson.
                  “Drivel”, who uses it?
                  I was educated in the typical So. Calif. public school system. People who are somewhat educated or well read use it.
                  Drivel is defined as, (#3) “to talk foolishly or stupidly”.
                  You made it!
                  No little brown person here. I just take people as I find them, according to the content of their character (or in your case the lack of). I stand 6 ft., blond hair and blue eyes.
                  There are lousy Puerto Ricans just as there are lousy Americans, Mexicans, Israelis, Frenchies, Brits, etc.
                  You’re judging all be the same book cover.
                  You’ll be the one saying, ‘when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up’. Get it?

      18. So, did the fire knock out the electricity or was it the governments inability to pay the light bill?

        • Probably both.
          As to what I said about local information, or the lack of, you don’t know if a crime wave is coming or people want to help each other.
          Stay prepped and alert.

        • My understanding is the fire caused the biggest problem and it is in an old facility that the government would not spend any money on to update. So even once you fix it you have to be careful when you bring it back on line due to the uneven electrical loads and how the older switchgear stuff works. I’ve only helped bring up a little 150,000 Watt multi-generator system for a factory and that was a real pain even with modern switchgear equipment. I can only imagine what a many mega watt system involves.

      19. Petro ricans are scum. Life goes on….

      20. Why do we want PR . Anyway .and to let them here. What good do they do? The domestic enemy’s work? We will be destroyed from within.

      21. Why is it so hard for us to understand that third world people will turn us into a third world country. What special kind of stupid are we. Bimbo stupid ? Then it’s culling time.

      22. There ar many of you guys that love your bimbo and will protect her at all cost. And if she votes for Hilary . That’s her decision. Well we don’t look at it that way. And you are the domestic enemy. And you know exactly what we are going to do to you and yours. And that is not negotiable. And we can’t wait to have some fun. We will fight. And who will win we will see. It’s come to this . Not by our choosing . But it’s good.time to get it over with. Either perversion soddom and Gomorrah or we survive. But it is written . Mystery Babylon will be destroyed. And we are it. A period of tribulation then the new world. Our lamps are full. Even so come soon.

      23. Help each other? Have you ever lived in a third world country?they are animals. You can’t drink the water idiot. Try taking a shower idiot. Do you want that here? We are so stupid it’s incredible.

      24. He USA is in the same situation and the congress and Obama have know this for years. The USA will collapse and the debt will never be repaid. This is part of the Zionist Fed plan for years. Print the money until the end. It’s over here too.

      25. john stiner : You are a disgrace to your own country. You are one of many american that think you are at the top of the world. No wounder why the World hates US Gov. You are for a rude awakennig.

      26. puerto ricans aka chicken fuckers

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