Professor: “Some White People May Have to Die” to Solve Racism

by | May 11, 2017 | Headline News | 116 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at


    A Texas A&M professor says that “some white people may have to die” in order to solve racism and bring about true equality.

    Professor Tommy Curry expressed his frustration during a podcast that the movie Django Unchained made killing white people look fun, when in reality it should be part of a serious discussion.

    Curry referenced black civil rights leader Robert F. Williams and slave rebellion leader Nat Turner because they “thought about killing white people as self-defense” and this “tradition” is still very “relevant.”

    “When we have this conversation about violence, or killing white people, it has to be looked at in the context of historical turn,” said Curry . “And the fact that we’ve had no one address, like how relevant and how solidified this kind of tradition is, for black people saying look, in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”

    “I wonder what it is like to be a white student studying under Dr. Curry in his classroom?” asks the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher.

    Dreher has compiled more remarks made by Curry in which the professor says white people cannot be educated out of their racism while denouncing the “integrationist” model of race relations.

    Curry’s hateful, violent and racist statements make Richard Spencer’s white nationalism look milquetoast in comparison, and yet Texas A & M changed its policies on who could speak on campus following Spencer’s appearance there last year.

    Presumably, the university thinks that advocating for the death of an entire group of people based on their skin color is something that correlates with their values.

    If not, officials should investigate Curry’s comments immediately and take the appropriate action.

    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at

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      1. Yeah, and some blacks will have to die if they keep this bullshit up.

        • I say try it, boy
          (or is that PROFESSOR boy?)

          • No bohica somebody GAVE him that title. There’s no way possible that sloth could earn anything.

            • PO’d Patriot, that BOY only got that title because of black affirmative action. If he thinks he’s bad enough, let him bring it on.

        • As long as there are more than one black there will be racism.

        • your right i don’t know what the hell they want a lot more will die

        • He has violated the first amendment – intent to incite is a felony

        • Stone Cold:

          I propose a non violent solution.

          Designate an area in the United States. Pass a law that homes can only be sold to blacks in that area. Blacks will buy homes there. It will take a few years but the area will eventually become all black. At this point, say in ten years, the gov pays for any stragglers (white families) to leave and the area is made officially a separate Country here in North America. Then if a wall of separation is built on the border between this independent Country and ours, we can live as we please, and Blacks can live as they please.


          Another peaceful solution could be exchanging South African white farmers for all our Blacks. It would be a great opportunity for blacks as we are talking about a huge developed Country. Win win for all.


          There are other solutions which may be better or worse than my ideas, but conversations such as this are long overdue. Just getting angry doesn’t solve anything.


          • The lazy bastards have wanted a black home land in the 7 southern states ever since WW1. Just prior to the uncivil war, the War of Northern Aggression, a group of religious leaders proposed a homeland in Africa….Liberia. If any solution is to be proposed, send ALL of them to Africa and let them find their “roots”. Never allow any back in this country. Ban all blacks from participating in the big scam called the UN and for that matter, kick that bunch of scam artist out of this country and then demo the building.

            Let’s just say I’ve lived long enough to understand that the one group I this country who has been given the most, have produced the least, are the most racist of all groups put together are the blacks.

            • Shut your dumbass up, this land was built off our backs after it was conquered by the slaughter of my people,

              • Roth: Suck it you true, sad, impotent waste of life. Take rope, put around your neck and tighten and then drop and dangle. . you monkey savage ape coon you.

              • ROTH…A lot of white people died to get you your freedom.
                This land was built off everyone’s back…
                Blacks in Africa captured blacks to sell into the slave trade.
                None of us are totally innocent.
                What is this “My people”??? Are you suggesting that blacks are a different species?…I’m a redhead…Kinda pink with a lot of brown dots, but I consider Humans of all colors to be “My people” SO what’s your excuse???

                • hey redhead you are a dwindling minority. no amount of fraternity will be found with negroes of any level of education, yes there will be anomalies as with all races but those independents won’t intercede when the shit hits the fan.. . the negro poor hate you but live off the social services you and others provide- the educated despise you because they have a chip on their shoulder the size of rhode Island ; affirmative action only allows them to go on and on about their devoloutiuonary hang ups about slavery this , negro entitlements , quotas , wic cards , food stamp , inner city drugs , sec8 housing and of course, all because we owe them something – because of past inequities .. it is also nauseating to me as well as to others I presume to keep hearing the mantra, especially from white people that I am a human being and I belong to the human race . you people better wise up because there are elements in the human race that are some nasty mutha fuckers . no red, you are a white man who is a part of the human race and to diferentiate may one day save your life.. the negro doesn’t have the mental posterity to go back to the nation for which they were torn.. which way western man?

              • How do you figure this country was conquered by the slaughter of your people, you a black indian? There were plenty of white people that were slaves & slaughtered & used for sport in the Roman arenas, but I don’t hear anyone whining about that now do we? And by the way the chinese & irish, as well as white people built this country, you jungle animals were to stupid for any talented building, and were not even in this country when the major foundations were being enacted. Just another race baiter trying to justify his useless freeloading. We didn’t have any race problems until that shit bag kenyen took office.

          • A black homeland is the only solution. Apartheid worked: the whites in South Africa flourished, creating Africa’s wealthiest and most modern state, and, ironically, the blacks flourished, becoming the wealthiest blacks in Africa.

            The simple fact is this: both races feel most comfortable with their own kind. It is cultural. There are just too many differences for either race to feel comfortable living with or like the other. Pretty well every black I have ever encountered has argued for all-black schools being the best for black students.

            The best solution is to create the space so that both races can become their best. For whites, you can see what that looks like: Australia had such a policy for most of its history and they ended up with a population heavily skewed to hot, blonde women who are really smart. What’s not to like about that?! Same applies to the Nordic countries.

            As for blacks, they have the most race diversity, which means they have the greatest spread for intelligence. This is the source of most of their problems. Some blacks are exceptionally intelligent (think Obama, black actors, musicians etc.) but many have sub-par IQs and can’t function in a modern society that is focused around making money using your brains. This causes all the violence and conflict because it creates jealosy. And smart blacks tend to flee the black community once they make some cash, denying it of the ability to generate wisdom (wisdom only comes about over time and with enough older people and the black population mostly dies out before reaching the age of 50).

            The black population needs the space to develop like other races have. The intelligent holding sway, the beautiful and fit becoming the top tier, and developing wisdom. In 100 years or so most of the conflict and failure we see today would be gone.

            • Frank Thoughts

              Its a known fact that light skinned blacks disproportionately look down upon dark skin blacks. I have no figures to back this up but from observation I think that 80% or possibly somewhat more of US blacks have Caucasian genes.

              Their culture, specifically its acceptance of violence to settle social disputes, fragmented if not non existent nuclear family unit and the prevalent disinterest in education are their greatest handicaps. Good job eviscerating Free Trade and Welfare has done them no favor.

              • It is like that in pretty well every country on the planet. Dark skinned Indians are at the bottom of the caste system; dark skinned Brazilians also; even in China, if you have some sun exposure, that shows you work in the fields and are a peasant.

                White people are the least racist and bigoted people out there by a country mile. That’s something they never tell you in school. All surveys and actual data show white people are the most likely to marry and mate for love, and do not care what colour the person is. Why? Survival instinct and history: it is why white people have the greatest variety of eye, hair and skin colours. And whites totally love to get it on with Asians, South Asians and Latin Americans.

                • It’s also kinda funny that all the melanin heavy peoples want to be lighter and it’s mostly white ppl that go to the beach to get sun tanned.

                  • Big difference between skin the color of shit and a suntan!

            • Obama is half white. Maybe that’s where his intelligence comes from. A lot of blacks are mixed with different white races.

          • They need there own planet

          • “……and Blacks can live as they please.”

            But they already do live as they please, and thats the problem.

        • Since the Kalergi Plan was hatched in the early 1920’s, the marxists and their owners have been working on White Genocide. In the US, it began as Cloward-Piven. White people, Americans in particular, do not want to hear about this, or deal with it. Time is short to face the truth about this issue.

          • JustMe, I have never heard of either one of these, but I plan to research and learn. I’ve always said, as of late, that if you look at everything taking place right now it points to all people of color calling for genocide of the white race…..I think it’s a “get even” mentality for what they perceive whites have done to people of color throughout history. The only thing wrong with this is, they are trying to punish the wrong people. Present day whites did not put them in slavery. Their own race also played a part in slavery. Of course we do not want to forget the white elites of today, who are pushing for a race war to perpetuate their own agenda. The common everyday people need to realize their enemy is the Elitist NWO, and concentrate the fight towards them.

            • So, my father fought in WWII and went through some of the most horrific experiences for this idiot Kalergi’s plan of white genocide. I think Hitler was a crazy man, but maybe he had another reason for exterminating the Jews; since the Jews seem to be the ones promoting this. The Cloward-Piven Plan seems to already to be in place; they just have not achieved their goal yet. These bastards called elitist need to be tried for treason and stood up before a firing squad. How can anyone who is human purposely plan and carry out such plans? They are truly Satan’s children.

              • These plans, Kalergi and such, have been in the background for a long time, and have many derivatives, all working towards the same goal, which is global communism and White Genocide. It would take a book to tie the whole thing together, but there is no time for that, if you want to know more, you must search for the info.

                The Cloward-Piven plan was begun after the 1965 immigration act, which reduced the number of European immigrants in favor of third worlders. The conventional explanation of Cloward-Piven is just for the purpose of political redistricting, but it includes all manner of anti-White programs. Too many things attached to it to list.

                The people who are driving this have been working behind the scenes for almost a century now, building a monster right under everyone’s noses. When SHTF, this monster will become one massive nightmare. White people had better get ready, it’s coming.

        • I see more racism in the Blacks than the whites!

          • Blacks are by far more racist than anyone else, but they are always whining and playing the race card!

        • This black POS should be fired and I mean right now.And if any blacks come after me I hope it’s this POS he talks the talk but can’t walk the walk.

        • Time soon to shut down these monkey trouble makers!

        • That goes for me, too! I carry and will not give up without defending myself with deadly force if it comes to that.

      2. I’m fine with that as long as only Democrats are targeted.

      3. It does make sense that the master race will not just step aside.

      4. White people have been killed by blacks in many armed robberies and hate crimes.
        The media will not even report unless its white on black.

        • Crappenstix, good points, but white people only account for a very small percentage of their victims. Most of their victims are other blacks. The FBI and DOJ crime statistics verify this.

        • The numbers are staggering. Federal crime statistics are skewed (lies) to hide the truth.

          An old, but still relevant short article is this from 1995, do a quick search:

          by Paul Sheehan. Saturday, 20 May 1995
          The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

      5. …and not even the well educated educaters can get past their racism…

        • You’re assuming he’s educated, that is, an expert in something other than how to run his mouth while wearing black skin. This trash is an obvious affirmative action hire.

          • The ability to educate a person who is unintelligent is very limited.

      6. Not skipping any meals I see. Won’t go far running.

        • 10mm, wonder how much he gets on that EBT card every month?

          • That far gorilla deserves 15 rounds of 10mm, Under-Wood rounds up his fat black ass!!

      7. nothing we do not know. in the future, being white especially in cities like Atlanta, Baltimore and Chicago will be hazardous to your health and I would like to thank Obama for setting it all in motion.

        anyone else find it ironic that the black professor states this at probably the largest redneck university in the country ? 50 years ago, he probably would’ve been fired for using language that might inspire violence; today he probably gets tenure for that comment.

      8. You got it wrong prof….its the baboons (like yourself) that should die to solve racism. And since the baboons are still in the minority, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Remember the basic laws of nature and evolution. The species with the larger brain wins in the end. As evolution of the human brings him closer to God, devolution brings the human further from God; back to the Jungle, paganism, and the eventual collapse & extinction of the species. (ie., gangs, rap, drugs, whores, violence, etc….).
        And we know your “professorship” was awarded to you from affirmative action advancement, and politically correct studies…not intelligence.
        Go back to the dark continent where you belong.!!!!

      9. Presumably “professor” Curry will eventually arrive at a “Final Solution” that involves ovens and Zyklon B gas.

      10. Look who is calling whites racsist. Blame it all on the white man. I wonder what he is teaching his kids? Tolerance? Nobody is born with it, its taught. I’ve seen it every where,black,white,asian,hispanic and light blacks against dark blacks. Get over it professor! You’re setting a poor example.

        • Jim in VA, the only racism out there is racism aimed against white people and it comes from ALL groups out there, not just blacks.

          • It’s the only acceptable form of racism left, racism against whites.

      11. These pieces of human filth (gang bangers, drug lords, Islamic radicals, commie profs, pimps, and traitors) will eventually end up in our FEMA camps, and likely result in the “final solution” to our problem. Like the good Germans when confronted after the liberation of the death camps “I didn’t see anything, know anything, suspect anything”…wink, wink, nod, nod. And the concentration camp guards were “just taking orders”.
        Eventually it will be the only thing left to save our country and our civilization from total collapse into a hellhole, like most countries in the 3rd world.!!!

      12. Doctor my ASS……if this piece of garbage was awarded a so-called doctorate degree, then we should award all the chimpanzees at the local zoo a PhD. LOL

        • Philosophy !

          The original useless graduate degree.

          If the state’s taxpayers didn’t pay for him to insult them, as taxpayers are usually high majority white; he wouldn’t be qualified for a job at jack in the box.

      13. Holy Black Lives Matter! I didn’t know they could stack shit that high!

      14. Good one professor, its the other 15,000,000 pissed off white men with AK,and Ar15’s is what you have to worry about. The chi-coms have to be worried when they get here, the Russians, the burkas, the jihadist and the north Koreans and other soldiers. Enjoy your white killing fantasies while you can, your dreaming. Keep dreaming. You stupid dumb fuck off a black dude. Big, fat, dumb and stupid. Somebody needs to go up to him and kick him in his balls, then again he might be transgender.


        • He’d have to spit them out first.

          • PO’dP
            Those are not his balls.

        • HCKS
          Standing beside you all the way.


        • HCKS, LMAO! You’ve got the spirit, no question about that. He’s just a boy trying to play a man’s game.

      15. If white people don’t care killing black people, why should black people care about killing white people????????

      16. It is really sad that trash like this is protected by free speech. Evan more disturbing is that a Texas University allows trash like this so call crack jack professor is still employed.Thankfully many people of color agree with us. hope they never try for their sake of existence.


      18. “We had to destroy that village to save it.”
        – Famous quote from Vietnam era the leftists used.

        As always, it’s “heads I win, tails you lose” with the hypocrite, H8TE filled, violent left.

        But here’s the good thing: These nutbars are so absurd the create droves of conservatives and libertarians. How do I know? I, myself, am one who grew up in the cultural Marxist school system, and found the hypocrisy and stupidity to stupefying there was nothing I could do be have total revulsion of the ignorance.

      19. This stupid SOB should look up the Deaths in the Civil war. There was about 180,000 Blacks killed in the Civil war. Total deaths in the Civil war was 644,000 to 700,000 soldiers.

        So if you take away the Black death total from the amount of Soldiers and people you have around 520,000 Whites that dies. I guess that isn’t enough for the TURD!

        I know the Civil wasn’t about slavery but if they keep throwing in our face I’m just throwing back.

        Hey Nutty Professor just remember if you and yours hurt me and mine you ask for a fight you will regret!!!!


      20. So your idea of “solving” racism is to become a murdering racist like some of those white folks of 100+ years ago? You’re a racist now if you think that and no better than they were. In fact, you’re perpetuating the problem, not solving it. How did an institution of higher learning make the mistake of letting you join their staff to spout this venom? Pray for forgiveness and seek real truth would be my advice for him.

      21. Here’s an idea: If black lives matter, ***maybe those self-same lives should matter to the black FATHERS who father these black babies, then dump them on the state**** Do ya think? Maybe Planned Parenthood ought to stop their massively disproportionate abortion of black babies. Maybe these Einsteins out to protest Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s characterizing blacks as – and I quote her directly “human weeds.”

        Right now, sadly, all the freedoms black heroes like Frederick Douglass fought for have been utterly reversed by today’s gullible leftist black, who just can’t wait to be taken back to the plantation – this time run by the govt.

        Thankfully, there is a good minority of blacks who follow the tradition of Douglass, freedom and dignity – Sen. Tim Scott, Col. Alan West, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr Walter Williams, Rep. Mia Love, Clarence Thomas, etc. etc. These people like Scott, West, etc MUST be stopped by the fascist left at all costs, exactly the same as these types pursued escaping slaves.

        Truth is, the leftist philosophy is outright evil. Just go ask the people being shot, or starving in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Cuba, etc.

        • I’m in Zimbabwe.. thank God for Mugabe,he’s as hard as hell on the locals and they behave themselves. The locals thrive on confusion and chaos,and they all admit that if the old man dies this place will end up like Rwanda. Surprisingly there is little violent crime,regardless of the totally corrupt police. Black folk need a hard as nails leadership,and the sooner you guys in the US learn that the sooner yr horrific crime rates will drop.

      22. Die? Looks like this Curry H8TER (remember H8TE is bad… unless blacks or leftists do it – then it is… errr… “justified.”), is on track to die himself… of obesity (and I’m not just talking his fat head). Apparently, he can’t push himself away from the Krispy Kremes it looks like. And I sure HOPE not of those donuts have WHITE filling!! That would be racist.

      23. The social and economic problems that beset any black “community” today, are entirely of their own creation and the weapons grade stupidity of choices they make. The white people that he wants to see dead will have a much different opinion.

        If blacks truly do want to improve their lives then do the following.
        1. Finish high school.
        2. Get a job (any that pays wage) News flash! If you are
        still earning minimum wage after a certain period of
        time, that ought to be a clue that you are screwing
        up some where.
        3. Get married first before you make babies.

        However if you want to stay in stay in poverty with a shitty and short life then
        1. Drop out of school and remain a dumbass
        2. Never practice self control over your impulses and
        3. Never take responsibility for your own actions,
        always blame others.
        4. Be as sexually promiscuous as possible. Measure your
        manhood or womanhood by the number of bed partners
        you have had.
        5. Become a career criminal. Remember rules and laws are
        for others to follow, you don’t have to.
        6. Believe that you are entitled to have what others
        have and be sure to stay anger and bitter about it.
        7. Always measure your self worth by the things you
        have, and the more expensive and the trendier the
        8. Make your life’s motto: If it feels good, do it.

        • NVB, BRAVO! Damn good points.

        • Well said.

          “…weapons grade stupidity…” That’s rich 🙂

      24. Who determines what is black or white? I see this professor and say, he is a black man; he may look at me and say, he is a white man. But that is not a lawful decision, only a superficial “prejudice” observation. Blacks kill more blackS than they do whites, or than whites kill blacks. Let’s be a little more clear who is labeled “RACIST”!

      25. Another university lefty making idiotic statements. A college degree is absolutely worthless these days due to the amount of insane indoctrination you have to go through. And then get to pay thousands of dollars for the worthless piece of paper they hand out.

      26. Where did this douche-bag get his Doctorate? The University of Gilligan… Or, more than likely, he just gave himself the title. I thought black men preferred Reverend…

      27. Bla, bla, bla.

        I knew a black professor of black studies who was simply given a PHD and the title of Doctor so he could qualify to teach white students in a University about racism, in other words, he taught them white guilt.

        This black man referenced Martin Luther King. King was trained in a Communist school along with the woman who refused to go to the back of the bus. These Communists are backed and pushed by very radical Chew Supremists.


      28. I know one “professor” who can die!

      29. If “they” pick me, they might have a bit of a problem.

      30. Sounds like he’s a racist of the highest order, himself. Funny how commies are everything they accuse other of being.

      31. Evidently Texas A&M has exceptionally low standards!
        I’m shocked that this ignorant “professor” is allowed on campus. If my kid was enrolled there, I would be demanding a refund!

      32. Mr. Tommy Curry obviously is not a math professor, does he not know that the odds are stacked against him?

        He is the product of an education without physical education or American values.

      33. Did you see where Trayvon Martin was given a posthumous degree? didn’t live long enough to earn one but the system gave it to him anyway. I wonder how many gang banger families demanded one for their deceased punks because Trayvon got one?

        • That worthless POS got exactly what he deserved: A big, long DIRT NAP!!!! Piss off you fucking filthy, vile sambo’s.

      34. Professors like this will make all college education a negative asset. It will lead to further collapse on the education system not only will high school graduates not be able to rwad college grads won’t either.

      35. Isn’t this the same faux professor who is teaching a class on 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology?

        And to think, kids have $1.3 trillion in student debt to get a degree like that. (Ok, that degree is fictitious.. or is it!?!?)

      36. you start it, we finish it

      37. Nothing like killing off some folks to endear others to shower you with love and respect.

        It takes college to be able to come up with this stuff.

      38. According to the Texas A&M website (, Curry got his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, in 2008. His specialties are “Critical Race Theory, Africana Philosophy, Anti-Colonial Economic Thought, Colonial Sexuality Studies, Civil Rights Jurisprudence, Biomedical Ethics of Investigational Treatments, the Ethics of Pain and Suffering.” In other words…total bullshit. Definitely a created position for an affirmative action hire.

      39. All liberals are all mouth

      40. Now I am taking this personal. IF they want true equailty either they will have to kill off 2/3 of all blacks or roughly half the white population. African Americans run a good 15 IQ points lower than whites while sub Saharan blacks run a 30 point deficit. They will truly be equal when they kill off all the intelligent white people.

        Read this paper residing on the University of Delaware’s computers –

        • That document will one day cease to exist in electronic form.

        • That document will one day cease to exist in electronic form.

        • IQ tests don’t tell the full story.

          Negroes at IQ level of 100 have 2.5 times the rate of violent crime as Whites at that IQ level. [from Bell Curve]

      41. He wandered away from his village of idiots.

      42. The reason blacks are so angry is because everyday they wake up and are reminded that they are members of a species that never fully evolved. They hate humans because thhey realize, but will never admit, they are an inferior species and throughout recorded history have never had the self-discipline or mental capacity to build a civilized society or create a functioning government. They are tribal by nature like all other primates and cannot function in a self-governed, self-reliant environment.

      43. Send them all back to Africa. Somebody has to stop the US acting like they own that continent and its resources.

      44. Opinions are like assholes.This idiot’s opinion isn’t worth a duck’s fart..He’s simply attention seeking and hoping like hell others will join in..Don’t take the bait..Ignore this racist bigot,and he’ll go away.In the meantime if ANYONE tries to harm you,deal with them accordingly and to hell with the consequences..

      45. Like I keep saying, We have to make America white again.

      46. America, it’s time to drain the Ghetto’s and deport the radicals.

      47. I am looking into my future. I see me ordering another case of buckshot.

      48. They keep claiming that the whites forced them to come here against their will. Well I suggest we help them out. Round them all up and give them a free one way ticket to Africa.

        • Yes. Why haven’t they been trying to escape this prison?

      49. This savage, Silver Back needs to Hang, end of the stinking story!! All of you coons out there should of been abortions.

      50. Bring it on fat boy ! We have your number !

      51. If “White people cannot be educated out of their racism,” then it stands to reason that black people cannot be educated out of their self perceived victim status?

      52. Interesting how they always riot and destroy in liberal democrat unarmed cities… try in flyover countries but remember the bodybags… us “uneducated non enlightened rednecks” shoot back..

      53. In 1810 ar New Orleans the slaves revolted and formed an army that marched on the city to kill all whites like in haiti. An American war ship in the harbor landed men and weapons and the slave army was defeated in battle. In 1812 the Brits landed an army there with a black battalion that was to go on to start a revolt in the American south kiling all whites there including kids, In 1830 a free black man started a revolt in Charlote involving 9,000 slaves that were to revolt at night killing all whites in their beds except young women they were to sail to haiti. many whites said not my slaves they would never to do that. Liberals have dumb ancestors. they did intend to to that as proved in court. The free black man now has a bust in city hall as a freedom fighter, he never said why the young white women would be spared death right away

      54. True equality can come about when you demonstrate true equality.

      55. Whatever. Feeling froggy? Then jump. Otherwise, eat a banana and piss up a rope. The race war will never happen because the 13% percent of the population that is responsible for 70% of the violent crime will be eradicated in short order if it ever were to happen. And anybody with more than two brain cells to rub together and create friction knows it. So good luck with that and remember, whitie don’t turn his shit all sideways before he makes you leak.

      56. This Gentle man needs to Get his Head out His Ass.Before he’s branded a Racists And murder him For It.I’m not a Racist i’m to Lazy to buy in To that horse shit.

      57. I cant wait to see their face when they try and assault Appalachia. There would be a sniper behind every tree.

      58. Just ANOTHER racist black. Imagine if a white professor said we’ll have to kill blacks!? My god they’d have him out of that school so fast he’d leave a trail of fire!

        This nonsense can no longer go unchallenged. I’ve just sent T A&M an email stating as much.


      59. Hey, how ’bout that African Space Program!

      60. Bring it negro. I need some target practice.

      61. All races are made up of both wonderful and terrible people. The differences are these: black fathers absent in the homes of black kids is destroying the black race & if a white person said something like this, the media either would not report it or they would come down on the person with thecrath of god.

      62. What is really sad is that there is a black component to the middle class in this country and they have middle class values, mannerisms, and are for all intent and purposes middle class. ‘Blacks’ don’t consider them “black” anymore, and neither should anybody else. I don’t want them to be swept up in this racist turmoil. At the same time, there still are plenty of losers, not all who are black, who will never be anything but losers. Yes, it would be nice to get rid of them.
        As far as this “professor” is concerned. I think the FBI should thoroughly check him out, and watch him closely. I am sure he is just a chump (useful idiot) It would be nice to find out who the real trouble makers are, and get rid of them.

      63. For true equality, how about his entire race of people, instead of sitting around in their African self corruption, for 2000+ years, be truly productive, with laws, civilization, technology…instead of mooching off the other race?
        This is NEVER mentioned, is it….. Their 2000 years of living in huts, and now they want the fruits of the European race.

      64. What I can’t understand is why nobody in the law enforcement division or at leadership level has made a general statement to the effect: this is the US. And law and order is going to prevail. Once it affects them, things will change.

      65. Paul Joseph Watson is a white racist scumbag caveman stirring up trouble over here in America. He needs to stay home with his scumbag Queen in his supporting “City of London” to define and fix his own uniquely British problems. It would be better for the planet if PJW quickly croaked from eating seafood or using his cellphone.

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