Protest Signs: ‘I Listed the Federal Government As A Dependent On My Taxes This Year’

by | Oct 12, 2010 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    Protesters greeted President Obama when he arrived in Chicago on Thursday. The President was reportedly stuck in a traffic jam as a result, giving him ample time to reflect on the concerns of the voting public:

    Slavery Begins with Mandatory Volunteering:


    Read My Lipstick:



    The Axis of Taxes:





    A new tax deduction?




    An interesting question, indeed:


    It simple, really:


    We can likely add 200,000+ monthly SHTFplan readers to this list:





    Pictures sourced from the Jeff Rense web site. Some pictures have been made available by Founding Bloggers.


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      1. I doubt he seen them.  Windows & sunshades tinted too dark.

      2. Oh, he saw them….and laughed.

      3. You think he can read?  He sure isn’t good with basic math or accounting…

      4. he doesn’t care…

      5. I don’t agree.  Both are polarized & completely block all reality except own fantasy for larger plan, which is on course &  moving fwd.

      6. Wake up America!  -  Join the Revolution
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore…

      7. Comments….. Oh he saw them alrighty, and I applaud those who took the time to make the signs and protest. Nov. 2 is just a few days away.  I already cast my vote absentee the day I got it.  I voted conservative the whole way.

      8. Gee – When Obama was in my home town we had snipers on the roofs, helecopters, police blocking traffic for miles around.  How did all those people get the President in a traffic jam?

      9. The USA has many batmobiles, batcopters, batboats & batplanes.  Does anybody really beat him in basketball & golf?

      10. Let’s see now,

        Gitmo closed – check
        Out of Iraq – check
        Pay as we go – check
        Alternative energy – check
        Jobs – check
        No taxes less than $250K – check
        Secure borders – check
        Don’t ask/don’t tell – working on it  check
        Health care – what?  check
        Divert precious resources to Afgannie stan – check
        Be friends to all countries – check
        Reduce CO2 – check
        Deflate dollar – check
        Hope – check
        Dreams – check
        Change – check
        Green tax – check
        VAT tax – working on it
        Give speeches in front of only fools – check
        Put feet up on Oval Office desk with picture taken – priceless!
        Did we miss anything?

      11. Goldenfoxx,

        They don’t care who you vote in…..they either already own them or will.

        If voting made an actual difference, it wouldn’t be allowed.  It is merely an illusion of freedom so folks think they have some say in a rigged game.

        The best protest now is hold signs in the streets, but don’t vote. 

        When it gets down to 1-2% voting, the scam will be obvious.

      12. The system rigged so it wouldn’t help, but technically a certain turnout is required for the vote to be “representative.”

        I quit voting years ago when I realized that the only people with any real ideas how to fix things aren’t telling you they should be your President.

      13. Let’s see now,
        Gitmo closed – check
        Out of Iraq – check
        Pay as we go – check
        Alternative energy – check
        Jobs – check
        No taxes less than $250K – check
        Secure borders – check
        Don’t ask/don’t tell – working on it   check
        Health care – what?  check
        Divert precious resources to Afghanistan – check
        Be friends to all Muslim countries – check
        Reduce CO2 – check
        Deflate dollar – check
        Hope – check
        Dreams – check
        Change – check
        Green tax – check
        VAT tax – working on it
        Deep water drilling – check
        Give speeches in front of only fools – check
        Solar panels on White House roof – check
        Bail out Banks – again?
        Bail out Wall Street – check 
        Did we forget anything?

      14. they got us over barrel and they are swapping thier thrust into our orafices by swapping the demo with publicans.The powers to be said, you want change, well we will give you the Republicans back but at the end fact is we will continue to do what were doing  weather you like it or now or what party you power .Now were going to give you a wooden chopping stick to put in your mouth because we are going to thrust deeper and the pain will increase !

      15. @Donkeylips –
        how does one follow that post?

        The Republicans gave us the patriot act (i don’t see ANYONE still bitching about that – i don’t see ANYONE screaming about how THAT needs to be repealed) – thats the worst out of ’em all (IMO).
        The Democrats gave us blatant socialism. which is worse? both deny you liberty, and treat “freedom” as a punchline.

      16. socialism is egalitarianism. obama sure ain’t this. the merger of banks and other corporations with the government is fascism. this is what obama is. 100%…

      17. Comments….. I believe if I don’t vote then I don’t have a right to complain. I realize it’s either voting for cat poo or dog poo. I enjoy seeing the incumbent’s career job go bye bye.  Relishing the fact he/she got voted out because they sucked!

      18. A lot of these pics have been floating around the internet for months.   How many people were actually protesting and how close to the idiot did they get?

      19. “Voting in political government is akin to driving the getaway car in a robbery, the voter is an accessory to a crime.” – Robert Klassen

        “Elections give them a sense of having a stake in their flensing: The government is their hagfish.” – Fred Reed

        “When people fail to participate in the political process by not voting it undermines their [the politicians] credibility and their authority. When you vote for third parties and independents you make your declaration that the incumbent platforms are failures and must be replaced.” – Mark Thornton

        Some might say, “”if a citizen doesn’t vote he has no right to bitch about illegal wars or tax n’ spend.”

        However, I think that contention is precisely backwards. To see why, imagine a stranger approaching you, a gun in his hand, and declaring that you have the “right” to play Russian roulette with him. If you don’t exercise your right, he says, he still plans to aim his gun at you, spin the cylinder, and then pull the trigger. If you agree to take part in his proposed game, it seems to me, then you have weakened the force of any protest you might lodge about the outcome. On the other hand, if you tell him you want no part of such foolishness, and that he should leave you alone, then how in the world would that negate your right to object to his plan?” – Gene Callahan

      20. Don’t ask don’t tell on hold & drilling for oil brought fwd.  How convenient!  Just before election time.  If you don’t vote, others will.  I understand how you feel but many of my friends are dead.  You don’t know them but I could tell you all about them & their families.  Unless you served in the military, or agree, you wouldn’t understand, but I’m on your side.

      21. My political sign will read…

        AMMO UP! 
        JOIN THE NRA

      22. Why vote? Can any one prove to me that the vote count is 100 percent accurate and honestly counted? Or am I suppose to “trust the government?”  Or, vote and hope that the fix is in for the one I voted for?

      23. That’s the whole point of it Tom, if you don’t vote someone else will. And that is the reason we should all register our opinion at the polls.

        Not enough Americans have been voting, not enough Americans have been engaged with their government, which is why the country is where it is at.

        A lot a lot of cry babies on here, pissing and moaning and crying and complaining, spreading the propaganda of the PTB: “Don’t vote!” “It doesn’t matter!” “You have no voice!” “You have no choice!”

        That is EXACTLY what the PTB want you to believe. It is EXACTLY what the PTB want you to think! Anybody here ever read Sun Tse, The Art Of War? Your mind is a battleground, and this site has been infiltrated by the enemy, with their commentators  spreading the propaganda that the PTB want all of you to accept as gospel!

        Its not! We do have a choice, and that is to do something or do nothing. Cowards, losers, and sympathizers of the PTB take the easy way out, give up, and do nothing!

        Patriots will take the long, hard, road and dig in for the fight. They will never surrender to a loser mentality or to their loss of Constitutional rights. America is awake. America is aware. And Americans are going to start taking back their country, one election at a time, starting November 2.

        Get on board or get out of the way! Put up or shut up!

      24. I took an oath & most expect more of us in ways that many will never understand.  Nothing personal, but I do understand, although I can’t go back, but I have forced myself to go fwd.  It’s just the way it is.  I don’t look down at others that do not vote.  Hell, write in Mickey Mouse on an absente.  Send in something!

      25. “the people who really run this country let you vote so you’ll believe you have a choice.

        you don’t!

        they’re all the same monkeys with different masks.”

        /s/ george carlin RIP…

      26. So far,  the crowds, are still,  only carrying  signs. ….wink, wink, if you know what I mean….nudge, nudge.

      27. I have to agree that if you don’t, at least, attempt to change the system using your vote, you have no right to complain about the result. Nevertheless there is so much voter fraud, in especially the democrat controlled areas, that honest elections are impossible. The most obvious cases are Gregoire in Washington, Franken in Minnesota and Obama. 

      28. @ Goldenfoxx: Thanks for sliding down the slippery slope. Did you even reserach who you voted for on the conservative side?

        Listen people, don’t play back and forth politics – as they want you to. Take the time to research the other candidates. Find out who is going to represent you in the best way. Voting for the lesser of two evils has already happened and ignorant if we continue to do so. And once you vote, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

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