Propaganda Works: A Significant Majority Of Americans Think The Economy Is Good… And Only Getting Better

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Headline News | 105 comments

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    Americans’ perception of President Obama’s economic policies are on the mend according to a new report from CNN.

    “For the first time since President Obama took office,” says journalist Matt Egan, “a significant majority of Americans give the economy two thumbs up.”

    The findings are based on a poll conducted by CNN/ORC.

    According to the poll 52% of Americans described the economy as “very or somewhat good.”

    By CNN standards this is considered a “significant majority.” So significant, in fact, that the network contends it is great news from Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign because it shows how successful Democratic programs have been.

    And things are only going to get better from here.

    On top of that, Americans think the sunny economy will keep going. Over two-thirds of those polled believe the economy will be in good shape a year from now, compared with 38% who say it will be in poor shape.

    The findings are the result of several factors including more jobs, healthier economic growth and cheap gas.

    But what if, for the sake of argument, the factors CNN cites are complete conjecture?

    Jobs, jobs, jobs: It’s no secret that people feel better about the economy when they’re confident they can get a job.

    After years of sluggishness, more than 2.95 million jobs were created last year, making it the best year of employment growth since 1999.

    Michael Snyder recently noted that the unemployment numbers are a massive lie.  One cannot cite job creation as a measure of economic health without also mentioning job losses and population growth rates. Since 2008, according to Snyder, our population has grown by 16.8 million people but there has been a net loss of 140,000 jobs. It’s also important to note that the jobs which have been created are most part-time or low wage. Moreover, the reason the official unemployment rate is going down is because the government considers millions of long-term unemployed workers to “no longer be in the labor force.” Currently a record 101.6 million working age Americans are not working. 

    Finally, if we look specifically at last year, net job gains are nowhere near what CNN says they were. Last year’s entire net gain, when we include all the data and not just the cherry-picked statistics, is about 218,000 jobs. Now, that is a “significant” difference in what CNN claims actually happened.

    Americans love cheap gas: Everyone loves a surprise windfall — and that’s exactly what millions of drivers received when oil and gasoline prices crashed last year.

    The average price of a gallon of gasoline has plunged 34% over the past year, according to Federal Reserve data.

    Yes, gas is cheaper. But from a realistic perspective, the savings are not that much and they are most certainly offset by health care costs which have tripled for many working families. The average yearly gas savings are roughly $600, or about $50 a month. Sure, it helps, but not to the degree being touted by mainstream media. In fact, the lower gas prices may do more harm than good as hundreds of jobs are now at risk and defaults for oil and gas exploration companies loom. According to one analyst, the negative effects of lower gas prices are spreading like a cancer.

    Healthier growth: The U.S. economy is growing again… Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of growth, rose 2.4% in 2014.

    The government’s official statistics say the U.S. economy is growing again, but let’s get real.

    There is no growth when you account for inflation. This is made clear by the following real GDP chart from John Williams at ShadowStats. CNN cites 2.4%, but when you account for inflation you end up with a negative growth rate.

    That means our economy is not growing, but rather, has been shrinking for over a decade.


    CNN goes on to cite other factors like improved consumer confidence and rising stock markets.

    But as we know, consumer confidence has only improved because literal trillions of dollars have been injected into the marketplace in the form of credit for things like electronics, houses, cars and education. That tap is starting to run dry.

    And when the credit locks up, so too will any remaining momentum in the economy.

    Further, should the Federal Reserve stop injecting money into the economy we would very quickly see a reversal in stock markets.

    So, while a “significant majority” of Americans think the economy is doing good and even more people think it’ll be better next year, the stark reality is more than likely the exact opposite.

    The end game is close and a lot of very influential people are warning that the economy is in serious trouble. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who has been credited as the architect of America’s modern day monetary policy, says that we will soon experience a significant market event and that something big is going to happen.

    And he’s not alone, elite individuals all over the world are preparing exit strategies for what many believe will be breakdowns of civil order when the global economy finally does tank.

    While they all have played their part in bringing about the current and continuing imbalance that is tipping the world towards social chaos, none of them want their own families to be caught up in it. Hence, they are hastening to buy up what they believe to be remote and relatively safe locations, where they can put a hideaway, retreat or survival station until the world regains its senses. New Zealand tends to come up a lot, but there are other hidden areas, too, where a few million dollars can still be a landing strip, a farmhouse or a homestead worthy of an “elite.”

    And the government, especially here in the United States knows something is coming and they have been actively simulating the collapse of our economy and potential for widespread violence.

    While the propaganda for why everything is fine and why the economy will only get better from here continues to convince millions, the facts show that things may not be as peachy as they would have us believe.

    The media tells us one thing. But the actions from elite politicians, business leaders and officials suggest that America about to change in a major way.

    Perhaps, just in case they are right, it’s time to finalize your preparedness plans. Because if things really are as bad as we and others have detailed over the years, then we’re about to experience an environment even more economically difficult than the great depression.


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      1. Silly Americans…
        Not all of us are that dumb…

        • Really EPPE what’s the problem If the average is right Good. If not every day it goes on is a day we get to prep. And everyone who thinks everything is fine if they are wrong it’s just that much easier or us.

          • Brings to mind these quotes by Adolf Hitler…

            “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

            “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”

            “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

            • KY Mom, it’s sad but true what Hitler said. The title of the article is unfortunately correct. I see living proof of it every day at work and out in the public.

              • What it really proves is that CNN, even with 24 hour a day propaganda, can only convince 52% of it’s viewers of the lies it tells.

                They are trying to turn 52% of their viewers, which might be a couple of hundred thousand, into a majority of Americans for propaganda purposes.

                We are not as stupid as CNN makes us out to be. In fact, they are only proving their own stupidity and not that of the rest of us.

                • Gods Creation,

                  I believe more people are starting to wake up. Maybe, this is why the government has been importing many thousands of new voters, I mean illegals and refugees.

                  • KY Mom,

                    More Christians are starting to wake up so Obama must bring in more muslims to support his Jihad against America. They are NOT illegals and refugees, and not here to “vote”. They are Islamic militants being brought in for a specific purpose. To kill American Christians who oppose the Muslim Obama and his dictatorship.

                    As more Christians realize that Obama IS the Muslim Brotherhood, and LITERALLY and deliberately attacking them AND God, he needs someone to fight for him against the Christians he so despises. They are here to protect Obama from the Christians.

                    In the end, the Americans will not wake up fast enough, because the Brotherhood controls the government, which controls the Christian 501c(3) churches and teaches them to submit rather than fight for their God and country.

                    The USA IS lost. It is no more. All that is real is my piece of land, where Gods Law still reigns supreme and I will live or die defending it.

                    I will not convert. I will not submit. I would much rather die for what I believe in than to live for what others believe.

                    Thanks for all you do to shine the lights on the truth. If you save only one Godly person, your efforts are worthy.

        • Sadly Eppe, I run into too many everyday that are that dumb

          • MomaD
            what is so sad is that there are 52% of the people who are still asleep and may never wake up! the other part is how did they come up with that percent who did they poll? etc. etc. IF you really want to know how close we are to collapse just watch what WALMART is doing and as they go down that means the ship is close to being sunk! there is a Walmart in almost every town in the US and as the economy dies they will start to shift to save money, such as shutting down at midnight and closing some etc. etc. won’t be long now.

        • I am so laughing at this article. Yes, well done
          I go to the library on a regular basis, I see large numbers of unemployed (especially the over 50 crowd) using the internet to job hunt or just for entertainment. Yeah, they had their home Internet disconnected along with the phones because they can’t afford those services.

          Since surveys mainly depend on people with actual working phone service, etc. well of course all the successful, employed people get to blow the curve on all these polls.

          Disclaimer- use your best robot voice when reading….. Yes the economy is great, and improving. Obama saved us all. The government came and said they were there to help, and they did. I voted for Obama, and would vote for him again, I love Hillary. Obama care is working great and I saved on my healthcare. I like my Dr. And got to keep her. Yeah, a dungeon in the basement with chains helps…….

      2. Everyday that the average American thinks all is well is one more day that I have to prepare. Carry on people, carry on.

        • CDC says 10 illnesses linked to Blue Bell Creameries products amid recall

          “Blue Bell said its recall, involving about 8 million gallons of ice cream products, will take two to three weeks to complete and that it will be at least that long before products are back in stores.

          The recall includes ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and frozen snacks distributed in 23 states and abroad.”

          “three deaths in Kansas linked to ice cream contaminated with listeria.”

          Fox News

          • I had food poisoning last week for the entire week. Lost ten pounds. Mostly water. Spent my free time on the throne. 🙁

            • Ah yes the ‘drizzles’. Also known as pissin’ out yo arse.

            • durangokidd,

              Sorry to hear this. Hope you are better now.

              Do you suspect this was from Blue Bell products or some other source?

            • Activated Charcoal, no prepper better be without it. Take it for food poisoning & spider bites. I make a poultice for bites mixing the AC with ground flax. Put a think layer over the bite and change every 4 hours or when it dries out until the bite goes down.

              We drink AC mixed with water or I put it in gel caps. It works AMAZING for food poisoning, actually any poisoning or drug OD.

              • Anon 1970,

                Thank you for sharing this. I need to get some activated charcoal.

                Where do you buy this? in stores or online?

                • KY Mom ,
                  Every now and then I find it in a Pharmacy, but Rarely, and this is searching everywhere for it.
                  Vitaminshoppe(dot)com carries it (2 brands) use the search bar. approx. $9 a bottle of 90 capsules. The charcoal absorbs the bad bacteria like a sponge to water.
                  Another Home remedy for Food poisoning is to drink straight (freshly squeezed) lemon juice. the acidity attacks the nasty bacteria. this isn’t a guaranteed fix but i have noticed it to help even if as a placebo effect.

          • KY, and I just came home from the store with a bunch of ice cream that was cheap. I guess I”ll never learn to heed the warning, If it seems to good to be true, it probably ain’t. Trekker Out. I’m Gonna Eat, It Anyway!

            • Mountain Trekker,

              I hope the ice cream wasn’t Blue Bell brand.

              • KY it is a store brand. Who knows who the producer is? Trekker Out.

      3. Infuriating. The left control the press and so control perception.

        They’ll say nothing that might damage the reputation of “dear leader”.

        • Unless that leader is Bush.

      4. house of cards

      5. “The left control the press and so control perception.”

        who owns app 95% of all media outlets in this country ???

        • Satori, would it be a certain ‘tribe’ by chance?

      6. Truth Is Washington’s Enemy

        ht tp://

        “US Representative Ed Royce (R, CA) is busy at work destroying the possibility of truth being spoken in the US. On April 15 at a hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of which Royce is chairman, Royce made use of two minor presstitutes to help him redefine all who take exception to Washington’s lies as “threats” who belong to a deranged pro-Russian propaganda cult.”

        and this from a Republican
        seems ya can’t trust “liberals” OR “conservatives”

        a statist is a statist

        that is the REAL enemy

        • Republicans and Democrats are one in the same. They are both socialists. Socialists control the schools, the media, and every other mainstream thought channel. Fabian socialism has infected our society for the past 100 years plus. These pigs think they can finish us off. They are that arrogant.

          • Democrats are totalitarian in what they want controlled and Republicans are totalitarian in how they want it controlled.

        • Can you tell the difference between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?

      7. I don’t know about you…But nobody asked me…..

      8. The problem is, very few people watch any news, especially financial, news in this country.

        When asked about the economy, they answer, ‘It’s good, if
        1.) Do they have a job.
        2.) Do their kids have a job.
        3.) Were they able to pay their monthly bills, without bouncing a check.

        If they can answer, “Yes’ to all those questions, than the economy must be good.

        The average American is not worried if Greece can meet it’s loan obligation to the IMF. The average American can’t spell IMF never mind tell you what it stands for.

        I always laugh at any survey that tells me what the “Average American” thinks.

        • It is all very interesting. Shit looks pretty bad from where I sit, but I look at many data points that most don’t want to be bothered with. BUT, if reality is perception and 52% think things are fine, then things are fine (for now). Hard to argue that people are ok with their new normal. Living in parent’s basements, off of grandparents debit cards, only dreaming of a full benny job in the future. Let’s see how long putting off reality lasts. It has gone on much longer than I thought it would have ever gone.

          • I wonder if there was a poll right before the 2008 crash? It was unexpected to most people, and few got a warning.

      9. The economy is great, clouds are made of marshmallows, and there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

      10. During WWII Mussolini was thought of as “The man who made the trains run on time”.

        During the early 1970’s a grad student from some university I’ve forgotten did a research study using Italian WWII train records and found out there was very little difference in on time trains before and during Mussolini’s reign. Any improvement was actually minor to the point of being insignificant.

        Seems that what he was actually good at was convincing everyone whose train was late that their train was the only one still not running on time.

        There’s a major advantage to be had in controlling the media and having their support in what they report and don’t report and how they report it.

        • Sharon, Mussolini also came straight out and admitted that “fascism is the merger of the state and corporate power.” Remember back in the Bush era when we started hearing the term “public-private partnership.” It’s just another term for fascism, with government being the silent power.

        • Excellent! Obama like Mussolini is a great propagandists.

      11. The majority of people who believe these lies will get what they deserve. Unfortunately for them, it will be too late.

        • Yeah, well… it’s the people who get jacked up and who don’t deserve to get jacked up… that’s the tragedy.

          I never voted for Obola, but he’s jacking a lot of people up.

        • Agreed Confederate if they wont listen then they will die

      12. Well the average voter put Obama in office twice, so what’s that tell you about the average opinion?

        • If you think the voting public put Obama into office, you do not understand the full scope of the problem. As Joseph Stalin said, “It is not who votes that matters. It is who counts the votes.” If voting really mattered, these tyrants would not allow it. Voting is just a feel good measure to placate the sheep into thinking they have a voice.

        • Obama was elected by good, well-minded Americans.

          Of course, many of them were dead and some like him so much they voted multiple times.

          • Obola was elected by the white people who went to the Polls and the 90 million American who did not go to the Polls.

            Imagine if that 90 million had voted. 🙂

            • I think that’s the story they touted (about the 90 percent staying home) but I don’t believe it. Jm2cw.

          • If only Barry Davis Obama was actually elected..presidents are selected my friend.

            • Steven: If that statement were really true, for anyone other than the sheeple who parrot it, both parties would not be spending a BILLION DOLLARS to get their candidate elected.

              Those are real dollars. 🙁

      13. “A Significant Majority Of Americans Think The Economy Is Good… And Only Getting Better”

        Just proof the fluoride has done it’s job on the GDP

      14. How is that subsidized $3.50 loaf of bread treating you?

      15. There is always an equal amount of propaganda going in the other direction as well. Just something to remember and consider.

      16. I like the photo in this article,a fantasy land castle in the background!A few folks may be doing better and if thru hardwork and a bit of luck,then good for them.A simple walk thru supermarkets with heavy price increases/rise in homeless/a growing debt/military exercises(?)in country,most people do not think things are getting better economy wise or in other ways,tough challenges ahead for country.

        • I thought that was the Disney castle.

      17. One of the top threats that I have on my disaster risk assessment is that of an economic collapse. At some point there is going to be a reset. How we get there I have no idea. I dont think anyone really knows.

        I am not sure that it’s necessarily people being dumb, as much as we don’t know where to go. So we rely on what we have. This is why I, and many others, started up blogs to try and help people and ourselves become better prepared.

        There is a lot of people doing this on the internet. I think this is why we are now seeing our government try to control it.

        People are starting to research and share information outside of corporate and political controlled venues like the internet.

        Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. But the reality is that the debt is unsustainable. Unfortunately I think we are at least one generation away from changing our mindset.

        As long as we think it is someone else’s responsibility to care for us, our debt will continue to increase.

        • The Debt unsustainable? Maybe. Maybe not. That debt is NEEDED by the NWO Elite to park their liquidity.

          With a growing wealth disparity between the haves and have not’s, there is a bigger demand for that debt where the Uber Rich can park its excess cash and historically at least, receive a return while they look for better investment opportunities and better returns.

          That is why it is never intended to be paid off. 😉

        • Hillary Clinton flat stated that there’s an infowar going on, and they (the elites) are losing that war. How much clearer could she have been?

      18. Yep, propaganda works,
        BOTH WAYS!
        Just look at the nutjobs who think Hodges, SQ, and AJ have some inside track and are spot on,,,,
        Sorry, some stuff just totally doesnt make sense and these people twist the truth to suit their agenda.
        Personally i think its all a psyop,,,

        • Kula… agree. just like the advertisement on this page with Jim Rickard. Said the economy was going to crash by the early part of april 2015. I don’t believe anyone. I just stay focused on what I need to do and make plans for the future. If it crashes, I have prepared for it. I live at my bol. Keep looking, if something interests you here, I will check it out for you.

      19. Everyone go buy Gold and Silver now! Sell everything you don’t need and buy it! Go to a title loan place and get money on every vehicle you have, also mortgage your home/homes. Do anything you can to get cash to buy Gold and Silver now!

        • You can’t eat, drink, or defend yourself with silver or gold.

          When the SHTF, I’ll sell a slice of bread for an ounce of gold – or maybe not.

          • You will need both for when the Aliens come. They love Gold and Silver.

          • I’m buying silver, but I’m already VERY well stocked in the food, water & ammo department.

            • If you can’t carry it with you and you’re unwilling to abandon it, don’t own it.

              It will get you killed while trying to defend it.

              • Then the looters will have to pick it out of the ashes, the one’s that survived the initial skirmish, that is…

          • JD Machine.

            For some items I will only accept gold or silver in trade. No I can not eat it. Could defend it and may not be able to carry it.

            That is my problem. Your problem is do you have some to trade.

            • Bing, we have a winner. Gold holds value, and has for thousands of years!

              It is promised in the bible that when JESUS returns gold will be worthless. And that is great! I look forward to peace on earth, in the mean time gold Is security in a world ruled by Satan.

              I don’t know when Jesus will return, but I know Satan rules planet earth right now.

              If I have any gold when Jesus rules the Earth I will give it to him, and I know it has many valid uses for helping people. But to give it up to satan now, is clearly a sin.

      20. Here is a question that never seems to have an adequate answer:

        Who is getting polled?

        In all my long years I have never met anyone that has said they were part of any of these ‘polls’. So, I suspect there really isn’t one, and the numbers quoted are pulled from a location near the ‘pollster’s’ back pocket.

        Or, could it be that these polls are the ones you see on visiting some sites that say ‘Vote here’, and there are irrelevant questions with skewed leanings evident in the way the questions are worded?

        • Most of my calls are answered by machine and I actually get a fair number of (robo call) pollsters calling.

          I just don’t answer them to get counted since I’m not here to answer.

          I suspect those poll results get slanted toward non working people and older people who are home to answer and have the time to respond.

        • “Who is getting polled?”

          That’s an easy question to answer. “They” whoever “they” are, use Democratic Party voter registration lists. 🙂

      21. The Great American Tragedy; the concept of the ignorant American is alive and well!

      22. But it is..IT IS GETTING BETTER! Unemployment benefits NOW last for 40 months and obamaphones are FREE! (sarcasm)

        Hell, I made more $$ from buying lotto tickets last year, than I did from interest collected on our Saving Account. BETTER?…for who?

        Watch out fur them hogs…and don’t step in Obozo’s bullcrap!

      23. This is simple. People are just getting used to being BROKE. And the folks on State Aid are still getting what they want and they don’t care. So People are used to it and the Zombies and Leaches are still getting what they want and more. So EVERYTHING is OK.

        • Dale,
          You’ve got to stop making so much sense. Instead blame everything on “THE JUICE”, and TYPE ALL OF YOUR RESPONSES IN CAPS!

          Also if you can throw in some quotes about space aliens, former VP Cheney being a cannibal or vampire that would help too.

          Don’t you just LOVE it, when folks on this site refer to Police Officers as Pigs!…yes me too.

          Thanks for being one of the sane voices on this site.


          • “T.H.”
            Thanks for the come back.
            Cheney is a Zombie. I have proof!
            I like the PIG thing too.
            Pride, Integrity, Guts = PIG

      24. The world is in awesome shape right now! And that’s because our glorious messiah Obama has waved his magic wand (ask Reggie Love) and made all the pain go away. Now, we’re dancing under rainbows and butterflies. Isn’t it wonderful?

      25. People, people,people. It’s all good!! Why this mornining I got up had a cup of joe and half an hour later I was shitin skiddles and riding my Unicorn to my non exsitant job!!

        • Jump off any good spot in the Grand Canyon it is Good; fresh air and a great view. for awhile.


        “Sandbags and Body Armor”. Does a body good.

        That is preparing for the worst if you have those items.

        • Do sandwich bags and Armorall count?

          • Kula
            Oh Yeah.

            Sandwich bags for Pin Heads under a gas attack and armorall to keep the chiggers of your package.

      27. Sgt. Dale had it right. When asked how my business is going I say we are getting used to crappy.
        MOPE Management of perspective economics. Seems to work.
        We should be happy so many are clueless. When they do wake up in sufficient numbers we go down the tubes fast. Life today will seem like paradise.

      28. I enjoy every day I have to prep with but I’ll also be sitting back and enjoying a drink while all the sheeple I tried to warn run around in a mad panic.

      29. Those who think the US Economy is good should try to find a decent paying job….

      30. It has been long in the tooth but no bones about it. The older preppers know where all this is going. We are at our ends with Gallows Humor and sarcasm. Soon all the bickering and petty fights will stop. The reality will set in and force many into undesirable lifestyles if they have not prepared. The American way of life I remember will be a distant memory, replaced by a new totem to be followed without question.
        So I will have that one drink too but if you think you are working your ass off prepping now, Wait till the reset happens. You will go into Hyper Drive.

      31. The economy is good for me I make more$ than ever before in my life. But I’m not giving Obummer credit for this. I got training and while the free shit army is home enjoying their life with no $ I’m working. But when I’m not I stay at the best hotels when I travel eat the best grub life is good. Gas is cheap we got a new minivan just about paid for. Not trying to brag but I’m doing good. I figure why not go in on contracted holidays and make double time and a half and then double time after 8. I just love to make $450 in one day. Then I will book off on a Friday or Monday when it’s just reg wages or maybe come in anyway. All the $ I make I don’t mind union dues it’s only $60 a month. The most senior guy made over $100,000 in gross wages. We get free Cadillac medical too. Plus accountants and lawyers to defend our interests oh and a pension to boot yep the economy is good for me. Work for people who have capital not cheesy small businesses that cry poverty and exploit workers. I’m thinking about buying a soft tail gotta enjoy life you know. Good help isn’t cheap and cheap help isn’t good.

        • Asshat, for 2014 I had to give up almost $6300 out of my pocket in taxes to Uncle Scam and I know damn well a huge percentage if not all of it went to the free shit army. Bring on the ‘reset’.

      32. Job listings today in the town 1 hour from me:

        McDonalds – p/t 10-15 hrs a week

        Ace Hardware – p/t 8-12 hrs a week

        Safeway – p/t 15 hrs a week

        Walmart – p/t evening shifts 12-15 hrs week

        Janitorial position at bowling alley – 6-8 hrs a week

        Coffee express – p/t on call

        Super 1 grocery – p/t 10-15 hrs week

        Oh yes, looks like the jobs are available, but the hours you can work?

      33. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance…baffle them with bullshit !!

      34. when so many people are not paying taxes AND getting free money in the form of welfare-social security disability-food stamps-“earned”income credit dollars-it is no surprise at all that they think things are just fine. And they ARE 52% OF THE NATION-so there you have it.

        • I think you might have it. If you are a person that refuses to take government handouts and actually wants to earn your own living, things are awful. If you’re just a leech on society and don’t care, I guess things are really great and you hope the gravy train keeps going forever.

      35. Have a plan for “if everything goes to hell” and have a plan for “if we just keep limping along”. I learned this the hard way.
        Some time ago I was believing everything I read on alternative media and that everything was going to collapse by the next sunrise. Well it didn’t. It limped along.
        It took some time but I am doing better and I am a bit wiser when it comes to believing everything I read.
        The way I figure it is that I will keep trying to expand my business and keep working multiple jobs, just in case this life just keeps limping along for another five years or more. Do I think it will? Probably not. But I have to plan for the economy to fail and I have to plan that it doesn’t.

      36. So I have an interesting question for some speculation here. I picked this up off of Zerohedge I believe:

        This is an awesome read, if a really long one. However a few questions come to my mind:

        If you go to the end, there’s a chart on page 75 regarding EROIE of various energy forms:

        1. Anyone know what the EROIE for thorium is, assuming molten salt reactor?

        2. Let’s assume China’s late on this (they’re already cutting it mighty thin on the timeline as it is). And then… we’d have to license the tech or something… and build our own… bottom line… it’s not gonna be ready in time according to this. In that case… the next most energy dense source would be hydropower. I’m envisioning (if this thing is even half correct) an economic… “grind to a halt” scenario… or else… a lot of hot and cold (think huge degrees of class disparity that makes the present situation look like a picnic). What States do you think are best poised to basically… close their borders, effectively secede, and actually maintain their populations based on hydro power (at… figure… early 20th century standard of living). This would be based on available hydropower per capita… most electric dams, least population is the ideal scenario. I’m thinking Oregon, Washington, and Idaho…

        3. Let’s say you say eff it to the entire idea of centralized power production (I mean you personally), not to mention governance. I’m thinking this scenario as presented is bad… real bad… but not bad enough that some governmental body won’t try to screw with you. What State would you think is best for being left the eff alone in your little solar shack? Yeah… the EROIE sucks too much to run an economy… but it ought to run a friggin’ shack. Granted, in this scenario, you’re a permanent bum for pretty much ever… but it could be a lot worse.

      37. But what if, for the sake of argument, the factors CNN cites are complete conjecture?

        According to that PDF, they certainly are complete conjecture.

        Read it. You’ll sh*t.

      38. Because if things really are as bad as we and others have detailed over the years, then we’re about to experience an environment even more economically difficult than the great depression.

        I’m afraid it’s worse than you think.

        Read it. Really.

        Now… IF molten salt thorium has a decent EROIE, and IF they can solve the corrosion problems, the good news is it will be a (insert development and deployment lead time here) long depression.

        If not?

        Get ready to start banging rocks together and hunting saber-tooth tigers.

      39. The “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters will believe anything the leftist thought masters tell them to

      40. “A Significant Majority Of Americans Think The Economy Is Good… And Only Getting Better”

        There was a time when a significant portion of humanity thought that the world was flat. Their thoughts on that matter did not, however, make the Earth flat. So too will not a majority belief in an improving economy actually generate one. The headwinds against that are simply too great and an excess of government IS the reason for it.


      42. “Americans’ perception of President Obama’s economic policies are on the mend”

        How? Where? In what way? The American financial system is very close to going completely bust, at any moment. The country keeps borrowing from the Fed, who creates money out of thin air, and the country is hopelessly in enormous debt that can never be repaid in a hundred life times.It increase by trillions every year. And people believe it is getting better? Insanity.

      43. The blind will remain blind, the fool will remain a fool, the ignorant will always be ignorant.

      44. Most people have no clue,heads in the sand. have lots of ammo for when TSHTF to fight off those that think everything is hunky dory.

      45. Unfortunately, for many Americans, ignorance is bliss. Its amazing that so many of our citizens are completely clueless.

      46. The strange thing is that there is no way 52% of the American public have decent jobs, savings or anywhere near an income that can support themselves.

        So how can they thing the economy is good? If anything, roughly 80% of the American public should think the economy stinks, since only about 20% have good jobs.

        Do they look around and just think “Oh, I’m in awful shape, but I look around and people look and say they are doing well, so it just means I’m a loser and the economy is really great!”? That doesn’t even seem like it fits human nature.

      47. These clowns bodies will liter the streets !

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