Professor: Entitled White Men Deserve Miserable Deaths And Castration

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    Georgetown professor Christine Fair was suspended from Twitter on Tuesday after she wrote and posted that she believes “entitled white men” deserve “miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.”  If you think that was gruesome, Fair ramped up the macabre tweet further calling for castration of their corpses.

    The tweet was directed toward Republican Senators. Fair wrote: “Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

    According to Breitbart, Fair made a brief comment to Fox News declaring boldly that her words were chosen to make her audience uncomfortable. She added that her tweet was “private speech,” meaning that it would be inappropriate for her employer to punish her for it. According to her Georgetown bio, “Christine Fair is a Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Security Studies Program within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.”

    Unfortunately, universities have punished students over private speech in the past. Take for example an incident involving the Harvard male soccer team. In 2016, Harvard canceled the men’s soccer season after it was revealed that members of the team had privately commented on the appearance of members of the women’s soccer team. Apparently, in our modern world, it is far more egregious to talk about the attractiveness of your peers on a campus than it is to call for the brutal death of public officials because they are “entitled white men.” –Breitbart

    A Georgetown spokesperson confirmed that the university will not punish the “private speech” of Professor Fair, regardless of how objectionable it might be. “Our policy does not prohibit speech based on the person presenting ideas or the content of those ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable,” the statement read. “While faculty members may exercise freedom of speech, we expect that their classrooms and interaction with students be free of bias and geared toward thoughtful, respectful dialogue.”

    With Twitter choosing to suspend Fair’s account over the horrific post, leftists are becoming terribly upset that the very rules they created involving censorship have come back to smack them in the face.


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      1. If that’s her in the picture, she could castrate PIGS BY LOOKING AT THEM.

        • Does anyone get it yet?

          • Did you know these 10 Things about Libya? It was Amazing.

            10 Things About Libya Under Qaddafi’s 41 Year Dictatorship
            ht tps://

            • Link goes to unrelated topic.

            • He definitely wasn’t the guy we were told he was. Biggest reason they went after him was he wanted to go full on gold for oil and get oil off the dollar. But he was also a socialist/communist. Free, everything is free@!

              • BJ

                But he was also a socialist/communist. Free, everything is free@!

                1. Who cares, its their country, their money, the system worked for them. Their oil wealth was shared by the citizens. How is that indefensible?

                2. The country wasn’t Socialist. There was private ownership. The Oil Industry was nationalized which is very common throughout the world.

                3. Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa.


                1. any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

                a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
                b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

                • Libya was (is) awash in oil. That oil will be sold. Who’s oil is it? Where should the proceeds go? Should they work their way into a robber barons hands along with an utterly corrupt government?

                  • Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant it in a way of, he isn’t the bad guy we were told, not saying he is my hero and I want to have beer with him, but definitely not the guy we were lied to about. Yes he had socialist ideas, but I am in 100% agreement with you…his business and their country to do with as they please. I just didn’t give enough detail on my thoughts. Hope this better explains my thoughts.

          • Yes.

            Have since like 2003.

        • Thank god for the ad for anxiety pills directly above her pic. I had to place an order for 1000 after seeing it.

          • LOL she looks like a man hater. It’s about time the social media sites did something right. She needs to be suspended permanently.

            • yep, darn censorship always ends up being a double edged sword 🙂

            • Norrak, I wouldn’t f#$% her with…..oh, never mind.

      2. Radical subversives gained their footing, when that good ol’ boys club hated eachother worse than the outliers.

        Your neighbor, brother, father, son, clergyman, etc, wanted your balls (and probably got them) before Fair, Ford, and the African National Congress.

        • Univ of Chicago – breeding ground of shit. 90% of these schools need to be nuked from the face of the damn earth

          • The University of Chicago hasn’t been right since Enrico Fermi made it radioactive on December 1st, 1942.

        • project much, Bo?

          • I would like all decent and well meaning people to see the public schools as a sort of emergency institution, for the poor, akin to an orphanage or workhouse.

            By the grace of God, I was quickwitted, had access to good food, and strong genes.

            People segregated by instinct, so I had an automatic clique, more or less. Ran afoul of others, through no fault of my own.

            Literal bastards, and sometimes orphans, with elder siblings already in prison, got lessons on how to run the school.

            • Yes, I am projecting my own experience onto other people.

              Don’t be a traitor.

              Blood — meaning familial ties, race, or culture — is thicker than water. You might be a needed source of moral or logistical support in hard times. Or, you might need help from your fellows.

              Don’t put them in these situations, if you’re moral and intelligent.

              • actually I apologize, I misread your comment

      3. This woman does not teach, “gender studies”, quite to the contrary What stood out was RAND Corporation.

        C. Christine Fair is a Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Security Studies Program within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. She previously served as a senior political scientist with the RAND Corporation, a political officer with the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan in Kabul, and a senior research associate at USIP’s Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention. She has served as a Senior Fellow at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center, a Senior Resident Fellow at the Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis (New Delhi) and will take up a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship in the spring of 2017.

        • Sounds like an excellent resume for the CIA or the NSA..

          • “Sounds like an excellent resume for the CIA or the NSA..”

            Yea, sure does.

        • . . .those believing in the Constitution are now called terrorists. . .

          • War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.
            George Orwell

            Yep upside down.

          • Awed Ball, that’s according to DHS. DHS can go f#$% themselves. They’re not legitimate. They don’t even have any real authority over we the people.

        • Sounds about right, pretty much what I suspected.

      4. I wonder how it would go over with them If someone advocated a “final solution” for all Liberals(Democrats/Socialists/Marxists)? The total elimination of all Liberals from our society. Such an elimination would be acceptable to me.

        • Rellik, that’s exactly what we need to save this country. Sad but true.

          • They’re a symptom, hired hands, employees of the fascist TPTB who want them as “human resource” managers; thats where it all originates.

      5. I agree with her that she, nor anyone else, should be censored or punished at their place of employment in any way for exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech no matter how disgusting it is.

        When we replace these Communist courts and Communist judges and Communist attorneys and Communist professors with real loyal and descent Americans, the law suits from people fired because they Tweeted or otherwise offended some jackass by words spoken or written will be a Sunami of successful litigation.

        Be careful whom you fire today, you bloody Communists.


        The real reason for “feminism” is to destroy the family, the foundation of a Nation, as part of a Communist Agenda.


        • neither she, nor anyone else


        • B from CA, ‘minorities’ make death threats against white people all the time and nothing ever happens to them. Try to censor or punish any of them and see what happens.

        • Bolshevism is alive and well in the United States. Like 100 years ago, the people who are pushing it, encouraging it, promulgating it’s ideas, and enabling this behavior is Jews.

          Every. Single. Time.

          It’s always the Jews. Jews pushed for Bolshevism in Russia in the early 1900’s and it resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

          We should learn our lessons from history, and cut this short before it even begins. You stop it, by killing atheistic Jews. All of them. Everywhere. All over the world.

          None of this will stop until the world realizes that the real evil people are Jews. It’s always been the Jews. The Talmud is the most vile and evil religious text the world has ever known, and these Jews worship the ever-loving shit out of the Talmud.

          Long story short, if you kill all the Jews, this will all stop in a quick hurry.

          • Holy Crap,
            I have heard some antisemite rants before, but you are one sick little bitch. I genuinely feel sorry for you that you hate any one race or group of people so much as to wish death “on them all”.
            I’m part Jew, i’d Gladly invite you over so we can “discuss” you hatred issues.

            • I dont buy into the antisemitism, so take this as a serious question:

              If Judiasm is a religion, how can one be “half Jew”?

              • wow, posted a serious, inoffensive question using the “J word” and I stuck in the mod box? F’king stupid.

                I’ll posted the following (edited) comment:

                I dont buy into the antisemitism, so take this as a serious question:

                If Ju**ism is a religion, how can one be “half J*w”?

          • Actually TPTB cross religious lines and from their behavior its self evident that they have no moral code whatsoever. Anti Semitism is ignorance.

            Communists are their preferred human resource managers.

          • Anti-Bolshevik:

            That -killing the Jews- has been tired many times in history.

            And after every try the Jews are still here and those who tried to kill them are gone, forgotten, or just simply become insignificant (as Germany is demonstrating today by its defeat at the hands of Islam).

            Do you think there may be a reason for that?

            Like maybe they are God’s chosen people to eventually fulfill the prophecies, defeat Satan, and bring forth the salvation and atonement of man with God?

            Not that you believe there is any power greater than your hatred, a hatred given to you by your master, Satan, who also hates the Jews because their continuing presence in the world means God’s victory and his defeat.

            And I’m sure this is a very scary prospect to you, as it is to Satan. Perhaps you should consider changing sides.


              Same exact, evil, sickening horseshit. The same fucking insanity that somehow, some are so “special” that they get to shit all over everyone else. And calling attention to that fact is somehow a form of “prejudice”.


              Some people truly love GOD, and their actions show it. Some reject the GOD who made us all. Some reject GOD so thoroughly that they set themselves up as little tin gods, and call themselves the “chosen people”. Which, it would appear, makes them think they have carte blanche to cheat, lie to, murder and enslave others by the hundreds of millions.

              Its bullshit. If all any person or group of people is capable of doing is building themselves up by tearing others down, then they are neither holy, nor are they especially beloved of GOD.

              You prove your worth by your actions, not by your bragging.

        • She needs to be censored because she does not respect anyone else’ right to voice their beliefs, and she thinks she can spew hate speech and no one should object.

      6. Wow, nice rant professor, if it’s acceptable for you to wish that for white people, then I presume the gloves are off. Ah hell, I can’t actually write what I would like to happpen to you and your ilk, I supppose trying to keep a discussion out of the gutter is one of my entitled white guy hang ups. Just go play in traffic or something.

        • Accidents do still happen. Could also happen to the feminazi/commie POS.

      7. I would tell that commie bitch to bring it on. 2 head shots would put her out of her misery.

      8. If i had offspring at that U, they WOULD be be collecting a cert copy of their transcript AND oacking their bags..
        End of story, no debate !!

        • Not many universities are worth attending. Too many are like what this woman put on display.

      9. I would not vote for Zuckerberg for president either. Now I would vote for somebody the equal of Jed Clampett.

      10. Am I hearing “hate speech”? Where is the moral outrage that accompanies such speech? She should put a paper bag over her face and the rest of her body. She might even lose her virginity.

      11. Twitter is not “private speech.” Any of these social media sites are not places to go to engage in “private speech.”

      12. Zuckerberg is no communist but he supports them.

      13. Well, all I can say is Kavanaugh is going to have
        his chance to rectify his reputation by suing his “attackers”

        We need to clear the whole government of any POS’s
        that have done anything IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE THAT
        before they were 18 years old!! NO Scandalous behavior.

        Wow……now there is a solution for draining the swamp!

        How many would be left to run the country?

        Granted,,,,there would be NO ANTI-Americans.
        Darned few leftists!!!

        Send the Anti-Americans, Anti- Constitutionalists, Socialists,
        to the gulags!

        Get rid of La Rasa, and any other “tribal groups” who
        disparage Americans or Americana.

        And those with hidden agendas to
        undermine the gears of public decentcy and goodness…. not
        only in schools, but in TV, computer, movies, bars, print, or
        anything or place a young person could be exposed
        Nothing indecent or socialistic.

        Proven Drug Dealers should get an immediate death sentence .

      14. Kevin2….
        Zuckerberg is a globalist and a progressive liberal,
        that makes him Anti American socialist.
        There is plenty of proof everywhere.

        • kay123

          I have no disagreement with that statement. Regardless he is no communist. He and his cohorts employ communists but are not themselves communists.

          I keep having the term Socialist used generally out of its known definition. Zuckerberg is not giving up his wealth to to government.

          a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

          a person who advocates or practices socialism.

          • “Zuckerberg is a globalist and a progressive liberal”

            This part is a true statement.

      15. If she has the right to say what she wants, and she does by the 1st amendment….then we (the students) have the right to say anything we want. Including saying “liberal feminists deserve miserable deaths while conservatives laugh as they take their last gasps.”
        And when an institution allows only free speech from liberals, and punishes conservatives….they must be sued into oblivion. Make them pay the price.!!!!

        • no, No, NO!!!!

          Strap her to a chair, and put her in a church. A real church, not the kind of fakeass “church” that makes excuses for vermin like her. Gag her to keep her foul mouth shut, and make her listen to sermons 24/7. And every 4th Sunday, hand out socks full of dirt and rocks to guys who have been falsely accused and even imprisoned because of bogus sexual assault claims. She wants to mock their pain, let her feel their wrath

      16. Come and try to do that to me and see how that works out for you or any of your mental cohorts. I hope everyone can see what we are dealing with on the Left.

      17. When will the Saxon start to hate?

      18. Look at all the pedophilia these demon rats are guilty of. Those B#STARDS of Satan. This Fair person looks just like Ford but different color hair. The same mold of F#cktards.

        • Hilarious I thought the exact same about her looking like Ford with hair dye job

      19. Cut his or her balls off at the chin this Fair. Ball muncher lezbo faggot.

      20. google -> images -> female soccer teams

        “Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.”

        But, he cried.

      21. When will it start? What will set it off? Now poison sent to Pentagon? Cities burn. Crazy people go on shooting rampages. We just funded Planned Parenthood. Up to our as*** in debt. Wolves at the door. Classic Salinsky tactics, attack from dozens of fronts. Feminazis everywhere. They all think we’re racist, rapist, and in cohoots with Russia. China threatens. Border wide open. Republicans control and give in every time. Tea Party almost dead. Future looks to be in the gutter. What’s it gonna take? Hollyweird dominates. Idiots still buying What the NBA and NFL are selling. False accusations fly. Chicago drowning in murders. Crooked Hitlerary still free. They listen to Bill. They listen to Rosie. They follow The View. Normallacy is perverted. Every issue is combative. They try to kill us. What’s it gonna take? Threats go unopposed. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. What am I suppose to tell my kids? Sorry, we screwed it up? Traitor turned gay activist Followed. Odumbo back at it. They’re supporting open communist. What’s it gonna take? Burn a good man at the stake. When is enough enough?

        • If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a uman face – forever.

          George Orwell

          It’s going to take a major intervention in Government, Politics and Commen Sense..

        • “What will it take?”
          Good question.

          What you are seeing play out before you, is the result of a take-over from within, that began a century ago. The last chance to reverse this, was WW2. That generation made the world safe for communism, and plutocratic takeover. They handed the keys to Western Civilization to your mortal enemies.

          In all likelihood, we will die fighting individually, as we are demonized and eventually attacked. The lucky ones will at least have small groups to be with. As it is, many White people are killed yearly, and nothing is said.

          White people have had all sense of unity brow-beaten out of them. Half of our own people don’t even act human anymore, and will laugh as you die.

          It will take nothing short of a miracle for White people to come to some sort of unification, even for the simple reason of survival, self-preservation. Don’t hold your breath.

          Forget about trying to save the U.S.A., the America you knew is already dead, and you will never revive it.

          • Amen Justme!!! We won’t be fighting to save America, we will be fighting for the survival of the god fearing, Christian, family structure of the white race! In short, just are right to survive.

          • White people need to rally around the homeland: Europe. They need to develop self-awareness just as blacks have done. White people by the day are a dwindling minority group in the world. If they do not start acting, as Jews do for example, as a group and help each other (ie: business loans, jobs, etc.) then they will be extincted in the next 50 years.

            There need to be laws that stipulate the percentage of blondes in a business or community area to preserve this distinctive human achievement. Same for red heads, blue eyes, green eyes, freckles etc. There should be special grants for white arts, sciences etc. to help rebuild white communities.

            • You do know there are brunettes with brown eyes who are also white? We may become brown if we’re in the sun a lot.

        • Civil War is what it’s going to take, and soon. We know who will be the targets, they’re very easy to pick out.

        • Every one of us needs to take ONE action to hit back at the evil pigs who are attacking us. Then post here to tell us what happened.

      22. Take a good look at this socialist professor, she is serious. She is a insane useful tool for the democrats. She would never get her hands into murder but would have someone else do it for her if possible. She belongs in a insane institution for sure. She is a prime example of modern day socialist democrats in America. Watch your backs, these people like her are a danger to the unaware, the young and our republic.

      23. Sounds like hate speech to me. She should be arrested and prosecuted.

      24. Another libtard professor that hates men and wants to remake our society into a socialist utopia. Unfortunately these leftists fail to study history. Many liberals embrace Karl Marx philosophies without the ability or inclination to objectively review the many examples of failed attempts at socialist govt. The long-term communist plan was to infiltrate our universities, dumb-down our public schools, take over our political entities, and change the country from within. Their most aggressive movements toward their goals began around 1913 with Woodrow Wilson as President. During Wilson’s presidency the Federal Reserve (NOT) was initiated and income tax was initiated. Wilson was another libtard professor.

        Generations of leftists takeover of our institutions make our battle to return to Constitutional values ominous.

      25. Are we done yet with Feminism and Gynocentrism and all its nasty effects on our world? No? Well, fine then, you deserve what we have coming then..Ill just stand by out of the way of the backsplash..Enjoy!

      26. The MUZZIES have one thing right so far that they hallway try to enforce…and that is NO tolerance for it, but sadly even they are infected and collapsing to it as well…No loss. If the Testosterone holders will do nothing, they deserve the chaos that comes with the Estrogen flood. Eat up, Ill give you my spoon, I want none of it.

      27. The Leftist message is clear: some races deserve to be hated, despised, and eradicated. Yet this is not bigotry to them. Men are evil and must be removed from any authority. Christians are intolerant and must be eliminated as well. They also hate soldiers.

        Amazing isn’t it. We’re the intolerant ones who actually used to put ladies on pedestals so they were loved, valued, and adored. They were cherished as that is Biblical and were home makers.

        We’re the intolerant ones who willingly rushed to end slavery and fostered natural rights, because Republicans ended slavery and Democrats enforced it.

        If whites who were totally in power had not shared power, we would not be here today.

        If Christianity was intolerant, then why spend countless trillions helping start schools, universities, medical clinics and hospitals, orphanages, etc?Is there anyone stupid enough to think Christians don’t help everyone? Do you think Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, are turned away?

        Yet white, conservative, Christian men are evil, huh? Well I do not see witch hunts and kangaroo courts run by white, conservative, Christian men. I see malevolent satanic Democrats and Socialists and Anarchists and Communists perpetrating bigotry pure and aimple.

        As they always have.

        Enforce the Smith Act and let YHWH sort them out!

      28. They used to believe that all human discovery, our drive, determination, and angst were a sublimated sex drive.

        This could be in excess, so (over)drive a person to criminality and physical illness.

        Health foods, along the lines of Graham Crackers and cornflakes, were intentionally supposed to reduce the libido.

        And, contentious women’s issues were supposed to be fixed with a massager.

      29. It’s not for nothing that the Black Book of Communism, Courtois, et al, Harvard Univ. Press, notes that the fascist left MURDERED over 100 freaking MILLION last century.

        Always remember friends: H8TE, bullying and oppression is always bad. That is, unless, the fascist left does it. Then it is “understandable,” “justifiable” and even “good.” Not to mention incredibly hypocritical, as the fascist left ALWAYS is.

      30. The blundering fatuity of Democratic principles illustrated for your edification.

        It’s not only illegal by Article four of the US Constitution for a state to choose a government other than a constitutional republic, it’s also dangerously obtuse and immoral to do so.

        Why? Would slavery have ever been overturned if a simple majority was effective? What about women’s sufferage? What about any civil rights in the category of discrimnation?

        If a democracy is the rule of the majority and is considered ideal, then if 51% on a jury believe the accused is guilty, then the accused suddenly is guilty. Does that sound superior to present legal practices?

        Democracy is an ugly INFERIOR even dangerous and obscenely unethical form of government. The basis of civil rights based upon popular appeal is a crazed impulsive inherently unchivalrous concept. The notion that 51% percent can overturn any existing legislation proves its capricious erroneous nature. It ultimately results in cannibalism when resources are limited.

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